Jack “Cliff swore on his kids & family that he would backdoor Bella.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat

Powers in the game

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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8pm HOH room. Christie and Cliff conversation continued..
Christie – I would way sooner go to the end with someone like you and Tommy than a couple couples that think they’re the elite because that’s what they think they are. Cliff – we all do some sneaky things because you just have to… but I have a minimal level of things I won’t do. And a lot of that has to do with being mean to people just for the sake of being mean. Christie – that’s why I am so pissed at Michie. Cliff – so much of this is just so unnecessary and that irritates me. If I don’t make if far…life goes on for me ..I’ve got plenty of things at home for me.
You or Tommy. I don’t want THEM to win. Christie – I don’t either honestly. Part of me thinks it would be funny for them to go to jury and have to sit around to vote for one of you to win. But Bella I do NOT want in jury. Christie – every time I look at her I see conniving. Cliff – Bella went out of her way last night to tell me that she was recruited.. big brother blocks the feeds. Cliff – I don’t want a non-fan to win. IF they do, they do. Christie – I’m about that too.. I’m a fan. Everyone in there (DR) thought I would be pissed that you won a battle back, HOH .. and I’m like but I’m a fan .. this is sick! I’m happy for him! Cliff – I can picture the story .. the older guy in the house that’s been booted twice stays and wins HOH. Cliff – here is the deal, its your power .. use it however you want to use it. Use it to win the game. There are some ways that would benefit me a little bit but you use it. Christie – there is the scenario that Bella goes up and she stays so I want to make sure she goes if I use it. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christie – if you give me one vote .. going forward I am not going with them I am going with you. Cliff – think about what would benefit you the most if you used the power or if you didn’t use the power. For example if you didn’t use the power and you came to me wanting me to put up someone other than the six such as a backdoor against Bella.. That would be something I would consider especially know that I am not going to create any bad blood with Nicole or Jess who can’t stand them anyway. Christie – I mean I didn’t even think that was an option for you. Like I wouldn’t even ask you to do that. It would literally be unanimous .. to be honest I even think that Sam would vote with the house. Cliff – here is the thing I would use.. if I don’t promise to do that she would use the power anyways .. I’ve got to protect my game and do this. Christie – if you backdoor Bella and Jack is safe he would cry on the floor to you. Cliff – I am not going to mention this to anyone .. think about it. Christie – if you would do this so that I don’t have to use my power .. for the next two weeks I would use my power to benefit you however it may be. Cliff – you don’t have to do that. Use your power to protect your game. Maybe just say that I wouldn’t go up if you or Tommy win HOH. Christie – oh no that wouldn’t happen. Cliff – beyond that if it came down to it that you could use your power to protect me then whoop dee doo… I am certainly going to hug you and thank you. Christie – I know that the girls would be more comfortable voting out Bella knowing that you support it. Cliff – it would create issues with Nick a little bit. Christie – Nick knows Bella is ruining his game. Cliff – think about it and discuss it with Jack. Christie – I would discuss it with Jack and Tommy. Cliff – tell Jack that I don’t hold grudges and I hope that he wouldn’t hold a grudge against me because I was forced to do what I did. Cliff – there has to be some trust I would do it because I could turn around and not do it. If we do agree to it you just have to know that I am swearing to everything that is important to me that that’s not how I play the game. I would not break that bond. Christie – I believe you. You have my word and I am not going for you going forward. Cliff – there is no love lost.

8:30pm Boat room. Christie and Jack. Christie – so I may or may not have just pulled off the most savvy move in big brother history. Talking to Cliff and making him feel as secure as possible .. I didn’t even pitch anything about his replacement. It was all about me using versus not using… I assured him that Jack is not a vindictive guy. We literally talked about a million things. I said that he wasn’t the target last week, this week and not the target next week if he was on board with me using the power. He goes .. well I mean I don’t want you to have to use the power. He also said that I could discuss this with you. He suggested to me .. he told that I would have his word that Tommy and I would not go up. He said that I could pick the replacement.. he asked how comfortable I would be letting Nick know that Bella would be going at the hands of my power.. he said that he really wanted Bella gone. I said I would tell Nick. He said to be honest I really want Bella gone. He said he would want to get together with Nick and Bella and explain to them that you were going to use your power anyway and that she was going to go home anyway and almost pardon you from having to use your power. And if I swore on my family and you guaranteed that Jack wouldn’t come after me for a couple weeks .. I would put up Bella as the replacement. Christie – Jack I didn’t even suggest it to him!! Jack – huge! HUGE! Christie – he picked up his family picture frame and swore he wouldn’t go back on it. Jack – You do know that if Michie wins HOH he will put Cliff up. Christie – I don’t care .. I didn’t make any promises for him. Christie – If he does this, allows you to be safe, backdoors the enemy and me not use my power?! Am I the best big brother player ever?!!

Bedroom. Jack, Holly, Jackson. Jack – You’re not going to like it. The 8 is no more and will never be. I don’t think it needs to happen. Holly – why, that was a quick change of events. Jack – conversations with Clifford Hogg.. I don’t think we need to do it. Holly – what?! WHy?! Jack – we need to wait a little bit.. I am not allowed to talk about it personally. Christie had a talk with Cliff and to sum it up he swore on his kids and family that he would backdoor Bella. Kids, family, picture. You don’t know that by me telling you. All I just told you is that the eight is off and we’re going to figure it out. Holly – okay. Jack – you then need to ask Christie how her meeting with Cliff went. She agreed with Cliff that she wouldn’t tell anybody but me because it was about me. Jackson – done. Jack – because I was the target. Jackson – putting it in the vault. Cliff has agreed on his kids to backdoor Bella. There is a way that its going to work. I can’t even believe it. Jackson – the only way that its going to work is if I come off and he puts her up. Jack – right. Yup. Jackson – no blood on my hands. Jack – that’s exactly it .. its no blood.

10pm All the house guests have gathered in the bedroom for the moon celebration..

10:12pm – 10:40pm Bedroom. Christie and Jackson. Christie – we literally talked for an hour and a half to him and every reason for wanting to use the power and respect to him. Christie goes on to explain her conversation. She says that he basically admitted that it might have been a mistake putting them (Jack / Jackson) up. He said that he loves you and had nothing bad to say about you. He regrets putting the both of you up and now fears you both coming off the block and coming after him. He said if you can promise me that the boys won’t hold a grudge .. and promise that he would be safe for the next two weeks.. he would talk to the girls. He said that he doesn’t want Bella here. He said he would backdoor Bella under the circumstances of me and him talking to Nick the morning of.. he said that nothing personal but Bella is toxic and he will backdoor her if we promise him safety for the next two weeks. He then picked up the photo of his family and swore on it that he wouldn’t go back on backdooring Bella. We just promise him two weeks safety and he will in return. He does not want Bella in jury. I trust him. He said nothing bad about you. Jack just scares him because he doesn’t know him. Its literally brilliant! Jackson – Done! Its literally like us being HOH without being HOH. Christie – its golden. Jackson – its literally like we’re HOH with no blood on our hands and we all six get to compete again next week and you get to keep your power. However it pisses me off on a personal level that he is doing it after we proved him wrong. Christie – he knows that though. And I don’t give a sh*t. Jackson – we sh*t the bed when we voted him out and he came back. Christie – its a sh*t for a sh*t. Jackson – lets do it! Just means Sam and Nick go up together next week. Christie – put Sam and Jess up together. He wants to take her out so put them up together. Jack and Sis join them. Jackson – the kicker for me was him not coming after us for two weeks. Tommy – its really only one week. Jackson – but he can compete. Tommy – he f**ked himself into a corner.

10:45pm Tommy – when we were talking about the possibility of the 8 .. we (Tommy and Sis) were talking about maybe not including Nicole. Jackson – I don’t think we should make a new 8.. I think we keep the 6 and keep 2 people in our back pocket. Tommy – I would like to include Kat at some point because she is giving so much and if I was her I would want that reassurance. Jackson – okay but what do we owe anybody?! Jack – to be honest we don’t owe Kat anything but we’ve done our thing to save Nicole which she just proved that she may not honor it ever! Jackson – how? Jack – she told Christie that she was incredibly torn, my integrity, my morals is to vote with you guys to get Bella out of here but if I vote with you I am the 7th of the 6. She was scared to be labeled as the 7th. Jackson – f**k that. Tommy – its fine. Its fine. Its good. She’s not a competitor, she’s just a number. Jack – I vote bringing Kat into the fold. Tommy – she’s a competitor. Jack – I think she is a valuable asset. We don’t need the intel anymore. Jackson – sold. Is it 10 o’clock yet? Jack – its been 10pm for a while. Jackson – I’m going to bed. Jack – I am pissed about what Nicole said. That’s bullsh*t! We are all in this position because of what we did.

HOH room. Sam and Bella. Sam – Christie swore that she would not use the power. It would be stupid if she tried to keep Jack here. She doesn’t stand a chance. If she uses her power and doesn’t save it for herself when she has two weeks left of it … and I were to win HOH. I would put her up because that’s the third blindside to come from Christie. Because if you want to waste your power on a big move, I would put up Christie and Jack up together. No more powers! Goodbye! Have fun! But we’re going to find out though ..if she doesn’t use her power then she is obviously working with our side. And if she uses her power then there’s a big drawn line. I might talk to her .. but I don’t want to because I don’t want her to blame me for bullying. And she goes and said I did it because I felt pressured from you guys. Tell Nick not to talk to her either.

10:53pm – 11pm Nick and Sis. Nick – I am just trying to be out because Bella brought me down to be honest with you. I am just trying to be out in the open. Sis – why would you go home? Nick – what if Cliff doesn’t trust me anymore. Sis – I’m sure he does. Nick – I’m scared. I’ve f**ked up but I’ve admitted it every time I’ve done it. I’m just paranoid I guess. Sis – don’t be. You’re fine. Nick – I don’t want Bella to go either but I would understand. I just don’t want it to be me. Sis – you’re fine. Trust me. Do you regret it.. Nick – being in a showmance? No because I do love her but at the same time… I got myself in trouble but she didn’t help either. I feel like she is the center of every conversation. I know you guys don’t trust her. And therefore don’t trust me. I mean I know you trust me. Sis – stop saying you guys .. I am playing my own game. Nick – I came in playing too hard. Sis – you just wanted to be on everyone’s good side.

11:10pm – 11:25pm Christie fills Kat in on her conversation with Cliff and the plan to backdoor Bella. Tommy and Christie then talk to Kat about pulling her in. Tommy – Christie and I were talking about how to bring you into the 7 but we are not trying to work with couples. Once we get to the 7.. or not even.. we’re good.. we might not even make it to seven.. but we want to work with you. Christie – to be honest I don’t like how Michie (Jackson) talks to me, I don’t like the way he talks to you some times. I don’t like how he thinks he is dictating everything in this house. And I don’t like how he is playing hero all the time. I will f**king put him up.. I don’t care. Kat – that’s music to my ears. Christie – Cliff is on to him too. Kat – in the long term, I know that he doesn’t have my back. Christie – basically the boys are going to approach you … Tommy – or soon .. there is a lot going on this week. Christie – we are telling you first. Tommy – just so you know when they come to you about being in the 7 .. you are way more than the 7 to us. We have your back.

11:45pm Kitchen. Kat and Tommy are making ice cream.

11:55am Nick and Bella. Nick – I don’t really trust Tommy. I just have to get through this week. If he (Jack) goes this week its going to make this so much easier. Nick – if we go up next and we get house guest choice. Bella – next week? I think I’m going home this week.

12:42 am Sis and Tommy
Sis going on about not wanting Jack to be confused .. “if we started getting really close and he started feeling confused”
She wouldn’t’ mind cutting it off

Tommy – you guys should just keep everything fun
They start talking about seeing each other after the season is over .. Sis says she’s never been on the east coast
Sis says she had a connection through a friend and her dad to get a job on FOX sports but she was too scared right after college to go to New York by herself.
Tommy starts talking about his best friend and feeds flip

12:44 am Nick and Bella
Nick tells her he’s not going to officially ask her out until they are out of the game. “I do love you though”
Nick – I actually love everyone
Bella – no no I don’t agree with that. I’m a salty B1tch
Nick – I see that
Bella – you’re so loving
Nick mentions how Bella is madder than he is that he was wronged.
Bella – I’m a ride or die b1tch I would stab someone if they looked at you
Nick – say you’re kidding
Bella – no I’m not kidding .. If someone hurt you I would punch their eyes out
She laughs
Nick – ok great .. I’m so thankful
Nick – I told Tommy, you guys not telling me about the vote probably saved me this week

Bella says she talked to Sam and warned him. Christie talks a lot to Sam and there’s no reason they couldn’t tell Sam right before that the votes were flipping
Bella – he (sam) needs to know they can’t always be trusted
Bella – I’ll just have to stab someone for same

They talk about how the other side is pulling in Nicole as a number
Nick – My push for Nicole will be listen Jack’s got HOH, Whacktivity, I was one fo the first off on the log I was off on the fireworks I got lucky with the throw of an arrow whose the bigger threat
Nick – They’re trying to make her safe.. Nicole is smart though
Bella – we shouldn’t underestimate Nicole
Nick – I didn’t she’s Vanessa Russo 2.0

Bella – I am Salty about CHrsitie
Nick – I would never had put Holly, Sis and I wouldn’t have put Jackson up
Bella – if Christie uses the power she knows Michie will put me up or you up
Nick – I’ll just tell her if the power is used and I go up you’re toast
Bella – you swore on your sister you would never put us up and using the power of veto doesn’t really get you around that
Bella – I was in the room when she told me .. I’m salty because she said we don’t talk about anything … B1tch f* off ..

They talk about putting Christie and Michie up next week. Nick doesn’t think it’s time for Christie yet she can still be in their corner
Nick says the only way they can get Christie out is if they win HOH and Veto .
Bella – I would love to use her own Veto against her ..
Nick – I don’t think putting Christie up or even saying it is a good idea (heaven forbid she hears)
Bella says from a game standpoint Christie is really good
Nick agrees “She’s the best female in this house”
Bella wants to take a stab at Christie if she can next week

Bella says she went to school at UCLA. she’s thinking about grad school at Cornell or UPen. They talk about the live feeders how some till like them and how some won’t. Nick thinks they will say he played too hard too early.
Bella starts talking about Jessica and how she needs to clean her ears out. Nick tells her not to talk sh1t about people.
Bella says the people in the house talk sh1t about her all the time

12:58 am Sam and Tommy
Sam says last weeks vote he got screwed. Sam feels it was something he should have picked up on. IN his mind he was spending the same amount of time with Nick/Bella as he was spending with everyone else.
Sam says the house ahs a lot more beef with Nick/Bella than him and he kinda got dragged down with it
Sam understands that perception is everything in the house and he was spending too much time with Nick and Bella.
Sam – when you look at it it’s Christie, Jack, and Michie. I don’t perceive that as a big deal however from my end it was a big deal

Tommy – I f*ing love Nick and no matter what happens in this game I f*ing love him (the most overused word this season Love)
Tommy about Nick – He will always be someone I’m so close to after this (Bullshit)
Tommy- he’s the best
Sam – I like Nick a lot and Bella makes me laugh … I love Laughing and that’s where the pitfall is
Sam – I want to laugh because it’s so boring in here
Sam – at this point I’m going to associate myself with everyone else I’m going to stay as far from them

2:00 am Have nots
Michie – I can’t believe we pulled it off
Michie – it’s a combination of multiple things, Christie having a power, Jack having a power, Me winning a veto.
Michie – Christie wanting to put up Bella
Tommy – her social game to Christie killed it in there with him
Michie – Cliff hurting his leg
Tommy – yup
Michie – A lot of things had to happen for that to happen (Bella going up)
Michie – if Jack would have won the Veto Christie wouldn’t have used her power (She hasn’t used it yet)
Tommy- what makes you say that.. it’s the same with both of you
Tommy – she’s closer with him

Tommy – I believe she will use it no matter what
Michie – I’m not going to lie to you it won’t upset me if Jess goes up this week
Tommy – no that’s fine
Michie – Jess is starting to get on my last nerve. She’s constantly talking about me behind my back.
Mcihie – I love her to death but (sh1t shooters love everyone they are so genuine)
Tommy says jess isn’t a threat he would rather go for Nicole
Michie – it’s frustrating how she’s acting (Nicole) we just spared her
Tommy – that decision she made today was a big red flag for us moving forward
Tommy – the six of us will hopefully still be here by the end of the week (KRAKEN)
Tommy – and next week we have to f*ing win HOH.. I will be fighting

Tommy – This is what makes me proud to be with this crew because it’s sh1t like this it’s one thing to win HOH and put people up and next week someone wins HOH and put another of our targets up what we did last week and this week we got Nick turning on us….
Michie – we flexed and made a move

Tomm y- we flexed made a move got him to put up and vote out Cliff .. it all worked out perfec6tly and now Cliff is sending home his girlfriend (Bella.. it did take a DPOV to do that it wasn’t all just flexing)

2:28 am Tommy and Christie
Tommy warns her to not talk to too many people about Michie, “if you get caught that will be bad”
Christie – f* him
Christie says Jackson is a d1ck “ugh”
Tommy – I know I totally get it
Christie – Cliff is like .. he’s done with him too
Tommy says Nick is out of control he will be gone soon
Christie – he brags how he hooks up with the Kat it’s gross how he did it

Christie – he doesn’t like how Michie pretends to be a savior and a ring leader
Christie – I have no problem putting him on the block saying you are not a team player, you cat a rogue vote and didn’t tell any of us. You started trouble, you think it’s funny to start drama

Christie – he (Jackson) knows I’m not into the way he treats people. You would have died if you witnessed that conversation in there
Christie – Holly is blown away by it
Tommy – the truth is he bought himself 2 weeks, He would have bought himself 3 or 4 if he didn’t go this route
Christie – I do mean it when I say to Kat and jess that I’m not going to the final six with the couples I’m not
Christie – 6shooters is great for what it is but.
Tommy – don’t get rid of it too soon

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Review of the Christie/Cliff conversation:

There is a definite possibility TPTB (the powers that be) found a way to keep the Jacks & let Christie keep her power. Especially with how Christie parlayed the conversation after the fact. BUT…. On closer inspection I have an alternative offering for what really went down. Notably I could be completely wrong, however, just like Cliff has conducted his HOH this too felt like he was teaching a masterclass in Big Brother 101. Case in point:

Cliff: “we all do some sneaky things because you just have to but I have a minimal level of things I won’t do.”
Read: whatever I tell you at this moment could be entirely game play & game speak.

Cliff: “think about what benefits you the most if you use the power or if you don’t use the power”
Read: What can I say to convince you NOT to use your power?

Cliff: “For example if you don’t use the power and you came to me wanting me to put up someone other than the six such as a backdoor against Bella.. That would be something I would consider”
Read: Again: how can I convince you NOT to use your power and still put up someone from the 6S?

Christie: “I even think that Sam would vote with the house.”
Read: Sam is HIGH on my target list.

Cliff : “there has to be some trust I would do it because I could turn around and not do it. If we do agree to it you just have to know that I am swearing to everything that is important to me that that’s not how I play the game. I would not break that bond. ”
This is arguably the most important part of the conversation.: Christie perceived Cliff was already committed to backdooring Bella. BUT what Cliff really said is he needs to feel comfortable the 6S wouldn’t come after him and that they would stick to their word which we all know they’ve done nothing in the past to prove they would honor anything they say. In fact, they are claiming THEY basically ran Cliff’s HOH & are already backing out of working with Nicole just b/c she questioned ranking 7th on the totem pole. The 6S don’t have the capacity to look beyond themselves and see the “others” simply as pawns to vote for them & help them get to the end.

Although I can understand why Cliff (who doesn’t like how Bella plays the game) could be looking for ways to come out of this protected it also makes no sense to me why he would acquiesce to the 6S & ever trust anything they would say. He entered his HOH knowing each of them had gone back on their word several times, were the votes to take him out & during his HOH reign has learned other items like Jackson was the hinky vote which was pinned on Nicole, confirmation J & J always knew about Ovi’s power, Christie/Tommy are much closer to Jack and Kat is playing the middle ground (close enough that Jackson/Holly share information with her but not close enough to be a part of the 6S).

Other things touched on during this conversation was Cliff tried to ascertain who Christie would target first between Holly & Sis. He said he wasn’t going to discuss this with anyone & suggested she talk to Jack to feel him out (she said she would talk to Jack/Tommy). This also feels like a trap because Cliff knows Christy can’t keep anything secret & that was a good call since everyone in 6S already know. I wonder if Kat learns & then shares with Cliff — that alone will give him a reason to not follow through.

For those of us hoping to see a 6S walk out the door let’s hope my musings turn out correct. As Cliff made clear breaking up the 6S was the goal & if Christy doesn’t use the power it should REMAIN the goal. In fact, if Christy doesn’t use her power the smart move would be to take her out this week along with her unused power (BB 101 – don’t share intel about powers).

Again, I could be totally wrong but how does 2 weeks of safety help Cliff if each of Nicole/Jess/Sam/Nick are the targets the next 2 weeks? It only buys him 2 weeks & how realistic is it to believe 6S won’t go back on their word? Nor does it make any sense to let Christy keep a power she could carry forward the next 2 weeks.

Sure hope my faith in Cliff is justified & he’s just playing Christy. We’ll see what happens.


I agree with you. Cliff is playing Crusty BIG time. He got alot of info from her and didn’t give her much. He basically agreed with her, so she won’t use the power. She thinks she’s getting her way BUT that ain’t happening. Cliff is old school & knows this game…you can bounce checks in the big brother house…lol He wants a member of 6 out…if it isn’t Jack (his 1st choice) then at least he can nom another six member- and 1 of them goes. Crusty will be in deep doggie doo doo when another one of her alliance member is on the block and 1 definitely get voted out.


You might be on the mark with Jack being his top target and I could be wrong but I never saw it that way. I even thought Jackson was higher up his hit list then he let on and was why he made him a have not (with Kat). In fact, I think it’s really Christie who Cliff wants out most b/c she was the one who pushed voting him out, he sees her influence and how she is so well positioned throughout the house (i.e. has everyone snowed). If he can take her out he severs the trio of Jack/Tommy. I always felt the only reason Cliff put up the two Jacks was because he was fearful of Christie’s power and the next best option was breaking up the J’s. So, if he can get Christie not to use the DPOV then he has an open path to taking her out.

Based on how Cliff has navigated his HOH so far he’s given me reason to believe he processes information better than anyone in the house. Again, perhaps I’m wrong but what he says to the hamsters (and how he says things) is equally compelling. We’ve witnessed him tell Jackson he wants to work with him/Holly, ditto for his chats with Christie/Tommy but we know he doesn’t trust the latter pair specifically. I’ve giggled sometimes at the exchanges particularly with Jackson, Christie and Tommy as Cliff LISTENS and pulls information. It also feels like he’s enjoying turning the tables on each of this trio who repeatedly lied to his face prior to his HOH.

He’s told Jess and Kat how they are grouped together as underdogs and therefore need to band together to reclaim the upper hand. And yet we know he’s not a fan of Jess and is only using her for now to have the numbers. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit but I think he knows Kat is the mole and is playing her to drop information to 6S (& Jackson) and then sitting back waiting for her to run back with little tidbits to keep him engaged. Likewise he’s not a fan of Bella but from what I’ve gleaned from his chats with Sam and Nick it seems like those two (and Nicole) are the four he wants to forge ahead with.

Since he knows Bella, Nick and Sam are the 6S main targets (along with himself) I think he also wants to position himself with the two guys so he has a team capable of countering the cool kids which means he needs people who are potential shields and can beat the other side in competitions.

Is the game finally getting good?

Absolutely agree with you…great read. I’m so amused by how much ‘info’ Christie thought she got from that conversation, when Cliff actually gave her nothing. While I’d love to see the J’s go, if she doesn’t use her power, Cliff would be my hero if he put her up. Not sure at all though how the votes on a Jack or Christie eviction would actually shake out. Bella’s got to go, but I don’t see her learning the art of ingratiating herself to the others any time soon, so that will come to pass I assume. For now, go Cliff.

Roll Tide

I think Cliff is going to put Christy on the block if she does not use her power. Cliff is a really good BB player.
He is very smart and extremely aware of what is happening in the house.
I think Jackson is gross, drinking straight from the container of the items in the refrigerator, his Mother needs to rip him a new one when he gets home. He is despicable. Very unlikeable, I don’t care how many muscles he has.


I sort of agree that he could very well want Crusty out to get rid of her & her power- the problem is will he get the #’s he needs to evict her- there is Jess & Tommy who are on her side & maybe Sis or Holly wouldn’t want her gone- so he has to weigh it all out. You don’t want to piss off Crusty with a power still in the house if they vote out Jack.Definitely he could put up Tommy against Jack because he knows Tommy is waaaay more liked than Jack- see ya Jack. But that would piss off Crusty too. My educated guess is he’ll be very happy if any one of the six is gone but especially Jack since he’s on the block. I’m not sure if Jackson was his target- Jackson offered to go on the block as a pawn- BUT the catch was he wanted to be up with Nick & Cliff wasn’t having that. I heard everyone on slop volunteered to be. I agree that Cliff wants to work with Bella, Nick & Sam and go against the cool kids… Bella is a real liability to their team- most want her up and gone. Of course all this hinges on IF he has really convinced Crusty to not give her DPOV to Jackson when he takes himself off the block, Crusty will go back & forth on her decision right up until 11:00 am tomorrow. She loves to gab n gab and have all the attention on herself.


great read Stickied ::) 🙂


I sure hope that you are right about what you stated above. We will see what Cliff says this morning to Sam. Keeping my fingers crossed.


man i hope you are right… because if Cliff puts up bella, thats it. it breaks any trust he would have with Nick and Sam. He would be by himself and 6crappers wont keep their word to him…


Bella is gone this week and Cliff next week. Cliff played himself. Are his options limited? Sure but he cannot trust the shit shooters at all. He should have rolled the dice on Chrusty using her power. He will not go back on his word.


Pretty sure Cliff is playing the game: Cliff – “we all do some sneaky things because you just have to” If Christie doesn’t use her power, Bella stays off the block.


BB is in the end about numbers.
If the Six shooters survive, the House will look like this:
Six Shooters: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Jack, Holly, Sis
Loosely aligned? Cliff, Nicole, Jess
Floaters: Nick, Kat, Sam

Cliff needs one of the six shooters to go.

If the six shooters win the next HOH they will control the eviction.

On these the next HOH is really a turning point: if the six shooters win the House will be 5-4 in their favor (HOH only votes in tie, two nominees can’t vote)


Christie is the worst!! She’s so fake, I hope Cliff sees through her BS and puts her on the block when Jackson takes himself down


I hope Christie’s fakeness comes back to bite her.


Is Cliff for real right now?


Oh no Cliff what the hell are you thinking…….they will f you over in a second……I though that Cliff was smarter than that.

The Beef

I think Cliff is doing a good job of playing the game right now. Could be wrong. Don’t think he has any intention of nominating Bella, but just telling Crusty what she wants to hear to keep that power tucked away. At least I hope so.

Franks fumes

If he has a plan to keep Crusty from using her power kudos to him…..but if not he just screwed any chance at flipping this house….the numbers the rest of the way will be to lopsided to stay alive.


I’m thinking if the power is used Bella/Nick goes up if the power isn’t used Tommy goes up .. But it should be Christie.
(and I’m being stupid optimistic … Dawg is telling me Bella is going up _ )

J e t s jets jets jets

I was watching. Cliff never swore on his family that he would backdoor bella. As a matter of fact he told her he’s going to put up Sis or Holly and that she could pick which one. I have no idea what she’s doing lying to them.

BB Casting Call

Christy misconstrued what he said when he mentioned something along the lines of, “if we do this then I would swear on everything dear to me”.

She heard, “I’m in and this how I’ll prove it”.

He meant, “I have not (and hopefully will not!) agreed to this, but let me help you and your group feel safe for the next day and a half.

Class ffi has always said that if the power isn’t used, he’d put up Tommy, I just hope that he has really had Christy in his sights.


Oh no! Jack’s self-congratulatory ego is contagious! Now Christie has declared herself the best BB player of all time. Take a seat, Christie. There’s about 400 past players I’d choose over you.


haha so true. She must know tons of people r watching her make that proclamation lol


OH MY GOSH .. they are playing a strong game but c’mon Christie/jack you are far from the best players. lets see how they do without powers when two of them are on the bock with no veto. ..

Just sayin'

Christie: Am I the best player in big brother history??????

All big brother fans: no.


Cliff don’t believe all the BS. I think he’s smarter than that. Hopefully Cliff is just doing a better job at lying than Christnessa and Jack.


They voted him out of the house before, he should know better.

Chris Marcus

Christie is actually playing really smart. She’s trying to cover herself by not using her power. Then when Cliff chooses not to renom Bella, then she can place the blame all on him. But she’s gotta realize Cliff could easily blow her lie up. She should have just never told anyone about her power.

Franks fumes

Not so smart if Cliff nominated her when Jackjaw takes himself down…….please.


It really irks me that people in this house keep having all of these talks and then go right back and spread THEIR INTERPRETATION of what was said…and the morons believe it all !!! Cliff didn’t swear on his family that he’d put up Bella. He did say that he doesn’t trust her and he wants her gone. I want her gone, too. She is toxic to everyone in the house and I can’t stand her.
I hope Cliff disregards everything that he has heard and he does what will most benefit HIS game!

Franks fumes

And that would be to send Walmart Aquaman packing….this isn’t rocket science.


if christie keeps her power she needs to go before jack.


Sixshgooters (christie/Tommy) say they “swear” on something that is a flat out lie. probably on a daily basis.


CNN christie news network . where anything said is now open for interpretation and added comments that were never said , taken as fact !




CNN christie news network . where anything said is now open for interpretation and added comments that were never said , taken as fact ! CLIFF PUT HER BEHIND UP IF SHE DOESNT USE HER POWER ! then say , sorry Christie i just took off the safety , new Sherriff old school rules

King Silva

I swear to God if Cliff allows them to hijack his HOH without making the fake AF Christy use her power on Jackson’s Veto I will have lost all hope for this season….

Here is hoping he comes to his senses and Christy doesn’t use her power and is instead the replacement nominee (or Sis/Tommy)..

I don’t think he actually swore on his family but either way say some Hail Marys afterward.. God is supposed to forgive those who repent right (especially when Cliff will be doing viewers a kindness getting out Jack)?

oh wow

“I swear to God if Cliff allows them to hijack his HOH without making the fake AF Christy use her power on Jackson’s Veto I will have lost all hope for this season….”

But after production’s blunders causing Nick’s HoH week to mean nothing, the blindside to mean nothing, and camp comeback (I mean camp no comeback) to mean nothing, you will only lose hope in the season after the zombie’s HoH week gets Bella out!?!

Bella needs to leave this week and Cliff next week to get this game back on track!

Allies Mom

The six are awful and think they are so strategic. The fact that they all ran their mouth and talked openly about the six and then act like Nicole and kat should be so grateful to vote with them that the six isn’t even going to try to bring them in. I can’t wait for the arrogance of the six to come back and bite them. Hopefully one will go this week.

Feeds Gold

do it cliff

backdoor the sh!t outta christie

i wanna see her cage rattled and see her meltdown x 1000 compared to her “im going up im gettin backdoored” before nicks veto ceremony

lets see how she handles herself when on defense

do eeeeeeet


This is my hope. Cliff is playing Christie. Cliff wants one of the Jackholes gone or at least one of the 6. If Bella is on the block Thursday he and Nicole are toast. The way I read the Cliff and Christie conversation was him reassuring her she didn’t need to waste her power this week because Christie would get what she wanted because everyone wants Bella gone, him included.

I think it was all a load a crap designed to get Christie to not use her power and have 2 of the 6 on the block Thursday so Nick, Bella, Nicole, Sam and hopefully Jess would be able to eliminate Jack. If she doesn’t use her power it would be an amazing move by Cliff and frankly one of the best moves in Big Brother in the last few seasons.

Feeds Gold

but only possible due to a player playing with such needless risk, handing control over to hang onto a power many fear and want to eliminate, and if it went against her would be one of the worst moves/gambles in big brother history

christie is trusting cliff because…

absolutely no reason…let the universe decide


The “Universe “ is her accurate decision maker as long as the “Universe “ is in her favor:-)

Feeds Gold

should cliff keep his word or christie uses her power and bella goes, i want to see these 4 trios rather than 2 sides…

cliff/nicole/jess(fellowship of the zing + jess)
nick/sam/sis(boohoo + nick)

another name

Don’t know if it makes a difference but:
Nick and Cliff came up with the idea of stringing Christie along and lying to her so that she wouldn’t use her power. this afternoon.
Whether or not Cliff actually lied to her, who knows. he hasn’t talked to anyone or to the camera yet.


What time was that? I would like to go back and watch it


Same…because if that’s true…he’s obviously lyin to Christy to get her not to use the power so he can put one of them up

another name

He could be stringing her a line, or he could be trying to buy more time while the alliance further implodes.
He could be stringing Nick.
He could be stringing Christie.
He could be stringing both to an extent.


Good point!

another name

morning. between 1045 and 11am somewhere pacific time. cam 3 and or cam 4 i think.
Nick says ‘Lie to ’em gas ’em up’ and i think something about ‘get her not to use it’
Cliff responds ‘I can do that’ something about ‘if she doesn’t use it put up Holly or maybe even Tommy.’
Best my memory can do with the wording.
i think you’re in pacific aren’t you? tried to adjust time accordingly. It was in the afternoon here. lol.


Christie and Jack final 2 name should be called insufferable.


or just sh1ttytwo

Franks fumes

How bout just number 2……

Roll Tide

Simon wins! Great name for the meanies.

Feeds Gold

an interesting development, christie hates jackson and thinks she can steal kat away from him lol (production pet christie doesnt realise jackson has not one but two pre game connections…kat being one of them, plus kat has had sex with jackson)…christie really didnt want to let jackson have a big tv moment by pitching a plan to be a pawn, winning veto then backdooring bella…watch how fake christie is being with kat

sis and tommy in the ‘nick fan club’ alliance…one of the reasons i want to see bella gone is it will open up the game board alot more with nick and sam free agents

Franks fumes

Did you have to mention they had sex….I’m trying to wipe that out of my psyche…..


Just think of Zakiyah in the storage room from a few seasons back…that should clear out the sex…


They didn’t kiss so it didn’t mean anything. The world according to Jackson..Lol

Feeds Gold

2 montages i wanna see…

jackson eating around the clock (ive never seen a house guest eat so much)

sis getting complimented and replying “thank you so much” (ive never seen a house guest complimented so much)


Also, Nick picking Bella’s nose. I’ve never seen someone pick their partners nose…ever. But Nick does it ALL THE TIME! Wtf???

Feeds Gold

sis has a fantastic laugh

Feeds Gold

i wonder if cliff realises that nomming sis does him no good as jack would stay(perhaps holly is a safer renom for jack to go)

i think jack could survive versus christie…with jacksons girls key + bella would want christie out

go big or go home cliff…put christie or tommy up

or swim with the tide and do the house consensus to take out bella


As long as 2 of the six are on the block, Nicole, Sam, Bella, Nick, and Jess decide who goes. I think Jack walks out the door in that scenario. If Christie were on the block…


I took that to mean (and I could be wrong) that he wanted to:

1) make Christie feel safe to use DPOV (so he can put her on the block & get her evicted with the DPOV unplayed)
2) find out her pecking order (i.e. who is more valuable to her – Holly or Sis)

I believe he has zero intention of honoring anything he said prior & agree Jack would likely stay over her. Besides he doesn’t owe her anything, after all, she put him on the block and was the reason the 6S switched off voting out Nicole.

Plus as HOH he’s learned she (and the Jacks) are calling all the shots. More importantly he’s learned she is safe with everyone in the house (6S, F5 with Tommy/Sam/Bella/Nick, fake F8, fake F9, F3 with Tommy/Jack & all the girls spoke of trusting her). That in itself tells him how much influence she has. If this comes to pass he also has a ton of intel she’s shared this week (without necessity I might add) to bury her with like all her deals or that Jackson was the hinky vote.

Should he get to make the renom if his preference is splitting the Jacks I think he puts up Tommy but his smartest move is putting her up & sending her/unused DPOV out of the house. The 6S can scream all they want & Cliff can respond let me get this straight only you six are allowed to lie without consequence & the rest of us are supposed to accept it, be happy with giving you a courtesy vote to move you to the end? Hey it’s Big Brother – welcome to the game!


Would be EPIC! It would definitely go down as a incredible BB move.
Cliff – I love you Christie it’s nothing personal please take a seat.” the Universe has spoken.


My vote would be to nom Christy while saying: Everybody likes you, you are my pawn. She would be flattered and he would get paybacks and fireworks until Thursday and one of the 6 goes…
Go Cliff!


Christie is being so delusional right now. I didn’t see him swear I his family or put up Bella.


It may be a delusion or a way to avoid taking as much heat for abandoning the alliance. This way she keeps her power and a threat from her own alliance goes out the door. She will then claim Cliff lied! She was tricked by the devil! He’s probably really a jedi who trained under Donny.

I’d love for her to not use it and end up sitting next to Jack.


oh, christie, please don’t use your power, allow cliff to put you up and get voted out. also, please cliff see this is your best play.


Christie not wanting to talk game, after the conversation with Cliff, yet She retold the story at least 3 times for the audience


The good news is after Bella goes all the shitshooter powers are gone. outsiders if there’s any left only need to win HOH to get one out. LOL

Joe Kerr

I love (sorry for the word guys) how all this talk fires up people who can’t win sh*t.

“I’m gonna play hard for this HOH and put up so and so!”

Shut up. You’re dropping out first and cheering from the sidelines while those who carry you win.



I LOVE (haha) that too. Hearing everyone talk like that…I’m so putting them up…or doesn’t she know what Nick put her up next week…as if it’s a foregone conclusion that he will win.


CLIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!! MY FELLOW AGGIE BROTHER!!!! Man… I hope TTOTambz is right… because if Cliff puts up Bella (regardless of how much she deserves to be up there) that is it… Game over. Please Cliff, don’t FOUTTE this up….

If Cliff can manage to keep NIck, Bella, Jess, Nicole, Sam and Kat together, he gets AFP… (given the fact that Bella is public enemy #1)

If Jack stays, it will be very hard for the rest and 6crappers are going to run the house.

Also, why do you think SIS goes if Jack is on the block? Nick, Bella, Jess, Nicole and Sam would surely vote out Jack over sis. SHe is a non-entity in the game at the moment.

She Wood

Hey guys, I am a little embarrassed but I’ve never understood it when you make the Kraken reference? Can you help me out? I feel like I get it, but then… maybe I am misinterpreting. It’s been years! Hahaha. Thanks!


kraken means a lot of things .. it’s one of those words that could mean bad or good.

Kraken is a spiced rum that fueled much of the spoilers from ghessh .. BB15 until bb20? including some major Kraken BBcan seasons. it’s generally a bad thing.

If I call this week Kraken it could mean Cliff joins the six-shooters as the silver bullet and puts up Bella only to be evicted the next week..
Another Kraken would be Tommy and Christie are put on the block and production pops out a pandora’s box giving Christie a DPOV or something Kraken like that.
Final 4 and production drops jack back into the game .. that could happen that would be Kraken.

She Wood

Thank you so much! I’ve been needing this definition for a long time 🙂


Ohh man I’m so sorry I have been so cryptic I can get carried away with the inside jokes. 🙂


And lastly….it is a fragrance of deoderant and body spray by Old Spice :p


Basically it’s when the entertainment value of the shenanigans plummet either because the people are boring, production takes control, or everything becomes predictable.

She Wood

Gotcha! Thanks!

another name

While Crusty has yet another brain cramp, and the house suffers through the fourth week of her pretty mental shenanigans, I’m thinking by the time she gets to her 6th retell she’ll have Cliff positively begging her to save his game, while he was eating brussels sprouts and praying to aliens.
Her discussion with Kat where she is saying she has a feeling (magic bladder does prophesy now) that Jackson has been doing a lot of crazy stuff and saying horrible things, I’m wondering if the poster child for mood stablizers knows the difference between her ouija board bladder’s feelings and memory. She was sitting in the room when he was saying those horrible things. She was joining in. It’s not a feeling if you were there, Nostradumbass.


All I can say after the Christie/Cliff conversation is BB finally IS being played. The VETO ceremony should be good!

Ovi's tongue

Yes. The key phrase is in Cliff’s last paragraph, “IF we agree to it” then he’ll swear on it but I didn’t hear him commit to anything yet.

another name

he is seriously considering putting up bella to buy himself a couple weeks.
at least that is what he was just saying with Nicole.
So, while he may have agreed to string Crusty along when Nick suggested it, he may actually do it.

Feeds Gold

cliff just said to nicole if christie doesnt use her power and he decides against backdooring bella then he would let christie pick the renom out of holly/sis

christie isnt the biggest fan of holly/jackson and is closer to sis, so it looks like the renom will either be bella or holly(i think bella is evicted against jack and jack is evicted against holly unless jackson wants to keep jack instead of holly and convinces kat/jess to also keep jack)…cliff has to consider that jack for sure stays v sis so that wouldnt be the smartest renom if he really wants jack gone

dissapointing hes not gonna backdoor christie


Jackson winning the veto is only bad for Cliff because of Christie’s power. Why would Cliff put up Bella and let Christie save her power? He should at least call her bluff and make her use it. That way his hoh wouldn’t be a total loss. He would have made them use both powers.


If cliff turns it so that he tricks her into not using her power and then votes jack out… mad respect. Then his side will have numbers to go after Christie and tommy hopefully. Sis and holly are non threats. Jack and Christine and tommy are the biggest threats.but if Bella goes this week and jack stays it’s game over for cliff and his side.