Helen says Jessie is a little Devil, the way she talked to Amanda was so mean! Gina says Jessie is a womanizer!

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Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
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9:35am – 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Judd is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Gina walks through with him back to the bedroom. Gina then jumps on Andy and pretends to fart on him. They go back to sleep. Candice heads into the bathroom to get ready for the day. She then walks to the kitchen and notices the backyard is open and screams THE BACKYARD IS OPEN! Helen gets up and starts getting ready for her run. Helen apologizes for Howard being gone. Candice talks about how this was out of Howard’s comfort zone. Helen says I know that the money doesn’t replace anything but maybe you winning that money ($5,000) is like telling you to remember why you are here and to get your head back in the game. Helen comments that Jessie tried to talk to her last night after the fight but I told her I needed to sleep first. Helen explains that there is a time to go for all of us. Helen talks about how Jessie was stirring things up. She says that Jessie was going around dragging my name through the mud. Helen says that Jessie is a little devil. I don’t think I can forgive her. Candice says that she and Howard realized that a week ago how she was starting a lot of the sh*t. Helen says in 24 hours I don’t know how she turned like that. Helen says the way she was talking to Amanda was so mean. Candice says well Amanda wasn’t that nice either. Helen says that she doesn’t want to get into an argument with her if that’s what she is like. Helen comments that you, Elissa and I can have a conversation with her. Candice says okay because I need a witness in there to talk to her. Aaryn joins them and they break up their conversation.

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10:30am – 11:10am Gina is up and carries her bag, makeup, the photo of Nick and her and a blanket through the house up to the HOH room. In the kitchen she ask McCrae how his sleep was in the HOH room. He says not good Amanda and I fought like all night. McCrae comes up to the HOH and helps Gina make the bed. She tells him if there is any other night that he would like to have the HOH, just let her know. McCrae says its all right. They talk about being in pain from the competition last night. McCrae then heads back downstairs. Amanda come up and hugs Gina. She says it smells like farts in here. Amanda asks if she can still sleep up here. Gina says yeah. Amanda say that McCrae is a little pissed off at me. I am not the type of person that you can attack me on a personal level and not do anything about it. It’s like if someone said something like that about Nick! Gina says Jessie is a womanizer! Amanda says I warned her to stay way. Gina keep burping. Gina talks about how Jessie used to go through the drawers slamming them in her bed while she was sleeping. It’s just like what Candice does with the doors. It’s rude, it’s disgusting and I don’t like it. Aaryn joins her and says it smells perfect in here, just like farts. Gina heads down to get more of her stuff. Aaryn and Amanda talk about last night. Aaryn says that she wants Judd gone but wants Jessie out first. Amanda says that McCrae is worried that you have formed a strong bond with Judd. Aaryn promises you three will always come before Judd. Amanda is sure that Judd was MVP last week and is responsible for putting her up because he was giving shout outs thank you’s. Aaryn says that she is excited about the BBQ and says it is going to be great for her game. It’s the best thing that could happen for her right now because Helen wants it to be like its in her backyard and have no game talk. Aaryn gets called to the dairy room. McCrae joins them. Gina then heads into the HOH bathroom to he her makeup feed the fish.


11:15am – 11:35am Out in the backyard – Judd and Helen talk about the HOH competition last night. Judd and Helen comment how they are glad Gina won. Helen says that its good that Gina won because she promised she wouldn’t put us up and this way McCrae can play for HOH again next week. Judd says that he is pushing for Jessie to go up. Helen says that she thinks Jessie should go. Judd says Ah, I am so happy you are on the same page with me. They talk about how Spencer just needs to keep doing what he is doing to not be targeted. Helen is worried that if Jessie stays you two would be put up together. Judd says that she let me sleep in her bed last night too so that I didn’t have to sleep with Jessie. Judd says that Jessie is game suicide for me. Helen talks about how Jessie was throwing her name under the bus. I have never done anything to hurt her. Andy joins them. Andy says he doesn’t understand what Jessie is thinking. Judd says all Jessie needed to do was be like Porsche (Floater). Judd says I feel like I brought her in and she sh*t on us. You mess with one of us you mess with all of us. Helen heads inside. Judd says to Andy that Jessie is like having a drunk scary person around. Judd thinks that Jessie could go this week and Candice the week after. Spencer joins them. Andy tells Spencer that Jessie and Candice are your biggest allies the last 24 hours they are keeping the target off your back. Big Brother switches all four cams to the bathroom where Gina, Helen and Elissa talk about nominations today and the HOH competition.


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Amanda admitted to McRae that she lied about the Howie comment! It’s was all game And she’s not a mean person!

from another website….

Fri 5:20 AM BBT Amanda – when you do things to me I don’t say anything to you. The Howard thing was f- up, the Spencer thing was f- up the MVP thing was stupid. Amanda – ***Howard’s comment to me. Yeah, it’s all game. I don’t feel good about it, I am not a mean person*** and don’t like feeling threatened by her f-ing comments from a personal standpoints!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I figured it was for game, a disgusting game, that will bring McCrae closer and closer to the 500k, the maybe if he has any sense, drop her and get him a respectable women.

Your Turn Next

So when Candice and Howard were being targeted. The only person willing even to be seen with Howard and Candice was Jessie. Jessie sincerely felt that Howard was a good guy. Jessie didn’t put Howard on the block. Jessie wasn’t responsible for you and Howard not being able to win comps. But you want to pile on with Amanda and Helen against Jessie. Candice you have shown your character is no better then Amanda or Helen. When tested you follow the pack and willing to throw a few licks in as well. You have loss all sympathy I had for you.


Lol what? Jessie was the same person who last week was plotting to not only get Candice out but was also going along with the belief that those two were using the race card. Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely on Jessie’s side when it comes to this Amanda thing but if you’re looking it at an honest perspective, both of them at one point or another have allowed themselves to be manipulated by Amanda and her side. Jessie with the race card, they’re such huge targets get them out thing and Candice with this Jessie thing. It’s like once people in the house who are on the outs become accepted for a millisecond, they immediately pick up on the nasty attitude that those who have accepted them possess. It’s gross but it’s honestly how this house is going right now. Candice shouldn’t have thrown Jessie under the bus but Jessie did the exact same thing to her and tried to orchestrate her eviction with the Mean Girls so, tie, I guess?

Your Turn Next

Well, I read your comment and it was a very good rebuttal to my post. I agree with everything you said; However, my opinion of Candice remains the same. I don’t like Candice anymore. If there is anyone that knows how it feels to be isolated and alone and the hurt that Amanda causes, it would be Candice. I just thought Candice was a strong woman that thought for herself. I had a higher expectations of her and it didn’t materialized. You are right, Jessie followed the pack as well, but I had never saw Jessie as a leader. Jessie, in the past folded emotionally every time when she was confronted by Amanda or Helen. It was Candice who was the first to realize that their was an all boy’s alliance, it was Candice that marked Amanda as a bully, it was Candice that originally stood beside Elissa against the Mean Girls. So yes, I thought Candice was someone to root for in the game.

Then Jessie finally decides to stand up for herself, and whose there to help knock her down, Candice. Yes as you aptly put it, both have done it. That’s why its so hard to root for anyone in this game, because its so hate filled. Again, I agree with everything you said. Its just that I will be looking for someone other then Candice to cheer for; However, that person to cheer for might not be in this game this season.


BOOOOM!!! What a snake! ………Andy walks in!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX



Golly Gee. She made it up?!?

Wonder why Howard is saying he DID say something along those lines in his exit interview?

“There was some controversy on the live feeds this week over a comment you whispered to Amanda in the kitchen. She got pretty riled up about it, talking about feeling threatened and having production check the tapes. Can you tell us what happened? What did you say to her?

“I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I’m just carefree in the game. … I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it. That’s a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they’re really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn’t control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy … I mean, that’s basically what it was. I wouldn’t harass anybody.”

Google “Howard Overby Exit Interview”, the second hit is what is above, on Zap2it

So pretty much Amanda UP-played it, Howard DOWN-played it, but SOMETHING was said.

I called it when it happened, he was trying to rile her.


Yeah, if you read it . It’s clear exactly what the sentiment was of what he said unless someone wants to read more into it. And it made sense why she said thank you. His game was done so basically he was letting it go and having an inside joke with her.


Howard did say something but nothing anywhere along the lines of what Amanda said. Here’s the interview


There was some controversy on the live feeds this week over a comment you whispered to Amanda in the kitchen. She got pretty riled up about it, talking about feeling threatened and having production check the tapes. Can you tell us what happened? What did you say to her?

“I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I’m just carefree in the game. … I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it. That’s a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they’re really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn’t control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy … I mean, that’s basically what it was. I wouldn’t harass anybody.”


from another website…Amanda’s dad has deleted his twitter account due to backlash because of the following shown in live feeds?

Big Brother according to Amanda Zuckerman:

About Andy – calls him queer, faggedy andy, fairy
About Candice – kill her with a butter knife and/or stab her with tweezers
About Jessie – knock her teeth out and force oral sex on her
About Jessie – cut her throat and rape her limp body
About Howard – calls him “black mamba” and “dark knight”
About Howard – his penis probably tastes like cocoa and/or watermelon
About Helen – she probably tastes like egg rolls and/or wonton soup
About Elissa – talks like she has “f–king autism” and calls her “retarded”

While Big Brother wants us to believe that Aaryn is “the racist” causing all the problems this season, Amanda is just as disgusting and vile. On the video, Aaryn complains, “People are just so sensitive, that’s what needs to change,” to which Amanda says, “I concur.” Amanda’s dad has deleted his Twitter account as a result of the backlash against her.

Unfortunately, rumor has it that Amanda is friends with BB’s executive producer Allison Grodner, and she’s pre-determined to win Big Brother 15.


Thank you – i agree 100 percent. Amanda is a bully and should be dismissed from this game. she sucks so much – I think I am starting to root for AARYN!

pot calling kettle

I am rooting for Aaryn because I do think when Aaryn watches the show she will finally get it that although perhaps it was not meant racist if it hurts someone it is and can grow but AMANDA is just a horrid human and so filled with hate that nothing will change her and that her dad was defending her just makes me sick to my stomach and that CBS and BB will not air what she says and continues to edit her so she looks good is horrible. Isn’t she like 30 and says these things? I mean she is just beyond pathetic and actually think perhaps she is mentally unstable of just worse that mean. Not sure there is a word horrible enough to describe Amanda! Almost seems as if Chen and CBS condone her actions and apparently Chen does not like blondes because wow she says she was so offended by what Aaryn said about rice (please Chen was not offended she just wanted to act like a witch with a b), but wow NADA about what Amanda says. Tells me Chen has an agenda!!! I mean wow she has no blondes on the talk so maybe her problem is just with blonde headed women LOL!


I am really annoyed that Elissa is on Amanda’s side. From someone who has such a big heart to side with this racist bag of s..t is sad. She probably doesnt know about it though so I can’t be too annoyed with her. Amanda is a f’n pos

Not so wiggedout

Let me get this straight .. because you don’t like Amanda’s potty mouth that means Arryn isn’t racist ? Get rid of your quotations .. Arryan is most definitely a racist. Amanda suffers from diarehea of the mouth and things she has said have been in poor taste but she suffers mostly from no filter. She doesn’t want to kill anyone or anyone to die .. She just needs a healthy dose of soap in her mouth and shed be much better.




They both (Aaryn and Amanda) said racist things. BB may not be showing Amanda’s stuff live on tv like they do Aaryn, but both are equally guilty of their racist comments. Amanda has never been around Aaryn when she said those things, in fact when Amanda heard them she went and told Aaryn what she heard. They both are wrong and none any worse than the other. It’s about time Amanda gets the same backlash that Aaryn has gotten. I’m not certain why her father deleted his account he and his wife created that monster behavior of hers. Her parents said Amanda is strong willed and always gets her way, and her mother even had the nerves to say that she hoped McCrae was just joking about being a pizza delivery guy and that she hopes he’s the CEO of a software or computer firm. Therefore they allow Amanda to not look down on anyone, but only associate with certain people. People Aaryn, and Amanda’s age don’t come in the house and learn those traits, those traits stem from years of thinking an being that way. I feel bad that their parents have to endure the burdens caused by their children, but hopefully when they get their children home they will tell them their behavior is unacceptable anywhere they may find themselves in life and help them change and do better.


I just wanted to clarify that what I posted re: “Big Brother according to Amanda Zuckerman” is NOT my own compilation. I lifted the info verbatim from a tabloid website. I have not seen these particular live feeds but have seen enough to believe aMANda did say these horrible things.


The things that she said about jesse, whether it was a joke or not, are things that can only come from a sick & deranged mind. Who in the hell thinks like that? Jeffrey Dahmer? Ted Bundy? This b*tch is getting scary!!

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

for the comments about r*ping and killing jess and candice, amanda should be removed from the game

bb uk or australia she would have been long gone by now because they dont tolerate threatening of fellow house guests, and i dont see why they allow it in the usa version…homophobic and racist comments, and bullying others to this extent should also result in eviction as well


Do you think Amanda is trying to be like Brittany maybe?
Remember when Brittany would say exaggerated over the top things like stabbing her eyes out and stuff only it was cute when Brittany said it.
Only Amanda is taking it to a psychotic level?

Amanda asked Gina if she could sleep up there, so once again she is pissing in the HOH.

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

amanda is no britney thats for sure

her poor cheesy attempts at humour are to try to cover up what a terrible person she is


Go to Youtube and search “bb 15 amanda jessie” wow!

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

thanks for that

love you jess!

Because I'm A Loser

Thanks Mommy Dearest. I’ll see you soon.




I guess you read what you want to into things. I have no opinion either way but that hardly looks like an admission that she made it up LOL.


Some people on this blog are just as unable to think as those in the house. Her statement, along with what he said, he said and the fact that production will immediately cut the feeds as soon as its talk about, makes it pretty clear that ITS NOT TRUE!!!! I truly believe that production does not want to be responsible for allowing this untruth to effect Howard outside the house. Howard knos that there are mics on him… why would he say that knowing it would must likly be recored? He was one of the feew people in the house that was VERY aware of the cameras on all the time. He was very cautious in how he presented himself and know all of a sudden he would change that?? C’mon?? And really, Amnada feel threatened?? She walks around the house in her underwear in front of men she just met a few weeks ago. Shh came out naked with just bandaids on her nipples and stays like that for what seemed like an hours.. McCrea had to beg her to put clothes on. Then she says that she could have Howards big black d*ck, and she makes racial comments about how she thinks it might taste… And she is threatened?? Howard should have been the one scared!1 The big wildebeest was stalking him. That BIG WOOLY MAMMOTH!!!!


Amanda is a disgusting, trashy, s…… with a big mouth, full of lies. She for some reason has everyone terrified and following behind her like a line of ducklings. She told a bunch of filthy lies about Howard to get him voted out, because he was not threatened by her. Howard was much too smart to say those filthy things with a mic on, please…………..

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

jess is the only one in the house who has knocked amanda down a peg

on veto day she rejected amandas demands that jess not go for veto prizes or take amanda off the block if she won veto

and standing up to amanda the psycho in the fight last night

Simon or anyone i know there was no vision of it but if there is any way you could post the audio of that long fight in the back yard to youtube it would be great to hear


It certainly makes one wonder what she’s like in real life, eh? What does this girl act like when there’s NO cameras or mics around?!? I shudder to think, I truly do.


You probably still believe Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction and Obama is the Anti-Christ Muslim come to take away our guns and religion.


Considering Amanda is rich or at least comes from wealthy parents and supposedly pre-determined to win Big Brother, Howard should sue her for defamation and walk away with a nice paycheck.


McCrae use her while in the game since she “isn’t a mean person” and then move after the show.

And nope that wasn’t game play. If it was game play why not come up with something else. I wonder if they said something to her in the DR about it.


…and wouldn’t it be such a convenient coincidence that the two {Aaryn and Ginamarie} house guests that lost their jobs due to racism comments would make sure the two black house guests gets eliminated during their HOH? I’m sure the producers are loving this.


As viewers, we are wondering what the producers of BB are thinking about besides sensational TV. TO CBS: The Jim Crow Era IS OVER!!


The folks that Aaryn put up told the whole story, and the fact that Candice is leaving next week, tells the rest……..can’t wait for Aaryn and GM to find out their unemployed AND lost BB……….


Its a game.. I think most of you forget that. Check your morals and values at the door. The more you lie the further you get. Give me a break.. I would say anything in that house. IT IS A GAME


True, it’s a game, but when did making offensive comments, bullying, and smearing someone’s character become a game? All three of those things had they been done outside of the house could warrant job termination, school suspension, and yes some could even warrant being prosecuted under the law and being sued. So while it’s a game, you don’t have to sell your soul while trying to tear someone else down for $500,000 that only one person will get and the other will only get a small fraction of that, so they should try asking themselves is the game really worth it. Many have played this very same game before, many seasons have come and gone, and this is by far the worst, no one on any of the other season have acted this way, and they’ve been some pretty wild people on the show. So again while it’s a game of lying and manipulation, do that but don’t pretend to be holier than though and hide your hand or blame your actions on someone else, because that’s not a liar, that’s a coward.


BB has never been like this before. You don’t need to be a vile human being to play the game.


obviously….I thought she was lying, HOWEVER….because howard is a MAN, and men can do things (so can women, lets not make it about that) sometimes that can be shady in that regard….so there was a SMALL part of me that actually thought it was possible

because of that, I REALLY hate Amanda now. How dare you do that to a man who was a legitimate good guy who channeled his anger through although not my preferred method of religion, but its his method, and it works for him.

Im starting to wish they kept howard in sequester, with a chance to get back in.


I never believed, it, because 1. Amanda is a liar and a bully. She’s very manipulative, and conniving. 2. Because of the way she acted as if she was so distraught and afraid and saying she wanted production to make sure she was safe, Howard would have been removed from the house and not given the chance to be evicted, because CBS could have been sued if Amanda was telling the truth and telling them she was fearful of what Howard would do to her. That’s considered sexual harassment, and no way in America is that accepted even if innocent, once Amanda said she felt threaten Howard would have to be removed until they had gotten to the bottom of it, and Howard didn’t even know Amanda was telling people that stuff which leads me to believe production didn’t even believe her enough to question him about it. They just allowed her to continue that lie and fish the screens out instead of telling her to stop saying it. She doesn’t and didn’t feel threaten, she’s using that lie to get people on her side to keep her safe. She’s acting like a kid that always needs the attention to be on her. It’s sad that she stooped so low. I really wish CBS brings all the houseguests back two weeks after the show to air all of this stuff out between them because Amanda shouldn’t be aloud to say this stuff and not be confronted to apologize for it. She never stopped to think of what her lie could cost Howard outside of this house and she knows she’s being recorded, she just doesn’t care.


Not up to date on the Howard/Amanda saga, but BBUK just had a similar situation. Hazel, an Irish model relentlessly pursued Daley a boxer of mixed race (black and caucasian). It was so aggressive that if a man did that to a woman it would be considered harassment. She taunted and tortured him when he wouldn’t give her hugs etc. because in her own words she always gets what she wants

One night then when they were drunk and play fighting (which she initiated and pulled his shorts down on live tv) things got a little out of hand. She played victim and BB had to eject him from the house. There was outrage because it seemed like she set him up. Will have to catch up on my BBUS to see what happened with Amaduh and Howieeeeeee :(


I agree with most of what you say, but your statement the sexual harassment “would not be tolerated” is an over-statement, certainly in the BB house. There’s been nothing BUT sexual harassment in that house this season: Ginamarie and Nick, Spencer and almost everything he says, and Amanda is the worst – the stuff (words and actions) she’s done is absolutely sexual harassment…at the very least. This is a really verbally abusive bunch of people, with Amanda and Spencer being the worst – worse than Aryan, for sure. I’m sure that’s the primary fuel for the PR and potential law suit (?) her parents are working on. CBS has singled her (and GM) out, while completely ignoring Amanda and Spencer. They probably have a case.

Meal Lovers Pizza

I don’t have the live feeds so don’t know exactly what Amanda said, but I did hear the podcast with Howard on robhasawebsite.com and Howard, himself, admitted to telling Amanda that she is hot. What he specifically said and what Amanda said are a little different, basically Howard told Rob that yes, he did go talk to her in the kitchen and told her he loved her and said she was hot and who know what would happen outside of the house.

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

vote amanda the racist bully as 3rd nom every week until evicted

eventually the house guests will vote her out, and if she keeps going on the block, she cant vote, and she has to kiss ass, and maximizes the chance she is evicted

this disgusting individual should be full force kicked out the door

Dog Days

Video doing well. 60,000 + views since being posted late Wednesday/Early Thursday. Great work pronkoforder1, whomever you may be.

Shiny Happy People

Aaryn’s PR people.

A Resident in Boca Raton, Fl

I hope Amanda has a breakdown either in the house or after when she discovers she is currently the most hated woman in America!!!

my opinion

I just watched the video. Interesting how in most of the shots, was also Judd, Andy and Spencer laughing right along with her…Especially Andy.


Just got to say.. yeah alot of these comments are terrible but I think it is interesting that most of these clips are from weeks ago when people liked Amanda and hated Aaryn and no one seemed to pay any attention to any of these comments at the time..now suddenly that everyone has turned on Amanda all of these comments have come to light and people have forgotten about Aaryn and focused all of their hate of Amanda..seems pretty convenient.


Disagree – Amanda’s autism comment was two days ago – and that little show hurt her tremendously. And, of course, will never be shown to America.


Well, it is fortunate for Amanda that the clips are a couple of weeks old. She has been substantially more vile in the past couple of weeks.


i posted the amanda racism/homophobia/threatening video youtube links to cnn

i am disgusted she gets to continue playing in the game, getting paid a thousand dollars a week, still with a chance of winning 500 thousand dollars


Worst Season EVAH!

New World Order

Waiting until after nominations to use up my 10 votes. Don’t know why since Amanda will not be nominated and she’s getting all 10 of my votes but just in case GM decides to make a move, I don’t want to waste them.


Only ten votes!
I have Amanda
10 votes for the fight with jessi
10 votes for getting Howard out
10 votes for being the biggest B!t€h in BB history.



I voted my ten votes for Amanda last week, and will this week, but it’s a wasted vote since the other house guest are scared ….less of her!!! Maybe I’ll try Helen this time…..


Only ten votes!
I gave Amanda
10 votes for the fight with jessi
10 votes for getting Howard out
10 votes for being the biggest B!t€h in BB history.



I voted for Helen all ten votes, somebody needs to be bring her down a notch.


then if amanda wins pov, helen goes up.


Best comment ever Isalove!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

“Helen says the way she was talking to Amanda was so mean”

No Sheep, I mean Helen, Jessie was 100% right what she said about Amanda.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

dude, totally. I remember being horrified when she said that, as a mother myself.

production rigged it

Yeah her family must be so proud of her, NOT!!!!!


Not surprising, one of the few reasons I can’t stand Helen. She and Amanda both go at people or their character in a way that has nothing to with game play but control and insecurity. I bet as soon as the tables turn (if they turn) they will be just as emotional as the others.

Amanda and Helen has to go

Helen threw Elissa under the bus and stood up for both Amanda and AAryn as if they were victims. she also admitted to crying to manipulate her kids.She has shown her true colors and she will feel like a fool when she rewatches the season

ILLWILL That A$$hole

GM don’t forget to “wash the HOH sheets” #crabshack.


Hopefully on Thursdays double eviction Amanda and McCrae are both sent packing.


Aaryn, Helen, and Amanda deserve to die in hell. Period.


You can’t really die *in* hell… ^__^


lol I meant burn ;P

ILLWILL That A$$hole

But, Hell is like the best club/strip joint in the afterlife. It’s where all the “good times” go.


Be careful what you say. Especially about strip joints. Amanda might cry.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

LOL Zing



You will most likely be there with them enjoy


That was horrible to say he said that,gameplay ok,but that will attest his outside life dramatically.she has no care at all about whose life she messes up.just as long as she can remain in control of the bb house.get her out before she destroys everyone.


Since there is no have have not competition does that mean that there is a reward competition or a pandora’s box?


Steve correct me if I am wrong but is it not to early for Pandora’s box? (even if they do it) I always thought they did the PB after the house guests were down to single digits…..9 and less

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Dude I totally knew Howie was a good dude. And Candace is nuts if she thinks they are going to tell her in the Diary room whether Howard said that or not. In normal circumstances I don’t think she would question it, knowing the man’s character. However, the big brother house screws your mind up so hard that she is bound to question that till the end. I love it personally. That is why we watch this show because it repeatedly proves to us that the strong/smart survive. I respect the shit out of Amanda and Helen for inheiriting Dan’s mist, but it won’t stop me from hating them a little just like I hated and respected Dan. Call a floater a floater all you want but the best skill you can have in a poker game is knowing when to fold em so I call it a strength. I think this season is alright.. def not the worst I have seen. You all hate the superfriends alliance idea it seems, and get really mad watching Helen make everyone be nice to each other, but you forget that they are all going to have to cut each other really soon. THAT, my friends is why I will be waiting out this season for sure. I know its about to get better.


I am tired of people saying that Helen and Amanda have inherited Dan’s mist, or Dr. Will’s puppet abilities, Those two are not in the same class as Dan, or Dr. Will, Dr. Will and Dan would of made mince meat out of this group, they would of have them evicting themselves and thinking it was their idea.


Thank you! it’s like comparing Rachel to Janelle. There is NO comparison. The greats will always be the greats, the rest are just imitators.


Please play the Harlem Shake again. It’s fun!!!!!!


Here is Howard’s answer: “I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I’m just carefree in the game. … I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it. That’s a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they’re really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn’t control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy … I mean, that’s basically what it was. I wouldn’t harass anybody.”

Slurricane Pat

At this point…I feel disgusted every time I see a new headline. It never gets better, does it?

The Knitting Needles

Amanda provides so much fodder for us old cows to chew on that we have difficulty holding back. Us quilting ladies are a mean bunch and figured it would be a hoot to mimic her gameplay and focus our hostilities solely on her. Know the old saying “Turnabout is fair play”? Well we blame Amanda for the funk Bubbe is in now. Dirkus told Bubbe about Amanda saying ‘Grab your swastika and gas mask…” and ever since then Bubbe just sits in chair by the window rubbing those damn numbers on her arm.

Our latest project is making a wedding quilt for Amanda. Lily Mae was inspired by Amanda wishing Candice would poke her eye out with her tweezers, so her section is a big brown eye with a tweezer sticking out. Simulating the stains Amanda leaves around, when Doris cut herself the other day, she smeared the blood on her section. How brilliant. Doris is so clever. McCrae is so stupid maybe he’ll believe she’s a virgin on their wedding night! Even if evicted soon, we have enough content on Amanda to make a king sized quilt. Try pulling your crap on us Amanda, we’re also skilled with knitting needles.


The Knitting Needles: Very creative! LMAO!!!

The Knitting Needles

Just wheeled over to tell the ladies you like our quilt. They were delighted and asked me to thank you. Three sections left are open to ideas.


Maybe something on the quilt using all the hair extensions in the house???


I swear Gina needs to get to a doctor to find out why she has such a gas issue. All she does is burp and fart. It is the grossest thing I have ever seen especially coming from a woman. And of course wouldnt you know it that Amanduh wants to take over the HOH by sleeping there instead of where she is supposed to. Other than last week being a have not she has spent a tremendous amount of time in the HOH room/bed. I feel so sorry for MC and Amanduh fighting most of the night………….NOT!!!. I still say it is selfish of them to take the HOH on the first night that GM had it….that is so wrong. And of course Helen doesnt want to discuss the fact that Amanduh was just as mean if not more to Jessie….of course not. Good thinking on Candice’s part to want to have a witness to any conversation but do you really think they would back her up? Of course not. They would just say it was a lie or they didnt hear it…..time to shake the house loose of all the leeches like Amanduh. MC, and of course floater Andy


GM has gas issues because she chews like a cow..all the air goes into her mouth and comes out her ass. Everytime I see her eating in the after dark feed…I feel like throwing up, smack smack smack, slurp slurp slurp, everything she eats rolling around in her wide open gob. It’s disgusting. Amanda and her nasty mouth and GM and her foul eating issues..I’d be smothering them in their sleep!


the sad part though is that some doctor will prescribe her a bunch of meds for it, when all she needs is your right on advice of SLOW DOWN while you are eating, and be careful of when you drink anything while you are eating, as that can disrupt the process, air bubbles and the like

Roisin Dubh

It ain’t gonna be pretty when Helen gets blindsided. I can see this set up a mile away. It’s way past time to shake up the house. Too bad Howard’s game sucked so bad, he could’ve done some serious damge. As much as I dislike Andy, the guy’s game is solid. He’s off everybody’s radar. It’ll be interesting to see what he does when Amanda gets booted. It’s coming people, her mouth is gonna get her in trouble.


I know a lot of people both professionally and personally whose self-esteem is tied to putting other people down. It’s a part of their DNA. They need everybody else to be losers, so that they can feel like winners. The one thing I’ve always taken away from conversations with these kind of people is a simple conclusion. If they talk s**t about everybody, then they’re either talking s**t about me to others already or will do so the second I fall even a little bit out of favor. After all, why would I be exempt. If my boss talks s**t about every single one of my colleagues, then surely she’s talking about me to them in the same fashion (for my boss, it’s a divide and conquer strategy: pit us all against each other and hope competition emerges rather than paralyzing score settling…hence Amanda’s strategy). If my friend talks s**t about all my other friends, then she’s talking about me to them in the same fashion.

I don’t quite understand why nobody picks up on Amanda and Helen’s “Terrible Person of the Week” strategy and realize eventually it will be their “turn to go” according to Helen. And given the general preoccupation with how “personal” attacks (like the house conclusion that Howard and Candice made racism an issue rather than them) will impact how they are viewed outside of the house, I’m surprised nobody appreciates (other than McCrea) how the personal attacks are wrong, unnecessary, and outside the game…and fear the day when these forces are unleashed on them.


What pisses me off the most about this Amanda & Jessie fight is that we have a bullying epidemic in this country. And we’re trying to teach our children to stand up if they see bullying & say something against it. But how are our children supposed to learn this if our adults don’t do it. This house full of adults is standing behind the person doing to bullying & contributing to the problem by making their own remarks towards the person being bullied (here’s looking at you Helen). I guess Big Brother has proved that you can really sell your integrity for a half a million dollars. Wonder if Helen would take the side of the bully if her children were being bullied?


Bullying has become the most over and misused term in this country.

Arguments are not bullying and we need to teach our children to stand up for themselves and stand their ground rather than always looking for somebody to save them from confrontation. This belief that every confrontation, every fight, every argument must always be classified as bullying is creating a weak culture and I fear for future generations who are incapable of being strong and having a backbone, with the courage of their convictions.

A bully is somebody who picks on somebody weaker than them and continues to do so long after it’s clear the other person will not fight back or a group that attacks a single person. Jessie was bullied the night of Nick’s eviction, but last night was a fight and Jessie gave as good as she got. Anybody who won’t stand up to Amanda is allowing themselves to be bullied. They are all grown adults with a voice and if they choose not to fight back, they are not victims. They’re cowards.


Stephanie, as someone who works with kids, the school system, the legal system, etc. I fully approve and endorse this message.


we understand the definition of “bullying”very clearly.be it a kid in school picked on mercilessly day after day OR an adult who singled out for attack by every other adult in a household makes no difference.amanda and aayrn seem to take a sadistic pleasure in hurting people.they actually smile when re-telling an every detail. don’t they do a psych evalution on these people?

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted


amanda has bullied jess the entire season, just because jess stood up for herself in the fight last night doesnt mean she wasnt being bullied…and with the house now against jess the piling on and ganging up on her in numbers bullying, name calling and mean spiritedness will likely continue, because most of these people have no class…they can see someone is down and want to kick the life out of them…everyone has to get evicted at some point but the relentless nature of continually hacking on people in various ways until they leave is disgusting


Dating myself, Ali, but this reminds me of the movie, “Magic Christian” with Ringo Starr. In the end, he takes wads of cash and dumps into a huge tank of urine and feces to see how many people would jump in to get the money.


WOOOOW! now everyone’s turning on the nicest person in the house because of scumanda!? IM DONE xD


Did Amanda get a good edit last night?

Some people saying she didn’t others saying she did whats the scoop OBB peeps


she did. they made her look like the victim when arguing with Spencer. “Who tells a woman to shut up?” This bitch NEEDS to shut up!


The word “woman” and the word Ämanda, should not be used in the same sentence. Back stabbing, cow with implants, would be a better name……….


My two cents. Her edit was fine… she announced her ‘engagement’ and now America is looking forward to the wedding…. Aaryn is still public enemy number one. Julie Chen can’t control her emotions – she’s spewing out venom whenever she has to speak to Aaryn…. Julie’s attitude has to be impacting America’s vote… Anyone that understands the game saw Candice pull a Cliff Clavin by calling out Spencer… And Helen’s beginning to be portrayed as the manipulating rat she is…


thanks for the info.. so if Amanda goes up as 3rd nom it’ll be due to the feed watchers and cat people otherwise the millions that just watch the CBS edit will put up Aaryn.


That is current Simon.
From cbs forums they want Aaryn up and not Amanda.
Oh how I want people to see the real Amanda. I even
Send TMZ.com that YouTube video of Amanda. I don’t think
It’s fair Aaryn was called out but not Amanda. I don’t want to sound mean
But tmz, TV, movies and even major actors in TV are Jews, look it up.they
Protect each other so amanda mean persona we will never see.
I bet she is going to win the top prize.


No, you have this all wrong – the lord said ‘let my people go’ – not, leave my people alone!


i have friends that only watch the show and they all want to vote for Helen as 3rd nom…..b/c Aaran (sp) is laying low on tv……

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

ohhh Simon-boo America is DEF going to put up Aaryn. And Helen is wearing me out.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I know good and hell well that I put my 10 votes towards amanda and her funky gorilla attitude.


we need to VOTE HELEN on the block this week. those idiots had the golden opportunity to get Amanda out and they bitched out. fuck Helen and her BBQ party.


it’s depends on perspective – if you like amanda, she didn’t, if you don’t like her, she did. bottom line, she hasn’t gotten the same attention for her remarks as aaryn, gm and kaitlin.


I thought her edit sucked. Her good bye remarks to Howard came across as petty and mean spirited, plus, she looked like shit while saying them.


McManda needs to be broken up!!! Send this nasty hoe home. I really hope she is again the MVP nominee and the house gets a clue and votes her out.


I wish Julie would tell them that it is America who is voting, that way Amanda will know that America does not care how funny she thinks she is! I want her to know how much America is disgusted with her bullying, belligerent, aggressive behavior. Amanda needs to go, but that house needs to grow a pair! When is McCrea going to realize she isn’t the dashing bride he thinks she will be? He’s already showing that he’s getting fed up with her. He thinks he can control her-WRONG!!! If Amanda does have help from production, then I can see why she is so carefree with what she does and what she says. It’s too bad she has to be this way. They voted out Jeremy for doing the exact same crap that Amanda is doing. It disgusts me to watch these people stand by and agree with her out of fear of Amanda’s wrath. What she said about Howard and using it as game play-sorry, there’s no way I would ever respect anyone who would do that. Bad things happen when good people do nothing. It’s time for the BB house to take the control away from Amanda and Helen! AMEN!



Interesting evidence on Amanda demonstrating her true self, even though we all know production is giving her a favorable edit on CBS…

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: youtube.com/watch?v=LcmnVw-RQM0&feature=youtube_gdata_player –

(lets try to get her out or at the very least keep stirring her pot, ha!)


I already vote 10 times on Aaryn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howard issue

Amanda is telling the house you said you want to “f*** the s*** out of her.”

“No. No. It wasn’t anything to that degree. Basically, I said we could hang out, you’re so hot. She had always joked with me in that fashion, even in public around other houseguests. … It was said in a joking manner. If she took it as [threatening], I will apologize over and over because I definitely didn’t mean it in an offensive manner.”

“I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I’m just carefree in the game. … I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it. That’s a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they’re really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn’t control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy … I mean, that’s basically what it was. I wouldn’t harass anybody.”


Sounds like he is trying to clean up what he originally said. Still sounds like a pervert though

Say What

Do I have the right feeds? Did something get switched up? Candice you went berserk the last 2 weeks and you have the nerve to say Jessie is acting funny. The only house guest that was even considering helping Howard, Candice throws under the bus big time. This is Candice: Yeah Jessie was going to vote Amanda out but then she woke up and was a different person. That’s what you remember Candice? What I saw was after Howard’s urging, Jessie approached Andy, big mistake, then she reported back to Howard /Candice saying that she was out. So Candice, Amanda was all up in your face after the vote, Helen up in your face after the vote, Aaryn in your face after the vote, Elissa in your face after the vote. So you wake up in the morning, and who is the person you want to go to battle with, Jessie! Jessie is such an easy target, so why not take your frustrations out on her. Is that your thinking? Man it is so hard to root for anyone in the house. Candice I wanted to root for you these next few weeks. Candice, it takes a courageous person not to follow a pack and protect the weak. Jessie is in a bind, but instead of helping her, you jump onboard with the hate against Jessie. Why? Its very disappointing.

Now Helen is saying that Jessie was being very disrespectful to Amanda last night. Helen, are you talking about last night? Where Amanda calls Jessie a s**t and tells her to close her legs? Helen is now getting Elissa and Candice together to go confront Jessie about being mean to Amanda. Wow! Even when someone finally stands up to Amanda, the rest of the pack gathers to beat you down. Jessie, I am not sure how long you can keep it together before breaking. Best of luck Jessie!


Helen is the most fake person in the house. Would be nice to see her go during double eviction .. OK OK OK OK

Varys Blackfyre

I 100% agree. It’s one thing to tell small lies in this game, but Helen and Amanda take it to personal levels and that’s why I can’t root for them. If they were halfway decent people I would be cheering them on, but they are just hypocrital. If you are going to be a bad a** then own it, don’t pretend to be a victim.


She freaked out so bad when Elissa got Ameri-nommed. Imagine how crazy she’ll get if she is the third nominee and Julie tells her that America is MVP. She’ll tear up the floorboard walking back and forth. Ok Ok Ok




Unless Jessie wins HOH for the double eviction nothing exciting will happen. Itll just be spencer and candice


Helen needs Candice in order to take down Amanda. If Candice leaves this week, the goof troop will definitely win this season with five or six members (Arryn, Amanda, Mc Crae, Andy, Judd and Gina) out of the remaining house guest. As for Candice, hopefully she will be enlightened that her best move is to stick with Elissa and Helen (for now). Howard completely ruined her game for her, putting doubts on Helen and Elissa and saying that she can trust Andy. Candice needs to realize that she can’t target two pairs in one sweep, she needs to align first in one and if she really is vindictive try to cut them later in the game.

Jessie’s game is now toast (thank you Howard). Amanda and Helen are now starting to campaign against her, Amanda because Jessie targeted her, and Helen to save Candace. Unless she wins veto she’s going out this week, hopefully she wins and Judd goes up. This would reduce the followers of Amanda and I doubt that he will go down quietly, with him on the block the hidden alliance of Andy, Mc Crae and Amanda would be exposed.


This goes far beyond playing the game, Amanda is just plain malicious. She slandered Howard, among others, and he could feel the impact of her “game” outside the house, possibly in his job as a youth counselor. Although CBS has decided to distance itself from these kinds of issues, they have to realize despite the increased buzz BB15 is causing in the media, there is also a negative backlash in the making that they may have to answer to. CBS is propagating racism, bigotry, bullying, homophobia and harassment.

It’s not all right to make the kinds of horrific comments some of these “houseguests” continue to make under the guise of “only kidding”. They have no respect for anyone or anything, not even themselves. This behavior just didn’t suddenly materialize in the BB house.

I hope Amanda and Aaryn’s families are especially proud of their daughters. Maybe Mrs. Zuckerman can get the name of the publicist Aaryn’s mother will be using to clean up her daughter’s image, too.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Call me crazy, but for some reason I think Aaryn and GM might last longer than Amanda. How Ironic is that?


REPOST because I nailed it on the head

So, this week on the smear campaign Jessie will find mud thrown, rubbed, and shoveled all over her name. It is the same mud that Howie couldn’t shake and only comes from the bottom of the darkest part of lake McCranda and is carried INTO the Big Brother house in buckets by Helen. Who then passes it around in little cups to Judd and Andy. Helen knows how deadly suffocating that McCranda mud is and will eventually win this game because she some how seems to clean the mud off her hands each week by rubbing them on the backs of “their” outsiders(Howie/Kaitlyn/Jeremy/Nick) and watching them get devoured by the one headed beast. The only way out of the grips is to sell your soul ( Aaryn) and once you escape, hush your mouth (Spencer; who just escaped the wrath and is now being advised on how to lay low) and then become happy like the example that went before you (Elissa; who sold her soul to stay and then shut up to take orders and is surly going to make it to jury which she will only collect crumbs 13k ).

He who dares to drain the deep dark lake “McCranda” will surly perish because Helen isn’t done using them. And they don’t know it. Sure, Helen cares about Candice and Elissa and would love to have them in the final four. But no one will threaten her source of power. We know she’s willing and ready to drop Candi and not even Elissa is safe. Whom she started to throw over board into the belly of the lake because she had to convince Elissa over and over again to not put up Amanda, to not go after Aaryn or McCrae even after he back stabbed her. Helen used Elissa’s MVP’s to gain an alliance with the Lake. Why the F*** do you think Helen is the only one able to carry in those buckets of mud? Why whenever Amanda goes off and even McCrae is angry with her Helen tries to justify it?(Helen was just justifying Amanda’s going of Jessie) Because she needs them ya’ll. And will win this game because as she has cleaned her hands of the dirt, she pointed out to Andy that Jessie had mud in her hair. And she told Candi that Aaryn had dirt in her laundry. Even the lake doesn’t know that the mud is coming from its depths. Helen’s lie to them is the Moving Company brought it in with their 18 wheel trucks and now the Beast of the lake Amanda is getting them all out. But every one see’s McCranda’s muddy shoe prints that of course Helen first pointed out. Half way in and someone crown HELEN the champion for a Season well played.



And 100% correct.


Pandora. Amazing story I agree. Helen winning against Amanda? No way.


Jessie is a little devil? It looks like the followers have been convinced that Jessie is a mega threat and should be evicted. The house guests are preparing to shot another puppy, and leave the rabid pit bull off leash in the house.


Hey Simon! I wouldn’t say that Amanda got a bad edit but they did show her goodbye speech to Howard (It wasn’t really nasty but somewhat cold maybe). Judging by the studio audience positive reaction to Howard, that speech didn’t win Amanda any fans. I know the whole studio audience would probably vote for Amanda this week.


Thanks good to know I missed the goodbye messages..


This is what Howard siad to Amanda.

I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it.

Amanda is telling the house you said you want to “f*** the s*** out of her.”

“No. No. It wasn’t anything to that degree. Basically, I said we could hang out, you’re so hot. She had always joked with me in that fashion, even in public around other houseguests. … It was said in a joking manner. If she took it as [threatening], I will apologize over and over because I definitely didn’t mean it in an offensive manner.”


Dah, Gina! Of course it smell like farts up in the HOH room. SKANKY cougar Amanda and the nail biting gypsy boy were doing all kinds of gross things in that bed. Probably smelled more like a can of rotten sardines.
Boot that bitch Amanda out of your room and out of the HOUSE. Put her up!!!!!


Bring Back the Glass Box, i totally agree with you. I’m not done with this season because aside from Candice (don’t care for her) and Spencer. I’ll receive some type of joy watching everybody else walk out that door. I don’t feel too bad for Jessie. She had a chance to do something passed it up and now she’s reaping what she sowed. I won’t feel bad for Judd, Andy, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, or Ginamarie when the numbers (aka the house) decide to single one of them out and make up things and turn on them to get them out.


Someone – oh please someone…Have the f’n balls to vote Amanda the A-hole out.


So Jessie is striking out with all the guys. She is now starting with the girls. Candice is not interested. Is Jessie just mad because no one wants her?

Bye Bye BB

I cant believe that Judd and Helen the BB know it alls can’t see through amanda, she is a disgrace to all women, it’s amazing that none of them can see what a low life piece of dirt she is, and mc is dipping his ink in that well better get tested when he leaves, does he honestly think that she is going to give him the time of day outside the house, for such a “classy woman” she is a real slob in her appearance, walking around in stained underwear, come off it, high end real estate agent my ass. pretty sure cbs cancels BB after this lot or at least fires their casting director


Sorry, I just skim over the Amanda hate now. It’s the same every week. Anything new to report?


Seriously, we get it folks, you don’t like Amanda. I don’t like Elissa, i don’t inject that sentiment into EVERY FREAKING POST.


Am sure with Gina Whorina sharing her bed with hair-legged MANda other house guests are going to have to separated them like dogs in heat: throw a bucket of cold water on them.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

What happens when Amanda turns on McCrae the way she did Howard, and is currently doing with Judd and Jessie? it’s “game” right?

give me a break

This season is so disgusting…….C.B.S. has cast to many Aaryn like minded people in the house….the racism has tarnish this season…the only thing people will remember about big brother 15 is………” Oh that’s the racists seasons”….i don’t mind game play..but when racist comments are spouted out of house guest mouth and their is no repercussion for that hate speech…and the victim of the hate speech(candice) is being blame for being hurt by it…WHAT!!!!! the house if full of people with Aaryn and Amanda ideology and this is sick…..I’m happy to see that Elissa find that language disgusting and does not tolerate it and i know Jessie feels the same way but is afraid to say anything because she get’s bully. After this season is over and CBS decided bring these people back..it just show us that they like racism…these people should not be seen on T.V. again.


What is going to happen next week with MVP and double eviction? Will there only be 2 nominations???


Hey Simon! in my personal opinion I don’t think this week (Wednesday & Thursday episodes mainly) CBS did Helen any favors. Because as much as I want to see Amanda go, (With all of her jumping up & down and yelling like a 5 year old kid) I almost want her out of the house more than Amanda.


The good thing about a double eviction week is usually someone lame goes home but also somebody strong goes as well. That’s what i am hoping for. Looks like somebody lame (Candice, Spencer or Jessie) will leave under GM HoH reign but got my fingers crossed that the second person leaving this Thursday will be somebody strong.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

i was thinking the same thing! like what happened to poor jeff =( f**kin clownshoes!!

la la la

I want to punch helen and spencer in the face!

Uncle Thomas

Amanda is the biggest racist/bigot in this house and she is a Jew. Why is this crazy bitch on BB15?
She makes Aaryn and Gina look like saints!
Love to be around when she reads and views herself on Huffington!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I really think she feels like her being Jewish is a hall pass for being a bigot. She calls her self queen of the fag-hags and that is why she is allowed to call andy nasty names. I will tell you though, I may call my best gay friend names in a joking manner when we are ALONE (as does he, to me) (wonderful bitches ;) but he would hit me in the face if I said that stuff on national television.



Your post reminded me of that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry’s dentist converted to Judaism and started making Jewish jokes because he could. Lol


Dawg and Simon- Keep my name out your mouth! Hahahahahaha! Kidding, thanks for all you do guys, I enjoy coming in here everyday and reading about how the sheeps are listening to their Shephards!


C’mon Gigi, shock us and put Helen up with Andy or Spencer then America can do their part in voting out the Queen bitch themselves. (Amanda).