Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Fes “I always saw her [Kaitlyn] as a friend, now I see her as an enemy.”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Rockstar Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

11:22pm Lounge room Haleigh and Bay. Haleigh – you and I need to stop worrying about everyone else. Bay – okay. Haleigh – everyone else is getting pretty settled and our side is taking hit after hit where we’re going to be the only ones left. Bay – so going into this we aren’t going to have any numbers and they’re going to have five. How smart does that look? After what happened last week I said I am voting how I want. Angela joins them. They talk about the havenot saucers. Haleigh comments on how JC and Fes share a saucer. Bay – I think its so funny how obsessed JC is with Fes’s body heat. Haleigh – they’re obsessed with each other. Bay – they’re gay, they’re gay. Haliegh – yeah.

11:36pm Hammock. Kaitlyn and Fes. Kaitlyn – I am not upset that I am on the block. You have the ability to save me. You still can. Maybe it wasn’t in the way that I wanted but … we just have so much to talk about after the show and I just really misinterpreted this. You’re not very vocal and after yesterday when you so eloquently verbalized how you felt, I know you’re capable of doing it. If you were ever in this situation, I would be by your side every second reminding you that I have you. That was my biggest mistake in this game is assuming everyone would do what I would do. Fes – you’re going around telling Brett, Tyler and I that you trust us .. who am I to believe when you are going around saying it to multiple guys.

Kailtyn – I’m allowed to trust people in the house. I trust everyone until you give me a reason not to .. like with malicious intent. Fes – where does it make me feel like I am supposed to stand if you’re running around the house saying you trust Brett. Kaitlyn – I don’t but I did. You trust Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar so I don’t understand your point. Fes – because they’re in my alliance. Kaitlyn – I don’t understand your point. Fes – you openly say you trust a lot of people that are outside our alliance and how is that supposed to make me feel? Kailtyn – the only person I openly trust outside our alliance is Tyler. I didn’t trust Brett but he did give me his word and he broke it. Fes – you’re saying it to everyone. Kaitlyn – you’re going to be so embarrassed when you see this. IS this the way you want this conversation to end? Are you with me or not? Fes – I know that there is something you’ve been keeping from me. Kaitlyn – I’m not. Fes – I know there is something you’re keeping from me and until you tell me. Kaitlyn – I’m not hiding anything from you. The way you’re acting like this is not good.

12:08pm Hammock. JC, Haleigh and Fes. JC – last week I completely trusted you with vote and whatever and I told you I would do whatever you want. I will vote with the group. It didn’t work, it actually back lashed really bad. If you’re expecting this week to do the same.. Fes – I am not telling you what to do this week. JC – I am telling YOU what to do this week. Fes – okay deal! I’m with y’all two. JC – if what I want happens this week. I want you to be kissing my feet till the end of the season. Haleigh – what are you saying the plan is? JC – we’re sticking to the same but just don’t open your mouth about it. I don’t want you to make Rockstar feel better. I don’t care how Rockstar feels. Fes – it doesn’t matter how she feels she will feel fine when she stays. JC – I don’t care, I just don’t want to see you campaign and talking game. Like literally! Fes – okay, cool! JC leaves.

Haleigh and Fes. Fes – say we do vote out Kaitlyn and keep Rockstar. What’s up with this power thing, what if she comes back? I think today I’ve come to the conclusion and I think you have too that yeah she is great but she is just acting really crazy going off the deep end. And does all this stuff and is so wrapped up in everything. Does stuff with emotion without thinking. Yeah even if I think she is going to ride with me, is that someone I want to go far in this game with? She is a liability. She is going crazy! Everytime I bring up a point.. she.. Haleigh – she is never wrong. The whole thing comes down to Tyler though… Swaggy told Tyler and Tyler went and told Kaitlyn. He needs to go. I don’t want him here. Fes – If Tyler wins who does he put up? He has to pick a side. Haleigh – I think we’re in a good spot I think you just need work on making sure you have Kaitlyn’s trust. Fes – in case she stays. I’m not going to have her trust if we vote her out. Haleigh – I need you to get in there and get that fixed because there is a rumor circulating that she has made the statement if she wins HOH she is putting you up. Fes – me up? Haleigh – she said that you and her were laying in bed and you said I got you.. and then kissed her on her forehead. Fes – she puts me on the spot. What the f**k am I supposed to say. If that is the rumor the she is going. Haleigh – I don’t know if we have the votes. Bay wants to go with the house. Scottie joins them.

12:40am Hammock. Fes, Bay, Haleigh, Scottie. Fes – its going to be a tough two days. Haleigh – what are your thoughts Scottie? Scottie – I think she has to do a better job at not isolating herself. haleigh – are you pulling one way or another. Scottie – I would much rather Rockstar stays. Fes – but the only scary thing is the power thing. If we vote to evict her and she comes back. Haleigh – so!? Fes – I always saw her as a friend but now I see her as an enemy. Scottie – on a personal level you’re he best friend .. on a game level Tyler is her best friend. Rockstar joins them. Fes – you know how Kaitlyn uses her words .. she corners you. What do you do in a situation when she corners you like that. If I tell her off to her face she will go blow up.

12:50am Hammock. Fes, Bay, Rockstar, Haleigh. Rockstar – JC could have beat her. I am not even over that. In a vote and I don’t think I will. Bay – I need you to change your attitude. You’ve had literally five people come to you and guarantee your vote .. all you need to do is get one more and you’re giving up? Come on! Haleigh – you have four right here. Bay – And you know JC is 100% for you to stay. Come on! We need you to do this for us because if we’re going to throw our a$$es on the line for you .. we riding for you, you need to ride for us. Fes – it is going to look bad if you’re giving up and we vote for you. Pull it together, we got it. Bay – if anything work on Sam so that she will break the tie in your favor. Haleigh – we need to be a unit on this. Rockstar – everyone is just laughing and having fun. Its just really lonely. She said she is not going to campaign and that she’s just at peace that I have more votes than her.

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1:37pm Backyard couches. JC, Rockstar and Sam. Rockstar – I wanted to ask you or pretty much beg you that if you want me to stay here. If there is a tie that you would break it in my favor. Sam – I haven’t really thought about it. I didn’t consider there could be a tie. Though Rockstar what if you’re here and on the block next week and you’re up again and you’re gone forever? Rockstar – then that is part of the game. My intention is to win the HOH. I hope that you would want to keep me since I was not one of your original choice. I am begging you to break the tie in my favor. Sam – Like I said I haven’t even thought about it. Rockstar – may I ask what the apprehension is and why not just you’re my girl, I’ve got you? Sam – I really don’t know because I had plans. I had an idea and then that didn’t work. This is just a time when everyone needs time to process. Don’t be hitting people too hard. The best thing for you to do is to just chill.

2:20am Bathroom. Fes and Rockstar. Fes – I just can’t have you getting paranoid this week. And honestly I am going to go along with her (Kaitlyn) and you have to trust me. Don’t let what the house says or someone say that I am voting for her. I’ve done everything I’ve said I’ve done. Rockstar – I trust you. Fes – what she did with Swaggy that was a red flag and a half. Just trust me and I’ve done nothing to where you cant trust me. Don’t get paranoid. Don’t go openly saying oh Fes is going to vote for Kaitlyn. That is going to cause a bunch of drama. Rockstar – I’m not just also tell her whatever you want. We need people to think that its safe to vote for me. People like to vote with the house. Maybe say I don’t feel comfortable discussing my vote. We need the weird floater people to think this is okay. Rockstar – my conversation with Sam did not go well. She said she didn’t even consider it and has already put up 4 people. I bet that if I stay, I will not go on the block. There are bigger fish to fry. After next week we’re in jury and I don’t care what you guys do. I need you to do a little foot work. I am not paranoid, I trust you.

2:32am Bathroom. Rockstar and Haleigh. Rockstar – she can’t win this one. Haleigh – she won’t. Rockstar – I have been nothing but loyal and true. There are enough f**king scheming people in this game and we don’t need to keep one more. You know? Haleigh – Rockstar you can’t go. You can’t.

2:33am – 2:55am Kitchen. Rockstar and Brett. Rockstar – I am a f**king fan of this show and game recognize game. I don’t know how the f**k you pulled off what you pulled off on Thursday but somebody that appreciates that is someone you want in jury. Someone that is not going to vote emotionally or be bitter but go that motherf**ker pulled off some strategic a$$ sh*t and I’m here for it. I want you to consider that because I am not a competition threat, I am not really threatening at all. I am somebodies mom. I want to get through this and I want my daughter to know like cool my mom is up there voting for someone that is going to win the show. I am not going to vote with f**k that dude, I’m going to vote with that motherf**ker pulled off a lot of sh*t and I’m here for it. I want to vote for the best player and I want the opportunity to do that. I am a huge fan of the show. F**k kick me out week 6, I don’t care. And I am not a bitter person, that is why I came up to you the other day. It wasn’t because I needed to. A bigger part of me was like how the f**k did he pull that off .. that is kind of amazing! We don’t work together but game recognize game. And I liked it on an evil level! I am not someone that is going to bitter vote. They head out into the backyard. Rockstar – I am loyal and true and that’s someone you want around. Brett – you make some valid points that I appreciate you coming up to me. I like that you’re not throwing in the towel. Rockstar – you’re a smart guy and I think you will do whats best for your game.

3:40am Backyard. Sam and Fes. Fes asks Sam questions about her power app. Sam explains her power to him. Sam – I was only going to use it on myself and I almost used it on Winston. It only says the evicted has a CHANCE to come back.

4:15am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Here we are at torrent Tuesday in the BB House.

Kaitlyn’s chaos is catching up to her, but she did this to herself. She went against her alliance with the Others and voted Steve out then targeted Swaggy. That’s 2 weeks of playing to impress Tyler rather than playing for herself. I believe she will stay this time because she is the perfect shield.

Rockstar is like a ticking time bomb. As much as I dislike her negativity, at least she is devising some plays that may work to her benefit later on if she is able to master that chance/challenge. She is oblivious to her bubble party being Sam’s goodbye celebration for her. Rockstar most definitely will put Tyler on the block in the event she wins HOH.

Haleigh’s reaction to being nominated and then saved by Faysal’s POV has been ideal. Her calm demeanor will get her much further than Rockstar/Kaitlyn’s panic mode. Haleigh will definitely put Tyler on the block if she wins HOH.

JC- I’ve always though he is unpredictable, but WOW! Oh my! IF he does vote to keep Rockstar over Kait….look out. It would be the point at which JC will discover that he is not truly WITH anyone. He has no real alliance.

Scottie- his make a big move then lay low tactics are keeping him middle of the road. He needs to keep his Swaggy C vote quiet!

Brett- this guy is just gross because, like JC, he seems to have no boundaries. I can’t be a Brett fan. He was trying to convince the girls that jenkem is a real thing (it is) and then “let it go” LOL Yet, he did make an amazing play this week, and it can’t be denied.

Faysal is finally on to Kaitlyn and is willing to see her for what she is….flighty

Bayleigh- I’m still impressed with her recent gameplay. She covered herself as a renom with Sam, and she is still positioned nicely between both sides of the house. I’m rooting for her to keep it going!

Angela/Rachel- (tied for 4th) I love that they have a secret F2, and both girls will try for the next HOH.

Kaycee is my #3. She hasn’t had her moment of glory, yet. But, she is going to fight for the next HOH.

Tyler is my #1 for gameplay, but because Sam is there, he drops to my overall #2. Tyler is mega-impressive. I still think he will be able to sway JC’s vote to save Kaitlyn because she is the best shield…OR…he will give up on JC, entirely.

Sam has become so emotional because she has been forced into a position she tried so hard to avoid. Her emotion and the way she played her renom (making it appear she was making a last-minute choice) tells me she is playing to win this game. She wants to win on her own merit. It surprises me that there are so many Sam haters (I’m not asking anyone why so no need to reply with nastiness). But, Sam is still my #1.

I am true-and-true Team L6, but if Haleigh were to win the next HOH, it would make a marvelous show. Up goes Sam and Tyler (unless he uses his Cloud power) on the block. This season is just amazingly satisfying for the true BB fans. Thank you CBS!

editing to add- Thanks Simon! 🙂


As always great post Granny! Maybe you can answer this for me. On several occasions I’ve heard Sam say she’s had to nominate 5 people now she’s saying 4 people. What did I miss? Hasn’t she just nominated 2 and now the replacement nom which is 3.? Thanks!


I don’t remember her saying 5, but I have heard her say 4. She is referring to her pretending to put up JC as a renom (just a ruse). So her 4 noms are: Kaitlyn, Haleigh, JC, and Rockstar.


As usual Granny….very good observations! I would flip your #1 & #2 though. I love Sam….for her inner strength & outward kindness to other hgs. Been a long time since I’ve seen that on BB. Kaycee is my #3 also, & has the most potential. We’ll see with her.

But…….IMHO…..Tyler is the one that is really playing the game. He’s in a tough spot this week. He wants Box o Rocks to go desperately (doesn’t want her in jury) but a lot of hgs in the house want Crazy Kat gone. I’m surprised he’s not going to everyone with…If we vote as a block then the returning player will think the whole house is against them & can’t hold any hg responsible for their eviction. He’d better get to work on JC.

I think votes right now are:
Evict Crazy Kat…Fez, Hailey, JC, Bayleigh, & Scottie.
Evict Box o Rocks…Tyler, Kaycee, Rachael, Angela & Brett.
If I’m right & Sam keeps her word to JC (no reason to think she wouldn’t…she wants Crazy Kat out also), then Crazy Kat is gone.

Between Crazy Kat & Box o Rocks…Crazy Kat has the best chance of winning the chance to come back in. And if she does, WOW, is next week going to be wild in the house! In that case, watch for double eviction next week.

Can’t wait for Thursday! Love this season!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, I honestly feel like most want Kaitlyn gone, but she is a powerful shield for that very reason. The trick to who you keep and who you evict is who are you willing to sit on the block with. Great players consider all the factors. SInce jury is not a concern right now with evictions, it’s best to keep Kaitlyn as that shield. However, I think JC realizes how powerful a shield she is for Tyler…for anyone…and that, alone, is grounds to want her out.

Anything can happen before the live show. My fam is leaving on a cruise Sunday and I’ll miss out on the live feeds for a full 7 days. But, I will check OBB whenever possible and catch up on the feeds when we get back.


Have a great vacation….I will miss you on the blog! 😉


WOW Granny! have fun.. ceya in a week.


kaycee and tyler leapfrogged sam for me with sam’s claims of moral integrity “justifying” her noms. brett’s also near the bottom of my list as while i appreciate his game moves he takes them a little more personal than necessary for me and just as a personality in the house, i don’t particularly care for him.

i’m rooting for tyler, kaycee, sam, scottie, bayleigh, hayleigh, jc, rachel, angela, faysal, brett, rockstar, and kaitlyn in that order (though i want kaitlyn to make a deep run because she’s super entertaining. i just really really really don’t want her to win).


Great choices and justifiable reasons, too! 🙂

True Dat

I have to respectfully disagree concerning Sam’s nomination speech as I think it was a good move for her. With the rumors of an all girls alliance running through the house, the nervous boys will now place Sam last on their list of concerns in that department since she made it seem like she was looking out for their well being. Yes, it made her a bigger target for Haleigh, Kaitlyn, and Rockstar…but she had to nominate someone and being a target for the weakest group in the house is the best way to do it. Also, having her speech be a non game related reason helps her keep up the ruse that she is not a calculated player. I know some people think she was passing judgement on them but you can watch the feeds all day long and never hear Sam say a word about them being sluts or whores or anything to that effect. In fact, most of the other people have talked more crap about Hayleigh and Kaitlyn’s flirtmances than Sam has.



Would somebody start a discussion on or create a list of the #1 target to get out of the house for each of the remaining house guests? It might help establish a consensus or enhance our understanding if you outlined the motive behind each one’s target. Thanks in advance!


I can’t read minds, so my list would mostly be a shot in the dark. Besides, I think it’s still a bit early to identify everyone’s #1 target (which could change each week depending on evictions); and we have several HGs with super secret goals. I wish they would talk with the cameras and tell us their plans.


Am I the only person who isn’t rooting for the same people you guys are? I’m sorry but half of this L6 alliance isn’t really even playing the game to a certain extent. Angela and Kaycee have done absolutely nothing besides vote correctly – also have gotten barely any camera time for us to even know who they would nominate if they ever won anything.
I personally am rooting for Fes to go all the way.. He’s on the wrong side of the house as it currently is with not too many numbers, but i would like to see him keep winning competitions and get closer and closer to a rachel and jc so by the time it gets to jury he can have some numbers going forward.
I guess everybody is rooting for Tyler (obviously) and Sam but I’m sorry i’m gonna go a different approach and go for the underdog here who I think is laying low but also playing one of the best games in fessy.



Hayleigh: Sam
Fuzzball: JC
JC: Bayleigh
Kaycee: Caitlin
Caitlin: Take your pick, but prolly JC or Bayleigh
Rach: Rat or RF
RF: Rach or Brett
Sam: Hayleigh
Rat: Brett or Rach
Tyler: RF
Ang: RF
Bayleigh: JC (though she seems to be sitting pretty atm)
Brett: RF

* I tried to do this from the perspective of being in the house. But from the outside, as much as I like him, it would have to be Tyler, hands down. He’s running the show and the only person who was slightly onto him just a bit, seems to have slept it off lol


i think the top two for each houseguest is as follows

tyler: rockstar/hayleigh
kaycee: rockstar/hayleigh
angela: faysal/scottie
rachel: faysal/scottie
brett: scottie/rockstar
scottie: angela/rachel
kaitlyn: sam/brett
faysal: sam/brett
rockstar: tyler/brett
hayleigh: sam/brett
bayleigh: sam/brett
sam: hayleigh/kaitlyn
jc: hayleigh/kaitlyn


Love your recaps Granny!


In past seasons these were the least eventful days of the week. The vote was settled and everyone knew who was going. This uncertainty is nice.

Smitten By Haleigh

Kaycee is like a submarine. It’s like she only surface at voting time. Why is production giving her the least amount of air time ? She appears to have to most boring personality this season.



Does anybody else believe it should be criminal to be as gullible, stupid and easy to manipulate as Faysal? I felt sorry for him at first. I gave him the benefit of the doubt due to any well intentioned nice guy. Now, I am beginning to think that he has not suffered enough. The KICK ME sign on his back just keeps getting bigger.


Agreed. Personally I like the guy, but if I were in the house, I’d have some difficulty aligning with him because of that. I don’t think he’s a back-stabber, I just think he is what you said, gullible. Still don’t like RF, but I think the angle she’s goin at with Brett is brilliant. And if I were him, I would seriously be considering what she said. Caitlin is a wild card because of her craziness and instability


Kaitlyn is Like a black hole she just pulls it up every ounce of strength anybody has around her and then cries when nobody can stand to be around her. She is exhausting to watch. It is scary to think that she’s a life coach. Women of the world, do not act like Kaitlyn… Fes has a lot of patience


**she pulls out every


Kaitlyn has sucked much air time from the game and from the other players. I agree she is exhausting—not in a good way. I just want her to leave and take her spirit guides with her so we can focus on the other players for once.


Too funny….Steve moved up several spots on the grid from yesterday…well, he has made some serious moves overnight…hahaha


Rockstar going up to Brett and saying game recognizes game, wow how did he pull that off and complementing his game and letting him know she wouldnt be a bitter juror but vote based on game play and strategy is probably game play she has done in the game and the best campaigning she could have done… I loved seeing that
She campaigned for herself and what an asset she could be his game.
Was never a Rockstar fan but I just thought that great move.


Your post wasnt up when I said that 😛 … Great minds 😉 … She just needs to let it simmer though, and not tell everyone who will listen what she said. It’s a mistake a lot of players make. Telling their alliance every piece of info from every convo. Play some things close to the vest. Try and build trust a pebble at a time on the dl. An incognito mutually beneficial partnership is powerful. Not that it will work in this particular case, but the idea is there


Agree it was great campaigning. She managed to come up with a good reason to keep her while stroking Brett’s ego at the same time. I’m not sure I believe RS because she appears to be a very bitter person. I do wish the jury would go back to voting based on game play rather than hurt feelings.


Yes ma’am…whether she’s for real or not…that is the best move she has made in the game so far, even if it doesn’t pay off


I really like the 230 am play RS made on Brett. Nice arguement. Valid points, but most importantly, it stroked his ego. At the right time too. Right before bed so he can marinate on it. I’m very interested to see what his viewpoint on it will be today. He has the grip to sway his side


I think it is the best campaigning she could do to him but I don’t believe any of what she said for a minute. She views him as a privileged white guy who always wins at everything. She will not vote for him. I rather see RS leave over Kaitlyn. I find RS so grating. She is also a very racial person and brings race into things unnecessarily. To assume that people wanted Swaggy out because he is black is wrong. Swaggy was overly confident and was the self progressed leader of his alliance. Why wouldn’t people want him out? I don’t have time to watch the feeds as I have a very active toddler, did she really say that she would never nominate Kaycee and JC because they are gay?


Agree and disagree. I really do not like RF either, as most who frequent this site can attest to. And I agree with what you said about her, as I’ve said many times. However, I think she is seriously insecure and if there is a possibility that Brett can put aside the nasty, personal digs she has made against him, then there is a chance of him coming to the conclusion that they might be able to work together this week. And if he does, there is the possibility that all the gross things she said were just a front and she may realize they have SOME common ground. IF that happens, then I would prefer if she stays, for the simple fact that I think she is more stable and rational than Caitlin. But, and it’s a big but, much like RF’s haha, if how she has expressed herself so far, is in fact accurate, then I want Caitlin to stay because I think instability is better than someone gunning for you. Dang this season is awesome!!!

Trackin the Kraken

If you think Yesterday was Meltdown Monday , wait til Trauma Tuesday and Kray-Kray Wednesday arrive ! Kaitlyn is not even at full boil yet but its gonna be epic. And then imagine if she battles back in !Whew !!


That’s why the best move is to convince Kaitlyn she has the votes so she is shocked going out the door. She might be so frazzled that she wouldn’t be able to think. If she believe she might go home she will already be in the mindset to fight in the battle back. JC is smart in this instance. (If he truly wants her out) If everyone pretends to keep her or at the very least keep their mouths shut, then he can pull this off. JC understands that the side is not too smart when it comes to game. They can’t see who to trust. They really can’t even trust JC, but this time he might be on their side. (Well on his own side) Very astute that he understands that keeping Kaitlyn only benefits Tyler. I will be watching how JC works this or if Tyler outplays him.
BTW, didn’t Tyler want that tie? Does JC not know that, or was that the plan all along?


Let’s just crown Tyler the winner and call it a day. (Sarcasm)
Plenty of game left and I’m still going to hold out hope that one of these knuckleheads can see through Tyler’s bs.
If Kaitlyn stays… Let her be a thorn. A pox on Tyler’s house of cards. Lol


I know! It’s crazy that not one HG has caught on to Tyler’s actual plan. I think even Tyler is astonished! Thing is, Swaggy would have figured it out (he didn’t trust Tyler) and then immediately put him on the block (or pretended to join him if he wasn’t in a power position—exactly what Tyler did with Swaggy). This is why Swaggy had to go in Tyler’s mind.

I think Haleigh and Rockstar are the closest to figuring it out. They are still trying to figure out the votes for previous evictions, but they at least have Tyler on their radar.


If Brett, Tyler, Rachel, Angela, Kaycee or even JC wins HoH, I’m hoping Bayleigh uses her power to throw some angst into next week. I don’t want it to turn into a lopsided adventure. Imagine if JC or Kaitlyn were to win and she threw up Tyler and Brett…it could be great chaos!


That would be fun. I feel like she has the most to gain from all the powers since it is completely anonymous.


It would screw over the HoH as well. They’d have to convince folks that a power has actually been used and I’m not even sure Tyler could sell that at this point.


I still think Julie would announce that a power was used, but Bayleigh would be incognito as long as she keeps silent about it, herself. Bay could use that to her benefit, and I expect that she will use her power, if needed. The issue for Bay now is that she has told Faysal (and maybe Haleigh) about the power. I think that was a mistake. She should have stayed completely silent about it, like Tyler has.


I think it should be totally secret. Production shouldn’t say anything because that would make a much more paranoid house. We’ll see how it’s done when she chooses to use it though.


My assumption is only based on what production has done in past seasons regarding special situations.


My statement is just what I want to happen so chaos reigns.

Tyler's biggest fan

Why is Tyler always public enemy number 1 of Fortte? Sam put three of them on the block and Brett even called Rock Star out. Why is getting Tyler out the number one priority for them? I’m really hoping someone for L5 win HOH. I’m sending good luck vibes to Tyler.

Team Tyler


Because they are starting to see him as the one with all the pull.


And Kaycee and Rachel I think it was telling Bayleigh that Tyler has a lot of pull. Really girls. Don’t know if it was intentional or not. But way to throw your teammate out there.

Gimmie a break

I believe rockstar is not able to keep her mouth shut n just sit back, n even tho thats great strategy to try to win brett over with i will vote based on game play n not bitter it wont work on brett since its all rockstar has done, is been bitter n negative all game its who she is not just cuz ur back is to the wall ppl see right thru that except Fez!!! I don’t really care which one leaves katlin or rockstar, there both annoying! I do feel jc is in for a rude awaking thinking he can keep telling ppl what to do n trying to never go on the block… after this vote he will loose trust with level 6 n tyler…

Im not sure cbs wants to loose their drama queen(katlin) this early so should be interesting to see how the vote plays out Thurs… Lookin like a tie right now with sam promising to send katlin home…


Did anyone see last night around 3 when Faysal keeps trying to get on top of Hayleigh and it’s obvious she’s clearly uncomfortable. She says something alone the lines of unnecessary, get off of me and then pushes him off. It was very creepy on his part and he needs to watch it or he will end up in trouble with BB. He seems to think she owes him for using the veto. I’m not a Hayleigh fan at all but she’s being put in situations that she shouldn’t have to deal with by a man who needs to grow up.


That poor girl is catching some hell this season. Though attractive, she’s really fairly modest and sensible. Yet, whether it’s being judged by the house Puritan or lusted after by the guy with octopus arms, she keeps finding herself in shitty situations.

Not to mention she’s thrown her lot in with the side of the house that’s been triple blindsided.

another name

If i’m one of the writers or story editors on the show (yeah, they have both) in a storyline plot meeting right now, what i want this week is for the vote to flip to blindside the level 6 members this time. Partially to give some sense of hope to the partisan viewers that support the foutte. Partially because they want Craykay in the chance competition. I can already see the woman scorned claws her way out of hell with a score to settle promo. Or just watch the gym/ prom scene from Carrie. Look at the edit of the program, not feeds and extrapolate. She’s been getting a pretty vanilla edit with the emphasis on psychic instead of psycho given the level of batcrap crazy she’s been in the game, but has twice the d/r presence that rock has cumulatively so far. I basically see a tie coming. Maybe I’m wrong. but that’s my impression of the way the edit has been going so far.

another name

gives them the chance to have Sambot say “I promised I’d use my power on you, I choose to evict Kaitlyn.”

Houka Inumuta

Tyler is such a baby. This is his favorite movie of all time? Grow Up.

Reason 1 why Scottie is gonna win.

I’ll write more later


I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I prefer Rickstar crazy over Kaitlyn crazy…….her action in the bed with Brett last night was outrageous. She is psycho and ALL men need to be aware of that type of women.

CJ Thomas

Rockstar just needs to go home this week while she’s on the block..(heck she’s getting a shot to come back in the game more then most HG evicted get)
You know if Kaitlyn stays that she will turn away from Fes, Hayliegh for sure & if HOH you know there buts are on block! Alot more interesting game play left w her in the game because of her relationships w them especially if they vote her out & she stays..

Level 6 um now 5 usually controls the vote & they want Rockstar out. I think they will get there wish.
If we’re looking at history this season.. then
I wouldn’t put it passed someone else outside that group saying they’re voting for RS but really vote to keep Kaitlyn again throwing a lie vote again for the 4th consecutive week! Lol (JC or Scottie)

another name

I’m having 2 logic error issues with Rock’s campaign. The first logic error is she is telling everyone on the opposite side that she is a loyal player. You probably should not tell the opposing side that you are not flexible to change or working with others that you weren’t originally aligned with. The second logic error is her campaign is fundamentally dependent on the people working on the other side not communicating with each other. She tells Tyler she has never targeted Tyler. She tells Angela she would never target Angela she’s targeting Brett and Tyler. In the same hour. Now this is just my opinion, but even if she doesn’t know about level 6, she does know that the house is completely full of loose lips. A better campaign would be to not switch who you are targeting from house guest to house guest during campaigning, instead tell everyone the same two people, then to those two people play up the unlikelihood that you will win a comp.