“If you can get Tyler to convince him he’ll put up Angela than he doesn’t and puts up….”

POV: Faysal Next POV: ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston

Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Thus far, Faysal isn’t planning on using the Power of Veto. Swaggy-C’s crew think they have the votes to evict Sam and they probably do but there’s a lot of vote movement going on. There’s essentially two large groups, One with a clear numbers advantage. Sam does have the BBapp power and Faysal got the punishment.  According to Sam the power can be used to grant safety up until you walk out the door. It’s powers expire in 4 weeks and can be used on herself or a friend. Only Tyler knows this and he’s hinted this knowledge to Angela. Swagz and his crew are trying to push that Angela has it to make her a target. I’m going to try and map out the alliances on a separate page give this link a look for updates on that.  

Steve has been up since 7am doing deep undercover work.

Swaggy – C strolls in opens the fridge and drinks from the groups drink bottle. Doesn’t look like he touched the spout. 😉

Winston is the next one up. Trying hard to impersonate Audrey from a past season.

8:30am – Winston and Steve have been spending some time together chatting about back home. Steve talks about his daughters a bit and the night he met his wife. He was a bouncer at a bar.
They are both looking forward to get the backyard open. Steve shows Winston his belly with all the welts from the Veto Competition. Apparently he got electrocuted as well.

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8:45am Steve and Winston
Steve talking about waiting for Sam to “Self destruct”
Steve – deep down inside I feel like I’ve secured the votes to stay
Winston – theres a lot that can change in a week.. you don’t know the twists
Steve asks if he’s got anything solid. Winston says it’s a bit early
Winston – this is still week 1
Steve brings up how the other group is coalescing
Winston again brings up how early it is and how he wants to stand back and watch people.
Winston – you think in the future we can form something
Steve – yeah
Steve – if we let them get in charge.. we’re done..
Steve – right now it’s 8 to 7 .. we don’t have enough
Steve says the other side is legit scared of Angela
Winston – what do they say
Steve – she’s a beast
Steve says Faysal will only use the Power of Veto if Angela is going up.
Winston – if you were somehow to come off..
Steve – If you can get Tyler to convince him he’ll put up Angela than he doesn’t and puts up (Bayleigh?)… . Tyler might get scared
Winston – I have no control over Tyler though..
Steve says Tyler is pissing off the other side. (Swagz side)
Steve – if he was smart.. he would say he’s putting Angela up take me off (he whispers something. I think it’s bayleigh. and makes a bomb explosion gesture)
Steve – cause right now.. numbers..
Steve and Winston agree JC doesn’t know how to play the game.
Winston asks if Swaggy and Bayleigh a thing
Steve nods.. shows his fist “they’re close like that”
Winston – that’s what we call a showmance

Steve – you go after Bayleigh you go after him.. you go after him you go after Bayleigh
Steve warns him that he other side has labelled Winston, with Brett, Angela and Rachel.
Steve – they think Rachel is a joke they’re not scared of her. They don’t know you and Brett can compete. They’ve never seen you.

The Jenja game continues with Steve and Winston

Steve – “I gotta absolutely luck out cause right now I’m living on a prayer”


9:51am Houseguests are given their walk up call

JC and Tyler HOH bedroom 
JC – Rockstar is completely devoted right now on Swaggy.. and stuff..


9:52am JC and Brett Storage room  
JC says he’s trying “by any chance they b@ckdoor Angela than they are goign to hav a lot of F**g people…
JC – I’m campaigning my a$$ off right now .. I think they are not going to do it
JC – We need to vote Steve out
Brett – YEah
JC – I’m working on those votes..
JC keeps warning if they backdoor Angela they’ll have too great of a numbers disadvantage. It’ll be a boring show

10:05am Another Audrey spotted

Looking for that Bra…

10:21am Angela and Rachel talking about one of them going home unless they win the next HOH.
Both seem to think that JC has the power.

10:30am Some house guests are still waking up others are making breakfast..


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Trackin the Kraken

I like the new House layout. I LOVE that there are no Vets or D tier Celeb types (i.e Shitmas) so far. But the casting seems stuck in the same mold, and i see a lot of potential Floater/Follower types


I liked it so far. Especially no d list celebrity with a million social media follower, vet or vet sibling back (willie was awesome). The players this season will be better than matt last season for sure. I’m hoping some drama will happening soon. The season is kinda laid back for now.


Well, there’s nothin’ for me to shake my cane at yet. I’m enjoying it so far.


Agree with everyone who is praising the “no vets” season. I’m loving that. Personally, I would like to see more than one token player over age 35. If there were 2 or 3, then it would cause for more interesting dynamics of alliances IMO.


Steve will either get tossed early or be the perpetual “pawn”.

Douchey C

LOVE that turd Paul is not there for one thing and there are some actual gamers there


Very much so. Playing not too hard and not too soft. Most houseguest are playing at least minimal and they are entertaining, except JC, he is vulgar and stands out because of it. That is a good thing

Trackin the Kraken

Hey Steve…..You’re Yabba Dabba DONE !


9:21 camera 4


Who is that


where is the GIF of JC rubbing Tyler’s junk?

Fruit Loop Dingus

Simon, as always, great updates, thank you! I hope you and Dawg had good time off during BBCAN6 – glad you’re back!

Also, Brett, Kaitlyn, Scottie, Winston are Have-nots, for your top info graph. ?


More Angela pics would pick up traffic around here. If there is never a pic of anyone else up here the rest of the summer I sure as hell wouldn’t complain:-O If you get the feeling I’m obsessed with her…I have already come to grips with this fact:-) If she’s in a room I hear no words but hers and everyone else but her goes black n white and blurry. Haha.

If Sam does indeed have the power I think it’s over for Steve. Fessy doesn’t seem like he wants to use the Veto and I think Tyler is just fine with that.


Thanks Simon! Getting down votes though so maybe the Angela love is being taken the wrong way.

Perhaps just a small shrine to her here would suffice. What ya think down voters? Bahaha.


I’m with you on the Angela love. She is stunning !! And doesn’t even have to try. i like boys but I’m crushing a little on her myself. lol


She seems like a level heading gal and not going top be played!! yay for that. I like her personality and want to see her stay in the game for the other girls to see their impressions were wrong.


I don’t necessarily think it’s over for Steve if Sam has the power. She claims that she can use it after the vote, so it’s possible that she’s voted out, then she uses the power to stay, and the end result is that we still have 16 players going into the next HOH (no eviction at all).

Snotty G

I still can’t figure out why everyone calls Bayleigh “Bay-Lee” when I’ve always seen leigh pronounced “lay”, so I’m thinking it should be pronounced “Bay-Lay”. Which is already looking to be more accurate anyways.

chris staggs

I’m from L.A. ( lower alabama) and my sisters name is Tonya Leigh pronounced Lee not Lay


So that would make Haleigh “Haylay”? Don’t think so. Its a weird spelling i agree but it is pronounced ‘lee’.


Phonetically reading, /ei/ have the long /e/ sound and /gh/ are silent. In S Cali is is pronounced Bay-lee similar to Leigh for Lee.


I like that the HGs get foosball and Jenga this early. I wish they would open the backyard, though. The house is beginning to look smelly.