Josh – all these people think I’m a dummy but they’re playing themselves..

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1:17am Paul, Jason, Kevin and Alex
Paul tells them it’ll be next week when they have a double eviction.
Kevin – this week we get rid of Jessica?
Paul – if we can get Jessica this week Jessica goes.. If not then we get Elena

Alex says mark is really scared right now
Paul – He’s scared sh1tless
Alex brings up Elena freaking out.
Alex wonders if it was game play saying Elena told her “You’ll never see my emotions in this game”

1:28am Jessica and Cody
Jessica says Christmas came to her and said she is going to find out if Jessica is really Josh’s target.
Cody says that Josh has no more power it’s not on who the HOH wants out it’s what the house wants to vote.

1:38am Josh and Elena Bathroom
Elena getting after Josh for saying that Elena was suggesting Paul be nominated as the pawn. She explains her reason was just based on competition performance.
Josh – I wasn’t throwing you under the bus I said you said.. He’s played the game he’s a good competitor.. He offered himself..
Elena – the way you presented it made it sounds like to him.. The words you choose made it sound like I told you to put him up..
Elena – I said, you’re the HOH I’m not going to tell you to put anybody up other than me I’m not more entitled to play this game. All i said was if we’re going off competitions other people have outperformed me

Elena – I didn’t want it to sound like to Alex or to Paul or to anyone that overheard that conversation or would hear about the conversation that I was throwing names under the bus.
Elena – Saying they deserve on the block more than me.. That’s what I wanted to get very clear
Elena – so you saying that I suggested him over me was implying that rather saying he outperformed me.
Josh – I took what you said and was like OK she suggested .. Literally I repeated what you said, I don’t know if my tone.. My voice.. What sounded wrong
Elena – I literally said to you I’M NOT TELLING you who to put up over me
Elena – when it pertains to people who outperformed me I can name some .. and yo mentioned people that haven’t been on the block.. I can mention those people too.. I was never saying those people deserve to be off the block more than me
Elena says it’s scarey to be on the block right now when people are doubting her.
Elena – people in this house are saying things about me.. I heard Alex came to you yesterday and said something..
Elena – if I go home I’m going home to nothing.. I don’t have a job (she’s saying she left her job to be on BB)
Elena – if I don’t make Jury I financially cannot cover my bills.
Elena – the security of Jury is important to me.. I quit my job I can’t afford my car bills.. That is why it’s scary.. I would like to make it to the end
Josh – that’s why we have Veto..
Elena – I’m in a point I’m scared.. I’m a haven ot I’m on the bloc…
Elena – I have survived worse.. I will survive I don’t want anyone to feel sad to em..

Elena – I want to make it clear I wasn’t throwing Alex or Paul under the bus..
Josh says he wanted Cody out so f*ing bad

1:55am Josh meatball chat in the Head of household
J – Let’s get on a serious note..
J – where do I start
J – Jess and Cody on a personal note I want both of them out. They gunned for me, They made this game personal, We’ve been gunning for each other for weeks..
J – not that I don’t like Cody, we’re just 2 different people there’s a lot of things about his mannerisms.. There’s things about his character that I don’t respect that i don’t like
J – I want him out, it’s hard to live with Cody.. generally he boils my blood.
J – I like Jessica but when Jessica is with Cody she’s a different person, she targeted me, she has to go.. That’s personal
J – I want Jess and Cody out but also the house wants Jess and Cody out..
J – Jess and Cody are Paul’s targets and the house targets
J – For my game my personal game and for the people that he’s working for’ game it’s in my best interest to get rid of Elena.. Why?

J – Elena’s playing the middle, I know where Jess and Cody stand. I know that they’re on the other side they’re gunning for me, I’m gunning for them..
J – Let’s go head to head..
Josh says Cody and jessica will nominate him but they won’t have the votes to get him out.
J – What I respect is they are coming for me straightforward, we don’t like each other it’s going down one of us is going home at the end of the day.. But Elena is playing the middle.. She wants to rub Cody’s back then come rub my back..
J – She’s friends with everybody and when it’s convenient to her get rid of Mark, and when it’s not convenient to her not talk to jess and Cody they’ve been close the whole game.
J – Those are traits of disloyalty those are traits of a shady person, those are traits of a flip flopper..
J – everyone knows I hate flop floppers .. everyone knows I don’t like disloyalty
J – her cards are shown.. She showed her deck.. she’s holding a deck of biullshit at this point and i’m f*ing over it..
J – she’s a great competitor..

J – A lot of signs with her.. Where she screwed up is she rallied and did Jessica and Cody’s dirty work.. She did all the campaigning for Ramses, trying to get your boy out. You played yourself Elena, you played yourself BIG TIME
J – the moment you say that I stayed you dropped your team and went with the majority.
J – You’re shady, you went with the power I don’t respect that…
J – You know what you should have done.. You know what I would have respected if you stuck by Jess and Cody
J – alright it’s 4 against 8 let’s go to war
J – Instead.. you flipped just like Mark flipped went with the power went with the numbers and I don’t respect that.. You know it’s funny a lot of people say I was a floater I was this, I was that..

Josh says he’s been loyal to Jason and Kevin all along, points out he’s been working with people from different sides. Josh adds that he’s going final 6 with Kevin, Jason, Alex, Paul, and Christmas.

J – not only is Elena is manipulative and persuasive.. She’s had to study law.. She can persuade you..
J – you (Elena) played yourself..
J – she comes up to my HOH and I put her as a pawn and She f*ing losses it.. She just goes off rambling.. She starts throwing Paul’s name.. Alex’s name.. All these crazy stuff..

J – she proves she unloyal.. She throws Paul’s name out.. To save her a$$.. Shwe would do anything.. I feel bad she said she quit her job
J _ this game is gamble.. Sorry.. She;’s a target I hope I win the veto tomorrow shits gonna change..
J – I think Paul see what I’ve been seeing with Elena.. Does he want her out of this game,? No because he can control her but for my game I want her out because she’s gunning for me. .
J – all i know if it’s Jess and Elan up there I’ll get those numbers to send her out..
J – I got so many targets and only 1 HOH.. Mark, Cody, Elena and Jessica.

Josh – I wake up every single morning I could never be so grateful to you and dad letting me live out my dream.. I’m in Jury mom.. That means I’m going all the way.. I have a chance if I get evicted to come back in the house.. I made it halfway in a few days..

Josh – all these people think I’m a dummy but they’re playing themselves..

2:05am Christmas and Kevin

Kevin says there is going to be 4 people not voting..
Xmas – he knows where he stands with Jessica.. With elena..

Kevin – the person that complained the most was Paul .. that little bastard..
Christmas – he complained the most.. And he’s done it before..
Kevin – he’s a character

2:14am Alex paints Jason’s toenails..

Kevin – why you doing that to him..

2:31am Mark and Elena
Mark wants to enjoy the cuddling for a minute “it’s been so long”

2:37am Whistle Nuts gets his revenge..

Jason gets called into teh Diary room where he discovers his nails were painted.

4:21am ZZZzzzzzzz

7:54am still all sleeping..

Matt’s out to use the washroom he’s wearing his orange shirt.

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Will someone please turn on Paul and make this season interesting.

Raven is ravishing!!

Raven is playing a great game. i am not sure why the jealousy.

The girls life is on the line everyday and yet she gets up and carries on as if everything is okay.

A stronger woman I have never met.

Go Raven Go. We love you!!


Raven is being called Raven Munchausen on Twitter. Seems she told the houseguests that she will be dead very soon. And according to the outside world,. her condition is like Diabetes. Take your medicine and you will live a long life. She’s created this narrative of her BUCKET LIST,. things she wants to do before she dies’, BROTHER is one,. so if nobody figure it out,. she’s going to travel on the coat tails of the ones who fall for her storyline. Watch Iive feeds this little girl is really wackadoodle. She has mob mentality to the max. Alone she folds. When there are people around she will scream the same obscenities. She says Jessica’s Father died on the same day of HOH comp? Big Deal my mom was having surgery too. Whose cousin killed himself? Mine.Whose uncle died of Cancer? Mine. Whose PawPaw died of cancer? Mine. Whose grandmaw might not live? Mine. So ‘F-YOU JESSICA you BIT** you want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for me. They all ust stood there,. looking at her….

Candy Crush

Ok Raven’s obese mother. Since you supposedly have the same “terminal disease” as Raven, how are you living so long? And you are also morbidly obese, so we can see future Raven. You both should be in prison for scamming people.


Hey! I’m all for ranking on shady Raven, BUT just one little thing. Not all girls with fat mothers become fat. My mother is stinking huge. HUGE! I’m nothing like her in any way shape or form. I’m 36 and in size 0-2.

Otherwise, carry on….I HATE RAVEN. Her little tirade on the other night’s show made me want to punch her so hard.


I’m still not sure if Josh knows that he’s not actually respected by the house. Neither side actually cares what his opinion is on who should be evicted.
If Jessica is on the block but not evicted this week, it won’t be because anyone actually cared about Josh’s opinion.
If Kevin were to throw a hinky vote, or encourage others to change votes, it won’t be in deference to Josh’s wishes. It will be because Kevin wants to play the middle.
If Christmas were to throw a hinky vote, or encourage others to change votes, it will be because she thinks she can work Jessica, but can’t work Elena.
If anyone else were to throw a hinky vote, it will be because the power of production compels them.
Josh can sit in the hoh talking to the camera all he wants. Now that he’s made nominations, he’s pretty much without any actual say in anything, because absolutely nobody respects him.
Let’s be real here. Let’s say next week Josh is on the block against any of Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin or Paul. Let’s say he’s on the block against furniture boy or sick girl. Who goes home? When you can’t even say for sure he’d beat the guy as active in the game as the couch, and the girl that seems to think she’s on a telethon… it’s a pretty sure bet he’s at the bottom of the totem pole.
Then again, there’s only actually been one successful hoh this season where the hoh’s target actually went home.


Paul thinks he is still running the show. But only Kevin, Jason and Alex can steer Josh at this point. Paul screwed up with the “get me some water” bs . K, J, and A. Want him out soon.### if Cody gets picked to play veto, Xmas will use her hex, at which point, she becomes expendable.###if Jess goes home, they can keep Josh in line by targeting Elena and Mark .Paul will still think he is in charge. Xmas will still think she is safe.### Paul still controls Matt and Raven. But they are true floaters, and will follow the numbers.


Beth made an interesting point last night. If Christmas is not medically cleared to play in this veto comp, then she can’t use the ring of power during noms (and who would tell her during noms that she can’t). If she tries to, it gets exposed and people get clued in that it’s physical like OTEV. I expect BB will handle this by telling Christmas in advance that she won’t be able to play and not to use it if Cody’s name is pulled.


She will use it and then its a toss up as to whether she can play or not. If she isn’t cleared to play, the veto will be played with one less player. This happened last time she was picked. She dressed in the costume, went outside to play and then they told her she wasn’t cleared to play. She had to sit out at that point.


Not sure Jo on that observation. If I remember correctly her name was pulled once for veto competition and she suited up. Julie told her before the comp she wasn’t cleared by her doctor and she could not compete (it’s where Jason won POV). She had to just sit in her competition spot. So I believe she can use it but she just might not be able to compete if it is a physical comp.


I think it would probably go like the veto comp. when Dom pulled her name and couldn’t play. (Which I thought was totally unfair to Dom) Christmas just sat it out. So if she swaps with either Jess Cody and can not play then she will probably just sit it out again.


She can’t use the temptation to pull anyone off the block…only a chip that is pulled!


I don’t think Christmas will use her veto power to pull Cody down because it is of no advantage to her. She will use it later in the game when she can benefit from it. The problem she will have is coming up with a story to convince Paul that she can’t use it. It would be interesting to see Paul’s reaction if both Josh and Christmas don’t follow his directives of what HE (Paul) wants done.

Paul's Mouth

Maybe I’m giving Xmas to much credit, but I don’t think she will use it. She’s already commented that she thinks it might be better to save if for later in the game. I think she is slowly starting to question Paul’s antics.


Kevin does whatever Paul tells him too. Paul wants Jess out so I doubt there will be any hinky votes if Jess is on the block come Thursday night. They all do what Paul says. I still can’t figure it out. It’s only one Paul and 9 of them.

Karen Martin


Judge Janie

I’m torn. I really want hateful Jessica out before jury, but Elena whining about quitting her job and having bills to pay turns my stomach. They are both so pathetic. Would love a double eviction that sends them both out the door on the same night.
*Sigh* A girl can dream I guess…


I’m not a big Jessica fan but Paul is the hateful one in the house. I can’t wait to see the turd in the mouth look he gets when the house bounces him. Enjoy going back to your folks basement.


Jessica is neither hateful nor pathetic.


If Josh can pull this off, it will be awesome! I’m not a fan off Jody, but I am a fan of Paul not getting his way. So Jessica win that Veto and if you don’t, let Josh win the Veto and have the balls to take Jessica off the block! Paul will lose his shit!


Josh has been such a big turd but if he can flip the vote on Paul, the look on Pauls face and his reaction will be the best moment so far this season. Josh kind of owes us this moment. When Paul turns on him like a rabbid rat maybe other people will finally see Paul for what he is. Too bad this will probably change fifty times before eviction. Oh, and why is Alex making people check to see if Cody flushes when he leaves the bathroom?


Alex has shown me she’s the most down in the dirt nasty mean girl of the house. I’m certainly not fond of the others and their behavior but Alex has played hitting way below the belt. Codys Military service, Jessica being compared to a murderer and rapist and much more. It’s beyond disturbing IMO

Raven Super Floater

Raven is pretty mean too. The bad thing about Alex is that in the beginning when she told Cody that he was her target I liked her but that all went away when she started carrying Paul’s water.


The reason she has “been compared to a murderer” is because she admitted on live tv to killing someone. The reason she has been compared to a rapist, is because she has literally sexually assaulted multiple ppeople in the house after they have repeatedly told her to stop. She goes around sticking her finger up people’s ass, she keeps grabbing Alex’s vagina. She grabbed Ramses penis while he was in the house, even after he firmly told her to stop.

And as far as Cody’s service being questioned, how about we talked about how he has completely disrespected every one of his brothers and sisters in arms who sacrificed their limbs, or half their damn face, by minimizing, and trivializing their trauma and callig their PTSD “fake.” Why don’t we go ask the vets who actually, and literally GAVE of themselves, and came out traumatized how they feel about Cody calling them “pussies.” Yeah. Let’s talk about THAT shit.

Marine for Life

Unfortunatly, Some PTSD IS FAKE and taken advantage of . Im sorry and ashamed to say it happens but it does, and the advantages they get are paid by the taxpayers , and that’s not fair to all of you. Could be Cody see that and understands it, as most of US understand it. You don’t know so keep your comments and disrespect to yourself please.


this decision has nothing to do with Josh. this has everything to do with DR/production influencing Josh to target Elena. the DR also got in the ears of Xmas and Kevin to continue to make sure Jess and Cody are safe this week. this is another one of those blatant production maneuvers to pull a fast one for the sake of the show’s ratings. production hit list for this week is either Mark, Elena, Matt or Raven. Jess will not get evicted.

Hi Its Production

Shhh, don’t spill all the beans on our storyline!

Close only counts with grenades

I’m going to be hypocritical here and say I hope production is meddling to keep Jody in just to keep this interesting. This was going to be a really boring week watching Paul play ringmaster. Xmas is a complete idiot if she uses her veto power now but I’m sure it she will be convinced to. Elena is a gross individual. Before I realized that HOH camera was looking through the fish tank I thought Simon had edited some Meatballs falling from the ceiling lol.


Me too!!! Except I thought it was stuffie klingon thingies Josh was tossing around. Took me WAY too long to figure out it was the fish! LOL


I have to say, it’s good to see Josh actually play his own game and not Paul’s game. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Josh is a whiny, egotistical jerk. And his “speeches” to the camera annoy the crap out of me. But…at least he is using his own brain during his HOH and not bowing down to Paul. Hope it won’t blow up in his face. It’s about time Paul is removed from throne that he places himself on.


I REALLY wish Josh’s mom would have told him his “ways” were wrong in her HOH letter.
If my son was doing what Josh is doing I wouldn’t hesitate to say…

“I love you son, but you’re actin’ a fool Put those pans down and grow up!”

Raven Super Floater

The sad part is that I’m not sure Josh is actually “actin.” The dude has serious issues.

Meatball sauce

I am sick of the Paul show. I am angry about the way he got his dog pound flipping out on Jody Sunday. It’s not okay. It’s been personal attacks. 4 foot 2 Paul is bully and next week I hope Jody are still in the house and starts taking swings at Paul and Alex. I went from liking them to hating them.
Fingers crossed Christmas gets picked for veto, Cody and jess and jess or Cody wins the veto and stays safe for the week. Bye bye Elena! Josh was right about you being a flip flopped!

omfg i cannot listen to the meatballs freaking logic about elena being a huge threat anymore. shes as useless as tits on a bull. what is she going to do to u by flip flopping. no one’s gonna work with her.. shes an outcast and u can just use her as a vote untill its time for her to go cause she wants to be back on the winning side so god dam bad. but u think she’s gonna float to the end and jody isnt a threat at all. josh is thier number 1or 2 target with paul. so u think ur gonna have the votes against paul. like if ur gonna make a big boy move then ok. but u choose the most ridiculous target and dont u think you should target mark over elena bc mark hates ur guts and if he won hoh ur ass would be up so god dam fast. stupidity. pure stupidity. this is why paul has a huge advantage over everyone. cause the average american is really that retarded. and he’s the only one with half a brain.


Very surprised by Josh. Very refreshing to see Josh willing to resist Paul. Cannot believe so many of these house guests want to take Paul so far in the game.


Josh I’m glad he is such a dummy but Cody AND Jess need to start playing nice. Josh flips with the wind go to him be like they wanted you gone that’s why you went up if we work together no-one sees it coming!


Josh remembers who voted against him and will actively try to get them out. That’s a proven strategy. “I’ll get you before you get me”.


Cody and Jessica don’t have any faith in anyone to give them honest game intel let alone Josh. I’m just hoping should someone put a bug in their ear about Josh really wanting Elana out that they tear down a portion of those defense walls. I don’t blame Jess for not wanting to hear Josh out at this point. Let’s hope maybe Kevin and Christmas are willing to flip on Paul.


Backdoor Paul!


Elena wants Josh to admit why he is really nominating her ? How about because Josh see’s you as a skank ass flip flopping floater who has no loyalty and needs to go. I think it would be awesome if Josh wins the veto, takes Jessica down from the block, and then Elena gets evicted. With any luck, Elena goes this week and Raven goes next week. I think it would be really cool if Kevin wins HoH next week and targets Matt & Raven with Raven being the real target. I think it would be hilarious if Cody and Jessica ended up being the last surviving showmance after all the bs they have had to deal with in this game while Mark, Elena, Matt & Raven have tried to just flip flop and float their way to jury.


I’m not a Jody fan at all. Heck, I’m not a fan of anyone this season. I liked Paul last season, but I can’t deal with all of his bullying this season. I really hope Josh gets what he wants. So for once Paul doesn’t get his way! I’m not even rooting for Jess to win the veto. I’m rooting for Josh to win it so mom’s stay the same. I’m just hoping Josh can convince the majority of the house to vote out Elena. I’d love to see Paul’s face when he realizes he didn’t get his way.


There is no way Jess is not going to get voted out if she is up there. Paul and Alex want her head on a platter. They are not going to change their vote. Jason will go with Alex. Matt and Raven will go with Paul. Josh might be able to convince Christmas, Kevin but they will not vote against the majority. If he wants anyone but Jess gone, Jess needs to come off the block.

Jessicas fan club

i notice that Josh always has such wonderful sound bites after he leaves the diary room. i wonder why that is so?!

Production continues to tease us with Josh’s new found vision.

Bottom line… I guarantee you Jessica will be walking out on Thursday.

On a side note, Jessica is by far the hottest female to ever play BB. She has google search lit up looking for pics of her.

See you when you get home Jess.

Close only counts with grenades

That wasn’t creepy…


Where is the Alex we saw the first few weeks? People can be delusional. None of these HG will admit that Paul controlled them when they get out of the house. Alex was the perfect player to step up and take on Paul. She could be the first woman in years to win BB if she wasn’t kissing Paul’s a$$. I know Nicole technically won last year but I don’t count it. Nicole was ‘Raven’ for about 75 days last year and won a couple of things towards the end and was handed the win. Screw her. I’m so disappointed in Alex. Elena, Christmas and Boyz2Men……….F&CK YOU TOO!


Yeah, I had high hopes for Alex that quickly turned into “bye bye” hope. I absolutely agree about Nicole. I really wanted a strong girl to own this season. It can’t happen now because even Jess is playing for a guy.

*I’m not a sexist y’all! Just want to see some girl power for a change!


Unless Jody shows me any strategy in the next few Weeks ( Like Josh is ) I’m not sure either of them will last long, as much as I would like them to. Jess and Cody can’t hide away in that little room away from the others the whole game and not talk to anyone ?! You have to have a game plan moving forward, whether people want to talk or not. Whether the House hates you or not. It’s obvious Josh was willing to talk, but Jessica’s hatred is still hindering her. You have to move forward or you might as well go HOME. Josh said tonight he didn’t want the others going after them because Jess was already on the block – That’s a positive sign, now she has to do her part !!!
I’m not sure who Jason will vote to Evict? Kevin could persuade him to vote out Elena – but Alex will want Jessica gone so bad and literally be on his ASS to vote her out of the game.
Alex is really grating me the wrong way lately. Those kitty ears are like her security blanket in that House. If I was in that House, I would have thrown them over the Wall out in the backyard by now !!! – And blamed Raven.


Tonight on Rigged Brother

6:41 X-mas and 70’s Pube Face in the HOH room
X-mas – Umm Paul you have another problem it seems that Josh fell down and injured his brain, he told me that he is thinking of putting up the blow up doll and that she is his target.
Pube face – That’s funny but Alison wouldn’t allow that I haven’t given her permission to talk to my servants yet and I’m really getting annoyed at Julie asking them questions on the live shows without first asking me. Seriously Julie I know who your husband is but without me there IS no Big Brother who does she think she is.
X-mas–So I’m one of your servants also?
Pube face – No, everyone but you, you are my #1 I have no reason to lie after all I gave up my summer just so I could help you win, why else would I be here? So you have anymore pain meds if so I’ll need you to run down stairs and get me some water
X-mas – no we did them all last night, you could just demand Production give us err I mean me some more like you have, I kinda need you too because I feel like I’m slipping back into reality.
Pube face – Well we can’t let that happen you might start to act normal and think you yourself,
X-mas – Ha Ha funny one I like how we joke around about me being less equal than you and how all the other minions believe you when you tell them you have a F2 deal with them, they are so stupid.
Pube face – Stupid mother f*ckers believe anything I say, sh*t they didn’t question my knife boxing story or how I train MMA with world champs, they even ate up my story about ripping that Grizzly bears throat with my teeth in front of her cubs while fishing for Great Whites with my bare hands on Jupiter.
X-mas so those stories aren’t true?
Pube face – Who told you that Cody and Jess? They are just dirty liars who can’t tell the truth and always go back on their deals, Idiots
X-mas – yes all they do is sit around and talk about you all day long making up totally unbelievable stories about you.
Pube face – This is and and always has been my plan to get inside Cody’s head.
(Door matt sticks his head in and asks if they need anything)
X-mas – Just more meth
Pube face – Not right now why don’t you go get a couple of blow jobs and you can let me have one when we are done talking.
Door matt Yeah sure maybe I’ll give you both. (he leaves)
Pube face _ (Pulls something out of his face beaver and hands it to x-mas) I need you to slip another of these into Josh’s drink again.
X-mas – All 3 of them, isn’t that much acid dangerous?
Pube face – never cared, never will, if we don’t keep him trippin then I can’t use him no more and we might as well get him to nominate himself. Or even better maybe we can get him to back door himself.
X-mas – OMG that’s why we all love you you are the most generous loving person, this world is so lucky to have you, someone with honor and integrity.
Pube face – Don’t mention it It’s kind just my hobby, I hate the praise I get, h*ll I had to start turning down the Nobel peace prize, 10 years in a row was enough I said to give someone else a chance and then they wanted to rename it after me and I had to stop that also because I’m a humble guy.
(alex drops in)
Alex – Anyone seem my virginity?
Pube face – Buzzard said she seen Jess playing with it and then hiding it after she molested it even dumped your coke out again.
Alex – That’s all she ever does, well that and sit back, be all calm and cool trying to ignore all of us, like hello you don’t deserve our attention if that’s how you are going to act, what total adults they can be.
Pube face – Well if she didn’t have to protect the little guy who can’t look me in the eye and wets himself when I’m around maybe thing would be different, if I allowed it.
Alex – IKR can you believe he decided to serve his country instead of getting followers on twitter and instagram, while we are here taking selfies and being true social justice warriors this coward leaves our country and tries to make it a safer place, he just doesn’t understand the sacrifice we make so he can have his entitlement.
Pube face – It’s a sad day when our great nation I built would give this POS the time of day, it just isn’t right. (Alex leaves the room yelling something about Jody eating her Kittens when she was 5)
Pube – face – Yells Alex (she returns)
Pube – face X-mas cover your ears
X-mas – why?
Pube face – It’s a surprise for you, trust me you will love it. (she covers her ears)
Pube face – Alex you are my F2 don’t forget that.
Alex – Duh everyone knows you can’t lie, your fans wouldn’t of voted for you if you did.
Pube face – Exactly (Alex leaves again this time yelling about Jody assassinating Kenedy or some sh*t like that)
X-mas – what were we talking about again?
Pube face – You were insisting on telling me how I’m the second coming or something like that and I was trying to get you to stop.
Feeds on Fish


The fact that you took that much time to write all that shows you are a very disturbed person…
It was a bit much.. That’s all I’m saying.


Used to work for production writing. That’s all I’m saying.


Ha too funny! Tell us how you really feel about Paul ?


Thank you, it’s kinda like self therapy with that troll


I HAVE to add an appreciative comment too because that was really well written. I could absolutely see that working as a BB spoof skit. Brava! (the ‘Brava’ is for Simon too)


For a minute I thought this was a Simon or Dawg post until I realized this was in the comment section. Loved it!!!


Squabble that was very creative lol for a short story:)


Who stole alex cat ears?
Was it really raven?


Yes. There is video of Elena telling Raven to not admit Raven took it.

Phony Raven

Raven was the one dumping Alex’s Coke out too


I wouldn’t say she “stole” them, but she definitely hid them. She then later agreed with Elena and Matt to deny it.

I’m not a fan of Raven by any means, but from what I recall it was all just in fun…just a prank. It has since been used against Jess while Raven (and others) watch on the sidelines. *Ugh


So Elana has goods to blackmail Mavin not vote her out.

Bo Diddler





Jessica is so entitled, “we deserve to be here mo than anyone”.. Cody made a terrible move week 1, & took the backlash like a child. Had Cody handled differently, his alliance would still be “cool” with him, be like “I took a shot, I thought It would work, it didn’t, let’s move on”, he took that sh*t personally like they owed him something. I didn’t like the way he attacked Josh for going with the house knowing the way the votes we’re going, when that’s how you play the game early on. Jessica, I think her game would be much better without Cody, he killed any possibility of her salvaging the damage Cody caused to her game, but that died when he came back. I’d like to see Jody back on BB, but not in he same season, as their attitude would just be a repeat of this season, gotta be separate seasons.


yay, doesn’t sound like mark is plan a or b. i hope he stays. he seems like a decent guy.


I’m for anything against Paul. This season is a wrap. Paul is the only person playing the game. The houseguest are his minions!


I can sense a break up with the majority alliance and I love it


I’m liking that more and more players are starting to see Paul’s manipulation of them. I never expected Josh to go against what Paul thinks is best….touche’. We’ll see if it plays out but, if nothing else, the seed of independent thinking has been planted. Kevin and Jason have known for a long time, Christmas is coming around.


Here’s my take on the BB house (thank goodness something is happening worth commenting on):

Josh: so disappointed he won HOH, but on the bright side, at least he is “claiming” to play for himself. Maybe, just maybe, we will actually see an uprising with the help from a few “friends”. I believe Josh’s target (Elena) is personal. He has it so bad for that girl, and she is not into him at all.

Elena: love that she stood up to Josh’s phony reasons for making her a “pawn”. Elena is absolutely right! Had Josh really wanted strong players to be guaranteed to compete against Jess, he would have put up Paul or Alex (both would have been delicious). I do not like that she keeps mentioning she gave up her job and has nothing to go back to. *Cry me a river, Elena. You are better than that.* I also don’t like that she is suddenly back to being Mark’s cuddle buddy. Not cool!

Kevin: love that he is beginning to point out Paul’s mind control tactics more. *Keep it up Kevin! And please go talk to Jody about how together they can flip the house against Paul.*

Alex/Jason: not much to say about these two since they are both huge disappointments as players and people

Raven/Matt: nothing to say about them other than some song lyrics…”pain in my head oh I’d rather be dead…it’s unnatural” (and not in a good way) Sure wish they’d come to the end of the road!

Christmas: I do not like this girl’s actions at all and I hope it’s because she has been influenced more by the pain meds than Paul. Either way, she is no longer a player in my opinion.

Cody: I’ve seen a different side to Cody lately that I really like. I’m still not a fan, but I admire his ability to endure and I honestly believe his love for Jess is real (and vice versa). I loved seeing his sensitive side (during the Jody separation) and hope he is able to make it far, or even WIN, this game

Jess: I’m impressed by her maturity, which exceeds most BB players (past and present). She is able to remain steadfast in herself and still understand this is a game. I still feel she should have kept the hex a secret and saved it for herself, but I also feel she needs Cody in there with her, for her own sanity. I love that Jess isn’t afraid to tell people what she really thinks (telling Josh she can’t handle his bipolar mood swings was epic…that she didn’t need to talk to him…and then him ending with an apology….loved that).

I would love to see Jody actually have meaningful conversation with Kevin about Paul and shift the tide. I would love for Josh to discover his true place in that house and who put him there (he did, of course, with Paul’s hypnotism) then take his balls out of Paul’s hands and backdoor Paul.

As it stands now, I’d settle for Jess, Cody, or Kevin winning this game. Paul may be the one who wins, though, if an uprising doesn’t happen SOON!

*Granny out


How about ‘Granny out… of her mind?!’ You got Kevin right regarding a deserving winner: smart, savvy, tactical. But for you are anyone to believe Jerkica or Grody deserve to win is absurd. Two people whose arrogance and entitlement have reached a saturation point, and who, instead of using their time to stir the pot or strategize or plant seeds of doubt in the other hg’s minds, just lay around and play Romeo and Juliet?!?! there couldn’t be any less deserving winners than these two idiots. yup, granny is way out of her mind.


Never said any of them “deserve” to win. Big Brother is a game that focuses on the human condition, something you have done very well, yourself, with your degrading response to my comment.

I’m not asking you to agree with me, but disagreeing with me does not have to equal putting me down, or anyone else on this site.

Insulting others to make yourself feel good is the definition of bullying. Are you sure that’s what you want to do? Is that who you are, because intention and perception can be two different things? Maybe I’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt.

So, be who you will and I’ll be me. ‘kay? You will find no fight here. This granny is a lover, not a fighter!

Personally, I am here to discuss the show along with the actors/characters participating in the show and would much rather focus on that.

*singing, “What the world needs now is love sweet love, its the only thing that there’s just too little of…”

I'm a fan

Amen Granny! I hate all the ugliness we see in personal attacks here. I mean, BB is one thing, but this is a fan forum. Why pull hate out? There’s enough in that house already…not to mention the world in general.

And I wish people would post an actual name and not “anonymous”. I’d like to know who you are, I mean as much as possible given this is online.
Come on! Introduce yourselves and let us know who you are.

I’m a fan. Simple as that.

Anonymous if that's ok with you overly sensitive types

wow wow wow – the anonymous who said, ‘granny out… of her mind’ was obviously just trying to be clever by extending ‘granny out’ to make their point. Does EVERYTHING have to qualify as bullying?! holy sensitive. The poster obviously had strong feeling against jessica, not against granny. so granny goes on this long rant disguised as a defense against a bully. trying to be impartial here, but this ‘bully’ defensive for next to nothing goes too far

and the reply about hating the anonymity of replies… really?!?! if the poster put in a name as ‘the world is too darn sensitive’, will that help you identify them? sheeesh!


*Granny drops the mic*. Well said.

I’m with you on everything except Jason. I still like him, but not nearly as much as a few weeks ago. And he’s good for Kevin’s game, so there’s that. Alex I’m entirely done with – I cannot tolerate the cat-ears GATE obsession over a silly prank when there have been 100s others played. Talk about stirring up poop over a less-than-nothing event. The military insults to Cody were way over the line, as was this ridiculous Jessica/rapist comparison. I was horrified with Josh winning HOH at first, but pleased with the potential grief it may ultimately give Paul (fingers crossed) if all goes to (Production’s) plan.


Yes, I do agree Jas is good for Kevin! My appreciation (if I could even call it that) to these HG’s game play is one thing and then the way I feel about them as people (their character, or lack of) is another.


Oh, and one more response to your Jessica statements. Agreed, I think she has a lot of admirable qualities and I’m pulling for her. The one time where I really cringed was when she was (unreasonably IMO) angry with Cody, telling him “I have people outside the game who expect me to behave in a certain way”. I don’t think Jessica should be playing that particular card. Her behaviour has been far from refined (shall we say) and I didn’t like her getting on a high horse about it.


I 100% agree and found her claim to be somewhat ironic, if not completely paradoxical.

Bolt Uprite

I think I lost about 100 IQ points just reading Josh’s transcript. That guy has the most chaotic mind. The maelstrom churning around in that dome that passes for thinking spits out some pretty stilted logic. Don’t target the two that have made your life in the house miserable, backdoor a weak floater for some perceived slight. Gee, I don’t know why all these people think Josh is a dummy.

Spike The Gremlin

If I was Josh, I would simply tell Alex if she can’t stop interrupting every time Josh is talking, she is going up on the block. I’ve never seen someone (Alex) interrupt and be so rude when another person is talking. All she does is interrupt him.

Bolt Uprite.

It is just that Josh is so slow and everyone else is light years ahead of him and no none wants to wait that long for Josh’s lizard brain to catch up.


No, Alex interrupts EVERYONE except Paul and Xmas it seems. She never lets Jason or Mark complete a thought/statement either and it grates on me no end. She’s either extremely rude or using it as a tactic to confuse people, and thus make them look shady. That recent conversation when she was attacking Matt was painful. She looked like a rave girl coming down from something. Why Jason – in particular – doesn’t call her out for this I do not know.

Alex's Sleeve

Alex is coming down from something alright! The constant nose wiping leads me to believe she has nasal drip also know as the Columbian flu


I think the other HGs have misinterpreted what Josh means when he says he wants to “backdoor” Elena… 🙂


Whatever happen to the HOH not being allowed to tell everyone who they’re nominating before hand? Or did that stop awhile ago? They talk about it so freely now & it takes away the shock factor & allows others to attempt to run your HOH! (#Paul)


There is a possibility that Paul overplays this week. He keeps talking about making sure Jessica goes before Elena. Elena doesn’t seem to be good under pressure and it seems she’s giving up some of Paul’s information. She’s already told Josh that Paul volunteered to be a pawn when he didn’t, and Matt knows that. That comes out during this week it could cause some fissures. If Paul tries to hold onto the reins too hard he may actually wake up some of the minions.


I hope some of the house guests realize that they may be better off keeping Jody in the game. This may be one of the only ways to get Paul out of the game and keep their hands (somewhat) clean. If Jess would start playing that Social game – she claims to be so good at – she could drop that tidbit out there to Josh, Kevin, Xmas and maybe Jason. Let them know – “keep us and we’ll do the dirty work for you”. It’s worth a shot – but she has to stop being so butt hurt and start being a little nicer to those who might consider it.

BB Lover

I’m sorry but I don’t understand why Jessica is number 1 on jokers or on every poll my guess is for the root for the underdog , but to me she comes off entitled like when she says” I deserve to be here” well if you deserve to be here then get off your ass and put some work in to stay in the house if you don’t win veto .Jessica had the chance to put some work in on Josh when he was willing to talk to them but they didn’t wanna talk to him , and Cody I appreciate him for serving the country but he still has a terrible personally and is just rude for no good reason. I can’t root for and get behind Jody they have the chance to rally the troops to go against Paul but they are doing nothing and playing the pity me party . Jody will last a month in the real world they don’t have the same personality he’s a introvert and she’s outgoing ,and frankly the only thing they do is kiss and cuddle they don’t make jokes or crack each other up and also talk mostly game but people still believe they’ll last a long time outside of this house smh.


Many people pull for the underdog’
Most humans can’t stand the way she was treated by the lynch mob, spoiled entitled or not what happened was wrong


I think Jessica is number 1 because people mostly have a lot of respect for the way she has handled what has been going on this house lately. They don’t necessarily like everything about her as a person, everything she does and says, but they like her fighting spirit. They like how she’s not crying about everything. (That was always the worst part of having to watch Rachel in past seasons.) They also respect her standing up FOR Cody and standing up TO Cody, as the situation calls for. They also like that while she wants to continue to fight and win, she also seems to never forget this is a game, and she seems to be able to disengage from the house drama when she wants. Is she perfect? Obviously not, but she seems to have a really good sense of self, and she makes no apologies for who she is… good and bad. She owns all of it, and I think people have a lot of respect for that.


It’s more an anti-Paul vote than a pro-Jessica thing.

Mama Mia! That's a spicy meatball!

Would love to see Jessica go this week simply to break up one tiring showmance. Wish Mark would open his eyes and break it off with Elena. It is painful to watch the big guy pining for her.


Alex has real nerve saying Jess is a rapist. Alex really has deep seeded issues and I fear her as a stalker. She is so jealous and obsessed with Jess that outside this game I feel she could pull a Jodi Arias. Not a joke.

And if someone can show me Jess pulling someones pants down and stuffing her finger up their anus I will give u all the 500 grand prize. These people fabricate things to try and ruin a persons life. Well epic fail Alex. You the one making false rape allegations and that is a felony Miss cheap cat ears. Loved Jess wearing animal ears that were classy and looked 100 times better than Alex’s dime store crap she acts like are her life.

Kevin it’s time to not sit back and play the friends with everybody game. These next couple evictions will decide this game and u need to start controlling some of this game.

Jess go get that Veto.

Set it off..set off now children…set this fker off!

The Voice of Reason

She doesn’t pull their pants down…she slips her hand down their shorts. Which you would know if you actually watched the house guests on any sort of a regular basis. I know you are a rabid Jessica fan so I doubt this will change your mind about her but it is something that has definitely happened on a semi-regular basis. Denying it just lets people know you don’t watch the feeds very closely. It’s even been on after dark a few times so not having the feeds isn’t really an excuse either.

sunny dee

DIARY ROOM RECORDING LEAK ON AFTER DARK (around 2hr50minutes (my first hour plus was recording other programs, AD came on at about 1:05 into the 3 hour recording)

production: Going into it who do you want to win?
Elana: obviously NOT Cody or Jessica! LOL My whole life is a JK this is Big Brother
production: So, obviously you know, before nominations…
Elana: Right
production: but can you set up for… I mean…. did you think going into that competition that if you didn’t win you would be nominated?
Elana: No.
production: Josh told you you were safe?
Elena: Josh promised me multiple times sober and drunk that i was safe …. soooo safe…
production: OK. so can you set that up, this is ‘in the moment’ like “Josh says I’m safe this week but if Jess and Cody win this competition like I could be in big trouble’, you know what i mean, like going into it
elena: uh,

then it cuts out

this recording came in after josh already did the nominations, production is trying to get DR comments about the temp comp


Elena chose to quit her job. She was not forced to, so shut the eff up about it.


josh sort of blew this week for himself.. here’s how i see it..
he didnt have nominate jess or cody.. he HAD to nominate elena and mark….
but the way he handled it all was just so wrong for his game.. firstly from what i gathered he said something inflammatory during the nom speech which got jess/cody riled up.. unnecessary.. he could have eventually let jess/cody on to what his eventual goal is.. to get rid of elena.. this could have bought him some credit with jess and cody thus leaving him lower on their hit list.. as it stands he continues to burn that bridge..

as for elena he could have easily laid the blame for her nom on the house which is more accurate or by virtue of her voting to get him out of the house.. being honest here was a better move than the nonsense he told her.. it might have even led her to dig her own grave by her hunting out the culprits and forcing confrontation with others..

as it stands he burned two sets of bridges in one week leaving him exposed to everyone in the house.. cody/jess and mark/elena.. as well as being the “easy nom” for everybody else in the house.

i agree he should want to target elena for his personal safety he just went about it all wrong.


*The other houseguests care about my opinions.
(Not really, but you will do anything to gain their approval.)
*I am well-respected in the Big Brother house.
(No, but you are a useful tool for the bullies.)
*Cody has been targeting ME since Day 1.
(No, he was barely aware of you until Paul ordered you to go after him.)
*I am nobody’s puppet.
(You haven’t had a thought of your own for so long that you think everything Paul tells you is your idea.)
*Paul has not shaped all of my opinions about Jody and/ or other houseguests.
(Sadly,you still don’t see the connection between following Paul’s orders and making enemies of Cody & Jessica.)
*I am a master strategist and the others will see that I think for myself.
(You have fantasies, not plans You are Paul’s emotional PLAY-DOH.)
*I have been making BIG MOVES in this game and my HOH and my nominations prove it.
(Nope. It’s just you, doing what you think will please the other houseguests. Still trying to be one of the cool kids.)
*I am smarter than these houseguests think.
(Perhaps, but they’ve seen no sign of it. Desperate pliability is not a good look.)—-PLAY DOH, PLAY-DOH…


If, for whatever reason, i.e., illness, you have quit your job, etc., you are unable to pay your bills, please know that the odds are not in your favor if winning a game show is your only plan.
RE: Raven- She had to be cleared medically before she was ever allowed to be on the show. The “terminally ill” are generally discriminated against in this regard. …Sorry, but CBS cannot have people actually dying on live TV. There simply isn’t enough insurance in the world to cover all those lawsuits.
RE: Anyone in the BB house who quits his/her job, who needs that income in order to pay bills:
Don’t expect anyone to forfeit their own paycheck out of sympathy for you. Your sob story will only make you a less desirable houseguest. How can I hear my own whining if your sobbing is drowning it out?


OK….It took some digging but I found the wording for the Ring of Replacement:

“The winning Houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.”

Note there is no time frame.

BUT more importantly, they can only be the random draw players!!!!

So Jessica will still be playing!!!!

Next plan?


Darn, the way they worded that, Xmas could definitely replace Cody. Earlier, I was thinking if Jessica got “House Guest’s Choice,” that wouldn’t count as “random draw”, but if they said “one of the three players chosen by random draw”, that means choosing that chip is still considered part of the random draw….


JOSH your a dumby…..