“I’m not going to take credit for manifesting your win But I prayed .. I prayed in the booth”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip

Choose three houseguests they compete while on a field trip. The winner gets safety for the week the loser gets nominated as the third nominee.

Doesn’t affect this week it affects the following week. 8 days of voting.
Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes

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9:32 pm Jessica finds jack and Christie’s sex Stool

Jessica – it looks like it’s broken.

10:43 am Jessica and Cliff
Cliff points out at this point there are four tight people it would be nice to see some of that go. reminds her that everyone has her back.
Jessica – we have the numbers to go either way

Jessica says she feels like the common person to have been left out of the loop.
Cliff says his point was always to try and break up the six.
Cliff – I don’t know if it was a little bit me or Sam but we’re there (it was Sam)

Cliff – it’s so nice being a part of a group I’ve wanted that the whole time and it feels like we’re there. I thank you for that

Cliff leaves
Jess – thanks cliff.
Cliff comes back. “If you want to keep Jack weaker say I’m going with the three guys or something.. put Nick, Me and Jack up there. I’ll keep an eye out for him”

Jessica – thank you for that

10:51 am Jack and Holly
Holly – Jackson is sad
Jack – he feels betrayed
Jack – Jackson’s a good person I never thought he wasn’t.

11:23 am Nick and Jessica
Nick pushes for the six.
Jessica – I’m not part of an alliance.

Jess – people are disrespecting HOH’s and flipping votes.
Nick – You know I can win a veto. If you need me to keep the noms the same I got ya
Jess – we have to take into account that there is a power
Nick – I don’t think she’ll use it this week that will make her a target for double eviction. If she f*ed you over

Nick points out that the 4 of the 6 all want Michie out. Nick says there were two people that were going back and forth yesterday they were Michie and Christie.
Nick – Michie got the brunt of it. I personally love Christie.

Nick says one of the six was telling him hardcore to go for the HOH this week and now he finds out they wanted him to win so that he wouldn’t be able to win during the double.
Nick says after the blow up with the 6 someone from that group came to him and told him a bunch of stuff, “They were scared”

Jessica says she already heard that the Jack is feeling upset for outing Jackson. She thinks they are going to get back together.

Nick – they’re coming after me
Jessica – I admire watching you when you feel like your life is on the line and it shows you want it and you are also not a cocky alpha dude that walks around making decisions for everyone.
Jess – I’m not saying anyone in this house does

Nick talks about how all them underdogs should stick together. He pushes that next week they can win Hoh and he’ll take a shot at the six regardless. (he’s a lot of talk, unfortunately)

Jessica says she wants the nomination to be the same. She doesn’t want to backdoor anyone they’re competitors let them compete.
Nick says if he wins veto he’ll do whatever he wants he’ll keep those noms the same

Nick – I’ll go out there and win it for you. You will go out there an win it

Jessica is sore that nobody told her about the vote flip when Nick was HOH and the potential vote flip last night. She heard that someone in the six was saying not to tell her. jess reminds him that Kat’s her girl.

Nick – you, me, cliff, Kat, Ncilel we need each other otherwise we will be annihilated. You won this win I’ll win the next one.

they hug it out


12:10 pm (this is a short version.. he’s going up)
Jack’s turn to chat with Jessica.
Jessica calls him out on none of the six telling her about all the flips and potential flips
Jessica – My mind’s in a jumbled mess
Jack – there’s bigger threats in the house

Jessica says she’s been blindsided too many times
jack – yup

Jack – no judgment .. I love you
Jack – I’ll back you no matter what choice you make I’ll back you

12:23 pm Nicole and Nick
Nick says Sis is going to win something soon she’s very athletic and competitive.
Nick mentions that he told Jessica that he wins HOH next week he’s talking shot tat the six he’s not going to be a coward
Nicole – Sis was pushing for me

they talk about the talk of the morning was how Cliff made Jessica breakfast and brought it up to her.
Nicole – So what other people have done it before
Nick – yeah but it wasn’t them.

12:27 pm Jessica and Holly

Holly says she will clarify anything with Jessica.
Jess – I’ve only talked to two people right now.
Jess says Holly is not even an option, “we’ve been very very honest with each other since day one”

Holly – I one million percent respect whatever you want I will back you 100% you are my girl and I’m so damn proud of you and I’m proud that you earned this right to make a very important decision.
Holly – whatever happens if you want to talk to me I will help with clarification

12:37 pm Tommy and Kat

Tommy going on about Jack is upset because he betrayed Jackson and Tommy is the reason he betrayed Jackson
Kat – Are jack and Jackson still working together
Tommy – No, No they’re not

kat says that Jessica loves christie if Jackson goes up to the HOH and throws Christie under the buys Jessica will put Jackson (Michie) up for sure.

They questions why Holly stands by Michie when he treats her that way. (again a long conversation where Jack joins and Kat lets it slip that jack and Jackson are probably going up)

12:40 pm Jack and Sis
Jack – I made the wrong decision I drew a f*ing knife
Sis – why
Jack – because I think Christie is f*ing around
jack – this has to stay between us
Sis – why would I fu*ing tell her that when I feel the same way
Jack – she doesn’t feel any type of remorse or thankfulness for what I’ve done. Any sincerity. She doesn’t acknowledge the implications of all I f*ing did in exiling Jackson
jack – she doesn’t f*ing care
Jack – she’s just trying to cover her tracks so she can be good on both sides. that’s all she f*ing cares about

Jack – Jackson was right about some things like 75% (about Christie)
Sis – I just feel confused I don’t know what to do (just another day for sis)
Sis – what do we do now
Jack – we have to move forward and trust Christie, Tommy, and Nick (ZOMG)

12:54 pm Jessica and Christie
Jessica – what happened yesterday through me for a loop
Christie goes on about hos “painfully awkward” today is.

Jessica – I kinda have an idea of what has to happen

Christie – you have my full support. I respect and I support you in no matter what you do what you do


(Right when she says you have my full support the tell )
Christie – I’m not going to take credit for manifesting your win But I prayed .. I prayed in the booth..

Christie says she prayed that someone from the other side wins HOH ” I feel that there needs to be a shift something needs to happen. I feel like your win had to be”
Jessica goes on how she doesn’t want to backdoor anyone

Jessica – you are someone I trust whole heartily
Christie – same
Jessica – I was never part of the 6 the 8 or the nine

Jessica tells her how she was left in the dark for two votes. Christie goes on about how she doesn’t deserve that.
1:15 pm Christie tells her unless she’s on the block she won’t use her power
Christie – I don’t want the veto. I don’t want the power in my hands I want it flushed out I don’t want to use it
Jessica – I would want you to win it and not use it
Christie – you want me to win it
Jessica says she wants everyone to play their a$$ off in the veto and if the nominees don’t win it don’t use the veto

Jessica says she has no reason to put Nicole, Kat, and Cliff up

Christie says she would think it’s weird to put Cliff up “Cliff is someone else’s targets he has your back if I were you I would never put him up”
Christie says she wants to team up with Jessica in a small group.
She goes on about “Gunning” for the double.
Christie says she doesn’t want people to stay that will be gunning for Jessica.

Christie wants to be the one that takes out Jackson.
Christie – I give you my word I will gun for it (Veto) and I will not use my power and I’m giving you that on my sister. I won’t be swayed.
Christie – I am playing for my home team.


1:34 pm Tommy, Jessica and Christie

Christie says she’s doing what she vowed to do this week just be alone and observe “soak everything in”
Christie – we’re at the halfway point of this game I made like a bible joke cause now I’m reading the bible. It’s the new testament. The Six is blown up. I’m a free agent in this game.
Tommy – Oh my god yes
Christie – I have a hand full of people that I actually trust and respect and that I believe have my back
Christie – I cam here to win this game and I’ll to whatever I need to do to win this game with integrity to at least 4 or 3

Christie – I respect people that respect me
Timmie – I feel pretty shitty today honestly
After Christie goes Tommy starts telling her the entire time everything was happening yesterday he was thinking “jess needs to know”

2:00 pm Timmie, sis and Jessica
Crying saying whatever to stay off the block. Tossing Jackson and Cliff under teh bus

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Franks fumes

Well it seems Jess got a brain in her HOH basket.


it is early in the week

Franks fumes

I know I worry every time Queen Crusty talks (mists) to Jess that she revert to her former state of hypnosis lol.


Let’s hope so but crusty is a master manipulator so until noms are done we can’t count on anything.

Feeds Gold

will be interesting to see if sis/jack try to rekindle things with jackson after christies dodginess

i think sis/jack are gonna work with nick now


They don’t have that much sense, Feeds

Feeds Gold

its already begun with sis/jack/nick, and i think jack realises he made a mistake siding with christie over jackson

Feeds Gold

christie thinks shes totally good on all sides apart from jackson


Franks fumes

Lol ……Sex Stool……..sounds like a Spinal Tap song.


Hahaha, it does!

Joe Kerr

God Christie…STFU!

She is so damn annoying. Not bashing anyone rooting for her, just giving my personal opinion is all. Apologies if anyone takes offense.

Dalia Hobelman

Omg Christine STFU my god she Is always in the hoh ear saying I trust your opinion bitch no you don’t lol

Feeds Gold

i wonder if jack is smart enough to not tell tommie he has major doubt in christie

sis is very selective what she tells christie as she talks so much, and i dont think she would mention it to tommie

sis has an advantage and a bit more leeway with christie/tommie as she is their current preferred final 3 and they really enjoy her on a personal level and sounds like they are very keen to be friends with her after the game is over more so than any other house guest

Feeds Gold

not buying the christie koolaid…nick and the rest of six shooters excluding tommie

buying the christie koolaid…everyone else

think about that when making your field trip vote

Miss Conception

Christie is not selling the Koolaid,she is pushing it like a drug dealer and Jess is mainlining.Christie-“Jessica,I am going to insert an IV into you so that you can get my Koolaid directly”! Jessica-” I know that you would never deceive me and I trust you 100 %so,you can shove that baby in”! (I am now going to throw up)


I agree, if Jess is gunning for Jack and Jackson I think Tommy/Christie/Sis should be the ones chosen for the field trip. If you choose Jack/Jackson for the field trip then one may get safety. Choosing Christie/Tommy/ Sis will guarantee two of the 6 are up!

Feeds Gold

im not voting to give sheep an advantage(or non sheep a disadvantage)…six shooters minus tommie have turned on christie…i want to see those under the christie spell – currently cliffs angels – have their game at risk because those people are going to play “lets do all the things that christie wants to do” the rest of the season which i find boring, another paul situation…for the good of the season im voting cliffs angels for field trip to minimise christies advantage/hold on the house dynamic

Feeds Gold

i also dont want to vote for christie to go on the field trip as she will likely win the comp for yet another week of safety, the week after her power expires

The Universe



Tommy and christie are snakes in the grass.

Franks fumes

Beautiful rainbow snakes in the grass……


Beautiful, rainbow, manifesting snakes in the grass,,,,,


I read this as manfisting.


Omg that made me laugh, afdsa!!


manfisting snakes…uggg scarrryyy! 😮

Jessica's Kankles

Jessica will not leave her food basket of HOH goodies unattended.


yeah Snackson will eat everything

Jon Bon Ovi

Best move – put up Jack and Tommy. Christie (WHO NEEDS TO SHUT THE F UP) will be pressured to use her power. If she doesn’t they both mad. If she does it will show who she wants to protect more…

Franks fumes

This goes against all that is holy…….but the smart move is Jackdouche going before LEGOhead……the human blockhead will be more firepower to go after Crusty next week….I know it’s painful but has to be done lol.

another name

Sitting back and thinking about motivations for what is going on today.
Nick: motivation in his jabs on Christie: he thought he had her and he didn’t. It’s personal and game together. While he was trying to ply her away from the Jacks, she was paying lip service. He’s trying to maintain middle cred. (personal feeling he’ll try to rush the game play. He isn’t the best at delayed gratification and long game when he feels comfortable. the moment he feels safe he’ll push the envelope too far).
Nicole: I thought last night she was preferring Jack as target because of what she overheard at the boat room door on Wed. night. If she were to win an HOH, i think she’d go for Sis. While i don’t think she will admit this, I see a subtle indication that she sees Sis as the drag a goat to finals, and Nicole would rather they take her.
Christie: her motivation is Christie. plain and simple. She is doing the same kiss up as the rest of her alliance, but she’s to ridiculously tireless in deifying her own motives while vilifying everyone else. Apparently she poops rose blossoms.
Jack: as soon as he heard he would likely be on the block, he was believing Christie was the evildoer. I see self interest in there but misdirected self interest. He’s closer to right now in saying 75% of the stuff about Christie is true (i peg it more at 65 simply because of the changes in characterization. all of the facts are there, but in each of the conversations: it wasn’t a monologue, she was either adding to what was said by the other person, or the other person was egging on ms. wordvomit).
Tommy: I hope everybody likes me, I’m ready for my closeup mr. demille… oh look i can cry on demand. blah blah blah. Oh i feel so bad. suck up and pucker game at 100 mph. with the requisite shaddup Timmy by feed watchers.
Kat: real floater strategy. Not Rachel bastardization. She’s pulling more of an Allison version from season 4 than a Jun version from the same season, but they both floated so similarly (except Ally used the flirt method, Jun used the food method). Seed plant, jump. seed plant jump. flirt. seed plant. take offense. jump. seed plant. repeat as necessary.
Jessica: I’m trying to get through Jessica conversations. I’m realllllly trying. I hit a white noise period after about five minutes. So her motivation is whatever motivated an adult in a peanuts cartoon?? Waah wu waw waa wooo wa waaah. It’s hard with Jessica. she takes offense at not being part of the house. until last night she was repeatedly telling anyone that listened that the house had no alliances. How do you take that seriously?

Bullies SUCK

Swear to God, if she puts up anyone but the Sex Shooters, I’m done with this season. It’s predictable that the six mend fences. They are a completely disfunctional family. They have screamed at each other and lied to each other enough…they deserve each other. If the wannabes choke this week away, they only have themselves to thank.

Bullies SUCK

Has Tommy won a Tony yet? If not, he will. Dude is masterful at his deception with everyone!


Just when I thought I heard it all…Christie manifested Jess’s win???!!! 😮 I don’t even know why I’m shocked. I guess I just feel like don’t people know that when u say things that insane….the other person is gonna know you’re full of it. Crazzzyyyy….but LOVE it hahahaha

another name

I’m starting to think those aren’t pheromones. She’s been chemically treated to produce hallucinogens to heighten suggestibility.

Franks fumes

That explains a lot….

Feeds Gold

jack admitting to sis he had a final 2 with christie

sis: i figured, i dont care

jack realising the most loyal person to him is sis


OMGGGG Tommyyyy…..the whole time yesterday he was just thinkin Jess needs to know. What an absolute joke. And they know she’s gullible and might fall for it.


Cliff talking to Nicole about Sis “the only thing she has done in this game is sleep with the most powerful guy”, also she doesn’t want to be there and says she better not get have nots because she won’t do it. Cliff says it is sad because David and Ovi wanted to be here. ~ Sis in a nutshell.
Jess in a nutshell~ Jess in HOH to Sis and Tommy. You might be upset with my noms, but all of the drama within the 6, she is going to do what is best for her. She doesn’t want to blindside anyone, so she will let them know so they get a chance to compete. She doesn’t want veto
used. She wants people to respect her decision and doesn’t want to have to pick a replacement nom if she doesn’t have to. Jess tells Sis going forward, people need to stop with the name calling and backstabbing. People just need to let things go and not get personal….not how the game is actually played…but what can you say…it’s Jess

Feeds Gold

cliffs butthurt as sis and others called him out for playing both sides yesterday

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

What choice had he had? It’s truly been self preservation.

Feeds Gold

yeah he did the best he could after the cliffs notes eavesdropping

but hes majorly in danger again now

Feeds Gold

sis to jack: tommie always fights so hard for christie…does he not see it?

jack: i know what im gonna do with christie…i dont even wanna say it out loud…keep your enemies close

this is great stuff

nick comes in to genuinely console sis who is emotional, getting her to laugh

fake hollie comes in to pretend to be part of the group

Feeds Gold

so with jack, jackson on the block…

if jack wins veto christie surely uses the power so jack can put up cliff

otherwise tommie or sis go up

it would be dumb for christie to risk either going up as jackson may be kept by southerners/cliffs angels

if jackson wins veto christie probably doesnt use the power

if someone like tommie or sis wins veto i think christie uses the power and they save jack and put up cliff

could you imagine jack winning veto, christie using the power and jack putting her up haha


I love how Cliff and Nick both say to Jess that they will take a shot at the six if they win HOH next. Ummm…. both of you guys already had that chance and didn’t do it, so why would anyone believe you now.



another name

Something we all need to remember as Jessica has her strategy sessions, and her one on one talks:
Until LAST NIGHT, Jessica didn’t believe alliances existed in the house.
All of this there was a 9, an 8, a 6 talk? It’s new news to her. Even though she was told about the 8 on week one, sat and listened to the 9 break up two weeks ago, then sat and listened to the 6 break up last night. She talked herself out of each of those things being real. She had to have it explained to her by Nicole last night.
Now i say again, let’s pace ourselves before we go all wow it’s Dr. Jess Gheesling… because it could soooo easily become Jess rhymes with Fes (so Fester becomes Jester?) , or Marceljess level error. I’m just trying to be reasonable.

Franks fumes

Cognitive Dissonance……is Jess’s middle name.

Girl On Fire

And then last night when the six was officially “exposed” she said, “we all knew, we’d have to be idiots NOT to know!”… well, then you’re a friggin idiot Jess, because everytime Nicole tried to tell you, you would shut her down and say “I think there’s a 2,and a 2, and Christy and Tommy. Well, I like kinda just think we’re all working together.”… And then Nicole’s head would explode like the rest of ours!
Then she also said last night, “and I’m not a floater,I’m by myself but I’m not a floater”…Bitch, you LITERALLY called YOURSELF a damn floater when you inserted yourself into an argument between Sam and Christy! UGH!!!
I’ll be happy to see big moves being made this week, but I still can’t stand her!
Also, Jess being offended that people are “disrespecting” the HOH and flipping votes? WTF?!? YEAH!! This is Big Brother! We as viewers HATE unanimous votes! WTF has happened to this game? All of this all powerful HOH bullshit is SO infuriating! The HOH needs to pick TWO targets, because after the veto the HOH has NO POWER and from there the fuckin HOUSEGUESTS are supposed to decide! All of this this “respect the HOH’s wishes” is some BULLSHIT!


Average # of words spoken per day by men: 7,000
Average # of words spoken per day by women: 20,000
Average # of words spoken per day in the BB house: 40,000
Average # of words spoken per day by Christie: 2 million

BB live feeds addict

I don’t know who talks more Kat or Christie. They both drive me crazy. I think Kat is just as bad as everyone else blabbing to both sides.

Feeds Gold

christie and kat combined is brutal

Feeds Gold

christie is so dumb to think jack for sure survives the block v jackson

it would be 4-4 and jess breaks the tie

christie is way too trusting of kats vote and its so dumb…how does christie not see kat is closer to hollie than christie(plus they now know those 2 know each other)…despite her dislike of jackson, she will do what hollie wants

needlessly risking losing someone who would take you final 2 isnt smart

the power is there so use it

fearing getting blood on your hands and pleasing the hoh who cant play next week could mean you lose one of the most powerful allies/shields in the game

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

OK, let me preface that I can’t stand Jackson and I know this is premature. BUT if they can get rid of Jack this week, I wouldn’t be sad to see Jackson win the next HOH and go for Christie. She’s a snake and loyal to no one. Shocked Jack is seeing it now. But with Jack gone, Sis is on her own and Jack and Miche won’t get back together. Like Christie “prayed” to the universe for Jessica to win HOH????? She’s a straight shooter alright (eye roll) She’d sell out her grandma, her unicorn, AND the universe.