“I’ve never seen a veto where people are fighting during the veto” -Amanda

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

7:40pm Backyard random chit chat most of the house guests are sittign around laughing at the “Cone of Shame”, Clownie costume and Amanda turning orange.
Amanda says it not real tanning solution it’s food colour and water.
Amanda says she postponing the wedding again because she’s going to be orange after all the spray tanning.
JUDD: “You are getting tanned for your wedding”

Helen says the DR told her the BBQ is either Saturday night or Sunday. Helen thinks it’s going to be Sunday


7:56pm Storage room Candice’s large Clown costume is in the storage room. McCrae is putting it on. Andy give the nose a try. Feeds cut to fish (I think McCrae was told not to put it on)


8:05pm HOH Andy, GM, Amanda and McCrae
GM is saying that Jessie is walking around like she has a power.

MC mentions how Jessie is acting like she won the BBQ contest last night. Amanda laughs say McCrae won it and gave it to her he should take it back. GM agrees tell Jessie you want the BBQ pass back.
Spencer joins them.

Random Jessie/Candice bashing.
Amanda mentions what she said to Candice during their POV fight today something along the lines as Candice opens her big mouth because you want Howard to stick his c**k in it but Howard really wants to stick it in Amanda’s mouth.

8:18pm Hot Tub Helen, Jessie and Aaryn
Jessie says that Jillian from Big Brother Canada is a lot like Amanda
Helen: ‘No I don’t’ think they were”
Jessie thinks going by meeting her she thinks their personalities are similar. Helen tells them both to go on youtube and watch Big brother Canada it was really good.

CBS Interactive Inc.



8:30pm Cockpit Amanda and McCrae

MC is saying when someone goes up two times and does not go home people tend to give up.
Amanda thinks as long as everyone stays loyal the next couple of weeks are going to be easy because whoever is against them will put up the floaters first.
Amanda: “There are too many people still in the house”
Amanda says she cannot count on JUDD she only counts on McCrae, Andy and Aaryn.
MC: “Thats not enough right now”
Amanda: “But Andy has Helen.. I don’t want to go in that tanning booth again”
Amanda asks him if he’s sacred.
MC: “not really .. I was scared last week”
MC: “we cannot become complacent that is why I made a deal with Jessie.. I’m not putting her up. (I assume the deal is they will not put each other up if they win HOH)
Amanda figures if it’s double eviction they are all on the same plan. She goes through some scenarios, sounds like Spencer or Jessie are the targets.
Amanda says that Jessie is the one starting all the sh!t, “I’m so sick of talking about her”
MC: “I know it’s better to get rid of her”
MC is going to talk to Jessie tomorrow and make sure they are clear on the deal.

GM comes in for minute to chat it up. After she leaves.
Amanda says she likes GM now and knows GM is starting to trust them.
MC: ‘I don’t want to put her up ever.. she is loyal”
MC says Spencer pointed out that once one of Elissa or Helen go home the other one will pick up the other houseguests and come after them. This is why he thinks Helen has to go first because no one will follow Elissa

A: “That is why Jessie and Candice have to go.. who else can they pick up.. not Aaryn and Ginamarie”
MC: “One of us will be up on the block with JUDD”
A: “We have Aaryn and Andy”
MC: ‘Aaryn might go with JUDD.. I still think there is something going on between Spencer, JUDD and Aaryn”
A: “I think we won’t even have to take out Helen someone else will”
MC agrees tells her to lay low and let some other people get the blood on their hands.

Andy joins them (Drink) Says he was talking to Candice. She feels ostracized . Andy is going to vote her out but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be mean to her.

MC leaves. Amanda says that Helen scares her sometimes. Andy isn’t worried about Helen she tells him everything. Right now Helen wants to go final 2 with Andy. Andy: “She says she wants to split up you and McCrae final 6″

MC joins them. Andy fills him in on what Helen has been saying about splitting up Amanda and McCrae. They decide to make the strike on Helen before she strikes them but there are plenty of targets before they get to that.
Andy: ‘If Jessie doesn’t win HOH next week I want her gone over Spencer”
MC and Amanda agree. They figure Spencer will put up Elissa and Helen.


8:43pm Bedroom JUDD and Elissa
JUDD: “You don’t think I’m MVP do you”
Elissa: “No.. I think it’s America voting or something like that.. It really doesn’t matter”
JUDD: “MVP doesn’t matter anymore all the people that were blindsided have been blindsided alread.. you know”
Elissa asks him who he would put up next week, She wants to know if it’s Aaryn, Jessie ot Spencer
JUDD it depends on what goes one between now and then


9:20pm Spencer and JUDD backyard couch
JUDD is worried he’s going up. Spencer tells him not to worry one bit he’s certain he’ll be the replacement nominee on Monday. Spencer is worried about going home. JUDD thinks if Spencer goes up he’ll be fine, it’s clear who the target is.
They hope they get alcohol tonight so they can have the bachelor party. Judd: ‘What are we going to do”
Spencer: “Drink and Bullsh!t”
Andy joins them (Drink)
Andy plans on drinking a bottle of wine tonight.


9:25pm Amanda and McCrae Cockpit

They are giving each other foot massages. Andy joins them (Drink)
MC asks him whats the word. Andy: “Helen is in the back yard talking about her childhood nobody cares” Amanda asks about Candice if she’s sad. Andy thinks she’s doing alright he caught her crying a couple times. Andy says that deep down Candice doesn’t think Amanda is lying about what Howard told her. Andy says Candice is a bit upset because she feels she cannot go to the HOH room.

Amanda: “It’s her own damn fault.. she never dropped it.. that racism stuff she never could drop it” Amanda adds that in this house you have to drop sh!t, After Elissa called her a stripper she dropped it after a day. They wonder if Candice will just roll over this week.

Andy doesn’t think there will be a lot of strategizing and scheming. Andy: “it’s going to get tough these next couple weeks” Amanda list off all the people they need to

Andy: “JUDD scares me because he’s playing a similar game to me”
Amanda points out JUDD has all these tiny schemes that he keeps to himself whereas they tell each other everything. Amanda: “whats Spencer’s deal”
Andy: “Spencer is grabbing at straws.. I don’t want him in a position of power again because he’ll start scheming”
MC: “Theres nothign much to do this week instead of lying low and making sure we got the numbers”
JUDD comes in “Why aren’t you tanning.. ”
Spencer joins them

Amanda: “I’ve never seen a veto where people are fighting during the veto”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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James and Janelle all stars with the doll

Oliver Kloashoff

Helen and Elissa talk about their religion but want to drink a bottle of wine every night…
Must be Catholic


LOLLLL Good one. That really could be said of a few religions. :)


GM is saying that Jessie is walking around like she has a power

hey guess what you dumb ass gina…jess is walking around with a power…its called the power of veto…and it means jess has the power to take herself off the block

BBfan from Florida

Someone please post to youtube, the live feed section where Amanda told McRae that Howard really didn’t say that. Howard needs that put out to the public to help save his name.

Chilltown Fan

Unfortunately Howard was undone by the Moving Company Alliance. I wish it was just Spencer and him as an alliance fro the start, he would probably still be there, along with Nick.


I would love to see it as well. I never believed for a second he would say something like that. I want it out there so she can be see as the crazy delusional “b” she is.


Do you not believe Howard would say that to Amanda?
Or that Howard would never say that phrase?


Howard told aMAMduh that she is hot and would like to spend time with her outside the bb house.
I don’t understand why he would say something like that, I’m beginning to think that Howards bible thumping personna
Was all an act. Anyone have any thoughts, did any of you ever tell someone they are hot and what we’re your intentions when you said it. I don’t understand why you would say something like that as a joke, just trying to understand these crazy people.

Live Feeder Fan!

For those that think Amanda made up what Howard said to her…
BB15 8/1 5:02am F2 Howard to Candice, about him (and his boys?) “we gonna find a chick, we gonna f@ck the chit out of her” & laughs

I too had my doubts about what Howard actually said to Amanda, only because I found it so outrageous & out of context. But after seeing that conversation between him & Candice – where he says almost the exact same line – I don’t see how he could not have said it to Amanda! It’s way too much of a coincidence for it to not be true. In addition – while Amanda is many things – she is not a liar like Helen & Howard. Both of them have lied repeatedly & we as viewers have witnessed it.
& the fact that he told Candice this story – less than 48 hours before Amanda told him what he said to her & she still doubts it & continues to defends him, makes her either stupid, or lying on his behalf. Especially considering the fact that she was so outraged & appalled by his little story. I know that when I hear something that I find appalling, I have trouble forgetting it weeks or even months or years later. This was no more than 48 hours later!

Then around 18 hours after he said that to Candice, he said the same thing to Spencer about Jesse. 3 strikes I see a pattern of behavior….

A great webisode about the ins and outs of production and interesting outtakes from the live feeds, it airs every Saturday afternoon is Mevio/The Big Brother Gossip Show. This week they delved deep into the Howard issue and the Amanda fight(s) with Jesse, Candice and Helen…

Alright… I’m ready to get blasted by some “anon” but I watched the interraction and can only “assume” what was said like any of us that are NOT in production. I believe that she believes that is what she heard… she immediately told Andy and Judd (not like she was planning that opportunity). She also didn’t use it to rile up Candy until she was provoked.

Here is where I will get blasted – How many people (including crazy cat ladies) went OOOH & AHHH when Howard dropped his towel? Hmmmn? Second off… if a man you have said was hot came up to you and said seductively “I wanna f….. out of you” you wouldn’t get a little tingle? Anyone seen Wild Orchid or 9 1/2 weeks? PULEASE! I do NOT think he said it in a threatening way… but whatever he said might have been throwing it out there. Man may hold a Bible, but I bet you he puts it down and listens to his loins… he is a player (not that that is a bad thing).


He didn’t.. Amanda admitted to Mc it was a lie.. I read it on here a couple of days ago…

she should be ashamed she continues to say it, it’s a lie not worth spreading. How does this help her game? It doesn’t. She is mean spirited.

I will be so disappointed if she makes it to final 2

I do not have any fave to win it, but I know I’d hate to see her win

Chilltown Fan

Ahh yes, sexy GM giving us major ass shots in the HOH tub. She may be a racist bitch, but she is so sexy.


Noone believes he said that anyway…


So she admitted to McCrae that she lied?! Crazy witch you don’t make up things like that! That makes Howard seem like a violent person.


We all knew she lied,only a matter of time until her “blurred lines” came to surface! Getting shit-faced playing the andy game all day unwittingly! Knew there was a reason I was drinking irresponsibly…f-ing lurker!


I don’t get how telling someone you want to fuk them is threatening. I told 5 people yesterday that I wanted to fuck them and not one person said they felt threatened. In fact all 5 responses were, OK, let’s go. Let’s do it up BABY! Name the time and place. I’m ready right now. Hells yeah! Of course they were pissed when I said I was just kidding and it was an experiment to see if anyone felt threatened. They all asked why would that be a threat? Still don’t get how it is threatening. Now if he said I am going to choke the chit out of you when we get out if here or I am going to stab the chit out of you or I am going to kick the chit out of you. I could see that as being threatening but telling someone you want to fuk them is not threatening.


amanda is a vile pig, but for whatever reason the other vile house-guest love her


Simon, is this verified? Did Amanda really admit that?


Seriously,how did you ever believe it was true? Libelous and slanderous come to mind…hope he retains legal council.

Live Feeder Fan!

For those that think Amanda made up what Howard said to her…
BB15 8/1 5:02am F2 Howard to Candice, about him (and his boys?) “we gonna find a chick, we gonna f@ck the chit out of her” & laughs

I too had my doubts about what Howard actually said to Amanda, only because I found it so outrageous & out of context. But after seeing that conversation between him & Candice – where he says almost the exact same line – I don’t see how he could not have said it to Amanda! It’s way too much of a coincidence for it to not be true. In addition – while Amanda is many things – she is not a liar like Helen & Howard. Both of them have lied repeatedly & we as viewers have witnessed it.
& the fact that he told Candice this story – less than 48 hours before Amanda told him what he said to her & she still doubts it & continues to defends him, makes her either stupid, or lying on his behalf. Especially considering the fact that she was so outraged & appalled by his little story. I know that when I hear something that I find appalling, I have trouble forgetting it weeks or even months or years later. This was no more than 48 hours later!

Then around 18 hours after he said that to Candice, he said the same thing to Spencer about Jesse. 3 strikes I see a pattern of behavior….


That’s funny, since he said the same phrase while talking to Candice. Aug. 1, 5:02 AM, Cam 1-2. It doesn’t mean he isn’t a nice man, anymore than Amanda is the devil. Get a grip sheeple!


I think the ones who believe it are the ones who want to or think it’s all part of the Amanda game play they admire. His explanation was enough for me considering the source. But yeah, proof does solidify it.

Howard said....

Here’s an excerpt from interview Howard did, he did whisper in Amanda’s ear….

There was some controversy on the live feeds this week over a comment you whispered to Amanda in the kitchen. She got pretty riled up about it, talking about feeling threatened and having production check the tapes. Can you tell us what happened? What did you say to her?

“I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I’m just carefree in the game. … I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it. That’s a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they’re really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn’t control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy … I mean, that’s basically what it was. I wouldn’t harass anybody.”


His statement could be true! And then again, what man is going to admit he said something like that in an interview. He could also be just saving face. Only two people really know, as the feeds couldn’t pick it up. He did make a similar statement earlier in the game. So I guess it’s up to who to believe. From my point of view he was always about to pop, and had to really control himself.


He said it. Get over it. She didn’t admit anything.Just because you want to believe he didn’t do it doesn’t mean he didn’t. Howard is just as messed up as the rest of these idiots.


I so agree. Howard also needs to send it to an attorney, because that was malicious slander and defamation of character. Demanda is VILE!


Spencer: Amanda has been so high strung this week.

Andy walks in

Judd: People are so defensive, especially women, ya know. I offered Amanda a tic-tac. Ya know what she says to me “Oh do I need one? Is it my breath? Do you think I need one?” I’m like, I’m just trying to be nice. If I was going to give you something you needed I would give you mustache wax and a t-shirt that says ‘One C*ck at a Time.

Spencer: I’d have sex with her

Judd: Spencer, You have the intellectual capacity of a dirty potato. Just remember sex is not that important; it’s the afterward part when you’re naked and it’s warm. Watching the sun come up through the windshield you look in her good eye and you help strap on her leg and you know

Andy: We all think so much alike. I can’t wait until its just the three of us left.

Andy leaves

Andy walks in on Helen and Elissa

Andy: Judd has to go. Wait until I tell you what he just said about Amanda

Dan's Mist

I never tire of your Juddictions.


Stop using actual comedian’s jokes!


It’s funny, for all the hate, and people being pissed off, ranting and so on, about how these players are playing this game and how PRODECTABLE these BB quest are, it seems that these post have gone crazy. Seems like there may be more people posting here than last year. If so, I’m so happy for Simon and Dawg. But only Simon and Dawg really know what those numbers are. Thanks you both again for hosting this site. Bottom line, it seems that years cast is getting plenty of publicity, even if it is mostly bad.


It’s the “watching a train wreck” phenomena — hard not to look to see what they’ll do next. Not to mention, I practically fall asleep watching the actual aired shows — have to come here for the real scoop.


LOL yeah it is.

The Wu

I think I get what you are saying…I came here for years…but now the posts are just the same old complaining. It used to be funny snarky comments..now it’s just a bunch of whiny baby crying. I don’t even bother reading past the first few comments anymore. I’m so over the Amanda bashing..we get it..you don’t like Amanda..find a new way of expressing that please!!!


So true!


I think Judd is hilarious they need to put more of him in the show. And Andy WTF why do you want Judd out so bad.


I’m getting drunk from drinking everytime Andy walks into
A convo


I’m older and when I was in high school the ‘Bob Newhart Show’ was popular. We played a drinking game called “Hi Bob.” Every time someone said “Hi Bob” on the show we would drink. Believe me, we were so drunk by the end of the night we couldn’t see straight. Ahh, those were the days.


Cheers,me too! Drinking paralyzers all day in honor of something…must be Andy, but I think not!


Check this out. Amanda doesn’t seem so creeped out. But… you be the judge.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Saying “Thank You” after getting a sexual harassment type of comment? If he actually said that to her, being the “crass” person that she is, she would’ve freaked out and confronted him in front of the whole house.

” delta231 says:
August 3, 2013 at 10:17 pm

The point where Amanda admits that Howard didn’t say those things to her is August 2nd at 11:11 am”

Chilltown Fan

What an a$$! Would love to be up in her business.


Doggy style with the cone on her head.. Bark for me GM Cmon Bark

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Doggystyle while listening to Atomic Dog…

Bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yeah Bow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yeah


Judd: Spencer your problem is that you don’t realize there is such a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so that they can’t get away.


Sorry boys,not doing it for me! Add a dog collar,whip in my hand,and maybe this scene will work…no,she just looks like she has fleas!


I only have a few hopes left for this horrible season:

1) I want Judd to win HOH next week (Candice, Jessie, Spencer will all be gone) and Amanda and McCrea, feeling panicked, go to him and rat Andy out, including a few choice lies, and he goes home instead of them. Anybody who seems to play the game for others (why on earth would you not attempt to protect Spencer, who now is only loyal to you?) deserves to get screwed by those people.

2) Then I want Amanda to win HOH and put up Helen and Elissa, with Helen going home. I want to watch Helen as she sees the only people either loyal or would have been loyal to her, other than Elissa, she sent home and I want to see Helen and Elissa suck up to Aaryn for votes, then watch them torment themselves over having saved her and forgiven all her nastiness. And I want to see Helen try her “superfriend” routine, while bashing Elissa, and when it doesn’t work to absolutely lose her s**t.


Helen has no hopes in winning this year, unless she or Elissa won the next two HOH after the double eviction week and strike against Mcmanda. Amanda is in total control of the house and can lobby to anyone to put Helissa on the block together, after that it’s an assurance that Helen’s gonna be voted out. Aside from that they do not have any other alliance apart from the knockouts who obviously thinks they are chopped liver. I’m not rooting for Helen as the winner but I do not want her to last longer than Amanda.

As for now the person I could see winning is Andy, no one seems to target him and everybody likes him. It is best for his game to not win anything because once he win something it will definitely show his allegiance and would reveal his “non-floater” status.


Don’t know how many seasons you’ve watched but you cannot win w/o major power moves,winning comps,doing something!!!!!Andy needs to play!

Chilltown Fan

I do like the aspect that Spencer is an ED, Evil Dick fan.


His trying LOL, but there is only one evil dick. LOL!!! Would love to see him in here, he would spit and chew this cast up. That I would love to watch.


But he doesn’t like Peter Dinklage, who is one of the best actors of our time! Like the moderator said, he should be evicted just for that!



Roisin Dubh

Helen keeps showing how stupid she is by talking game to Andy. Candice is taking the clown suit pretty well and Amanda can’t handle the spray tan thing. If you guys want to hear a really good interview, go youtube Rob Cesternino’s podcast with the person who is the greatest floater of all time and gives the true definition of a floater, not the Rachel Riley definition for people that wear helmets at the dinner table, Jun.

la la la

I really hope candice stays! I like her! fuc** spencer needs to go home!


DUMB Candice,Spencer was on her side! So disappointed w/ this gameplay…can we say incommunicado!?


Helen, you’re insufferable, but please realize this is your time to get out Amanda. MVP will probably be dropped after this week and she’ll never be put up again.


It will never happen unless she gets some help from production. Elissa has brought up voting out Amanda and she has shot her down!! The worst part, they are pretty sure America is putting Amanda up and she still doesn’t want to vote her out. Amanda and Mc are sure she won’t go up again, Hopefully America will prove them wrong. They say the 3rd time is a charm,


The point where Amanda admits that Howard didn’t say those things to her is August 2nd at 11:11 am


Can you double check that date and time?
All I show for that is GM & Aaryn in HOH BR, and Helen in BY.


Do you mean this conversation? I think this is the one everybody keeps referencing-

Aug 2- 5:20 AM

Amanda – when you do things to me I don’t say anything to you. The Howard thing was f- up, the Spencer thing was f- up the MVP thing was stupid. Howards comment to me. Yeah, it’s all game. I don’t feel good about it, I am not a mean person and don’t like feeling threatened by her f-ing comments from a personal standpoints.McCrae you should forget all personal, there is no personal here. Amanda – it makes me see red and I want to rip her f-ing face off, maybe it will make people aware to not scheme. I am DONE with this conversation!!! I don’t feel good about it. McCrae do you really want me to say you did a good job out there. Amanda I am not suppose to be upset about that? He says pick your battles and pick the right time to strike. Amanda tells him she she started it, she is getting the best of us and you turned it into an argument between us. I don’t want to f-ing talk about this.

People seem to be using this one as her admission of lying. I still don’t see it, personally.


If you really want to be clear about it, go back to 5:14 am.

She is yelling at MC for not doing shit about what Howard said.
She says “He says he wants to *F* the *S* out of me and you go have small talk game to him afterwards…all to protect your game…It’s all about game.”


Nor Really! the point where Howard used that exact phrase while talking to Candice Aug. 1, 5:02 AM, Cam 1-2


Yes he did, the exact phrase.
I tried telling peeps that a day or so ago, was told I am a CBS shill, lol.

I also heard something tonight about a conversation between Candace and Howard (same night, around 3 am)
where he is prodding her to know if Amanda has “said anything to Candace tonight”.
He planted a seed, he wanted a blow up.
Not a crime, not slander, but no one is willing to credit him with it.


Just occured to me how surreal it must seem to a non-BB watcher to flip on
TVGN and see a dingbat blonde in a dog cone trying to put on headphones and
get comfy on a bed…..they must be like WTF!?

PS- That is how I got hooked on BB, flipped on Showtime and Enzo was alone eating a taco.
I was thinking what idiot sits and watches shit like this?
I watched from that moment on.

Roisin Dubh

And then 20 minutes later they show him be@ting off like a monkey in the bush that stares at the sun.


…you try to get out, and they pull you back in!…I was hooked from season 1…nosey bitch that I am,like spying on a neighbor who’s having loud raunchy sex!


I have thought about this for a while now and it makes more sense as each week comes and goes. There are certain house guests that have taken a form of Nazi antisemitic propaganda approach to playing the game. Starting with Amanda she has vilified Howard repeatedly and made him out to be a false christian, liar and even sexual harasser. All just to get him voted out. She made Candace seem as if she had some kind of hair infestation when she wore the headband. She cursed, degraded and bullied Jessie to her face and behind her back and wished she could rip her face off to say the least, all because Jessie plotted against her. Aaryn has used racial humor as a way demonize people like Candace. Making her the black M&M and blaming her for losing her ability to properly say the word “Ask”. Then she blames Candace for calling her a racist as the reason she appears without morals. This is just how I feel, I have watched BB since the beginning and this is the probably the most hateful cast I have ever witnessed.


Aaryn did not use the black M&M as Candice because of how it may be perceived. Aaryn switched it out for a nut. :)


Of all the people in the Super friends alliance, Helen I think is making the biggest mistake not making a move now. She is allowing a potential jury vote and ally be voted out and delaying a gifted opportunity of taking out Amanda. All she needs to do is confide in Judd and confirm his suspicion that Amanda wants him out since she beileves he is the MVP and he is gunning for her. Also that Amanda wanted Judd to be back doored.

She could easily vote out Amanda with Jessie, Judd, Elisa and herself. Then make an alliance adding Spencer and Candice to take out Mc, Aaryn and GM.

This would solidify a group that would have numbers.

Andy is playing all sides and will likely switch on whichever side takes control. In the meantime he is setting the groundwork to take out everyone else including Judd and Jessie. Andy may be the most likely person at this point to keeping on flying under the radar even once people get picked off.


Andy has to go!


I concur, but Andy’s not going anywhere for a while.


I don’t get, before I read you comment I was wrote something thinking the same thing. I was thinking maybe I am missing something in her Big Brother genius strategy. But to me it’s like she’s scared to make a move on her. After watching Helen I don’t respect most of her game play. She one of the reason’s I can’t stand the cast dynamics because I think she’s indirectly part of the negative effects in there with some subtle and not so subtle co-signing. She’s has strange type of elitist tendencies. I tend to think she has Amanda on some sort of pedestal. I hope it bites her in the ass if she doesn’t take advantage and try to get her out.

Roisin Dubh

Something’s definitely off about her. I think I know what it is, but if I say it, I’ll face some serious backlash.


Amanda is truly psychotic and will burn her own bridges soon enough. She has serious sex issues and probably wishes Howard wanted her!!I really cant stand another episode of her in it.


Howard DID want her. He had a crush on her.


This is only my second season of BB. It’s like watching a train wreck. You want to avert your eyes, but you’re compelled to watch. These people are disgusting. I have no respect for Julie Chen. Here’s my impression of Ms. Chen. “I’m disgusted, I’m outraged, now please give me my enormous paycheck and continue spewing your hate.” What a hypocrite! A true ‘social experiment’ would have a mix of the population (i.e. at least one Hispanic, and an individual over 40). CBS knew what they were doing when they stocked the house with spoiled brats. Next season will have really low ratings. No one will ever be this stupid again, and people will remember what they didn’t like about BB15.

To Howard, Candice and Helen. Please believe this is NOT representative of the Caucasian population. 99% of us would never do or say any of these vile things. CBS should be ashamed of themselves.


you are mistaken. the ratings are strong, improving weekly. as far as cbs is concerned things are going swimmingly. many people (who don’t spend all day on spoiler blogs) are enjoying the season, apparently.


I don’t know how the studio audience is prompted in BBUSA. It seems if there was as much discontent with the manner in which HG’s are playing there would be some reaction from the audience when HG’s vote to evict, or when evictee’s exit. Kaitlin and Howard’s evictions are a case in point. Cheering for kaitlin, not booing when people cast their votes. If the American BB viewers do not endorse what is going on in the house, one would expect the audience to reflect that. The HG’s do hear the audience.


i don’t want candy to go :(((

That's the wrong thing to do says

I think a good strategy would be for Helen, Elissa, and Jessie to vote out Amanda this week. If Helen told Judd about the plan to evict him, they can get out Amanda. They could also convince spencer and Candice to be loyal to them due to voting out Amanda, they would have the numbers on their side, and they Could go after mccrae. Still want Helen out, though.


At this point any plan to evict Amanda that Involves Helen will not work due to the Andy factor.


Exactly, Helen doesn’t see how close he is to Amanda and Mc?!
Judd is her best bet.
Jessie must know that Amanda found out about the flip through Andy.. So why would she even trust him anymore?! she needs to help Helen realize he’s playing her otherwise they will never hatch a solid plan to evict her. Andy is so far up Amanda’s ass.. the most out of her ‘followers’


This season is so juvenile, among other things. I probably really shouldn’t waste my time putting thoughts into comments. But maybe I’m missing something but I can’t completely get my head around Helen not wanting to get Amanda out since Amanda is a part of a duo. And it seems like you wouldn’t want one or both of them in the jury. Really I would think you wouldn’t want either unless you were confident they were going to vote in your favor. I understand not wanting to break too soon to make it all out war before you are clear which numbers are on your side. But it seems the longer you wait there is a risk of them not being on your side, and she may regret making a deal with Aaryn to keep her if she ends up being more loyal to Amanda and Gina Marie may go to that side as well sine they are birds of the same type of feather. Part of me thinks that Helen’s approach to Amanda isn’t so much game as it is being in some sort of awe of Amanda. She was so offended by Jeremy’s meanness but Amanda’s doesn’t seem to faze her. I’m guessing since she’s not on the receiving end she doesn’t see that as a threat. But that could change if lines are drawn.

give me a break

I’m happy that Candice is leaving…i can’t take the abuse she’s getting anymore. I know it’s lonely for her…and she has to wait till Thursday. After Elissa and Jessie leaves….i’m done with the show…it looks like one of the Racists are going to win…

give me a break

Helen is playing such a stupid game…getting rid of people in your group. All she is doing is making jury favor Amanda and Aaryn;…this house is so predictable
first get rid of the blacks, than get rid of friends of the blacks( elissa,jessie), are there any more minority or minority lovers on the show….Oh Yea..Helen is asian guys…..BYE Helen

Roisin Dubh

That’s kinda what it seems like. Helen is shooting herself in the foot, but can’t see it because she has some crazy need to be accepted by the cool kids. That HOH warped not only her mind but her entire game.


Helen thinks because she’s a Republican and a Twinkie that makes her an honorary white person…


Can we start a petition for CBS to do a quadruple eviction on Thursday so we can get Candice, Jessie, Spencer, and GM evictions over with and then MAYBE the other idiots will start playing the game they’re all promising to start playing…you know, the one Amanda and McCrea have been playing since week 1.

bBfan from Florida

My daughter has always wanted to go on BB and play but had to wait until she is 21. After this season, I would highly discourage her to go. If my child was ever treated this way on television, I would fly myself there and get them out of the house myself. Contract or no contract, there is bodily harm being threatened and vicious verbal abuse. That is not what BB is supposed to be.

I can’t imagine being a parent and watching your child have to tolerate this from others. Even if they stand up to the “bad” people, things seem to get misunderstood and twisted. At the point things are with this season, I would have picked her up a long time ago. No money is worth public humiliation. Many lawyers would be able to serve CBS with proper paperwork.


So what your saying is that you will never expose your daughter to the world and attempt to keep her locked in your house all day? Great parenting. Let us know how that works out for you later in life. Sheltering loses everytime against self experience.

BBfan from Florida

Not saying that at all. I just would not want to have her feel there was no way out. Perhaps just really making sure she felt comfortable walking out the door on her own when she does not feel safe. My role is to provide her support and guidance. Being a responsible person is also knowing when to no longer put yourself in a bad environment.


I have seen some comments about it is useless to put up Amanda again for America’s vote. I do think a lot of BB fans follow on this site. Who should be the alternative if not Amanda? Your thoughts?

Andy- the rat, definitely in eyes
Helen-the self absorbed mom/political hat- the next best nominee next week
Elissa-the country club snob
JUDD-the Einstein country bumpkin
Eva Braun
Spencer (waste of time because he will already be a nominee next week)
GM- Eva Braun’s sister
McPizza- I think too many guests like him


There will not be MVP after this week…the DE will stop that. People need to get a grip…the ones you hate are going to the end. Andy, Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn are going to be the final 4 if they stick together..Helen might slip in there somewhere..she’s smart…but they are going to take out the people they want out..they have the numbers and BB is ultimately a numbers game. Judd and Helen and even Spencer might try to stage a fight back when the realize the situation..but by then it will be too late. Might as well give up and pick a fav from the front runners…otherwise you’ll be crying for the entire season instead of just crying over the first part of the season.



How about a poll to see who everyone thinks we should nominate next week for America’s vote? I think we all can band together to see who would be the best nominee so we can shake this house up.


There’s one here, and on CBS. Problem lies that the house guess are not playing along. LOL But in their defense, they don’t see and hear everything we do, and if they did, many of them change it to aid them in their own game. Oh Well.


amanda will soon be voted out and if shes always on the block it means she cant vote and will always be stressed out


I wish cBS would show everyone’s horrible behavior and comments!


Did anyone catch a comment by andy about alzheimers in the backyard recently? It seemed like he was joking about but I want to make sure…I dont want to get upset about it if i heard wrong. If i heard right I cannot support andy any longer.


uhhh…yea can we stop with the constant trying to find a problem with every off color and not PC thing someone says…FFS…it’s BB. Lordy!! I am so over the fans this season..forget about the stupid houseguests..I am sick of the fan complaints and LOOKIING for sh*t to complain about!!


Id just like to complain that your complaining about others complaining. Sorry had to do it lol


Ohhhh…the Irony!!! :)


I would like to register a formal complaint about not being able to make a formal complaint because there is a complaint against my making a complaint. That is all…


…everybody in the house getting tipsy… me too! what are we celebrating by tne way? Not that attention whores marriage to pizza boy!????


They are playing Simon and Dawg’s “Andy walks in” – drinking game. But CBS didn’t give them enough booze to keep up.


Amanda is nothing like Jillian from bbcan! Jillian won nearly every competition and she was nice to everyone for most part. Not a bully at all. Lol@jessie


she meant they both had dominant type personalities


All the talk about what Howard supposedly said to that fat assed troll Demanda…..if he said it is he blind? She is not attractive at all with those fake titties, fat flabby ass and the face of a cancerous lech. No, I do not believe he said that when he had CandyLand who is so much more attractive. And he ha the attention of the hottest female in the house, Jessie. NOW, we know why Candice and Jessie are Demanda’s targets now….they are prettier than her and had the attention of a real man in Howard. Demanda is stuck with a spineless turd of a pizza delivery BOY. Demanda is demeted.


Stupid is as Helen does

You Suck

Candice and Howard are ugly apes.