Jessica “I want to punch Raven in the face for the way she lied to me today!”

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9pm Bedroom – Cody and Jessica.
Cody – are you prepared to be a havenot this week? Jessica – I know I was already thinking about it. Cody – you notice how Paul makes a justification for every dig that he makes. Jessica – what’s his justification here? He made me a havenot already. Cody – that f**King idiot. Always saying its just a game. Then saying it was personal. Jessica – it doesn’t make sense. You don’t know what I’m going to do. Don’t tell people what you think I’m going to do. How am I personally attacking you right now. Enjoy fighting amongst yourselves because Cody and I are safe. Jessica – I want to punch Raven in the face for the way she lied to me today. Literally just want to cold cock her. She is someone I am 100,000% not being friends with outside this house because all she does is lie, talk sh*t about people and acts like Susie homemaker in the kitchen. Cody – I mean I think she looks like a damn crazy lady. I’ve never seen someone so crazy in my life. Elena joins them. Elena – I don’t know where Mark is .. that’s not a good sign. I don’t f**king trust him. Jessica – we need to put them on leashes. Jessica – its annoying that Christmas gets this entire bed to herself. Cody – oh by the way, Matt with his f**king fingers up your a$$.. that f**king enrages me!!! Jessica – I know, I know. Cody – you can either have a conversation with him or I can. Jessica – oh god. Cody – because that won’t f**king happen again.

9pm Lounge room – Kevin, Paul and Mark.
Mark – she (Elena) is mad that people lied to her about the vote. I never asked anyone so no one lied to me about the vote. I was just shocked and disappointed because I felt like an outsider. I thought I had a good enough relationship with people. I understand you guys had the votes there was no need to talk about it and ruin it. No need to stir the pot. Paul – exactly! Josh is probably going to get himself put on the block or self-evict. I am not worried about Josh in this game. Look at how he competes. Ramses knew that competition. Lord knows he could have won that HOH today. Kevin – Last week when Jessica won the POV she should have put up someone strong against Josh. Mark – I did not know their agenda. Me and Cody had a connection since day 1 but I did not support what he did. Paul – Jessica said keep your dog on a leash. I have nothing to do with what he does. You genuinely think I would tell him to poke and prod at you Mark. Kevin – no he does that on his own. I think he is making a fool of himself. Mark – I never suggested anybody.. Paul – he is in his own f**king world. Even Big Meech she sucked at competitions. Even if she was the only competing she would still lose.

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9:10pm Lounge room – Mark, Elena, Kevin and Paul.
Paul – so you didn’t know about that temptation? Elena shakes her head no.
Paul – how do you feel about it. Elena – I mean its crazy. Paul – I don’t think its real. I think she got a temptation. I don’t think its that. There is no way you can keep 2 people safe in this game for f**king weeks. If so fact-o, how was she on the block last week?! When I had my pendant you couldn’t even put me on the block. If she did have a protection pendant .. she said 4 weeks. That is absolute horse sh*t. Elena – I don’t think she said 4, I think she said a few. Paul – they would never give you protection till Jury. THAT IS A FACT!! That is a fact you will never get protection till jury. You cannot get protection till jury. People would say it is rigged. Mark – if that was the temptation, think about what the curse would be. It would be equally as bad. Elena – and she got the temptation before Cody was back in the house. Paul – if you did have a protection like that why would you say it in front of everybody!? And assume that I was going to put you up, when I wasn’t. It makes no sense to me. If you had something like that you wouldn’t expose it. Kevin – and if you did you wouldn’t say anything until you were put up. Mark – you could ask in the DR? Paul – you are not allowed to lie about your temptation. When the temptation gets called out, you have to clarify exactly what it is. This is an attack against me, when I did nothing. I wasn’t going to put you all up. Mark – do you know what you’re doing this week. Paul – I’m going to have to think about it. I didn’t want to win HOH but I’m not safe. Paul explains his reasons for getting rid of Ramses and not telling them. Elena – I at least respect that you were able to be a man and have a conversation with me about it.

9:25pm Bedroom – Josh, Alex, Christmas and Jason.
Alex – next week we really have to turn the tables again and make a big move. Christmas – Jess is up, Mark is up, Elena is up.. whoever doesn’t go home.. there are three out of the four that will be gunning for the HOH. Its probably going to be physical so I don’t know how much of that I am going to be able to play. Josh – I got it. Next week I’ll win the HOH but if we’re hanging off the wall.. lets be realistic I ain’t going to beat you (Alex). Christmas – if and when they get the HOH again, they won’t make the same mistake that they made this week. They will put up two major player and split the house in two. Alex – I think their temptation is different. Josh – I am not buying their temptation. Alex – I just said that! I think she said that for protection. Christmas – they’re not going to get safety twice and for two people for several weeks. No f**king way! Josh – you really think America is going to give Jessica protection to protect Cody!!? F**K NO! Christmas – it doesn’t make sense. Josh – If I was HOH I would be like f**king it, lets test my luck and see if its true.. you’re both going up. Paul joins them and says that Mark and Elena are pretty much throwing Cody and Jessica under the bus. If you really had a power like that and were worried about seclusion why would you tell everyone about it and seclude yourself more?! It doesn’t make sense.

9:50pm Lounge room. Elena and Mark.
Mark – I really want to give you a hug right now. Elena – don’t touch me! Mark –
I know you kind of want a hug. Elena – I don’t like to be touched when I am pissed. Mark – a big hug!? Elena – no! Please do do not touch me. I am not kidding. I do not like being touched. I literally almost smacked Raven in the face. That is how much I do not like being touched when I am mad. Like that is when I am the maddest right now that she touched me and that Matt was approaching me. Do not f**king touch me! Mark – you are very interesting. Elena – you are not touching me. I am not f**king kidding! Mark – deep down I know you’re smiling. Deep, deep, deep down. I can see the smile in your face. Elena – I appreciate your thoughts in wanting to cheer me up but do not touch me. Mark – do you want me to back up? Elena – I would feel safer.

10pm – 10:30pm Lounge room. Paul, Raven, Alex, Kevin, Christmas, Jessica, Elena and Jason are playing mobsters.

11:05pm Bedroom. Alex, Jason, Josh and Kevin.
Alex – here’s the thing next week we have a lot of competitors that are on par or a little bit better than us. Elena is smarter and stronger than she is giving off. Kevin – its time now to actually win things. I knew most of the answers. It ain’t like I threw it but I didn’t give a f**k. This is tough waters to navigate here. There are only two people before the jury. We you get people out after jury they don’t get as mad you know what I mean. You get 1 more person out now that is going to the airport and going the f**k home. The other people will go but they get a $1000 a week to sit in a mansion. The next person out is going to be the maddest person out than anyone. Kevin – next week is like kissing your sister… Alex – kissing your sister .. oh god Kevin!?!

11:13pm Paul gets his HOH room.
Paul reads his letter:

Hi my love,
I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments and remember always stay true to yourself like I know you do. Don’t ever change. Words have not yet been created for my love, admiration and pride for you. Well I finally did it, I married Paul. But in true S____ style just before I was getting in the car to go to the church the wind blew my veil into the rose bushes while still attached to my damn head and ripped a nice hole in the back. When I was trying to pull it off the thorns still wearing it down the isle though it reminded me of the last time I was in LA and we took your car for a spin and the car died just like veil and with laughter you have taught me to make everything work and carry on. I miss you so much and have to go through another summer of you not visiting me in Vancouver so I will just hang out Paul Brian because he has everything. Every here missed you so much and is cheering you on and cannot wait to get your crazy Paul energy back in Vancouver. I relive so many fun memories of us and my heart is so full knowing that I get to create new memories of you for the rest of my life and laugh our faces off. I cannot wait to give you the biggest squeeze ever! From me holding you as a baby to us holding vodka bottles and then downing them before you took me to fright nights to scare the sh*t out of me to all your pranks we have pulled on everyone. I could not have asked for a more perfect friend / cousin. I love you, I love you, I love you ..

11:35pm HOH room. Paul and Mark.
Mark – congrats I am happy you won this one. Paul – thanks, this was an important one. Mark – this was huge bro! Paul – now I need to do some thinking. Mark – do you want to discuss anything? Paul – no I’m fine. I already thing I know what I’m going to do. They’re (Cody & Jessica) probably going to come up here and try and talk to me. I’ll humor them but just the way things went were very bizarre. I am calling bluff though. I am calling mucho bluff. Mark leaves.

11:36pm – 11:42pm HOH – Cody and Paul.
Cody – I just wanted to get out that thing about Mark. Paul – yeah, lets talk real quick. Cody – when we were establishing stuff.. re-establishing our trust or loyalty in this game. I said to Mark – what are your interests in the house? And Mark said me, Elena and Paul. And I said I dig that. For what its worth, he’s always been right there for ya. And that’s all I really got to say. I was trying to re-establish some kind of bond with whoever when I came back in this house. Mark was the first one and I was like I’ve got your back no matter what. What are your interests in the house? You and Elena .. so. Paul – that’s awesome. Cody – that’s all I wanted to say. Paul – so who brought up the conversation though? It was you? Cody – yeah. Paul – I am just cashing cheques so that stuff isn’t weird. Everything you got with them is whatever. Paul – question .. not allowed to talk about your temptation thing? Not at all? Cody – not at all. Paul – okay. Other than that what I did want to talk about .. well I guess you just kind of reaffirmed it as far as re-establishing yourself in this game … I can only do so many things. Cody – I’ll figure it out. Everything between me and you is between me and you. But with re-establishing my relationship with Mark I wanted to know what his interests were and I would never attack that you know what I mean. And that wasn’t the only reason .. like everything was already done and I gain nothing by doing it again. It would just be a petty thing at that point. I wanted to keep continuing to make bigger moves .. I guess.

Paul – the only reason I was keen on winning was for my safety and this was probably the one week before jury and there is a lot of weird sh*t going on .. on certain ends and I need to fish out. And I think there are certain moves that I will make that will make things come out because I have question marks in a few places and its not something I am willing to disclose just yet for the sanctity of my observations and things that I’ve been noticing. I know that I didn’t win this HOH comp. A lot of people didn’t want to win this HOH comp and there is a lot of digging I need to do so whatever happens just don’t act. Cody – we’re chilling. Paul – there are certain things that I need to come out … so just don’t act… just let me do my work. Cody – we’re going to chill off to the side. Please do not take anything I do emotionally because I do not play this game emotionally. There are certain things that people might not understand or .. its not that way and I am willing to talk about it after the fact. There are certain things that I do that I do not tell anyone because people are not that textured in the game. Cody – I understand that aspect. Paul – we had a conversation when you came back .. I haven’t forgotten that.. just understand that I have a method to my madness and this is day 136 for me and I look at things from a different angle. Cody – whoever you .. the only thing closest to me right now is Jess. Paul – things might not make sense to you at first .. or they might depending on what you’re seeing and what I’m seeing but just give me a minute before you hop? Deal?! Cody – deal. Paul – chow buddy. Cody leaves the HOH room. Paul – idiot!

11:50pm HOH room – Matt, Raven and Paul.
Paul – okay what observations have you made? Jason and Alex? They’re good right? You don’t think there’s any backwards? Matt and Raven – no. Paul – alright so Cody came up here and reaffirmed that him and Mark are (tight). Matt – oh yeah, that’s nothing we didn’t know. We at least need to find out if they’re bluffing or if they’re for real because I asked him so you can’t talk about your temptation and he said nope. Which is bullsh*t because you can definitely talk about it because I had a temptation and I know how that sh*t works. You can talk about it. You just can’t lie about it. So now they lied about it and now they don’t want to talk about it to not further a lie. Because I had the temptation and I could talk about it as much as I want but production said you cannot lie about it and we will not lie for you. So as long as it does not get revealed nope I just can’t talk about it. If you can’t talk about it … then how come you just talked about it!? Matt – my question is .. if what she said is true .. what advantage did she gain by saying it right there?! Paul – it doesn’t make sense… So what I plan on doing is expose them one way or another … Unfortunately Cody and Jessica making a statement like you did on live eviction about having a certain power and then withholding that information is just something that can’t happen .. so if you do have this safety then don’t take this personally because you’re safe. Right!? But its something we need to know since you can’t talk about it so here you go. boom boom! Then Mark & Elena. Raven – Mark and Elena won’t talk or look at us. Paul – Mark is just submitting because he’s scared. Paul tells Matt and Raven how Elena was calling them fake. Paul – if they make me make a move it will be on my HOH .. and I’ll just say Mark and Elena.

Paul – they (Cody and Jessica) told me so that I wouldn’t put them up. Like as a scare tactic. I think she can change one nom. I don’t think she can change both.. that’s a Coup d’état. Or maybe you can change both but you can;t replace them. Matt – if we wanted to get really grimmy .. we could tell Mark what Elena said about him. Raven – she (Elena) said that if Mark won HOH she would drop him .. not talk to him because she didn’t trust him. Matt – something for the back pocket… that’s not me but.. Paul – maybe I pull Elena up here and tell her that I might use her as a pawn. Christmas joins them. Paul – what I am thinking.. Plan A – is Cody. What I am thinking is call their bluff. Best case scenario is she has a one nominee thing to keep one nominee safe. She pulls herself off because she has the confidence that Cody would win the veto and take himself off. Another scenario is they pull both of them off, then Mark and Elena go up. Worst cast is they have a Coup d’état.

12:44am HOH room. Elena and Paul.
Paul – I hope that you have been picking up my clues. Elena – at this point people are just being weird around me. There is nothing I can do about Mark being attached to him. The things that I tell you are for you. Elena – so I am going to go up tomorrow. Paul – no, unless .. I can going to call their bluff tomorrow. I am going to call it and based of of what information comes from that… You might be a pawn. You might go up but you will not go home. If you truly trust mom. Kook me in the eye’s and know that I am doing.

2am Alex scares Josh in the Havenot room.

2:30am – 2:40am HOH room – Paul talks to the cameras about his moves / strategy so far. People just listen to me and do everything I say. It still hasn’t made any sense for these people to take out the Vet. Crazy! Every single week things have happened the way I wanted to. I’m the puppet-master. Big Brother calls him to the diary room.

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Paul winning HOH again is rigged.

Paul the Trool and is followers

NO, as usual Paul had a plan to insure he got HOH IF it was down to just the “Troll Followers” left in the competition. Cheating but not cheating…if you get my drift!!!


It isn’t rigged.BB is a scripted program.if u don’t see that clearly than I don’t no what more to say.its entertainment and about as real as WWE

The Mooch

The DR is the worst. Guests are screeching and acting like complete idiots. Their animations are so fake. Wish they would be themselves instead of obnoxious drama queens,
Hoping Josh gets his flubbery faced busted before next eviction.


Raven is the worst with that.


No it’s more like the houseguest let Paul win because nobody wants to do the dirty work of getting out Jody so they are like let Paul do it. So which ever one is left won’t go after anyone but Paul….but in a funny twist of faith on Paul’s ego he is totally getting a waste of an hoh and the look on his face come next Thursday when he doesn’t get to evict ANYONE will be priceless. If he was smart he’d just believe Jess and kick mark out the door. Oh btw Elena pot met kettle you’re so pissed about being lied to and calling maven fake you and your fake outrage isn’t any better. Sucking up to Paul saying I understand why you kept me in the dark lol. Oh and just cut the kid loose you playing mark on national tv isn’t a good look. This reset week is going to be DRAMA filled. Love it!


Doubt Paul will have “drama face” – read the live feed information. He has three scenerios based on what Jess said about her advantage and one of those is basically a reset. So he is highly aware. He thinks through things and even if you don’t like Paul the fact is he is playing this game. I’d like to see him and Cody join along with Alex to the end and then the best player wins. These damn show romances get in the way on one hand but lead to interesting human behavior game play on the other hand.

Matt's 2 Shirts

It’s not a waste if his goal is burning out the Temptation.


Paul was always good at the memory challenges.


I can’t stand Paul, but he is good at competitions especially those involving the mind and memory.


I can’t stand watching this season anymore. Who cast these idiots!! I can’t believe it. I don’t like Cody neither is Jessica but I am rooting for them just because the rest of the house are Paul’s minions. It’s unbelievable.

Thanks Simon and Dawg – I’ll go here for updates but refuse to watch the TV version of this s**t show!


Ys they all are a bunch of Minions following Paul’s every word….they get what they deserve. At least Cody is smart enough to know Paul’s manipulative agenda from day 1.


I would hardly put Cody and smart in the same sentence together lol

Bob Cobb

Cody may be a soldier, but he sure ain’t no General.


I don’t understand the hate towards Jessica and Cody. Not talking about their personalities just game. They are the only ones making moves in the game. Everyone else is just playing Paul’s game. All of them! So why not just hand Paul the 500K and be done. I don’t see one person that is making any attempt to think for themselves. It’s ridiculous to me. SMH


Lizzie- Cody’s personality is awful. He threatens the others to do what he wants. He’s not playing a good social game – has zero social ability. He’s good at comps. Jessica becomes like him when she is around him. When he wasn’t there, she was so much better at socializing. All they do is isolate themselves and are all over each other. Paul on the other hand, has a great social game and is not brought down by a showmance. He gets along with most of the others pretty well. And he’s super smart. LOVE PAUL


Paul is fake. Apparently, he is so good at being fake he even has you under his spell. The “friendships” he’s creating will be excited once those people have him the prize money or walk out the door.


lol isn’t that what they are there for, to win 500,000? are you saying he should make friendships and forget about the money?


I don’t hate Jody. I just don’t think they’re trying to make big moves. Nominating Josh/Ramses was not a big move. Wanting Josh evicted was an emotional move. Jody hates Josh, and the feeling I’m sure is mutual. BUT that isn’t a reason to evict him. he is terrible in competitions… and although he is a minion to Paul… he isn’t a dangerous one. She needed to nominate Paul/Raven/Matt any order of those 3 would’ve been better imo. Her and Cody are 100 percent safe from eviction. So now is the time to try to make that move. Had Paul escaped eviction and nominated them they still would be fine. They are dumb to really believe that getting rid of Josh was the best idea. They’re playing terribly…. They may not be manipulated… but they’re dumb for keeping the manipulator in the game with his minions. Ramses could’ve been roped in to their “team” he literally had no one.


I agree with a lot of this, but it wasn’t a dumb move to try and evict Josh. The guy just wears on everybody’s last nerve. I would have been wanting him gone myself. I believe them when they said he’s throwing them off their game. Josh would be very, very hard for me to take 24/7. He’s way to in-your-face to tolerate. So, not a wasted HOH; they were thinking about their game.


Yes they all are a bunch of Minions following Paul’s every word….they get what they deserve. At least Cody is smart enough to know Paul’s manipulative agenda from day 1.


Isn’t that how you play the game though? Play follow the leader for a while until you thin the herd, then stage a mutiny against the leader?

Judge Janie

The best move would be for Paul to put up both Jessica and Cody to force her to use up the temptation. Use it up, get it out of the way, and she can go back to kissing up to everybody to keep her and her psycho boyfriend safe.


Or have Paul put Cody and Mark up. She can reset once only with her hex. Would be interesting if neither win the veto if she would use her hex on this and keep Cody safe or save it for herself down the road. Remember she can’t lie about her temptation per production rules. Either way it’s a wasted week unless the mini comps/temptations have more drama to them.


she can only use it this week or next. no real reason not to use it this week. should she or cody win the next hoh, it’d be wasted.


This is literally the best option put up mark and cody. Ideal situation cody wins veto and elena joins mark on the block. Temptation pointless for another week.


Nobody likes raven and rightfully so

Big Brother Production

I feel kind of bad for Ramses. He didn’t do anything to deserve being sent home. Not only this, but when Kevin’s goodbye message showed, Ramses looked as if he knew that pretty much his closest ally in the house had turned on him, and he looked crushed. Towards the end, it looked as if he was about to break down.


Don’t feel sorry for him. He could have prevented this. Ramses was cast as the nerdy loner superfan like Steve (bb17) and he did pretty good for himself. Ramses wasn’t as good as Steve at being social, and Steve was pretty bad. Ramses hung around people but didn’t say a lot, never talked game to anyone. When Alex & Jason thought he was the vote that flipped he didn’t do enough to to prove to them he wasn’t…he just left them!? This week he says he worked hard campaigning…he did not. He could have got Jess to use her Veto on him if he got her paranoid that there was blindside happening (even if he didn’t know) to protect himself. He was a “superfan” and he got plaaaayed. He couldn’t believe he got evicted because he “didn’t do anything wrong” he also didn’t do anything right…he didn’t do anything at all….adios

Matt's 2 Shirts

Josh mopes into the DR dressed like Audrey to clown all the fools, while the self-described cosplaying super fan sits around. I don’t feel that bad for Ramses. He wasted his own Big Brother Fantasy Camp experience.


I felt bad for Ramses at first… then I didn’t. He definitely could’ve gotten Jess to use the Veto on him. All he needed to do was plead with them about how he has no one and isn’t a threat at all. He should have kept throwing how much of a threat Paul is at her. I’m sure Paul’s minions would’ve voted Josh out….. but still. Her and Cody are safe at least this week or next… so it wouldn’t have mattered who she put up anyway. Now is the time for her to make a big move if that is what she was going for.

Pink Mango

Am I the only one who thinks Jessica revealing her temptation was a good move? If Paul and the house know she can’t lie about her power, why wouldn’t they believe her?! Am I missing something or are the houseguests in denial…?

Also even if she hadn’t revealed her temptation, Paul was going to most likely target Jody anyways so at least this way, there will be some sort of doubt in the back of his mind. I think it’s her best shot. Also to those people who say she lied about her power- NOPE, she was cleverly vague in my opinion.


She liked, she said her & Cody were safe for a few weeks, when in fact they’re only safe for 1 week. I think she should’ve just said “if you put us up, I my temptation can take us down”. Any HOH would be stupid not to force her to use the temptation. Any other person in that house would be scared to put them up, allowing Jessica yo hold onto the temptation to use at a later date Paul is going to force her to use it, so they’re not safe the next week. Her poor wording just made Paul think, then Cody saying they can’t say anything, confirmed it. It’s gonna get good the next few weeks.

Pink Mango

She didn’t lie: It does technically protect them for a few weeks — but only once!

Jody was going to be the target REGARDLESS of whether Jess revealed her temptation. There is a 99% chance she would have had to use the temptation this week ANYWAYS since she is protecting two people and even with the veto, changes are at least one of them are going to remain on the block! Paul was going to target Jody no matter what, which is why I don’t understand this whole she is now going to be “forced to to use temptation” argument. That was always the case… this is just the reason Paul will use to justify his move to nominate Jody and the others. It was a gamble on Jessica’s part and we have yet to see how it will truly play out.


yeah, the hex can only be used this week or next. no reason to sit on it til next week when cody or jess could win hoh and not need it. plus production probably desperately wants the hex used to offset scheduling complications from megan’s self-eviction.


In reality though…they ARE safe for a few weeks if no one puts them up. Not a lie. Only time the comment becomes an issue on time frame is if and when they or one is put up and the temptation is used. She can only use the temptation for a few weeks so therefore if neither of them go up for elimination then it is good for a few weeks.


The Gnome gets the most cryptic HOH letters ever!


I think because anyone that knows the game at all, knows they’re not going to give a temptation that saves two people for a “few weeks”. She overplayed it by adding a bit too much to it.


@Pink Mango, you are right on point. Paul overly out to put Jess&Cody up irrespective of what the temptation is. The clever dude is playing hard to get the other houseguests not to buy into Jess&Cody’s possible strength.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Yes, but anyone thinking Kevin’s letting the meatballs stew for a night was a good move might be in the few.

Her revelation to the other house guests was classic choking on overcooked meatballs. She flat out told everyone they would be fighting amongst themselves, because she and her boy were safe. Yeah, that really rekindled the bonds there. Relationships require stronger glue than eyelashes and I’m not so sure she’s using something strong enough there either.


I think Jessica saw that there would be little bonding with others once the eviction vote was revealed. Also, I would love to see Paul evicted just so I could see if those following him can actually play Big Brother.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Sure. She had a small thread of hope to work with Mark and Elana. She turned it into a fuse and threw out the bomb that her and her boy were safe thanks to America’s great love for her and that someone else would have to be the target this week, most likely two schmucks who weren’t in on the vote flip. Yeah, basically saying you can throw Mark and Elana up cause we’re safe.


When she thanked America for the hex, everyone watching was like, “I didn’t vote.” Lol


Your comment made me LOL, because that is exactly what i said… followed by you should be thanking production instead. ¯\_(?)_/¯

Wasting Time

I voted. You’re welcome. No one likes a bully, or didn’t use to. Rooting for the underdogs, no the Paul & his sheep.


I’m that case, your name suits you! 🙂


i don’t think it was a bad move to reveal it but she should have thought about what to say first. the others are not believing her because she said her and cody are safe for a few weeks. the others know the temptation was voted on when cody was not in the house so how could the temptation protect him? had she said it protects her for a few weeks then they would have possibly believed her.

Club H.O.H

There goes the bully gnome again! “Meh! Don’t talk to this person! Wah!” His cousin should’ve put in the letter how his own fans threatened to burn his mom’s house down for his black face stunt. She had to release a statement.


People like that are just as psycho as Cody! Get over it people. It’s a TV show and “fans” take it way too seriously. Like, get a life already.


I have never thought about bb rigging the show but this year it is so obvious Paul winning over and over one person winning everything in one week. Give a avantage to someone like Josh or Kevin and see what they would do with it. Why is Matt even on the show is he the hired cleaning staff? Mark has such a dumb look all the time and Kevin knows nothing unless he’s a plant from bb. If you got on the show you would think to google past seasons! This season is definitely not their best, we never see them get their hoh room or letter. All they talk about is getting to jury and making a 1000.00 a week. Boring!


Lol this comp wasn’t rigged. It was simply a matter of studying, comparing, and they all did. Elena knew it the most at first but that was the one she missed when studying and they let her continue to think her answer was right basically because they don’t trust her. While everyone else was studying together all night and a lot of the day with the correct answers. The problem is they don’t know what is going to be asked. Matt and raven studied together mostly while Paul was studying with everyone. So that last question they never went over, while Paul did.

If you had watched the whole thing on the feeds, it’s pretty clear how it turned out the way it did.


i think matt and raven may have thrown the last question to paul, but otherwise it seemed about right. hard to think josh staying wouldn’t rattle cody, mark, and elena.

sunny dee

plus even tho this was a do or die HOH comp, i only saw cody and mark study for about 10 minutes, while the rest of the house spent hours and hours which was clear from just After Dark. to the point where when julie asked about Myrtle beach i knew al those guys knew the right answer because it had been mentioned a couple of times. and isn’t that where cody and mark went out? because they didnt

i didn’t even see jessica with cody and mark and elena, and i am pretty sure she paid attention. in my opinion, cody dropped the ball there, he figures that HOH wasn’t important to win, when it was. forcing the HOH to use the temptation this week means that it is all used up, and after that, no protection

i am interested to see what the curse comps for safety end up doing. if they are smart, none of them will take the offer. i thought the temptations were done for the duration, i am not a big fan of this particular one, seems like a waste of time and fake dramatics

So predictable

@ Dexter. Matt is keeping it low key. He will shine when he needs to. Mark Elena Josh Raven are all bigger targets right now. Why ruffle any feathers? I like Kevin but he will be called put for talking too much and won’t be trusted on either side. Should be an interesting week nonetheless less.

Meatball meltdown

Again mark flopping to Paul’s side. And again Cody acting like he’s so smooth when he’s a goof. He thinks he still running the house when he’s not and thinks Paul’s dumb enough not to go after the ho and the scum bag Jody. He’s such an idiot I just wanna see him not make it to jury bc that will mean no getting the herp itch from that jess hooker


What did Matt do to Jess to piss Cody off?


jess is the one who was sticking her finger in guys assholes now she is saying matt did it to her. if she was a guy she would have been in handcuffs already


Jess was doing it but so was Matt, raven, and xmas. Paul was using that to make Jess the target for last week. Jess stopped doing it (production probably told her to cut it out) but Matt did it to her twice last night. That’s what Cody was talking about.


I’m sorry, but I wasn’t watching….. . wth is going on??? are they having some type of or*y? Are they playing games? This is boggling my mind………
Disgusting, every one of them trash bags.


Matt did what’s best for his game and not Cody’s game. That’s why Cody is pissed. For some unbeknownst reason, Cody thinks everyone should do what he says. As if they are all there just to benefit Cody’s game. on the other hand Paul has work constantly to build relationships with people like Matt to further his game.


I think Matt touched Jess butt, cuz all probing was allowed when Cody was evicted, with Jess poking all the guys bh’s and watering them off. Since Cody’s return Jess has ceased to stick her finger in the guys butts. Cody is unaware that Jess was doing all that to the guys, so he is defensive, when really she is the one that started the touchy feely game to get close to her enemies. Just sayin!


Are they literally sticking their fingers up the butt hole ? Or just poking the outside of the butt?


I have been watching BB since the beginning. This cast is so boring. It’s like watching a bunch of wax dummies move their lips. If this was the days of yore, this cast would be vying for the “village idiot”.
I wish they would fire AG and go back to the old format………….season 1 through 14 were great. The people were interesting and a lot of fun to watch.


Without Cody in the house Jess was doing well & a true threat to make it to the end. Unfortunately the minute Cody returned so did the same out Jess.

Jody’s forays downstairs last week to re-integrate lasted briefly. In fact, they’ve interacted more tonight than all of last week. Granted they are “in BB showmance love” so they wanted to canoodle upstairs instead. But, to win BB you have to work 24-7 not 24 minutes a day.

Since Cody’s return:

– Jess has ignored her instincts (replace noms)
– stopped communicating/re-integrating
– lost ability to appear humble – developed superiority complex/dictatorship
– no empathy ie: only Jody is deserving of winning
– Jody can throw shade & discuss physically hurting people, but others aren’t afforded the same courtesy.

It’s a do as I say not as I do scenario :
– Cody could break promises
– deserved second chance
– productions assistance (both him & her)
– have everyone follow his dictatorship without question

Conversely, they have issues with anyone lying to them, Paul’s second chance/production assistance and his “friendship minions”. Not that they don’t have an argument – it’s just hypocritical to not own they’re also benefiting from the powers that be or desiring to have precisely what they think Paul has.

IMHO Jess erred by lying to Kevin (4 weeks safety for her/Cody & ability to replace both noms) & tonight implying neither can be nominated. The hex is good for 4 evictions (not weeks) so just 2 more & can only be used once. Further, Jody messed up saying they can’t discuss it, that directly conflicts with her public statement & don’t think for one second Kevin hasn’t repeated what Jess said to Paul who also knows she CAN discuss temptation b/c he won prior ).

By managing the situation this way she gave Paul no choice, but to nominate them both & call her bluff. Once the house learns it’s a 1-time deal she’s lost Kevin who she lied to/used & would have helped her. Plus the house will never believe another thing she says. In a game of paranoia telling big lies (when you’re caught) is damaging b/c trust once lost is hardly ever regained.

I give Jess credit for being ballsy, I just think she had more to gain if she’d been more coy in her wording or waited til alone with Paul.

But this is Big Brother… In Survivor to win you have to Out Wit, Out Last, & Out Play whereas to win Big Brother all it takes is being the best Liar, Narcissist & Hypocrite .


Jess annoys me with her empty violent threats towards other housemates, wanting to punch Raven in the face, Kick Alex in hers, drag Paul by his beard and kick him in the face, etc. She’s just as psycho as Cody.


Lmao!!! Have you not heard what Alex, raven, Jason and other have said they want to do to certain houseguests. This post right here proves that anything Jess does you will have an issue with it.


Right after Dom was evicted, didn’t Paul say something to Alex about Jess saying she had the last temptation and Alex said – “Want me to go choke her”? or something like that? But that’s OK, right? Cause Alex is NOT Jess. Seems like a lot of people have issues with things that Jess and Cody are doing but not the other HG’s who are doing and saying the same thing. Nice double standards…..


Jess has become frustrated since Cody returned because as they are” doing the deed”,Cody is not”ringing her bell”,so to speak.She is just dealing with ‘pent up demand”that is not being satisfied. She is getting to the edge but not going over the cliff.Watch,as the season progresses she will figure out that Codys'” driving “,will not take her on the ride she wants to go on.


Yeahhhh you’re just just oblivious to what the rest of the house is saying then Bc Jessica is probably the least bad about that. Raven and Alex are easily the most vocal about wanting to inflict violence. Ales has quite the mouth on her. I think Jessica is just expressing her frustrations and figured if you can’t beat them then might as well join them.


Jess and Cody are screwed anyways. She knows that after the vote. They can’t do anything to break Paul’s spells on the other houseguests, so they need to rely on comps and try to plant seeds of doubt about other houseguests when and wherever they can


I agree. I think she should have kept it to herself and let paul nominate her and cody. She could have evem tried to talk him into nominating Mark and Elena instead…..


This new comp helps Jody, plus the veto gives them 2 chances, but even with the Halting hex, it just delays the inevitable. The house is going to target them until they’re gone.
p.s. Is that a cold sore on Raven?

So predictable

The punishment on the house will benefit Cody as he could easily win the temptation punishment comps and be safe for the time being. It will also bring out other houseguests strengths if they choose to participate in these comps in order to insure their safety. 3 people on the block could mean voting in small blocks to get out the houseguest they choose. Hoh is irrelevant and ineffective until temptation punishment is done IMO


I just watched the episode. “Ooooh, what a surprise… what a blindside!” LOL. Ridiculous. We all knew there was no chance Ramses was staying. The golden plaque with the engraving “Yeah, I’m a Bimbo and proud!” has already been put in the mail and it will be delivered to Jessica’s house in a few days. It will be ready to be hung wherever that idiot sees fit, and she will have plenty of time to think about that once she’s out of the BB house in two weks from now. I just truly wish her sore loser attitude doesn’t get in the way of thinking about something brilliant for her new honor (the plaque). It was just sooooo easy to get whatever results she wanted this week. But she has no talent for this game…

But I did feel a bit of sympathy for her when she tried to bluff as to what was her temptation reward! LOL! Those dummies didn’t even realize that whatever she said sounded like a bit of an overkill and, instead of just calling the bluff, they rather believe that she just didn’t get the temptation at all! LOL.

There you go Paul… you’ve got two choices now: put them up and waste your HOH OR create a few cracks on your game by putting up two random people on the block. Let’s see if you can really handle this situation and actually make a superb move this week. So far you’ve just been repeating strategies you saw in previous BB seasons. And please stop mimicking Da’Vonne in the diary room… you look ridiculous.


Someone said Elena Kardashian threw the comp? She said in an earlier post that if the votes were hinky she was “going to go hard” for the HOH. She was out on the first question LOL!
(and the only one who got it wrong) Maybe she sucked on the lip plumper a bit too long and was light headed? Not a fan of the garden gnome but he is running those fools like a puppet master. Even he can’t believe they all do his bidding. Being a vet he knows to give each one enough for them to think they are #1 and they don’t reveal or cross check with each other. I expected more from Alex, hopefully she is just playing along for now and has a Paul backstab in her plans! You can bet unlike Cody and Jess who made no attempt to gather info and form bonds last week (rushed to get themselves alone in the HOH shower) Paul will hold court and try to milk each and every one for info. At least he plays the game. I wonder if he can get Jess to reveal exactly what her advantage is and put up Mark and Cody. See if she uses it to save them or saves it for herself. Elena calling out others for being c*nty? The look on their faces all looking down when they saw they were all out of the comp was priceless. Now Mark wants to float over to Paul. I want to see him on the block, watch how fast Elena drops him


I don’t think she threw it. That was the one question she was confused on when they were all studying, and they just “let her stay confused” while everyone else knew what it was.


I can’t believe how many people actually like Jessica and Cody. Typical. They didn’t get their way so they act like babies and everyone loves them. They think they’re better than everyone else and it’s disgusting. The only think that’s rigged is BB production giving Jessica Americas vote. Love Paul and think he’s planning a great game. Last night was the best episode all season. Didn’t he win that HOH last year?


I don’t think anybody like Jess & cody. They hate how the house is being controlled by Paul and they see “jody” as the only people not up his keester (well, jessica has been…) HORRIBLE game move by Jess & Cody. This cast is the worst i’ve seen as far as dumb players go. Paul said it himself…”how have these players not taken out the vet yet”


Paul has only been available to take out this past week, don’t forget. He isn’t still there due to his “skillful” game play, so not sure why he’s gloating about this.

Derek T

Paul would have been out of the game week 1 if production didn’t save him. Cody was the only one wanting Paul out. All of the others must not have ever watched last season to know that getting Paul out gives everyone a level playing field to win. Paul will take Kevin to the end thinking because he knows Kevin does nothing but exist in the house. All the minions will hate Paul by the end knowing they inhaled his mist and he used them all as shields. I liked Alex until she fell under Paul’s spell. Is the that dumb to think Paul will take her to the end. She is the one person in the alliance that will beta him in a final 2.


The only thing that’s rigged? Not the 8 “friendship” allies set up for Paul on day 1, or the 3 weeks of unfettered safety? Or how about the very convenient rule in the second HOH that allowed the house to assist Paul in winning? Even the Temptation comp seems as set up for Paul as it is for Jess and Cody.


Bring awareness to ” RAVEN is a scam artist”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your caught now boo boo 😉 and close your multiple go fund me pages, working class people shouldn’t be giving donations to a women who owns dance studio(s), is on TV and has luxury purses cars etc what the hell big brother??? Do your research???


I saw this morning that people have been reporting them to the state and now the go find me has halted.


Apparently Raven’s mother is out there on social media getting quite nasty with people who are exposing Raven by trying to get them fired from their jobs, etc. and being a real “nutbar”. I think it is becoming quite the scandal at this point. Hopefully no one ends up putting their game in jeopardy because of this girl. You can also notice Raven’s face getting fatter and her body size changing. What a joke!!!


I don’t think Jess telling everyone about the temptation was strategically planned. I think what we saw on the live show was her emotionally blurting it out because humans are emotional beings, and she was obviously agitated that Paul had won HOH and Josh was still in the house. Jess blurting her temptation was definitely not a good idea because now Paul wants to put her and Cody up to reveal the temptation’s truth. Yeah, Paul probably would’ve put one of them, if not both of them up, but at least they potentially had the opportunity to only have one of them up and the veto in play. I’m so ready for the coming weeks when Raven and Matt have to sweat. Watching them is getting old.

Also, what’s up with all the ads I have to endlessly scroll through to get to the comments. I’m not talking about the way the ads were in the past weeks. I’m talking probably 80 ads that I scroll through. Anybody else having this problem?

sunny dee

yes the lay out is a problem. when it first happened i wasn’t even sure that there was a comments section anymore. it isn’t so much that they are there, but i am seeing the same posts multiple times, 5 or 6 times 3 or 4 different ones, links to the other recap pages i mean. it is filling up the space between last entry in the recaps and the comments section


Hey Gumbo,

Taboola has changed how they’re ad segment displays. We have to now decide to leave them or find out ways to live with it.

I’ve put a link on the posts to make it easier for people to get to the comments. If this doesn’t help people I will shut those scrolling ads down.


Now paul is manipulating the viewers by showing off his strategy so far in front of the cam, want to get another favorite pack? What a snake. Doesn’t work for me. Sorry.

Hi Its Production

Hi there, it works for us because ratings are going well!


If/when the hex is used this week will Paul get to play in HoH and Jessica sit out?

Jessica's Neglected Extentions

If Jessica had any sense or self control, she would have stuck to the original plan, which she mentioned to Cody several times last week, of revealing her power in a private discussion with whoever won HOH. Instead, she blurted it out when Baby Huey started in on her, and worded it in such a way that Paul will now call her bluff and force her to use it up this week. Also, the way she is going on and on about how she wants to punch Raven in the face just reminds me of a little chihuahua with bad hair extensions that just barks and barks and tries to sound tough.
On that note, it is nice to see more people starting to have doubts about Raven. I can’t wait until someone legitimately calls her out on the conflicting info she’s given them about her so-called terminal disease, her strange (putting it nicely) appearance, fake voices and facial expressions, and for being Paul’s #1 minion!


75% of this cast is pathetic. Last night episode when frick n frack walked into bedroom and paul told them to get in the bed they literally looked like freaking robots. Cannot believe how stupid these people are and based on that only i hope paul wins unless smart people win and finally remove paul raven (who?) and matt (who?). Still hope kevin makes it though

Peeping Tom

Hey Simon and Dawg, can you make link where you post both of Paul’s letters and we try to decipher them.
I believe Vancouver is referring to Kevin, because he lives closes to Canada. The Veil blown away is referring to Raven being a fraud. Just a thought!


Okay, okay, okay… Now that I am in the process of shaking off my utter disappointment at Jessica’s monumentally stupid decision-making, I must get my own head back in the game.
When Christmas put three voodoo dolls into that cauldron (a few weeks ago), two of them were Jessica and Cody. Who was the third? Can she prevent both Jessica and Cody from playing in a POV comp? Or does her advantage apply to substituting only one of her three original choices? She can’t use it on anyone outside of her original three, but what were the other conditions? I was thinking she could insert herself into a POV comp if she wanted to participate. Was Jason the third voodoo doll she chose?? Ramses?? Help!!


First it was Jason as the third doll/ choice making a hem toads for the week second her “ring of replacement ” lets her replace HERSELF in a veto comp removing a player of her choice


Xmas made Jason a toad. With her “ring of replacement” she can trade places with a veto player. I’m just not sure if she can trade places with a nominee. Simon or Dawg…. do you know?


Wouldn’t that violate the rule that people on the block/nominees are automatically allowed to play in the POV? It is their only chance to save themselves.


She can only replace a player whose name is drawn.

Peeping Tom

She can replace any POV competitor with herself. Example: Cody on the block and he chooses Jessica, she can replace Jessica with herself.


Can she replace Cody though? It didn’t say “except for nominees”, so I’m just wondering.


Nominees MUST BE ALLOWED to defend themselves. The rules of Big Brother demand that Nominees are automatic participants in the POV, just as the HOH is an automatic POV participant.
It is the reason why there is a ceremony to select players. There would be no point in having a drawing if a houseguest on the block could be prevented from trying to save him/her self.


She cannot replace Cody if he is on the block.


Soooooooo, Elena is telling Mark DON’T TOUCH ME! I don’t like to be touched when I am pissed and they do their back and forth crap that is why I hate some of these showmances.
Later around 2 AM if someone heard the convo and can confirm, they were again talking and she says “everything I said last night is still on my mind” of course Mindless Mark is confused and he says “can I still kiss you?” (gag break…………………………..) her reply is “when I permit it”
My, my, my don’t she think her sh*t does not stink? Mark needs to embrace his identity and go snuggle up to Josh.


She doesn’t like Mark. She basically said that either yesterday or the day before. Plus her actions make it pretty clear, although it does seem like she’s screwing with his mind a bit. Personally I think she has a crush on Paul.


I was thinking the same think about her liking Paul. My guess is she wants Mark gone so she can make her moves on Paul.


She certainly thinks highly of herself and cannot stop staring at her mr. limpet mouth. She is kinda vile and her treatment of others is probably why she was fired. She is hard to watch and listen to, but Mark needs to gain some self respect and bolt


I can appreciate the “Hail Mary” pass Jessica tried to throw in order to save herself and Cody from being nominated. But, she over-played her hand. Paul was never going to buy what she was trying to sell. And because, unlike the others, he fears no one in the house, it only stands to reason that he absolutely HAS TO CALL HER BLUFF.
Yes, Paul will be shocked that she really can HALT an eviction and keep ALL nominees safe for one round. But he doesn’t mind ripping off the Band-Aid in one fell swoop. He’ll get over it. Because of the associated curse, one of Paul’s flunkies will have to be sacrificed and put up on the block as a third nominee. That should be an eye-opener for anyone who thinks they are higher up in Paul’s pecking order than they really are. That person will be saved only because he/she JUST HAPPENED to fall into Jessica’s safety net. The part where Jessica lied/ exaggerated about the duration of the Temptation will still have been exposed. Paul can then get back to business-as-usual. Jess and Cody can look forward to being nominated by every subsequent HOH until the end of time.

This Weeks Script

Well many think Paul will put up Jess/Cody to flush the temptation but hold on tight, Mark and Elena will be put up when Paul and Jess cut a safety deal. Production loves ratings and the Cody/Jess against Paul and the minions story line must continue for a few more weeks.

See Ya Mark!


For all of you saying “no one likes Jess” You are wrong. I like her more than Raibows.(cheesy) k but I dig cheesy. I think she has game play unlike everyone else but Paul and Kevin. Kev is in chill mode now part of his strategy is too read everyone and choose who get to F3 with. He cares about ppl but not afraid to knock out anyone. His heart shows a lot like Rams goodbye. This one reason he at worst keeps his 25 grand a wins AFP. But can win it all. Gonna take some serious Nessa moves. She had the fker won ’till Steve bit her ass.

What worries me about Kevin is he isn’t a star at comps. And when it’s final 3 those last comps win or lose you the game. No one will choose Kevin to go to F2 vote. He would win in landslide over anyone. I see Xmas and Paul and Kevin F3. This cast probably will vote Paul to win when he goes F2 with Xmas.

Long way to go…Jess that girl can still win this but Cody may have to be sacrificed. This week Pauls HOH will be halted unless he is smart and takes out Mark this week.


Jess we love you…and have huge fanbase who got your back.


That’s a very large NO.


Oh how i wish the curse of using the halting hex would be Julie Chen announces after it is used that the hex has saved both nominees tonight BUT that doesnt mean someone will not walk out the door Paul as the HOH when the halting hex was used you already have your bags packed to move out of the HOH room so the curse is that you may now move them out the front door!!! Would Love to see his face when he realized he should have known the temptation was real instead of telling everyone in the house it wasnt and calling everyone idiots!!


Why is it ok for Paul to scheme, lie and manipulate, but it’s not ok for anyone else? He is the most one sided person in that house, and I for one am so tired of his bullying. However, most of that blame has to go on these house guest who are not playing their own game, but merely being led by a narcissistic ass-hat. Alex, has to be the most guilty of these idiots, being led solely on a fan’s mentality, but then again, she is a guys girl… Or at least acts like it. Notice nearly every time she is conversing with a guy or guys, she feels the need to wear the skimpiest of tops and likes to bend over in front of them? Now I wouldn’t have an issue with that, but when you are calling other women in the house names like, “Slut”, (see her conversation on AD), I do see an issue. She was the wild card going in to this game, but blew her credibility the minutes she got on her knees for Paul’s game… What a joke! Hope she likes second, third or fourth place.

On a different note, I’d like to see a petition created to stop prior guest from being able to come back in the house for any period. It’s not fair to contestants that have a disadvantage against someone who is familiar with the way the game is played and prior experience. Commence your thumbs down.. I really don’t GAF.


When it is time for nominations, Paul will have confirmed that Jessica lied (sort of) about what her temptation is.


When Jessica uses her temptation this week, it will be another week no one goes home. How many double evictions are they going to have so this season doesn’t end near Thanksgiving time?

Matt's third shirt

I’m curious to see if Cody will compete in the temptation game…I have a feeling Josh will definitely want to so Cody may do it just to get him to go on the block.

So predictable

Matt is keeping it low key. He will shine when he needs to. Mark Elena Jodi Josh Raven are all bigger targets right now. Why ruffle any feathers? I like Kevin but he will be called put for talking too much and won’t be trusted on either side. Should be an interesting week nonetheless less.

Matt's 2 Shirts

In previous seasons my name was never the same. But after a few posts this season, this one just felt so comfortable. And while Matt may mostly wear only two shirts, he has a three shirt personality so I think it’s time to move on.


?Best thing for Cody and Jessica to do is to try to win the pov and the temptation battle so they are both safe ( cause either way they are on the block) and will be able to save her advantage for the following week. ?


Hypothetically speaking, if jess and/or Cody are on the block and all set to play in the POV, can Paul, by way of Christmas’s “Ring of Replacement, ” take one of them out of the competition and substitute Christmas? That would seem to violate the rule that anyone who is on the block automatically gets to fight for his/her life.

That being the case, Paul/ Christmas can only prevent someone who is selected to compete by a chip drawn from the POV bag from playing. For instance, if Matt were on the block and drew _________’s chip, Paul/ Christmas could decide that would interfere with a plan to backdoor __________. They could take ________out of the comp, substitute Christmas, and shove ________through that back door.
Or, what if Matt was happy with the chip he drew out of the bag, but Paul wasn’t? Paul (again, via Christmas, since she has become his puppet) could disregard Matt’s wishes and insert Christmas into the POV comp. Got it??
(Sidebar: I was just using Matt as a hypothetical…)

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

At this point it’s probably best for Christmas not to use the ring because if Jody are already on the block why make more waves with whoever you’d be replacing. Of course Paul probably would encourage it so we’ll see.

Homey Clause

Is that Christmas giving a double finger bird to the cameras? What happened to her hair and makeup? Ohhhh boy!


At least if Cody gets evicted, Jessica will be able to reclaim her brain and get back in the game. Even if she can’t make it the end, I would like to see her redeem herself before she goes.


Josh is hilarious. All the haters out there must not watch the live feeds. His camera talks, his dances, his funny comments, his take on the house…

Wasting Time

Watching the live feeds makes me daisies him more. CBS and BB gives him a great edit, he deserves none of that. Give me a break.

Wasting Time

I don’t see Cody as psycho at all. He is honest. He served our country and I applaud him. He is not going to play pretty nor lie to the opposition. He saw Paul for the threat fhe is rom jump. The friendship bracelets made people clamor for his approval. Just because Paul is politically correct, though it sometimes slips, doesn’t mean much to me. He went to Pepperdine to argue his case, and has a cushy life. Meanwhile, true Vet’s like Cody fight for our freedoms and are underpaid, underinsured, under appreciated and called crazy. Live his life, then talk. Most are suffering from PTSD and other problems, but psychotic Cody is not. Paul could be called that though, as he sees himself god-like and better than anyone else. ‘Pivot Elena, hurt Mark, break him, and maybe you’ll stay, IF..’, pretty much summed up his convo with her. He is not a good guy – here on BB or outside, period. He & Raven knew each other before, why is that not spoken about? It would be difficult for him to lose when they all throw it to him. There is no comp to win. He is shepard to the mindless sheep, he is safe – always. Hello!! I know, too long.. cannot comprehend it, so get back to your Paul worship. 🙂 smh