Paul “Don’t tell Jason you’re going to put up Mark. Tell him to use it and say I’ve got a different idea.”

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1pm Lounge room. Christmas & Mark.
Mark – me and Dom did influence people to keep you. Christmas – thank you. Mark – I made my bed with associating with in the beginning of the game. I’m trying to clear my name right now. Christmas – and luckily he is out of the house and its still getting some backlash but hopefully that fat will be cleared soon. Mark – people come in this game cut throat. Christmas – and they come in wearing a different face. Mark – and that’s not me. It not me to be two faced with people. Christmas – me either. But she has played it the way she wanted to play it. She said to me do you see something that people would want to come after me for? I said the only thing that sets off a red flag to any of the house guests is the fact that you ask questions but you don’t give information. It causes concern. Mark – lets see this week play out. Christmas – let me know if I can do anything for you. Now its just a big melting pot.

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1:10pm Bedroom – Dominique & Jessica.
Dom – in the beginning of the game I sat back and observed and I think that’s what put a target on my back. Jessica – I think the only way to get through this game is to lie, cheat and back stab. You can clean, you can cook and be loyal.. and all those qualities don’t get you far in this game. Dom – absolutely.
Dom – I’m good and people probably think I’m not good … I’m choosing to isolate myself. Its really not isolating myself. If I was at home and had not tv, phone, or something to write with .. or get out and do something that I would typically do. I would be just chilling at the house on my couch. You told me to come here and be myself and that’s exactly what I’m doing. For some people they’re playing the roll of a character… right? Jessica – yes. 100,000%. Dom – and in playing that roll they don’t understand again the same consequences apply. Dom – what I’ve noticed is that BB and CBS are not going to force you to do anything that you don’t what to do. Even in the diary room they want an accurate.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Dom – I want to look out for the people that are true. I am planning on saying a few things. I hope that god allows me to do that. I know I’m not crazy, I know I’m not crazy. Its okay that people are doing what they’re doing. I know I’m right. Time will tell if what I sensed is true.

2pm Storage room. Mark and Elena.
Elena – How was your talk with Christmas? Mark – it was good. It was nice to talk. Do you think she would vote for her? Elena – no friggen idea but she told me the same thing that everyone else did so… the things she said to Alex were sketchy. Mark – I’m just trying to make it through this week. Elena – it is noted in my mind.

2:15pm Bathroom – Josh, Christmas and Alex.
Josh – People say things that they don’t mean. I know that this house can turn into a monster. I don’t have hate for anyone. Christmas – and every day and every week it can be different. Josh – on a game level and a personal level I am never going to trust her. Josh – I would never let a guy attack my sister. Its hard not to say something to her.

2:15pm Backyard. Paul and Jessica.
Paul – do you feel good? Jessica – yeah. Paul – as far as this week, I think you’re okay. I feel for D too which is why I went up to her after and was like look maybe the information you got lead to something but if I hear my name five… Jessica – its going to get worse before it gets better. She’s not done. Paul – oh I know. That’s obvious. When I went in I heard her (Dom) say her, her, her.. So is she now going to toss it on a girl? Jessica – when her and I were talking she was feeling very betrayed by 3 individuals. Paul – Jesus Christ! Jessica – honestly telling you isn’t going to help the situation. Paul – I don’t care. I don’t want to know. Jessica – and you’re going to find out anyways because she is not done. Paul – so more for me? Jessica – yeah. Paul – okay, I’m ready! She had her audience. Just because she has a few days and time to orchestrate her bullsh*t I’m not convinced by it. If she wants to come at me again .. Please DO! Jessica – she thinks that you guys started targeting her because she was the first one to start asking questions about peoples loyalty. Paul – What?! Jessica – she said she kept saying that somethings not right. Paul – she literally made herself the target after she put herself on the block. I had not questions about Dom up until that point. When I heard my name I called her up and asked why are you saying my name? That is the extent of where that comes from. Prior to her being on the block I had no problem with her. I said look homie, the way you behaved after… you put yourself up there. Jessica – well I wonder if the veto will happen today because I’m pretty sure that’s when its going to happen. Paul – I know she is going to start pulling people aside and having conversations with people again. Jessica – no, its going to be like a speech. That’s my assumption based off our conversation. Paul – if she is going to do that I can dish the same thing back to her again. She made her 3 points and took 5 hours to come up with those points. And I had people that denied those points. Paul – I would use this time to solidify .. and maybe don’t be caught chatting it up with her because that would make things look sketch. Jessica – I just feel for her. Paul – yeah so do I and I tried to have a heart to heart with her and she basically told me to f**k off.

2:35pm Backyard – Paul & Alex.
Paul – which is why I said you need to use the veto. Earlier today, Mark was talking to Dom and you know what I think he was doing? He is telling them exactly that. This is what I thought .. if they are up together or if the veto is not used he is going to heavily campaign against Jessica. Just like he was trying to bat for her even after everything that happened. Paul – don’t even tell Jason you’re going to put up Mark. Because if you tell him its Mark, he’s getting inside Jason’s emotional sh*t. You just have to tell him to use it and say I’ve got a different idea. And you just have to make that move. Alex agrees.

2:40pm HOH room – Mark and Josh.
Mark – I am in a really difficult situation. I love dom but I came in here for a game …so I have to step back. Josh – me too. I have a lot of love for her but on a game level … it just sucks. But on a game level you just have to do what you have to do. Mark – I just keep hearing D throw my name around.

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3:22pm – 3:30pm Lounge room. Mark and Paul.
Paul – I haven’t heard your name all week long. Mark – I’m feeling good. Paul – I don’t know why after my little call out people feel the need to come and .. your name .. gone! So if you’re not on the block. Even better. Mark – I need you to win HOH! Because this is like wild sh*t keeps happening. Paul – I compete next week and if I win we get f**king Ramses out of here. Mark – oh my god yes! Paul – I’ve got you pal. Mark – he kept linking me and Dom. Paul – who do you think we should go for? Mark – I think we just see how the week goes. Mark – I only feel safe with a few people. You, Elena and Jason. Paul – even Alex now I feel good with her. Mark – she pointed at me and said they’re coming after me next. Paul – all I am saying is if she drops a bomb with your name in it… do not react. Do not show emotion. Lets just close that casket and move forward. We have to win HOH. Paul – you’re not going up anymore .. Jess is staying.

4:15pm Lounge room. Jessica and Dom.
Dom recounts her view on the blow up. I was excted to work with Paul because we shared the same mindset. Oh and He (Paul) disrespected god. And I hope the live viewers took note of that. You never ever disrespect god. I don’t play that. Zero tolerance. I don’t play disrespect to my father. And because of that he has lost a substantial amount of respect in my book. Its unbelievable that Elena would partner with someone like that.

5:15pm – 5:30pm Paul puts on the snake skin romper. Christmas – I wish you could put something over it and he like “shedding my skin”. Paul – I’m going to put something over it and be like release… Paul – this is going to be my live outfit with my black mask. Paul – is this not funny as f**k.

5:25pm HOH room – Alex and Jason.
Alex – for whatever reason Paul is starting to scare me about it. Which is why maybe I am thinking we should use it. We have to count the votes again. He is making me think that they have the votes to keep her here. That’s why I was scared. Jason – that’s why I was scared. What if its a coo. Maybe he is like Dom you act like we’re all exiling you. Why is she so calm. Alex – that’s what Paul said but I don’t know if he put that in my head. She said that she thinks she is going and asked if I would do a prayer with her on Wednesday. Then I got all paranoid and like think she is going to do this whole backwards thing and be like pray that Alex sees the sinners in the house and the liars for what they really are. I don’t want to do that in front of America. Jason – they don’t do it. Alex – I think Kevin is the one screwing with us. You know what I wanted to do, put him on the block. Jason – you mean pu-pu -pull Jess off the block and put him? Alex – are you studdering … yes! Alex – pu-pu-pu it sounds like you’re scared. Because then if we got everyone to swear and stuff then we know he’s not the one. Jason – you can do whatever you want and then tell him later. This is what we do .. So I use the power of Veto .. Mark will sh*t his pants, Raven will sh*t his (yes he said his) pants, and then you say Kevin .. take a seat. He is going to sh*t his pants. Then tell him Kevin – they’re the ones saying youre the one flopping the votes so we know you’re not the one flopping votes. We put you on the block to prove to them that you’re not the one throwing the votes. I’m doing you a solid. I’m sorry I blindsided you but I didn’t want them knowing. Alex – yeah but we would have to talk to him first because he is the type to hold a grudge against me. Alex – the only reason why I think we should use it on Mark is because he says he isn’t going to vote for her but I am worried if someone does vote to stir the pot .. it would always be in the back of my mind .. was it him. Kevin is in the back of my mind also. Jason – I don’t care if its a landslide. And I don’t want to put Raven up for the sheer fact that she might go home. Because no one wants to take that shot. Alex – don’t tell Paul we’re going to use it on Kevin. Jessica joins them. Alex – we’re thinking of taking you off the block but we need you to vote out Dom. We’re going to put Mark up there. Jess – whatever you want to do I’m down.

6:35pm – 6:40pm Havenot room. Paul and Jason
Jason – I trust Alex. Paul – okay, cool! Jason – but I don’t want to f**king ask. Paul – then just do it. Jason – I want to go around and ask everyone… Dude, I’m going to use the power of veto… Paul – don’t, don’t do that. Keep it between you and I. Jason – but then I’m going to look like a giant a$$hole Paul – no you’re not. Jason – I feel like at this point there is no problem. Paul – there is. He’s expecting it. I told him if they do it, don’t react. Jason – I really don’t want that dude up on the block. Its too easy to get in there and flop their vote. I don’t want to do it till the last moment. Jason – maybe I should say – I choose to use my power of veto on Jessica because I want to protect Alex and I really feel like Dom should go home. It takes a monkey off her back. Paul – done! And guess what the monkey is on my back too because did you not see my snake skin outfit? You’re going to f**king die. It is the funniest thing ever. I called her (Dom) out for a reason because I didn’t want it to look like you two are the only ones making the decision. I’m going to prove that you’re a counterfeit piece of sh*t in front of the whole house. Jason – that’s bada$$.

6:50pm – 7pm Jason and Alex in the storage room.
Jason – I feel like we should declare that we want her (Dom) to go home. Alex – but you don’t know who I’m going to use it. Jason – well yeah, I’m going to know because we’re buddies. Jason – Mark is going to sh*t a holy worm. ELena joins them. She says that Mark doesn’t want to go on the block but is fine if he does. He would just feel better about everyone if he didn’t. Jason – yeah but if he does he would really know. Alex – we also think we know who was the flip vote. Alex – do you know what we’re doing .. kill two birds with one stone. We can out him. I think he was the one who voted against Jillian and Christmas.. and the same thing for this last week with that vote.

7pm – 7:40pm The house guests are making dinner / starting their pool tournament.

7:45pm – 8pmJessica baby powers Matt and Ramses. They then chase her down and powder her while she is on the ground. The backyard breaks out into a baby powder war.

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8pm HOH room – Mark & Elena.
Elena – do you think you’ll be friends with Cody when you get out of here? Mark – it depends on how he acts because when he was going out his main goal was to f**k me over. I talked to Jess and told her I was going to evict Dom. Elena – are you certain they aren’t going to use the POV. Mark – no, but wishful thinking. Mark – why do you think I have something to worry about if they do? Elena – no. Mark – do you think I will be safe if I am up there? Elena – yeah for sure. It doesn’t mean that its not scary though. Mark – do you think I can trust Jess? Elena – no. Mark – do you? Elena – no. I’m not trusting her because I choose not to … not because she’s untrustworthy. She will need to earn my trust. Mark – assuming everything goes as planned and Dom leaves this week who would be your target? Elena – depends on what happens this week and who f**ks around. Hopefully neither of us. I think there are always safe back up targets like Jess and Ramses and Josh. Mark – why do you think she (Alex) was pushing so hard for me to be a pawn? Elena – because it makes the most sense game-wise. Mark – why? Elena – for your game and for votes. Mark – my game doesn’t need help at all. Elena – she is convinced that the two people.. whoever they are who had doubts about you would see this as I’m a team player. Mark – why would people have doubts in me? Elena – someone on the outside. Elena – people will see it as okay he is making a move to get Dom and is not working with Dom. Mark – do you believe that? That, that would work? Elena – it could. I don’t know what people are thinking. Elena – the benefits are that you don’t have to vote against Dom. Or if there is a rogue vote then people might assume its you. Mark – why would people assume it was me? Elena – because of what people are hearing. Mark – What are they hearing. Elena – that ya’ll are working together, that you have an alliance. I see some benefits for you game and some risks. Mark – do the benefits outweigh the risks!? Elena – I don’t know.

8:25pm – 9:15pm Dom reading the bible and talking about her life to the cameras.

Hot Tub – Paul, Jess and Jason

Paul – so what were Cody’s plans after he got evicted? Jess – he was going to stay in LA for a week to see if I got evicted. And if I didn’t he was going to go back to Iowa. Paul – and then you would go there or he would come here. Jess – yeah he would probably come here.

9:40pm HOH room – Paul & Alex.
Paul – A squared, AMF combo. Jason pulled me in the room today and said dude, my gut is telling me to use the veto. Alex – good. Paul – and I was like yeah good, use the veto. I said dude quit bringing it up to Mark because every time you do that he guilt tips you and that’s why you’re feeling emotions. I was like would you rather piss off Alex, your friend or just explain to someone later. He was like you’re right I don’t want to make Alex mad. Paul – tell him this don’t worry about what I’m going to do, just use the veto please. Just tell him that and quit talking about it because its getting in his head. But also Mark and Dom were talking this morning about sh*t which is why I’m telling you its getting a little sketchy. She (Dom) is pulling people in and having private conversations. What Josh told her is that she doesn’t have his vote. Paul – I think its sketchy that she is using “lets pray” to continue to campaign. And if she drops a bomb, I’ll be like stop using your prayer sessions to continue talking game to people having private conversations. Paul – If I win HOH next week I am putting up Ramses and Jessica questions asked. I’m really going to try for HOH and take a shot at one of them.

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9:45pm – 10:30pm The pool tournament continues.

10:50pm Backyard Hammock. Paul and Elena

11:10am Jessica – Mark was asking me stuff about Cody today and I asked him come eviction night who he is voting for.

12:10am – 1:45am kitchen – Elena, Jason, Alex, Mark and Ramses are hanging out chatting about random things.

2:15am Backyard. Elena, Mark, Jason.
Jason – if Jess goes home, I have no attachment to her. I don’t f**king care if she goes home. Mark – stop. We have an agenda. Last night you said Dom needs to go. Mark – she’s the problem interest that goes home. Jason – that’s the only reason I would use that. Mark – Jess is not going home. Jason – its Dom. Its Dom, Dom, Dom. She’s going home. Paul joins them. Paul tells Jason you have the power of veto. You can literally tell people to f**k off.

3am Mark and Elena kissing in the backyard. They head over to the hammock.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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things better come crashing down on paul next week. watching tonight’s show it’s crazy the houseguests aren’t going “who said that?” “paul.” and putting it together. why do people never question the source of information? i hope his game blows up audrey style, because that’s the style game he’s currently playing.

Botox Pelosi

These people had better get Paul out before it is too late.

Wake up house guests

Same here. If they don’t get Paul out when his safety is up next week, he’ll sail to the end. One thing I agree with him is exposing Dom for not being on Big Brother for the right reasons, only to get TV show experience for her future talk show.


The funny thing is, she’s not even good at being talk show host.


She is terrible. All that organic chatter was so embarrassing.


It must be so Hard to shun when Jessica looks so hot in her bathing suit, even for the girls in the house, I see the way they look with envy. Go Jessica!


The hottest big brother player in history!

Club H.O.H

I agree she’s gorgeous. Glad seeing her have fun in the house. Looks like Paul’s career is done with TMZ even calling him racist. SHould be an interesting week with a bang at the end. Can’t wait to see Cody back in!

Froot Loop Dingus

Could not agree more. I liked Paul last season, but he’s really over playing this season. I cannot believe anyone would trust him. And Alex wants to go to the end with him? Sure go to Final 2 with last year’s runner up, who just has to say “i played 2 consecutive seasons and made it to the end.” To be honest Paul should have won last year. He played a much better game than Nicole who just laid in bed until she had to play.
Paul’s DRs tonight were so annoying…. as were Mark’s something about the way his mouth moves when he talks.
Kevin is entertaining and could go far. The rest… pretty lackluster cast.
I still like Christmas and it’s too bad she got hurt. I had high hopes for Matt, but he’s been a disappointment. And Josh just doesn’t seem to be all there… not a very bright guy. Makes you wonder what casting saw in him.

For the buyback, I’m pulling for Cameron so it’s a whole “unexpected” dynamic. I hope if Cody comes back in, Jessica gets evicted this week. I think he’s game will be better… but of course he’s also planning to work with Paul – who he :hated” SMH


paul didn’t do a great job with jury management last season, leaving a lot of players that would always vote vet over newbie in, but a lot of that was out of his control and ultimately his final 3 did include 2 vets after all and he couldn’t have really done anything about that situation. though he did totally blow his jury questions (in particular the one about voting out james definitely cost him nat’s vote). while i can agree he played a better game, i can see how it didn’t come across that way to the jury he faced.

kevin’s a definite fan favorite at this point.

i’m still hoping matt could be something if raven got voted out (but the odds of her going before him seem very slim).


Would love to see Mark and Dom on the block …. Elana will shit a brick and I will laugh my ass off.


Speaking of Elena … her lips don’t seem right. Is this a plastic surgery thing?


i think her eyebrows are worse

Jimmy 64

Hey Simon & Dawg I know I gave you an assignment to tell me how
many men or women won HOH & POV so I decided to do it myself
so here are the results. Up to Alex and Josh .
135 men have won HOH
107 women have won HOH
116 men have won POV
77 women have won POV
So there you go everybody

Captain Crunch

Everyone is drinking Paul’s kool-laid. If the house were smart when Paul’s safety is up next week they would either tell him what he wants to hear (put up 2 pawns) then back-door him or just put up on the block and try to get him out but everyone is under his spell for some reason.

Botox Pelosi

You’re right Captain but I don’t see Production letting their Golden Boy Paul go anywhere.


Once they’ve ridden him for all he’s worth, they’ll toss him aside. They did the same thing to the singer’s brother.


I’m not a Christmas fan but I don’t understand why certain fans have such a problem with her bieng there. I know if I was in the house and got hurt I would beg to stay. Big brother is not meant to be a physical game its a social game with some physical comps. Christmas can still win quiz comps and crap shoot comps and is still a vote to help other people. Also jameka season 8 gave up the right to play in like 5 hohs for a veto that she didn’t even win or need and it helped her get to the end.


Dom should drop the holier than thou God act. Nobody is in the house for a cachetism class. It’s a game and she needs to appeal to their sense of gamesmanship,forget all the morality talk. Remind people of all the tricks Paul pulled in his season. Remind them that he’s getting a second bite of the BB apple even though he already won second place and money last year. Anything but the religious/moral high road argument.


Give DOM temptation house will Flippp!!

Curse Josh


Who in the house do you think will have the balls to nominate or backdoor Paul? Anyone?


I feel like no one will take the shot until like final 6

Curse Josh

I was kind of digging Alex until she fell under Paul’s spell.


Alex is no fool, she’ll be in league with Paul to get ahead and then she’ll step over him to get the win….I hope she wins, she’s fun to watch, a good competitor, good at strategizing and reading people. I don’t think she’s blinded by Paul’s bullshit, I think she’s taking advantage of it to move herself ahead…and so far it’s working! I think she will use Paul to help her get all the top competitors out and then it will be bye-bye Paul, fingers crossed!

Botox Pelosi

I hope you are correct KNDPEANUT.


Paul is running the game and Alex is hanging onto his every word. I’m still rooting for Kevin. Fireworks will fly when Cody gets back in the house, provided he wins of course. Christmas needs to go, she needs to get healed, not worry about this game.

Aunt Nazeeba

Paul in a black mask with not go over well with viewers. Hope that bearded hairy gnome’s days are numbered. Why did they bring back this loud arrogant loser?


Jessica is growing on me. What the heck is wrong with me? ?


Me too


Same. I think for me it’s because
Jessica without Cody= Likeable
Cody without Jessica= very likeable
Jessica and Cody together = unbearable


I will say that Jessica and Cody were the more entertaining showmance of the season despite how annoying they were.

Guy From Canada

I hope it’s not that cold sore growing on you….. But I agree, with Cody gone she is able to play her own game and read like she is less mean girl and growing close to the group, which may save her this week.


WHISTLENUT…………I totally agree with you on Christmas being in the house. There are many comps. that she can do well in, and I found it totally laughable when Raven stated it was unfair that Christmas remain in the house. Firstly Raven, you have a stitched foot and can’t compete in any comp involving water, and surely won’t do well in a physical comp. at this point. Secondly, she has an exemption from being on slop. Thirdly, this poor girl is terminally ill, and keeps letting everyone know about it, so whoever wants to get her out will feel like they will be on the downward slope to going to hell for it. I went on YouTube and pulled up many videos on Christmas, and she is a remarkable lady with a drive to do what she is told she can’t do. If anyone gets the chance go and watch a few. Is it an advantage for Christmas to be in the house? I don’t think so because she will be put on the block and be evicted if she can’t win her way off. So to me that isn’t an advantage. I am really torn as to whether she should be there or not, and right now can’t imagine the pain she is experiencing. Personally I would want to be home in my own bed with a huge shoulder to cry on, but that’s just me.


Just so you know that Raven is completely exaggerating her illness. It isn’t a terminal illness it’s simply something that needs long term management but had a good prognosis. Like having diabetes. There have been many people who have discussed that her and her mother are scam artists and I am inclined to believe that. As for Christmas… I think she’s acting a martyr. Take your damn self out of the house and go get some rest and veg out for the summer. Good grief.

500K Called

How many opportunities have you had in your life at 500K??…It is solely up to Christmas as this is her life, her dream and her choice. People must live in a state of oblivion coming on here saying they would simply end their dream just to lay in their own bed and sulk.

Jimmy 64

I hope these people are as smart as the bb Canada people
when Neda’s safety was over they voted her out of the house
but I think these people are not that smart ! !!
Paul’s the shepherd leading a bunch of very stupid sheep.

sunny dee

if neda had played more like paul and less like an entitle arrogant beatch, she would never have been set up and voted out. she could have been nominated and still had the votes, but she wasn’t taking any time solidifying relationships, nor was she loyal to her own so called group. paul was over playing there for a while, but he now seems to be quieting down and it is working.


Neda was an idiot. She alienated her own allies by being a hateful bitch & being condescending. She forgot to play the game. Paul is much smarter. He’s managing everyone in the house. Manipulating them, planting seeds of doubt & putting himself in the position of trust. We’ll see if these folks every wake up to his manipulating & vote him out.


Hey Daddy Dawg! Congratulations to you & Mommy Dawg on your beautiful new baby daughter!
Best of Everything!


OBBB Onlinebigbrotherbaby:)
Precious Blessing

An ornery mouse

It’s gonna be funny when Dom gets outta here and sees God’s Twitter feed…. and realizes he’s been a Cody fan this whole time.


Ughhhh. When is the POV ceremony already ?!?!


Dom for the haunting Hex!!! Vote for her to win the temptation!




Not that I am a fan of Dom having so much power, but if she were to have the Halting Hex, can you imagine the look on Paul’s face when his plan blows up in his face? Priceless. It would be the perfect BB karma for him. And to have Cody win BattleBack and re-enter the house would be icing on the cake!


I wonder if any one will take a shot at Raven? the more I see and hear from this girl the more troubled I become.i normally don’t wish ill will on contestants but I feel she needs to be investigated for fraud.going on BB was a huge mistake for her with this fandom going to dig up all her dirt


I know, it’s pretty funny that someone is soooo sick, but she’s constantly shoving junk into her pie hole AND never getting sick or anything! She also has one of the fakest laughs I think I’ve ever heard, it’s very annoying! Lol…


What would be crazy if Jason used the power of veto. Alex put up Mark without his consent. And Jason gets the temptation uses the haulting hex!! Crazy scenario!!!


The only way Alex could convince me she’s not a Paul minion is if she screwed his suggestion and put Raven/Matt instead.


Well she is sort of screwing him (maybe) and thinking about putting Kevin up?!?!?!? Noooooooooo! But she wants to let him know first, so I guess she’s not wanting him gone, but clearly she DOES want to scare him. What is Jason going to do about this? All I know is that I think Jason just moved into my #2 spot in place of Alex.


I’m so confused as to why she wants to put up Kevin. Ok, I get that she has her doubts about him and wants to scare him but the way the BB house flips so often, it’s always a risk putting anyone up. Putting Kevin up means losing a vote on their side and could mean that Dom stays. I’m hoping that she is just throwing it out there to see if anyone is leaking information because Kevin needs to stay.

Alex & Christmas fan

What is wrong with Christmas being in the house. She got injured just like Raven and Mark got injured (Christmas did have the worse injury). But why be upset that she is still there. She can still play the game and probably compete in a lot of comps. It’s not like having an injury is beneficial to her. It is actually a detriment to her game. Oh, and I love Alex but if she is really falling for Paul’s bull**** then she may not be as smart as I thought. I would think everyone there could see through him. He is so obvious.


I have a question… I thought Josh picked the box that made him NOT a have not… so why is he still only eating slop stuff and sleeping in there and all?


Josh picked the box that extended his have not to two weeks.
So the only person that has successfully chosen the correct box is Paul. And I just realized Raven got the season slop pass in the veto last week. And Matt received no punishment for eating while on slop last week. How soon before they realize Christmas will not be able to be on painkillers every couple of hours without food…. so she’ll need a pass as well?


When Paul chose the box which cancelled his being a Have Not, did we ever get to see verification that the other box was one which would have extended his being a HN? Could both boxes have had the same result so that Paul would have been at an advantage? We’ll never know because on BB we never see the other possible outcomes, especially when Paul is the beneficiary. When he was given multiple tickets by multiple people so that he would have multiple opportunities to win HOH, was this the first time that other houseguests were allowed to pass off tickets in a competition? Production knew that Paul had the support of the other houseguests in getting rid of Cody. Did it, Production, help that process by allowing others to help Paul in achieving HOH and then secured that effort by making sure that Christmas could block Cody from playing in the POV if his name was drawn? Just saying.


Josh is cracking me up!


So the point of the den of temptation was to give Paul 3 weeks safety! And then stop giving temptations to the rest of the house!
Super lame! I want more temptations!!!!


everyone keeps saying production gave paul that advantage has everyone forgotten that nbc told the public that the temptations were coming and telling the public what the temptations were going to be and in what order they would be presented then America knowing all this information voted for paul to get it first knowing what that temptation was going to be

BB is not fair

The black person is nominated. Shocker!

So anyway...

The race card. Shocker!


It kills me how people never see race when the odds are stacked in their favor


Alex was on the block twice…Dom is on the block because she got too cozy playing an interviewer and forgot she was playing a game. She tried to get people to talk about their game play and people decided she was jeopardizing their game too much.


As opposed to only seeing race when the odds are stacked against you?

The reflection of Matt's blue shirt off his metal bowl.

That should have been Ramses defense.


Yes the race CARD!!!! Paul literally want to put on black face and said he has a monkey on his back. Not one person in the house realize how that will attack Dom? Why is it when folks get angry the first action of attack is always a person appearance, race, weight or religion?


More than half the house has been nominated so far, so what?

No fave yet

She is a creep. Her Preaching and holy act is annoying. Send her packing. BTW: I don’t believe her occupation either.

He in ring

F2….Kevin and Alex. Winner….Alex.


F2: Kevin and Jason. Winner: Kevin


After watching the show tonight, you can tell how much production is editing their favorites (Paul, xmas, and raven) in a good light. Thank God I read these updates from Simon and Dawg, to really see what’s happening in that house. If I strictly went by what CBS has shown, I too will be in love with those three morons. Go Alex and Jason!

Bunny Flop

Someone told me that GnomeBeard was planning to dress in a snake jumper and blackface for the pov cerimony. Is that tru. Because you if it is that’s bad. Really really bad. And I would be so glued to the tv with fingers covering eyes, to see it. I want to see that Godly woman smack the deble right outta that bearded yard decoration.
Please sweet Baby J let it happen


He meant black mask. Earlier he was trying to decide between a green and black mask. However, the optics of wearing a black mask that he’s called blackface… not good.
But then, he’s a goof.
If he didn’t have a bunch of sycophants running around behind him laughing at jokes whether funny or not, saying he’s right about the things he says whether they’re right or not, maybe he wouldn’t feel like so comfortable in using the word blackface.
By extension, perhaps some people do find Dominique’s beliefs to be humorous, as if she has some secret little invisible sky friend whispering in her ear, but his intent isn’t humor, it’s blanket disrespect in order to belittle her. Those are her beliefs. He is mocking her belief system. That’s not cool. Of course it’s not cool that she is using her belief system that can’t be cross examined as her justification for her opinions, but his repeated jabs at her spiritual beliefs? I’m not a spiritual person by aaaany stretch of the imagination, but i think respecting the beliefs of others is important. He made the point once. He doesn’t have to keep bringing it up over and over to any of his little stepford losers that walk by. His ad nauseum disrespect of her beliefs is just one more thing that makes him an obnoxious lowest common denominator goof.


Dom uses God like He is her private genie in a bottle. News flash…Jesus died for us all. Dom acts like she is the only one deserving of God.


You should be on Twitter, you’ll feel right at home there.

Aunt Nazeeba

Black face on that hairy bearded gnome will not get a pass from viewers. His act is getting old.


God doesn’t give a flying fig about a reality show competition. He needs to stop acting like he’s on her side to win. He’s got more important things to deal with.


Can dom even get this temptation? Voting is still going on makes me think it won’t be revealed till after Thursday’s eviction


Since the Halt Hex would allow whoever wins it (fingers crossed it’s Kevin) to reset the week I’d imagine it won’t be given until after this eviction b/c they need to do battle back this week. Also voting runs til the 19th (Weds),

As for Alex – I still really like her. She’s smart enough to see she couldn’t just throw up 2 from the other side without suffering repercussions. Instead, she used her HOH to get intel from the couples & also to shore up loyalty/safety for herself.

She also sees production loves Paul, he’s positioned well with everyone & he knows the game. Given all these reasons, why not make the deal with Paul. Besides who says she can’t beat him at F2 or would even take him that far?

As for Paul it’s hard to see who his true F2 is though I think he’s leaning toward Kevin b/c he has the ammo of Kevin taking the $25k & throwing the hinky votes. Paul tends to throw a little shade everywhere (other than Kevin/Alex/Elena) so I think those are his primaries. He also likes Xmas b/c she represents a bigger target (only b/c she’s disliked, certainly not b/c she’s a physical threat after her injury). Although, I am wondering if Alex represents his Victor this season b/c she can win like Vic did, but she’s also strategically smart.

It was interesting watching the show tonight b/c the 3 who went to Xmas (Dom/Mark/Raven) are the same 3 who keep saying they want her out. I wonder if anyone in the house was savvy enough to make that connection (ie: they are the fakest in the house). Jess seemed to be the most genuinely concerned based on her questions & Jason was the most visibly upset (since he feels responsible for what happened). The ones who waited to talk to her after the fact.

So … Dom is planning a big blow up to call Paul a snake at POV ceremony (& he plans on wearing a snakeskin inspired outfit which is fine, but let’s hope he nixes the black face which I can’t even begin to list the number of reasons that would be wrong) – there’s two major problems with this.

First – Paul is going no where this week, so I’m not sure what she expects to accomplish from calling him out. Why not put use her efforts in other places which could help her stay?

Second – Paul isn’t the one who told Elena that Dom felt she was jealous of Dom/Mark’s relationship … DOM WAS (as least indirectly). Mark had already told Elena anyway (although he lied to Dom – but God hasn’t warned her Mark lies too). But, she told Alex by using her favorite passive aggressive method of “no name” is jealous b/c I have a relationship with “no name”. Okay Dom – everyone including Josh figured that one out.

Anyway – this has the potential for a MAJOR back fire on Dom especially if Jason saves Jess & Alex puts up Mark. Immediately he’ll tell everyone he told Elena & Alex/Elena will tell Dom .. YOU were how we found out only serving to make Dom look foolish. Suffice to say, it’s smart game play on Paul’s part to do everything he can to get Mark on that block b/c it will transfer Dom’s current laser vision on him & direct it toward others.

Finally, if Mark ends up on the block Kevin needs to vote out Dom so the “hinky votes” can remain in play as possibly being Mark who made them. Hope Kevin figures that out b/c he is pure gold on the feeds. It’s been a long time since someone was so utterly entertaining (at least for me).


Last week they kept talking about the possibility of a evicted player coming back but not this week. I think they should be considering who could best beat Cody & evict that person. They are giving him a free ride back into the house. But then again, maybe that’s good. Paul will be booted all the quicker.


Cody’s already said he wanted to team with Paul if he made it back into the house.

Club H.O.H

Cody’s hit list is Mark then Paul. Once he sees Paul’s immunity is out- BOOM! Dom won’t leave quietly during Battle back. I’m also hating the edit CBS is doing on Hop-a-long, Paul and Raven the fraud (haven’t thought of a good name for Raven yet) but at least CBS heard the feeders and Cody got revenge in those eyes. Loving the gifs of his faces. Anyone noticing the relationship and feelings coming from Matt on Jess?…. Interesting.


Taking too long for the veto ceremony … Big Brother waiting to see how things may get flipped … perhaps the show is hoping Jessica gets evicted so she has to face Cody in the battle back show down.

Marlon 23

Is there anyone in the house with half brains? To tell Paul that isn t a good idea to use “Blackface”mask against a African American player.These kids are so clueless about life.She is leaving the house,you did your job.Now you jeopardize your career and reputation for joke.Freakin idiot!!!!


The 3rd temptation will not be given until after the eviction this week as Big Brother needs to ensure it is not used and there is an eviction so they can have at least 4 house guests in the Battle Back competition.


Hmmm. I’ve watched every season and I’m not complaining but this is a snooze fest so far. Last year was good. 17 was great ’till wrong person won. Nessa is the GOAT. Dnt get me started. Ha. But this season is like why so far.

Perhaps if Cody comes back a little game play and drama…but as u know when most come back they claim they are going to blow the house up but fall in line cuz they just happy to be back in and scared to go out right away.

I love game play and see none besides Paul. Kevin needs to step up his actual game play. Being funny wins u AFP not the game.

I still want Kevin to win this but Jess and Kevin F2 wouldn’t hurt me.

For the sake of us addicts though please end the games of the show ruining 4. M&M and Ralena. Go away fast.



Paul is running this house, however I don’t know once he loses safety if he will be safe I don’t think when this happens Alex, Jason, Jessica or Ramses will have a problem evicting him. I don’t even know if Matt, Raven, Mark, Elana will bat an eyelash that alliance goes wherever the wind blows. I am not a huge Cody fan but at least he was willing to make big moves and I hope he gets back in ironically I think Cody could save Paul’s bacon this time around.


If Alex is voted to receive the Hex Temptation, do you think she would use it to save Paul? If the Hex Temptation is accepted, do you think the consequence would be that the winner of the Battle Back competition would not be allowed to return to the BB house?


I think it will be the other way around. The winner of the battle back will only be allowed to return if the temptation is accepted. Their return will be the curse.


I don’t think so. Julie told Cody he is coming back, even after he acted like he didn’t believe her. They had one person quit and STILL had an eviction that week. So they have a week to make up. I think they chose the “stopping an eviction” temptation because of that. BB for a while now have had evictees battle their way back. If Julie hadn’t of said anything to Cody, then I might agree. But I doubt she is going to get his hopes up only to dash them when someone doesn’t accept the temptation (which won’t happen).


No idea how it’s going to work, but Julie did Not say someone Is going back in… She said something like someone will have the opportunity or chance to… something like that…

pov results?


So anyway...

I love when Cowboy said ” is he our parent”. Lol. I couldn’t stand him for the longest time but he starting to get my attention. He’s not stupid at all he starting to figure Paul out.


You guys Paul blackface scenario is viral and people are mad about it they’re voting for Dominique to get the Den of temptation i’m so excited they better make Pauls life a living hell in the house and stop with the racist stuff


Why are so many trying to make this a racial issue regarding Dominique being on the block. Every where they are talking about .. ‘black person on the block ..shocking’. Seriously, this isn’t about race. So, the HGs should never put anyone of color on the block or be branded a ‘racist’ for it. The mask thing is too much as well, it’s a black mask, granted he shouldn’t have called it black face but I still don’t believe that Paul meant it as a racial thing – He just doesn’t seem to think before he speaks. I’m not a Paul fan at all, I personally find him obnoxious and arrogant (as well as extremely ignorant) I have been looking forward to his eviction since he walked in the front door.
From the sounds of it, the hex temptation won’t take effect until after this eviction, so voting for Dom to get it, seems like a waste. Many that are voting for her to get it (from the comments they are making) aren’t doing it cause they want her to stay, more like they are only doing it cause they are making it about race. Why not give it to someone that would really benefit from it, like Jess. Many talking about how they hope its Cody that comes back in, well, if it is the others will back door him ASAP – with Jess having the hex she would be able to save him and possibly herself too since she probably would be on the block beside Cody.


Random Thoughts:
In the last photo, Elena looks like she just had her wisdom teeth removed.
Dom is this season’s Bridget as far as figuring out Paul.
Matt and Raven laugh like hyenas constantly over the dumbest things.
Jessica has demonstrated an incredible amount of loyalty. She’s also quite funny in a raunchy way.
Elena claims to be funny herself. She’s not.
Kevin is lucky he is funny because it’s won him a lot of fans. But he’s a really good liar and incredibly sneaky. Not sure we’d like him if he wasn’t funny.
I think what got under Paul’s skin the most was Cody saying how he didn’t like him initially due to his prior season (during Dom interview.) It was opposite of what Paul had been selling about his game play. Surprisingly, the HGs didn’t even pick up on it. That’s why he targeted Dom (collateral damage) who was cruising along in the safest position in the house.
I wish BB would provide Christmas with a knee scooter/cart. Would make it much easier for her to get around.


the veto was not used …. that’s a shame … Mark should have been sitting next to Dom this eviction


Can someone clarify?? I’ve seen on other sites that the POV WAS uses and Mark was put up.


Jason did not use the Veto.