“I’m just sad and really confused right now with everything.. I really have to pee”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip

Choose three houseguests they compete while on a field trip. The winner gets safety for the week the loser gets nominated as the third nominee.

Doesn’t affect this week it affects the following week. 8 days of voting.
Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes

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2:09 pm Kat and Holly
Kat – I literally just about got blindsided by the entire house and now I’m paranoid
Kat – you know what I don’t really appreciate is how SIS talked to me yesterday in the bathroom. She was like you better tell me because that depends if I vote for you or not
Kat – You 22-year-old b1tch I would eat you in the real world Okay. F* you
Holly – I know
Kat – once Jack leaves, Everyone will scramble.
Holly – I love Jess I really do the more I get to know her the more I trust.

Kat says she wanted to win HOH “I was going to get so much blood on my hands I was excited. I was going to put up Sis and jack”
Kat adds if one of her nominations would have won Veto she would have put Jackson up saying that was her plan then rallied the votes to get out sis/jack.
Holly – so is Jess going to do Jack and Jackson
Kat nodes
Holly – I think that’s great
Kat says Cliff wants Jackson to stay

holly – Jack is pissed at Cliff right now he’s walking around F* Cliff
kat – seriously you are going to go after a 57-year-old man and say f* him
Holly – Cliff is a savage
Kat – I don’t like it when people act all pissy. I’m like y’all almost didn’t go home yesterday
Kat – I’m trying so hard not to care but F**** I hate all those b1tches

kat says she has nothing against Nicole and Cliff
Kat – I was loyal to all you b1tches and you chewed me in and spat me out
Holly – I talked to every single person in the 6
Kat -the fact they tried to blindside you during your HOH F*** that
Holly – I made them all swear that you would not go home
Kat – Sis told me she swore on god
Kat – I’m like you’re a f*ing b1tch (I’ve in love with Kat)
Kat says she told them to swear on the bible “because I knew they would go find it”
kat – sorry god

They laugh how he knew each other.
Holly – we have met let’s be honest it’s not like we’re friends
Kat – yeah

Holly says the relationship with the couple for the last 45 days are as deep as their relationship
Holly – we are girls that have crossed paths in life.

KAt says if Jack goes this week next week she’ll go for Sis
Holly – Sis or Tommy.
Kat – she acts like she doesn’t want to be here

Kat says she’s playing along with the “it was Jackson’s plan to backdoor me” She wants Holly to let him know.

2:45 pm Sis crying

Nick – what’s wrong.. Sissy
Sis – I’m just sad and really confused right now with everything I don’t know. I really have to pee.

Nick to Tommy – I hate when she’s sad
Tomm y- me too it’s the worst thing in the world.
They both laugh as they hear Sis peeing
Nick – that’s a good stream. She really had to pee
Tommy laughs AHHAHAHAHAH

2:46 pm Cliff and Holly
Cliff going on about wanting to split up the 6 and then looking for a place to land.
Holly says everything is going to change this week

Cliff – nothing changes with us I still want to work with y’all
Cliff – there’s some of the girls I’d like to I can work with

2:46 pm Jess and Jackson

Jackson filling Jessica in on all the drama from the last 24 hours. Explaining the rumour that Kat and Holly know each other. SAys it started day two where Jack and he had a conversation about how there is a lot of people from New England.

Jackson retells the conversation he had with JAck where he told him they can’t trust some people in their group because he’s heard from multiple people that they are being targeted. Jack didn’t believe him. Jackson goes over his bullet points.
Jackson – For the second time in this game, he chose Christie over me. Second time know lesson learned. I love Kat more than anything. Kat and I have different life point of views on a personal level I love her to death.

Jessica more or less tells him he’s going up with jack and he’s not the target.

2:57 pm Sis and Jack

Sis crying.
Jack – this game’s hard
Sis – I know I f*ing hate it I signed up for the wrong thing

Sis – I really trust you and everything. I don’t know what to do about Christie.
Sis – it makes me scared because if she was close to you and is doing whatever the f* she is doing I don’t even want to know what she could do with me
Jack – I already know what I am going to do
Sis – what
Jack – I don’t even want to say it out loud. I know what I am going to do
Sis – I don’t know what to do
Jack – it’s ok you have to keep your enemies closer. This f*ing sucks. She’s not my enemy right now
Jack says he’s onto Cliff and he’s sick of Cliff’s sh1t




4:17 pm Feeds come back Jackson and JAck are nominated for eviction.

4:21 pm Holly and Jackson.
Jackson says Sis and Jack are starting to wise up to Christie.

4:23 pm Christie, Tommy, and Nick

Christie thinks everyone on the other side will not use the veto. She wonders if Holly would use it on Jackson.

Christie says she has faith in Holly “For now, For now,” that she’ll do the right thing and not use the veto on Jackson
Tommy- she’s still defending him

Christie says she doesn’t want to use the power the only reason she would use her power is if she won veto. If that was the case she would put up Cliff but in truth, she wants Jackson out before Cliff so she doesn’t really want to win the Veto.
Christie – My target is Jackson
Tommy asks Nick if he has a power
Nick says no
Christie – I have the last one
they count the votes.
Christie – if Kat kept Michie that would be an embarrassment and contradict everything she said in that speech
Christie says the vote will be unanimous no one will vote to keep Jackson.
Christie says after Jackson goes they play in the double they take out Cliff
Nick says he would like that so much “he talks too much”

Christie – Jackson is so defeated he doesn’t even want to stay it’s so uncomfortable
Christie says jack isn’t going anywhere. he’s going to show his colours as a classy guy

4:38 pm Kat, Jessica, and holly
talking about wanting Jack out this week

Jessica says Jack is so condescending
Jessica – there are two different types of alpha males. one is aggressive and is still a gentleman with women but lets aggression get the best of him sometimes he’s working through personal sh1t but he’s a good person and keeping mindful of that

Jessica says the other one is very alpha very much a mansplainer that acts all spiritual but only to certain people.
Kat is thinking that Jack will work his magic on Christie for her to use her power.
Jessica doesn’t think she will otherwise next week she’ll be the target.
Kat – Jackson is on my shit list and I want him to go home but not this week.
holly – getting Jack out will be monumental it will change the game.

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Don’t cliff this up jess! Let’s send one of jack asses home.

The Corey's

So basically, unless someone other than the 6 wins, it’s either Jackson or nick this week?

Is it possible for someone to win the veto (dono who) team with christie to use that veto to get say nick out (christie wants this still right) and then that someone to turn around and out christie on the block?

Assuring that one of those 6 goes home and they dont reconcile. That would be hilarious

The Corey's

Also, jess is a complete dumb dum if she thinks guys cant br alpha without there being some sort of negative aspect attached to it.

First off. Being alpha doesnt even mean you’re a man, and secondly it just means you’re top dog. You’re number 1.

Jess has an issue with men and it becomes more apparent daily.


Actually Alpha mean to be a dominant person by their behavior, especially with respect to socially aggressive, hyper-masculine men. Others people see right into the small, sad, insecure hearts of the trying-too-hard alpha.

Feeds Gold

They both laugh as they hear Sis peeing
Nick – that’s a good stream. She really had to pee

im sure bella is loving watching creepy nick listen to sis peeing haha

Ovi's tongue

Nick’s been wanting to nail Sis all season. Once Jack is gone maybe he can console her.

Feeds Gold


Feeds Gold

jack: i could win veto and not use it
christie: if you did that i would never be friends with you outside this game
jack(fuming): even if it was a play to keep you safe?

jack quickly leaves very annoyed

Dalia Hobelman

News flash if Jack don’t win Veto how ass going!


I’m really starting to like Kat a lot. I loved her speech on eviction night. Very mature and classy. Is anyone else here really starting to like her too?


I have her as my top 3 from the beginning.


I wasn’t sure about her in the beginning but I really like her now, and she can hold her own. I still would like Nicole to win but if not Kat.


Didn’t much care for Kat at first but she has grown on me. I get and like her quirky humor.

Feeds Gold

why was nick not a consideration for nom?…he put jess up

is he an option for renom? if not, why?

is tommie the most likely renom if needed? or would christie forbid jess doing that despite tommie admitting to starting the vote flip and being a male? (jess wants a guy gone)

if sis was the renom…jack/christie/tommie/nick save her 4-4 but would jess vote out jackson, maybe…maybe not? would kat vote out jackson in that scenario? maybe not

jess could see her hoh send home the least threatening person to jess game from that side, with both jacks, christie/tommie intact


Apparently, Jess is looking at breaking up a 4some. Nick doesn’t have a lot of power right now.

Feeds Gold

nicks going to work with the foursome though
he is a guy
hes won an hoh and a veto
he has put jess up so she has a reason to put him up
he helped bella rat out and screw over jess black widows alliance
he would beat all of the cliffs angels in a final 2
for a renom, he would be less blood for jess
if he went at least she gets out a male comp beast she isnt working with rather than keeping all of nick, jack, jackson safe

Feeds Gold

christie: kat is so loyal

yeah right christie

put someone who is taking you final 2 and huge meat shield comp beast in the hands of kat who you know is loyal to hollie

im sure production will want the power used for drama

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jack a classy guy???? Threw up in my mouth a little.


Finally got a working link to yesterday’s drama. About to watch it now!

Hoping one of the Jacks goes. Preferably Jack so Christie’s biggest shield is gone.

Feeds Gold

christies lost her jack shield

jack now knows she aint loyal


Jack is slow.

Feeds Gold

better late than never haha


Average # of words spoken per day by men: 7,000
Average # of words spoken per day by women: 20,000
Average # of words spoken per day in the BB house: 40,000
Average # of words spoken per day by Christie: 2 million

My Two Cents

Lots of soon-to-be-evicted players threaten to “blow the house up” before they leave. Sam actually DID it!!! Woo hoo!


he shouldve done it before veto ceremony, DERP

J e t s jets jets jets

I guess college boy Jackson was to busy being a frat dic&head boy to study geography. Not one of the house guests is from New England.