JC “Winston isn’t going to go [against Swaggy].” Brett “This house is going to erupt!”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 7th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Kaitlyn Next HOH: July 12th
Noms: Winston, Scottie Have Nots ?

12pm HOH room. Fez – that’s crazy, we’re going to be on slop for two peoples HOH’s. kaitlyn – yeah. Kaitlyn talks about possibly getting a place to rent with JC and Fez. JC – I’m a good roommate. Fez – I’m a good roommate. Kaitlyn – I highly doubt that. We’re like the worst D-list celebrities but in the best way. kaitlyn says they should all go to palm springs and stay at her cousins for like a week. Then she realizes that she has clients and has to get back to them. She talks about how she has 2500 subscribers to her daily affirmation email list.

12:25pm The live feeds return from being blocked. JC talks about before Steve left production was getting him to say Sorry Steve. How are they going to use that?! Fez – you can say no I’m not going to say that. You can say that. JC – but I don’t want to interfere with production. Rockstar – all I know is that when I needed them, they were there. JC – who? Rockstar – the doctor .. for my breakdown.

12:45pm HOH room. JC and Fez. JC – Bayleigh they’ve been like oh yeah we have our targets. Please don’t open your mouth about this. The only one that knows .. if you open your mouth. They will know it was me. The only one that mentioned your name a little bit and was sketch about you was Rachel. The other ones no one mentioned your name. So just act super nice with her. Just like oh we could do Fezzie. Not like lets do it! Just if you could be super nice to her so she would stop targeting you. Be nice to her and laugh at her jokes. Fez – I was talking to her about her life last night. JC – I just wanted to give you the heads up because she might be HOH next week.

1pm HOH room. JC and Brett. Brett – you’re saying Kaitlyn put Swaggy up? JC – yeah. But I don’t think Tyler will use the veto on Winston. Brett – he will use it on Scottie. JC – yeah. Brett – because honestly I think Scottie might have the power. JC – Winston isn’t going to go. He has the votes. I give you my word. Brett – I trust you. This house is going to erupt! JC – don’t tell Winston that the veto isn’t going to be used on him because he will freak out. (Winston already knows its not being used on him.) I am freaking out with Rachel. When we were in the kitchen and cooking cookies I asked her if she put 4 more minutes on the oven. She said yeah. I looked over and she only put two minutes. If she is going to lie about a small thing like that she will lie about big things. Brett – what do you think about Scottie. It is almost like he is over selling that he has it (the power) which makes me think he doesn’t have it. JC – the worst case scenario is that Swaggy has it. If he does we just need to sit back and let it explode. Winston joins them.

1:30pm – 1:43pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the BB re-runs..
When the feeds return – JC is talking to Scottie. JC – if you had just sat back and just go with the flow you wouldn’t even be on the block right now. Be quiet and that will work for you.

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I love when some houseguests talk about being roommates after the show. Or how they are going to go to all these exotic locales together. Didn’t we get enough my fake great life outside the house from Paul the last couple years? Please don’t start down that road Kaitlyn. Please.


But there’s all that money from the meet and greets, they can be friendshipping with Paul and Raven, raising awareness for Ravenitis and work on making sure the stomach pace maker won’t explode and vaporize someone cause that’s a real danger with those things…

Carolina girl

Agree, i would be creeped out af if someone started talking to me about living together outside the house after only a few weeks..


I really like that Kaitlyn is pulling in Haleigh. Haleigh now knows about her plan and told her she thinks it’s a good play because Swaggy is getting too bold. She told Kaitlyn not to tell anyone else, which signals to me that she is loyal to Kait. I really h ope Haleigh keeps that news under wraps.

Has anyone else noticed that Rachel has a fabulous singing voice? Wish BB wouldn’t shut her down.

brenda taylor

i am loving your comments granny have not been able to watch till tonight


Do we get to find out who has the power tonight?


JC is getting on my nerves.. telling people things like he knows what’s going on all the time.


Please can someone tell me when is the P.O.V ceremony ?


Going to be sweet feeds.


” JC talks about before Steve left production was getting him to say Sorry Steve.
Fez – you can say no I’m not going to say that. You can say that.
JC – but I don’t want to INTERFERE WITH PRODUCTION.”

Funny at first, but also really sad: a BB Houseguest describes the idea of refusing to parrot a line production tells them to say as “interfering with production”.
Just a glimpse into what “playing BB” probably feels like. Makes me very sad that production doesn’t have someone to tell them to “stop interfering with the game!”
Anyone remember BB14?
The HOH (Shane) wanted to nominate the 2 production favorites Mike Boogie and Frank: “On Day 42, shortly after Shane made his nominations as Head of Household, he told Danielle that the production crew in the diary room EXPLICITLY TOLD HIM not to put up Frank and Mike for nomination that week. However, both were nominated and were thus eligible for eviction that week. On Day 43, Frank drew a “HouseGuest’s Choice” token during the player draw and when asked to draw again, as later confided to Boogie, he palmed the token. Many fans believe that this was a result of the production team’s desire to keep Frank in the game. This led to an outrage within message boards, fans and viewers, causing many to doubt the authenticity of the show once more. The scandal also ran throughout the Big Brother House and caused tension between opposing HouseGuests, who were NOT ALLOWED TO DISCUSS THE SITUATION. Allison Grodner did NOT COMMENT on the scandal. A video of Frank talking to Boogie about the cheating was put on YouTube, but later removed by CBS for copyright purposes. Despite outcry from fans, the game continued on as normal.”

Look it up on Wikipedia: Big_Brother_14_(U.S.)#Controversy

BB was ahead of its time… Leaving politics out of this, but now that “alternative facts” rule, and “what are they gonna do about it?” seems to be the new state-sanctioned norm when considering cheating, I’m worried BB is going to fit right in and become more and more a scripted reality show. T-T


Good points.. Production always has a boner for someone.