Big Brother 15 Bachelor Party YO “Who stole my chicken cutlet t!ty”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


10:17pm backyard MC, Amanda, Spencer, JUDD and Andy

They’re trying to figure out who the MVP is. Some of players in the house are starting to think the MVP is America, Spencer being one of them. Amanda says something along the lines that she only gets in fights with people that are mean. She doesn’t know how she is getting edited. McCrae thinks America would like Amanda because she brings drama doesn’t understand why they would vote against her.
They wonder if Candice is MVP. Amanda: ‘She’s so F**ing annoying they wouldn’t vote her MVP”
Spencer agrees says if Candice won MVP she would have told Howard and Howard would have told him
JUDD: “I don’t think he was telling you every single thing”
THey don’t think Nick and Ginamarie will Hook up after the show but they can totally see them begin good friends.

Just random chit chat

10:39pm They get alcohol so decide to have there bachelor party. Andy has a bottle of white win. McCrae a bottle of red. Spencer and
JUDD had a glass of wine and 3 beers but he’s also trying to bum more drinks from Andy. Andy doesn’t want to give him any. Amanda is also trying to get some of Andy’s wine but he refuses.

MC Suggests to Amanda she puts the bandaids back on when she goes into the tanning bed..


Amanda is able to get some alcohol.


10:55pm Kitchen Jessie and Elissa
Elissa: ‘I cannot believe they did that”
Jessie: ‘All the alcohol is gone”
Elissa: “It’s messed up don’t you think”
J: “Totally”
E: “This is a good week for you Jessie.. You got the BBQ and you got the veto and now you are save”
J: “For this week… but i’m worried about going up”
Jessie thinks people are saying she’s the target for next week in secret.
Elissa asks her who would she put up if she won HOH.
J: “Gm and Spencer”
Jessie nervous that Spencer is really cool with them now and so is Helen, ‘

Elissa: “Do you think there is any way we can get Candice to stay and him gone”
J: “No because that is what GM wants”
Jessie says that Aaryn talked GM out of putting ELissa up as the replacement nominee.
Jessie tells her she loyal to Andy, Elissa and Helen. She feels that Aaryn is more loyal to Amanda than her.

Jessie asks her what is wrong with her lips. Elissa explains Amanda gave her some strips for her lip. She’s never waxed before and has super sensitive skin. Elissa says her lip is very sore.


11:06pm Bachelor party
Andy is drunk smoking telling all sorts of funny stories. One of them involves him bringing some random guy home from the clubs. Andy had just moved into his new apartment with his two roommates. His parents bought him a new bed and it was his first night in it. Andy was too drunk to remember but his roommate heard some of the conversation Andy had with this guy. Apparently Andy was warning the random guy he better not “Ej@culate” on the new bed because his parent had bought it.

Andy now tells a ghost story, “Who stole my chicken cutlet t!tie” (OMG Andy is awesome tonight)

11:06PM JUDD and Amanda BAckyard
JUDD is telling her he never got the MVP. He promises it he thinks it might be Candice trying to start chaos so they turn on each other.

Andy says he fu*** hated Nick wanted him out of the house so bad, “Sorry Nick.. ” (I wish I knew why Andy disliked Nick so much)


11:26pm Bachelor party
JUDD is talking about his buddy back home called SCOOTER, “He’s a party Animal.. my partner in crime we do all the scheming”

Andy says he was a bit bummed to see Howard go he thought he was a nice person. Andy, Kaitlin and Howard were the hardest two for Andy the other four he didn’t give a sh!t.
Andy brings up when he was in the room with Helen and Jermey during Jeremy’s last ditch effort to stay in the house, “I was with Master Chen… OHh that was racist .. Master Kim.. f*** I’m going to sit Jeremy down and chop his head off with a samurai sword” Amanda says he’s a racist now. Andy explains Helen always calls herself Helen Chen bot he was thinking Chen instead of Kim.
They talk about Jeremy leaving. McCrae felt a bit sad for Jeremy leaving, he respected how he went out and how he tried to stay
Spencer: “His I’m a champion when I poop speech didn’t help him”

Andy: ‘If jessie burritos herself in the bed tonight I’m going to baby shake her”

They start talking about requesting joint Diary room sessions but were told by production they don’t do those. Andy: ‘Umm Sorry I know you do”




12:01AM Jessie and Helen playing pool
Helen brings up their conversation earlier where Jessie had suggested they get Amanda out.
Jessie is telling her if she doesn’t win HOH she will go up and if she leaves Helen will lose someone that would go to the end with her.
Helen: “I have been thinking about it because it’s haunting me”
Jessie: ‘You might make a enemy out of GM and McCrea.. I don’t know if people feel threaten by her like we do but they should”
Helen: ‘I don’t feel threatened yet.. I’m worried about how comfortable she is”
Jessie :”I feel threatened … people are scared of her”
H: “How does ELissa feel about it”
J: “Similar.. you said it yourself that Candace will stay a big target”

12:18AM Cockpit McCrae, Andy, Amanda, Jessie

Andy and McCrae are drunk especially Andy
“I’m staying up all goddamn night.. I’m staying up until your next tan”
Andy starts complaining about Jessie stealing all the sheets. He’s been saying she burritos in the sheets
“Give me some damn sheets burrito a$$”

Andy: “You have venn diagram areolas”
Amanda starts laughing says no she doesn’t she flashes them. it’s shown on the feeds. 12:21AM Cam 3/ more N*de flashback times here

12:46AM Friends playing volleyball. GM, Elissa, Helen and Jessie with Candice on the couch.

Ellissa was really looking forward to seeing AManda go in the spray tan booth every hour. Helen thought it was going to be 50 times. Candice mentions how orange Amanda looks right now and she’s only gone in once. One of the girls mentions Amanda gets 8 spray tans. (Check out the time they did this on BBUK)


1:13AM More Bachelor party tom foolery Andy, MC, Amanda, JUDD, Jessie, Aaryn in the bedroom.
JUDD smoking a tampon.
Aaryn saying “I can’t wait for the bachelorette party ”
Andy: ‘The bachelorette party is going to suck”

Random drunkenness going on. Jessie was inching closer to JUDD but he kept his distance.


1:20AM Andy showing them his face during the MVP ceremony

1:25AM JUDD and GM Bedroom

JUDD asks her if she’s heard anyone talk about him and MVP. Gm says no, tells him not to worry just blame it on Candice she’s going home.
JUDD: “That pissed me off” (Candice was spreading around that JUDD was the MVP)
JUDD tells her he swear if Candice had a chance of winning the POV he would have past the money up up and won the veto. (JUDD won the Veto but choose to take the 5 grand instead. He’s been saying he knew taking the money would mean Jessie won the Veto)

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Roisin Dubh

Jessie’s the next one gone. She’s figuring it out and being too vocal about it and that makes her a target. This season is kinda like Children of the Damned and the Lord of the Flies with a little bit of Revenge of the Nerds sprinkled on top. I know, I watch waaay too much TV


this season is more like CHILDREN OF THE CORN. Amanda is Isaac and MC is Malachai.

Roisin Dubh

I almost went with that one but I remembered that it was the adults that brought them down. There are no adults in that house.


So they’re threatened by a keychain and a loud mouth from New York. Explain to me again why Helens such a good player.


Helen is right cannot do it this week, Elissa, Jessie, Helen, Spencer to evict Amanda and then Aryan, Mcrea and Andy ( closer to AM & Mc ) & Judd, who is trying to distance himself from Jessie which means he will vote with Mccrea so it is a tie and tie breaker is GinaMarie who wants Candice out so bad, to sum it up team Helen looses. So the Best case scenario next week is Amanda goes in the block again as Americas vote and houseguest realizes that America wants Amanda to leave and just vote her out hoping she will not win HOH or POV. They have to sacrifice Candice because there is no choice and next week Helen is good maybe can win HOH if not endurance, Jessie is too I think or Spencer could be good too. Hoping for this but who knows.


But see that’s why you lay out the math and Helen was really dumb not to realize that last week was now or never to pull the trigger on Amanda because if she sees the votes to get Amanda are shrinking and sees the plan is to evict Jessie then Spencer, two more people who would vote Amanda out, where does she think votes are going to come from? And if she so happy keeping Amanda, Aaryn, and Elissa because she believes they can’t win, does she not realize that McCrea, Judd, and Andy see her as somebody they would evict before touching those three?


Helen mistakenly believes she has Andy. Her trust in him will be her downfall.

Janelle pov queen

Just came here to say I hate Amanda and I hope some one kill her and I hope Gm kill her self afther she find out she lost her job and nick don’t like her and I hope Aaryn face get burnt in a fire


…but what do you really think?…


How old are you?


The women are verbally ruthless with each other and have such fowl mouths. Sorry CBS, but this negative views you are receiving. I am no longer watching big brother this season. Boycotting. Honestly the only reason I kept continuing to watch was because I thought big brother would do something about the remarks made this summer. I do not appreciate all the racial slurs nor men/ women calling each other c***. It is disgusting and demeaning.


I stopped watching two episodes ago. I only come here to see what Simon and Dawg say and to see the reaction of the bloggers. CBS are not getting my viewing because they edit to favor certain people. At least they have some of Helen but Amanda continues to get the good edit.

Hello -

Is it possible that Candice is oblivious that the jokes’s on her or do you think she just doesn’t give a f**k? It’s starting to remind me a lot of Jen Johnson. At least some people are being fake and talking to her – Jen was ostracized so completely.
Gotta say – I don’t like anyone anymore.
The likeable ones have some really disturbing character trails (I know, that’s life.)
I just hope the most worthy a$$hole wins because at this point I feel they’re are donkeys and the best I can hope for is the one that is the least disgusting walks away half a million dollars richer.

Butters Mom

If McCrae had any brains at all he would team up with Spenser, Andy and Judd and get Amanda out. She’s a black widow.

Roisin Dubh

Keychain’s brain left his body the night Ahandjob crawled into his HOH bed. But to his credit, he’s slowly realizing that she’s an succubus, but he’s scared of losing the only girl in the house that’ll touch jr.


He spelled it out to Jessie. It is good for MacCrae to have Amanda since she looms as a large target. A target that is in control.


bachelor party alliance. i thought they were hilarious last night.


I’m praying Jessie wins the next HOH or POV.


i hope jess wins the pov on double eviction night, then wins hoh for the full week

Go, Jessie, Go!!!

Possibly a glimmer if hope??? Jessie is conspiring again. She’s got Helen’s ear, and maybe that means Helen will make a move that might bring her some redemption in my eyes (albeit not a lot, but at least some) by getting Amanda out of the house. Helen does seem receptive, although cautious. Keep whispering those ideas to Helen, Jessie, at just the right times. Win Helen over. Then Helen can bring Judd in by telling him Amanda’s plan to evict him by backdooring him. Hopefully that’s enough for Judd to see Amanda for who she truly is — a tyrannical loose cannon. Jessie stood up to the bully, and now she’s playing hardball. Could this be the curveball that strikes out Amanda??? Please, let it be so!

Teri B



Who knew that it would be Jesse making a play?! She seems like the only one that is trying to play this game now by scheming to eliminate someone who is a TRUE threat. Now she has worked out this game somewhat, I have more respect for who than someone like Helen who believes she’s some mastermind at playing the game but is just as much a sheep as the rest of them.

Interestingly, in Howard’s interview with Jeff, he thought Jesse would be the follower and GM the one to shake things up! Seems he underestimated Jesse and thought too highly of GM.

Howard is a cool guy though. You can see his thoughts here if interested:


‘Not going to happen. Jessie is on Helen’s ‘gotta go list’. For Helen, Jessie is too needy and is trying to think for herself i.e.’ not going with the plan. Her ‘tell’ was when she informed Jessie that Judd could not be trusted. (Jess needs to let Judd know this, very directly and not in a half-assed way.)


team jess yo

the only one there wanting to go against amanda, and the procession of predictable evictions

and the only one with the courage to tell amanda the truth about what a terrible person amanda is

im voting for jess for americas favourite for the 25k


LMAO, wasted Andy should start spilling everything everyone’s been telling him all season, (Well what he hasn’t spilled already) THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS!!! He would be put up as the replacement nominee so fast, LOL.

Jazzy J

Dawg and simon you should totally post the nip slips/nudes on your tumblr. It is already rad, adding those would make it one of the best tumblrs out there! Props for everything you do though love the site and tumblr even through the boring parts of the season!

aMANda the pig

Amanda is a pig

Eh Eh Eh

I really hope Jessie can turn it around and get Helen to turn on Amanda…

Roisin Dubh

Helen’s just blowing smoke up Jessie and Elissa’s butt. She said a few minutes ago to Elissa “This is top secret. We have to get Amanda out, not this week but some future week”. Good ole Helen, wants acceptance so bad that it’s costing her the game and Elissa and Jessie are casualties because of insecurities.


Hi Roisin, No Helen theory is right here it goes, Jessie, Helen. Elissa and Spencer to vote out Amanda and Andy ( closer to Am And Mc ), Aryan, Judd trying to distance himself from Jessie which means he will vote Candice out. so it is a tie and Tiebreaker Ginamarie who hated Candice so team Helen looses. Next week AMerica should vote for Amanda again and Aryan so then maybe the houseguest will finally realize that America has been voting and everyone just vote her out unless Amanda wins HOH OR POV however if Aryan comes in second of America,s vote and hoping GinaMarie third nominee then Amanda,s team has one less mean girls team Helen has a better chance next week and I am sorry but Candice has to be sacrificed. America should vote Amanda, Aryan And Ginamarie in this order so next week team Amanda will have at least one member to loose. I always like Candice but she was too late in trying to be in the game and I think Howard might have hurt her game sorry Howard. This is just my hope and only hopes for the best for team Helen, Jessie and Elissa. America next week vote Amanda, Aryan. GinaMarie in that order so we can get these mean girls out please. Thanks.


There is no tie breaker. Only 7 can vote. If Helen can muster 4 votes Amanda is gone.


These idiots always say they need to get out Amanda, just not yet, well the more they wait, the less people they have that will vote! Where on earth did CBS find these people? Occupy site or what? They are about the dumbest group of folks I have ever seen!


seriously how dumb are elissa and helen and judd if they dont vote out amanda?

they have the chance to team with elissa and jess to vote out amanda now and split up the couple, which is crucial just before jury starts meaning if amanda or mccrae not only would lose the guarenteed vote for each other, but they would also not be able to influence jury for each other if either made final 2

then as spencer and candice would be saved, they would join helen, elissa, judd and jess to form a strong 6

why are they afraid of doing this? its in their hands to vote this way if they want…they would be against the 2 submissive wimpy guys mccrae and andy, and the 2 racists aaryn and gina

i wish there were more there other than jess using their brains

amanda has to go …now…4-3 and she is out the door

team jess


All the viewers that voted Elissa every week for MVP, they are to blame for Amanda running the house. The big people voted out early would have never let her take control.

As much as Jeremy was a d-bag. He would have gotten right in Amanda’s face. Nick would have schemed her ass right off the show.

The possibility of good drama was eliminated from the show early.

Hello -

If anyone could answer this – what exactly would you say Candice’s strategy is? She can’t win anything. The only person she fought for was not herself but HER PERSON. She claimed everybody else had a person and ‘Howie’ was hers. She has not fought for herself at any point, yet seems to get (from her fans) applause for her accomplishments outside the house which have nothing at all to do with Big Brother.
Just curious……


She has been fighting off emotional terrorism since week 1 or 2! these mean girls have not let up on her an inch…if you have never been ostracized by the majority it is not easy to take.So who knows what her game was,it is what it is, lots of breakdowns,feeling isolated! Any more questions???

Hello -

If it was ANYONE BUT YOU I might have taken your answer seriously, but since I am consistently in opposition to your viewpoints and your obvious defense of gameplay only in regards to defending Candice/Howard, you are woefully wearing glasses tainted by ‘slavery’ paranoia and persecution complex. IMHO.
Harsh, but true.
In fact each houseguest has taken and given their fair share of verbal assault and character assassination.
As for your using the word ‘terrorism’ so loosely, I can only guess that you are obviously American on top of being profoundly ignorant.
I was actually asking for an intelligent or analytical perspective on her game strategy.

Derick Alaska

Please explain to me how Ginamarie and Aaryn experienced verbal abuse to the degree that Candice has, and if you don’t mind go down the list of all the houseguests, starting with the racist sisters GM and Aaryn first.


I don’t think she’s played to her potential at all. I think she has been on the defensive and just wasn’t mentally prepared for the racism factor. It must be pretty hard to be in your best mind with the intimidation factor being so very strong. Candice is not my favorite player by any means, but I feel for her. Who knows how she might have played if the sicko racism hadn’t been so rampant? Everyone, including Candice, will hopefully learn a lot from the experience. True, some of the more racist folks are in denial, but I do think when all is said and done, they will be embarrassed and won’t likely ever behave so disgustingly in public again. I think Candice will get support,. a lot of it, when she gets out. It’s not like the cruel behavior is going to win in the long run, but it may win in the BB house this year. But yeah. she hasn’t played a winning BB game. But that could never excuse the disgusting attacks and insinuations about her.


@ LindaB very well said. I couldn’t sum it up better than that.


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz See there still all under Amanda’s control. Seriously what is wrong with these people she’s a huge threat in the game, totally annoying and is mean and bully’s people, and we have put her up as mvp nom twice. I just don’t get it please get her out now sheep or she will win! These houseguests are completely stupid this season! One by one she will get them out(making each of them enemy and turning the house against one a week) and her and her BF McCrae will win this game!


Nothing like a double eviction night to get things rolling… can’t wait to see the power change and exchange happen. Someone’s game is going down in flames, that is a given. Can’t wait.

She Said What

Could you imagine the fireworks if Elissa wins HOH during the double eviction?


At this point Helen would probably tell Andy if she truly wants to get Amanda out and he would agree and run to Amanda. Then on eviction night they would only have 3 votes and Amanda would stay. I am not sure how a superfan does not realize that you have to take out the big threat. Helen thinks Andy is with her but he’s not. I truly believe Amanda wants to take Aaryn to final 2 because she knows no one will vote for Aaryn to win. If Helen wants to make a move she needs to talk to Judd, Jessie and Elissa and then shut her mouth. She needs to start thinking double eviction.


At this point, Helen’s move will always involve Andy.


Everyones bitching about the other three losing there jobs why hasn’t Amanda lost her’s yet? She has said more racial things then all of them together on top of being a bully.


I think Amanda’s family is heavily involved in the real estate firm in Florida. Also being a Realtor is more or less an independent contractor kind of thing, which is a form of self-employment.


The shit has hit the Delray Times. How embarassing for Mom and Dad!


Tried to call the Delray Times and express my disgust with Zuckerman and LOL the phones are full and the contact address has been disrupted. Wonder why? Want to know why they did not post the exact comments she made or explain away her slandering of Howard or her accusations of murder and gang rape? I mean if they are going to report on her disgust then put it all out there and do not try and sugar coat her actions. Hope people call tomorrow morning where they will answer their phones and not just get an answering machine. I know I am going to call again because CBS and Grodner are not going to get away with protecting this racist by their great edits. UGH, she is so disgusting it makes my skin crawl!!!!!!


Thought might want number and it is 561 665-0151 for The Delray Times. Call and let them know your disgust because you cannot post feedback or send an email so call, call, call!!!


i just sent that reporter all the info, video and audio of what is needed to tell the full accurate story of how much of a monster amanda is

Big Sister

“Allegedly” my a**!


I’m hoping their clients start to go to other realtors because of their daughter’s crap. Her parents helped to create this monster. Maybe if the commissions start to dry up someone will tell her to clean up her mouth.


Amanda has not been fired because she works for her parents’ very successful real estate company-a branch of Prudential Realty in Boca Raton, FL. She is partners with her mother Marilyn. Wonder if their business is taking a hit. She is all over the local papers and some of it ain’t pretty.

(mostly) un-biased opinion

From what I could tell about the Amanda hate reel (that youtube vid going around composed of all the nasty shit she’s said) I honestly believe that Amanda needs to SERIOUSLY watch her mouth, but not that she had malicious intent behind it. Except for the times she was in a fight, but she seemed sincere in her apology afterwards. I’m by no means trying to condone what she’s said and done, and I believe she has a lot of growing to do outside this house, but I think the sheer level of hatred going out to this girl is a little overwhelming. People make mistakes and to crucify them over it without giving them a chance to defend themselves – like in an online environment when they have no internet – is a little over-the-top for me.


Seems to me her comments are indefensible and you can try to convince me that we are all trolls who hate on an innocent but really we know what we’re seeing and she is a nasty piece of work…!!! Anything else?

(mostly) un-biased opinion

I just think it’s a little over the top is all. Y’all complain about people making inconsiderate remarks about others and then go around wishing death on houseguests and calling her a C*** and a b!tch and stuff and I’m just thinking, isn’t that just lowering yourself to her level?


You may be right, but it points to some serious mood swing issues. Honestly, it’s like Tourrette’s Syndrome at this point.


Amanda knows exactly what she’s saying and how she sounds. She has gotten away with the passive/aggressive behavior all her life into adulthood. It is past time that she learns that actions and words have consequences. Her constant target is Candice is because Candice doesn’t know how to really fight back against that crap. She is a nice young woman who doesn’t want to argue and fight so she takes a whole lot from someone and then blows up. That is why Howard grabbed her and carried her out of the room during that bed incident. He didn’t want to see her kicked out of BB for retaliating. Candice reminds me a lot of my own daughter. But Amanda needs to know that outside of the BBhouse Candice would have kick her a$$ by now.


OH PLEASE AMANDA would not know what sincerity is if it hit her smack in the face. The girl is a biotch racist of the worst type. I mean others said politcally incorect sterotypical comments that were cruel but AMANDA is the type of RACIST THAT WILL SAY IT TO YOUR FACE APOLOGIZE and THEN SLIT YOUR THROAT!! She is the worst hate filled person that has been on this show!!!


Helen, you’re running out of “next weeks.”

She Said What

Great comment!


Amanda is 28 she knows better I dont care if she is Jewish or not. But talking about gas masks and Hitler is nothing to be joking about.. I don’t think the Holocost Survivors or their famiiles would think it was funny at all


Amanda’s mom and grandmother own the business so she probably will not lose her job but ANYONE else wouldn’t keep their jobs so why should she?


Amanda not believing (or wanting to believe) that America doesnt like her && put her up just proves that she is being her true 100% self. She doesn’t believe she has done or said anything wrong, therefor America should like her. Regardless of how CBS edits her on the show, cameras are 24/7 and it’s a live feed!

What I dislike about Amanda is how personal she has gotten with the lies she tells the others to benefit her game. It’s Big Brother you have to lie! but Amanda’s mouth has NO filter and I don’t think she realizes whether it be the truth or a lie its going to effect others.

If it wasn’t for her mouth she would be in the perfect spot with the other HGs and with America. She just took it a couple steps too far.

Now I am patiently waiting for Thursday! Hopefully this double eviction will kick some of these players in the booty and start making some BIG moves!


I don’t get Helen always thinking next week, Jessie so glad you’ve step your game up but talk to Elissa so you three can get Manda out and add Spencer to the mix…I also think McPizza boy starting to see Amanda true colors….GM and Aaryn are afraid to get their hands dirty….Amanda can get voted out, so Elissa has to turn on Helen, if not Helen will turn on Elissa….GM, Aaryn, Andy, Judd, McCrae can all be on the short bus….If Candy can survive, Elissa, Jessie finale 3…Nevere going to happen, but Jessie continue to press Helen and Elissa to get Amanda out….She beyond vile…..Helen right next to her as well….I want Jessie and Elissa to turn on Helen and send her packing with her tears in tote….these are some catty bitches and CBS is loving every moment of it…..


Andy will not turn on Amanda or MC. He is much closer to them than Helen. Why? I don’t get it. He’d have a much better shot of being final 3 with team Helen and Elissa. Judd is the wildcard. If they could get him to commit to them, they could flip the house. These people are morons if they haven’t figured out they have (and should) get out Amanda and MC.


So far Andy seems content with F3 spot.


helen and elissa are bigger comp threats at the end than amanda and mcrea. they are not strong in trivia or physical, mccrae has endurance. andy may think he has a better chance, but i think he also likes them better. when he was drunk yesterday he was making fun of dictator helen.


It looks like IF Helen, Elissa and Jesse can talk themselves into voting out Amanda, Judd is gonna have to flip. If Judd is such the BIG time player his family said he was and is waiting for a HUGE move, NOW is the time. I know its wishful thinking that Judd will turn on Amanda, but if he does, only Mcrae, Andy, GM and Aaryn nation will be left on that side. He has so much to gain if he decides to flip.


Why is it ok for this ridiculous house to have a wedding for Amanda & McCrae, but it was a mission to split up all other couples, and they have the fantastic opportunity to rid themselves of Amanda and would rather take out a player who really has no one. I love Big Brother, but it is the first time I am not pressed to watch, and also the first time I could not say there is anyone in the house I would like to win. We need a new player to be thrown into the mix!


No one is this house has game. The rest of you have said it before: sheep. Sheep for the slaughter, being led by a sinister monster named Demanda. Helen is not the answer because she lacks vision and intestinal fortitude. McCrea(?) is a spineless worm, a jellyfish enamored with the trappings of “power” living in the skirts of Demanda. Spencer may have balls enough left to make a big move but has no support. Elissa (as nasty and disgusting as she is) is the key. She has the support of Jessie (why I don’t know) and the rest of the weaker minded sheep can rally around CBS’ predetermined winner to evict the evil Demanda.

Kelli Jo

Andy was hilarious last night. I want him around for the sheer entertainment value!


RatAndy is as useless a human being as Demanda herself. That is why he works so well for her. Like the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz he is expendable upon her whim. If it wasn’t for his nauseating two-timing backstabbing approach to the other mindless sheep he’d have no use what so ever. He is a vermin due for extermination.


I think Andy’s dislike for Nick is largely rooted in his insecurity. I don’t mean to sound judgmental, we all have insecurities, but I think Andy’s is rooted in the fact that he believed Nick to be gay, and I think his ego was a bit hurt that Nick didn’t pursue him and “played straight” in the house.

I also don’t think it helped that Nick is insanely attractive, and Andy likely felt less attractive and less masculine in the house by comparison. He didn’t hate Nick, he hated how Nick made him feel.


what? no, andy and judd, especially judd, have always disliked nick because he formed a boys alliance and didn’t include judd and andy. they both know that nick masterminded it and would talk late at night without them. i think judd was a bit jealous bc he liked gm at first too.


Wait … They already had the PoV contest without America’s Choice having been selected? That means no America’s Choice this week, right?

I guess it means America’s Choice will go up during double elimination?