“I didn’t come on here to Cougar all over these young men”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Rockstar Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers I think Kaitlyn is going…

10:34am talking about their periods all syncing up.
Sam talks about how she’s never had any roomates.

10:40am Rockstar and Kaycee
RS – I was not bullshitting the many times I mentioned working with girls.. YOu have never been a target like NEVER..
RS says her goal was to at least get to Jury and enjoy the process “as a fan of this show”
RS – I want to sit up there and decide who wins.. THAT’S what I thought would be really cool… this isn’t a springboard into a better thing.. I’m not here to further my modelling career.. (LOL Kaycee has shown interest into getting into modelling)
RS – I’m just somebodies mom.. I came here to do this thing.. I’m a benefit to you I’m not a physical threat..
RS – you are NEVER going on the block.. NEVER
RS – I would love to stay here and I know my babies would love me to stay here..
RS – I’m a team player and i’m loyal..

RS goes on about the game is going to get really shady wouldn’t they want to keep a straight shooter in the house that they can beat in comps.
RS says Kaitlyn has done a good job on her social game but ROCKSTAR considers her social game to be pretty good also.

RS – that Bracelet I gave you may not seem like a big deal but
K – I still got it
RS – It’s nice and I gave it to you because I really like this girl.. Like I really like her
RS – I didn’t give those out to everybody because they’re 20 dollars.. they’re real crystals so like.. you know
K – that’s awesome I appreciate it
RS – I’m not even going to ask you what you are going to do I don’t even want to know

K – I’m right down the middle you guys are both awesome..
RS says she apologized to Brett for the pots and Pans, “I am very balanced”
RS – I don’t have a power

RS says she thought Kaycee had a power. Kaycee says no.
RS – no matter what I am appreciative to be here..
RS – unlike some other people.. I don’t need to be her more than anybody else.. I have a family. I don’t have a trust fund.. I don’t have any of that..

K – I’m so glad you came to talk.. that’s awesome..
K – I was going to say something but I forgot..
RS – I believe I have 5 … 5 solid.. it on;y takes 6
K – I heard a tie would be Kaitlyn gone.. that’s what Sam wants..
RS – I would like to not tie and if it was a 1 vote difference I would not forget that..
RS – everybody loves an underdog story.. there’s nothing more than I want to keep the ladies in here..
RS says the one enemy she’s made in the house is a “macho macho man”

11:09am haleigh and Angela
H – now that we have this little group that is enjoying our company I don’t see why we can’t vote the same
Angela – yeah
H – that’s 4, we need 1 more. Kaycee’s 5
A – yeah

A – how do you think Fes is going to vote..
H – I don’t know
A – he might vote to keep Kailtyn just as a guilt
H – I was talking to him about it and he said I heard she might be gunning for me I was like if that’s the case and we have the numbers to send her home I’m sending her home
A – oh really

Angela tells her Brett is on board with whatever they decide because he wants either one to go.
Haleigh – the better competitor and the better social game is Kaitlyn ..

11:29am Rockstar and Tyler
RS says she can’t play the game the other girls play, “I can’t flirt with you guys.. I have a committed relationship”
RS – I’ve played a honest game.. you want someone that has played an honest game and hasn’t been doing weird things and putting alliance members up.. can you trust that person at the end of the day..
RS – I’m also a good person to keep around cause you can always use me as a pawn..

Tyler – my vote’s not locked now..
Rs – for 3 f*ing weeks we counted votes wrong.. I don’t want to hear I got you..

RS – just staying in Jury is helpful to my family… to my family…
RS – I haven’t done anything to anybody.. I made a big show towards Brett..
RS says what Brett did that it was the most ridiculous thing she could hear so she decided to do something ridiculous in return (pots and pans)

RS stresses she’s not easily swayed she’ loyal.
RS stresses that her performance in competitions hasn’t been great she’s nervous if she has to battle back against to Swaggy she won’t win.
Tyler tells her he doesn’t think that is how it will work
T – no matter where my vote lies this week it’s not beneficial for either of you to go

11:43am Haleigh and Tyler
Tyler asks where she’s voting..
Haleigh doesn’t know “it’s a hard position.. you are in a better one’
Haleigh says she doesn’t know a lot about their relationship but from the outside looking in it looks like they are very close.
Tyler says if he votes her out he’ll never be able to make a strong connection in the house again.
haleigh – that’s not true
Tyler – RS has never done anything and she’s not a threat..
Haleigh says RS hasn’t done anything Socially or physical but “I love Kailtyn”
Haleigh warns him that people are saying around the house how close they are together “that’s comes up in decisions a lot”
Tyler asks if FEs and Kailtyn on bad terms.
H doesn’t think they are on bad terms, “Some people think Kailtyn is targeting Fes”
H – I haven’t told Fes that.. if he hears that I feel like
T – he’s going to vote her out
H – I need to talk to her about that.. there’s several people saying that.. it’s fine if that’s the way she feels but she needs to stop telling people that
H – I feel like the house is really working together on this one
T – yeah
H – If we are going to do it we need to go all the way like it can’t be a 5 -5 vote
T – I want to figure out where everybody stands
Haleigh says Kailtyn has such a strong social game she doesn’t think she could beat her if she stayed on the block.

11:48am Another Sam creation

11:50am Suntanning
Rachel and Kaitlyn swap bras.

12:17am Angela and ROCK (Rockstar says the same thing in all the three conversations. I left bits out but it’s the same speech she’s giving them all)
Angela – so much for that girls alliance.. I’m still on board

Rockstar starts talking about fashion.. “certain pieces I would drop money on but I’m also a mom I can’t drop money on that”
Angela says he’s not a quiet person outside the house.. inside the house she is because she feels there’s a competition for attention ..
Angela – that’s just how I am personally but not outside this house.
Angela says people are reading their wrong thinking she’s a stuck up b1tch
A – that’s not me at all… people that don’t talk to me never get to know me ..
RS says she wanted to take out all the guys first she wanted all girls in the jury house.
RS goes on about how she can’t flirt with all the guys in the house and even if she could she wouldn’t

A – I will not do that.. I will not compete for someone’s attention..
Angela respects Rockstars for that.
they comment about Kailtyn.

RS – haleigh is 21 and single.. if I was 21 and single I would be bed hoping.. and Haleigh isn’t even bed hoping like someone else is..
Rs says her goal is “the women in the house stay in the house”

RS – I’m going for Brett and Tyler… Everybody loves him.. he’s kinda like Kaitlyn he’s in everyone’s ear.. he’s teh one that slips through the cracks.. Scootie is another one that slips throught the cracks..
Angela agrees.
Rs – he floats under the radar

Angela – it’s all the guys all the guys are the ones that scare me.. Kaitlyn’s been saying she wants to pout Sam up.. she told me and Haleigh.. I don’t make shirt up.. I’m not putting Sam up Sam is a powerhouse
RS – I’m a straight up mother f*er I have goals..
they talk about supporting the girls alliance. RS says as far as she’s concerned the person that wins HOH gets to decide which man they can keep along.
RS – I am not ever putting a women on that block period I don’t care how few of us period..
RS adds once they have a house of girls then they take out each other.
RS – I’m not going to do that by jeopardizing my home life
RS – I didn’t come on here to Cougar all over these young men
Angela – it’s not a good look for anyone.. I have so much respect for that..

RS says fes told her he wanted to prove to Haleigh he was loyal to her not Kailtyn “his best friend”

12:35pm Kaitlyn and fes
Kaitlyn – I know you are going to keep me but people have me worried.
K – RS has been campaigning all morning Angela told me
Kaitlyn says Angela has been really stepping it up with her coming to her many time making her feel better.
K – where are you at .. how do yo u feel
Fes – OK.. I need to talk to other people
K – You think I am going to be here
Fes – yeah

Kaitlyn says she has Fes, Tyler, Brett, Angela, Rachel,
k – Do I have Haleigh
Fes – I haven’t talked to her fully
K – Maybe Kaycee, Maybe JC
fes – Bayleigh will do what the house wants to

Kaitlyn tells him to try and get Haleigh to vote for her tell her you used the veto on her because you wanted to keep us both safe.
FEs – I just want his week to be unanimous
FEs thinks it would be best for them to start acting like everything is fine then the house will start thinking they are moving and
K – you know what that means.. we’ll have to spend a lot more time together

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Wankity wank

Did Kaityn give Brett a handy under the covers last night?


current power rankings (not my opinion of who i like the most, just who i think is in the best position to win):

1) tyler – he seems to have a working relationship with everyone in the house with most finding him indispensable. i’m impressed with how well he’s keeping his stories straight with everyone while preventing anyone from comparing notes. there’s a chance this all comes crashing down at some point, but for now, he’s in the lead.

2) kaycee – tyler’s number 2. she’s doing a good job not drawing attention to herself and not making any enemies. if she can nose past tyler at the end she may just win the game.

3) rachel – she has a strong alliance and again hasn’t made many enemies. her close relationship with angela may make her a target down the road, but for now she’s sitting pretty comfortably. she gets a slight edge over angela by virtue of the house seemingly liking her personality slightly more.

4) angela – basically a repeat of what was said above. for now rachel’s more popular than angela, so rachel has the edge.

5) sam – most of the house seems to respect her forthright nature, but she’s starting to choose sides which may put a target on her back. she’s still on the right side of the numbers to stay in the house and get jury votes.

6) brett – he’s in the level six alliance, so he has that going for him. that’s about it, however. he’s at the bottom of the alliance and while the alliance will keep him safe or throw him jury votes against a non-alliance member, he’s toast against an alliance member and it’s hard to think he successfully avoids such a situation.

7) scottie – scottie knows exactly where he stands in the house and made moves accordingly last week to take out people targeting him. it also seems he’s at least temporarily shifted the target off himself, but it’s unlikely to last. he needs some help to get to the end, but as swaggy’s former allies continue to implode, he just might get it.

8) jc – jc has had an excellent early game, but he seemingly has no plan on how to transition into mid-game and late-game seems completely out of the question. i think he makes it to jury comfortably, but can’t see him going much further.

9) bayleigh – she has a power app which may buy her an extra week of safety, but for the time being she’s just flying under the radar on the wrong side of the house as her numbers dwindle.

10) hayleigh – her days of flying under the radar appear to be over meaning she’ll need to alternate comp wins with faysal to stay. she seems capable of doing it, but it’s a rough strategy to need to rely on.

11) faysal – same situation as hayleigh. he ranks slightly lower as his physicality probably makes him a bigger target and he’s also none to bright, making him prone to getting manipulated.

12) kaitlyn – if she realized she was in the swing vote position, she actually might have a chance. unfortunately for her, she doesn’t realize this. both sides of the house thus view her as a necessary evil to give their side a number, but once she’s no longer needed as a number they will turn on her in a heartbeat as she’s just too much drama to otherwise deal with.

13) rockstar – she could be higher up if she kept her mouth shut, but announcing clear targets and being a general nuisance just makes her a easy target to send out of the house to keep the peace.

obviously this changes depending on comp wins and the lower tier people actually making smart decisions with their hoh if they get it, but this is how i currently see it.


d…. best analysis of the players. I think you nailed them all.


Since I don’t get live feeds I know I miss some things. Are Tyler and Kaycee still saying the 2 of them ? I just haven’t seen much interaction with. Which I know they both don’t feel it has to be said every day. But just wondering if there has been a conversation lately confirming that.

Houka Inumuta

Tyler is such a baby. This is his favorite movie of all time? Grow Up.


Reason 1 why Scottie is gonna win. Scottie like grown up movies

Reason 2: Apparently Post-Malone was release 50 years ago. Nice try insulting your own music.


Scottie listens to Nirvana which is a much classer artist. Which prove my point that Scottie is smarter. This is coming from a Daft Punk fan too.

Reason 3: Scottie made a big movie and has ZERO target on his back. Tyler made no big movie and half the house is after him.

Reason 4: Frank, Hayden (BB16), Jace, David (bb15) all lost. Steve and Ian beat legends like Dan and Vanessa It shows that Tyler will be out pre-jury and Scottie will win the whole game.

Everyone who thinks production is helping Tyler is either in denial or is new to this show.

That’s all for now

True Dat

There are as many people talking about getting Scottie out as there are people talking about getting Tyler out so they are roughly even in that area. I won’t address the rest of your argument as movie and music choices have no bearing on gameplay.

Houka Inumuta

The movie shows he immature which is usually the downfall in BB. It’s common knowledge that Post-Malone listeners usually have lower class and less intelligent. You need smarts to win Big Brother. Just asked Ian and Steve. This music and movie shows he doesn’t have what it take to win.

BTW I’m a EDM listener. I never listened tot Nirvana in my life.

Tom A

Lol, what a judgmental A-hole. People have their own different tastes. If it isn’t affecting anyone else in a negative way, there’s no reason to worry about it. People should be allowed to like what they like. I for one, am a huge Scooby-Doo fan.

True Dat

With all due respect, sometimes your favorite movie is your favorite because you have memories of watching it with a loved one or you remember the day you first saw it very fondly. Sometimes you like a certain album because it reminds you of chilling with your friends cruising down the street while the songs provided the backdrop. You can not judge a person’s intelligence based on their movie or music tastes because you don’t know the memories they may have tied to them.


In no world should Ian have beat Dan, that was a horrible loss for BB fans everywhere


Dan had a very bitter jury against him.

Trackin the Kraken

This whole thread shows just how one-dimensional RockWall’s game is. She makes the exact lame speech three times in a row, makes no adjustment based on the people listening., just “blah blah blah, i’m a team Player who can’t flirt, blah blah, committed relationship, blah blah blah” Zero game skills

She is about as clueless to playing BB as she is clueless in her “being able to identify white privilege by telltale signs” She is nothing but a baseless instigator. If she were up against ANYONE but Kaitlyn she’d be toast this Thursday evening

Just sayin'

Rockstar is so annoying, she thinks she is doing badly in the game because she doesn’t flirt with all the guys? What about kaycee? She doesn’t and she isnt complaining about all the other girls


Flirting requires the other side to be attracted to you too. ‘Nuff said.


Here’s my hope, I hope whoever gets evicted manages to win and reenter the house. I really dislike Angie but she’s now had a wake up call along with Haleigh. I see both of them as being much more proactive in the weeks ahead. Unless they are complete morons, they should at least make for some entertaining TV. I’d like to see another Scottie or Kaitlyn HoH. If it’s a luck of the draw type HoH maybe Angie can win it…those would be crazy.


rockstar i was rooting for you but you talk toooooo much. you tell bret about your alliance last night. then now u tell angela you are targeting the men. you deserve to go home for talking too much. you are on the block. she and kaitlyn can both leave at this point. they told her to chill and have fun and shes still out here soliciting vote. like stop already. geez. Tyler, fezzy, jc may all now vote her out now. rockstar doesnt know when to shut up.


Because heaven forbid people on BB actually talk to each other (eye roll). I don’t like RS but do respect that she is finally starting to play the game.

Smitten By Haleigh

Even if Rockstar wanted to cougar the young men in the house she would have a batting average of zero.


I’m impressed more and more with Angela. She keeps her head and stays loyal to her alliances without being disrespectful to others. She is good at listening and using that information to further her own game. She isn’t here to get followers on Insta or become reality TV famous.

She and Scottie are probably the two smartest people in the house.


RS…maybe if you had a kinder heart, being a cougar might be more beleiveable. The way she constantly bashes other people is just plain ugly.