“I’m not sure it’s a bad thing this house has a villain in the form of David”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.

7:00 am Cliff Notes

Cliff says he feels okay with Jack and Jack will target the same people Cliff will.
Cliff – David is already getting under Michie’s skin. He kinda rubs me the wrong way. Michie is worried because David was one of the people banished
Cliff – Kemi said that David told her he was going to wreak havoc if he came back into the game
Cliff – Michie figures that’s directed to him and he’s probably right.
Cliff says David has done a couple of things “Michie doesn’t like the way he described him when trying to remember people’s names”
Cliff – it really irritated Michie when he all he remembered was you’re that guy that read that book and wants to change stuff so you moved to LA

Cliff – I’m going to continue to push a little bit that David is not so great. Michie is part of my little alliance group so he needs to be patient.
Cliff doesn’t want Michie to do something that endangers his game “it could affect mine as well”
Cliff – I’m not sure it’s a bad thing this house has a villain in the form of David. As much as the kumbaya circles are fun. we’re all nice and happy and friendly being able to focus some. Not hatred, being about to focus on a person as an enemy to everyone else may help keep groups together that I want to stay together (BINGO)
Cliff – I need s few weeks of survival in order to create bigger targets than myself
Cliff – I’m friendly with enough people so that I won’t be the target
Cliff thinks maybe Jessica is the only one that would target him and only because for her he would be an easy choice, “Most people are comfortable with me and feel safe with me”

Cliff goes on about his strategy of maintaining his relationship and being good with everyone in the house
Cliff says Nick and Bella are an item and therefore a voting block, “I feel tight with both of them”
Cliff – Jack and Sis, there seems to be a little more to their relationship than I first thought,…. noticed
Cliff – I feel tight with Jack having picked him for the veto choice helps. He’s uh… a scary player.. he was deceptive to Ovi which gives me pause. He could do the same thing to me. I’ll keep an eye on him.
Cliff thinks he’s good with Christie isn’t sure he can trust her.
Cliff says Kemi talks to him so he doesn’t see being her target. Mentions a final 2 he has with Nicole so he’s good with her.
Cliff – my core alliance right now is Michie and Holley. no alliance is perfect. We also have Kat in there. kat is not meant for this game. She’s a wonderful person but Like I said to Holly and Michie last night I came in saying I don’t want to sell products online after this I don’t want to be an Instagram Celebrity I just came to play the game.
Cliff – I came to play the game logically and not emotionally everything I said is the opposite with Kat.. Holly said she wanted to bring her branded shirts into the game.
Cliff says Kat doesn’t have a clue about the game “she’s everything I don’t want to be involved with and yet she’s a strong vote for me as long as she’s in this house”
Cliff mentions how Michie is going call it off with Kat this morning and it will cause a meltdown.
He mentions that during a commercial break after the votes were cast “Kat was squeezing my hand next to her.. saying am I good am I good”
Cliff – no matter how many times we told her.. she was so paranoid and nervous and so unsure about her position that she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact it doesn’t make sense to get rid of her right than.. she’s going to do that every single time
Cliff says kat will be a meltdown every week.
Cliff – if not she’ll continue to be this artificial arrogant person that’s not much better than the person having a meltdown. I feel for her when she’s hurting but she’s not the person I want to work with. She’s just a vote.

Cliff says his real core is Michie, Holly and himself. “Little nervous that Holly and Michie will be tighter than I am.. but we have a long way to go in this game. I’ll bring Nicole in maybe I’ll bring Ovi in if he makes it. I’ll have the numbers down the road if I need to”
Cliff says Kat is looking for a showmance not sure if it’s for security in the game or to make herself more famous

Cliff – talking about David and that comment. First if I say something like that I hope you all understand it’s out of ignorance. I hope I don’t but if so it’s done outta ignorance. If i catch myself for doing it or am called out for doing it. I think my first action is going to be to apologize. .
Cliff – Hey I’m sorry I acknowledge that was the wrong word to use please accept my apology and let’s move on
Cliff – he (David) didn’t do that I think his initial comment was ahh hopefully no ones watching at 2 o clock in the morning
Cliff someone is always watching someone is capturing the screen shot.. he should have handled that differently. when he says something dumb like that to some degree he has to own up that he said it and take responsibility and be sincere. He didn’t do that. doesn’t seem to be a good idea in my book. WE’ll see how that affects him
(not 100% sure what David said.. maybe the ‘R’ word)
Cliff apologies to his family for not shouting out “I was so nervous I forgot”

8:00 am David and Cliff
Cliff tells David there are no big groups in the house, “no huge division yet officially doesn’t mean it’s not there”
David – there’s one thing I remember from last year. If there aren’t big groups then if there’s one strong group. these smaller tribes per sea are going to get picked off they need to rally together

8:30 am David walking around “Gotta rally the troops gotta rally the troops”

9:25 am Sis, Holly and Michie
(David did something in the bathroom don’t know exactly)

Michie complaining about David
Sis – wow he’s a little trouble maker
Michie – me and him are f*ing going to clash. I’m not going to ..
Michie leaves..
Nick joins them comments that they haven’t slept downstairs in 12 days. They chit chat. Nick leaves.

Holly says that Michie told her he’s breaking things off with Kat today.
Holly – I need to talk to her too
Holly complains how claustrophobic it is in the house and made even worse with Kat, “My energy is being sucked outta me.. that’s not fair for her to take it knowingly”
Holly – he needs to talk to her.. she followed him into the f*ing shower .. ohh you saw..
Sis – she didn’t come out for a long time
Holly – she just wanted to talk to him
Holly – he said he went to go pee and she tried to walk into the bathroom too.. like oh my god
Sis – she’s crazy

Christie joins them.
They bring up Jackson talking to kat today and calling it off
Holly – he’s like f* that I can’t f*ing do this anymore
They mention how Kat will be in the house for 2 more weeks regardless of what happens. That’s a long time to have to deal with Kat.
Holly – I’m going to talk to her too I’m so depleted. My tank is on E all the time
Holly – Michie’s final straw was when she followed him in the shower. My final straw when she f*ing charged right across the room and grabbed my arm. I was like don’t touch me
Holly brings up a talk she had with Cliff last night. Cliff is 100% onboard with what they have planned, “he wants Kemi and Jess out next”
Holly mentions Cliff hating it when people come on this show for Fame and that’s what Kat is doing, “It really gets to him”
Holly – he said I kinda regret telling her she reminds me of my daughter ..
They call Kat “Pyscho Child” and liken her to a “delinquent kid”
Sis says she heard Kat saying if she’s evicted for jury she’ll just go home
Christie mentions how Kat is allowed to sleep all day but the rest of them get in trouble from production “what the f*”
Holly – she’s the most entitled here as she’s is on the outside
Christie – she (kat) doesn’t wash her hair she goes to the dry bar every time she has to wash her hair
They laugh because kat said “I’m poor” even though her parents pay for all “her sh1t”

9:25 am Nick and Christie

Nick – I think we’re good
Christie – yeah I think so to
Christie – Jack’s been saying I really want to keep with the eight and I was like ohh great
Nick – I was shocked
Christie – I was nervous for like 5 minutes because he’s a very ego based person and he could easily want to punish me for not doing what he wanted me to do
Nick says once he heard the twist he knew the eight-person alliance was good for another 2 weeks
Christie – worked out in our favour
Nick – yeah it got balled out
Christie says her hands are clean after the HOH because of the twist, “Clif’s not mad at me, Kats not mad at me and Ovi is the most grateful person and I have two weeks wit win him over”
Nick – David is going to be annoying
Christie – yeah
Nick – he’s going to start stirring sh1t

9:27 am JAck and Cliff
Cliff brings up his conversation with David this morning. Mentions David saying Cliff has to have an idea who is going on the block.
Cliff agreed to that but said to David he would rather keep his knowledge private
David said he can read body language and knows the groups, “He kept asking if you and Jackson are tight”

Cliff – His big thing and this kinda worries me.
Goes on to explain how David was telling him if a big group forms the smaller groups have to team up.
Cliff – I kinda steered it back with what it’s like to be out for 2 weeks..
Cliff – the other day he said Jack .. I don’t know him yet but that seems like a pretty big power move to call a group meeting like that and he said I was watching I’m a big body language person and I was looking at the people around the table while Jack was talking and he said there were people I could see fear and others were really happy I know there’s divisions
Cliff says David is looking for cracks and divisions things he can exploit he’s going to be targeting Jackson.

9:49 am Backyard Tommy, Nick, Cliff, JAck and Chrsitie
Jack tells them David wants to play game.
Nick – I don’t want to deal with this sh1t
Christie – whats a matter
Nick – David is already trying to start sh1t
JAck – he’s already gaming
Christie – no way I thought we weren’t supposed to talk game (to David and Ovi)
Nick – we’re not doesn’t mean he’s not goign to try
Cliff says David hit him up for some game talk this morning as soon as we woke up
Christie – abotu what
Cliff – he wanted to know who Jack is putting up .. I said well he just got HOH yesterday we’ll see

Christie – why does he care he’s not up for eviction so.
Cliff – he wanted to know about the repercussions for banishment in regards to Jackson
Cliff – I said no one wants to make waves
Tommy – the repercussions are like nothing he had to pick people and he was put in a shitty situation
Christie – oh he wants’ Jackson out ..
Cliff – he talked about he’s a master at body language
jack – he’s the superior leader
Cliff – he could tell during the group meeting people had fear in the eyes or were excited. he can tell there’s divisions
Christie says David told them he “manifested his own birth January 31st”
Cliff brigns up David saying last season if all the little groups don’t align they will get picked off one by one
Nick – level 6 had 6 f*ing people
Jack – he’s gotta battle back first..

10:30 am Morning workouts

11:04 am Nicole and Kemi
Kemi says if she does go on the block she htinks she’ has the votes. “you Jess and Bella, Nick, I’m not sure about Sam he’s also close with JAck”
Kemi – more than likely cliff.
Kemi thinks she’ll be backdoored Jack’s not dumb enough to let her play veto.

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LMBO, just got a Google news. I guess I’m on here enough for Google alerts.

Apparently there is a petition to remove Jack for Kemi’s safety cause they think Jack and Jackson are racists. Banishing the two black people and only latina. Do you think that’s legit??

Oneeye willie

So if Kemi had won Hoh and put any two players OTB wouldn’t that qualify as being racist because they are not her race?

another name

31 percent of the house is not white. 40 percent of that group has already been evicted. another 40 percent of that group are the main targets for the next 2 weeks according to Jack’s hit list.
12.5 percent of the house is black (2 of 16) and one is already out, so it’s impossible for her to nominate black house guests by casting design alone. so for argument’s sake, if Kemi were hoh and the house were 69 percent not white, and she were only considering nominating outside of that 69% it would be at least suspicious.
I’ve yet to see or hear conclusive evidence that anyone is acting out of explicit racism, but by the numbers alone, it’s a valid concern to think there might be implied bias.


I actually took a screenshot of something Jack said last night that was posted on Twitter by another live feed updater. He was talking about no one having kissed anyone yet and he made the comment, “except for David. He’s probably going to come in and run a train on all these girls, right?” …. what does that sound like to you? Around 11pm last night (July 3rd)


I saw that also, I cannot believe he actually said that.


If that isn’t a perfect example of racism, I don’t know what is !

An ornery mouse

Crass and idiotic does not = racist. White people run trains too….. I happen to be running one at this very moment.


Ornery Mouse, you know exactly why he said that. Don’t be part of the problem.


This ^^^ was so hilarious! Great way to lighten the mood!! Although Jack is not my favorite and His ignorance is shining like a light; I don’t think they should remove Jack from the show. Especially if Kemi hasn’t expressed verbally that SHE “feels threatened” or “unsafe”.

The Beef

Sounds to me like he might think that David is a bit of a ladies man and/or that he thinks the girls find David attractive. How is that racist?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Ok I’m going to Google. But I’m not sure what “run a train” means. Sexual maybe but I’m missing the racial implication. I’m also scratching my head over what the r” word is that David Supposedly used.


OK I wasn’t saying anyone was racist. If you read my question again. It says there is a petition to get Jack out also mentioning Jackson and his banishment of certain people and what Jack said about Kemi. No one is stirring the racial pot here. I was asking if anyone thought that it was legit. Does Jackson come off that way, I know he’s a whore, can’t just take care of business on his own. Going on on about Kat but then going back to her and now “breaking it off” to hook up with Holly. I feel Jack is an a$$ he thinks he’s BOSSMAN but he comes off as just a control freak. I was asking if anyone saw that that petition or felt that they are racist


racism pertains to oppression against a minority ergo a black person cannot be racist towards whites as a result. the word you’re looking for is prejudice as while a black person cannot be racist towards whites they can be prejudiced against whites. it’s a minor semantic thing but an important one i think worth noting as it informs the history of racial bias inherent in a term like racism that often gets overlooked.


Racism is the discrimination, antagonism, or prejudice against a person based on race. While it’s difficult for a minority to discriminate against a white person in the US, it’s not so difficult for a person to be antagonistic towards another person based only on the color of their skin. Some may see the antagonism justified so they don’t consider it racism. It is.


Omg stop being ignorant and educate yourself. That’s a blatantly false statement that you just pulled out of your ass. Anyone can be racist. It doesn’t matter what color you are. The official definition of racism from Merriam Webster for you to learn: “ a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race“

another name

That petition was created on the night Jack made the stomp a mudhole in her chest comment. The next morning Jack was called in to d/r and told to smarten up. Jack came out saying things he said were misconstrued.


Wasnt that last week? This one said July 1st, is there two?

another name

It’s possible there are more than one.
the stomp comment, was made on the 30th, and production spoke to him on the first. so that timeline fits.

J e t s jets jets jets

How do you know that production talked to him about any statements he said?

another name

because he was called to d/r he came out of d/r and he told people d/r talked to him about statements he had made.

Big Bertha

If the shoe were on the other foot. And if David wished to “stomp a mudhole” in say…Kat’s chest what do you think the reaction would be?

another name

Oh good. mr. hit it x4 and quit it is going to break up with the clingy possessive dingbat in order to get with her best friend. what could possibly go wrong? Jack and son think they can phase out the house fatal attraction type, and replace her with Nicole as the not a member of our alliance but will do what we say role. Because I’m sure Kat won’t spill any of the beans, and make up a few more magic ones the first time she sees Holly and Jackson pda in front of the camera.
Sonnyboy doesn’t want the tv viewers to know he slept with Kat. Too late. So this explains why he consistently comes up with the lies, but backs out on being the one to actually tell them (ie the jack and son reassure Ovi, only son eats the whole time and leaves it to jack to actually tell him). They can’t put it in the episode to affect the image he thinks he will get if he gets others to do it. He’s probably right in many cases. He’s getting a much better edit than he deserves.
It’s humorous to me that every person that has broken the no game talk rule with Ovi is aghast that David tried to talk game.

Hudson Bay

That seat in the kitchen looks exactly like The Bay’s trademark blanket.

Hopefully The Bay designed it or their lawyers never watch BB


I don’t understand why people are so upset because Davis wants to PLAY THE GAME! And why are they shocked? Theses outsiders need to wake up and bound together and work on breaking up all these showmances. Not too worried about Gr8ful. That’s a ticking time bomb and will be lucky if it makes it through the week. This cast SUCKS!

another name

because after David left, they created their own personality profile narrative in order to make it look like the rest of the house dodged a bullet by getting the season villain out on night one.

another name

Son was called into d/r. He’s not allowed to talk about it. Expect him to stew and be even more angry at David.
In other words production has told him his recent actions / comments might affect the edit they are trying to give him.
in other news somebody did a we love you Kat bullhorn call to the back yard collective. On the day Son dumped her. I bet Beth won’t be happy.


He wasn’t allowed to watch the show. He was in sequester. Sorry to disappoint you.