Christie “Michie goes this week and Cliff goes next week.. this should be fun!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip

Choose three houseguests they compete while on a field trip. The winner gets safety for the week the loser gets nominated as the third nominee.

Doesn’t affect this week it affects the following week. 8 days of voting.
Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes

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5pm HOH room. Jess, Kat, Nicole, Holly and Sis.
Holly – both of the guys knew it was coming. Jess – I know it sucks that its just a repeat of another HOH.. and legit 24 hours ago that probably would not have been the case. And seriously like so much information.. I was like information over load. In all honesty it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with me because like I said I wasn’t apart of the 9, the 8, or the 6. And none of them took me into consideration with absolutely any of the votes, any of the flips or any of the anythings. Like figure it out.. In all honestly its about making everyone else happy. One banished me and one put me up. I wasn’t going to touch any of you ladies. Like that wasn’t even in the back of my mind. I am not going to sacrifice my relationships with you all ..for someone who didn’t take me into consideration. I hope people respect that. Whoever is HOH next week is going to have a hell of a time figuring that out.

5pm Bedroom. Tommy, Christie, Jack.
Jack – I guess I am just going to continue to go up on the block till the end of the f**king show. Tommy – no, no, no. Jack – I had to get on everyone’s radar winning the second HOH. Christie – yeah what happened to playing a Casey game. Blew that. Jack – I don’t know. I tried to get on everyone’s good side. Christie – no everyone loves you .. that might be part of the problem. Trust me its a catch 22 because its so good to beloved and its also scary to be loved. Jack – yeah. Christie – but in terms of this week its great to be loved because look who you’re up against. Do we think …it doesn’t matter because we have 5 votes anyway.. Do you think Holly would keep him (Jackson)? Do you think she would vote against us? Jack – he’s still bringing her coffee and food and stuff. He’s being really sweet. Christie – I am sorry his cups of coffee are the equivalent of bringing someone venom. He was dragging me and literally tried to f**k me and then brought me coffee yesterday morning. So he can eat it!! Jack – I am sorry if you’re not happy with what I did yesterday. Christie – I was just surprised. Like WHYYYYY?!! But if it was happening I was trying to trust you. I get why it happened. To be honest what would make me excited about that.. Sam had just spent the whole day dragging me. Tommy – its the numbers. Christie – Kat is so loyal.. does no one realize that?! Tommy – we realize it. Christie – its done and over .. you guys knew something and didn’t tell me but now its over. I’m over it now and just moving forward. I don’t want to be kept out of the loop moving forward. Tommy – me keeping the information from you was me doing the right thing by the three of us. The whole time I was thinking of you it was all about you the whole time. It was all about timing. I didn’t even have to hear your side of the story. Christie – Michie goes this week and Cliff goes next week .. this should be fun! The number of people I trust drastically decreased yesterday ..and you’re still one of them.

Storage room. Tommy and Christie.
Tommy – the way I see it they are a trio and we broke them up yesterday even though we didn’t vote Kat out. Christie – yeah I agree. Tommy – so I am happy the way things turned out. Christie – I still do believe they know each other (Holly and Kat). I do believe that she didn’t have to go to do that. We did break them up .. or you guys did break them up. Tommy – I know we can’t talk much but everything we (Tommy and Jack) did was for you. Christie – I know. I do sometimes get scared of how close you and Jack are. It makes me vulnerable. I am not going to get upset.

5:32pm Boat room. Jack and Sis.
Jack – Christie’s got me frustrated .. she is just so fake and I see right through it… but she is still a vote. Sis – I know but its really hard. And the whole following her around .. I am just used to being attached at the hip with my best friend. Jack – that was taken out of context. She was talking about that she wants to be alone sometimes. Jack – Nick, Tommy and Christie also said that I would be fine this week .. that I don’t need to win as long as Jackson doesn’t win but I am going to win anyway. Sis – yeah I was going to say you should win.

5:40pm HOH room. Cliff, Jess, Kat, Nicole and Holly.
Kat – here is the thing, why didn’t you include me in your alliance? Holly – true. Kat – like what the hell?! Holly – I am a bad friend. Kat – yeah sh*t! I could have been apart of the 6 … or the 9. You know what’s really funny.. I’m not trying to be rude. I think that 9, the 8 and the 6.. this whole time y’all had thought that you were the best alliance. I don’t think y’all are.. I’m sorry but I don’t know how its going to hold up on your wiki fandom pages. Holly – you don’t say ..the 8 was spontaneously combusting for weeks. Jess – the fact that its going to get worse is unfathomable. I think I should have thought more about my snacks.. people are going to think this seaweed is the nastiest thing. Holly – do you want me to go get my beets?!

6:10pm HOH room. Cliff, Jess, Nicole and Nick.
Jess – all I know is we need this to stay the same. Nick – And who do you want.. do you care at that point who is the target? Jess – in all honesty.. can I be honest with you .. I think its Jack to go. Cliff – are you okay with that? Nick – yeah of course .. what do you mean? Would I be okay? I was trying to get him out week 3. Week 4 or whatever. Jess – I want Jack to go. It doesn’t matter if the six are broken. Nick – Jackson would go after Christie. Or one of them because he is pissed at them. Jess – yeah. And I feel like any of them would go after Jackson. So we would still have an extra week to figure it out. It would be us and Kat…. plus Holly. (Voting Jack out)

6:22pm – 6:30pm Camp Comeback room. Jackson and Holly.
Jackson – I’ve already got a speech ready I and I am going to BLOW SH*T UP!!! Holly – okay well… Jackson – do you want to hear it? Holly – YEAH! I think that I should hear everything in advance! So yes, I would love to hear it! Jackson – Well, I shook hands on day 1 with Jack and told him that I would never go against him and I meant every word of that. I’ve done it for 48, 49 days now until right now. Three weeks into this game when Jack was HOH, right around the time of his birthday him and Sis became really close… Intimately close. And Jack had a conundrum .. he was really struggling with this. There also might be times where he might have been closer with Christie. Where he would pick her over you and I know he’s done it with me. And I’m sure the rest of y’all have seen how close they’ve been. Its because around 3 weeks in Jack disclosed to me that he was really struggling with his ex… and that’s because his Ex is Christie. Jack and Christie were long distant ex’s for over 2 and a half years. They had since gotten on decent terms and got put into this house and its been hard for them to keep it under wraps. One their affection for each other and two for Jack to be with someone else and for Christie to watch it from the third point of view. Y’all take if for what you want to .. facts are facts. I would rather walk out of here with a duffel bag full of clothes than a bag of someone’s secrets. Holly – well hot damn. Is that true?! Jackson – nope.. but it sounds pretty convincing. Holly – I literally thinking that f**King .. theory yesterday. I was thinking what if his Ex is Christie. But are you sure you want to do it? Jackson – yup, f**k it! I have no loyalty to someone who’s burned me twice. And someone who is going to question my character. Y’all want to play ball.. I’ll play ball. Holly – great speech. Jackson – it will be great tv! Holly – how it stands right now I don’t think you’ll need to any great speech or elaborate anything because if the votes stay the same .. you have the numbers to stay. I will no longer be on the team of Jack and Christie. Jackson – no, no, no you won’t. Holly – Jess as of right now wants you to stay and will break a tie in your favor. Kat wants you to stay. I believe Cliff and Nicole will do what Jess wants. She (Jess) is pissed at Jack. What was the nail in his coffin was when Jack said that she (Jess) was a floater. That did not sit well with her. As of right now Jess definitely wants Jack out of this house. You had to go up for obvious reasons. She said that Christie gave her word that she would not use the power. Jackson – Christies word doesn’t mean sh*t. I can’t let Jack win the veto.

7:33pm Bedroom. Holly and Jack.
Holly – if Jackson or you don’t win the veto .. do you think Christie will use her power? Jack – no. Holly – really?! Jack – I think she totally should because we could totally outvote anybody. I don’t know, I’ll talk about it with her. She is still kind of sour about Jackson. Holly – I know. If one of you come down, then it would be me, Sis, Christie or Tommy going up. Nick joins them. They talk about Jackson. Nick – I would be upset personally if it was me. For you (Jack), you made a game move. Hearing the personal sh*t… I don’t know. I’m not speaking for him but I would be upset if it was me. Holly – The littlest things can be blown out of proportion.. and I think we need to be cognizant of that. The things we say can carry huge weight outside of here. Nick – I remember when I got really angry and I never get like that. But one of you could win the veto, someone else could go up and they could go home. Or Christie could use the power. So many things could happen this week.

7:40pm – 8:20pm HOH room. Tommy, Christie, Jess and Sis.
Christie – my issue is just with Jackson.. I don’t even think it had to come to this whole thing. We could have sent Sam home .. it would have been no problem. He didn’t need to blow everything up. Like I’m not… we come into this house with 16 strangers .. we are not going to get along and agree with everything that people say. I don’t like him as a person. It doesn’t mean anything more than that. I maybe trusted two people with my personal feelings towards him ..which I am sure everyone thinks just no one says and I got f**king thrown out there. I don’t give a f**k! I f**king stand by it. He thinks who the f**k he is.. He acts like he is everyone’s f**king hero. He talks f**king down to people. Its his way or no way and he is condescending. And he is a dirty player! Who throws away f**king cookie dough to make people fight! Who pins rogue votes on people that did nothing to you. Like he is just a dirty player. And I stand by everything that I said about him. And if I had won HOH I would have gladly put his a$$ up. Tommy joins them. Christie – what kind of sick f**k throws cookie dough away!?!! And he takes 50 minute showers so that people fight about not having hot water! Jess – he looked at me and said that he’s never thrown anything away. Christie – did he forget that he told use he threw it away!? He is a villain. All of his ex-girlfriends are nuts! One of them stole his dog. Jess – so what does Holly see in him? Christie – Holly is amazing.. I don’t even know.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christie – he is so dirty! I am so upset by him. He is just nasty! The things that he said about you (Kat) the first two weeks. He claims to be a mamma’s boy.. I hope she doesn’t see it. Kat – I hope she does. Big Brother switches the feeds.

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Season 20 >>>>> Season 21 > Season 15

That’s not exactly saying much though lol

Jessica's Kankles

Jack resembles Alf.

Franks fumes

He reminds me of Austin…..just up the douche factor x10.

Feeds Gold

jack…austin bb17 and alf, and kramer from seinfeld combined haha

christie is a combo of amanda season 15, and erica bbcan6, with the meltdowns of bb20 kaitlyn and bb17 vanessa

Franks fumes

That’s a “toxic” stew indeed…..

Feeds Gold



That’s a big insult to Alf



The Corey's

Christie isnt making it to September.


lol… Christy n Tommy to the end…hoo haw

Feeds Gold

kat, who constantly sewers and trash talks sis behind her back is shocked to learn sis had her back for the vote

comes to awkwardly thank her

sam going brings nick closer to sis…and kat is now very thankful

Feeds Gold

jackson in his speech is going to say jack told him week 3 that his ex is christie haha


That will be HILARIOUS if he says that!!

Feeds Gold

i hope it happens…christie will have another brussel sprouts bro meltdown haha


Now that would be some great BB drama:)


So imagine if Jack stays this week & the underdogs decide to take out Tommy leaving all 3 of Jack/Michie/Christie in the house. And then the road trip happens with them both going on it— Jackson’s lie will gain traction. lol


When does Christie’s power expire?


This week unless grod slips her an extension.

Feeds Gold

you know she will win the field trip safety!

the riggage planning is already underway


So, Jessica is upset that she was never included in the 6, 8, 9-person alliance. And Kat is upset that she was never included in the 6, 8, 9-person alliance. Do they seriously think there should have been an 11-person alliance? Heck, why not a 16-person alliance? Every houseguest in the same alliance! #idiots

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL 15 person alliance, one person excluded. So much bad game play and strategy this season. I could care LESS which Jack leaves as long as one of them leaves; preferably Aqua Boy because everyone already has had enough of Miche. He’s already sealed his fate.


But there’s still butches he hasn’t sired yet

Feeds Gold

sis having her first dinner without sam

they sat next to each other every night for dinner

Feeds Gold

is jackson going to do a josh – play possum on the block, make it look like hes accepted going home all week – then survive?

remember that plan paul got him to do when josh was nominated?

in a 4-4 situation i could see jess voting out jack over anyone

but if jack wins veto, jess keeping jackson over the renom i think would be dumb for her and cliffs angels as both jacks would remain(yet again)

BB Fanatic

Aaawwww shiiddd now this is what Big Brother is about

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Til tonight we had 4 CBS episodes saved on DVR with no motivation to watch – it’s been that bad! But last 24 hours catching up here, I’m like “Now we got us a game!” I already knew most of what had happened since the episodes started with Bella & Jack on the block but my husband only watches the CBS shows.. But they are giving Kat a great edit showing how awful Jackson has been; and Cliff a good edit introducing his family. That dude has patents in the oil and energy industry! He’s no dummy.


If Christie comes in 3rd in the Field Trip, that means she goes on the block as the 3rd person? Do I have that right? Can she use her Veto Power to change the nominations if that happens?

Feeds Gold

yes…and if she comes first in the comp she is safe…no thanks…i want the best chance for her to be a nom on eviction night

giving her the chance of hoh, veto and field trip to gain safety that week is too much

there are now multiple players who would put her up, and giving her the least shots at safety – 1 or 2 comps instead of 1 or 2 or 3 comps maximizes her chance of sitting on the block post veto

hoh she would be against 9…veto if she plays will be against 5…field trip if she plays will be against 2


I thought there was a comp they would participate in. I could be wrong. Then whoever wins the veto would control the renom if Christie uses her power. Christie doesn’t have to use it.

Feeds Gold

her power ends in 3 days(the monday veto meeting)

the field trip comp 3rd nom impacts the following weeks play(not this current jess hoh)


That’s what I think too. I think our voting only has to do with the 3 going…not with what their punishment will be. I think that will be decided by a competition.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

So who would be the best people to vote for? I was thinking Sis for sure; if she wins immunity, what’s new. If she’s on the block, AWESOME. I am not inclined to vote for anyone from the original Six.

Feeds Gold

im voting for christies minions aka cliffs angels who want to work with christie and will follow her like sheep…jess, nicole, kat

any hoh jess/nicole/kat win youll get another: “youre safe christie” within minutes of the hoh being decided just like jess yesterday…they want to work with her and they are scared of her

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I worded that wrong; I meant I AM inclined to vote for any of the original Six to have a disadvantage. Depends on whether Holly flips sides completely. Jacks, Christy, Tommy, Sis – can’t stand them.

Feeds Gold

perhaps the only scenario to force christie to get blood and use her power…

sis wins veto, tells christie im using it on jack no matter what she says(she doesnt trust kat to vote their way as she is so close to hollie)

sis says you can choose not to use your power but then tommie maybe goes up

or use your power so sis can put up cliff as the renom for playing both sides

Franks fumes

Yeah everybody must be punished for playing the game according to the Sex shooters logic…..

Feeds Gold

its a decent reason for putting someone up after the deal they made with him

Feeds Gold

sounds like christie wants nicole as renom if power is used


Think Jason Mamoa doesn’t like Jack either ? He’s maybe like “stop saying you’re me man. I’m friends with Batman. You’re not even cool enough to wear Batman under Roos. No for real … Just …… Stop …… Bro “

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jason Mamoa and The Universe need to issue a press statement, disavowing themselves from Jack & Christie.

Feeds Gold

christie/tommie talking talking talking way too much to jess in hoh room about the flip…sis doesnt, gets the f-ck outta there

Feeds Gold

jack/sis/nick very comfortable together now…studying the days


Jack is so full of sh*t In the Audio Feed Leaks from Sam’s eviction, Michie went to Jack and told him all the crap Christie has been doing. BUT little does Michie know Jack is more with Christie and Tommy. It has always been Jack, Christie, Tommy and Sis with Holly and Michie on the outside. I pray one of the Jack’s, preferably Michie goes home this Week.

Feeds Gold

jack/sis have kinda split from christie a bit today and trusting nick more than her

Feeds Gold

are sis, jack and nick now referring to christie as voldemort as their code name when discussing her haha? “she who shall not be named”

im loving nick mocking christies ‘universe’ and manifesting haha…christie hates it


All I can say, is Jess better pray Christie sticks to her word and doesn’t use her Power if one of the nominees wins the Veto this Week. That would suck especially when everyone is trying to blame Cliff still. But they could always bring in Nick for one vote.and still have 4-4 vote with Jess breaking the tie.


I hope she uses it and puts Cliff up!


Jess is playing and getting info now! So fun to watch. Looking forward to Jackson staying and going after Christie. Having Christie on the block will make for a great week.
Truth is that they should all want to take Jackson to the end because he will never win.


I adore Kat right now LOL. The way she comes out and just says what’s on her mind which btw is normally a true observation is amazing. Saying they’re alliance sucked and won’t live up on the wiki fandom pages lmao. I’m as far up Kat’s a** as Tommy is Christie’s.