Big Brother Spoilers the Clownie reveal “it wasn’t entertaining she F****** sucks ” -GM

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


5:30pm Helen and Elissa Cockpit

Helen I’m really mad that during that competition Candice threw their names out in public she said JUDD was MVP and people like them were targeting him.

H: “That was really bad .. She continues to ruin our game.. I had to talk to JUDD for 30 minutes to smooth things over”
E: “Ya”
H: “She doesn’t help our game she wrecks our game. “
E: ‘Ya”
Elissa says she is scared because Jessie is totally inconsistent. Helen keeps saying over and over that Candice is not on their side.

Elissa: “We really only have Andy that we know is on our side 100%”
H: ‘That is all we need.. Candice is not on our side.. She tried to turn the house on us last week.. she threw our names out there”
Helen mentions that Howard has very dangerous player he was using Candice and still she protected him. It was really hard for them to get Howard out. H: “I made Aaryn put Howard on the block.. She didn’t want to“

Andy joins them (Drink)

Both of them are working on Elissa to make sure she votes out Candice.
H: “You can just lie to her the whole week and say you are voting to keep her”
Andy says if she doesn’t vote out Candice people will be pissed.
Elissa points out that candice might be a vote for them she doesn’t feel that comfortable getting rid of someone that could vote their way in the future.
H: “She’s not for us.. I don’t know why you think she is.. she’s not for us… she’s never done anything for your game”
E: ‘you’re right”
H: ‘If you vote her out the entire house will now and you will gain their trust.”


5:37pm Living room Spencer and McCrae

Spencer says he wants to get in a position where putting him up isn’t the easy way out anymore.
MC tells him if he goes up and Elissa throws a vote at him and doesn’t tell anyone it will be “Super Beneficial” to Spencer.
Spencer points out that is more or less what he did last week voting out Candice and not Howard like the house did. MC thinks those are two different cases because Spencer told everyone he was voting to keep Howard whereas Elissa won’t tell a soul she’s going against the house.

MC thinks Elissa voting out Spencer would give everyone a reason to put her up next week.

Spencer brings up how MC was worried yesterday about Helen and Elissa coming after them once they get the numbers. Spencer wants to fortified their numbers now.

MC: ‘Aaryn seems the closest to GM.. Aaryn has no relationship with Elissa”
Jessie rolls by Spencer says he wishes she got the clownie-tard it would be something to look at the whole week.

MC says seeing Candice walk out wearing the clownie-tard is going to be funny. Spencer points at the rubber duck in the cage on the coffee table. He says Aaryn put it in there last week and AManda was freaked out kept saying “What do you think that means”
They laugh.

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:00pm HOH Helen and GM

H: ‘I just talked to Elissa she is going to vote out Candice”
GM: ‘Ohhh awesomeness”
Helen mentions how Candice threw her names out there when fighting with Amanda she said “Amanda I knew you were talking to Helen and Elissa about JUDD being MVP”
GM: “This is what I was getting at she’s a rat she rat’s out people”

Helen goes over all the reason she brought up with Elissa why they need to vote out Candice this week.


6:19pm HOH MC and Aaryn with Amanda in the shower

Talking about how humiliated Candice is going to be when she leaves in the clownie-tard. MC points out that it’s going to bug Candice a lot because the clown is Aaryn’s doll. MC jokes that she might self evict.
Aaryn: “It’s the best revenge of what she did to me”

Gm joins them.. says if she’s choking while she sleeps she is allowed to take the cone off. She’s also allowed to take it off while she changes her tops.

Andy joins them (Drink) says Candice just go called into the Diary room to probably get her clownie-tard



7:01pm Clownie!

GM watches from the HOH room. Spencer, Elissa, MC, Andy, JUDD and Aaryn are around the couch to great her as she exits the Diary room wearing the clown outfit. She tells them the costume is too big so they are going to get her smaller one. Right now she has to wear this one. The nose squeaks when to squeeze it. Right now she’s wearing the collar around her waist because the costume doesn’t fit right.

Elissa is asking for a costume from production. Andy: ‘These are supposed to be punishments”

Take a look at the image below Aaryn put her clownie on top of the hat.. bringing back Hatgate.

7:11pm HOH GM and Andy
Andy laughs at all the photos GM has set up to watch the HOH TV and the clownie costume reveal.
Andy says it’s was as much fun as he thought.
GM: “it wasn’t entertaining she fu***ing sucks ”
Andy: ‘you really hate her
GM: “I don’t like people like her.. dude I can’t stand her”


7:15pm Backyard opens up

Spencer: “Dude this is awesome like Bill and Teds excellent adventurer”
Aaryn: “It’s so cold out here it’s not going to be fun for her”
Helen: “She has to tan a little over once a hour”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Hope they show this Sunday Amanda being 20 TIMES WORSE THEN ARRYAN! PS: Starting to like Elissa again


Candice is taking it great and gotta say she looks adorable in it. Amanda is a MILLION times worse than Aaryn and at least a THOUSAND times worse than GM or anyone in the house. Has anyone told Aaryn that Candice did not sit on her hat. Good grief why does not production at least tell Aaryn that so that Candice and Aaryn can talk and iron out their differences and get AMANDA out this week. GOOD GRIEF, Gina Marie is one nasty and hateful human being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they only way candice and aryan can “iron out their differences” is for candace to wake up white and less accomplished and less attractive…until then aryan will always have a problem with her. this is not some mutual catfight..the hatred is pretty one sided…I really haven’t heard candice say ANYTHING about aaron in weeks…infact candice told howard that her targets are helen and amanda before he left. Aryan already knows candice did not sit on her that issue moot

What a surprise

Wow! Didn’t see that coming. Elissa sees the heat that Candice is taking from Aaryn and Gina about how she looks in the Clown costume. Elissa says she wants to wear a costume as well and wants to ask the DR. Wow! In spirit of solidarity with a friend, Elissa wants to share that burden or humiliation with Candice. I think outside of this BB house, Candice and Elissa would be real friends. Elissa, that shows a lot of character, something that is sorely missing in that house.


Yes, amanda is ten times worse and yet everybody is focusing on Candice.
GM is an idiot with no brain, instead of trying to get the big players out she is
Going after a week player who can’t win anything. I’ll be celebrating when ginafartypants get booted out.

Oh please with Amanda getting tanned! She obviously love to show her body, she is loving this attention she will
Be getting for big brother. Wouldn’t be surprise if she wants to be a playboy bunny next!


playboy wouldnt want to be associated with her

shes not very good looking and look out her behaviour


we got to get candace out of there i am calling everything monday this is wrong

The Veto

They better show it!!! And the fight with Jessie, too.

The Veto

It’s pretty obvious why GM hates Candice. Candice won Miss Teen USA while GM tried for seven years to win that cheezy little tin foil crown she’s got. Elissa, Jessie, JUDD (if he hears that people want him gone), HELEN (if Elissa can help her to see sense), and ANDY (if Elissa and Helen agree) can get Amanda out this week. Helen didn’t tell Amanda about her convo with Jessie, so there’s still hope.

If Candice goes home in that clown uni, I quit. The plastic veto from BBCAN can take my place. Come on Pandora’s Box, please save Candy this week!


If that idiot Helen would tell Aaryn that it was Spencer and not Candice that started the hat garbage she would get Aaryn on her side too. Geez is Helen really this stupid? She does need to work for Weiner in New York. STUPID, STUPID or Spencer you idiot feez up and tell Aaryn that it was all you and let Aaryn and Candice work together to get that hate filled Amanda out and then Helen next week if Helen is as stupid as she acts.


Do not want anyone to commit suicide but what if Howard does because of what AMANDA did and CBS, BB and others not holding that biotch Amanda accountable? CBS portrayed only one side of the comments and how do we know what other horrible things AMANDA did when the cameras where not on her and it has already been posted that CBS edited the bed incident the way they wanted it to be seen and not necessarily how it went. Also, CBS and BB production could of and should of been honest and took Aaryn in the DR and told her that Candice was not in anyway responsible for the hat incidence and made Spencer apologize to the both of them but did they nothing. So in essence I would blame CBS for anything that happens to them except for Amanda and wow that one she is all responsible for. SHE SLANDERED HOWARD and CBS CONDONED IT SO SHE IS NOT GETTING A PASS!! She is despicable!!!!!!


Howard is way too strong to try to hurt himself. That is just ridiculous. Once he has left the house, everyone heard Amanda say it was a lie and Howard has an amazing amount of fans, something the others in the house only wish to have.


This Amanda and other cast members “witch hunt” is now beyond ridiculous. Howard is a nice man, and said those exact words to Candice in a conversation. The flashback time is Aug. 1, 5:02 AM, Cam 1-2. Amanda said she was using the comment for gameplay not that she had lied, and you know what Howard is a nice man anyway. Like many of these houseguest our nice people who happen to say inappropriate things at times. This level of hate and anger is pushing crazy people to harass house guest families now, can’t we just take it down a notch! Some of the cast will pay a price for things they’ve said in the house, but if it was a real person standing in front of you would you really want to spew this kind of hate at them. I bet if this continues your hero Howard will come out with a statement asking people to show restraint and forgiveness. So vote him favourite houseguest and ask yourselves what would Howard do?

You Suck

Candice did not win Miss Teen USA. I just Googled it. Liar


So does Helen still want to flip the house, or did they throw that idea out again? And why does Aaryn think she is the victim in the house, it’s so frustrating watching these people play the game so close mindedly


Doesn’t it still stem from that stupid hat lie that Spencer made up. Always disliked Spencer but think he is the cause of all of those problems and now dislike him more. He really does hate women all women irregardless of race.


I read where Spencer earlier in the HOH room said he gets high at work and drives the train high. Did anyone hear him say that? Is that True?


He did and wow CBS did not air that either. How would you like to be on that train? Yet wow Spencer still has his job? Does that tell you anything? I mean sorry but Amanda talks about murder, gang rape and slander and Spencer talks about getting high and risking people’s life and CBS airs none of it. Chen gets upset at a rice comment but wow murder, gang rape, slander and risking people’s life on a train with a drug induced conductor and nothing. COME ON!


Amanda is a very hateful person, all she talks about is physically harming people, not too mention the extreme racist comments she mades. She is really a bad person. Mc Crae is a moron for sticking with her, it will harm him in the house and outside of it.

This Season Blows

They only want to talk about or show Aaryn’s bigoted comments and personal attacks because they don’t want to admit that it’s a problem with the entire cast this season. She’s been their designated scapegoat. It’s pretty gross, actually. At least Aaryn is trying to tone it down now and might actually be starting to become less ignorant – but Demanda and Gina Marie have blurted out twice as many racist comments as usual to make up for that.

production rigged it

If he did say that then someone needs to let Union Pacific Railroad know before he does it one day and wrecks the train and kills a bunch of people.


Thankfully he has already been fired per TMZ along with Aryan and GM! Now to get Amanda canned!!

In Your Dreams

Helen doesn’t want to flip the house. She has decided to vote out Candice and hence the campaign has started. Helen is running around the house saying Candice was not loyal to her. Candice had the temerity to try and save Howard. Oh my, someone that wanted to save an ally, that can’t be allowed. You are only allowed to save the Super Friends.


This Helen is a crazy human being. I remember the first week when she was on the block with Elissa and Nick,was she not campaigning to people not to vote Elisa out,so why hating on Candice for protecting Howard


Helen, you’re going to hate yourself in a few weeks (and we’ll hate you more now) for not getting Amanda out this week.


Word up Ms. Homie the Clown (Candace)!!!!!!!!


I don’t know why, but there is something about Candice I don’t like…it’s more than her just being annoying and having an annoying voice, but I don’t know what

Man why couldn’t Howard stay :(

It’s funny Amanda is acting way worse than Jeremy, but no one wants to get her out for it?!

I didn’t like Elissa in the beginning, but all this BS makes me root for her

Final 5

Judd Andy Elissa Aaryn McCrae


that’s funny aryan doesn’t seem to know either..I wonder why that is?


I think it’s the nose…

No Worries

I know what you mean son. I had the same problem with your mom.


Haha (:

Chilltown Fan

Go get’em GM. Still hope Candice somehow stays. Amanda’s tanned breasts, have fun with those McCrae.


Amanda the actress!

Oh this is rich. Amanda viciouslyy insults Candice during the POV comp and now she realizes how bad it looks. She is taking a page from the Helen playbook. Amanda is crying and saying its because Candice won’t believe her. Oh my, this works out so well for Amanda. She gets the sympathy support from the house and now Candice is the evil one. Amanda you are going to win an Oscar for this performance.

For some reason Gina and Amanda are obsessed about balls. Amanda saying whoever the MVP is doesn’t have the balls to tell her. Why are you calling out the MVP Amanda? So you can bully and target them next week? Luckily the MVP holder is America. I am in my living room and Amanda is scaring me. You would be a great character in a horror movie Amanda. It could be titled: The revenge of the vile!

Helen is so nice. Now that she can’t evict Jessie and Jessie has proven she can win a comp. Helen is now running scared. Oh Jessie, you can work with us, the Super Friends. She left out the part that Jessie will be voted out the first chance they get. Oh by the way Jessie, if you happen to win HOH, it will be a group decision on who goes up. LOL! I am so proud of Jessie. Jessie is finally not intimidated by Amanda and wants to save Candice. Oh Jessie, you are your own woman. McCrae says to Amanda and Aaryn that Jessie will vote how Judd tells her. I think you are confused McCrae, that was then, this is now. Jessie seems to want to play her own game. Especially after Judd didn’t want to have anything to do with her over the last few days. Elissa is also walking around saying save Candice. Wow! We haven’t heard an independent thought from Elissa in a while. Is this from Elissa or Production. Did ya’ll notice how Aaryn stuck to Gina during her HOH reign. Aaryn ensured that Gina conferred with her on her decision.


amanda we have the balls to tell you we are mvp but we cant right now

we will tell you the moment you are full force kicked out the door

Bb fan

This is getting ridiculous I don’t care if these people did sign contracts the verbal hatred coming from some of these house guests is ground for a major lawsuit especially for Candace and Howard. They are having their names dragged through the mud by the likes of Amanda, Aaryn, and gm this is awful. Get rid of those three and maybe the show will recover a little bit of dignity. I wish Elissa, Jessie, Helen, and Judd would team up and vote out Amanda. Then one win hoh and get rid of Aaryn or gm. But they are all following Amanda and McCrae like lost puppies. Just write the check to one of them already.


NO, Amanda and GM are the worst and need to go. The Aaryn/Candice crap stems from the stupid hat thing and production should of at the least told Aaryn the truth that it was all Spencer. GM used the N word so get the racist out and that is Amanda and GM, and cannot stand HELEN!!!! LIAR and bigot that she is. Aaryn’s anger could easily be fixed since it stems from the hat incidence, but nothing is excusable for the n WORD OR SLANDER!

give me a break

F*CK THAT!!!….Aaryn is a bigot…


That’s right Judd, keep on bringing up your concern about you going on the block. Sooner or later someone is going to suggest that maybe that’s a good idea.

Uri Dequad

I am not a Candace fan by any means but she has been constantly been crapped on all season…she should get Americas Choice to piss Aaryn GM Spencer and others off!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I predict when this season ends, Aaryn, Amanda and GM will be on suicide watch. they are gonna see a shit storm headed their way when the are released back to society.

Say What

I don’t care about whether their will be retribution against Aaryn, Gina and Amanda. You are what your are, and their are those that are just filled with hate. You encounter these types in normal life. You just hope they are not in a position of management or power, because of their biasness. I just wouldn’t want to be around them or socialize with them. But I am not wishing ill will on them. I just feel pity for them and hope one day they see the light.

give me a break

All 3 need to learn a lesson…especially Aaryn….I just think she will be the hardest to own up to her action…because of who she is and how she was raise I know it’s the first time she said something racists….i believe her, her friends,and family all talk like that.. she is shock being call out on speech she uses in her daily life.
Hate speech is normal conversation for her and how she grew up……Take the conversation she had with Judd, when she said she wish she could of brought her confederate flag to the big brother house…but somebody told her is was racists…..Hate speech is normal talk where she comes from. I bet when she’s home and around her family she uses the N-word…….her mom hiring a publicist means they are going to fight and not own up to it…..and it’s a stupid fight because there is video evidence….All 3 deserve the backlash…..there is so much BS in the world, and when i get home to watch a show i like, I don’t want to hear about race and religion…leave that for the politicians…..This season is disgusting and gross: Big Brother 15 will be remember as The Racists Season..


Very well said SayWhat.

Everyone wants the HG’s to “pay”. I think that they will pay enough just to see how they were
portrayed. Some lost jobs, some will probably lose friends.
It is getting literally nauseating to read these boards. People here are as bad as them and can not
even recognize it.

I am no innocent. Last year on these boards I was BRUTAL on Danielle, I shred her constantly.
Amazingly, it took a couple racists to open my eyes.
I was/am no better.
Not even this year, I was ragging Aaryn and GM from day one when this all started.
I am all for enjoying this show and giving the people I don’t like some shit, but I think
it is getting way out of control.
I just listened to a podcast and they were talking about the families of these HG’s being harassed.
On social media, being called at their homes (all day & night). That is disturbing.
I know it has happened before (Shelly), but I think it is even easier these days to track people
down and beat them down incessantly.

Ironically, the show about being observed constantly and nothing being held back is being
ruined by the same medium (social media).
The public can pick a target and just go after them relentlessly, without having to ever face anything themselves,
without ever being able to accept any options other than what they WANT to believe.

F**K. Got all serious again…..Where is Lurker with a JUDD joke?


I think it is outrageous to personally attack HGs families……’s insane. Big Brother perhaps is a reflection of American society: Race obsessed!! The HGs who have behaved inappropriately in the house will have to live with the consequences of their actions/words.
Trying to ensure that GM, Aryan and Amanda are “punished” is a waste of your time and energy. They have to live with the fact that they exposed themselves as scumbags and despicable human being to million of people around the world.


Okay. Let’s say one of those three does commit suicide after leaving the house and in a note cites all the hatred and bullying on the internet.

Will you feel good about what you have posted here???


Sorry post is suppose to be down here: Do not want anyone to commit suicide but what if Howard does because of what AMANDA did and CBS, BB and others not holding that biotch Amanda accountable? CBS portrayed only one side of the comments and how do we know what other horrible things AMANDA did when the cameras where not on her and it has already been posted that CBS edited the bed incident the way they wanted it to be seen and not necessarily how it went. Also, CBS and BB production could of and should of been honest and took Aaryn in the DR and told her that Candice was not in anyway responsible for the hat incidence and made Spencer apologize to the both of them but did they nothing. So in essence I would blame CBS for anything that happens to them except for Amanda and wow that one she is all responsible for. SHE SLANDERED HOWARD and CBS CONDONED IT SO SHE IS NOT GETTING A PASS!! She is despicable!!!!!!


Spencer lucked out with these 3. I know he lost his job and maybe Marilyn, but the press will focus on the girls more.


The Chicken Conspiracy.

Judd suggested to Amanda in the cock-pit that Candice had eaten the last of the chicken. Knowing Amanda’s extreme paranoia, she will believe Judd was manipulating her into further hating Candice,

She said what

Elissa will be put up and happily leave. AG is at work – promises are being kept. E will not do jury.

Johnny (the european one!)

“Amanda tells McCrae that he needs to stop his dictatorship!”
This was a couple of hours ago, but when I read it, I think a huge chunk of my braincells went up in flames.


Lol at this entire cast…..I wonder if they realize they will go down as the worst (among other things) cast ever. They probably think they are playing a great game. They are all so clueless as to what they are even doing. Amanda will either A. Win the whole thing B. Dictate who wins from the jury house. I can’t wait for everything to go down and these people wonder what happened. I am wondering why everyone has not showed CBS what is up….all we do us not watch (or dvr) BB for a week!!!! We all pretty much know who will be leaving….hurt BB and CBS wher it counts…RATINGS!!!! Then watch things happen. Everything is the way it is in that house cuz ratings r up. Go to this site for updates and its all good!


Call CBS during the day and tell the operator that answers that you want to make a COMPLAINT about Big Brother and Amanda Zuckerman and her actions and her comment about Howard and WOW they put you right through to a Person to file your complaint. Think they must be getting a lot of them. I told them that I was boycotting all of their sponsors and calling them, and I did. Do not know if it will work but I told them that the comments she had made regarding murdering Candice, gang raping Jessie, racist remarks and antigay slurs along with the slandering of Howard was too much. Call in day and get your COMPLAINT HEARD!!!!


FYI- Even if Howard had NOT actually said it, what he did say is no where even close to slander.

FYI- A CBS producer called Amandas parents about the “comment controversy” to let them know
that it was being taken care of (The action taken- NOT SHOWING THE COMMENT ON CBS).

FYI- CBS faked the live show Thursday night, they filmed it at noon. Filled the seats with CBS employees
and told them to cheer encouragement for Howard. (Google it, people who were supposed to go are
reporting on it, one of the Miss Cleo who goes to A LOT of tapings).

I would direct you to a very enlightening podcast but I am not sure on Simon & Dawgs policies on
promoting other BB related media (I think they are cool with LaLa though, so maybe they will?).

I wonder how many of you would believe things that explain a lot more of how things are being shown
in that house though? I do not have high expectations =/


FYI, you are wrong what Amanda said about Howard is SLANDER!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK IT UP!


Bill, what number did you call. I am definitely calling them. Those stupid cutesy Amanda edits are insulting to America’s intelligence


To call CBS the number is 212-975-4321. An operator will answer and you tell them you want to make a complaint and they will transfer you.


@Bill what number did you call? I will definitely give them a call as well!!


Spoken like an attorney chasing an ambulance


No, spoken like an attorney that knows what SLANDER is!!!!


I sent CBS a complaint online.


Even if Amanda wins (don’t think she will, tho), she still looses. She will have to face a tsunami of backlash for her extreme vileness, as will the other vilettes. Thank God for the pissing contest between CBS and Time Warner. We don’t get CBS so won’t be tempted to give them my ratings. This site is the the best. So entertaining. Simon and Dawg , don’t know how you do but it’s awesome.


I would not be surprised if Amanda wins the money. At final 2 the jury will unanimously agree that she played the best game and deserves the money. Seriously! Urgh! I am sure of it!


I have a quick question… Have they already had there Big Brother BBQ yet Simon or Dawg? Wooooohoooooo I love ya Aaryn


Theses people are all toads !!!!!!!

Roisin Dubh

Helen mad at Candice because she was throwing names out there? Wait till they isolate and target you, let’s see how well you handle it then. Helen gets more annoying everyday. I know you have to be fake in this game, but this is just pathetic now. She is gonna feel so stupid when she watches the tapes and sees what GM, Amanda and Aayrn have said about her. Keep trying to fit in with the cool kids dummy, they have absolutely no respect for you. It’s really gonna be sad when she throws the only person that had her back the whole time Elissa under the bus. I hope Jessie or Spencer wins it all because they are the only ones that want to shake it up and realize the longer you wait, the harder it gets and that they are the only ones that had the balls to get in Amanda’s face and not take her BS. Candice doesn’t count because she’s gone.

Uri Dequad

Anyone ever notice that when McManda kiss they NEVER French kiss?!?
In a new relationship that is what you normally do!


If anybody would like to tell CBS and the BB Crew how shitty this season is and maybe they should hire a new casting crew please do.


Candice is a real mystery. Yeah, people in the House feel bad for her because of the racist cr@p she has to endure, but she turns around and craps on all her allies. Only Elissa wants to keep her in.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

When exactly did she “crap on all her allies”?

Oh, you believe that Helen lie about her “threatening” her? No she never threatened her or anyone else she just asked for some the same loyalty she had shown them, but Helen stormed out when she got exposed about Her, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae running the show, ran up to HOH and told the superfriend that Candice threatened her. So no, she stayed pretty loyal to her alliance, but they didn’t show that same loyalty to her..

Candice had terrible game, but she was loyal.


The America as MVP is a joke because no one is going to vote out who America puts up….the real twist would be that on one of the Americas MVP vote, that person is a guaranteed out! Otherwise we are all eating our money.


I wish Candice would just walk off this show.How much abuse will she have to endure?It’s not worth the money honey.


She is mentally strong and smart. I think she would rather stay and piss them off more than to give them the satisfaction of making them think they pushed her out the house. Personally I wouldn’t put up with it but I wouldn’t leave. I certainly would do everything to piss them off if I knew for sure I was going home. My final speech would be calling everyone’s game out and I would only hug Elissa on the way out.


Even though I want her gone so bad, I actually agree with putting up Amanda as 3rd nom being a waste. Nobody has the guts. NOBODY. It would have been better and more fun if Helen was up there. Yet I don’t think I could live with hearing her paranoia and big mouth more than I already do. Amanda is going to stay….freaking sucks! She can’t win a damn thing, yet everyone is so scared of her. It’s so close to where they’re gonna have to start turning on each other anyway, so why not get rid of her now? It’s not like Judd, Jessie, Aaryn, GM and Andy are gonna be saved by her for much longer. I don’t get the insane loyalty. These people are SOOOOOOO stupid!!!


Not completely a waste. She is self destructing. She’ll probably get to jury, possibly even to the finals, but with even McCrae a bit disgusted by her now, it’s a long shot that she’ll grab the big money.


yep and if we keep nominating her she will soon be gone…also if she is on the block she cant vote

Johnny (the european one!)

12:15pm “Amanda says I am going to go take my Adderall medication. (…) Judd asks is it better to take more or less Xanax before a compettion? McCrae says less.”
This feels like watching the Tour de France, where you get to see which doping method is the best! Is it going to be Benzedrine, or the good old anabolic steroids??? Tune in and see the field test results in the upcoming BB competition!

(Dan Gheesling needs to update his book on “how to get on a reality tv show”: tell them you need a lot of meds otherwise you’ll go apesh#t and litterally hunt people down with a machete!)


I wish Candice would walk off of this show.How much abuse will she have to endure?It’s not worth the money honey


I wouldn’t. The abuse Candice and Howard have endured is NOTHING compared to what the rest are going to face when they walk out of that house. Karma is the biggest bitch. Those poor people who were abused like that in the house will have the last laugh. Candice should try her hardest to stay and make it to jury at least. I feel bad and she deserves some money. She does have #5,000 so far though. She’s made it this far, don’t give up now. Anything can happen and hopefully we can still ‘expect the unexpected.’


Helen is so stupid. She is saying “Candice is not with us.” If she isn’t for you, who is she with? Candice rather play a transparent game and she is so intuitive which is really what scares Helen. Candice was the first to figure out the “Moving Company” alliance. She also figured out their plan to try to split the votes to get her out instead of Howard which is why they didn’t go through with it. Helen is more afraid that Candice is much smarter than she presents herself to be which is why Helen wants her out. If Helen can only realize that Candice would never give Aaryn, GM, Amanda, and MC a vote in their favor so it is beneficial to keep her. How can she not see that she and Elissa is at the bottom of the 7 personal alliance and that everyone is using her to do their dirty work only to turn around and stab her in the back. I really hope Helen goes up on the block next week.


best twist ever person voted off (candice) gets to come back never leaves house and is automatically HOH


This people are the worst! I can’t even stand them!
Dear God, I hope Candice will make it to Thursday sane as this house is driving me crazy even though I’m not in it. Imagine how much worse she is feeling?

Helen is going to look like the dumbest person ever if she decides to evict Candice over Amanda, she will find herself on the block in a few weeks with no one to save her.


I think McCrae is finally seeing what life would be like with Amanda. Wonder if he is beginning to regret turning on the Moving Company in Week 2? Amanda is going to kill his game going off on everyone — even in her alliance. Thank you, America!


Oh ok thanks Simon love ya:)) I wanted to know because I haven’t heard today until now:) Go Aaryn win this double eviction HOH and POV:))


Shame they could get the BB Legend Ashley to be the one spraying Amanda lol…



ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

They tried, she didn’t answer the phone because she was too high.. You remember last season, girl looked like she was blunted 24/7. Simon even put a joint on her snap-shot.

Roisin Dubh

Just when you think these people couldn’t get any lower, just wait until the exit comments when Candice is sitting with Julie.


GM: We have the best sex stores in NY. You can get anything there.

Aaryn: i want to go to one.

Andy walks in

Judd: I went to a sex store, and i was drunk. Never do that. I took one of those strap-on dildos, I put it on my head and started chasing people like a rhino. Oh, God. Oh my God! Everyone was laughing, except for the guy in the kilt. I don’t know what happened, but i’m sorry.


I have to ask:

Do the HG’s even get and laugh at his jokes or do they just stare at Judd blankly like I imagine?


I don’t some people get that JUDD is not really saying these things on the feeds.
Lurker is just supplying everyone with “JUDDisms” for fun (and to amuse Simon!)


You’re missing the point. Judd likes to joke and it seems like few react. What I’m asking is if people get his jokes or are they as uptight as they seem?


Sorry, I thought you thought that what Lurker was posting was things JUDD actually says.

Honestly, JUDD is 10 times funnier than what Lurker can make up (No offense Lurk!).

And yes people do laugh in the house. Not as often anymore because there is so much tension,
but when they finally relax and chill I think they appreciate JUDD.

I look forward to when JUDD and Andy get together, those two are a great pair (F2!).
They like to prank, and Andy is funny as fuck when he is tossing out stuff.
Seriously, I laugh out loud sometimes. That is rare for watching these HG’s.


Judd said something to Amanda about looking like a dirty potato with the tanning. I couldn’t make it out but everyone laughed


I love you lurker001. Your Judd posts make my day.

Will spread the seed to the ladies of the house

So many beautiful women this season.

Will spread the seed to the ladies of the house

LMAO! What a name! I feel you.

Chilltown Fan

Oops, but yeah I agree.


I don’t know if people caught Howard’s post-show interview with Jeff, but Howard just reiterated why he was always far too classy for this house…but there are two good things about Candice’s eviction this week when we acknowledge she can’t win the game even if she does survive.

1) She won’t have to endure Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, and GM’s racist nonsense.
2) She won’t take the high road like Howard and will let those who deserve it, have it.


I wish Jeff would’ve asked Howard what he said to Amanda and what he thinks of her claims – assuming CBS told him he couldn’t since they always cut the feeds when that comes up.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

He did ask him, and he told him he never said what she lied to the rest of the house that eh said, he just completed her on hot “hot” she was and that he would hang out with her sometime. But of course like the pathetic insecure vile women that she is, she made up a lie about it to further demonize a man that’s already out of the house. She only told McCrae that it was a lie, but only her “sheep” believes her.

BBfan from Florida

Someone please post the live feed section where Amanda told McRae that Howard really didn’t say that. Howard needs that put out to the public to help save his name.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

LOL not “completed” ,,, I meant he “complemented her…


Jeff did ask Howard and Howard said he love her and she said no you don’t…Amanda lied to everyone about Howard wanted to fuck her but only told McCrae the truth it was a lie for the game….


Thanks for the replies. Totally missed that. I seriously don’t know how Simon & Dawg keep up with all this. My head is spinning. I appreciate the clarification.


Has it occurred to anyone that by the time all of Amanda’s spray tans are done she will be “blacker” than Howard. Maybe this was deliberate :-)


I guess Spencer is going up as a replacement. No wonder that they have no guts to put up Aaryn as a replacement.


I would be all for giving a person a secret power…like two votes. America will vote for this person…perhaps an MVP, essentially giving America a real vote. All America can do is vote for a 3rd nom, but has no power to vote anyone out.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Aaryn: “It’s the best revenge of what she did to me””

Still delusional I see.

Amanda, GM, and Aaryn the actual Mean Girls trio are some of the most pathetic women I have ever seen on a reality TV show.

Chilltown Fan

From a playing perspective, I miss Janelle.


I was just thinking about how I miss the Vets too, Andy keeps making me drink! They should have done this MVP twist with the coaches or in an All Star season…


If I was GinaMarie, I would put up Spencer as a replacement nominee.


Ah, yes, because he voted against Nick, whom she will be stalking in NYC in a few weeks? Of course, it was Amanda who got McCrae on board, and Helen who turned Jessie. Spencer and Howard knew they didn’t have the votes to save Nick. And instead decided they’d pin a vote on Candice, to put a target on her back from the Super Friends. (GM, if all people, ought to appreciate that.) , GM’s best friend. Right there, she has more than enough targets — Amanda, who is already on the block, and McCrae and Helen, who are not.

Of course, that is if she is truly playing the game personally — which she is. If she wants Candice out the door, Elissa is a better pick.


Okay so GM reveals it isn’t even about Candace as a person, it’s about “people like her”. We all know what that means. She’s being voted out because of her race.

“GM: “it wasn’t entertaining she fu***ing sucks ”
Andy: ‘you really hate her
GM: “I don’t like people like her.. dude I can’t stand her”

Totally Disgusted

I agree. I fill that CBS has racist people in production also. They have Candice wearing a clown suit knowing that she will probably be evicted. It hurts me to listen to the racist remarks.

GM is a racist. She stated that she does not like people like Candice.

Aaryn Nation continues to blame Candice for her being a racist.

Amanda is also a racist. She degrades everyone.


While I really don’t like anything about Ginamarie, it *IS* possible that she dislikes Candice for something in addition to/other than her race -__-


Aaryn still thinks that Candice sat on her hat. If only those pathetic idiots in production would just tell Candice and Aaryn the truth then all of their anger at each other would be gone, but he** no production is too much of a coward to do that and they are too darn busy protecting that biotch AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Production likes the drama. They get off seeing Candice’s name dragged in the mad by the mean girls. Otherwise they would have straightened this out

Butters Mom

If I was Gina Marie I would put up McCrae as the replacement nom…. seriously!


OMG! I hate all of them except El and Candice. First, they all are not playing game. Second, Every body can be manipulated by anyone. Fuck they even manipulated themselves with their own sick lies. I curse them with poverty after this show!


gina talk bad about candice its wrong but when she get treated bad for this in she will by the way gina nick dont want you he see the type of person you are in me an you had a kid i will go for full custody cause i dont want my kid to be talt raicst suff i want to teach them nomater you balck or white god love you the same


Here the problem with this season BB you have nasty catty bitches in this house that lie and smile in your face….Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, GinaMarie all are vile…Yes it part of the game, but this goes beyond the game….Jessie and Elissa they so wishy washy on what they want…..Hopefully the light blub go off and say let get Amanda out. GinaMarie is an idiot because the longer Amanda and Helen stays GM, Aaryn will go Helen going to turn on Elissa and Spencer don’t follow everybody in the house…..You and Jessie are next on the chopping block….It like nobody has a fuckin brain….. McPizza, Judd, Andy final 3…..


ginamarie amanda aryan is racist men america i dont like women like that they are trash if i was candice i will tell julie this show is fuck up

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

At least Candice is taking the Clown suit well, it’s a shame she has to g out like that after hatred she went through in that house.

derick alaska

Okay, I’m seriously going to complain to CBS. What a coincidence that Candice is dressed up as a clown, and somehow Aryan Nation Aaryn ABOVE ALL PEOPLE has her own little puppet of a CLOWN! No, this is just going WAAAAYYYY too far, and I’m beginning to believe there is a racist person in production that just finds it acceptable to everything that is going on. You would think that with all the controversy happening currently, surrounding racism (Trayvon Martin & Paula Dean) CBS would take extra measures to prevent being perceived as the facilitators of racism.



derick alaska

Unfortunately it crossed my mind that the racist sisters made disgusting comments against Asians and homosexuals as well. THIS SERIOUSLY HAS TO FUCKING STOP!!!!!!!!


Already left my complaint to CBS and am also going to call first thing Monday morning and leaving a complaint to a live person. This is the most vile season ever and it turn my stomach. Bring Big Brother back with integrity!!!

Totally Disgusted

If I was Candice I would walk off the house. This is ridiculous. You can’t hit anyone but you are allowed to degrade them. This is why Big Brother’s ratings have dropped. I have stopped watching Big Brother. I am not sure how much longer I can even read the racist comments..

Chilltown Fan

Jessie looking good tonight, even if she has a beer gut.


her beer gut is I’m guessing around 3 months now


she put on a bit of weight in there due to so much crap food and slop, its understandable and nothing wrong with that
as soon as shes eating healthy fresh food again she will be back to her regular weight in no time, especially as she is a swimmer and does yoga
considering overall looks – nice tanned skin, hair, eyes, smile, incredible ass, and how nice of a person she is combined, jess is the finest girl there in my opinion, but each to their own


the only beer guts i see in the house are spencer and amanda


I love how everyone automatically believes that Howard didn’t say what Amanda had accused him of…
This guy clearly has some rage issues, he was caught lying many times and even on his bible.

Howard was pretty much a lock to go home. Amanda had no reason to exaggerate what was said. And Howard even admitted
To saying something similar.

Dick played the same game as Amanda yet he is considered a great player.
So because Amanda is a strong confident, she isn’t allowed to play an aggressive game?

It is a game!! Stop taking everything so seriously. All of the Amanda haters are hypocrites and you all know it.

Got a Question?

Simon, Thank you as always for your and Dawg’s dedication to this site.

I have a question and I apologize if you have previously answered it in older posts.

Do you know how they will determine who stays out of the three nominees? I know in the past two people where on the block and they both went home but in this case I have no ideas.

Thanks A Bunch!!


Thank you very much!!!

Seems like it is going to be a busy night.