Amanda says eww I see your pen!$ outline! What are those bumps on it?!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


1:50am In the lounge room – Amanda and McCrae are talking. Judd joins them. He lifts up his shirt and starts humping the air. Amanda says eww I see your pen!s outline! Eww what are those bumps on it?! Judd then investigates. Amanda asks do you have genital warts? McCrae tells him to stop, I don’t want to look at it anymore. Amanda asks so who’s sleeping with Judd tonight? Do you want me to sleep with you tonight? Judd says I’m sleeping with Jessie. Amanda asks are you? Judd says yeah. McCrae says you sleep with Judd and I’ll sleep with Jessie. Amanda says yeah. McCrae asks what’s the word, nothing new? Judd says no. Gina joins them to say goodnight. Gina leaves. Amanda says Elissa told us what their conversation in here was about. Jessie was complaining about you (Judd) sleeping with Aaryn. That’s what the entire conversation was about. Judd asks so we need to separate. McCrae says I don’t care what you do. Judd takes a sip of McCrae’s water jug. McCrae gets annoyed because he doesn’t like other people drinking from him jug. Andy joins them. Judd asks Andy if he thinks it matters if he sleeps with Jessie or not? Andy says no one pays attention to who sleeps in that room. Judd comments that Helen told him if he wants to separate from Jessie he can’t be laying in the hammock with her and stuff, it’s a two way street. Judd says why do I care what Helen thinks about where I sleep. Amanda asks why does she want to sleep with you so bad tonight. Judd says because she’s seen this! (He humps the air) Amanda says she saw you warts? Judd then pulls down his shorts again to show the live feeders and says look no bumps. Judd then passes McCrae’s water jug to Andy and says take a sip. Andy takes a big sip. McCrae says eww.. no don’t do it! Stop. Judd says I just took a sip but Andy deep throated it! They speculate on who the MVP is. Judd thinks its Elissa. She’s just stopped telling us she has it. Judd tells Amanda to stop having emotional outbursts. It’s painting a target on your back. Amanda says okay. Andy says that he talks to Helen and comes back to relay information to you guys. Judd says we can’t tell Elissa and Helen anything. Amanda says I know she isn’t MVP.

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2:05am – 2:25am Candice and Jessie talk in the back bedroom. Candice wonders who keeps putting Amanda up? Candice thinks its McCrae because she keeps messing up his game. Jessie wonders if it both of them trying to mess with people. Candice says but not two weeks in a row. Jessie says Amanda needs to go. Candice says you saw what she did in the competition. She could do that with anyone. Jessie says well Elissa is 110% on board with us. Judd is 50/50. I don’t even know where Helen’s head is at, she was 100% this morning but now not at all. Candice wonders who will go up – Spencer or Aaryn. She says how do they keep Spencer here over me. He has f**ked all of us, I haven’t f**K anyone. I was just trying to keep my friend here. Jessie says I want Amanda gone. Jessie it’s okay just let me handle it. It’s going to be Vegas or bust. It will be you or Amanda not Spencer. Elissa and I are the only ones working to keep you here. Candice heads into the diary room. Elissa joins Jessie. Elissa asks did you make out with him? Jessie smiles and says no but we kissed. He’s sleeping with me tonight! We had a great conversation I explained what you and I had talked about but didn’t say your name and laid it all out on the line for him. He said you’re making a lot of sense right now Jessie. He said he is going to think about it. So it will be Me, You, Judd and Helen. Jessie tells Elissa to just make sure Helen is solid with this plan. Elissa asks if her kiss was good. Jessie says it was just a peck. Elissa leaves. Jessie says to Candice we good boo. Either its going to work or it won’t.
2:25am Jessie goes to talk to Helen. Jessie says that things are looking really good with Judd, I know you may not believe that but he and I had a very serious conversation. He is keeping it to himself, he is going to mull it over and think about it. He looked at me and told me that I made some very valid points about if we don’t do it we are handing McCrae and Amanda the game. Jessie says and we kissed at the end of it, we’re good. I want to give him a night, and a day and morning to think about it. Jessie says it will be me, you, Elissa, Judd, Candice and Andy against Gina, Aaryn and McCrae. Helen says we would also have Spencer. Helen says she is just worried about Judd. Helen tells her we will just think about it and see where things at in the next couple days. Keeping working on Judd.


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2:40am Spencer, McCrae and Andy are talking about random things and movies out on the backyard couch. Andy heads inside and talks to Judd in the lounge room. Judd tells Andy I don’t want to tell Amanda just yet because I don’t want her to freak out but do you know what’s going on? Andy says I mean I think Jessie was telling her that she wants to back door Amanda. Amanda joins then and the conversation stops. Judd asks do you think Helen and Elissa are solid? Andy says yeah. Judd what about Elissa? Andy says I think she will be. Judd asks you don’t think she is 100%. Andy says no but she will be on Thursday. Amanda asks what are you worried about? Judd says because people are being shaddy. Amanda says of course they are. You aren’t going up tomorrow, Spencer is. Andy leaves. Judd then leaves and Andy comes back. Amanda comments that Elissa’s name is coming up a lot, why? Andy says because she is acting shaddy. She and I never talk game. Helen is our liaison.

3am – 4am Meanwhile out on the backyard couch – Judd and Jessie start making out. Jessie says you better have my back handsome! Judd says I do. They start talking about who the MVP has been. Jessie says we have all week to talk about it. She heads to bed and tells him to come lay down with her. He says I’ll be in, in a minute. Judd and Spencer talk on the backyard couch. Judd says he wants to roll with Spencer. I am planning on making big moves. I mean not this week but next week. If you stick with me I swear to god we can make it to final 7 or 6 and then fight like hell from there. Just trust what I say when I tell you something or whenever I ask you to vote a certain way. I know this is your game too but I am starting to figure things out. We are slim pickins. I don’t think next week will be ready for a big move unless I get HOH. Spencer says I can’t rock any boats until we get into jury. Judd says you can trust me, Andy, McCrae and Amanda. Judd says you will probably go up tomorrow but just know you are safe. Spencer explains his theory about why America is MVP and says if they are it makes you wonder what is going on for them to nominate her. Judd tells Spencer that he isn’t sure what we should do yet but we’ll figure it out. Judd says that he doesn’t think we can go far with Elissa, she wants all girls. That’s why its been so easy to get out these tough competitor guys out. Judd says don’t tell Jessie but don’t get to close to her. She will throw your name under the bus like she did to me. Judd tells Spencer that things get around don’t screw me over. Judd says he will sleep with Jessie tonight. I have to do what I have to do. Spencer says bless your heart! Judd tells Spencer about how Jessie is trying to get him to flip to get out Amanda. Judd says we need to get rid of Elissa and Helen. Helen needs to go, she is too smart and Elissa is nothing without her. If we can get rid of those two (Helen & Elissa) we will have the numbers. I am getting in better with Jessie and I can make sure she doesn’t put you up. Judd says “strategery” is the way to get things done. Spencer heads to bed.


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4:15am – 5:40am In the lounge room – Judd, Amanda and McCrae are talking. Judd tells Amanda and McCrae that his allegiance is to them till the end with a final four with Andy. Judd tells them don’t stab my back and I won’t stab yours. Judd tells them about keeping Spencer on their side. Judd says we didn’t tell Spencer about Aaryn, just like we won’t tell Aaryn about Spencer. Judd says that way we can get them to put up each other if we need them to. Amanda asks would I stay if I was up against Aaryn. Judd says always.. you two and Andy are my family. Amanda says that she doesn’t think she could put up Helen and Elissa next week because that would put a bigger target on my back. Amanda says that Elissa would go home and Helen would still be here. Judd says we would have the numbers. Amanda said that Andy would go ballistic if I puts up Helen. Judd asks Jessie and who else? Amanda says she would have to see how the votes go this week to see who she would put up next week. Judd reassures Amanda that the votes are solid for her to stay this week. Judd tells Amanda that Spencer isn’t voting her out and is confident he wouldn’t put you up if he won HOH. Judd warns Amanda not to flip of if he comes to tell her things. Judd tells them how Jessie is trying to flip him to vote her out. Judd says that Helen and Elissa want you (Amanda) out this week. Judd says we need to get Helen and Elissa out before Jessie. Judd says he hates that Jessie will make it to jury. Amanda tells Judd to keep Jessie close. They talk about how they thought Judd was the MVP. McCrae asks Judd what he is going to tell them. Judd says that he is going to tell them it is just too early. Judd says that Jessie has been more flirty with me but I know they are just using me. Amanda says don’t let them think it is going to happen. Amanda tells Judd she has been loyal to him throughout this whole game. Judd says that he thinks Andy will stay loyal to us too. Judd says he is going to stay close to Jessie and f**King make out with her. Amanda asks Judd if he has ever made out with Jessie before tonight. Judd says no. Judd heads to bed. Amanda and McCrae whisper. McCrae asks Amanda why she asks Judd so many questions. They think that Judd is lying and just wants the girls out. McCrae says just agree with him, when you question – he thinks you don’t trust him. Amanda says that Judd wants me to go after them so he doesn’t have to. They head to bed.


6:15am – 6:35am Amanda can’t sleep and goes to sit on the backyard couch. She starts reading the bible. She heads back to bed.

7:10am All the house guests are still sleeping..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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I normally hate production interfering with the game but please, please sway Judd into voting Amanda out.


Agreed. As-soon-as I heard what she said about Howard I thought….”Oh, she’s one of those.” So gross when anyone believes that everyone would want them sexually….as if they’re everyone’s type. Howard wanting Amanda? Please make that image go away!!


well check the Youtube Video on Howard and you know that he said it . He didnt even deny it in the post game interviews. Seems you Angel Howard is a womanizer.


I agree, I think aMANduh is Howards type, he said in his interview with Jeff that she’s beautiful and that Candice is not his type.

Karl P

You think she hasn’t got enough aman-duh in her life. That name is designed for homosexuals to rip into her.


WHY are they not voting Amanda out? Who would you most want to be sitting next to at the end? I would want to be sitting next to Amanda because she’s fought with so many people that she probably wouldn’t get a vote. You always want to take the controversial one to the end with you.

the Truth

Judd you idiot! Why is everyone scared of Going against Amanda? Don’t any of these dumbasses realize that getting her out later will be harder and harder? Bounce the Jew and the kingdom becomes wide open for the taking!


Jew? Your sheet is showing!


Why do you guys make such a comment.. How would we know she was Jewish unless she said she was.. and since she isn’t ashame of being jewish..WHAT THE PROBLEM.. DID YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WHEN CANDICE SAID RED NECK????


is the jew comment that necessary? i am sure you could have found other colorful words to describe amanda


Words to describe Amanda: b!tch, wh*re, ruthless, greedy, dramatic, confrontation, liar, devil, sad, coniving, backstabber, shady, monster, ignorant, a$$hole, catty, demon, extra, fake, bossy, confrontational…..

I could seriously keep going


You forgot the words Racist and Bigot to describe Amanda and anti gay biotch!


Why do you guys make such a comment.. How would we know she was Jewish unless she said she was.. and since she isn’t ashame of being jewish..WHAT THE PROBLEM.. DID YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WHEN CANDICE SAID RED NECK????


Fuck brah, the should have cast this season

the Truth

I’m a Jew myself, so I’m allowed to say it…..and trust me, it’s bossy bitches like Amanda that give the rest of us a bad name and image!

Not Necessary

Oy vey!


Thank you Dawg and Simon for updating this site. I vote Dawg and Simon for the $500K!


They deserve it more than anyone in the house because they have to sit and listen to this all day and write it up so it’s not mind numbing. I can only listen to e live feeds for so long before I’ve had enough of them.


As a huge supporter of Simon and Dawg, get the hell off the site dude and get your info elsewhere


Judd you’re a dumbass. They will in fact stab you in the back before final four you idiot.


No Judd. Why did you tell them, you big dummy.
Yes, America is MVP and it should be a big give away why we
Are putting her up week after week. Omg what a bunch of idiots.


I thought Judd was the smartest of them all damn he fooled me he is DUMB!!! Judd Mr. Master Game Player just a few days ago they meaning Amanda and Pizza Boy wanted you on the block so they could vote your butt out


Go Jessie! Plz get the big bully out of here!!!


it would be great if amanda and arryan are gone by thursday ;)


Why does Amanda keep asking why she they want to vote her out? Seriously, she cant see why anyone would want her out?!?!?

why does she think Elissa is on her side? When Judd was spilling the beans on Jesse using him by flirting to get Amanda out she still thinks Elissa would never vote her out. Wake up, they all want you out, some sooner others later. Amanda is now going to lay low and not talk game this week and confront people. She should have used this strategy the first 45 days, it’s a little too late now and if she makes it through double eviction, you know she’s gonna go off on Jessie at the very least.

I loved Judd’s comments about how Jessie is flirting with him, kissing him, etc and he said he doesn’t mind being used that way, hahaha. It was during the conversation with Amanda & McCrae.

The show is so wishy-washy. I don’t care who they vote out really, just make a decision and stick with it. Helen is on board one minute and against it the next to get Amanda out now. Jessie is trying to make bold moves, but she is like a bumbling idiot and can’t do it in a way that is isn’t obvious to everyone. Even Judd knows he’s hitting on him for a vote. Elissa suggesting Jessie pimp herself out for a vote is f’d up. She’s all about morals, but it’s okay to lead a guy on and offer sexual favors for a vote?!?! Judd is smarter than they give him credit for and he’s no dummy. A girl offering to fool around for him and one he finds attractive. Of curse he isn’t gonna pass that up.


Once the MVP twist is over, it will be virtually impossible to get rid of Amanda…Judd needs to start thinking about his own game and side with Helen, Elissa, Jessie.


At this point I don’t know who’s a bigger idiot, Judd or Andy.


JuDD because amanda actually has andy’s back

Dr. Bright

I was theorizing as to why after 45 days with no sex , Judd is able to resist Jessie’s offered charms, and it came to me ……he is on Xanax !


Hell ya I love Judd now, and Andy for getting the information back to team Amanda. I wish So badly GM would put HELEN up. Cant stand that bitch!!!


Exactly, if they wanted to squash the rumors and any chance at Amanda going home they would put up Helen or Elissa. I kind of wish they would get Amanda out just to make people work harder at the game and scramble. No one wants to do this yet except a few. I swear Jessie picked up her game play (bad game play, but game play) because of Howard’s conversation with her before he left about who to get out and how.


I’m sure everyone wants to keep Amanda and make final four deals with her because they know that the members of the jury will not vote for her to win. Its so sad. I really want this game to get interesting; however, if they keep Amanda this week it will be so predictible. For Helen to be so smart, she is dumb as f@ck. Why would she even think twice about keeping Amanda. Getting rid of Amanda and keeping Candice is so much better for her game. Once Candice is gone, her small alliance will become even smaller and she will be gone.

The only way a descent person can win this game is if Amanda is sent home and banished into Big Brother history. Come on people, get that she devil out of the house. Once they take her out, everyone will start to scram in order to find a new alliance.


The only saving grace this week will be the double eviction. No one can strategize and who ever goes up might put up people that will divide the house. This will be the only reason to watch Thursday night.

VA Vet

Someone should try to plant seeds in Gina’s head that she should nominate someone who hasn’t been on the block yet.

Then Jessie or Helen could try to get Spencer on board with voting Amanda out (which shouldn’t be too difficult).


Judd may yet still entertain getting Amanda out. But he needs real persuasion. Someone to plant the seed that Andy, Amanda and McCrae want him out.

Would love to see Amanda and Helen get sent packing on Thursday night. That way, neither makes it to jury and we don’t have to see Orangina and Dear Leader again until finale. Also, it forces the remaining HGs (particularly, Andy) to choose an alliance, or form new ones. I really believe that Andy and McCrae would struggle to maintain any stranglehold on power, and Candice would be dead in the water. Spencer, Judd, Jessie and Elissa could be a pretty good alliance to the end.

Alas, it won’t happen because everyone wants to wait to make a big move and not “rock the boat.”

Shoot me.


What the heck is wrong with Judd? He thinks Elissa wants all the boys gone but whether they vote out Amanda or Candice this week they will still have the same number of boys. He should be smart enough to know that Elissa will always go after Aaryn so that’s another girl. I have no idea what he is thinking going to final 4 with the Goof Troop. Andy and Amanda can’t win anything so he would have to beat McCrae and if he doesn’t then he will be gone. I thought he watched BBCA. Never take a couple to the end. Judd is so worried about Jury votes and yet he doesn’t realize that if Amanda or McCrae are in final 2 they will always give each other their vote. Right there is a vote against Judd if he is in final 2. I think he needs his meds changed.


Let’s say The Red Queen does not win any competitions going further in the game. And now let’s say the houseguests a/k/a chattel and minions are too frightened to risk putting her up for eviction. This will be the first time in Big Brother history when someone who has won nothing and done nothing but intimidate others will walk away with a money prize (whether it’s first or second place).

I wonder what Big Brother has been putting in the house Kool-Aid? Whatever it is they’re doing, it certainly has made the houseguests very complacent.


Well, we’re seeing now that Judd is just another duplicitous jerk in the household. When Candice ends up being voted out on Thursday, hopefully Jessie will catch wise that Judd is really against her and plans only on using her for his own game. I think in Judd’s mind, he believes he can control The Red Queen and McCrae to the point where they end up voting out all the other females and only the males remain (yet another all male alliance). He may end up accomplishing that. And THEN he’ll have The Red Queen voted out.

I hope Jessie takes Judd out before she is taken out., although I doubt that will happen since she won’t have the numbers on her side. If things continue along this way, Helen and Co. will be picked off one by one.

Twisted Sister

Judd just can’t help himself. Amanda isn’t going anywhere – production wants a wedding… Hope I’m wrong!

This Season Blows

Demanda being trashy as usual, what else is new?


well Amanda did not make it up howard said it and she is probably the smartest in the house up to now but have a feeling mcrae will surprise you all watch for it in two weeks he will put up Amanda and all you haters will see how the game changes then yes he will ha ha for now get fun for the jury house and blubberers outta here.!!!! im sick of the cry babies whiners jesse gm and yes elissa god hate her voice its whining even in normal conversation


Omg. I am so tired of these people walking on eggshells all of the time. It’s so boring to have people put up/ evict the “safe” choice. Since when did “The House” decide everything? People are even too afraid to vote against the house, even if it is to just support their alliance (Like how Spencer voted to evict Nick even though Nick was guaranteed to go home. A supportive vote to keep him would have been nice). They’re afraid to put anyone up because everyone has made too many deals with too many sides of the house, which has resulted in one giant ‘alliance’ (most of it is fake but they’re still afraid to put them up for fear that they will upset someone else (Can’t evict Elissa because Helen will be upset. Can’t evict Helen because Andy and Elissa will be upset, etc.)) with a few people on the outside. I really don’t like MVP for this reason. I feel like people can’t play a real game because they’re constantly worried about what MVP will do. The only good thing about it is the paranoia it has invoked, especially these last two weeks, although it cost Howard his game and now it’s started to ruin Judd’s simply because people want to blame someone. I’m hoping for a power shift this week, if not from the eviction, then from the second eviction this week. Also, what’s the deal with people wanting to just make it to Jury? What’s with all of the “we can’t make any waves until we hit Jury”? In previous seasons, people were orchestrating really big moves weeks before Jury and it made for a better show to watch. Ugh. Here’s hoping Amanda goes home this week.


Howard is a waste of space in the game; terrible at competition and has a poor judgment of character. He left with the message of “trust Andy” to Candice and Jessie and now he derailed their game, I’m hoping that it can be prevented but I wouldn’t be surprise if the two of them got evicted this week.


Idiot Judd! As soon as he leave they totally talk about him! Smh idiot! I wish he catches them talking about him so he understands they do not have his back! geez!


sounds like judd wants helen out before amanda i think he sees that he has a better chance lasting with amanda around


Judd sure pays heed to ” keep your friends close and your enemies closer” in an interesting way.


I don’t understand why they don’t take advantage of Amanda being on the block. If MVP ends this week like some people speculate then they may not have another chance. She may not go back on the block because no-one will want to put her up. Even if they don’t get her out due to her attitude and actions they should be thinking about the end at this point and how strong of a player she is…not to mention her being with McCrae which makes it even harder for them after this week. I think there are two true threats in the house, Helen and Amanda. If they don’t do something about those two soon one of them will win the game. Jessie isn’t all that bad of a player because she is stratagizing BUT the house is full of rats. Every plan Jessie has had gets out and that is why her plans never work. Judd is getting as bad as Andy when it comes to playing both sides.


Take her out Amanda needs to go.. she should have gone last week… Wish America had a vote out vote… Amanda would be gone!



Ians Beer

More flipping going on in this house than at a sunday morning church pancake brekky!


If Candice goes home, it doesn’t look good for Helen, Elissa, and Jessie (unless they win HOH the next 3 weeks). The remaining alliances seem to be:

Judd, Spencer, Aaryn, GM
McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Judd
McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Aaryn

I don’t see Judd flipping because he thinks he’s in a good place. If only someone (HELEN) could get to him and tell him that Amanda and McCrae wanted to turn their backs on Judd, then I could see Judd flipping.

Helen and Elissa’s downfall will be trusting Andy too much. He will be the reason they go out. Helen’s side could eventually get GM on their side next week if Candice goes out but I don’t think GM has thought that far ahead as far as strategy goes.

Amanda is soooo close to being evicted...

is judd setting up jessie or amanda?
is his SUPER~EGO in overdrive if he is
on the verge of really exposing himself?
is amanda revving up for another sad
vulgar catfight? is she to be evicted?


Hey production, can you tell Judd to pull his pants on?


I’m to the point I’m just going to start cheering for aMANda because the rest of the HG are sooo F’ing stupid !


Whoever claim Judd was smart LIED their asses off. Dude is as stupid as the stereotype says about rednecks.

His sheep wool is definitely “red”


Jessie could hive him a HJ/BJ to get him on her side like Amanda did to McCrae 1st week and he WOULD vote out Amanda, but then that would just ignite the false claims that the mean Girls says about her and turn it into facts. Kisses aren’t going to do it at this point, she should’ve done that a couple weeks ago.


I don’t think there has ever been a BB cast like this one where everyone blabs everything. No one can keep a damn secret for longer than 5 minutes! They’ve created an environment where no one can be trusted. I would hate to be in that house this season. You would pull your hair out trying to figure out who you can really trust. And there are so many alliances and flip floppers that it’s difficult to keep up with whose with who. CBS, please do better next season. Pick some people with backbones to play next time. Geez.


Lol. Just when you think Amanda is out an idiot like Helen or Judd pulls her back in. Why don’t they give Amanda the $500k already , it’s as good as hers. I bet she never wins a HOH or POV and still wins it all. Andy, McCrae, Helen and now Judd are working overtime to protect her and keep her informed….sigh!


Judd is now trying to play both sides. Jessie conversation was clear, understandable , and to the point.
But what they fail to do was all 4 get together and talk. Elissa, Helen , Judd, Jessie.
If you notice in the past and now, many times they have more then 3 talking about what the plans
Are to evict. There is some reassurance in that when everyone at the table.

You notice, Judd kept the conversation for awhile. But when he went to other people
Asking whats going on people seem “shady” they said no there 100% voting Candice out.
One on one conversations or not good when you are trying to bring down a mountain of a person
Or in this case a couple.

Case in point: Spenser was going after Amander. One on one with Howard, one on one with
Andy, one on one conversation with Jessie. They left Candice out. What happen she goes off
On Spencer blw the whole plan up. When you have everyone in front of you on your plan the Rat
Will become clear that someone in your group not loyal ..

Also Andy told on himself that he relaying what Helen saying. Judd to dum to see this what Jessie was telling
Him. Andy on both sides. A bell should have went off in his brain, but that’s right he o t have one.


Everyone yells at Amanda for being a bully, yet there’s people calling her anti-semetic terms all over this site. Calling names does not get you what you want. Ya’ll are mean people. damn.


Yeah, gotta love those self-righteous people who think they’re demonstrating good morals by dragging someone they perceive as “bad” through the mud.


nick…stop that…i said knock it off

you are too easily influenced by fake tits bro

what people are saying about amanda is the truth…she is a horrible c-nt

The Veto

Jessie shouldn’t have come on so strong with Judd (making out, sleeping together all in one night) until after the veto meeting. Either way, I hope she can pull this off. If she can’t get Amanda out no one can (except maybe McCrae)

Mike B

Judd is a enigma and he will do what is best for his game. He’s not a follower by no means. Judd might have told the Power couple whats up but who knows what he will do. In the end if he was in the final two he would win. People like him, he won HOH, he’s not afraid to tell people like it is, and he is smart.


Spencer is on the right track figuring out that America wants Amanda out. Maybe he won’t be put on the block and both he and Jessie can really flip this house!!!


Nobody listens to Spencer. He said what is America trying to say, he knew the answer last week and this week, Get Ambomable OUT!


Shouldn’t Jessie and Co wait until after the POV replacement ceromony before discussing voting out the head bitch?


it really shouldnt make a difference

they could still get 4 votes if they can get judds vote…and if spencer doesnt go up, he would vote her out too

Gator girl

Did Amanda get a bottle of Dan’s mist and spray Judd? I thought he had figured out that Helmanda and McCrat were going to the end together with Andy in 3rd.
He can’t win, after the Dictators are through with him, they will dispose of him. Helmanda needs to mix more meds with alcohol so she will flip out again!


I finally figured out the big twist this season and how certain cast members are related to past members. Here it is…

Hold on… someone just rang my doorbell.

I gotta go…Andy just walked in my house…


Lol lol


DimWit is certainly an idiot. Why would he sleep with Jessie and go tell his evil mistress Demanda of the plot against her? I guess he is taking one for the team. A team he is not on. DimWit, can you say puppet? You will not be carried into the final four with Queen Demanda and her court. I see the Queen herself, her consort Salty Balls, her pet RatBastard Andy and Princess Bigot Aaryn. Demanda will carry her pet into final two only to find herself outed by the jury because she is so despicable and the RatBastard with no game except being a lowlife maggot wins 500K. Good show Demanda.


Judd looks just like his momma – she be chowing down on French fries at the hometown restaurant – used to like Judd but he is vicious. He is playing a smart game though because he’s not ATTACHED to anyone emotionally.


Getting Amanda out IS stupid, that’s why they don’t do it. She’s a HUGE target, shes someone you want to take to final two because she wont win. MaCrae is who they should be targeting in that showmance because he’s really likable. Not to mention the feeds would absolutely be a yawn fest without Amanda. She may be crude and make in appropriate jokes, but I don’t for one minute think she’s racist. People on this site like to throw that word around a lot. I think Aaryn is racist, mostly I think shes just rude and ignorant. But I don’t believe Amanda actually hates other people and thinks her race is superior to theirs. She just jokes about race, but if you listen to the entire conversation that those edits are cut from its obvious she doesn’t actually believe them. Comedians make jokes about race ALL the time and they arnt considered racist. Sure she probably shouldn’t be making them while inside the big brother house but that doesn’t make her racist. The combination of her being very controlling and making those jokes though have most of you crying racist but the simple matter is, shes not. There is a reason BB hasn’t showed her jokes and why none of the house guests are calling her a racist like they did Aaryn. That is also the reason so many are loyal to her. You may be upset that no one has the balls to evict her and you give the excuse that they are all too scared and frightened. But I say they are just making a smarter move by keeping her around because obviously she’s gonna fill that MVP slot instead of someone else every week. Why would you want to free that up? getting rid of her will just make someone else have to go up there. There is more hate in these threads than there is in the house now i think, which kinda makes me sad. So, go team Amanda! cause when Amanda leaves Helen takes over, and who wants to listen to that again?


what is stupid is leaving a couple together in the game when you have a clear shot at splitting them before jury


Something is definitely wrong with Amanda thinking all men want her,and now thinks that jeese just wants her out so she can get her pizza crumbs.for real??? Niether of you are a catch,you are really stupid!!!!


I thought Jessie got to Judd, but I guess I am wrong. Like to see final two be Jessie and Elisa. The rest can go now.

stop the hugs

What I can’t stand is the HUGGING. URGH. Just say no.


This season could easily turn into one of the best seasons if Jessie emerges as the powerhouse underdog, winning HoHs and Vetos back to back. I can see it happening. Jessie please don’t disappoint girllll.


Elissa or Jessie needs to win HOH and preferably back to back. Why Elissa? Because she will do whatever the fck she wants and that’s why I love her. If you try to manipulate her, what you get in return is an awkward yoga pose, which is a sophisticated (and rather humorous) way of saying F-You. She is functioning on her own agenda and that’s why I love her. Why Jessie? Because she is not afraid to make a bold moves, and sadly, she is probably the only one who sees the big picture…the one being painted by Amanda right now.

King Goldy

Okay the show is over this week, no need to watch anything else. I will wait for the final night to see what Aaryn, Gina and Spencer have to say after they realized they are unemployed after their family & friend put a bullet proof vest and Kevlar helmet on them and tell them America Hates the ground they walk on.

Janelle pov queen

A little over a week after we broke the news that Amanda Zuckerman was the houseguest pre-chosen to win the top prize on Big Brother due to her close friendship with the show’s producer, Allison Grodner, comes news that Zuckerman has reportedly been fired from her job as a realtor.

The cause for the firing is unknown. Some say she is “hired” by her family’s business – some say she isn’t hired by family at all and really was fired and that it may be due to her racist remarks towards other houseguests. It is also worth noting that Zuckerman’s website,, has also been taken offline and suspended.


that is f-cking awesome