Helen wants to fire the first shot “We have to get Amanda out she’s trying to b@ckdoor me”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


3:06pm HOH room Spencer, JUDD, Andy  and Gm (AKA the dream team) 
GM shares with them how much she dislikes Candice. GM says Candice is rude and rat she wants to know where Candice was raised thinks it was in the woods because she has no manners. 
Talks moves to Howard’s game and how poor it was. They all agree Howard was a great guy but he just sucked at the game. JUDD points out how every week after the POV Ceremony they saw Howard whispering in corners with people. He didn’t have to do that and it made a lot of people nervous. 

GM is pissed that Howard threw competitions. 
They wonder if Howard was a NFL hopeful why was he so bad at some of the more athletic competitions. 

Spencer brings up Howards injury and how traumatic it is. He says the injury was a big deal and may have had something to do with his poor performance in competitions. 
GM saying she loses the cone of shame at 4:45 tomorrow. It’s really been hurting her lately. 

McCrae and Amanda join them. McCrae tries the spare cone. Says it’s weird that production lets him wear the cone but doesn’t let him wear the spare clownie outfit. (GM has two cones one for showering. The showering cone doesn’t have a microphone attached) 


3:14pm Backyard BBQ girls are talking about Dan and some of the things he did in BB10 and BB14

I Flipped to the BBQ conversation hearing Helen says she was like Carrie in Sex and the City.. Helen talks about how different it is making friends with people when you have family. Elissa agrees says all her friends are either her Husbands employee’s wife’s or wife’s of the people he does business with.

Helen goes around the table telling each of the BBQ girls a reason why they mean so much to her. (superfriends x10000 )

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


3:40pm Cockpit JUDD, Spencer, Andy and McCrae

Joking around.. Andy tells them the BBQ girls only got 2 beers each. Spencer wishes they would have at least given them enough alcohol to mess up their game.
Andy calls them the BBQ sl*ts.
JUDD says they should try to figure out what they BBQ girls are talking about.
Andy: “They’re All talking about there’s periods”

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:00pm Backyard Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, JUDD, Andy and Spencer
They are trying to convince Amanda she should do the wedding soon because she doesn’t look bad at all she just looks really tanned. Amanda Doesn’t want to she wants to wait until next week. She mentions that Production wants her to give them a heads up before they do it.
The guys head inside leaving Jessie and AManda to finish their smokes.
Amanda says she swears to good that she will not put Jessie up next week as long as Jessie is “good” with her. Jessie was worried but isn’t anymore.


4:05pm Storage room Helen and Andy
Helen saying Jessie told here Aaryn and Amanda are talking about Backdooring her next week.
Andy: ‘WHAT. NO NO.. who said that”
Helen: ‘YES.. a couple people”
Andy: “This is news to me.. who said it”
Helen says JEssie told her and GM said she needs to speak with her so she’s expecting GM will bring it up.
Helen: “My guess it was Aaryn, GM and Jessie talking”
Andy: ‘I’m telling you I have heard nothing”
Helen: “Of course you haven’t”
Helen is getting paranoid thinking that Aaryn wanted her to go up as the replacement nominee.
Helen doesn’t want Andy to go anywhere with it she just wants him to be aware of it, “It frightens me”
Andy: ‘What did Jessie say”
Helen: ‘Jessie was probably in the room with GM and Aaryn they are trying to get the votes to do it next week”
Andy: ‘Jessie told you.. what did she say.. “
Helen: “Jessie told me.. she never gave me details yet .. she said there are people working on getting the votes to backdoor her next week” (LOL it’s so easy to get Helen to go on a paranoid rampage)
Andy is confused says it might be them scrambling thinking they are low on the totem poll trying to get them all to turn on each other.
Andy: ‘I will put my feelers out there and tell you if I hear anything”
Helen: “I have a lot of friends telling me that Amanda is not on my side”
Andy says he hasn’t heard Amanda say a word about this to him. Helen smiles “Of course she hasn’t”


4:35pm Bedroom Helen and Elissa
Helen asks what she thinks about Jessie’s idea to get Amanda out this week. Elissa is shocked by the fight Amanda had with Candice. Elissa says Amanda said a lot of very hateful things to Candice that weren’t needed.
Elissa and Helen are getting paranoid because McCrae and Jessie are talking in the bedroom. Elissa doesn’t think that someone in the house put up Amanda. She thinks it was America. Elissa thinks that people would be able to related to her because she’s a mom.


4:35pm Bedroom Helen and Elissa

Elissa and Helen are getting paranoid because McCrae and Jessie are talking in the bedroom. Elissa doesn’t think that someone in the house put up Amanda. She thinks it was America. Elissa thinks that people would be able to related to her because she’s a mom.

Candice and Jessie join them.
JEssie: “Why do you all look so down in the dumps”
Helen: “The beer got to me”
Helen asks Candice to leave and let the 3 of them talk game.

Helen says she talked to Elissa and she is on board. Jessie: “They are working me so hard right now.. McCrea and AManda” Helen says she talked to Andy and she’ll talk to GM later today, ‘Gm and me have a good relationship”
Helen is certain there is a plan to backdoor her. Elissa isn’t sure why would they backdoor Helen.. maybe they want to ensure Candice goes home.
Helen: “We have to get Amanda out she’s trying to backdoor me”
Jessie says the other side wants to strike first because there are down in the numbers.

They star to run the numbers they figure they will need JUDD and Andy. Helen tells them before they start getting votes they need to find out who GM will put up

Jessie: ‘She won’t put you on the block she promised you” Helen tells them to head to the pool and chill she’ll talk to Gm later today.


Upstairs in the HOH a minimance is forming..


4:47pm Backyard Amanda and McCrae
Amanda is saying once she can get rid of JUDD she will stop going up as MVP. She feels if she can prove to GM and Jessier her loyalty she will have their trust for the duration.
MC isn’t certain that getting rid of JUDD means she is free and clear of the MVP nominations.

Amanda: “Helen, Jessie, spencer and JUDD are scarey to me”
MC: ‘ya.. I think we might get jury this week.. if that’s the case sh!t is going to happen sh!t is going to go down.. We’re both going up”
Amanda doesn’t think they will both go up because that will make the person too big of a target. She feels it will be her and Elssia.

JUDD joins them.


5:03pm The music plays meaning Amanda needs to get a spray tan.

GM runs to the spray tanning Machine says she’s hoping some of the over-spray will get on her


The machine isn’t working, Amanda: ‘This happens everytime.. I’m going to read the instructions”


CBS Interactive Inc.

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164 thoughts on “Helen wants to fire the first shot “We have to get Amanda out she’s trying to b@ckdoor me”

  1. I felt sorry for candice until I just watched the first few minutes of tonights episode of BB.She said she dropped on purpose after spencer during the HoH competition because she felt he would have put her on the block.She thought by playing low key she would be safe and dropped WTF!!!!!!!

    1. Okay, I can’t stand Gina Marie and think she is the biggest racist in the house next to Amanda, but that HOH SPEECH WAS HILARIOUS!!!! A rat, a tattle tale and a flip flopper. I cannot stop laughing just like Elissa, Judd and Amanda were. I thought they were going to fall out of their chairs they were laughing so hard or start spitting. Wonder if the others were laughing as hard. So darn funny!!!!!!!!

      1. I felt the complete opposite…..I found NO humor in it all!How can someone hate another person for NO reason at all….Well I guess being Black is a good enough reason for some!Personal feelings are running this game EVERY WEEK!!!!

        1. Geez seriously she did not say anything about race in her speech. It reminded me of the speech that first year where Richard Hatch won and the girl was talking about the rat getting eaten. It just made me laugh. Geez get a sense of humor; nothing was said about race in that speech. I guess since Elissa laughed and was shown on the show laughing at GM’s speech as was Judd that they are both racist now too because they thought the speech was funny. Get off your racist rant and get a sense of humor like Judd and Elissa or start your rant about them too for being RACIST because they laughed too!!!!!

    2. Helen’s goose is cooked!! Andy went straight to Amanda and now Amanda is wanting GM to put up Elissa/Helen instead of Spencer. Helen is an idiot because she should of kept her mouth shut!

    3. Do you remember last week competition. Spencer came real close to winning it, you know who went on the block, spencer. Remember the week before that, Howard made it to the tie breaker round for hoh, you know who went home, Howard. Week before that Kaitalyn almost won HOH twice, she went on the block then went home. Big brother is a social game, the more you win HOHs, the more likely you are to go out. This was soemthing Jenelle never learned but Rachel did which is why Rachel won. Look at Jordan, a fatty who could barely win a comp but almost won twice by throwing comps. Dr. will and dan, 2 other great players who went far by throwing comps. Evel dick and danielle only made it far because they were really a threesome, her, him and nick, and they never won alot of shit until the 2nd half of the game.

      People who win lots of shit go home real quick because everyone feels threatened by them like frank, unless you are playing with 2-3 other players who are always winning like hayden or if the MC didn’t fall apart then forget it. Candice was unlikely to win, and if she did win, she’d just make 2-3 more enemies and probably pull a dumb move like stick up aaryan and spencer and spencer or aaryn would go home with the other gunning for her. Amanda is the biggest target in the house, the fact she looked so bad in the comp, people will be inclinded to view her as a non-threat with no friends or allies who they want to keep around to beat in comparasion to amanda a strong social player.

      if I was on BB I’d throw EVERY competition

    1. Tell me this–Why does CBS think we need Amanda’s take on every damn situation during the broadcasts? Is she auditioning for Julie Chen’s job? This is overkill in her favor. Send more of those youtube videos out so people will know what kind of trash she really is. Please Helen, grow a pair and do the right thing! Please help this season of BB be worth watching again. Oh, and for all of you who think Howard said that to that despicable Amanda because of a past comment–I distinctly remember Amanda saying she would do the same thing to either Jessie or Candice if she had a penis. Simon/Dawg even had it as the headline for a post, if I am not mistaken. Whether he said it or not, I still encourage you to vote him America’s Favorite to spite these fools who now fall all over themselves talking about what a nice guy he was and how much they liked him. With friends like these, who needs enemies.

    1. It really doesn’t matter she has the right idea but is trying to get the wrong people on board judd and andy will not vote amanda out maybe if judd finally realises amanda thinks he’s mvp hell flip but no way in hell andy will her best bet would be to try and get spencer and gina on board gina will have to nominate someone other then spencer or amanda is safe

    2. no thank you to jess for finally making helen see it

      jess is effectively americas player the last 2 weeks

      standing up to amanda, and wanting to shake up the game, and most importantly pushing to evict the vile monster amanda

  2. Judd: Jessie looks pregnant.

    Spencer: Pregnant is hot

    Elissa: Don’t be so mean.

    Judd: Back home I was on the street and I saw an ugly pregnant lady, and I just thought, ‘Good for you.’

    Helen: ok ok ok Are you saying Jessie is ugly? Judd, Just between you and me. Don’t tell anyone else.. I think Jessie may be pregnant.

    Judd: If you knew me when you had your baby would you let me hold him if I asked?

    Helen: Of course I would

    Elissa: Maybe. Why would you want to hold my baby?

    Andy shows up

    Judd: My sister just had a baby, a little newborn. The kid is adorable, so cute. She wouldn’t let me hold him, she refuses. She says, ‘No way, Judd, I’m afraid you’re gonna drop him.’ I’m 26 years old. Like I’m some kind of idiot. Like I don’t have a million other ways to hurt that baby.

    Elissa: What?

    Judd: I’m afraid if I ever had a baby, I’d lose him. My dad’s been having a hard time lately. Keeps on losing his keys. Can’t hang on to a set of keys to save his life. And he has tried everything too: little hook next to the door, little bowl next to his bed, keychain makes a noise when you whistle. Nothing worked. So finally, this year for his birthday, the whole family chipped in — and we put him in a home.

    1. OMG that was so funny!!! Judd is priceless His poor father though…stuck in a home because he couldn’t find his keys!!

    2. jess, shes fine, with a GREAT ASS

      and judd aint funny, hes just a mumbler…i dont ever laugh at his jokes as i dont actually know what he is saying

  3. As much as I want Amanda gone I think this is when Helen will realize Andy is a complete rat. There is no way he doesn’t go to McRae and Amanda with this info and likely they will all calm down and just vote Candice out.


      1. I think the MVP is over.

        They didn’t prompt us to vote for the 3rd nomination for the double eviction on tonights show, and I don’t think they’d have enough time to do it between Wed’s show and the live show on Thus.

        I also think the 3rd nomination will be done after the double eviction. If you look at the numbers there will only be a few votes the next couple of weeks. So when they are outside playing for DE HOH, I think production will switch out the 3 person couch for the normal 2 person loveseat.

        1. that will be done in the wednesday show i would think at this stage – votes for 3rd nom for the second eviction on thursday

    1. Paranoia is a “tendency toward excessive suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others”. When playing Big Brother, that radar system should be on, full blast, at all times. Helen is not at all “paranoid” to suspect that Amanda and McCrae want to BACK DOOR her.. because in fact, that’s exactly what they want to do. She would be delusional if she believed anything else.

    2. Is she paranoid? (It is what they are thinking). This may be her way of rationalizing to those she thinks are close to her to move now and not later. If they are loyal to her they should rally for her. If not, she has a reason for heading this way, because it is plausible since it is true.

    3. clever work from jess

      it not only gives helen more of a reason to go after amanda

      but it also puts more of a target on helen rather than herself as andy will eventually spills the beans of helens paranoia

      and ends up getting both andy and helen questioning amanda and mccraes loyalties

      jess is slyly causing a bit of chaos and getting people thinking about going after bigger targets rather than the same small target scenarios

      and i like how helen said to andy, “:of course she(amanda) didnt.” – will andy start to question amanda…is helen onto andy being the rat?

  4. Oh Helen, you missed the shot last week and now Andy is going to tell Amanda. If you’re lucky he won’t rat before the veto nomination, so Amanda won’t be able to “convince” GM to put you up a replacement nominee and evict you…but you just went on the clock.

    1. I totally agree with you on so many levels. I want to see this attempted blindside exposed, I want to see war between Helen and Amanda.

      I would also love to see more game play talk on this site, and less personal attacks on the house guests.

  5. I know how much you all want Amanda gone, but can we PLEASE let this plan
    be exposed just so we can all see the house go to war?
    I want to see Helen catch some shit for once, someone is going to *F* up this

    At this point I don’t even care if you all get your wish and Amanda goes, at least
    then we can watch McCrae go apeshit and go after Helen (and Jessie, sorry, she
    just annoys me, needy little girl).
    As an added bonus, maybe this forum can go back to some game talk, and
    not who can win the crucify Amanda contest!

    1. I agree I cannot stand Amanda, but don’t like Helen either so please, please, please let this plot explode and let Amanda find out because it will be EPIC FUNNY to watch, and this season has been so boring. PLEASE LET AMANDA FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. dude jess is the nicest most genuine person there

      and if not for her risking her own game the last 2 weeks, there wouldnt even be potential for any shakeup in the game

      jess(with elissa on board) has made helen see the light…now can she make judd see the light…if she can, then andys ratting wont matter, as they will have 4 votes

  6. FINALLY! OMG please don’t bring my hopes up if you will end up keeping amanda in the end. GO Helen, please, get her out!

    Votes for Candice: McGrae, Andy, Aaryn
    Votes for Amanda: Helen, Jessie, Elissa

    Helen has enough information with her to be able to persuade Judd… She knows Amanda and McGrae’s plans and once she starts spinning, I think Aaryn will eventually confirm the story. So they wouldn’t even need GM to vote for it.

    1. Helen, or Jessie needs to tell Judd they don’t trust him. Or GM can let it slip during one of her “yor ok bro.” talks.

  7. I watched the bar-b-que — Helen talked… and talked… and talked… primarily about herself.
    She is both: patronizing and a brown-noser.
    Would love it though, if Helen got Amanda out… But watch, Andy will settle things down and Candace will go home.

  8. I hope all the Amanda hating cry babies are happy this season will be completely unwatchable after Thurs. Congrats jackasses like Name and the rest of you tools.

    1. You means the thrills I get watching Mcranda suck face, her strutting her fat ass and phony boobs and hearing her foul paranoid mouth go off would be gone?

      1. Gonna miss that big orange carrot top wannabe… her loud mouth in the DR, her constant attacks against any unknown, or known, enemies, her prone positions on any surface that will support her, her filthy lies and mischaracterizations,gonna miss the flabby ass in flesh colored bathing suits, her stolen wardrobe from an unknown nursing home in Florida, her turning her boyfriends face and body orange…yeah, we’ll miss her!

    2. Okterrific21 you do realize there are several posters that dont put in a username so it defaults to ‘Name’?

      amanda should have been removed from the game by now for her disgustingness…cannot wait to see her evicted

      for me no player deserves to be on tv with a chance to win 500k after talking about killing and raping other house guests, and being heavily racist and homophobic, as well as a bully, plus making fun of autism

    1. To be honest, they showed it pretty much as is (I watched it live).
      They actually left out a lot more of Jessie whinging, refusing to accept that a BBQ is not a big deal.
      (Amanda DID try to get her to chill about it).

      They have not showed the continutation in the backyard later on though, probably a lot of that
      will be cut due to language.

      1. They definitely edited to make it look like amanda was defending herself and calling jessie out for trying to vote her out and left out all the personal stuff she said about jessie being a slu t and trying to get with every dude

        1. EXACTLY

          Guess they’re not done protecting her image, but this was expected, they’ll never tarnish a showmances image while they’re still a showmance, but if McCrae and Amanda break up in the house, watch Amanda’s true colors be blasted all over the main shows.

        2. so again the editing heavily favoring amanda, and distorting the truth

          unacceptable cbs

          jess defended herself and won that fight and told amanda the truth…amanda was a psychotic mean spirited lunatic bully…sounded like she should be in a mental institution

          ive got even more respect for jess now

    2. Amanda did not look innocent
      and came across as snippy
      and strident even with the edit.
      i hope she goes via the D.O on
      Thursday. Helen may wise up!
      They need to bell the cat so bad…

      1. Don’t like Amanda but my husband and I did crack up laughing when Amanda called Jessie out on that couch. Amanda although I cannot stand her; she has laughable moments.

        1. Jessie calling her out on walking around in her underwear during the fight was the best~! Amanda is a low down dirty shame in this game and I love that McCrae was trying to school her on the game in the bathroom afterwards. He had some good points to make but The Carrot wasn’t listening.

    3. I’m on the left coast so haven’t seen it yet, but I bed you are 100% right. Again….Production MUST keep her in there, at any and all cost….for WTFever reason.

    4. They made Amanda look reasonable, and Jessie like a spoil brat.

      Jessie better open her mouth and let Helen and everyone else know that Andy is not to be trusted. There is a rat in the house and it has red hair!!!

  9. Gosh I hope Helen & the rest of the sheep will see that Amanda needs to go this week she is a menace. They need to put their personal feeling aside and start playing for the money not just “to make it to jury”.

  10. I love how Helen is now buddy buddy with Jessie and Helen was so mad because she was flipping. Jessie is feeding Helen a line again. This is going to be fun to watch when Andy let’s everything out and Helen, Elissa and Jessie (for the second week in a roll) are caught.

    1. I HOPE ANDY TELLS AMANDA. Heck BB just got interesting and I may just buy the feeds just to see the eruption. I was laughing so hard at tonight’s episode. It was FUNNY!!! That is classic Big Brother!

    2. Andy will remain loyal to Amanda and McCrae. I will be shocked if Amanda is voted out during the first eviction on Thursday, but if she does not win hoh, she could very well go out during the second one.

      If Amanda is voted out, I see Helen being voted out soon as well.

  11. I want a BLOW UP between the Superfriends fuck all these “they all feel perfectly safe” shit.

    Doesn’t necessarily mean she should go, but Superfriends need to IMPLODE a lil before they’re all that is left, we need entertainment, we need drama….

  12. I think BB Fans, we are being heard!!!! Someone is waking up back there in production!!! GET AMANDA OUT!!!! SAVE CANDICE!!! THEN GET AARYN OUT ON DOUBLE EVICTION!!!

    Taking out the bully and the racist out of the game will make BB a more pleasant game to watch, b/c right now, its digusting!

  13. This would be avoid time to get out both Amanda and Helen as far the other players go. It would be interesting to see how alliances shift after that.

  14. I am watching a clip of the fight between Jessie and Amanda. Poor McRae, playing the role of husband caught in the middle.

  15. Omg they edited the CRAP out if the Amand/Jessie fight- made Amanda look like an angel. I’m completely convinced production/CBS has Amanda’s back in this game.

  16. On the CBS edit. After GM wins the HOH Helen comes over to give her a hug and yells, WE WON!!!

    That tells you everything you need to know about Helen


  18. Just maybe someone in Production wants to pay Amanda back a little, and decided a nice, deep orange spray tan would be the poetic justice she needs to see how it feels to be in a different skin color, if only for a little while. Too bad she can’t be evicted now, so she’ll have to go out into the real world with orange skin and see how people react to her and what they might say. Reminds me of the 1961 John Howard Griffen book, “Black Like Me”. A true story of a white man who darkened his skin, travelled around America to experience what discrimination felt like, based on his skin color. Amanda needs a wake up call on so many levels.

  19. Did Jessie tell this to Helen or production? I hope she don’t listen to Andy and send Amanda packing. Hopefully, this is not the beer talking.

  20. Ginamarie that was a pretty stupid speech when you consider that at least one of those people is going to be left in the house and they are going to be coming after you now.

    1. Now one of youse is a flipfloppa ,de otha one’s a rat. Now poisonally I think a flipfloppa is woise dan a rat. but I’ll let youse all draa your own contusions bout dat.

      1. Yeah, well, GM, you ain’t needed to be no flipfloppah ’cause youse been dragged along with those mofos a’ youse. Me? I was down with Helerator, who dumped me to side wit youse all, and then Judd did the same damn ting! No good louse is what I sez. So don’t you be callin’ me no flipfloppah, I’m playin’ this here game! True dat!

  21. After tonight’s episode….Jessie has officially become my favorite player/the player who I’m rooting for this season. She may not be the loudest in a room (Amanda) or have the “strongest” voice (Amanda) but she will speak her mind when need be, she is definitely playing the game right now. GET EM JESSIE!

    1. i have been rooting for Jess since day 1

      and she has a good spirit, good heart, is genuine and not fake, and by far the nicest person there

      she stood up to the mean girls week 2 after being treated badly and left them…now she is standing up to amanda the last 2 weeks after being bullied by her most of the season, and wants her gone

      in a season full of assholes, racists and bullies, the only class in this act is jess and her soul is intact

      she gets my vote for americas favourite and the 25k for sure

  22. Amanda asking for JUDD to go up would only be awesome if Hellen would just go to Spencer about the plan to evict Amanda. They could play it off like they will vote JUDD and then vote Amanda out!

    1. wtf?

      shes only considered it after jess(and now elissa) have been pushing it for 2 weeks…spencer also wants her gone

      its jessies plan as helen has said

      1. I would absolutely lovelovelove if Amanda went home and it would be partially down to Jessie! That would be just great – “the sweet kid” kicking the bully out, love it! Although….she was whining about the BBQ, which seemed kind of petty to me, but think she was feeling insecure. Keep building that backbone honeygirl, you can do it, and don’t take any of Amanda’s poop!

        1. jess was rightly complaining about not being invited to the bbq because jess risked her gane week 2 to leave her alliance and help helen and elissa out big time

          also it was jessies idea for aaryn to go to helen to make the deal

          as jess rightly pointed out aaryn has already paid helen for keeping her as aaryn allowed helens choice of noms during aaryns hoh…so adding the bbq spot to the deal really wasnt needed

  23. Oh the irony! Now the bitch wants to force GM to put up Judd as the replacement nominee. The irony of that is that it would seal her fate seeing as Spencer would for sure vote her out with the girls whereas Judd may not. If Helen is smart, she will let it go. And the best part would be that Judd would have no blood on his hands meaning he could work with McGrae and Andy later on while Helen will likely have troubles doing it. C’mon Big Brother, get her out!!

  24. really funny that some here think that they will get out amanda this week!

    not gonna happen!! 100% not. why? because they are bad players. proven by past events.

  25. Please please please let this plan work! Amanda needs to go before jury. I actually liked her before but she has gotten annoying. She seems to be at the centre of all the drama! Thanks Helen for finally opening your eyes!

  26. Helens annoying but I would be so happy if this game got switched up, but no one ever falls through cause they gave thier backbones to Amanda

  27. Come the hell on Helen you tell Andy? Its like telling Amanda the butch. Helen you gotta make Andy feel guilty and tell him “let’s do this buddy, remember our final two deal? Put him on the spot get him to say yeah. If he say yeah like he’s bluffing, no worries pull him late at night with Jessie, Ell to let him know like we the four of us are about do this. Shake on it then if the rat snitches all spotlights on him. Let him know it can’t leave this room. Andy would be too damn scard to tell anybody about it because they would know it came from him. You got three chicks coming for that a**. He know he hasn’t won anything yet. He would be so scared to rat it to Gina or Amanda the butch. Then again Helen we are talking about Helen here she can’t make up her damn mind! She’s been f***less since Amanda the butch has been put up twice. Does America have to make it thrice? Frankly I feel like putting Aryan up next time if they can’t budge on Man-duh. Put my vote to use. America wants results too. Seems like Ell has her head on straight this time around about who is voting in MVP. I’m so liking her again right now.

  28. lol , Amanda just threw her boyfriend under the bus. Amanda says it makes more sense to keep her in the house over McCrae because she is a big target and he is liked by everyone.

    1. McCrae did this to himself, when he chose geeing some pussy over using his alliance’s “mental weaknesses” to win him 500k.

      Last time I checked, Half a Million dollars brings TONS of pussy, some even non-skanky.

  29. I hope Helen is able to convince the others to vote Amanda out. Its crazy to watch the same people control EVERYONE’S votes each week. Maybe this vote will separate them from working under one stupid brain.

    1. it appears jess has convinced elissa and helen but can they get the 4th vote

      if judd goes up that would be amazing, as spencer would be the 4th vote, and amanda is out of there on thursday night

  30. My dream of a double eviction of Amanda followed by McCrea might come true. I might respect Helen if this comes to pass.

    1. I reallyreally like the idea of Judd going up but man, he has GOT to be solid with that crew afterwards – especially since it’s Amanda wanting him there…AND they’ll have Candice too…and then heavens be praised: Aryan, GM and McCrae – bingobangobongo. PS: Aryan might not be happy with Judd going up, right? Plus, GM really likes him…is Amanda for sure calling for him to the replacement nom?

    1. confused because of this paragraph…just a typo?
      4:05pm Storage room Helen and Andy
      Helen saying Jessie told here Aaryn was talking about Backdooring her next week.
      Andy: ‘WHAT. NO NO.. who said that”
      Helen: ‘YES.. a couple people”
      Andy: “This is news to me.. who said it”
      Helen says JEssie told her and GM said she needs to speak with her so she’s expecting GM will bring it up.
      Helen: “My guess it was Aaryn, GM and Jessie talking”
      Andy: ‘I’m telling you I have heard nothing”
      Helen: “Of course you haven’t”
      Helen is getting paranoid thinking that Aaryn wanted her to go up as the replacement nominee.

      1. Sorry for some of the typos. Helen is messed up right now deep in her paranoia. She thinks Aaryn is trying to get her up as the replacement nominee and that Amanda is behind it.

        1. Cool, thanks Simon! Don’t apologize, no typos I notice :-) I thought Aaryn was the typo instead of Amanda…you clarified. Thanks again! Appreciate all you guys do!

  31. Why does Andy feel he has to know everything, because they don’t tell you shit doesn’t mean it not true…..Andy another one who needs to go….Jessie you all should of did this last week, but Andy is a snitch and I rather have Judd vote…..This one time I need Helen to lie to Andy so they can evict Amanda on Friday follow by Helen….

  32. There once was a girl named Helen
    Who loved to eat watermelon
    She choked on a seed
    And could not succeed
    But then she kept on eating the melons.

    There was a a girl named Amanda
    Who slipped on a peel of banana.
    More stars she espied
    As she lay on her side
    Than are found in the Star Spangled Banner.

    McCrae was a fellow meenie
    Who spilled some gin on his weenie
    Just to be couth
    He added vermouth
    Then slipped his Amanda a martini

    Aaryn was a woman who lived on a hill
    Who swallowed an exploding pill
    They found her vagina
    In North Carolina
    And her tits in a tree in Brazil

    1. “Aaryn was a woman who lived on a hill
      Who swallowed an exploding pill
      They found her vagina
      In North Carolina
      And her tits in a tree in Brazil”

      That made me LOL

  33. After Jessie’s confrontation with Amanda in the backyard, can we assume Jessie now knows Andy’s with Mcranda being he’s the one who told Amanda about Jessie thinking of flipping on Amanda? Love how Andy just turned his head and pretended he wasn’t there.

    1. I think Jess just thinks that Andy is close to MacCrae. She doesn’t seem to be making the minnie leap that he can’t be trusted. Or has she. She did not disclose to Andy that she had a conversation with Helen.

    2. Good point about Jessie not being pissed at Andy for telling Amanda about the idea to get Amanda out last week. Jessie is naive, to her own detriment. If Candice goes home, I would nominate Andy and McCrae if I were the HOH.

      I’d say Andy- you seem to be the conduit of informing people about private conversation to the SuperFriends while pretending to be my friend and a few others that have been on the block lately. It’s your turn to be in the line of fire.

      McCrae- You are also going up because you are well liked by all, which by being nominated we will find how who each in this house votes and where the true loyalties lie.

      Good luck to each of you because it is time for a real battle of loyalties.

  34. DEMANDA can’t understand why someone would vote her out… really, LOL!!!

    HELEN: “We have to get Amanda out she’s trying to backdoor me”… PARANOIA kicking in!!!


  35. Why oh why would you tell ANDY of all people?!?! You might as well have gone and told Amanda herself!!! Gah, please get her OUT this week!!!!

    1. at least if he does, maybe he’ll be outed as the big mouth snitch. Jesse should have already told Helen he did it to her. He just seems to skate by for some reason

  36. Thanks Simon !!! – this post just made my week. Even if it does not work, I hope Helen follows through so we can get into an interesting season where two sides now draw the lines on the sand. As others noted this may potentially mean Andy needs to pick a side or he could be singing his swan song.

  37. It was hilarious when Amanda told Jessie she an attention seeker and Jessie told her she’s the one outside in her underwear

  38. So the machine is why Amanda looks like an Oompa Loompa? Why wouldn’t they gave a manual spray tanner? CBS ain’t that cheap are they?

  39. so andy reported to his master amanda…and the amanda goes out this week lasted 2 hours may…

    as i predicted above. its not going to happen. these are bad players and they are not capable of doing it.

  40. This america mvp is stupid. How do yall not realize it is completely unfair for us to have anything to do with the game. While everyone may hate amanda and her terrible remarks, the fact remains that she has everyone under control and is top dog in the house. She should not be on the block in a game she is running because you crybabys dont like the way she acts. Anyone who votes for amanda to be on the block needs to take a step back and realize she is a playing a game and is kicking ass at the game whether u like how shes doing it or not. Grow up and get a life. Its like you have nothing better to do

  41. I actually thought everything Jesse said to Amanda was pretty much on target. Jesse isn’t really as stupid as many of you think. I was glad to see her stand up to Amanda. Poor Amanda looked like the stupid one with her lame defense.

    1. jess has been bullied, name called and picked on by amanda most of the season and has dealt with it quite well

      great to see amanda put in her place and knocked down a peg by jess

  42. I agree that Amanda makes Rachel Riley look tame but it makes the show interesting. I am horrified that she said Howard wants her,etc. when he never paid any attention to her and he is a gentleman so that proves Amanda has no character at all. McCrae, Judd or Spenser should have said it was a lie and she will attack anyone with lies. She is a rich girl and feels entitled and powerful but I wish Helen would have a cat fight of the century with her and then the whole house should kick Andy’s ass for not being trustworthy and telling all to McManda.

  43. It would be great to see Amanda go nuts when Andy tell her they are trying to send her home.(she thinks she so safe she’s jumping on everyone) McRae and Andy will be freaking out.Those other two bimbos will also be flipping out. (A win win win situation)poetic justice ,perfect world. We can wish can’t we. Maybe there is a god. I would just love to see her face when they say America voted you MVP.

  44. In the event that Big Brother isn’t just another version of a WWF-like fake competition TV series, and there actually is something of an actual competition taking place (albeit very manipulated by the shows director and producer’s commands), this is what I would have to say:

    Oh Helen, you clever woman, that was quite the conversation you had with Andy tonight. Does Jessie know you’re about to “F” her over again?

    IMHO, the “Jessie says Amanda is going to back-door me” conversation with Andy is just another set-up by Helen that will benefit her two ways – (a) it will confirm for her finally what she strongly suspects…that Andy is a mole, and (b) if (when) Andy rats her out to Amanda, as she suspects he will, she’ll be able to blame all her “fear” and paranoia on Jessie and PLAY THE “you know what this feels like Amanda…having Jessie go after you trying to make you look bad, blah, blah, blah, weep, weep, weep…she (Jessie) set me up and lied to me, saying that you were going to back-door me…by lying like this, she knew she’d be hurting both me and you and you know I’ve been nothing but kind to Jessie…how can she do this to me?…she’s trying to split us up cuz she knows we have a strong connection and she’s just jealous of that…she’s stabbing me in the back just like she did to you Amanda…you know I’m loyal to you and the superfriends” CARD. (Oh hell Big Brother producers, this makes for such good faux reality television doesn’t it?)

    Helen is playing the game with all the BB game skill she knows, namely manipulating and head-game playing with the fellow competitors in the house by using play-acting and lies. In real life this would be very slimy, but in the Big Brother House, it’s how strong players go far and eventually win the game or get into the bigger money!

    Helen is playing long-ball. And in terms of play-acting, she’s nearly almost always on stage. No one in that house has seen the real Helen because she never forgets that she’s a competitor in a game 24-7 while she’s in that house.

    She know she may need to eventually go after Amanda, but not until she picks off the weak competitors and can stack the jury house with people she’s staked out to benefit her in the long run. And as long as Amanda keeps “over-acting” the miserable wacko bully persona/character saying the vilest things imaginable to and about people, Helen can keep her sites off taking Amanda out even longer. Who knows, Amanda might be the best person to take to the F2. Helen knows she’ll get the votes in the end because Helen knocks off here competitors with game-play, rather than a razor blade tongue (Amanda’s method).

    1. Jeez…that all makes a lot of sense. GDGDGDGD…please let you be wrong. I mean why Amanda for the final 2? Helen could likely beat most of ’em in a final 2 showdown, she’s certainly always working as you point out.

  45. We’re saw some interesting behind the scenes dialogue taking place between The Red Queen and McCrae on Sunday’s show. McCrae actually has the brains and diplomacy to pull off a spot in the final two. The Red Queen’s tactics, however, are overbearing. Her approach is to belittle, berate and bully a person into doing her bidding. Her sense of entitlement is truly amazing to behold. Only The Red Queen can chastise a housemate for even considering the idea of voting to evict her. I think we may be getting worked up at the possibility that a coup may take place on Thursday. With Andy the Toad running interference back and forth (and can we really believe that the others haven’t noticed that he intrudes into every strategy conversation?), I think Helen will be running scared by Thursday and talk the others out of voting out The Red Queen. She’ll try to convince them the time isn’t right. Besides, if it comes down to a tie breaker, GinaMarie won’t vote out The Red Queen. She doesn’t like Candice and will vote to evict her. Helen deserves to be backdoored because she did this to herself by refusing to get The Red Queen out when she had more people who would have been willing to evict her.

  46. GM has bonded with Arryn and she is pursuaded by Aaryn (Arryn’s advised her to put who the house wants up). Since Arryn has an alliance with Amanda, McCrae n Andy, she will go along with Amanda n rally GM to backdoor Helen. Another reason GM goes along with the plan is because she finally feels like she is part of a strong alliance. The sure votes they have are Arryn, McCrae, Andy and maybe Judd. I really hope Helen can convice GM to get on her side and put up McCrae. Then, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, and Spencer vote out amanda. Just depends on how things go down this week.

  47. As much as I wanted the girls to take over the house in the beginning because we usually do not see girls go far in this game (only occasionally), I am so annoyed with their catty, full of drama game play. They are playing with their emotions on their sleeves rather than playing the game strategically. At this point, the nominations are predictable each week, which makes it really boring to watch. We have never seen a season be so predictable! Usually there are some kind of twists and turns! I am totally annoyed with this seasons cast. I hope CBS reads this feed so they can make better choices for the next season.

  48. When helen said about amanda “no ufcourse she didnt”. that tells me that she already knew how manipulitive she is, so why has she let her go this far. I do think that jessie and candice are the only ones who stand up for themselves against amanda. even though mcrae is starting to realize amanda is messing up his game i think hes to whipped to do anything about it. I wonder what mcrae,s family thinks of amanda now as compared to the last time we heard from them.

  49. Omg this is the worse season of big brother a bunch of ass kissers who’s can’t think for themselves howard should not have gone home aaryn & helen & andy the biggest floater need to go.

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