Power of Veto Players Picked! Christmas used her “Ring Of Replacement” to swap out Cody!

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12:20pm Bathroom. Josh and Jessica.
Josh – how do you feel? Jessica – I feel like I have one chance to save myself in this game and its do or die right now. No pressure! And I go out there and give it everything I’ve got and what happens was what is meant to happen. Josh – You’re strong. I don’t backdoor. If he wasn’t safe (Cody) I would have put him up too. You have the opportunity to play. That’s just the way I handle things. That’s how I play. Its just a game. Jessica – Yeah I know but this game has the power to separate me from the person I care most about right now for a couple of months. I don’t want anyone on the block to go home this week. I care about all of them. No matter what its a loss for me. Josh – Its just a game. You’re a smart girl… woman sorry. If I would have left when I was put up there.. I don’t think America would have gotten to see the good person that I am. I regret everything that happened between us. I’m 23 and I’m a human being. If I am wrong, I’m not hard headed or ashamed to say it. I apologize so I hope that’s behind us. Its not a personal thing, its just a game. Me and Cody are different. He doesn’t understand me. You and I are different. You stand by your man and everyone will respect that. Jessica – I’ve come to terms with everything. Whether its my last week or not, I’ll be fine. I don’t want to go out looking bad no matter what happens to day. Josh – you made it real clear to me that you were gunning for me. Jessica – well when you watch this back you’ll see that the people in your HOH room are doing the same thing just doing it a lot sneakier manner. When you realize that you’re going to look back and be like F**K!

12:25pm – 12:35pm Josh and Jessica head into the lounge room.
Josh – when you look back you’ll see how I saw how genuine you are… but Jess you drew the line. I didn’t. I tried and I got shut down. And I knew I was going to go up either way. I knew I was going to get nominated. I am not going to shut you out. I wanted to let you know why. Its not for personal reasons. I know I deserve to be here. What happened between me and Cody is between us. You’re not up because of him. We’re playing a game and whoever goes, goes. Jess – whatever happens in veto happens and I’m fine. Josh – I do feel bad. I’m not an a$$hole. The whole pots and pans thing was on a game strategic level. I didn’t know what your temptation was. I wanted to make it so Cody wouldn’t want to live with me. The attacks and things that were said, I don’t approve of that. Jessica – if it takes an entire house to come after 2 people after 51 days, I’m proud of that. We’ve been standing for 51 days come Thursday. Josh – I’ve had the whole house against me since day 1 .. by myself! I cried in the corner. For my parents I’m not going to sit in the corner and die. (LOL)

If anyone understands your situation .. its me. Jess – we’re not being isolated. There are two people that you put up on the block that stood up and said they are friends with us.. that they’re not allies, they’re friends and they’re not going to sit around and ignore us. And instead of people saying wow they have brains and can think for themselves they’re being punished and not they’re sitting on the block next to me. I don’t really agree with this horse sh*t don’t talk to someone because when I was nominated I wanted people to talk to me. Josh – I am playing a game. Its not personal. A shot was taken at me and I’m given the chance to take one back. Cody in 40 something days he hasn’t spoken to me. Jessica – Cody is a really old school person .. and on day 2 you selfishly went for a golden apple. And you also attacked a female. (Megan) He reacted and he does not like you. Josh – its just a game. Jessica – at the end of the day your character is what follows you outside this house. Josh – you’re right, thank you for saying that. Clear your mind and do your thing. Josh hugs her they leave the room.

12:20pm Kevin and Christmas cuddling in the bedroom.
Kevin – Elena is going to talk herself getting thrown right out of here. She should just be cool because you had two prime candidates. She’s going to make it closer than it should be. Christmas – she is making it easier than it should be. Kevin – Yeah it should just be Jessica. Christmas – Elena was so b***hy and complaining for a few days. Kevin – who does she blame the most? Christmas – I don’t know who she is blaming. She was trying to talk Josh into using different pawns. Kevin – who do they run to all the time. Paul .. and he is close with us. Christmas you’re going to be fine.

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12:52pm Christmas and Josh in the lounge room.
Josh – if I win the veto today, I am keeping noms the same. If Jess wins, it doesn’t really bother me because I want Elena out. Christmas – just food for thought if you win the veto.. Josh – pull Jess off. I thought about it. I’ll tell her I respect that you came straight forward, lets go head on next week. Josh talks about how he can’t trust Elena and how she’s a flip flopper. Christmas – I would also take that opportunity to renew your bond with Mark. Bring him in a little bit more to you. You will need to campaign the f**k out it to make sure Elena goes. Josh – I have think I have you, Kevin, Jason, Alex… 4. Christmas – I’m pretty sure Matt would vote for Elena. Raven also. Josh – I will flip Paul. Chrsitmas – wait to see what he wants to do.. wait to see where his alligance lies. I think he is working with her. From there I will have a conversation with Matt and Raven.

1:08pm HOH room. Paul, Josh and Christmas.
Josh – that power that Christmas has.. (veto player replacement) I don’t want it be used this week because I have 3 of my targets on the block the week and to be honest with you I am gunning for Jess and Elena this week. So its not ideal for us to use it when I have 3 of my targets on the block. Elena has made me look like a liar. Manipulated situations. Elena and Jess are my targets this week. I don’t trust her. Christmas – our worst case scenarios aren’t bad scenarios. There’s no point in using it if it doesn’t need to be used. Josh – if Jess saves herself, Elena goes home. You hear me. Paul – its your HOH. If she (Christmas) uses it, it makes the chances of Jess going home higher. Which if you ask me she needs to go before Elena. Think about people voting in jury. If you were in the final 2, Jess and Cody would vote against you out of spite.. but Elena .. I think would make a fair decision. If they (Jess and Cody) are in jury they will vote together. They can’t think for themselves. Josh – even if Cody gets pulled to play I do not want that power used. Paul – this is a very critical week right before jury. Christmas – it would better for Elena or Mark to pick me to play because it increases their chance to win.

1:30pm Lounge room. Kevin, Jason and Alex.
Alex – he’s (Matt) told Christmas that once he gets to jury his whole game is going to change. Kevin – when he finally gets HOH.. the whole game is going to change because its going to be 3 seasons from now. You think he can beat you, Cody.. Alex – he thinks he’s been throwing competitions. Kevin – he ain’t that intelligent. The man has mannerisms of a sociopath. Jason – exactly but he is as fit as a f**king bird. Kevin – he can’t hit a f**king golf ball. Can we get him out next week. F**k Elena. We get Jess this week and Matt next week. Its us three, Mark, Elena and Cody. I know you dislike Cody but its part of the game. I think it would make good tv.. America thinking that Cody is with us now. Jason – he just wants to be alone. Kevin – he wants to be alone because people target him. I’m going to ask him to start training in the morning. They’ll start freaking out. Jason – Paul will sh*t his pants. Why not have him as a good player.

1:50pm – 2:13pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Power Of Veto Players: Josh, Elena, Mark, Jessica, Alex & Christmas
Christmas used her Ring Of Replacement to swap with Cody

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When the feeds return – Cody is crying holding onto Jess. Jess – its not over. If they can’t get you, they’re going to come for me … and we knew that. We were prepared for that. Its not over yet. Cody – you’ve got to win. Big Brother – Cody please go to the diary room. Cody – f**k you!

2:20pm HOH room. Josh and Mark.
Josh and Mark agree they’ve moved on from the drink in the face. Josh – next week if Cody is HOH I just need you to have my back. You’re on my team now. I have your back this week, you have my back next week. Mark – for sure. When I win, because I’m winning veto today I am going to mess with you. I’m going to call you meatball.. nothing crazy. Josh – that’s fine. Just no touching. Mark can I pick you up? Josh – yeah that’s fine. Mark – that was perfect. From picking Cody.. if its OTEV or anything active where we’re chasing things, I’m going to get to F**K with Jess. Josh – no, no, no … I told her that I wouldn’t and no one else would f**k with her. Mark – I mean just Alex being in her space. We’re on the same page, Cody is gone next week. They get Alex to come up to tell them the strategy for the folding comp. Alex and Elena come up. Josh tells them that he doesn’t want anyone messing with Jess during the veto. She is already thrown off. He would have locked it down. Christmas joins them. She asks Mark can you have my back next week. Mark says yes. They all go over the folding strategy. Paul joins them.

2:55pm – 3:40pm Bedroom – Cody and Jess.
Cody – it figures that witch would conjure yup her sorcery. So smug. She always tried to do this manly stare down with me. I get it you have to over compensate because think you’re a dude. Jess – she came up to me and told me if you used your temptation people were going to come after you. Yeah you said that but what you failed to mention was people was you. If she had looked me in the eyes and said if you use this, then game on. Cody – that’s what they all do. It takes a damn team to try and take you out. Jess – if you win HOH will you request a photo of me? Cody – yes, no one will see it but me. Jess – maybe a letter. Cody – yeah, I said no letters but yeah. Cody – I would much prefer if we were in the havenot room just to get away from these idiots. Jess – no, that would be too satisfying for them. And I am not into giving them what they want.

3:40pm Josh talking to the cameras. – I want me or Jess to win the veto because I want Elena to walk out that door on Thursday. I am doing what is best for my game. Now I need to make sure my targets stay up there and we’ll see how the week plays out.

3:50pm Christmas and Josh.
Josh – they won’t do any of the attacking. They want me to do it. Why don’t you do the attacking. Christmas – I know but you can’t get aggravated with your team. Elena is putty in his (Paul) hands. Are you doing what I said and securing with people? Josh – I did it with Mark, Matt, Raven.. I spoke to Jason and Alex. Christmas – I don’t know what we’re going to be up against but I am going to gun for it for you. Paul joins them. Paul – Pots and pans are part of the strategy .. right now you should be pots and pans-ing ..its about knocking people off their game. This is a game, its not the real world. Its a game for MONEY! They’re playing on your emotions. Don’t feel sorry for a GAME! Josh – the sl*t names .. don’t do that! Not on my HOH. Paul – this is part of the game. The name calling thing is not part of it but you can’t correct people’s mistakes. There is difference between game strategy and being petty. People were petty all last season.

Christmas’s ring of replacement:

4:03pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto competition..

6:17pm Still nothing..

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Festivus is better

Epic Fail by Christmas. What a waste of her power.


She is with Paul and betrayed Josh…since he said he didn’t want her power used even if Cody got picked…Paul still has the power…damn!


Cody’s victim noises sounded so sweet! Karma!


Cody is safe so Josh & Paul may get to chew on that Karma.

the troll

oh man i wish i saw jess and cody face when his name got drawn for the veto.. she must of been oh yeah my knight in shining armor and then xmas comes along and just sticks it in her ass with the ring of replacement. oh yeah. i bet u anything he made that mean mug face of his again. ” me cave man me mad lllike troll that i cant save my cave bitch”.. what a tool. he;s a big time prick but he served so alot of respect for that. why cant he just be not such a dick. i wanna like him alot. seriously but all i see is this racist homophobic redneck who shoots women and children with his sniper rifle during the war. if he was a little more humble and nice. just a little nice and not just a dick head he would get really far.

Close only counts with grenades

Did you really just say that about him “shooting women and children”….what the fuck is wrong with you.


What gets me is if he served why does he cover his dog tags, must be asamed of something


Production told him to bc his SS# is on them.


Why is he even wearing them? He’s not on active duty. There’s no reason for them and he’s just using them to tout his tenure in the Marines…

Easy Answer

Cody was asked to tape the tags together so they would not interfere with his microphone.

Wife of a soldier

People not connected to the military don’t understand the military. There is a reason for the tape and it isn’t about being ashamed.


That’s not the way to talk about the military


You’re an idiot

hey douchebag

your a real ass clown, talking tough, criticizing someone for the same crap you are pulling, last i check there are more than WHITE people serving in the military, you racist P.O.S. go have sex with your goat and take a pill


Hey, smart a$$. Haven’t you read first hand quotes about Cody and his tour of duty? He has a long history trouble numerous times due to his nasty temper, brash attitude towards women and constant attitude. Want to discuss the real story? Contact his HS and search his graduating class. No one has anything good to say about him…esp women. Back off attacking others…especially your racist, dumb a$$ comments. It’s pretty obvious that YOU are the one sitting at home in Moms basement….that and you’re Cody’s brother. That makes a lot of sense, your intelligence level and mode of attack matches your brother. I know who you are and you know me. Shall we talk about his “baby Mama” and what happened to break that relationship up? I’ll meet you with a fact for every lie you post. You are as disgusting as your brother. You have no couth and no class and everyone who knows your family knows full well who is telling the truth. AND quit making him out as a hero. All of his “medals” are common ones, everyone gets. Four years on duty is average. (Remember he was refused entry twice into his company. He failed) His heroism didn’t happen. He is No big deal. As as for him “putting his life on the line. Check your sources, he never even saw battle. He’s embellishing on a basic tour of duty.


Wow what is wrong with you?? Talk about being a dick. You have no idea what Cody did while serving. I hate how people say personal shit about the house guests lives outside the house. How can they say such personal shit when they don’t even know them outside the house? Simon and Dawg I love this site, I’ve been reading it for a long time, but it really bothers me some of the vulgar, personal attack comments you guys are allowing to be posted this year. Like this moron The Troll up there. It’s crossing the line.

I don't mind Cody

What the fuck is a chink ,spic, or a nig you racist piece of crap. I’m pretty sure all the stuff you just wrote applies to yourself. You must of been looking in the mirror when you write it you sure were pretty detailed.

Wtf is ur post..?

Ew… you type and act literally disgustingly. Move up in the world & stop being this gross, freak. bye.


248 THUMBS DOWN on that moment. This means you probably don’t watch any feeds or BBAD nightly., Its not your fault,. you are watching edited television. I’m not going to catch you up on the truth but before you go off on a personal smear campaign… get alllll the facts!! Like being ashamed of his service because he has his tags covered!! GET WOKE!! GET THE FACTS!!! ugh these forums give me shit cramps reading such vile rumors.


Not a fail. Keeping Cody out of POV keeps a bullseye on Jessica


Well of course Paul want to Christmas to use the ring that way he won’t be back doored if she uses it on him so dumb I can’t believe she used it


Christmas is getting on my nerves lately. Josh said he didn’t like how it got last week. She said true colors came out. If I remember correctly she was right along with Paul encouraging it. Matt was the only one who said we should try other tactics. She got mad at him for saying that. I also noticed that while she encouraged it she did not really participate in it. She is the one who is playing both sides of the house.

Elena was telling Josh the truth about being left out of the loop with the Rames vote. I’m not a big fan of Elena’s but they deliberately left her and Mark out of the vote.


Xmas proves that she is Paul’s puppet.


This is an odd comment to make since it’s now that Christmas is really starting to go against Paul and plant ideas in Josh’s head about considering other people to take out than who the house (or Paul wants) and encouraging him to take back the HOH room from Paul or anyone else who tried to take it over. They seem to be secretly forming their own veto/eviction plans that don’t include Paul. So how is she Paul’s puppet? Getting Jess, Mark, or Elena out benefits her game as well as Alex and Josh’s and even Maven’s. It just happens to also benefit Paul’s but it’s more bc Cody and Jess so openly dislike Paul and Christmas and Josh than puppetry.


She might also be manipulating josh against the rest of the house to try and ensure he leaves before her.

Josh needs to really think about who Cody/jess would vote for in jury before he listens to Paul saying they won’t vote josh out of spite. It would really depend on who josh was sitting next to.. it’s also a little early to be talking about final 2…


269 to 22. I guess we see who is really odd.


How is Christmas Paul’s puppet? She has a mind of her own too. Didn’t Cody target her in the beginning? He put her up after he tried to put Paul and Alex up… these people don’t forget ok! What’s wrong with tit for tat? Just because a house guest has the same target doesn’t make them Puppets ok, they’re just teaming up and getting out the same target.


Just when I think Xmas is starting to play her own game…smh


DAMNIT! I hope Jessica wins the POV…. why can’t Raven go home this week?!?!

Capt. Obvious

Let me get this straight,
You thought Xmas was going to start to play her own game only if she did what Josh TOLD her to do???
Got it.


I don’t get Xmas rubbing on Kevin all the time. Is Kevin married? Are they just friends? Anyone know?

Smitten Kitten

Christmas and Josh FINALLY sounded like they were waking out of Paul’s mist of control, Josh talking about not using Christmas’ hex, I got so excited for a second, and then…
they do what Paul says anyway.

I used to think they needed to get a clue, bit now I see they have one… they just don’t have a spine.

At least Kevin is willing to play the game (hopefully).

Christmas Witch Xmas

Christmas is another one of Paul’s rats. She showed her true self. Underneath her facade she’s almost as phony as Raven. Useless player


I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the rest of the season if Jess is gone. These people are just doing whatever Paul says. Big Brother totally destroyed this season by bringing him back, I thought finally a whole new cast and was really excited to watch but then the unleashed this douche bag into the house and it all went down the drain. It had to be Paul too, the most annoying player from last season. Ugh.


I dont think I can watch this show without Jess aslo


Change your thinking is my suggestion. The best thing for the season is Jody goes next 2 weeks. I say that not from a point of dislike but rather production has written the script. They have no one to play with except Marlaine. And we see where they’re headed. Thin the house and maybe after the next couple of weeks we’ll have Paul and the sheep left.
This is why lions eat the young. Can only be one boss in the house. Paul and the minions…….will they all go quietly or does someone take a shot at the garden gnome.
We have spent a lot of time at OBB talking about marine honour versus Paul’s dishonour of the military. Not a person here who could fairly defend some of Paul’s words. Hearing more attacks over a few weeks won’t get Cody to the end or ever get him the votes to win. Let Jody go in piece. Mark and Elaine in the double then maybe the season gets salvaged. The question is………is there a wee Ian to save the season with this bunch. I’d bet Paul does “the funeral” if he’s up against it. Paul so far this season resembles Dan in coaches with a very strong mist! If not wee Ian maybe we can find Andy the rat in this group of pathetic HG’s.


Agree, 100%. Paul needs to go so that these newbies can start playing the game using their own brains, if they have any.


Just when I think Xmas is starting to play her own game! Smh… So disappointing…


Wonder if josh will be pissed at her because he made it clear he didn’t want her to use it…hope jess wins pov or josh and he removes jess and puts up matt or paul or he shld put up raven and tell her since she cant stop talking about her multi illnesses she needs to go back to hospital


If Jess comes down there is no replacement, she’s not a nom, she lost the Temptation Comp.


I would like this comment 1000X plus if I could!


Dam I hope josh goes off on Christmas for not doing what he said!
I hope josh wins the veto and says fuck you paul, I told you I had a clear target and just because it’s not your target, I don’t care! It’s my hoh, here you go Jess, come off the block!!!


Did he make that clear to anyone but Christmas? Because everyone I saw him talking to he kept saying Jess was the target and Elena a backup if jess comes off. Christmas was the only one I saw him confide in with regards to Elena being his real target but maybe I missed something.

Xmas Snake

Xmas Witch wants Jess gone. She could care less about Elana. She’s using Josh. Nothing sincere about her. She won’t go against Paul. Scared Fake mouse who tries to act tough. BS


I can’t wait for Xmas to need that temptation for herself. What a dumb ass move. She has no dog in this fight and should have stayed out of it. I’m “pissed”!!!


Xmas said the week she got the temptation that she would use it against Cody, & she just did. So how exactly it a waste when she used temptation how she intended too?

Krampus Joy

But it wasn’t against Cody. Yes, she used it “on” Cody, but it was targeted at Jessica. Waste. As far as I know she wasn’t on Jessica’s radar. She is now. I suspect that she is now going to be sitting up next to Paul next week if Jodark wins HOH (assuming Elena goes home this week). And now she doesn’t have her power to help her out.


She did not need to use it now. She will need it later!

Bad Santa

She said herself that she didn’t need to use it this week and that she wanted to save it for herself but when Paul says jump she leaps.


I love Kevin’s comment about Matt’s game changing…


Is Christmas turning on Paul or screwing up Josh’s game with Paul? I can’t believe she wasted her power because Paul said she should.

Smoke and mirrors

This predicable script is well….. Predictable! Someone please blindside Paul.


Xmas just wasted her veto player swap and the main reason she did it was because Paul told her to. I hope that Josh wins POV, uses it on Jess, then he turns to Paul and says ‘This is my HoH, not yours.’ Wont happen, but hust maybe…


WTF!!!! Just when you think there is hope of people playing their OWN game, the carpet is pulled.


I bet the safety comp was one where they competed individually and then times were announced editing bits of comp will be aired and poof cody had safety same type of comp and poof Paul really needed and poof he won so rigged for ratings I used to like brother had live feed everything not when u can figure out it’s so scripted


Xmas needs to get pick. Her time was up when she hurt herself. She needs to play all games. Even physical. Producer favoring her.

Toothless in seattle

Christmas needs the money so she can buy a tooth


Just like i thought Christmas is Paul’s Puppet wtf why did you use the hex right now you’re not in danger and I love the Kevin,Alex,and Jason Alliance that’s going on I wish Kevin and Jason would Give Alex a clue that maybe Paul doesn’t have your best interests or you’ll never beat Paul in the end something so she can wake up Because I wouldn’t mind those 3 in the Final 3.


I have a feeling that production started guiding Alex toward Paul weeks ago, and that is why her lips are glued to his ass. A couple of weeks ago she started telling Jason that Paul is trustworthy and can’t lie, and Jason said “OF COURSE HE CAN LIE”. At the beginning she wasn’t kissing Paul’s butt, it’s likely that production has told her to stay close to him to get farther.


They used to be my 3, but have replaced Alex with Jessica. Not liking the Kevin-Xmas cuddling at all. Kevin, you’re married. Xmas, I do not like your game or your “eater of souls” schtick.


How did that happen? The last we saw josh and xmas agreed not to use it. She had a private convo with paul that fast before names were picked??


I was just wondering and I’m being like for real how do you all know that Raven is faking her illness what exactly is she faking .that she has a pacemaker or that it’s not that bad of an illness and she’s really not gonna like die in five years . is some of it made up parts of it made up all of it made up I really am curious to know . And I’m curious to know how you’ll know for sure if she is faking it . I’m with Kevin that is the healthiest sick girl I’ve ever seen but I’m not a doctor so I don’t know for sure ….


Search her online. There are enlightening video, blog and articles about her before she entered the house. Her mom has a habit of asking for money and raven, apparently, bought a $40,000 car after one of her Gofund me pages closed. Search her


I am begging you all to tell me is there some sort of website I can go on where it will have medical records or something proving that she is a liar that she really isn’t sick I really am curious to know if the girl is sick or not


Medical Records, I hope not. Search her name, there is a lot of info before she moved into the house this summer and draw your own conclusions.


No, medical records are confidential. You can check out some of the videos on YouTube; just search “Raven Walton”. She obviously has GP. . . you can see the pacemaker device under her skin. Personally, I think she’s exaggerating the extent of her illness, but I wish her a long, happy and healthy life.


Medical records are covered under privacy laws and not available online to anyone but themselves, and then only for things like test results.


Go to Youtube. . .”Raven’s Exposed Party #bb19″. Two examples why people are questioning her illness are 1) seven years ago, she had less than a year to live and 2) she said she has to get a new pacemaker every few years, but a doctor said they put a temporary one in first, and if the body doesn’t reject it, they put in a permanent one that lasts for the patient’s lifetime.


I have a question about the hiding the bunny ears and dumping the coke. Was it Raven or Jess? I thought it was Raven but then when they had that big blow up Raven snapped on Jess saying she lied and thru her name under the bus and Jess didnt really seem to deny it, but from my memory I thought it was Raven who did it. Was it Raven?

Cat Ears And a Sprite

It was done by, “I may die at any moment” Raven.




Where exactly did Josh’s feelings for Elena change ? He was all in love with her. Then all of a sudden. He wants her out. I read the posts on here but still not really coming up with what changes so quickly. Wondering if it’s more because he thought she was through with Mark but she keeps talking to him and in my opinion playing mind games with him. So is josh just more mad at her for that than anything else ?


What sketched him out was the convo he had w her after he won HOH asking why she voted against him weeks ago and she acted like a “Lawyer” in the way she defended herself and that coupled with her flip flopping on Mark and Jody made he him worried that she can play all sides and talk her way out of it anything the whole game. He sees her as the flip flopping snake, never knowing when shes coming for you, whereas Jody he knows, plus Jody will always be a bigger target for everyone to go after, whereas Elena may fall back into the background.


What was Julie Chen talking about on Thursday? I did not see the actual Chaos that occurred when everyone bullied Jody – instead CBS made Jess and Cody look like the villains instead of the victims!


You can’t bully a bully. Yes the group went to far but it’s ok for the idiot and jess to say josh sounds like a retard when he speaks? They are the bullies who happened to get a taste of their own medicine. Again the group went wayyyyy over the line but I get it.


You can bully a bully. Bullying has no bounds. They were bullied and didn’t deserve what the gang mentality no matter how awful they have behaved earlier. Search it on Youtube. There are two parts to it and it is extremely hard to watch.

sunny dee

they are not victims. no one is pushing them away, since cody’s HOH they have isolated and separated themselves from everyone else. no one is ‘not talking to’ them either, they tend to leave the room if someone else shows up, they attack when someone (like josh) is trying to have a civilized discussion with them, and they make these bizarre and outlandish ‘i’m a victim’ lamentations all the time, as tho they’ve forgotten this is a game where an HOH is going to nominate 2 people as in, obviously they are among the group of people to select from’

who is another HG going to select, from a bunch of people who interacct with and talk to and work with, or the two who hide under the covers or scowl and stomp and pout when they don’t get a win or get their own way.

has cody ever done anything other than show poor sportsmanship when someone else wins HOH? other than jessica? of course he has ruined her game, she was doing OK when he was gone, but once he is back, she is back to hiding and separating herself, and attacking others rather than actually playing the social game side, and acknowedging that in order to progress in the game, you have to make deals and actually stick to them.

Bang Your Own Pots

I guess Paul can’t pick up the pots and pans himself and bang them, he keeps telling Josh to do it. Is Paul this self oblivious to himself that he demands other people do things when he is just as capable? Josh should tell Paul to go bang his own pots and pans.

Pee in my mouth and shit on my chest

Christmas shouldn’t even be there.


Christmas is going to need more than a tooth when Kevin’s wife knocks the rest of her teeth out of her mouth when this is all over!


That is grossing me out……no self respecting lady would cuddle with a married man.


Kevin’s my #1 and I’m not giving him a pass. He’s not telling her to ease up, which he should be unless he’s okay with it, which is…disappointing.


Oh for goodness sake. He treats her like he would a daughter, and they have done nothing inappropriate. They treat each other respectfully. There were covers between the two of them, and nothing other than talking took place. If you want to talk about “no self respecting lady” talk about Jessica during the eviction the other night groping Cody’s crotch in front of everyone and live TV. Apparently Julie had to speak to her according to Paul the other night.


Okay, good to know. Thanks for the perspective. It’s the word ‘cuddling’ that worried me and another poster said they saw some under-the-cover action.


Uffda, this week is going to be another Rames, if Josh wins and doesn’t use it on Jessica. Paul won’t vote out Elena nor will his cowardly minions. Josh, you will have a rude awakening come eviction night.


What’s up with cans and Kevin? I don’t have the feeds and I’d love some info!


What the hell is going on?? Maybe Christmas and Josh had Christmas use her veto temptation so they can use it as a bargaining tactic when one of them win the veto, make a deal with Jody? The feeds may have not shown that part


Xmas and Kevin, what’s up with the cuddling!? Is the normal?


I was saying the same thing, isn’t he married?

Backseat Driver

We’d be watching a better BB19 if Cody hadn’t returned to he house! I think Jessica would have recruited a “team” and fought hard to take down Paul and his followers……much more fun to watch. Paul running amuck, telling everyone what to do is getting boring as hell. She clearly is a strong-minded gal but unfortunately her “boyfriend” is not the best choice for her game.
BTW, I am not a Jessica fan…..


Agreed, just like Caleb became more likeable and had better game play after he got ‘what’s her name ‘ out in his season


I got a question…
Since Christmas used her ring of replacement
Didn’t it unleash a curse on the house that they nor we don’t know yet
Could be any thing!


That curse already happened. It was Cody, Jess,, and Jason wearing toad suits all week. It wasn’t a full house one.


I hope so!

Fierce at 50

No, the curse that was released when she took the temptation was the frog costumes….


The curse Xmas unleashed was having Jess, Cody and Jason wear the toad outfits for a week.


Wasn’t it turning Cody, Jessica, and Jason into frogs? Remember when she put their voodoo dolls in the cauldron? They had to wear the frog costumes and hop around and only eat on those stupid lily pads. I think that was the curse.


her curse was already unleashed, making Cody Jessica and Jason wear the frog outfits


Oh my wishes were granted!! So happy to see Elena on the block!!!! LOL LOL she thought rubbing and tugging on all the guys and giggling her saggy breasts was enough to have them all whipped! She really thinks she’s the worlds supermodel. Her arrogance makes me sick. Now i just love watching her lose it and she’s gonna show her true colours some more! Im done with all these houseguests, just a bunch of followers. Like WHO is paul? Really??? He came runner up on a season? You’d swear he was god or some brad pitt lmfao get a life you losers! And raven I hope your next with paul to get the boot! Talk about a lame cast! #kevinDONTbeFOOLED your my only hope of a decent human being with strength to stand alone ( i hope your faking this all until you can strike!)


Christmas, another one of Paul’s lap dog, follows the orders of her master. Ugh, makes me sick!

At least Paul is sticking to the plan

Everyone keeps speaking badly of Christmas and Josh for doing what Paul wants, but wasn’t he the one that went to bat for both of them? Is he not a big part of the reason they both are still in this game? He has stuck to his word about helping get the ones he has promised to jury. Although I do think all those final deals may be his downfall. I am not one of Paul’s fans, but he is playing the best game….If I were in the house Jess would have been the first target…Good Lord.. the fact that she goes around sticking her finger up peoples asses and touching their private’s is just sick…I can not believe BB would allow that.

production rigged it

I don’t have the live feeds so i was wondering after Josh told Paul and Christmas he didn’t want her power used even if Cody was picked did Paul talk to her privately and tell her to use it anyway? Also did she say anything to Josh after she used it since he told her not to. Hopefully this will clue Josh in that he is just being used and hopefully either he will win the veto and take Jess down or she will just win it herself and then watch Paul have a meltdown of epic proportions with both Jess and Cody still in the house.


The difference between Josh and Paul……………Josh does not want the whole world to think he is bully, Paul does not care, especially if he can talk someone else in doing the bullying.
Since when did Production tell the people what the comp. is? It used to be they could guess and sometimes they would be right and sometimes wrong………..I always prefer when they are surprised, then it is a level playing field for everyone.
BB needs to fire Ag………….bring back the old format for BB…….much more entertaining. Just regular people playing the game.


I hope this comp is something Xmas cant do, would look good on the idiot


Paul’s act was funny last season for one or two episodes then it got old. The clowning ass-hat and “your boy” crap wore out quick. I was surprised he made it to the end and between him and the coin slot nose Nicole I thought he should have won. I sure as hell didn’t need a second season dose of it. I hope Josh wins veto, uses it on Jess replacing her with Raven (who may pass away at any second after she “pukes”) just to watch Paul’s head explode.

If the veto meeting was right after the comp it would be better. They have too much time to think and get swayed. Right after the comp you would think you would be running on emotion still. More likely to make a bolder move.


If Jess comes off the block there is no replacement. Only Mark and Elana can be replaced!!!!!!

WTF just happened

I’m so damn confused! WTF just happened? All the Josh and Christmas feeds, since yesterday before the “den of dynasty ” competition (lol…love Kevin) shows a clear plan to get Elena up and out and not to use the veto temptation.


Paul happened.

Paul's Mouth

IMHO Josh has had enough of Paul! He realizes Paul used him to do his dirty work . He has asked the minions not to harass Jess during the VETO, I hope if they do, he does a FU move and takes her off the block. As bizarre as it may sound he teams with Cody, Jess and Mark and Paul looses his f’n mind!!! I have a new respect for Josh for sticking to his guns and trying to do the right thing.

what a prick

cry you little bitch. “I don’t know how to make victim noises, until I do.” You tiny little man. You want to call everyone out for having emotions, then you hide and cry. Go fuck yourself tiny tyrant. Now, make sure the victim noises you make are audible so I can laugh my ass off.


Xmas stupid jerk.,…she needs a mastubartor


I realize what you are all thinking about Christmas being under Paul’s mist but for Christmas is getting Elena out best for her game??? Let’s be clear here the only ones who put Jess and Cody in this position is Jess and Cody… Jess literally because she through the safety comp and put herself on the block. Josh did not put her in that seat, Jess put herself in that seat so Cody would not throw the comp to her.

What happens when someone falls on their sword? What follows is their fault when they going home. Cody has not thrown himself on his sword. He seriously has destroyed Jess’s game and cast her game into a tailspin. This entire game she sacrificed for him and Cody has only done things for Cody and thought about himself. A man that would put her first would have thrown the comp knowing it would keep her safe. He would be guaranteed the Power of Veto Comp and he could use it on her. TBH Cody has a snowballs chance in hell winning, jess has a better shot at it. Perhaps the best thing for Jess’s life as a whole is for her to go home and get away from him so she can watch how is on the feeds. Getting her out is an act of kindness. Cody s the kind of guy that will alienate the people in her life. He will isolate her and then all of that stuff he does to other people he will do to her. That dude is Toxic and if Jess was your daughter, sister or friend you would be screaming at the feeds to get her out of there. To tell the truth If I won veto I would not use it and I would vote to send Jess home.

Elena just needs to shut up…. because she is putting that mark on her back bigger bigger… bigger than that other Mark she had on her back LOL


EricCA! Where have you been this year? Glad to be reading your posts again.


I’m back… work got crazy this summer.


ONE THING that I haven’t seen on all these comments is – love or hate cody where is the respect for him being the ONLY person thats not a follower??!? He could have easily kissed pauls ass and tried to follow suit like everyone else.


Jessica , too!
They have each others backs no matter what happens to them. To me, this is enduring and sweet. Josh sees it now


I dont think what we are seeing is a$$ kissing. Paul had a plan to combat the soldier on his warpath. Seriously Cody & Jessica together are incredibly defensive, unsocialable, egotistical People that most people would have a hard time being around in real life….that is unless you kissed their a$$es and told them whatever they wanted to hear. I see 2 babies with no social skills.

No One

Feeling nostalgic for when we just listened to Raven talk about her health ish for hours at a time. Just me?


ON TWITTER they exposed her for so many medical lies,. She is nick named RAVEN MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME,. and appropriately so. Her cock-eyed ranting about her missing ears..and how her Moma was having surgery the day her ears went missing WTF. She literally repeats everyones sentences because she cannot conjure up a single intelligent thought! And only too appropriate for MATT to be her ALLY ,. he’s about as interesting as burnt toast. Listening to them FAKE CANOODLE in an attempt (against Josh’s wishes) to keep CODY AND JESSICA AWAKE so that they would be tired for competitions. These two will be fun to watch when the snake comes for them……

Jessica's Anal Probing Finger

Heh heh heh……Big Julie is #TeamJessica now….maybe she’ll let me explore her backside


Alliances, Betrayal, Self Preservation, & Paranoia! This is what Big Brother is all about!


How is jess still I’m the house while being accused of sexually assaulting other house guests? If it’s not true, how are others allowed to keep saying it happened? Why is nobody talking about this?


Exactly. If sexual touch like Jess did was done by a man, he’d be shown the door ithin minutes. Ask yourself…why does B.B. Keep giving Jess Get out of jail free cards? Something stinks.


Because the people she did it to didn’t run and complain to DR about it I guess. It did happen, and some of her antics were shown on the live feeds. Whether true or not, they can pretty well say whatever the heck they want to. It is up to us to believe it or not I guess. I like Jessica and respect the fact that she stood up to the whole house, but this girl is a “horndog” and she cannot keep her hands to herself.


I have a question for everyone- whats the difference between paul and derrick L? Im not being sarcastic, i just see a lot of people say he was the best at having everyone do what he said and the fans really liked him? I only watched the 1st few episodes of that season. But just curious, is it paul’s god like attitude that makes him different? Or was derrick like that too?


Their personalities were different. With Derrick, I have no clue as to how he got the group to play “sheep” for so long. Side note: Also to compare seasons, Zach was more likable than Josh even though he too occasionally played “the wind-up toy”


It looks like Christmas is playing with Kevin under the covers as they are “CUDDLING” Hey, isn’t he a married man


Please say this isn’t true…


I have to share something with you all. I have been so disappointed & disgusted this season that this weekend I decided to watch some of the former seasons & compare them to this one. I chose season 8 because that’s the one with Evil Dick & I remember really disliking that man. He was so mean, so angry all the time & yet he won. I was surprised by the show. I actually kind of like him & realize that he did deserve to win. However, he & Paul are very similar, however Paul is more vapid & a real coward. What I did notice was their language. Rarely did they have to bleep them, even when they were fighting. Yes, I realize I am watching the shows, not live feeds but the shows this year are bleeped & blurred a lot. I also noticed that the women wore clothes that were pretty classy, not trashy. There are beautiful women there but not all. It seems like that is a prerequisite now. Also I 42 days into the show & not once has the jury been mentioned. Again, this may be editing on the part of production. I don’t like the changes in the show over the years but I suspect it just a sign of the times.

Laughing daily at these comments

You Jody lovers are so funny…if everyone helped your golden couple win they would be deemed to be playing a great game! Because their actions don’t help Jody you call them terrible…lol Paul is using them and they are using Paul. It is Big Brother..eventually they will all turn on each other. You all seem so new.

Little Paulie

Don’t worry Paul you will still have your room in Mommy’s house after you get evicted.


derrick sucked