Nick “I will f**king bury her [Christie] next week if she uses it!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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2:25pm HOH room. Nick and Cliff. Nick – are they campaigning to you? Cliff – oh yeah full court press. Nick – what are they saying? Cliff – that I was never their target. It was purely just to protect Nicole. Nick – that’s bullsh*t. Cliff – your name hasn’t come up. Nick – its Bella’s. Cliff – its all Bella. Everyone wants Bella out. Nick – Tommy, Christie? Cliff – everyone. Nick – I think she is going to go up if she uses the power. Cliff – she is going to use the power. Nick – she said she is? Cliff – she said that she is very strongly considering it. Nick – I will f**king bury her next week if she uses it! If they keep jacking this game we’re going to lose. Cliff – I know it. Nick – if he stays this week he is going to win the game. Look they’re going to pick us off one by one .. he’s in two showmances .. one with Christie and one with Sis. And he has a bromance with Jackson. Cliff – I tried to talk to Christie last night. Nick – yeah what was she saying .. she was up here for awhile with you. Cliff – the same thing.. that I’m not a target and she’s always wanted to work with me. Trying to figure out where this all went wrong. Nick – that’s all bullsh*t. They’re bullsh*tting you. Cliff – there are two problems I’m worried about.. if she uses the power I think we are screwed. Kat, Jess and Nicole… Nick – Nicole is smart, we can get .. it can be me, Sam, Jess, Kat and Nicole and you break the tie. Cliff – I know but I don’t know how much I trust Jess of Kat .. either one. Nick – Kat will do it with us .. she’s knows we’re f**ked anyway. Cliff – they’ve all said that then you would be a free agent and it gets you back in the game with them and me. Cliff – that’s bullsh*t Cliff.. they’re so scared of you. That’s all they keep saying .. I don’t don’t regret getting Cliff out because this is exactly what we were scared of. Cliff – I know. Nick says that he’s already been practicing a speech for him or Bella about how Jack is going to walk to the end if they don’t get him out now. Nick – we have no chance with that motherf**ker in here because he is running the game. Cliff – I took the shot Nick. Nick – Christie’s power is going to f**k us. Kat is a loyal b***h. Like she would never and she is a f**king beast. She really is good at f**king comps. I told her to keep her ears open… like I know they want Bella gone. I’m not stupid. They have to understand that if Christie uses her power and Bella goes out .. and I win next week I am putting her up. I know if Bella is gone .. I’m .. they’re not going to bring me back .. come on!? I am on the bottom of the totem pole .. I would never put you up Cliff. I have to talk to Christie tonight. Jack keeps throwing jabs at me talking about how he’s going to win HOHs. Cliff – you know where I’m at, I put him up in the first place. Nick – if Christie uses it, I am putting up her and Tommy next week. Cliff – well we have to get the votes this week. Nick leaves. Cliff to the cameras – two different options. Fail or succeed. I love big brother.

2:47pm -3:07pm Boat room. Cliff and Kat. kat – I don’t trust her (Bella). I think she would be horrible in jury. She will mess things up. And I think she turns people against each other. Cliff – I am the same way.. if that power gets used it would be you, Nicole, Jess, Sam. Kat – this could also be our only chance to get Jack out but I do think its better to get Bella out this week before jury. I am afraid to vote against Jack because Jackson will turn against me and he is my connection to that whole six. Cliff – we both have the same fears. Kat – I think you putting Bella up shows somewhat of an alliance to those people and that you won’t be messed with. You are probably the smartest player here.

3:13pm – 3:25pm Hammock. Nick and Sis. Nick – if she uses it and puts up Bella .. where does that leave me? Soes that get me back in? Sis – yeah of course, that’s what I want. Is that what you want? Nick – yeah, I made the alliance. Sis – everyone is on board with you coming back in .. its just no one trusts Bella. If she goes, you’re good. Nick – I already told Jackson, I can’t vote her out. And he said I would have less respect for you if you did vote her out. Sis – whatever happens its for the best. Nick – yeah, it will just f**king suck.

Nick to Sis – do think like if I came up there with you guys and told him that I was okay with it.. Sis – get Cliff to put up Bella? Nick – do you think he would do it? Because if one of them wins next week… Christie won’t have a power any more. But if I go up there and tell him to do it do you think.. Sis – I think if you go up there with Christie.. Nick – and say I’m cool with it. Do you think he would? Sis – MMMMhhhmmmm. He wouldn’t listen to me because I have no say in anything. All I can do is vote .. its not like I have a power or anything. Nick – do you think Christie and Jack too? Sis – I say just Christie. If we were to get him to put up Bella, then Christie wouldn’t have to use her power and then if one of us won power next week .. that means she would have one more week of it. Nick – not next week but the week after Jury starts. If she uses it and the wrong person wins next week she is f**ked. Nick – we have to be confident that he would do it. How would we know? We would just have to trust him. Sis says that she will go talk to Christie about it. Tommy joins them.

3:45pm Bedroom. Sis and Christie. Sis – he (Nick) was saying that he had a conversation with Cliff and said that he didn’t really know what would happen. He might put me up. I am really not sure. He was saying like I really f**ked up with Bella and how he was gaming too hard in the beginning. And if Bella goes he is very nervous because he is on the outside. I said like if Bella goes he wants to restart and for us to trust him. He goes what if I go up to Cliff with Christie.. Kat joins them. When Kat leaves Sis tells Christie about how Nick wants to go to Cliff and tell him to put up Bella. Christie – this game is sucky! Sis – he wants to be back with us and he knows that the only way he can is if Bella is gone. Christie – what if Nick and Cliff are in on this and making me feel really safe not to use it. Sis – I said but Cliff would swear on his family .. he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t going to. I really believe Nick though.. I don’t think he is up to something. He said he really thinks Bella is going to go home this week. Christie – I don’t want to be played by the both of them. Sis – you’re a really good read of people. Tommy joins them. Christie explains what Nick wants to do. If he shakes my hand, looks me in the eye, puts his hand on the bible and gives me his word on his family.. then I don’t think he is lying.. but I won’t know if he is until tomorrow. Tommy – say that after Nick came out of your (Cliff’s) room this idea came out. Christie – I don’t want to do it now but I’ll do it later.

4:22pm Nick to Kat. Nick – I told her (Sis) that I would go up there (HOH) with Christie and tell Cliff to put up Bella. I am actually going to do that but then Cliff is not actually going to do it. Kat – OHHHHH… Nick – Cliff is just going to lie and say yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll put up Bella, I’ll put her up. And then Christie won’t use her power and when Jackson uses the veto .. Cliff will just put up Tommy or someone and then Jack will go home. Kat – you’re a scary motherf**ker. Sh*t! Nick – but Cliff has to be convincing that he would put her up. Nick – if Jack doesn’t go home this week, he will win this game. If we did this, I wouldn’t even care if I got kicked out next week.

5pm Cliff, Sam, Nicole and Bella. Chatting about CLiffs job and other random things.

5:47pm Hammock Nicole – he (Cliff) wants to talk to you.. he talked to Christie and he is pretty sure that she is going to use it which means Bella would go up which he is assuming is a done. Jess – he said that he wants to talk to me.

6pm – 6:10pm Backyard. Sam and Nick. Nick – ..doesn’t use the power and then Cliff can put up Tommy or something. I am going to go up there that way Christie can save the power for one of us next week. And I’ll just tell Cliff personally to put up Bella… basically Cliff will know that I’m lying. That way they don’t use the power and I’ll get one of them up and that’ll be f**king SICK! Sam – yeah but would we still have the votes to get out Jack? Nick – Bella won’t go up. That’s my whole thing. I am going to go to Cliff with Christie and tell him to put up Bella. Christie is then not going to activate her power and Cliff will put up Tommy and Jack will go. Sam tells Nick that Christie doesn’t want to use her power. If they read right through it, you’ll f**k everything up. When Christie talked to Cliff .. he said he would put up Sis and not Tommy. Its going to be a very interesting day tomorrow. I’m scared.

6:20pm Christie, Tommy and Sis. Christie – I heard my name came out of her mouth. I don’t even know what context it was in. And someone that I swore on my whole life that I wouldn’t say .. but someone said that Bella told this person that I’m her target. Tommy – Nick isn’t as good at this game as we think he is. Sis – this b***h is going out! Christie – I love you. She knows too .. she was showering in the bathroom and it was a very awkward conversation. Sis – how is it that everything always works out.. well I don’t want to say because it still hasn’t happened. Christie – when you play clean the universe just works with you. And we are a very strong 6 like who wouldn’t want to do favors for us. Who wouldn’t want to work with us. Holly joins them. Christie – we went out and fought clean ..the universe rewards that. And like a 54 year old guy of course he wants to work with us and make a deal. We’re solid and have proven to be loyal. Why wouldn’t someone want to work with us. Its also the reason why Nick is willing to make peace with Bella going and still work with us. He can’t be trusted at all but when you’re loyal and play clean.. Sis – Also side note.. personally for me I would really like to get Nicole out. I don’t trust her at all. Holly – agrees and says she does not trust her either. Sis – especially after she was not willing to give us a vote. Christie and Holly comment on how Sam needs to go and how he will need to be backdoored. Sis – I would love to get Nicole out after Sam. Christie – she owed us and she back peddled. Sis – that is really messed up .. we are in this because we saved her. I think she and Cliff are still working together. Kat joins them. Christie to Sis – do you like him (Jack) more? Sis – Yes, every day. I think I am starting to like him more because we are spending more time together. But I am getting nervous because I don’t want to like him a lot because I know when we get out of here he will always go back to his ex. Christie – you can’t go back if they’re not there. Big Brother switches the feeds.

6:55pm – 7:12pm Bedroom. Tommy, Holly and Jack. Tommy – so you want to make it look like it was Nick’s idea to put up Bella? I don’t think we need to do that. To say like hey I heard you had the idea but we already had the idea.. so we’re on the same page regardless. Jack – the delicate dance we play is that Cliff doesn’t follow through with this deal. Tommy – if he doesn’t follow through with it .. then he goes home next week. With this deal, he buys himself two more weeks with a bum leg .. and who knows what will happen in two weeks. Someone else might paint themselves a target and he buys himself more time. And no matter what Christie is either using her power and you’re staying or she is not using her power and we do the backdoor on Cliff’s terms.. so either way you’re staying. He can either choose to work with it or go out next week. To me its a no brainer. Jack – yup. Tommy – Cliff might feel like the 7th but its better than the 12th. Tommy – Nick proved last week that he is not that good at this game or we would have been one of his targets. Jack – Sam’s actions are pretty crazy today. Tommy – he talked to me and Christie to day .. he said that he was freaking about Christie using it. He said that he was worried about the ripple effect and where he stands on the totem pole.

7:16pm – 7:25pm Boss Hogg is snap chattin’..

HOH room. Nicole and Cliff. Nicole – I was thinking regardless if she uses it or if you put up Bella .. I think you should talk to Nick first. Cliff agrees. Nicole – make it like this is what everyone wanted. You know my targets were other people. Cliff – no, I am going to make sure he understands especially if I put Bella up without her using it. I will have to say look it was a done deal she was going to use it. Otherwise I don’t have a choice to it. Nicole – this way it kind of defuses it if he does win.

8:15pm Bathroom. Holly and Kat. Kat – after Bella leaves there are going to be so many more targets. I don’t know why I just said that. I feel like when Bella leaves people are going to start targeting me again. Holly – they won’t. Kat – I just don’t see anyone else on anyone elses radar. Holly – I really don’t think you will because you’re part of the 7. And once we get to 7 we will have to develop a whole new game plan. Kat – well we have the three. Holly agrees. Holly – and he is number 3 in that 3. Kat – for damn sure. Holly – for damn sure.

8:37pm Nicole picks up Cliff’s family photo. This is my message to Cliff’s wonderful family. To his wife you have the most outstanding husband ever. To his kids you have the most amazing father. He deserves to make it to the end of this game. He is a fantastic human being. He is a fantastic player. And I don’t know how you feel about me but he is my final 2 till the end. He is the one that I want to be sitting next to in the finals and he deserves to be there. Come on Cliff. To his family, I don’t know your opinions of me but I love you.

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How exciting. I hope they put Bella on the block. Things will really heat up then!

C’mon Jack work your magic if you wish to keep your legend status!!

The Corey's

Cliff gonna be the idiot to not take a shot at the crew who already voted him out.

This guy is next level bad if he does that


OMG Cliff don’t do it. You will be gone next Week unless by some miracle Nicole wins HoH, and I won’t hold my breath.


I am a Cliff fan, I hope he gets one of the six out, and sticks around for awhile but….. please stop doing the Johnny Manzel show me the money bull shit !!


If he puts up Bella, she’ll get voted out and he’s at the bottom waiting to get evicted. He’d be stupid to leave the 6 intact if he has a shot. He has to know he’s not going to be able to work with them and this might be the last shot at evening the field.


OMgosh is anyone watching feeds right now? If Nick is truly a therapist/counselor he’s got to be horrible at it! If I was his client I would never confide in him again. And additionally, most people seem to dislike Jack here on fan page but he’s playing a legit game…JACKSON on the other hand is a masochist, bully, egomaniac re anyone but himself but especially towards women & weaker, per se, people. Would love to see Kat take out Jackson (Michie) & day sorry you’re bad for my game!


like most of the house, jack can’t keep his mouth shut about anything. had he known to be quiet about his alliance instead of “hey, i’m off to talk game with these 5 other people and you’re not invited” i’d have much more respect for his game.

Summer Gowen

I hope Cliff makes a good decision and Jack goes home. But I’ve noticed watching the feeds I think they are not live but taped as a person will just disappear and when I switch feeds I get the same camera but backed up. Am I wrong?


That may be user side buffering. I know when I watch some streaming services if I abruptly quit, switch, or stop when I return, it has backed up several minutes.


Please vote out Jack. No jury house or STIPEND. Let the loser go home.


I feel like Cliff is playing BB to be on the mean spoil entitle 6 side of the house that he thinks are cool, instead of following thru and earning big bragging rights if he does make it to the end. I hope I am wrong and he is just playing them like they have been him.

An ornery mouse

If that’s the case, then his two nominations sure as hell don’t make a lot of sense. What better way to ingratiate yourself with the “mean spoil entitle 6 side” than to throw their two biggest dude’s asses up on the block.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Don’t worry, Kat and Jessica will screw it up…


I really hope cliff convinces kristie to not use her power and then noms her this boring ass season needs something big like this to happen


I agree with you. Cliff needs to convince everyone he’s going to put Bella up and then he needs to put up Tommy. Then he will have Nick, Sam, Bella, Nicole and Jessica for sure. Christie will have to make a decision as will Kat. But no matter all he needs is 5 and he can break the tie and send Jack home.


he needs to put up Christie if she doesn’t use the power. then I would vote her and her power out! she is the most manipulative liar in the house. CNN Christie news network. where every conversation is twisted and things are added that were never said are now taken as fact!

SD Bird

Don’t Give Up on Cliff !!

Cliff may be trying to get Nicole, Jess, Kat, Sam, Nick, Christy & Tommy all to vote out Jack. He is not committing anything just yet and counting on Christy & Tommy working the votes later in the week by causing people to worry about never getting out Jack. I think he’s testing the water for potential votes.

*Bella may sink the votes & get into fights if she loses confidence in the plan.
*Nick might not manage appropriate emotions and spook everyone with his anxiety and need to spill everything. Chill Nick!
*Jackson may just be so hangry about slop, not enough attention about his Veto win, explosive with Christy not immediately using her power and Holly’s lack of enthusiasm to have sex on camera, (he humiliated Kat last night & is now spinning Holly’s conflict of emotions) and take the focus off the plan with his attention grabbing grandstanding. (or cause a great diversion for vote gathering)

Cliff may be taking a really big risk on a slow roll. His life experiences, world travel and variety of people met makes me think he’s playing more than backgammon.


kat’s too unpredictable to take the risk of putting a non-6er on the block.


How did Jackson humiliate Kat last night? I missed that.


Why does Christie keep holding onto that alliance of 6? Her best move right would be to get Jack out and for her and Tommy to jump ship. Once Jack is gone, it’s just the 5 of them. If Christie and Tommy leave, it’s just 3 and they’re pretty much done. The numbers would be against them. She’d be smart to leave now and try to form an alliance with some of the misfits, who haven’t even come together to form an alliance yet. She’s making it too personal with Bella. Everyone wants her out, so let someone else worry about her. Also, why does she like Jack so much? If he is the greatest BB player ever, wouldn’t she want to be the player to play an important part in taking out the “greatest BB player ever.”

SD Bird

Christy may be using Bella-Hate the same way she was against Nicole last week & dismissive of Cliff as a threat – only to change direction late in the week. It would be hard for her to hid plans from Jack for very long. He was watching her quite closely during her meltdown about ‘being forced’ into using her powers & again when she returned from chatting with Cliff offering a miraculous deal. Christy knows exactly what she is doing. Will Cliff outsmart her?


It seems everyone is in agreement regarding Bella’s game play/trustworthiness. They may not like her personally but she hasn’t won any comps. Why would anyone, that isn’t in the full of shit shooters alliance, think voting her out over Aquannabe Man is a better option? How is Bella a bigger threat? How many opportunities will they have to vote out Aquannabe Man?

Guy From Canada

Game wise I agree, but like the post said, Bella is toxic. Imagine being stuck with her in jury for months. Does anyone know how she would vote besides for Nick? These guests are making a personal decision, throwing Bella under the bus in order to save their 6.


The houseguests are stupid if they are basing their decisions on who they would like to party in jury with the most. Bella isn’t even the liar in the situation that started all the Bella hate, Sis and Holly were.

She is a non-threat in the game. She sucks at comps and in her social game. I didn’t want to believe it but they are just targeting the minorities. Sis better watch out, if Bella goes she is the only brown one left for these bigots to kick out based on some flimsy reason they make up to justify hating people of color.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Seriously, she is no more toxic than most of the others. Christy talks so much I just fast forward over her. Sis is mean with a foul mouth. Both the Jacks suckall the oxygen out of the room.

Franks fumes

Or their just stupid……Jess and Kat will want to please their masters.


Since Christie tends to get a little paranoid, I think a good move would be to scare her Monday before she has to decide whether or not she is going to use her power. This is almost going to guarantee that she won’t use it. Let Nick do this since it’ll be Bella up on the block if Christie does use it.


Attention: Michie/Jackson
Dude, you are arguably the worst at doing “damage control” in the history of Big Brother. Your efforts with David, and now, with Cliff, have made for some of the most cringe-worthy moments of the season.


What do you mean?! Jackson may have voted out Cliff but that doesn’t mean Cliff shouldn’t have the honor of doing what the Jackholes want. They are already doing so much for the house by allowing the plebeians the radiance of their majestic presence and dietary knowledge and gentle correction without any expectation of reciprocation. They are on the paths to sainthood and we should all be grateful they’ve allowed us to behold them.

Not sure how the rash fits in but still…


@Hmm… Funny…; – )

Franks fumes

Jackjaw doesn’t realize he’s so easy to read it’s hilarious really.


But the Jacks respect his journey, his path and his story. What greater compliment could they make?


is Jess really still in this game where does she fit in?


She’s like there to like just like annoy us when like she talks in her Mickey Mouse like voice.


I think she leaves the house during the day to hang out with Jenn City.


FINALLY!!! Bella gets called out on her utterly ridiculous game-play. One need not be a fan of Jack or the six-shooters to appreciate the irony. Bella, who values her alliances with no one (with the possible exception of Nick), finds herself on the receiving end of an alliance betrayal. Too bad Kemi missed out on seeing it. Who, but Bella, is so arrogant and thinks so little of others as to arbitrarily, mindlessly create a phony alliance with one group and then run to her other alliance and rat out the alliance she herself just created?


Uuummmmmm “Jackson, jack or Michie”…. even the announcer is confused


Of course they all want Jack in the jury house. The sun can only provide a quotient of Vitamin D and Jack makes up for the rest.
Now, Nick’s “plan” here, will backfire. The thing is, you cannot talk about Christie in this game. Whether she is in the room or out of it, simply do not talk about her. Everyone whispers to her, except Sam cause, well, Sam. Nick is already known to be crafty so this shenanigan of telling Christie that he agrees to sacrifice Bella so everyone can have a merry summer in jury house stinks. He should have left it to Cliff. I don’t think Cliff was going to put up Bella. It’s a bigger risk keeping her in the house than it is getting her out. She is the shield of that group and keeping Nick weakened in puppy dog love is not a bad idea. Keep his head occupied about protecting Bella and strike when he just doesn’t see it coming.


I like Cliff , I’m rooting for Cliff , I hope he stays with going after the couples , but damn I hate when he does that Johnny Manzel Bull shit


As rapidly as things change in the BB house, is it ever a good idea to be a volunteer pawn? Christie’s Diamond POV notwithstanding, if she had to choose between Jack and Jackson/ Michie, she could only help one of them.

Having said that, it is not likely Cliff will nominate both Jack and Jackson, however delicious the idea might sound. Think of it. Only one of them could possibly win POV and save himself. Christie would save the other and substitute one of the Expendables. This assumes that the old man himself doesn’t win the POV.
Bottom line: This week holds so much potential for turning the game upside down. Please, please Cliff, don’t play scared. Those people will have no love (or use) for you next week, no matter what you do. Make a big move, Cliff!!


I think this comment is days behind. Jack and Jackson were nominated, Jackson won the veto. Christie’s power can only turn that golden veto into a diamond veto. It’s not a second veto. That being said Bella may end up n the block and get voted out leaving the 6 +Kat in charge the rest of the season. It now hinges on either Christie not using her power or Kat joining Nicole, Nick, Jess, and Sam to vote out Jack. So tomorrow will reveal the veto outcome…


@Hmm…Agreed. The comment was made when the Jack/Jackson nominations were but a pipe dream.


There seems to be a few plans in the works. Has all the makings of a big beautiful mess….Best laid plans of mice and men


well I don’t think men have much to do with it……..HHGTTG


Well, SHUT MY Mouth!!! Cliff did it! Did I mention how quickly things change in the BB house?
Sooo, Christie is already feeling the weight of her Diamond Power and doubting the wisdom of her promise to Michie/ Jackson.

Ahem… And Jackson is doubting the wisdom of his “power move” to break up Nick and Bella by volunteering to be a pawn. Nick and Bella must seem so much less important to him at this juncture. Both Jack and Jackson really thought they had “managed” Cliff. ROFL!!!

Nick, Bella, I’m still looking at you. Hey, Bella, who do you have left to betray? You’ve burned your bridges. Even Cliff isn’t available for you to toy with. Nicole? Raquel? Not likely. Maybe Kathryn? Nah…

And thank you, Cliff, for the promise of a rocking good time this week in the Big Brother house.

Nick's Scrunchie



Oops! Rebecca? No, no: Jessica! Sorry ’bout that.


New drinking game: drink every time Jackson/Michie/douche says some cheesy movie-like phrase.


I can’t I’m too wasted with the Jessica’s “Like” game. Body could not take anymore alcohol


Nick needs to STFU!

Cliff wants Christie to keep the power in her pocket so he can put her or Tommy up! Nick telling Kat that Cliff will put Bella up just to keep Chrisite from playing her power, and then putting up a 6S…..STFU!


that’s what my thought was when reading that. nick is going to blow the whole thing up and then christie will use the power. damn shame, cuz cliff had them fooled.


If Christie doesn’t use her power, Cliff’s smartest move is to put Christie up — get the power out of the game.

And she deserves to go home with it. She can’t keep her mouth shut about it.


Two takeaways from the kitchen conversation: 1)I find Kat more endearing as time goes on and 2) I am sure that it has happened on other seasons but this is the 1st time I have seen a houseguest drink directly from a bottle

Nick's Scrunchie

You should’ve seen what Rachel O’Reilly could do with a bottle of booze! “Look Brendan, No Hands!”


So, is it time, perhaps, for Christie to stop offering up her POV to the group and save it for herself? I wish the people with powers could resist the urge to share that news with their fellow houseguests- even the ones in their alliances.

Nick's Scrunchie

It’s a generational thing! It’s like they all share one mind (“hive minded”)!
They’ve all been indoctrinated not educated thanks to the public school system.


Watching now. Haven’t check the forum since cliff went up and I heard his picks were good so I wanted to be surprised in the show. So far cliff actually playing super smart in a way we haven’t seen all season. I think if Christine didn’t have her power she would go up with jack.

Franks fumes

We’re gonna find out if Cliff has balls or not…..

Trag Monda

It’s my understanding that he only has one ball, and it’s huge.


Didn’t christie just say last night that the other couples were the “elite” (with her own air quotes!?) …. doesn’t she realize she looks the same way!? I think this power is really blowing up her head…. come on cliff, get some balls and nom Christie when she doesn’t use her power 🙂 🙂 🙂


Why couldn’t Cliff just threaten Christie if she uses the power, he will put her up?


Because if she uses the power it will convey to Jackson who won the POV and HE will be the person who picks the replacement not Cliff.


Because if she uses the power Jackson picks the replacement.


Because Jackson is the veto holder.. the DPov will allow him (jackson) to name the replacement, not cliff… so cliff really isn’t in a position to threaten anything…. he will only get away with getting rid of a 6S member if he lies about who he will put up, should Christie not use the power . 🙂


if she uses the power, jackson decides who goes up. cliff has no control if she uses the power.

Allies Mom

Nick is an idiot for telling the plan to Kat. These people just can’t keep their mouths shut.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Has she told anyone yet?

another name

When Jackson had been a have not for 2 days, he was telling people he hadn’t eaten in three days. That was yesterday.
he just stomped off talking about being malnourished for nine days. nine? NINE??
9 days ago he ate 22 times.
7 days ago he ate 28 times. (some patient souls out there are keeping track).
twitter rumor speculation is he’s been sneaking food in the shower (dips down, stays down, comes back up after a long pause) on more than one of the three showers he had in a four hour period.
i’d buy it. lol.
by tomorrow he’ll be saying he hasn’t eaten since they arrived.

The Corey's

Is cliff really gonna put bella up without making christie use the power?

And he must told jess that they could use that power later to backdoor someone in CHRISTIES ALLIANCE?

This dude is goat. Hes really winning that title right now. Crown him!


I like Cliff and da Big Move he’s making But can u crown me too? Wooo

Feeds Gold

bellas a goner

cliff with the prudent play

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

6 Shooters – Zero self awareness.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

That fight between Holly and Jackson looked like a mom dealing with her teenage son’s temper tantrum.


I hope that soon some of these people figure out that they need to target the ones with the loose lips. If they could limit the amount of story telling and he said/she said everyone’s game would improve. It seems that they can’t think for themselves. Every time someone speaks, they have to run and blab out what they heard along with a healthy dose of nonsense that was never said. It’s like that telephone game we played when we were kids. Remember? Where everyone stands in a line, the first person makes a statement, they each in turn whisper what they heard…and by the time the last person says the statement, it is nothing like what was originally said. Being a big fan of BB, I always thought that the best way to get to the end of the game was the “See no, Hear no, Speak no” policy.
I think that next year Production should try to secure an older, maybe like 30 – 50 year old cast. Millennials don’t have the right mindset for this game, IMHO. When the majority of the game players are egotistical people with a sense of self-entitlement with no tact, it makes for…well, what we have on here now. I’d much rather watch players with some brains and that know how to use them ( not unlike Cliff ). Maybe I’m just getting too old to watch these brainless youngsters try to play my favorite game. Sorry, but not.


Cut – take 2… Let’s try this again:
Based on tonight’s events Cliff confirmed he will put up Bella so she’s going up no matter who does the re-nom. Talk about TPTB – interference (read: how can production help get Christie/Jack to the end game) — HOLY KRAKEN. What a waste!

Cliff’s decision to be production’s whipping boy will damage his relationship between Nick & possibly Sam b/c it’s absolutely the WRONG move for anyone outside the six.

Tsunami Bella coming soon….
Some time before eviction night, bank on a full blown Bella explosion in a common area in front of everyone since true to her character she won’t be able to hold her tongue. The verbal arrows returned will be plentiful (although Kemi had the best ammunition against her). Still, it’s also likely the arrogance of the J’s, and the ego of Christie/Tommy won’t be prepared for the intel Bella will drop on the house. The 6S and these 4 especially have punished anyone who deigned to consider they had the right to form an alliance or bend to 6S orders of “do as I say” or you’re out next.

Fallout from Bella Tsunami?
Because of that it’s likely separate alliances made by the J’s, Christie/Tommy will be exposed which the others were unaware of. The J’s will learn how the females in the house (especially Christie) feel about them. Each of Nicole, Jess, Kat & Cliff will hear things the 6S have said about them behind their backs (& vice versa from Bella’s lips). Suffice to say mops will be needed to clean up the spilled secrets.

Pardon me, excuse me, is this seat taken?
If I was one of the underlings in the house I’d have a bag of microwave popcorn already popped and on hand just for this very moment so I could pull up a chair. The irony of the how Christie, the J’s & Tommy belittle everyone is thick. How dare anyone speak to someone to create an alliance or question their position in the pecking order & yet all four of them have side deals all over. Bella is no saint – far from it, but in this one instance I’m looking forward to this event.

Misogynistic pre-planned drama of day:
In other events tonight Jackson had a huge fight with Holly with the onus placed on her insensitivity toward his body image. Jack comments Jackson had lost his 6 pack & Holly made a simple joke. He’s taking it to the nth degree trying to make her feel like sh*t even after repeated apologies & trying to talk it out. In truth, this was just a convenient excuse for Jackson to use as the reason to pull away from her (since he spoke of doing precisely that hours prior to this) b/c he is mad at her for not wanting to have sex since learning the live feeders will see and videos will be made.

Karma coming?

I wonder if he’ll try to pull Kat back – hopefully Holly beats him to the punch and the duo band together to take him down & out. A backdoor by one of them of Jackson would be such sweet poetic justice.

I thought Love Island was on a different channel?
Likewise, with Nick soon to be a lone wolf will Sis & Holly catch a clue leave the Jackholes & team up with Nick & Sam (and the underlings) and spin this house on it’s end. Oooooooooooooooo

Christie Delusion of the day:

Re Bella’s nomination: “the universe is rewarding me because I didn’t engage in any dirty play.”
(ME —- “Bartender – double shot of Kraken please!!!”)

Nicole wins award for BB 101 line of the day:
Meanwhile, as mentioned above Jess returned from hanging out with Jenn City all day to push Nicole to work with Christie. In this conversation Nicole wins the award for the smartest comment of the day—- Jess is thrilled Christie will get to keep her DPOV & keeps telling Nicole how serious Christie is to work with them & Nicole drops this gold “So then why wouldn’t Christie want to get rid of Jack this week if she wanted to work with them?” Touche Nicole!


Yes Nicole! Light bulb moment for Jess I hope….but not holding my breath!

another name

For my own sanity, i’ve created the Crusty retell translator. Remove all adjectives and adverbs from what she says, they’re exaggerated and most likely false anyway. Take all of the verbs she uses and swap them out for less hostile sounding verbs (ie/ cornered becomes approached. screamed becomes said). In any situation where she is presenting herself as the calm party, substitute flashing lights and sirens because that isn’t possible. Well… i created the working model… but it exploded last time she started saying push me higher while twisting the chain on her mood swing. Sometimes you just can’t translate kookooforcocaopuffs.

Jessica thinks Crusty is a straight shooter…. all right toaster, keep that finger on the pulse of the house. Imagine. NO, really imagine a Jessica HOH. She’d somehow end up evicting herself and probably cast the tie breaker vote to do it.
Cliff tells Jessica he’s going to tell Crusty he’ll put up Bella, and she can keep her power… cus reasons and Jessica logic and gotta suck back up to them so he isn’t a target next week and maybe Crusty will use her power to… save… him? Oh tell me that was a Jess suggestion. Please.

Who here thinks Holly is going to be as amenable to the break up as Kat was… once she stops making excuses for him? Oh look. Beth might get a d/r or a storyline for a week. At least now the rash might heal. Let’s be absolutely clear, she didn’t want to be a good little blow up doll on command, so he was reaching for any reason he could get to dump her. He’s that guy.

Bella goes to Crusty to perform her pre-planned with nick suck up session. tears included. yeah. nope. After her “i was only ever a friend to *instert name*” performances over the last two weeks, I can’t.

Game logic is fuzzy for me this week.
That’s right Jack, while you’re on the block make a comment about breaking Nicole’s legs if she wins hoh and nominates 2 of the 6. Tell America you’re joking. Douchecanoe. That said, Any one of the people that have been suggested as possibly being on the block as of tomorrow… i’m happy to see any of them go. Bella was doing well with a chaos game until she sold out the widows, at that point she spiraled. If she stays, she spirals further. She only understands chaos. Jack. He can go. I’ve made my opinions on him clear. He can go.
Let’s say Holly or Tommy did get put on the block. Wouldn’t bother me if one of them left either. Holly because of the ‘i didn’t know this was a bbcan season’ casting, Tommy because the pandering annoys.
So anyone that could possibly leave this week: I’m fine with it. If they take a couple more with them on their way out the door, fine with that too.

Nick's Dirty Scrunchie

Crusty’s Retell Translator.


“Remove all adjectives and adverbs from what she says, they’re exaggerated and most likely false anyway. Take all of the verbs she uses and swap them out for less hostile sounding verbs (ie/ cornered becomes approached. screamed becomes said).” Great analyse, sorry, I mean analysis!

All while she maintains a steady flow of alligator tears!

HGs are now cautioned to wear a set of “windshield wiper” glasses and a rain poncho before entering into Crusty’s room or a conversation with her!


What feeds are you all watching. Stop having so much faith in Cliff. He is too scared to go against the 6. until i hear it from his mouth, he is now convinced Bella should go home. He has the chance to make a big move to take 1 out and he has now decided to join them. how stupid are these houseguests? Chritie in my opinion is the biggest threat. everyone trust her and she is a threat in comps. cliff needs to put up christie and flush the power if she goes home…jack, jackson, christie Tommy need to go home in that order. if jack is left in the game and the 6 win hoh, the others will be out the door 1by 1. all fools, including cliff because he now wants bella out…idiots.


” If he shakes my hand, looks me in the eye, puts his hand on the bible and gives me his word on his family.. then I don’t think he is lying”.. surprised she didn’t insist on his first born child too.

BB Viewer

I am from Texas. All Cliff had to say, “In Texas, a man’s handshake is as good as his word and you can take it to the bank. Last time, I looked around we aren’t in Texas but in sunny Southern California. Christie, the only beautiful woman I want to have a power over me is my lovely wife! So, kindly take a seat!” There is always a point in Big Brother where you can’t stand the production manipulation. We are there!