Jack “She [Kemi] is f**king poison. And you can f**king tell her I said that because I am f**king coming for her!”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV  Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi Has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. We’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony.

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie AKA Mickey (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

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7:05pm Storage room. Jack and Kat. Jack – you’re good. You have votes. I would guarantee you have at least 10 votes and I’m a part of that. Kat – thank you. Jack – you need to keep what people are saying about their votes ..by make waves about the votes you getting could potentially lose them. Kat – the only people I don’t know where they’re at are Kemi, Bella and Nick. Jack – I trust Kemi as far as I can throw her. You can not listen to her. She is f**king poison. And you can f**king tell her I said that because I am f**king coming for her!

Ovi is talking to Holly and Analyse about his dog and other things. (Holly and Analyse have tuned out). After Ovi leaves.. Holly – he (Ovi) is so sweet. Even when he is not talking game .. he talks and talks and talks but says nothing. Analyse – that’s why I had to get up.

7:13pm Bedroom. Ovi and Jessica. Ovi – I get you’re in a hard spot. I feel good about it. It could come down to it but I might need your support quite honestly Mamma-J. Jessica – you let me know. Ovi – I know it puts you in a tough situation but I can tell you this that I will fight for you and I will fight hard. I will do my best to get power and I have your best interest in mind. There was only one person that told me basically to watch out .. and you were that person. I think I have the votes right now. It seems like people are telling me I don’t need to worry about it. Jess – obviously I don’t think Christie cares who stays or goes.. so that’s almost a good thing. But the only thing is we don’t know what the house wants. Ovi – people are telling me that they want me to stay.. I just don’t want to get blindsided by it. I just want to leave with dignity, just let me know. Jess – you know I’ll let you know. Ovi – If we can get through this week.. I will be on your side working for you.

7:26pm Boat room. Kat and Jack. Kat – I don’t want to sound .. you know but I am just getting really weird vibes from Kemi. She hasn’t talked to me at all about this whole thing. I kind of think that maybe she is going to try and flip the votes. Jack – she can try and she will alienate herself. Do not listen to her. She will be the death of you. Everything she says is manipulative as f**k.

7:40pm Bedroom. Ovi and Christie. Christie – as far as I know Jack, Jackson, Sis.. I would assume Holly. Do you know of anyone? Ovi – Nicole I know will have my back. And Cliff will have my back. Christie – and I will break the tie. Ovi – if it comes down to it will you break the tie? Christie – oh course, I don’t owe anything to Kat. I have faith that the house has your back and that Kat will continue to crumble. I feel like she isn’t present. But if it comes down to 6/6 I will vote to keep you. I would never, ever vote to keep her over you.

7:35pm Bathroom. Jess and Nicole. Jess is crying. I don’t want Ovi to go and I don’t want Kat to go either. I just feel so bad. I can’t look Ovi in the eye and promise him anything. This isn’t how I wanted to play my game. Nicole – I can’t look at either of them. Jess – Ovi thinks he has it.

7:45pm HOH room. Kat and Christie. Christie – I feel bad for Ovi. I do. I feel like its going to be a blindside. Kat – I really don’t know what to think. Do I have the numbers still. Its like you said yesterday.. who can you trust. Christie – I don’t see you going home. Christie – as far as I know no one is voting you out. I feel like right now people look at you as being social and somewhere in the middle and people could use you. Kat – yeah I’m not a part of an alliance. I would love to work with strong players but I haven’t been formerly invited into an alliance. Christie – I think everyone is just so friendly right now that everyone is scared to be in an alliance because everyone would just know about it. Kat – no I agree with that.

7:50pm Hammock. Nick, Jack and Jackson. Jack – Kemi is trying to flip the vote… according to your girl Kat. Jackson – do not, do not put those two words in front of her name. Hey motherf**ker I’ve been taking one for the team. Jack – she could be the dumbest big brother player. Nick – she really is.. she makes Fessy look smooth yo! Jackson – do not say your girl Kat because she is not my f**king girl. Jack – no she’s not but she is .. she isn’t. Jackson – no she is not.. don’t put that evil on me. Jack – best believe I am about to walk over to her (Kemi) and say B***H your f**king show is over. Best believe I am going to work my a$$ off all week next week and see your a$$ up on the block. But it doesn’t benefit our game! This is why we wanted her gone. She is the second dumbest player in big brother history next to Kat. I don’t think I’ve told someone more to shut up.

8:25pm Ovi is teaching Nicole how to play pool.

8:37pm – 9:05pm Almost all of the house guests have piled into the boat room.

9:10pm HOH room. Jessica is showing Nicole and Kat how the HOH bathroom shower flooded. Nicole and Kat do a dance on the towels to soak up the water. Jess says that she has no idea why or how it happened.

9:20pm – 9:30pm Nick, Bella and Kemi. Nick – I think I honestly want to target Kat next week and put a pawn up next to her. Kemi – and who? Nick – I don’t f**king know, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Kemi – wait, why Kat though? Nick – ah she’s paranoid and she’s making me anxious. Kemi – so you definitely think that Ovi’s going home this week? Nick – well I’m voting him out. Aren’t you? Kemi – that’s what I plan to do. I hope I win. Nick – I hope you do too. Kemi – well, I hope someone close to me wins. Nick – you don’t want to win? Kemi – well I’m not going to throw it. Nick – if it was me and you at the end I would throw it to you. Kemi – I wouldn’t have a problem putting anyone up. Sam joins them. Kemi leaves the room. Bella questions why Nick told Kemi he would put Kat up next week. Nick – I had to plant that seed that I want Kat out. And I am going to end up putting Kemi up as a pawn. I am going to freak out on Kat at noms and say you’re my f**king target. You didn’t get that?! That’s strategizing. Sam is in pain. Nick asks if its his hemorrhoid. Nick says sorry right after because Sam didn’t want anyone to know. Nick comments to Bella how Sam hurt himself in the comp yesterday.

9:49pm Bathroom. Nick and Analyse. Nick – why are you always messing with my head. Analyse – I’m not messing with your head. Its your fault you don’t want to believe me. Nick – because everyone is saying that you like him (Jack). Analyse – because they see us cuddle, that’s it. Nick – well that’s stupid, you’re putting a target on your back. You need to cuddle with more people. Analyse – okay so I’ll cuddle with you next. Nick – no you’re not, I ask all the time. I feel like he gets mad at me though. Why do you think he stares at me whenever I’m with you. Analyse – I think he just gets jealous that I’m more touchy with you than him. Nick – are you? Analyse – yeah. Do you ever see me just go up to him and hug him? Nick – no and you hug me all the time. Analyse – exactly. Nick – I don’t like this. Analyse – why? Nick – because I was fine and then you had to go and be like you’re hot. Analyse – everyone says you’re hot. I’m not the only one. Holly said it. Christie said it. Kat joins them and tells Nick that he’s hot. Nick – I’m kissing her. I’m just confused. Someone said they talked to someone who said you were having feelings for him (Jack). Analyse – I never said I had feelings for him. I just said he’s hot. Nick – I just feel like I’m in a love triangle between you, me and Jack. Analyse – why can’t I just cuddle with you and him? Nick – you can. If I get out of here and find out that you’re f**king with me .. I will never talk to you again. Analyse – I’m not f**king with you. Christie joins them. They talk about how its fun to flirt. Christie leaves. Analyse – Kemi is scaring me. I f**king hate that B***H! Nick – you’re not going up. And besides I’m going to win the week three thing anyway.

10:10pm Kemi & Ovi playing checkers. Meanwhile on the hammock. Holly, Jackson, Kat and Cliff are chatting. Kat – just let me know if I’m not good ..because then I’ll just go savage. Jackson – don’t do that on national television. Kat – I’m going to be classy. I’m just going to call people out.

10:25pm Storage room. Ovi and Sam. Ovi – I feel like you’re the most real person in here and you keep it straight. Sam – yeah. Ovi – I just wanted to scratch your head. Do you have a feeling? Where its going to go. Sam – I am hearing 50/50 stuff… I know that people see that Kat sleeps all the time. She doesn’t bring anything to the table so just based on that alone it leads you to believe that Kat is going home. But again its big brother and anything can happen. When you look at it, we’re pretty sure Kat is going home.

10:30pm – 10:45pm Boat room. Christie, Bella, Kemi and Jess. Christie going off again about the Jack-show. I don’t even think he is a comp beast. He thinks he is running this game. He turns me off so bad. He needs to be out before jury.

10:53pm HOH room. Jack and Ovi. Ovi – I just want to give you a hug. Jack – its all going to work out dude. Ovi – I can trust you right? You’ve got my back? Jack – yeah. You’re an incredible player. (WTF?) Ovi – well yeah but I’m playing for y’all and I don’t want anyone to take a shot at you because of me. Like they might think lets take a hit at Jack and take Ovi out because you’re my big bro. Jack – no, you’re obviously a better player than Kat. That’s what I’m worried about. Jack – you’re going to be fine. Ovi – I’m trusting you. jack – you’re my little bro. Ovi – you’re my ride or die. And I am promising you I will get you there even if it means tanking my own game for you. Jack – I know. I’m the same way. You’re going to be fine. Ovi – I trust y’all. I will push the wagon to get y’all there. Jack – you’re selfless dude. Ovi – I don’t care about the 500K. I don’t need to win it, I don’t need to win it. I just need to get far enough to experience it. Just let me do that man. In this game and even after I will be indebted to you. I mean I care about it but not as much as some of these people. I’ll never take a shot at you my man. Anyone takes a shot at you and I will shoot them two times back. Jack – you’re going to be fine. You just need to get some rest. You’re good dude. Ovi – I appreciate it. Ovi leaves.

11pm Kitchen. Jackson and Analyse. Jackson – She (Kemi) has made it clear that she is coming after me and Jack. Analyse – and me. Jackson – and Christie. Analyse – and Holly. Jackson – I don’t know why we didn’t just f**king put her up. She is a cancer. We need to cut her out! F*8king remove her from this house. I don’t care next week if I win HOH I will put her up. I won’t backdoor her. I want her to play in the POV and I’ll beat her in that too and then send her packing.

11:10pm – 1140pm HOH room. Christie, Jack, Tommy, Nick. Jack – I don’t even want to deal with looking at Kemi anymore. Christie – that’s fine you don’t have to. You can get her out whenever you feel like it. But if you do alienate yourself from everyone not in our alliance it is going to show who our alliance is so just be careful with that. Jack – I know. I’m cool with Jeff, I’m cook with Nicole. I’m cool with Cliff. Kemi makes me stomp a mud hole through her chest. Holly, Jackson and Analyse join them. Jackson – Kat will do whatever we say. Why not use her to our advantage. Let her take the heat for this one. Christie – she doesn’t know the game very well. Holly and Jackson talk about having to talk Kat off a ledge multiple times a day.

12:30am HOH room. Analyse and Jack. Analyse is running her fingers through his hair.

12:45am Bedroom. Ovi and Nick. Nick explains to Ovi how he feels there were a few days where he wasn’t the real Ovi. I just want to let you know that you should always be true to yourself. If you get the votes ..7 – 8 people then I’ve got you. Who do you have right now? Ovi – pretty much everyone. I’m a free agent. Nick – who would you put up if you won? Nick – pretty much who voted against me. Nick – how would you know? Ovi – just through conversations. If I win HOH, you let me know and I’ll work with you. Nick – I don’t even know what I would do.

1:15am – 1:30am Bedroom. Bella, Kemi, Jess and Nick talk about how long Analyse has been up in the HOH room with Jack. Nick – they’ve been up there so long they might as well be f**king. Nick then goes to the other bedroom and talks to Tommy about Sis being up in the HOH alone with Jack. She is going to play an awful game until she goes. I love you Sis but you’re being stupid! Even if you want to be alone to talk .. 5 minutes max! And now they’ve got the whole house talking about them bro. I love Jack and we’ll be friends outside of here be he is trash. And she’s young bro.. she’s 22 and he’s 28. She’s 22, she’s not thinking. She’s going to bury her game.

1:38am Holly and Christie come up to the HOH room. Jack – this is my cue, I gotta go. Christie – absolutely!

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Jack is f*ing poison .. Building the shrine 4 Ovi

another name

reading the transcribed (the way they act doesn’t match but on the subject of a specific woman in each case) hmm, did jackboot read bruno’s how to talk about and approach a woman bbcan3 memoir?


I hope Kat goes and either Kemi or Bella wins HoH. Kemi because she’ll go after Jack and Bella because she’ll be fun when she’s power mad.


Uh…. look In the mirror!

King Silva

Jack really is horrible.

I hope Ovi survives (he won’t) and Kemi or an outsider wins HOH so they can shake shit up!

Jack needs to be humbled badly…


OK, I guess I’m an idiot… How do I join the chat? I see where to log in, but no where to create an account.


Hey Frank, Sorry about not replying earlier.

We’ve been toying with the idea of offering a chat and accounts on the site for people that donate. A way to offer people that donate a bit more. This page explains it https://www.onlinebigbrother.com/onlinebigbrother-members/

The only thing that probably isn’t going to happen is the Kraken chat podcast unless you folks want to hear me ramble on for 10 minutes. Do you ? Cause I’ll talk Big Brother into a microphone for hours 😉


Will you take phone calls?


The chat is text-based but any podcast I do could take audio questions and comments but a phone call would be tough to time out with everybody as my schedule is bizarre.


oof just got caught up on tonight’s episode. ovi is dumb. you overhear someone saying they’re in an 8 person alliance and you think the hoh isn’t part of it? i’ll be pretty happy when he goes home. you can’t play that stupid and last long.

another name

so. when holly was upset about jack calling kemi a bitch and sis agreed…. she apparently meant agreed with jack because sis has been calling her bitch a few times tonight.
while jackson is calling her cancer.
and jack is saying he wants to stomp a mudhole in her chest.
nerdherd is hoping this group doesn’t implode so that they can take over the reign of most disliked alliance.


I’m truly loving this season so far. The whacktivity comp was fun to watch, and Ovi’s win was a surprise, for me. If he can confide in some select few, it may be enough for them to want to keep him, but this could also be another reason to drop him. Quite the conundrum. AND, I love the newly formed Black Widow alliance (see Bella, below). My updated rankings (purely based on game play, and non-game play):

#1 Tommy holds this top spot because he has beautifully positioned himself in the game. He needs to avoid HOH for the next several weeks. His game is completely social, right now. Gotta love him.

#2 Cliff remains my number 2 because, like Tommy, he has positioned himself well. I love his social game…seeing Cliff join in with the youngsters the way he does without making himself a nuisance in any way. He found a way to naturally fit in with them. He is a cool cucumber and on everyone’s good side.

#3 Bella takes a big leap on my ranking. She has started separating herself from Nick at just the right time and formed an alliance with Jess, Nicole, and Kemi (The Black widows-they use the double peace hand sign to form a W…”we’re going to end up getting rid of all the men then eat up the babies”. They have a good hand clap thing, too) and she has an in with Nick that will get her far. I love her declaration about Nick…that he understands her and her situation like no other has…not a showmance, just a connection that she appreciates. Bella is clever as the devil and twice as pretty. She is my favorite to watch on the feeds. I love that she said to her quad squad (they were discussing concern over Sis and how her association with Jack could be perceived), “Every single one of us signed up to be here. We are all going to have to make our bed and lie in it. We’ll all do some crazy sh**. We all have to live with those consequences. As much as we can be there for each other, we are all going to f**k up…I could put a giant target on my head.”

#4 Kemi- I really dig this girl. She’s mega smart and understands everyone’s intentions. She said she doesn’t “like Jack for the same reasons no one likes Jack” (she was the first to figure him out). Kemi totally understands the “Jack Effect” and how it impacts this game. I really hope she does well!

#5 Nick – all about psychology….Nick plays to his audience so well. It will be interesting to see how far he can take his game. I do not like the way he uses the word “hate”, but he is playing a game to win.

#6 Sis has some wily ways, and while some may see her tactics as playing a “Lolita” style, I’m quite sure her strategy is simply to mirror the attention she gets from the guys and use it on them. This leaves the guys a bit stunned, as they don’t expect her interest. She’s using a reverse psychology approach that could work. I do not respect her calling Kemi a bitch, though. She’s done nothing to Sis to warrant that.

#7 Ovi won the whacktivity and kept it undercover. That, alone, moves him up on my list. But, he is approaching HG’s with too much desperation and promises that he won’t be able to keep down the line. Besides, I really think Ovi is dead in the water. If he isn’t evicted this week, he will become the token pawn.

#8 Sam – I really don’t care for Sam’s personality at all, but he stays in the top 8 because of that veto and using it on one of my favorites: Cliff. However, Sam is not the respectful gentleman he presented early. His true self is coming through, and the girls are on to him now.

#9 Nicole – I love her and that she is part of the Black Widows.

#10 Christie’s HOH win keeps her in my Top 10. I worry her emotions will screw her over. I really wish she wouldn’t be so receptive to Nick and Jack flirting so much. I hope she keeps herself centered.

#11 Holly is quite the observer. I haven’t seen much revealed about her connection to Kat, but she’s willing to sacrifice that for her own game. I’m not left with much to assess on her just yet.

#12 Jessica – It would be nice to see a girls’ alliance (Black Widows) actually make some progress. I have my doubts.

#13 Jackson – His association with Jack is his Achilles’ heel. (Psst. Michie- STOP drinking milk straight from the jug!)

#14 Kat – she is joining in with house activities, but last night’s show revealed how fake she is. I mean, I know she is playing a game, but I hadn’t picked up on her negativity toward Christie until her DR. Wow! I don’t blame her for her position on Christie, but the show revealed a side to Kat that I thought wasn’t a part of her. I also hated the way she is toward the girl alliance idea. She was very candid with Holly about that. At first, I perceived her reactions in the house to be reasonable given her nom, but her “going savage” comments just don’t sit right with me. She’s like that muffin you see that looks so good but when you taste it, you discover it’s a bran muffin equivalent to cardboard. Maybe she can change my mind, but I wouldn’t be shocked if she ends up the one evicted. We’ll see.

#15 Jack Attack – can’t like that at all


Ovi can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. WE’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony


I really hope he survives this week! I’d rather see Kat go.

The Beef

So, in your opinion, Ovi’s power is in play this week?


Can Ovi use his power now that he has been named the replacement nom….or has to be in between noms and veto?


Must be between noms and veto


I hope Ovi survives just so he can use his power

double D

If evicted, Ovi may come back. It would be nice if he could give it to somebody.


Everything jack touches goes sour in teh rankings.


Last night Jessica, Nicole, Kemi, and Bella formed the “The Black Widows” because they eat the men.
In the head of Household bed Sis, Christie and Holly lust over how hot Jack is but how they don’t feel anything for him (because he’s a bag canoe)


Maybe I missed something, but why isn’t there a have not room this summer?


I haven’t seen it yet.

double D

There usually isn’t any have nots during the first eviction because it has been going on for so long. Probably next week.


I noticed that too, Hopefully, they got rid of it , I thought it was stupid and they don’t have time to really cover it on the show because there is usually so much other drama going on you can only do so much in an hour show. THEY SHOULD HAVE BIG BROTHER ON 5 DAYS A WEEK!


Wow Jack and Jackson these two degenerates are speaking such vitriol to Kemi all because she playing a game. Big brother is about trying to flip votes right, that’s part of the game.. right? Why does it have to go to the level they are displaying because of the way she is playing? Big brother contestants attempt at flipping votes when playing this game. Regardless of HOW she is playing, Can she play her way without these guys showing such a high level of disgust?

another name

so if nick is saying to tommy that jack might have to be backdoored next week,
so if the black widows are plotting a buffet of jack,
so if the girls that think he’s hot still call him the villain of the season that’s going to wreck their game if they let him,

everyone seems to be ready for him to sleep with the fishes, how can toxic waste man be so comfortable?


just leaving this here. Nicole is so lucky to be able to talk to a guy like Jack.. I’m so lucky to be able to see a guy like Jack on the feeds



I didn’t realize he said it to Christie, but I’ve heard him degrade and abase several of the HGs more than once (Jess, Kemi, Nicole, Ovi).


What has Kemi done to make Jack speak of her so badly? He calls her a b*tch every chance he gets, even said he wants to stomp a mud hole in her chest. Why? What is wrong with him? I hope she wins HOH, and puts Jack and Jackson up. In her HOH speech, I hope she says, ” You two have hated me for no good reason, well now I m giving you a reason to hate. me.”


She said she would put him on the block if she won the HEad of household.

another name

she didn’t feed Jack and Jackson’s ego when Jackson was voted camp director. Instead of begging for her life and making promises and swearing oaths, she tried to slide under the radar.
she questioned the existence of alliances. that exist. for the most part. and it got around.
she tried to encourage Kat and either gave too much info, or Kat twisted the info. not sure which. Both are completely plausible.
Apparently them there’s the things that make you human cancer.

Amy N

I am really hoping Ovi survives and really really hoping that Kemi gets HOH next week and gets Jack out. What a self serving, self entitled egotistical A$$. Not loving a lot of the cast so far, I am also rooting for Cliff and Christie. The rest need a dish of some humble pie.


People speak in violent terms often though. I’ve said I want to punch a guy in the face before when speaking about him since I viewed him as an asshole. People just say it but don’t mean it