Helen says this isn’t the week to strike! If Jessie wants Amanda out she needs to win HOH!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds come back – Jessie and Spencer are on the backyard talking about his weight. He is embarrassed about his weight. Jessie says that even though he might not be happy she feels like it is a healthy weight for him. Spencer says those are kind words. They head inside. In the living room – Spencer sits on the backyard couch. Elissa and Spencer are joking around. Elissa says that Andy hates Spencer because he had the biggest showmance of the season with Howard. He says yeah that’s true. Elissa says you and Howard got shown who’s boss and it ain’t you. Spencer says yeah that’s true.

9:35am – 9:40am In the bathroom – Jessie tells Judd that it will be so hard to get Amanda out if we don’t do it now. She lies and manipulates. Jessie tells Judd to not talk to Helen directly, talk to me. At least until it gets closer. Judd asks have you heard that I might go up? Jessie says no. Jessie says they are solid so if you become solid we can do this. Jessie says if not I am going home next week. She told Candice after that fight the other night that the best possible thing just happened for her, that Jessie is her new target. Jessie asks you want to lose $500,000 to a Boca Raton real estate agent? Judd says no.
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9:45am Gina calls Spencer up to the HOH room to talk. Spencer comes up and Gina says basically I need you help. Spencer says I think Andy would be a perfect choice. Gina says I have 3 choices of who I might put up. If you do go up please know that you weren’t my first choice but come up and talk to me afterwards. Gina says Candice is 100% going home and if she doesn’t I am going to run through this house like a bull dozer. People have seen the nice Ginamarie, they don’t want to see the b*tch Ginamarie. I will also talk to the other 2 people and let them know as well. Please know that if you do go up you are not the target and for that person to just sit there and be pretty. She asks him to call Judd up here next. Spencer asks Gina to just say nice things if she does put him up. Gina says she has nice things to say about whoever goes up because I want people to know that person isn’t the target. It’s not like putting up Candice and calling her a tw*t. Spencer says if you do put my up I will probably say something funny like I am coming after you! Just to be funny.

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9:50am Judd comes up next and Gina tells him that the reason she called him up here is because I am putting up Spencer but I didn’t want it to look like I just talked to him. Gina says I am putting up Spencer. Judd laughs and says hahaha you’re a sneaky one! Judd calls Andy in next. Gina explains the reason why she wanted to talk to him and she tells him the same thing that she told Judd. Andy says oh okay I will play it up to Spencer and tell him that you told me that I might go up. Gina says yeah you could do that. Gina says obviously make the word around that if Spencer goes up obviously he is not the target. Gina says I hope Spencer isn’t mad because even Aaryn put him up and he was even if Spencer does put me up next week I hope he
9:55am Out in the backyard – Judd tells Andy that he was scared. Weren’t you, I was freaked out. Andy says that he was just sitting at the chess table and she said I want to talk to you next.. Andy heads inside and talks to Helen in the lounge room. Helen says not this week, this isn’t the week to strike. (Helen doesn’t want to take out Amanda this week.) Helen says if Jessie wants Amanda out, then she should win HOH. Helen says that she finds it funny that Jessie is telling her and Judd that we can’t talk. Why can’t I talk to him. I am going to go find him and talk to him.


10am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the Veto Ceremony..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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97 thoughts on “Helen says this isn’t the week to strike! If Jessie wants Amanda out she needs to win HOH!

  1. Big Brother finale. Amanda is awarded $500,000 for winning BB15 over McCrae.

    Jessie: We need to get Amanda out.
    Helen: It’s way too early.

    1. Helen needs to wait and then give Amanda the cheque. Seriously, If Amanda doesn’t go home this week hopefully Judd wins and put up Helen for eviction. Now her face out the door will definitely be a satisfying one after her stupidity. I actually thought that Elissa would be her downfall but it is actually her blind trust with Andy who had been ratting her out in a heartbeat.

    2. This season of Big Brother will become historic for being the most monumentally boring and predictable season. It will also be known as (another) season when NONE of the finalists are deserving of the money. It appears the contestants walked into the house and left their IQ’s in the doorway. No one seems to have any fight in them; no one seems willing to do more than contemplate making a game-changing move. They certainly don’t act on it. And if they do, it’s usually too late for them. More often than not, if they consider getting out “She Who Believes She’s Entitled”, it’s quickly brushed away with “Well, next week would be better.” Say what you want about Elissa, at least she’s starting to show gamesmanship and to think for herself, albiet probably too late for her as well. She’ll be tarred and feathered along with her “friend”, Helen, for being a part of the insurrection. If Elissa manages to make it past the next few weeks, I hope she teams up with Jessie to do as much damage as they possibly can to evict members of the Goof Troop. I would think the two of them are capable of at least getting Andy evicted.

      I can’t wait to hear the conversation Julie Chen has with Helen when Helen gets backdoored out of the house. “How could you have been so trusting of Amanda? Why didn’t you make a pre-emptive move when you had the opportunit(ies)?” We’ll hear Helen say, “But I thought they were my friends and in my alliance.” Well, boo hoo.

  2. WHAT THE HECK. these people are so freakin scared. i’m sorry, jessie, you’re playing with a bunch of people that would rather make it to jury then win 500K.

  3. Run Jessie run! Run Jessie Run, but away from Candice!

    Just as soon as there is hope and you start to pull for Candice again, she opens her mouth and reminds you of how bad she is as a player. Jessie wonders who keeps putting Amanda up and Candice says its “McCrae”. Candice that makes no possible sense. Thankfully, Jessie told you that didn’t make any sense as well. Candice is at it again, takes a piece of information then jumps to an incorrect conclusion. Jessie please don’t let Candice in on strategy talks, she will lead you to a dead end.

    Stop thinking Candice…stop please. Candice is wondering who Gina is going to put up as a replacement and thinks its going to be Spencer or Aaryn. So Gina might put up her best friend Aaryn as a replacement nominee? How does that make sense Candice? Lets think about this Candice. If you had won HOH, you might have put up Howard? Then Candice demands an explanation how Spencer is allowed to stay and not her. Ah! Ok, Candice I will tell you why. Spencer has been laying low. Spencer is trying a social game with everyone. I find it quite odd that Spencer is being held like a pariah for lying while these very same sanctimonious people are doing the same thing. However, here we go again, Candice is fixated on Spencer. If it was up to Candice, she would vote out Spencer before Amanda. Ah! Jessie, I think Gina might be doing you a favor voting out Candice. Candice is a scatterbrain. That comment might seem harsh, but she constantly demonstrates she can’t reason out tidbits of information or concentrate on game play and she makes decisions based on personal feelings and desire for revenge. Really Candice, you want Spencer out….the most loyal guy to Howard, he still defends Howard and has no power in the house. Candice’s next move will be to talk to Andy and tell him the plan.

    Jessie, you don’t have the votes to save Candice and that’s not a bad thing. Your alliance of Helen, Elissa and yourself are going to need to win back to back HOHs. If that doesn’t happen, game is over. It was going to come down to HOH comps whether Candice stays or not. Its win or go home time.

    1. Helen you say Jessie has to win HOH if she wants Amanda out. Be careful what you wish for. I think if Jessie wins, Amanda and Gina go up, at that point it becomes very unclear who will the MVP nominee be. I think it would be a close call between Helen or Aaryn, with a slight edge to Helen. Helen you might be on the block with Amanda under this scenario.

    2. I think Candace should just go home and watch the rest of it play out and decompress. That’s not a put down either. The very fact that she waited to jump off when Spencer jumped off at the last HOH comp when she just came off the block and Gina Marie is best friends with Aaryn shows her head isn’t completely in the game.

      1. I am totally agree with you there. Candice had to of known that she needed HOH to stay in the game. However, right after the eviction vote, she got hammered by Amanda, followed by Aaryn, and even Elissa who was trying to console her. Elissa said Howard was bad for your game and was using her. Ah Elissa, I don’t think that was the right time for that statement. Then after all those attacks, its time to go play the HOH comp. Yep, her heart and soul was not into that comp. She took the money and was resigned to go home. That’s why the erratic behavior then the sudden realization she wanted to stay in the game. She realized that Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and Gina were still in the game and she was leaving. Its going to be ugly on Thursday. Can you imagine Gina and Aaryn’s goodbye videos to Candice. Oh man! I expect its going to be so mean….they can’t contain themselves. It will be Gina and Aaryn’s last chance to get another dig at Candice.

    1. I know that people do not like Aaryn, but I am sorry Gina Marie is the nastiest foul mouth racist bigot on this show next to Amanda. She is just a really hateful person. I mean seriously why does GM hate on Candice so much, and her hate of Candice started the first day. I know that Aaryn and Candice crap started because Spencer lied about the hat because at the Pageant on the first night her and Candice seemed to like each other, but wow Gina Marie is really cruel and nasty and so foul mouthed. WHY????

      1. Because Candace was a successful pageant winner and GM could only hope to be that. If you are 30 years old and still holding on to a crown, there is something seriously wrong with you! It is pure jealousy, Candace can be a tad bit difficult, but certainly does not deserve the abuse she gets from these people, same with Jessie. This cast needs to get in anger managment and therapy, they are so screwed in the head!

      2. It is what it is! For a few dollars these contestants think they are giving us entertainment. Gina actually thinks America likes her behavior and goes over the top with her comments. Each time she wants to say something negative about Candice, she tries to make it more outlandish then her last comment. That’s why I hope Candice just ignore Gina. In order for Candice to respond, she is going to have to get in the gutter with Gina. I don’t want to see that. But I think its going to come to a head soon. Gina seems like she wants to escalate this further beyond words. It will only take one cross eye from Candice in Gina direction or comment and I think it will get physical.

        CBS allowed the hate to continue and has no problem with it. Gina, jumped in Candice’s face after the bed throwing incident. Gina hates Candice so much that her leaving is not enough. Gina will get up in Candice’s face again before she leaves. However, there is no Howard to remove Candice this time. I am not advocating violence, I am advocating self-defense. Candice my advice, if Gina puts her hands on you, all bets are off. Grab the first thing you can get in your hands and swing away. Let the courts settle this issue with CBS as a plaintiff. Put CBS CEO, Les Moonves on the stand to explain what actions they took for player safety. So Mr Moonves, when Gina said she wanted to smash in Candice’s face…you thought that was a joke? When the virgin Amanda said Howard wanted to put his p###s in her mouth to Candice, that was game play again?

        1. I agree and that is what I mean. I read the comments that they made and WOW GM is just awful and spews such horrible comments at Candice and do not understand why. I mean I re read the comments Aaryn made and yes are they uncalled for and infantile comments yes, but sorry they are NOTHING compared to what GM says about her. Just hate that because Spencer made up the lie that Aaryn and Candice cannot see it for what it was and work it out. I understand being from South, and yes I am from the South and we do make a lot of dumb inane comments which are stupid, Aaryn makes those ignorant comments. That is something that stupid ignorant college kids with a teenage mentality would come up with but do not see them although wrong and not in anyway condoning them do not rise to make someone a Racist so I can see how she does not see that they are just wrong. I do not think the intent was there; she was just being Stupid and pageant/sorority girl mean. Much like my teenage daughter and her friends do when they are mad at one another, BUT WOW Gina Marie has so much hate for Candice and WHY? Don’t like Gina Marie and do not want Candice to lower herself to do something like that. If she does go out, I want her to go with dignity and grace not lower herself to the gutter like Gina Marie.

    2. Helen is backstabber, evil, liar this is the future for America she can’t even stand up and play hard ball hide around and wants to play Fucking Barney all day let be friends.

  4. Helen is so freaking stupid! I can’t wait to see her ass get evicted so I can laugh. How do Elissa see how shady Andy rat ass is, but Helen don’t? She is going to feel really stupid when rat boy help to evict her.

  5. Unbelievable! This is, by far, the most cowardly group of people ever assembled in the Big Brother house…NO ONE has the guts to make any bold moves!!! Helen is going to regret backing down on the chance to evict Amanda this week; it’s probably going to cost her the game. What are these people afraid of? In boxing, the saying is that “it’s better to go down swinging.” These people are not playing to win…they are playing to not lose. And that never works over the long haul. Where are Dr. Will Kirby, Evel Dick, and Dan Gheesling when you need them?

      1. Yeah right, he would be the first to ally with her. He could use someone with her manipulative skills. She could make a lost man in the desert vote out a cup of water.

  6. I’m so disappointed, everyone wants to third wheel this showmance, yea, right. I hope you all lose. If Amanda stays this week, I want her to take them all out, then lose to whoever she is against in the F2.

  7. When Helen and Judd hear the words “Double Eviction” out of Julie Chen’s lips on Thursday, they will regret not getting Amanda out this week. This will be their downfall. After next Thursday, they will no longer have the numbers and they will be near the bottom of the totem pole.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I used to think that Helen was a brave player, but her statement that if Jessie wants Amanda out, she has to win HOH and put her up just exposes that Helen doesn’t have the guts and courage it takes to be a bold player. I am really disappointed with this season…why are these people so afraid of a person (Amanda) who has not yet won a single competition. Amanda sure has some mind control abilities…the rest of the house, except Candice, succumb to her as if she was a cult leader.

    1. even if she doesnt win im so proud of jess, ive been rooting for her since day 1

      i hope she gets americas favourite and wins the money

      team jess

  8. Helen is a moron, Judd does not get it… Here is the chance to
    Actually PLAY THE GAME of Big Brother.
    Why can’t they be a part of Expect the Unexpected?
    Helen claims to be a big fan of BB and she should realize she is
    ruining the game for her and us!!!!!!

  9. Double eviction Helen!
    I think we are going to see Helen and elisa up soon
    With one of them leaving Thursday. :/
    Everybody is working for Amanda! All she does is talk bad, fight
    Why people love the COUPLE so much? I’m clueless.

    1. That’s why I truly fel 3rd nomination should be Andy or Helen. They have a lot of infor from both sides. They will
      Pill their guts o make Jury. They ned the money. The 3 powers or Amanda Helen and Andy. We have tried to put Amanda up 2 times. It’s not moving
      The other players they or frozen in fear.

      Helen next week next week. Please you guys put Helen up. Thy hose of cards will Fall. The fear is one from Jessie, and Lissa. Spencer but frozen in fear Judd but frozen in fear. Helen is smart in many ways but she feels secure ht she wants to make Jury. You put Helen up it ill shake he foundation ht
      House. My Votes 50 0n Helen. I feel like I’m in the house, I have to break away? Lol

  10. With Helen, its always next week, next week, next week. I wonder if she will be saying the same thing take out Amanda next week when she is being escorted out the door after being evicted.

  11. YO Imma be straight up right now — I hope Amanda gets evicted by a 7-0 vote.

    She is the absolute full blown racist and the things she says is truly cruel and vile. Just look her compilations of racist remarks on YouTube.

    Its not only she is a gross human being to her very core, the CBS BB producer, Allison Gromer I think, apparently handpicked Amanda to win because they have been friends for years.

    I mean we know BB is rigged and it is no surprise but a predetermined winner that is a full blown racist does not fly with me.

    Just look up Amanda Zuckerman and everything I am saying will be found (plus she got fired from her family real estate firm — LOL)

    F*** YOU B****

    1. I agree with all you said, but she cannot get fired she owns part of the business! She should but you cannot get fired if you own it.

    2. Pretty easy to agree with almost everything. But seriously they fired her. I find that very hard to believe mommy fired Amanda. I would love to see it mind you.

  12. I have seen every single season of big brother and I am a die hard fan, and don’t get me wrong they’re have been times I have considered not to continue watching because of the boring characters and lack of excitement in the house past seasons (Example,no big moves, great twists, and ruthless characters) but something always shakes up the game and gets me interested once again. Newbies vs vet alliance in BB13 had me yawning because of the lack of numbers and backbone on the newbie side, but Shelly surprised us all with her bold move against the king of vets (Jeff) which got intrigued once again. That being said, I have never seen a cast as spineless, dumb, and so easily influenced as the BB15 cast. It makes me sick every time I come on this board because I come to see if there is any hope left, and these idiots always disappoint me. Who wants to watch a complete racist, insecure, bitch, boss everyone around the house while everyone is too pussy to make a move when the chance is thrown in their faces for the second week in a row. The edit Amanda is getting makes me sick every episode. So Jess, please win HOH this thursday and shake up the fucking season a little bit or I will never forgive CBS for this horrible season. And as Boogie would say, “Somebody get these fools a blindfold, because THEY ARE IN THE DARK”

  13. and here you have it folks. This is the time to start making game changing moves and no one will except for the players everyone else in the house calls floaters.Seriously? It’s like whoever is the HOH is the liferaft and Helen is sitting on the edge of the raft trying to stay on without tipping it over. Elissa & Jessie, while targeting Amanda may be a great idea and game move, should 86 Helen. Helen will be their ruination… the only times I’ve ever seen someone do the whole “it’s not time” schtick when defending why they shouldn’t go after someone, is because they have a secret alliance with that person. This will be two weeks in a row that Helen has staved them off of Amanda… actions speak louder than words. Win HOH and put the trio up McManda & Helen.

  14. Although I really dislike the mean girls (Aa, GM, AM) I am starting to dislike Helen almost as much as them.

    She walks around like she is the boss of something…

    She is suppose to be a huge BB fan and she is playing the game worst than someone who never saw one episode of that show before.

    All I see is a grown up woman who jumps around like a possessed woman when she wins something (the BBQ party) or one of her minions or soon-to-be superfriend win something (when GM won her HOH).

    Her job in real life is to “strategize” (lobbyist) and frankly if that’s they way she “strategizes” on a daily basis it is sad…

  15. As much as I’d love to see Amanda voted out, it would be way more fun seeing her reaction to McCrae going home. She’d be floundering and raging all over that house. Man that would be sweet!

  16. I would think that if Aaryn and GM hate Candice so much and feel that she is the reason people in the house (and America) thought they were racist, that they would keep her in the house to keep her from doing interviews outside of the house which could only damage their images even more. They have to know that the racism stuff will come up in Candice’s interviews. Candice could really vilify them even more if she was outside of the house, but keeping her helps them turn around some of the negative feedback they are going to receive once out of the house.

    Is it possible that BB pumps some kind of mind numbing gas through the vents in the house? I just can’t understand these people’s thought processes.

    Anyway, thanks Simon & Dawg for all you do on this site :). I just found it this season and now I will always come back here for updates each year.

    1. But that is what CBS wants to do, if they didn’t they would of told Aaryn and Candice both that Spencer set up the lie about the hat to get them going after one another and on Thursday if Candice does get booted out they will play down or not mention Amanda being the racist pig she is and just go after Aaryn and Candice with neither being the wiser that it was amplified by CBS’s manipulation for ratings. Makes me sick when CBS and BB could of at least told the two of them the truth about Spencer lying but just shows you CBS and BB will go as low as they can for ratings. Does not matter who they hurt in the long run!

  17. Bunch of idiots, if Amanda / Pizza Boy wins this good for them. If these idiots want to play win that money they would evict Amanda they are bunch of fools who don’t know how to play the game. Amanda I don’t care for you however, if you win so be it.

  18. Well if this is not the week to get Amanda out according to Helen, I almost want to see Helen get sent packing during the double eviction. That would be funny to me. Everything has to be her idea or her way. Seeing how power so easily goes to her head, its almost like she just can’t take someone else telling her to do something or someone else having an idea of what to do. Its still a long ways away till Thursday. I can’t wait till Amanda has another blow up on someone, probably Jessie unfortunately. She’s a ticking time bomb who can’t control her emotions. Its funny to me then when she gets mad at McCrae for giving her advice on not to let her temper flare up and go off on people. She’s very classless.

  19. Ah heck this is frustrating. Maybe if I pull for Amanda it will be less annoying to watch… Do these guys know what this show is all about. Some CBS exec is watching the feeds and shaking their head right now…

  20. I love that Amanda alliance is that solid! I really hate Helen so I’m kinda glad that the good troop is sticking together! And It’s a double eviction so who ever said this show is predictable, everything can change on Thursday.

  21. Helen: We get out Amanda for sure next week. 100%

    Julie: Helen, you’ve just been evicted.

    Helen: OK OK OK OK OK


  23. I tell you that I have so much more respect for Jessie. She didn’t back down from Amanda, and still tries to get these ignorant clueless house guests a hint to get her out this week. This is so frustrating to the point I almost don’t care to watch just because of the predictability. If they don’t vote out Amanda, I seriously hope that Helen goes home in the double eviction Thursday for her ignorance. This is almost exhausting to watch?

  24. thats it. i am done with this season.helen is either the stupidest player in bb history or this game is rigged in advance for amanda to win at any cost.

  25. Heres what I think will happen at the Finale FOR SURE!
    Julie will ask the jury members to cast their vote
    Helen will say: Julie, I thinks it’s too early to cast our vote, lets do it next week
    Andy enters!

  26. In her exit interview last year Britney said “You could have put a ketchup bottle up against Dan, and we would have voted for the ketchup bottle.” Dan was not disliked, it was his game that was disliked. For all of you that are concerned about Amanda winning 500k, don’t lose any more sleep. They could put the corpse of Osama Bin Laden up against Amanda, and the corpse would win. Unfortunately she could win 50K, but karma is waiting for her outside the Big Brother house.

    1. but unfortunately if mcccrae wins or if they both get to final two then she gets half

      i dont want either of those two to make the final

  27. I think Helen should go up for MVP if she doesn’t go this week!! She is a stupid player and I feel she should regrets all the “next week”!

  28. this is exactly why I said earlier that I did not want to get excited. This is probably going to be the longest week ever. I’m done with this shit.

    So now Candice is going to get taken out by the racist sisters, and you know what I would LOVE TO SEE??? Amanda wins HOH, AND PUTS UP HELEN. and then Andy gets caught straddling the fence and has to pick sides, and then HELEN GOES HOME!!!

    If I have to watch two racists and a bully survive another week, this scenario would do me justice.

  29. This season has been the worst played yet. So annoying that Amanda is still there. I can’t stand Jessie but she is the only one making deals. Andy’s only threat is his mouth they know he will not win hoh, or anything. Ugh its so frustrating to watch when the sheep keep being so predictable. Why even watch on Thursday you all know who is going home. Just boring we need a real twist. This 3rd nomine isn’t working out. cause the sheep wont change.

  30. I hope Helen is the second one evicted in the double eviction. Helen had the numbers for two consecutive weeks and this idiot doesn’t want to strike. this should raise red flags to Elissa and Jessie that Helen has an end game deal with Amanda & MC and not them. where is Helen gonna get the votes to win the game if she keeps Amanda and MC in the game?

  31. the problem is they chose to talk about this 5 days before the voting out. they should played it cool and then talked about doing the get rid of the day of – a lot less drama….i suppose productions hands were in that…if jessie happens to win HOH – I suggest she put up both amanda and MC – i am sure they will keep MC.

    1. if i were jess i would put up amanda and andy

      aaryn would be 3rd nom

      then if veto used…mccrae goes up

      this way mccrae may not be able to play in veto to save amanda and the veto the players would be jess, andy, amanda, aaryn, and 2 others(hopefully elissa and spencer or elissa and helen)

  32. WOW 3 people fired from their jobs dude to their comments on the show? Is that a record?

    Spencer is still on thin ice, no telling when/if he’ll be fired.

  33. I wish people would play this f***ing game already!!!

    Spencer should have played some hardball with GM. Don’t accept going up. Tell her that by putting him up, a solid, unflappable anti-Candice vote, when Candice’s friends and potential votes to save her, will sit safely, he knows full well that he is expendable to her and she’s trying to make nice with Candice’s allies, but it could backfire. Tell her he will not hold any grudges, but it makes zero sense to put Candice’s biggest enemy against her, as it will give all the other people in the house who would like Candice to stay an easy target to work to shift the votes against. Tell her he has ZERO friends in the house and putting him up against Candice takes the chances of her going home from 100% down to 50/50, despite what assurances she’s received. These same people promised Nick’s safety. So if she puts him up, then he has to assume she’s fine with either him or Candice leaving and she should know that too…a nice threat without a threat.

    Spencer already thinks Helen and Elissa want him out, so make a mini-stand against them, without being confrontational. It shows the people whose trust you want to gain (Amanda and McCrea) that you need their protection, which means they can use you, and you get to be a solid vote for Amanda to show your loyalty. It makes sense for Jessie, Elissa, and Helen to want Amanda out, but after last week, it makes no sense for Spencer. With no allies, Spencer needs bigger targets in the game and needs to prove useful to those targets beyond a willingness to be a pawn.

  34. So much for the season of no floaters, MVPs, & expect the unexpected. LOL. BB, CBS, and the HGs have truly let the fans of the show down. Boring Racist filled season.

  35. Okay I know I am going to get beaten up for this but just going to put it out there. Went on Facebook to the America Loues Rachel and Jordan or Jordan and Rachel page and someone has put up a post of the things that the HG’s said and here goes WOW Aarryn’s are the least offensie of them all and the one comment is in direct response to something GM said. Wow! The things that GM and Kaitlin said were horrible. Aaryn has not said the N word whereas K and GM both did. I know that her and Candice issues are part of the problem but I directly put that on Spencer as he was the one that caused that. Only thing is they did not put any of the awful things that Amanda has said up there which surprised me. Thoughts and please do not beat me up just find if interesting whereas Aaryn is getting all of the blame and Chen blames her but wow go read it because it is eye opening or at least it was for me.

    1. Aaryn is taking things personal like the hat incidence but agree that the bs she has said is more PC incorrect or what she has heard others around her say like in college and at home and probably just from being from the Deep South, but sorry but use of the N word is unacceptable and cannot stand GM and Kaitlin and can understand that they are probably extremely racist which surprises me about GM and being from the most racially acceptable city in the United States. The others about the asian eyes when drunk and about dark outside are just stupid and ignorance but to stigmatize it as racist No just ignorant.

  36. I don’t even want to watch Big Brother 15 anymore. This season is terrible. If you stand up to Amanda/McCrae you get evicted.

    The only people that will actually do something productive are Candice/Elissa/Jessie/Spencer.

    Helen there will be no next week for you if you don’t get Amanda out.

    If you say anything bad about Amanda/McCrae it gets back to them and you get voted out.

    I hope they feel accomplished by getting out Candice over Amanda.

  37. “People have seen the nice Ginamarie, they don’t want to see the b*tch Ginamarie.”

    Nice/Bitch? We’ve been seeing the “hoodrat” GM this whole time, the fuck is she talking about?

    If the sheep do grow a braincell and do what’s right for their own game, GM won’t do anything different than she’s already done.

    I suppose in the real world the “hoodrat” in GM would come to scraping, but she’s not going o risk her stipend for some BS.

    She as well as Aaryn last week were playing personal, not trying to make deals to make a bid for the 500k.

  38. I’m starting to hate Helen now what’s wrong with her is she afraid of Amanda and Mcrae. If she doesn’t get Amanda out this week she’s going to regret watch. And yeah ANDY IS THE BIGGEST WEASEL, RAT EVER WORST THE RONNIE FROM SEASON 11

  39. I just thought a what-if scenario where Amanda and Aaryn were the final two…and starting crying at work. The horror.

  40. I just thought a what-if scenario where Amanda and Aaryn were the final two…and starting crying at work. The horror.

  41. Hopefully Jessie,Spencer or Elissa wins HOH, I think Helen would do another one of her delusional “this isn’t the week to go after Amanda” sheep moves.


  42. I don’t take Amanda’s game seriously because everyone is so dumb, no if they were actually trying to play for the 500k, and she did what she had to do to divert their attention, then I would give her mad props, but it’s just hasn’t been that way, these people are fucking stupid.

    It’s pretty easy to control stupid people, Governments have been doing it forever.

    Did Dr Will have sheep like Amanda has? or was he just an excellent manipulator of intelligent people?

  43. Nick better get that restraining order gong, this crazy bitch GM is making “shrines” for him. That’s a clear sign that she’s totally PSYCHO.


  44. I don’t understand Helen’s game plan. Why would you not want Jessie and Candice, two of your biggest allies in the jury? She needs to go, along with that big bully bull aMANda and that little rat Andy!

  45. In the name of all that is Holy, I have to agree with everyone trashing Helen’s game play: 1) Yes, her allies should be suspicious about her end game; 2) if she really, really wanted Amanda out, she’d have gone along with it last week. How can anyone not see taking Amanda out would be best for everybody’s game, with the exception of McCrae, but I think it would be temporary, he’d be embraced in another all-boy alliance, I’d bet. Andy has to make a decision eventually and he’s still tight with Helen, he’d be better off too.

  46. can anyone help me…i caught part of a conversation on after dark about McCrae not really being a pizza boy…..didnt hear beginning or end of conversation. Is he a pizza boy?

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