“I know you are having a hard time I’ll just tell you it’s not you.. Don’t bang pots just be normal”

POV: ? Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Doesn’t look like Sam is telling anyone who she is nominating. She’s now said Rockstar isn’t going. Maybe this means Kaitlyn and Haleigh…
Last night was a lot of fun on the feeds thanks to Bro Brett dropping that Lie during his eviction Speech. Catch u on it here and here.

10:03am Big brother wakes them up

Rs says happy birthday to her daughter says she’s trying to hold it together for her kids.. adds that she’s not doing the best job but she’s trying.. “I love you I miss you ” Sniffle
RS is saying how her daughter will go out into the world and make it a better place, “You amaze me every single day”
RS crying… I miss you so bad.. I’m trying really hard I’m so very oproud of you I love you Happy Birthday

10:22am Sam and RS Kitchen (Kaitlyn and haleigh are also lurking around)
RS saying that Brett lied in front of the entire house, “How are you supposed to be comfortable,. I know America knows”
Sam – if it makes you feel any better, Like I said I’m not going to tell anybody who I’m going to choose to nominated until nomination ceremony
RS – it’s part of the rules
Sam – it’s part of the rules but also it’s now my own personal decisions and because it doesn’t matter if anybody talks to me.. it doesn’t matter it’s not going to change
Sam – It has nothing to do with anything really.. just a very practical decision..
Sam – if it makes you feel any better, I know you are having a hard time I’ll just tell you it’s not you. So you can just rest easy and Chill out. Don’t bang pots just be normal
RS – it’s hard to be normal
Sam – I want everyone to be Normal (boring)
Kaitlyn – that’s the hardest part of being HOH
Sam – yeah that’s why I’m not going to give it any energy it’s over

Sam says she might not win another HOH, “just in case I’m doing it my way”

Sam says her Endurance victory was due to her Popeye forearms and grippers.

10:32am Houseguests up for the day running around making food having coffee and Chit chatting about the HOH competition
Rs – I think I’m going to cheer myself up by wearing crazy things in my hair..

10:37am Kaitlyn tells the have nots that Sam isn’t telling people who she’s
Kaitlyhn – just to let you all know Sam said that She’s not sharing who she’s putting on the block but she just confirmed with ROCKSTAR that she can breathe better today it’s absolutely not her
Kaitlyn – don’t you think its strange the ONLY person that is making chaos she’s confirming.. She’s like I won’t tell everyone but I will tell you.. in front of all of us..
Tyler – Yeah…

11:18am Kaitlyn, Fes and RS
Rs – I’m just glad they didn’t give us alcohol last night that wouldn’t have been good for me
RS – I never thought I would come on this show and bang a pot and pan..
RS – there’s not very much you can do you can’t just bang someone in their mouth
K – I just don’t understand why.. I think what people are forgetting is the fact that everything that was said isn’t about me and it like directly affects me and like who I’m supposed to trust and like i just don’t understands why in this game it’s all about like lets try and make someone not trust Kailtyn or lets make Kailtyn this or lets throw Kaitlyn under the bus
K – lets put it all on Kaitlyn.. like why
RS – I dunno why do you keep hanging out with him.. he called you out last week
K – ROCKCOD I’m very aware .. he gave a 2 minute speech you don’t thin kI want to follow up and see what he has to say
RS – I haven’t trusted the guy.. he’s never had a conversation with me so I have no reason to trust him
RS goes on about how if he did what he did to her last week that is someone she wouldn’t talk to.
K – I don’t consider him a friend but you don’t think I have the right to ask
RS – i didn’t say what your rights are.. you keep hanging out with a guy that is clearly not here for the higher good
Kaitlyn says she was brought into all this because she’s been included.
RS – when I called him on it out there he looked me in the eye and said “own it… just own it”
RS – he’s a liar..

RS – I don’t like to surround myself with people like that.. thats why I haven’t.. that’s not a insult to you. You ask why your name gets brought into it probably because you hang out with him
Kaitlyn says she hasn’t hung out with Brett until yesterday when she thought he was going home so they could clear the air and be friends after this.
K – That’s how I am I forgive and I like that quality about myself
RS – I’m not telling you to change that at all..
RS – who knows maybe if he treated me as a person and spoke to me when I walked into a room I would be keeping his company.. I dunno
RS – it’s outright not true.. America knows.. I’m not really over it but I won’t know what happens until we’re out of here.. so there’s really no point

K – I get.. i get it trust me that America knows.. just try to be sensitive for a second like I’m really upset about it. Doesn’t matter who is telling the truth I trust you like the fact that I’m being brought in is very hurtful. So, like just try to be sensitive to the fact that I’m like”
RS – you were brought in when he made fun of you ion front of the entire house
K – right exactly, so just try to be sensitive about this whole thing
RS – I am sensitive I think he’s a d1ck ,, I wouldn’t talk to him .. it’s not a judgment.. it’s not anything.. I wouldn’t talk to the guy I think he’s a pr1ck
RS – you know what they say about opinions and I’ve been saying the exact same thing about him
RS – my Clear strategy being loyal to 5 people hasn’t worked

RS – maybe he’s on the right track mr white privilege over there.. mr my dads a lawyer..

11:42am Rachel, Tyler and last Bro
Rachel telling them that Bayleigh snapped at her and Haleigh bad about the peanut butter and jelly
Rachel says she was talking to Fes and he was acting like he can’t hand the game
Tyler – wants to back out

They think the nominations will be Kaitlyn and Haleigh.
Rachel really wants Scottie out. Tyler says Sam really loves Scottie even from the beginning.
Brett – even when she voted against her
“it’s really weird”
Brett says if San is going to take someone out it’ll be one of the three girls (RS, Haleigh and kaitlyn)
Tyler agrees Scottie has got to go.

11:51am Rachel, Kaycee, Brett and Sam

Sam tells them Rockstar isn’t going up, “Why waste a nomination on something that that will inevitably happen next week”
Sam says if they don’t like her nominations and really want something else “win the veto then I’ll have to figure something out”
Sam laughs..
They call her Sam the savage
Sam – I’m not doing 1 on 1 and not letting you all kiss my a$$ for a week.

2:00pm Feeds have been down for a good while.

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Tom A

Rockstar about Brett last night “I hope his mom is happy about who she raised. She raised the devil. That white, privileged mo***f*****” classy rockstar, really classy, way to set an example for your kids, bash someone on a personal level, then bring their family into it. Smh. She should honestly be ashamed of herself. Brett makes a game move, and you make it personal. She may be the least likable player in BB history. She’s the pot calling the kettle black by saying Brett is a bully. He hasn’t said a thing that’s personal to her, while she has talked behind he and Winston’s backs since they got in the house. Absolutely can’t stand her and her hypocrisy. What a fantastic season though.

No more bros

He did get personal. He said she was making a great example to her kids. Family should be left out of both their mouths

Tom A

He’s saying that after she has talked smack about him/blown up in this most recent turn of events. Frankly, he’s right about what he’s saying too

Haleigh's Melanoma

She’s mystified after she has been dogging Brett and Winston all season. She has been talking about evicting them since week one and sneering at them like they just aren’t as good as human beings as she is.


Really? Brett needs to leave just like Winston and Swaggy! He degrades women and it’s obvious he has no respect for them. He can kick rocks with his shoes off all day! The greatest manipulator is Tyler. That dude is playing flawlessly

I Am Jack's Inflamed Sense of Rejection

I don’t watch the feeds, but a lot of BBAD and love reading OBB. Why do you say Last Bro degrades women and has no respect for them? I haven’t see that. If there is any blatant degrading of gender here it’s RS’s misandry. He pulled a move that’s been done multiple times and blown it completely out of proportion, as well as attributing it to his gender, race and socio-economic status. But I get it, b/c the her look and affect screams liberal hippie, it’s easier to make Last Bro seem like the facist instead of the one really expressing oppressive ideals.


swags didnt degrade women. winston called them weak and said no one has the balls to go against them. glad scottie handled that


She talks bad about everyone


she talks about privilege and stuff. she never mentions personal looks or say she wants to physically attack someone or spit on them like the bros.


I mean I get your point, but what he did to her was pretty brutal. We are on the outside and know exactly what happens, they are inside there and truly believe in these alliances and when stuff goes south it’s got to suck. Her mind is spinning, she wonders why would Brett pick her, why would people not believe her when she’s always told the truth to the people she’s close to. I think I would go a little crazy too, in that moment. He blindsided her on national television, her whole body turned red, I’m sure her adrenaline went threw the roof. RS can be annoying at times but I’m on her side for this situation.

Kailtyn, on the other hand, is so freaking annoying. The fact that she keeps playing victim in all of this really gets on my nerves. She’s so blind to Tyler that it’s laughable. I’ll say it again, she’s clueless!!

Tom A

She has talked badly about him since day 1. He knows she doesn’t like him for absolutely no reason, most of his alliance wants her out, and so does he. He made a game move to try to save his butt, and to an extent, it worked perfectly. She has been vile in this house. I’m not saying everyone is a saint, but she’s brutal. She can’t calmly diffuse an obvious lie, and decides to get personal off of a game move. Simple as that in my eyes. Brett is playing the game.


The idea is to make it to the end and win $500,000. People lie, deceive, and cast doubt on each other to get a target off them like Brett, put a target on someone else which is what Tyler is doing to Angie because she’s throwing his name out there, or try to break up a pair much like Scottie did. The house guests are operating in a very gray area of ethical interpersonal interactions.


He was the first one to bring up her kids, so no.


No, she did, she said it was her daughters birthday and he did this to her on her daughters birthday. She opened that door. RS is not an attractive person, in any way and maybe she has been rejected by guys like Brett in her life. She sees other people in the house attracted to each other and knows that no one is attracted to her and deflects, using the excuse that she has a man and is not available, when I think she knows that even if she was single, there is no hook-up in there for her. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a bitter nasty person. Personality is what makes a person truly beautiful and RS’s personality sucks.


You hit the nail on the head. And I have legit empathy for people with low self esteem. But it’s not Brett’s fault and she has been ugly about him for weeks. I still feel bad that she deals with inner demons, but to deflect and personally attack someone else is not the answer and is why I can’t truly feel bad for her


No, he didn’t. He responded after she brought up family

Cray Cray

Someone please put her on the block and see if she can make a game move to stay without making it personal. These girls are nuts. These guys better do something to get some girls out or it’s going to be one b***h fest by the second half. I am a woman and know you can not put a group of women together and not have drama. It’s so sad. And of course Kaitlyn makes it all about her. UGH!!!!


She brings race up all the time and money, white privilege etc. What does that have to do with playing the game?


Just think of it in the old fashioned sense of class. He has it she doesn’t. In her opinion she deserves it even if she goes out of her way to be an outcast in normal humanity. Pretending he is higher up because of his birth instead of she is lower down because of her own actions means she doesn’t have to try to improve herself. I know, it’s weird but it’s fairly normal to blame others for your failures when you don’t have a history of working to be exceptional. If she had any confidence she would have laughed the whole thing off, by being so visibly hurt she is handing him the win. And even mentioning her kids was really low down classless and just another way of deflecting blame on herself or her own bad behavior. Name calling is for losers and she does it constantly.


What is with the white girl crying “white privilege?” Does she even know the meaning behind those words? I get that RS thinks Brett is a rich spoiled brat and she is bitter but hey … choose your words wisely, especially if they are ones that you don’t want to hear come out of your children’s mouth!


he also said he wanted to spit in her face and talked about her appearance. bret is a female dog. him and his bro deserve each other. lets see if they stay friends when winston realizes bret knew all along he was going home


I’m not defending Bret. RS did start belittling and make character accusations about Brett long before he ever talked about her. Those comments got back to Bret and the battle ensued. She mentioned she didn’t like White boys and accused him as having white privilege behavior…right from the jump.


so is Bret right for saying he wants to spit in her face


Rs is wrong for generally being a bad person with all of the things she says to people’s faces and behind their backs, and Brett is wrong for the comments about spitting in her face. You don’t have to pick sides, they can both be wrong in how they carry themselves.
Not supporting Rs is not always the same thing as supporting Brett. I know it feels like it sometimes, but everyone will be held accountable for their actions eventually




Yes he said it to his friend in the house, after they were constantly attacked on a personal level by her. He said he WANTED to spit in her face, he didn’t do it. Would you not have that feeling inside you when someone goes after you personally, degrades you, brings up your upbringing and family when they have no idea how you were raised. All she has is all the movies she has seen in her life and she’s decided that makes her a psychiatrist and can know how people are. She said it herself, he hasn’t talked to her, she knows nothing about him. Yet, based on how she’s talked about his upbringing, you would think she grew up on his block


Yeah, also RS doesn’t understand the concept of white privilege. She is also white and inherently that comes with privilege, that’s the concept. If she said he was a rich kid, trust fund baby, prep, jock, those are all way more applicable. I hate that it worked b/c I don’t like him but honestly Brett rattled the whole house, is letting RS bury herself and it’s pretty awesome to see so many confused by one move.




Sam has been really honest with everyone about how she would handle the HOH if she ever won it since week 1, and now she is keeping her word. She has just the right amount of snark and plaid. There is absolutely nothing fake about Sam. Really wish I could be watching this nomination ceremony!!!!


sam is definitely phony. “give me a hug. lets count the stars, . i want my cigarettes, sorry im snapping on everyone. (sam). she is weird as hell. ready for her to go. it is painful watching her


I think Sam will talk to both people she nominates & tell them if they are voted out….they have a chance to come back in. That’s why she chose them. She didn’t want to nominate someone that she really wants out on the chance they will then return & go after her.

Who would you nominate if you know they could come back?????? I love Sam.


That could be possible. She was talking before feeds cut about her noms. She said she couldn’t say names, but her decision is just what makes sense for her game.

If it were me, I would put up the ones I want evicted and not mention the power until the possible evictee is walking out of the house.

2:13 BBTime- feeds are back

double D

Because its a CHANCE to come back. Whoever goes will be happy Sam didn’t use it before


Rockstar described her best just now, “Sam is pretty trustworthy, but she’s a MAVERICK. She does her own thing. She doesn’t need a partner or a friend. She has a lot of friends, but she doesn’t need….she won’t talk game with anyone.”

Cray Cray

RS – maybe he’s on the right track mr white privilege over there.. mr my dads a lawyer.. UGH! She must have liked a white privileged boy back in the day and got no love. Geez…can she think game!

Trackin the Kraken

As what ? The Bouncer ?

Just sayin'

Rocklobster worked at a strip bar and still doesn’t know what a bra is? Ironic

Evict the other Bro

How many seasons has it been since we have had a truly blind nomination ceremony?

I think the “chance” portion of Sam’s power will be a competition between the evicted HG and the HOH. That gives both sides an opportunity.

I do believe the “bully” tag applies to Brett. Based only on his comments about Scottie for nominating him and the attack on RS (bats**t crazy #2).

Kaitlin (bats**t crazy #1) will believe anything someone tells her. Really? “Some power was used to flip the votes?”


i think it may be the evictee gets to participate in the hoh competition and if they do well enough they return (not sure if this means win or outlast a certain amount of other people).


I thought on the first eviction there was a quick shot of a comp which was not the HoH comp. Pretty sure whatever it is, if it’s separate, will be quick.

Janet L

The evicted houseguest this week will have to complete a puzzle for the chance to get back in the house. I believe it will be either in the the App store room or on stage.

Team Simon

Would be wonderful is Sam nominates one player from each side. Hope brett rachel or angelo get nominated and fez jc and scottie get nominated. Those are the most boring players. too much muscle and they cannot win a thing! Too much make up and they are still have zero game. GO Sam! Shake the house!


Fez doesn’t know the game, nor does he like what has been happening. He wants to go home.


How ironical that Sam gets to be HOH exactly on the week someone gets a chance to go right back into the game. LOL! I wanna see what strategy she’s gonna come up with in order to not get hurt but whoever comes back… if s/he comes back. What would you guys do? I’d nominate and then come clean about the power app. It’s better than seeing one of your nominees coming back and say: hey, I knew you’d come back! – Sounds fishy lol.

I’m still enjoying this season very much. I like how most of them are refreshing in the DR segments. Although I thought it was a bad move, I just loved seeing RS losing her cool with Brett. I live for some confrontation on BB… especially BB US where saying the wrong stuff can pave your way out so a good player must be political even when losing their sh!t. Hahah!

Now, although I really don’t care, I don’t understand why there are so many down votes being given to comments in general. People just down vote everything and don’t bother to counterargument and offer a different perspective. It’d make for interesting conversation.


You nominate your two targets and afterwards pull them both into the hoh play the innocent southern charm girl how you don’t really want anyone going out and tell them. Look with my power which ever of you is evicted will get the chance to come back in. When you come back, we can use the fact that I evicted you and put the other person the block to form a “secret alliance”. This will also allow you guys to see where you stand in your alliance. The votes haven’t gone exactly how everyone thought they would so this will show you guys who you can trust. Don’t let them know it automatically is used this week make it seem like it’s you choice to use it.

Boom bang no blood even if the person wins their competition to come back in the game. Even if you don’t want to keep the secret alliance you still give the illusion that you want to.

Of course Tyler and kaycee knowing the real stipulations could ruin this.


Sam – “I’m not doing 1 on 1 and not letting you all kiss my a$$ for a week.”
Best line this week. Whomever she nominates, can’t wait to hear her reasoning.


LOL She said there was no point in it because it wouldn’t change her mind, and she’s already made her decision. She’s not messin’ around.

I also loved her commentary during the HOH competition.

50 Shades of Cra

I am loving Brett right now… first the veto speech and then last nite, brilliant! Seeing Rockflop self destruct was very satisfying simply bc she talks non-stop crap abt the others…..I can’t stand her, so freakin phony in the DR …..that “ on my daughter’s birthday “ was lame. If her daughter ‘s birthday was so important, she’d b home and not on a reality show. She’s as phony as that purple clown hair…. the thought of her taking her clothes off in a strip club is nauseating. #noapology


Meanwhile, she later said that her daughter’s birthday is actually today, Friday.


Simon why isn’t Kaitlyn on the Daily rankings? Is she that far down it doesn’t register?lol


Did anyone notice that sam’s family & friends dont have the thick accent that she has?


She’s probably a deadly, covert operative with the CIA. Her handler is Donny.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL I thought of Donny the other night while Scottie and Rocko were tossing around conspiracy theories. Everyone thought Donny was CIA … “Nah, I’m just a grounds keeper.”

Gigi Tomasa

Loved this when RS was talking to Kaitlin—
“K – I just don’t understand why.. I think what people are forgetting is the fact that everything that was said isn’t about me and (this—–>) it like directly affects me (<——this) and like who I’m supposed to trust and like i just don’t understands why in this game it’s all about like lets try and make someone not trust Kailtyn or lets make Kailtyn this or lets throw Kaitlyn under the bus."

She would drive me crazy!! Everything is always about her and people just brush over it and don't complain! Her spirit whatever's do know how to blow mist in her words.


I honestly just wasn’t completely buying her crying last night. She was super whiny with it, and it was bringing back memories of Meech.

Like Literally

Her crying jag with Fez last night seemed legit. But every time she “cried” over Swaggy, I noticed there were absolutely NO tears. She’s a tad narcissist.


Rockstar is showing her true colors that I knew all along. She’s the biggest judgmental hypocrite in the house that stereotypes everyone but yet doesn’t want anyone to stereotype others. The irony isn’t lost on me. She has a massive chip on her shoulder and it is showing clearly. She’s too old to be banging pans. She should be ashamed her children have to see her do that. At least Josh was young and immature. She doesn’t have that excuse.

Cray Cray

Umm Even Dick was the first and he wasn’t young.

sam hoh fun

watchout bayleigh power most likely screw over sam because sam walk get evited walk right back in just watch


Unless Bayleigh is nominated, she’s not using her power. She’s saving it to get to jury.

sam hoh fun

nope she dowsnt need be nominated that tyler powers


If I understand correctly she would have to use it before noms, so like Tyler’s app, she would have to know she was being nominated beforehand to save herself.


What was KAycee up to today? She is so low key. I really like her. Tyler is so good at his manipulation. It’s kinda of scary. I wish I was that smooth.

Bigg steve

Isn’t RS white also…I dont understand,,am I missing something


Looks like Kaitlyn and Haleigh were nominated.
Kaitlyn seems fine, but doesn’t understand why “she thinks we don’t respect ourselves”.
edited to add: well, she seemed okay at first, now she’s a bawling mess.

Rockstar, “So much for girl power” LOL