Amanda & Jessie FIGHT! Amanda says you go after every guy, CLOSE YOUR F**KING LEGS YOU SL*T!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
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HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
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Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

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1am Up in the HOH room – Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae are talking. Amanda says that is was Jessie who went to Candice with latest plan, it wasn’t Candice approaching Jessie. Judd brings up how last week Jessie came up to him and told him things she had told people. Judd says that he was surprised. He says that Jessie suddenly thought she was a mastermind. Aaryn tells Judd that Jessie had said Judd should sleeping in the bed with Aaryn tonight, and that Jessie was in the bed with Spencer under the covers. Helen says don’t worry, we will get her out. Judd leaves the HOH room and says that Jessie should go this week. Judd asks Ginamarie if she would consider putting up Jessie. Gina says that’s an option. Judd says that if Jessie doesn’t want to be here. He says that Candice and Spencer do. Amanda tells Gina that she wouldn’t even put Spencer up, if he isn’t coming after you. Judd says would or wouldn’t? Amanda said would not. Judd tells Gina that he would support whatever she did 100%. Judd tells Gina that if she put Jessie up, he would appreciate it and owe her. Gina says that she will consider putting up Jessie. Judd says that he hopes he is close enough with people up here for them to know that any partnership he had with Jessie is over. Gina brings up how Jessie went from guy to guy. Amanda says that Jessie thinks McCrae is the cutest guy. Amanda says that she is going to tell Jessie that she is gone. Aaryn tells her not to and to at least wait until she is evicted.


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Meanwhile in the kitchen – Andy and Judd are talking to Candice. Candice says that what comes up must come down. Andy tells her that the best thing for her is to just not freak out. Judd tells Candice no have not’s this week. Candice starts crying. Judd says aw, don’t cry. Candice asks I wonder if in diary room they’ll tell me, if Howard really said that. (If he whispered to Amanda that he wanted to f**k the sh*t out of her.) Andy says I wonder if they would. Candice says I can’t imagine someone toting around their bible and praying 4 times a day saying something like that. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they return, Elissa is talking to Candice. Elissa says that every time she tried to get Howard to talk game he wouldn’t. Candice says well maybe because he didn’t trust you. Elissa says that’s not it. Elissa says that she thinks Howard didn’t talk to her because she has moral and values. Like that I saw right through him. Candice says But I have morals and values. Elissa says I know you do too. I am a mom and I feel like whenever I would talk to him he would get weird. I didn’t put him on the block because you were close to him. Helen comes down and tells and tries to tell Candice and her and Elissa have tried to work with Candice but that Candice keeps saying that we have a final 4 deal with Amanda and McCrae. Helen says we don’t and it hurts our game for you to say that. Candice starts going off about how she doesn’t like Amanda. She says that Amanda is the female version of Jeremy. She tries to manipulate and run the house and I don’t like that. Helen says we have stuck up for you and the comments you have made hurt out game. Amanda comes down and apologizes to Candice for getting into it with her. Amanda heads to the bedroom and tells Spencer that he is so smart for keeping quiet. You are not going up on the block this week. I could learn a thing or two from you. Amanda tells Spencer that Jessie told Aaryn that she thinks McCrae is the hottest guy and that she checks him out all the time. Amanda says probably shouldn’t tell me that when I am a little buzzed. Back in the kitchen – Helen and Elissa continue to talk to Candice. Candice says that if Howard did say that to Amanda then damn him all to hell for saying some like that. Helen says we didn’t tell you because we didn’t know if it was true and he would just deny it.

1:10am Aaryn comes down to the kitchen and talks to Candice. Aaryn tells Candice that she feels threatened by Candice because you said I was saying racist things. Aaryn says that she is sorry if she felt that way because she didn’t mean it that way. When I head you called me a racist it freaking scared me because it is on national tv and I just never meant to say anything derogatory like that. I did what people to have that bug in their ear. Aaryn says that she thought you were coming after her so I had to put her up. I really am sorry if you felt that I was coming after you in a derogatory way because that is unacceptable and disgusting. If I ever say anything that upsets you please tell me. I have respect for you and hope that you do for me also. I would like to talk to you and if you would want to I am here. Aaryn says that she is sorry that Candice lost Howard and says that it upset her to see him walk out the door too. Aaryn heads back up stairs. Helen, Elissa and Candice continue to talk about Howard and he acted weird towards them. Elissa tells Candice that she felt Howard was praying on her. Candice says it wasn’t smooth sailing with Howard. She says we never hooked up. I would call him on his sh*t all the time. Helen says even with all the racial slurs Howard was voting with Aaryn. Why would he do that if he was supposedly so mad at her. Elissa says that Aaryn would get uncomfortable when Howard would come up to the HOH room alone with her. Elissa says she wonders how Howard is being portrayed like showing him pray and then show him saying that to Amanda.

1:40am Up in the HOH room – Ginamarie, Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn. Are talking about the bachelor/bachelorette party that they will have for Amanda/McCrae getting maried. Aaryn comments that she has officially earned enough money to get breast implants. Can I get a round of applause?! They talk about how they are already at 6 grand and if they make it to jury then they are guaranteed 13 grand. Amanda and McCrae then play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to decide if the bachelor or bachelorette party happens first and gets all the alcohol. McCrae wins so the bachelor party is first.


The following fight between Amanda and Jessie was blocked on the live feeds but the audio was running. Either production was trying to block the fight or someone fell asleep in the control room because the cameras show a one view of the backyard and then switch to the we’ll be right back screen with the audio still on the backyard.


1:55am – 2am The house guests are in the backyard. They’re talking about the HOH competition. Amanda says she just wants to let everyone know that he won and so the bachelor party comes first. Jessie says she doesn’t want to go to the bachelor party by the way. Amanda says don’t worry Jessie you weren’t invited. (The camera isn’t on the backyard but the audio is.) Jessie calls Amanda a bully and says that just because you have big t*ts doesn’t mean you are any less of a bully. Amanda says I have been nice to you. Jessie says yeah you are so nice Amanda you have such a loving kind heart. Amanda says the only reason why I am angry is because you came up with a scheme to get me out of the house. Jessie asks why are you mad at me, so you both want to gang up on me. Amanda YELLS It’s all you, don’t play the VICTIM JESSIE! You played your card, I am going to make you a shirt. America please make Jessie I am a victim shirt with Jessie’s fu*king face underneath it. Jessie says you’re a bully. Amanda says it’s so easy for you to say bully, I am a bully! Well you know I am pissed because you tried to flip the house on me TWICE! SO GO F**K YOURSELF JESSIE! THAT’S NOT ME BEING A BULLY THAT’S ME DEFENDING MYSELF! GO F**K YOURSELF! Amanda yells you think that McCrae is the sexiest guy in the house, and that you check him out all the time. Jessie says your insecurities speak for themselves Amanda. Amanda says I am insecure, I am so insecure! Go hit on someone else’s guy. Jessie says I don’t want McCrae. Amanda says all the women out there this woman wants to snatch up your husband. Hide your boyfriends, Hide your husbands because this BIT*H will try and steal it! Jessie says right I’m a man stealer. Jessie says it doesn’t surprise me that everyone has my name in their mouth! Amanda asks what’s not in your mouth Jessie! Jessie says you’re the one to talk Amanda, like seriously. You had a boyfriend when you came here. Amanda says I had someone I was dating for 2 months. Jessie says you told everyone you were in love with him and that ya’ll were soul mates when you met him.
Amanda says you go after every girls guy, CLOSE YOUR F**KING LEGS YOU SL*T! Jessie says I am not sitting out here in my f**King underwear Amanda! You’re in your underwear! Amanda says oh I am sure that offends you, please! Thank god you didn’t come here with a f**king boyfriend! Jessie says and you did which is hilarious! Amanda says everyone thinks you are a man stealer! Jessie says that’s why everyone is afraid to stand up to you because they are afraid that you are going to do the same sh*t to them. Amanda says afraid, is everyone afraid? Jessie says everyone in here said at one point or another that they wanted to get you out but they are afraid because you are in an alliance with Helen. Amanda says yes me and Helen are in our own alliance together. Jessie says yes you are. Amanda says BYE Jessie! Jessie says I am not afraid of you Amanda. Amanda says well you should be, that’s why you will be f**King going home this week!CBS Interactive Inc. Jessie says alright, so everybody agrees with that because Amanda said it? Amanda says you dug your own grave. Jessie asks yeah with you? Or the whole house? Amanda says everyone! Jessie says the only reason I would want to go home is because I could not stand living with you for another week. Amanda says then go home! The cameras now show the inside of the house. Andy laughs with Elissa about how Jessie and Amanda are going off on each other calling each other bit*hes and sl*ts! Helen comes in and says that she tried to be nice to Jessie and she is trying to do all this stuff and I never yelled at her or anything. Helen heads upstairs. Andy says yeah go be with yourself for a bit. Helen says I never said one bad thing about you.


2:03am – 2:35am In the bedroom – Candice, Aaryn and Andy are talking. Candice is upset still about the things Amanda has said about Howard. Andy says he understands and says that it’s been an emotional day. Candice starts to say that she doesn’t understand why Amanda wouldn’t say that things while Howard was still in the house. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Gina, Helen and Elissa are up in the HOH room. The feeds switch back down to the kitchen where you can hear the backyard fight still going on. Amanda says that Jessie is acting like a psychopath. Big Brother then switches all for cameras to the HOH where Candice is talking to Helen and Elissa. Candice is talking about Jessie and how weird she has been acting. Aaryn comes up and talks about how Amanda and Jessie are still screaming in the backyard. Candice talks about how Jessie was plotting to get out Amanda and then woke up and she was a different person. She didn’t say anything about the plan, it was like she was a different person. Candice says that Jessie said that I wasn’t giving her enough attention. I didn’t know we were bumping pu$$ies!? I am strictly di*kly! I was confused. Candice says it’s like she has multiple personalities or something. Helen says yeah she is schizophrenic! Spencer and Gina join them and they talk about random things.

3:20am – Candice, Elissa, Andy and Spencer head to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Meanwhile up in the HOH room. Aaryn says now I have to kiss Jessie’s a$$ to say I am so sorry that happened. I just don’t want Jessie to put me up together with you Amanda if she wins HOH next week. Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, Judd are talking in the HOH room. Judd asks who Gina is putting up. Gina says Candice for sure and then either Jessie or Spencer. Aaryn says that she doesn’t think Spencer deserves to go up at this point. Judd thinks Jessie needs to go up to get scared a little. They talk about how if the veto has prizes Jessie will take them even if she is on the block. Gina says that Jessie just wants money and di*k! If you just want that be a prostitute! Aaryn tells Gina to get Helen to help get Candice out this week by telling her you will vote how she wants next week. Aaryn says Jessie isn’t dangerous because she is stupid! Candice needs to go because she is smart. Gina tells Amanda that Jessie saying Amanda had a boyfriend outside the house was a low blow. Amanda says it was only a 2 month relationship and I only said I had a boyfriend to seem less threatening to the girls.


3:35am – 4am Aaryn jumps on Amanda in bed and then Gina jumps on top of Aaryn. Gina then starts humping Aaryn. They all laugh. Gina gets off and asks is that your microphone or are you just happy to see me? Amanda then gets up off the bed and humps Gina on the floor. The conversation turns to talking about Candice going home this week and Jessie next week. Aaryn tells Judd if he falls off another log thing she is going to cut him! I will leave you and form a new alliance. They think next weeks HOH will be the Knock out competition. They talk about Frank and Aaryn says that she is obsessed with him. McCrae says he is a good looking dude. Aaryn says he is so fine! I would marry him in a heartbeat! If Frank walked up to me and asked me to marry him I would say yes, and I will do anything that you want me to do for the rest of my life! Judd tells Aaryn that he will give her a hall pass on Frank if he can have one on JoJo! Aaryn says ew no because I don’t want chlamydia! Judd says Jojo’s not nasty! Aaryn says yes she is! Sorry but she is disgusting! You called me trash, that girl’s trash! Sorry Jojo but you’re tacky. Judd says no no, she’s hot she’s my dream girl. Gina says she’s not hot, she’s pretty. Aaryn says she looks like a gremlin. Judd says she’s not. Judd asks McCrae what he thinks. McCrae says she’s nice and good looking, shout out to Jojo. Aaryn says that McCrae just knows how brutal the live feeders are.. McCrae says she could be watching or if I say something bad about her it could go directly to her. Aaryn says well Jojo come at me girl. McCrae comments Jojo has a nice a$$. Aaryn says she looks like a rat! Judd says no, no, no. Aaryn says Ashley’s hotter than jojo. She was a rat and talked sh*t about Danielle who was a sweet little girl. Aaryn says Jojo said Danielle was fat but I have news for you Jojo you have a belly. In the HOH bed Gina asks McCrae if he thinks Nick would be proud of her. McCrae says oh yeah you did good! Gina says you too. Aaryn heads down stairs. Judd comments on how it was another drama filled night. McCrae says yeah, I wish Amanda wouldn’t get into that kind of sh*t with people because it doesn’t make her look good.


4:05am UP in the HOH room – Judd says that he is trying to distancing himself from Jessie. McCrae asks Judd to do damage control for Amanda. Judd tells him that there isn’t much damage control to do. Judd says McCrae is over thinking it and being paranoid. Judd and McCrae talk about how misused the word bully is. Judd says that so many people use it when its not’s what’s happening. You’re having a conversation you’re not being bullied. Judd heads down stairs and McCrae and Gina talk about getting Candice out this week. Gina says that this week is a good week because putting she is putting up two people that most of the house wants out anyways. Gina says that Jessie was never my friend anyhow, she’s an a$$ kisser. McCrae says that he is worried if Gina puts up Jessie then Amanda will be blamed for it. Gina tells McCrae that Jessie voted the wrong way. She is a flip flopper! Gina says and Candice, I don’t like her attacking people about race and the bed flipping was a joke, I was in the room. Gina starts talking about he photo of Nick and says she is going to marry him.

4:55am – 5:55am McCrae and Amanda are up in the HOH bed. Amanda talks about the fight with Jessie and how she lost her cool. McCrae is annoyed at her for going off on people because it makes her look bad. Amanda says that she is protective. McCrae says that he wants Candice to go. Amanda says that Jesse saying I am using you is not okay, and that you need to grow a pair. McCrae says it’s no skin off my a$$. Amanda says how dare she say that. Amanda says it is hard for me to say some women come to my man talking sh*t about my man, that is very ballsy and do you expect me to take it? McCrae tells Amanda that this is Big Brother you should, pick your battles. McCrae tells Amanda if we are playing as a team, then I can’t have you going off like that and getting into arguments. McCrae tells Amanda to forget all the personal stuff, there is no personal here. Amanda says it makes her and she sees red. I want to rip her f**king face off, maybe it will make people aware that they shouldn’t scheme. Amanda says I am done with this conversation! McCrae asks do you really want me to say you did a good job out there? Amanda says I am not supposed to be upset about that? McCrae says pick your battles and pick the right time to strike. Amanda says she started it, she is getting the best of us and you turned it into an argument between us. I don’t want to f**king talk about this. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back start making out under the covers. They get all hot and heavy and then go to sleep.
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6:30am – 7am Judd is up, he runs into Helen who is also up going to the washroom. He tells her he can’t sleetp. Judd then takes a shower and then goes back to bed.

8:25am All the house guests are still sleeping.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Too bad the Double Eviction this week isn’t, one voted by the HGs and the other voted by America. Amanda has to go. Why do they not realize this? Personally, I wish that GM would put both McCrae and Amanda on the block this week. GM tried to make a deal with McCrae – he refused the deal and ended up falling off. I am really tired of the Amanda/McCrae/Helen show running everything in the house. Amanda and McCrae are 5 for 5 and even tho Helen wanted Aaryn out last week, she went with the house. Why not just end the show right now and award these bozos final 3? Soooooo boring.


hey, i just thought of something…doesn’t the double eviction mean the end of the mvp next week? yea!

Amanda's dirty underwear

I really hope Amanda gets the 3rd nom & everybody in the house grows a pair & votes her a$$ out. Why is everyone so scared of her??? It seems like they are content just to play for 2nd or 3rd place.

Good for you Jessie for standing up to that BULLY! She is most def the female version of Jeremy but just happens to have big b00bies so she can get away with it.

We need Amanda, McCrae, & Helen(Ok, Ok) to get knocked down a peg & feel some heat, otherwise just write them a check now & get this over with.


I’ve already got my 10 votes in for Amanda as the 3rd nominee.


I hope she is gone 2. I don’t get why people protect and like Amanda so much!
Everybody is siding with Amanda after she attacked Jessi. Who in the hell wants MCnasty who looks like
He doesn’t take showers? Ewww… The last one talking and calling jessy a $lut should be Amanda! Like really Amanda?.

I’m so sick of production, they didn’t show Howard saying he wants to have $ex with her Amanda just because they want to
Protect their golden girl. They know its a lie and he never said that. They will never show us that clip because Amareica will dislike Amanda.

Shut it

Or is it because they dont want the only black guy in the house to look like some crazy nasty guy. The ones that pray so much and walk with a bible are the ones that you have to be careful of.

Shut it

America already hates Amanda that’s why she’s on the block every week so that makes your argument garbage and mine still valid


What does the size of her breast have to do with anything?? Seems most people are threatened by Amanda….she’s playing a great game. You don’t get to the end pussy footing around and being Ms congeniality!!!


Amanda has talked about gang raping people ,she has used people against each other . Amanda looks like a man . Jessie is sweet and kind . Amanda is the puppet master of the house . She is the Osama B in Laden of the house . Vote A MAN DA out .


If Amanda was such a great player she wouldn’t cry when others tried to play the same way, she would fight game on game. Instead she gets angry for being called out. Jessie is spot on, she is a bully, she is working with helen along with others and she is nasty. etc etc And Jessie will go on the block because Amanda wants her on it! I have zero respect for any of these so called players… We need CBS to interfere to wake them up and make this season watchable


Don’t include Helen in that. Her “protecting” people is just coinciding with Amanda not wanting them gone. She’ll realize she has ZERO power when someone wrongs her and doesn’t go because Amanda got someone evicted for her cheerios. Andy: “OMG, (name) just came up and ate your cheerios?! He/She has got to go!! That was obviously the work of a mastermind… I’ll go tell everyone and report back what each one of them says.”

Again, Helen’s power is artificial.


Hey unlikely: What with the homophobic comment “he/she”? Where is Andy as she? Filter your homophobic comments!


You read their comment the wrong way. He/She meaning whoever ate Amanda’s cheerios (could be a boy or a girl) then Andy runs around spreading it.


BBTK. Within the context and flow of ‘UnLikelyFan’s’ comments, I read the” HE/She” component as: (name) or (insert name), and not intended as a homophobic comment.

She Said What

I’m just not certain, you may very well be correct – but Helen was the one that sent Candice over the edge by telling her that Spencer was suggesting she go home (instead of Amanda) and silly Candice calls Spencer out in front of the house (talk about a legendary stupid BB move on Candice’s part) – and Helen also instigated last night’s fight between Amanda and Jessie. I can’t stand listening or watching Amanda or Helen – how they handle the double eviction should be interesting – at least last year Dan had a plan in place (albeit it didn’t work). So, if Helen and/or Amanda start planning for the next week’s DE – I’m guessing they will have been tipped off…


The double eviction and the MVP vote is not going to get either Amanda or Helen out. The double eviction will hurt HG’s like Candice, Jessie, Spencer and Judd. This past week has proven that placing one of the power houses up against anyone other than another powerhouse will not change anyone as the pecking order is to firmly established.
What might save Judd is Andy’s realization that the ‘other side’ blames Judd for exposing the deal between Howard, Spencer, Judd and Andy to get Amanda out. Once Andy get’s a sniff that it is Aaryn that threatens Andy’s F3 with Amanda/MacCrae, Well I think he already has and is working on getting Aaryn’s loyalty questioned (at least with MacCrae).


BB made a BIG mistake in bringing Candice into the game….she will NEVER win due to herself destruction…..she is not bb material! As for Helen….she DEFINITELY starts all the fights and Andy is the BIGGEST mole in the house! Will they ever figure it out??????????? I agree Amanda has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW she also needs to put some pants on getting tired of looking at her skanky fat a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda S.

This year they started with 16 players. Last night Julie told them they are at day 42 and half way through. If anyone in that house has half a brain, they have to assume that double evictions should start sometime soon. They would be smart to start planning for doubles.

Linda S.

I just have one question if anyone can answer it, please enlighten me.

I have never signed up for the live feeds but always checked these great spoilers from OBB. Has there always been this much “censorship” of the live feeds by CBS? I thought the whole point of the live feeds was to see exactly what was going on in the house (except for the competitions that are saved for the television broadcasts).



I agree, Amanda needs to go. Her parents should be embarrassed by her behavior. But they might not be because they said Amanda always gets what she wants, so they’re probably condone this behavior. The things Amanda do as a grown woman in that house would get teenagers expelled from school, and in some cases charged, and they’re just juveniles, but here this grown woman gets away with bullying and CBS does nothing to stop her. She berated and bullied Jessie for over an hour and not one person in that house, not the cast or production interfered and stopped her. I really wish Production would get to the bottom of this stuff Howard was supposedly had said, because the things Amanda said he said he said, and now Andy, Elisa, and Helen chiming in on it can get someone hurt physically, and career and personal life could be ruined behind a story like that. Amanda is worse than anything Aaryn has said. She’s a bully, and the vicious rumor she’s spreading about Howard is crazy and CBS needs to put a stop to her behavior. She has two different personalities. One minute she’s calm and staring off into space, and the next she’s acting like a wild maniac. Maybe Aaryn is right, Amanda takes too much Adderall.

I hated the comments Aaryn made, as well as her behavior earlier in the season, but I will say that with her she needs backup to behave that way, when she surrounds herself with better people she behaves better. I’m in no way condoning or excusing Aaryn’s behavior, and I do think she believes it’s fun to make fun of people that aren’t like her and she says racist things. Whether she knows her comments are racist well that remains to be seen. I can give her a little more credit because she really in her heart don’t see what she said as racist and needs to get out of the house and watch it back. She also apologized and I believe she was sincere in her apology. However I still believe she hates Candice, but I think once she get out of the house she will see that things could have gone differently between the two of them. Helen, thank God her children are small, because she’s such a liar. People love to hide behind the words, “It’s Just A Game”, but in the next breath say, “I have Morals and I never Lie”. True it’s just a game, but stop playing the holier than though routine and just play the game.


You’re so right! What CBS doesn’t get is that BB has been on so long now that generations of a family are watching. I could not believe when I turned it on the one night, with my grandson, and here comes Amanda strolling out like a Dom. That was bad enough, and caused me some explaining with his mother, but now, I have to explain to him why it’s ok for an adult to bully but not for them to do so. Needless to say, no one under 18 will be watching that in my house again. So there’s goes your future watchers, CBS. Whew! I have never commented as much as I have this year. I love my BB. I think we should start a save our BB campaign. lol


All of you are simply ridiculous. You obviously don’t watch the show. If you don’t remember, when Aaryn was being racist and was saying that everyone talks behind Jessie’s back— Amanda defended Jessie and told her that they were their for her. Amanda ALSO personally told Aaryn to stop being racist and mean because it was causing a lot of problems in the house. Amanda, as everyone else does, has people she wants out; the game is Big Brother, right? Everyone has targets.. I don’t see how you all call Amanda a bully. It sounds to me that Amanda tries to keep the house calm. Helen is the instigator of all the fights in the house, if you watch…. I’m sick of Candice trying to use the race card. MOVE ON! It’s getting old.. Candice herself has used the word “quaker” but nothing has been said about that!! She thinks she knows the whole game and knows what everyone’s like because she “studies” them. How weird, I bet she even knows when they take a dump. How can you be a speech therapist, when you can’t even speak proper English? … Then there is Spencer… He has his hand in his pants while he goes around, trying to coerce anyone and everyone, like he is their friend and looking out for them. In reality, he’s nothing but an idiot holding his junk. Howard needed to go.. His game sucked and the house was making him crazy. He started talking to himself and acting strange in front of the mirrors. No one ever could understand what he was saying. Wonder how he could be a councilor. Do the kids even understand what he is saying?
As for Amanda, she is playing BIG BROTHER! “What game are you playing, because we’re playing Big Brother!?”


True, I’d like to see the annoying racist Candice leave as well as the pervert molester Howard.

vote amanda 3rd nom every week until shes evicted

STANDING OVATION for Jessie!!!!!!!!!

even with everyone there turning their back on her for simply trying to play the game, she is the only one there that has the courage to stand up to the disgusting mean spirited racist homophobic bully amanda

i will be voting all votes for amanda to be 3rd nom until she is evicted

and voting americas favourite player for Jess, simply for being the only genuinely nice person there, and for being awesome


Ugh, another “What the House wants HOH”. Things that need to happen for it to maybe get switched up:

1) GM to remember how she has made comments before about putting Demanda on the block. Not to mention, if she is so mad about a couple people voting out Nick, then remember that Demanda and Helen orchastrated his leaving
2) Jessie to figure out that Andy was the one that ratted her out to Demanda
3) Judd to find out all the crap Demanda and Helen talk behind his back
4) GM and Aaryn getting a clue about their conversations earlier about where they actually stand in Demanda’s totem pole of sheep and puppets

I still hate everyone and think the casting director needs to be fire, but at least I can hope for those 4 things to happen. Finally, if you’ve not watched Demanda’s video, plz do it now:


I’m not sure if they orchestrated it; Helen and Elissa were both on the block with Nick. Who else should they target? They were fighting for their game. Nick was just too confident. Elissa ask him if she didn’t put him on the block would he not vote for her. Nick: Let me get back to you, which he never did. Yeah, Nick is the best player ever!


Amanda is out and Alison is finally being outed. Thank 4chan for keeping the audio opened. Support 4 chan getting little beads in the house with messages on them about Amanda. Hold Alison accountable!


after watching the amanda video – its official – she is the person I dislike the most in big brother history. I am from MN (like McCrae) and I would think he would be attracted to the MN Nice kind of girl – how anyone can look or talk to her in the house is beyond me.


Lol, ‘nice minnesota girl’….kaitlyn was a ‘nice mn girl’, so I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Being from MN =/= nice person

Jim Quinn

I watched her video, man if that gets out to more people, she is screwed,, got to share this as much as possible.. you need to include it in every post…Good Job.

Well color me stupid

Just watched the elusive Amanda saying stupid things YouTube video .. I think people are uber sensitive .. Saying she wants Candace to die from tweezers isn’t racist lol .. It’s just in bad taste … She doesn’t really want candace to die .. Geez .. Think about if she was in court and had to be judged by law on her words.. Really she has a potty mouth and no filter (the autism remarks and gay rhetoric was a low blow but still mostly potty mouth trash) .. If you need to see racism .. Check out Arryn .. Amanda is pretty filthy language wise but so far My eyes have not opened up in horror at how could she say these things… It’s stupid talk that she doesn’t in her heart really mean … She would be a strong leader and voice to any of these causes she has stupidly diarehea’d negatively about. Go ahead and thumbs down me .. If you really listen to what she is saying you will see its all hot air.

Chilltown Fan

Amanda or Helen needs to go. Andy is positioning himself to be the new Kevin, the gay that everyone likes that floats to the final 3.


I would disagree that Kevin was a floater. He did lay low during the first half of the game, but starting with his deciding vote to send Jesse home when Jeff played the POV, he made big moves. He made up the lie that ruined Jeff, Russell and Michelle’s game. He made up the lie and they fell for it. It changed the game. Then he was the one that got Jeff out. He was responsible for Jeff, Russell and Michelle going home, when they were poised, thanks to the coup d’etat to steamroll to the finals, but he took them out. He would have won if he had made final 2. I didn’t really like him much, but I give a player his due. I also really enjoyed his fight with Ronnie.


Sigh….. It’s a game, people. It isn’t real life. BB has always been my favorite show, not because of the tv episodes, I am a feedster at heart, since season 6, and I am a faithful regular on this site since season 11. This season sucks so bad, not just because of the dumbass cast and stupid MVP twist, but because of the reactions of fans that can’t separate game from real life. Nothing against Dawg and Simon who do an excellent job, but even this site isn’t fun like it has been in the past because of the rabid judging of players, not based on their game, but based on how offensive they are in a politically correct world. I am getting tired of reading the irrational Amanda hate. I am not defending her, but she has been playing strong, and since week one, I believe that her pushiness will be her downfall in the game. Aaryn said some things early on that were inappropriate, but the reaction from fans was even scarier. Some people here apparently won’t be happy until someone has tied her to a stake and lit a fire around her to punish her. They won’t be happy unless the lives of the people that have offended them are irreparably destroyed outside the house. It isn’t fun anymore. I don’t post as much as I have in other seasons, because my posts provoke venomous responses. It isn’t Simon and Dawg’s fault, they are the best. I do notice that most of the old regular aren’t posting this year. I will lie in the background hoping a game breaks out this season, but hope is fading. It looks like it will be rigged to placate the political correctness police. That;s not what I tune in to see. I keep personal lives and game separate.


Sorry, that wasn’t a reply to the above poster, just a general post.


OMG 10,000 thumbs up Chloe!!!!

I am so on the same page.

And let’s get real people. After last night anyone who would want Amanda gone must be
dumb as a stump.
Do you think anyone else in this house is gonna risk their game and
go apeshit like Amanda did?
I doubt it, the very reason you all hate her is one of the very reasons I DO NOT.
She has huge balls, no filter, and keeps me entertained when the other cams are showing
us Helens “OK, I love you’s”, Jessie whining yet again, GM and her “YO YO’S” and Aryan
trying to whitewash (see what I did? haha) herself.

I will even go out on a limb and say I would like TWO Amandas in this house.



Oh please. You’d be more entertained by a house that isn’t controlled by one person and the world would be a better place without bigots and racists allowed on television.


I believe in this thing called freedom of speech. That means that everyone, even racists and bigots have the right to their opinions, whether I or anyone else agrees with it or not. Apparently a lot of people think that it’s ok to say what’s on your mind, as long as they have the right opinions and anyone that thinks differently should shut up or be ostracised for exercising their right to say what they feel. That is not freedom! I would much rather people with uncomfortable views talk about them than to have it pushed under the surface where it becomes dangerous. Issues can only be dealt with successfully through education and dialogue.


The problem with that….. is the bigots and racist can dish it but cant’t take it.. as you can well see on the amanda’s video she doesn’t think her comments are racist ….. but she judges Arryon…..


I agree that with education and dialogue racism can be changed or at least explained as to why someone interprets as what you may not see as racist but they do. That is why I see Aaryn as coming to an understanding that what she said was distasteful and hurtful. I mean the girl is still in college and I know that in college you see and hear an awful lot that is not politically correct and just go with the flow, but hey in Amanda’s case that is not the case. This woman is almost 30 and she says the most distasteful hate filled things that are on this show. AMANDA is A BULLY, a RACIST AND ALL AROUND MEAN PERSON WHO WILL NOT CHANGE.


chloe i am going to pass on the condescending comment or at least implication that,this site is not what it used to be. i will address you freedom and democracy speech instead.freedom of speech has nothing to do with common courtesy.people deserve dignity and respect.compassion and empathy.imagine blonde haired,blue eyed aaryn dropped down smack in the middle of china.imagine those people think blonde hair and blue eyes are marks of the devil,blue eyed devils to be exact.and they treat her accordingly.those people have every right,like you said,to be polictically incorrect.but why in the name of all that is holy,would you want to make another human being feel bad about something they have no control over. my point is,of course you think its ok for someone to say whats on their mind….as long as its not about you.


You have no idea about what I have lived. I have been in a foreign country where I was the clear minority, lived there many years and have biracial kids. I have faced stereotypes and instead of feeling offended and curling up in a corner feeling sorry for myself, I engaged with people and was able to dispell those stereotypes and earn the respect of the people around me, and I learned a lot myself by being open and having a thick skin. Most of the time, people that make “racist” comments do it out of ignorance, not malice. I would never advocate silencing ANYONE from expressing their opinion. You can’t force anyone to feel and think about things the “right way”. If you try to impose niceness and correctness, you will create resentment and secrecy, which is much more dangerous than words spoken out of ignorance. People need to get a thicker skin and stop looking for reasons to feel offended.


Pandora says:
August 2, 2013 at 10:13 am
“Oh please. You’d be more entertained by a house that isn’t controlled by one person and the world would be a better place without bigots and racists allowed on television.”

Yeah, and I see a week or two down the road. This house is not going to be controlled
by one person anymore. It is going to get even crazier. Because the pitbulls are ALL
going to turn on each other.
How can so many here not see it?

LOL @ the world being a better place without racists and bigots on TV.
I don’t think BB is the social barometer you think it is. Nothing that happens in
that house is going to change the world.

Personally I am thankful they show people like them (your racist boogimen/women, misogynists,mean girls).
That is why most reality shows are so popular.
Does anyone watch Honey Boo Boo or Bad Girls Club and such because they ADMIRE the people on the show?
Makes me appreciate that the ones I hold dearly are much better people.

PS- I still appreciate Amanda for who she is. You want reality, you got her, in all her brash, rude, crude glory.
And say what you want, she is one smart bitch.

Holy Shiz

But that’s the thing, it’s not risking Amanda’s game for her to go apeshit like that. It would be entertaining if there was any opposing force, but just watching one person steamroll over everyone else is just painful. She preys on the weak and there is nothing to counterbalance her negativity. I wish even one of the other HG’s had the ability to flip it, otherwise it’s grown all too predictable. Week after week, whoever Amanda or Helen decides to hate becomes the enemy of the whole house. And if any other player even attempts to have an original thought or strategy, they are personally villified. I don’t believe this is Amanda’s strategy, I just think she is a hateful person with no self composure. Being a loose cannon is proving effective so far. Hopefully it will be what stands in between her and the jury votes between now and finale.


If it was rigged to placate political correctness, then Aaryn, GM and Amanda would be gone, and Howard would still be there. It’s rigged for the game. And, Amanda is being VERY personal. The main reason she went off on Jesse last night was because she heard that Jesse made a comment about Crae–that’s personal. So she is not the best game player. In fact, most of her moves are based on personal reasons. How is that good game play? I’ve been around since the beginning, too, and, in my opinion, she is acting like a crank head (speed freak.) Anyone that has ever met one knows exactly what I am talking about. Hope we can ride this season out together, Chloe, “cause I love you. OK…OK… OK… I really do. Stick with me here, and you’ll be fine. :)

Jim Quinn

You need to watch the video, then you’ll see justifiable anger at Amanda, when she is in the diary room , which most people see, they think she is all sweet and funny, out of the diary room ,,,just an evil bitch..


I did see the video. Actually, I saw a lot of it on feeds BEFORE the video was *edited*
together. Some of it should not have been said, some of it is iffy (but in my eyes not
RACIST) and some of it is ridiculous to be blamed on Amanda.

Example- KAITLIN says the N-word. KAIT then says omg and covers her mouth.

Because she did not get up in a pulpit and lecture Kaitlin?
Should she have called a house meeting?
JC she is trying to play a game, she was trying to stay good with people.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that house and in prior seasons has been
complacent when a person says something repulsive. It is how you play the
game, as long as it benefits YOUR game.

*F*it, just a witch hunt at this point.
Everyone keep hating with as much vile as possible, you are superior.

I am just gonna enjoy how it all unfolds =)

PS- Funny how GM seems to have gotten off the hook (on this site), and to me SHE said the very worst stuff.
Is it because she is ignorant?


I find your “General Post” ignorant in thought and uneducated.


Chloe I could not agree more! Like every season people will have their favorites and the villains, but it really seems like this season has gone too far. I’m a huge fan of online big brother and post all the time in previous seasons but lately I have a hard time even coming on this site. It’s sad how many people will call Amanda rude names then call her a bully in the same post.. Or attack her family. It’s just sad.. You’re right, people need to be able to separate this reality game show from real life. It’s too much hate for me this year and I really can’t try to keep up with the 100s of hate filled comments on here each day.




Why Cut The Feeds!?!?!!!Could’ve Been The Best Feeds To Date. Did AnyOne Hear Elissa Talk About The Microphones Listening To The Ones In Their Ears? feeds Went Straight To Fish. Was She Saying That They Wear Small Ear Devices That They Get Directives From Prod?!?? At The Time She Was Blasting Matt In Prod And Was Looking Straight At Aaryn WhenShe Said It. ~ 4Am CT. Anyone Else Hear This??


Yeah what was Elissa saying about production?


Right! Why cut the feeds? I’m really sick of the way CBS is handling the feeds. Sorry, Simon and Dawg, you two do a GREAT job (thank you very much), but the feeds are not better this year. They cut us off more from some juicy scoop in the house. They freeze a lot, and it’s not my computer. I see, on the chats everyone asking if their feeds froze. They only have two cameras going, from two different angles, and they are editing them more than in the past, I think. I can’t help but wonder if they want us all to give up on the feeds, so they have more control.

Oh, and one more thing, I have NEVER been as pissed off with the cast as some of the people in this house are making me this year, and please don’t tell me it’s a game! It’s not a game now. It’s Amanda’s House of Torture. She’s definitely going to run into a lot of people, once out of the house, that are going to want a piece of her. As for who is worse, her or Helen? It’s definitely Amanda! At least Helen will do some cleaning, cooking and gets a shower.

I wasn’t for Jesse, but now… GO, Jesse! Who woulda’ thought!

Jim Quinn

And forget about after dark,the worse, they sensor out everything, If someone is talking about fudge, they sensor it thinking they are going for the f-bomb,,, put it back on Showtime…..

We had it so good

Now we know why Amanda needed Howard out so bad. With Howard out she’s feel free to say and attack anyone at will. Amanda attacks Candice, then no sooner after she attacks Candice, she then apologizes. What are you apologizing for? That it didn’t happen? Amanda then goes for round 3 with Jessie. Amanda is such a vile person and some of things she directed at Jessie was uncalled for.

Candice who never could detect a lie is then being fed one right after the next. Helen says tells Candice, why did you think I had a final four deal with Amanda, you hurt my feelings. They got Candice so confused right now. Aaryn then confronts Candice again about her racial comments. That confrontation was for Arryn’s benefit and for the TV. Aaryn repeated the same lines about Candice mistook her actions and words. See America, I am not a racist, its Candice’s fault.

Jessie, who holds no power in the house is now being targeted. The Gina that said the last 3 weeks she wanted to shake things up is targeting Jessie. The reason why, she hit on Nick. LOL! Jessie, please stay strong. I am so happy you stood up to Amanda. There is still hope, the MVP nomination is coming and POV comp. Oh Howard, I wanted you out but I didn’t realize how good it was with you in. Amanda is now a holy terror in the House.


This will turn out to be Spencer’s doing. If Jessie has been spending time with Spencer (and getting coaching tips) then this makes sense because Spencer’s back and forth with Amanda was similar…just a tad more laid back because Spencer is a large man and not a tiny girl.

I am glad Jessie is standing up for herself….but this was a bad fight to pick.


OMG. Amanda needs to go sooooo bad!! She’s calling Jessie a sl*t but she’s having sex in the house all the time. Jessie is right, Amanda is a bully and needs to be sent packing.


America don’t even waste your time voting for Amanda to be on the block. we gave these idiots a big opportunity this past week and they passed up on it. I rather we place Helen and let’s see her scramble with her phony political campaign tactics. I expected Helen to at least be the adult and put a stop to the Amanda/Jessie fight last night, but not only didn’t she do shit, she ran around talking shit about Jessie too. Judd is also a pussy. just a couple a days ago he was snuggled all up on Jessie and now he wants her gone. I would like to know WTF we are watching, because this is def not the BB game we are used to seeing. I think when this season ends, CBS will fire Allison Grodner, and that will be the end of the BB franchise ever being part of that network. good riddance.


This is why everyone needed to vote Amanda as the third nominee. And CBS is trying to not let Amanda look like a bully. Someone please put some video of Amanda’s different tirades. Please!
The house is no better by letting her go off on Jessie and no one standing up for her. If she had stuck by Howard, then maybe she would have had someone who might have stood by her. Judd is willing to throw her under the bus for the money. If CBS only had the balls to show what people are willing to do, not do, and say for money. It’s pathetic.


Don’t you find it interesting that TMZ would put up the Aaryn nasty comments, but doesn’t seem to want to put up Amanda’s? So, what’s up with that, Harry Levine?


I also find it interesting that TMZ will not post the mean things GM said or Spencer or Kaitlin or Jeremy or Elissa or Helen or anyone else. WHY just Aaryn when if you look at it Aaryn did not use the N word or call Chen a gook. The comments the others made were so much worse. Also, did you notice last night when Chen was talking about Helen running the house she had the most wicked smile on her face. Almost as if she was condoning Helen’s horrible actions in the house, and yet she does not make any comment that Amanda has said the most horrible things of anyone in the house or accused Howard of what is essentially sexual harassment in the house. It seriously makes you wonder or lets you know for sure that Grodner is rigging the show.

eli rules

Wow. Jessie is absolutely right. At one time or another everyone except McCrae has said that Amanda has too much sway in the house. But when are they going to realize that they have the numbers to vote her out. But even if they did,did these people couldn’t keep a plan secret if it was for half a million dollars.

Oh yeah, it is for half a million dollars!!!


But, he did say to Amanda that she needs to cool it with being so aggressive, which she took offense. That is why you see McCrae sometimes just staying on the sidelines as not to get tagged with some of Amanda’s aggressive tactics.


it is frustrating to me that they all want a F5 with a couple…they all want to be F5 with mcmanda….tell me how that makes ANY sense…it reminds me of jemmett only amanda is so much worse than jillian! i didnt like jillian, but at least she won comps and in bbcan they were steamrolling comps, hard to be against people who are always in power – but mcmanda arent so it is ridiculous they arent been split up! why are these people handing money over to her??? just look at obb poll even though we all hate aaryn…we all cant stand amanda being in charge more!!!!


can we now all give jessie a coup d’etat just so we can get rid of mcmanda, give them no choice!!! that way we could have mcmanda and aaryn on the block….win win win!!!!!!


Someone in this house needs to get smart and get Amanda out!


The Problem With Getting Amanda And Helen Out Is There Goes The Drama Thus There Goes The Show. It Would Be Like Watching A Nascar Race Without Wrecks. meh


That would involve brain cells. Hey, Simon and Dawn, can we take up a donation for them? I have a few to spare. :)

Old Yeller

I wonder if Jessie is going to figure out that Andy informed on her. I hope Jessie doesn’t jump to conclusions and think it was Candice that threw her under the bus. However, so far, everyone trusts Andy no matter what.

Yep that BBQ is creating problems for Helen. Oh Helen, thanks for not inviting Jessie to the BBQ, this may just be the thing to make her get a backbone. Come on Jessie, stop letting Helen and Amanda boss you around.

Gina knows that what she had with Nick wasn’t real; however, she wants it to be real. She is trying to manipulate him while not even in the house. Gina is going to speak about Nick every chance she gets in order for public pressure to build on Nick. She did the same thing while Nick was in the house. Gina kept sending people over to Nick saying when are you and Gina going on a date. Aaryn offered Nick her HOH room so Nick could take Gina on that date. Come to find out, it was all orchestrated by Gina, even after Nick told her he didn’t want to be in a showmance. A showmance would hurt his game. Yep Gina is still trying to force this romance.

Yep, it’s funny how Amanda now brings this stuff up about Howard after he leaves. Howard can’t defend himself and Candice who is already down emotionally is being attacked by Amanda. Amanda says I thought we were friends Candice. Amanda says she spent an hour in the DR talking about this. I find that very interesting. Everything we know about Amanda, tells us that she doesn’t hold back and is very confrontational. However, you want us to believe that Howard said this and what…that you were so fearful that you couldn’t call out Howard while he was there? Candice didn’t hear or say the words you are so upset about. Why are you holding Candice accountable for something Howard supposedly said? Oh that is rich! Candice and Amanda were never friends, but now that Candice is alone. Amanda is going to try and make Candice’s life hell. What woman wants to hear that your man wanted someone else. Amanda wants to hurt Candice emotionally and saw the opportunity to jab the knife into her back.


as they said on robhasapodcast you can hear amanda saying thank you after the convo with howard in question…doesnt seem like amanda would be thanking him for that comment? seems fishy


I really doubt Howard said what Amanda is saying he said. Wasnt she the one who said she doesn’t ever know what he is talking about? So now she’s all of a sudden sure about what he said….. Fishy.


If I hear Helen utter the words, “I have been nothing but nice to ____________,” I’m going to punch a wall. I can’t even watch the feeds without wanting to scratch my ears out because of her. She is so self righteous!

Don’t even get me started on Amanda. Because people can’t even defend themselves without having Amanda attack them and call them slut/bully. Ummmm hypocrite much? I want to see her squirm as the MVP nom.

It kinda makes me frustrated to see the “outsiders,” Candice, Spencer, & Jessie + (sorta GM, Aaryn & Judd) basically fight each other, rather than take out a bigger target (AMANDA/HELEN)

On a positive note… these people are just making GM look way likable (can’t believe I’m saying that). As of now, with her HoH power she seems very endearing and grateful. But… only time will tell. Sure put up Candice and Jessie, that’s the obvious choice… not sure how that’s gunna help her game in the long run though.


Helen makes me sick


I applaud Jessie for calling out the true slut in the house…. Amanduh. Everything Jessie said was 100 percent truth. Amanda is a bully, she walks around in her underwear, if she has anything on is a surprise, she did have a bf when she came into the house, and as for the comment about amanduh having something in her mouth was priceless. Put Jessie on the block, have her win POV and wave bye bye to amanduh as she walks out the door. Jessie make sure when this happens to give MC a huge kiss on the lips then disinfect afterwards

And Helen is beyond even likable anymore. She is do two faced and such a liar. Amanduh and her are both the same. Howard please charge her with defamation for the comment she has said about you


Looks like Jessie’s the unlucky target for queen bitch Amanda this week. We should brace ourselves for all the lies and bullshit that go with it (y’know, the stuff that Amanda and Helen get off on) for yet another circumstantially innocent & harmless player to be evicted.


as long as helen can keep amanda and aaryn voting with the majority, and taking all the heat with their behavior, why not keep them around as long as possible? as much as helen is getting on my nerves, it’s a smart game move.


GM, Brooklyn represent?!?!?!?!?! Da F*** outta here!…… Hahahahahaha! She talks like Enzo, plays like Adam! No backbone! 10 Votes for HellManda are in for me!


I got my twenty votes in for Amanda via text and facebook. Just want to see her squirm and be all paranoid again as to who was the (MVP) that nominated her twice in a roll. Maybe, this time the beta-drones will take out the self-entitled alpha-female.

And I totally hope that Howard sues that lying piece of trash for defamation and slander when he hears what she has said about him.


I have casually enjoyed Amanda’s scheming and playing of the game this season, but with that said it’s time for her to go home. She’s so pushy and bossy and she is a bully. I think I am officially sick of her and she has made me sick of McCrae as well. McCrae has become a co-dependent to her and it will ultimately be his downfall in the game as well. (I really hope CBS isn’t trying to set these two up for Amazing Race and then i have to watch them all over again.)Hopefully, America puts Amanda up this week and people stop being chicken and vote her out. Whatever the case is, double eviction is going to shake this house up next week.


Double eviction at this point is not going to shake the house. It will only work in favour of the dominant player’s. Unless Jessie is not voted out and wins HOH. At this point she is the only one that would have the resolve to target the power house’s. Go little girl. Figure out what you have to do to stay in the house.


I really want Amanda out of the house ! All these houseguest are too scared to go against her it’s so annoying because she feels so big threating everyone that goes against her she disgusts me.. This is worse season ever all these houseguests do whatever amanda wants no one tries to make a big move & get her out! They don’t see that she is the biggest threat in the house I’m done watching bb -.-


Haha! Wow! Go Jessie Go! Finally someone has the guts to stand up to amanda. I hope the rest of the house opens their eyes to what amanda really is.

Hopefully Spencer and Candice start rallying to get her out… amanda, that is. If they could get Judd to flip he could get GM and Aaryn. The house of cards would start to fall! :-)


I so agree – but with this bunch I predict nothing will change… Jessie is probably going home – even if Amanda is on the block I can’t see things changing. The remaining house guests are afraid of their own shadows – except Helen, she doesn’t have one.


HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Twisted that comment about Helen was funny!!


even elissa – i honestly think they could get elissa no prob! she doesnt like amanda and isnt afraid to make a move! depending on who goes on the block is the big thing because they might lose two votes (I am assuming amanda will be up there). they only need 4 votes….if elissa flips I think they MIGHT be able to convince GM/aaryn…although they have such strong hate for Candice/Jessie that’s a problem :( but if they realized that it would then be all of them against Mcrae Amanda andy and Helen and they can get one out – they take out the power and become the power. i think the key really is for people to figure out andy if they do then they will realize he cant win comps and he is working with mcrae/amanda/helen! I really just want judd to find out what andy had been saying and then flip the house…if anyone can i think it is judd….especially with spenc backing him and I don’t think he has to worry about GM putting him up anyway. Spencer can’t do it easily because he might go up, but Judd can…king judd come to your senses, youve been losing it but I have faith (not really any other options to route for!!).


Andy has been throwing comps.


Ive been saying this for the last 2 weeks. Elissa is key. She does have the balls to vote out Amanda and I think she would go against Helen too if it was set up right. Candace needs to get her head and the game and get back tight with Elissa. Elissa told her that she believed that Helen was playing both sides, Candace should have jumped on that then. Elissa also does not like Amanda. Candace needs to start thinking, make up with Spencer and Jesse, cozy back up with Elissa, and use her to get to Helen. They can get Amanda out! Also if they need to get their plan together for double eviction. I know that they don’t know that it is next week but they should always have a plan for it. Me personally, I would move to get Helen or Aaryn out on Double Eviction


Jessie is a joke. She sucks as a player and is only in the BB house for what reasons no body knows. Her attempt to flip the house against Amanda was the stupidiest move ever at this time considering that the alliance of Helen, McCrae, Amanda, Elissa, Andy, and Judd with control over Aaryan and GM is too strong at this moment to make any moves from someone like Jessie that has been nonexistent in the game up to this point. Her casting on BB15 is questionable. Did she come to play or get a boyfriend from this game? No loss if she goes. She is zero entertainment. Just because she “stands up” to Amanda because she got called out for trying to get Amanda out and couldn’t handle it once Amanda questioned her about it is not bullying, it is part the game. Otherwise, why are you in the house Jessie? Candice has way more strategy and game then her. I do hope they get rid of Jessie either now or with the second eviction this week.


I think Jessie is easy to control for production. I have never watched feeds before just the updates and the regular show but after watching feeds I think production gives direct instructions to many if not all the hg. Elissa starts acting totally erratic and berserk, then Candace, then Jesse for no real reason that I could see on any of the feeds. If you watch when the feeds switch and then try to trace back when a real drama happens it goes back to when the feeds are off. I am pretty sure production told Aaryn to flip the mattress. I was watching that whole night and it didn’t make sense Aaryn was pissed but they didn’t talk about it or anything, the feeds were off that room and then magically appear later after Howie is in the room. I realize there has to be manipulation and I want drama that is why I watch. BUT.. I just think past house guests had more intelligence and didn’t need so much intervention from production. Can you imagine Evil Dick, Dan, Boogie or Will being told what to do? CBS picked a bunch of controllable losers so they could write the script. Let me know is it is always this transparent?


BBTK you are a joke, and you have no class, just like amanda

there is a reason why your comment got almost all thumbs down

unhappy bored mom

this has really got to be the worst season of bb ever, i’m only still watching to see if anyone will get a clue and get rid of amanda, really calling jessie a sl*t, who is the one giving mc bj’s on national tv, at this point i would rather see the two racists in the finals cause at least we know what kind of people they are, as for the rest helen is the biggest liar that walks, andy is a douchebag, judd ( who was my favorite) really isn’t as smart as i thought he was, mc is a joke, elissa is just plain nuts, candice is stupid and poor old jessie is just lost and too lonely, what can i say about amanda her actions speak for themselves, she is the most disgusting woman i have ever come across, spencer says he has balls but i’m wondering where they are now. i couldn’t careless who wins anymore and it wouldn’t surprise me if cbs didn’t cancel bb after this season


OMG me too, I would rather see Aryan Nation & GM win than Helen, Andy, Manda & McWhipped.
Elissa is not so bad she has some class.


“McWhipped” hahahah thats so great


Amanda called Jessie a slut. Kettle meet pot. America, keep that foul mouthed lard ass on the block. Vote #2 for MVP as many times as you can.


These people are all totally bats**t crazy!!! Man, I’m telling you at some point I would say that whatever amount of money is not worth this and then haul off and knockout some folks. It would be on like, “a moth to a flame”. Production would be a little late to the party because by the point at least two people would be on the floor looking for their teeth. All the while, I would be telling all the secret alliances and things that I would know to the whole house.

Jessie and Candice I feel your pain and anguish….good luck baby girls, stay strong!!!


tough words for someone hiding anonymously behind a keyboard…. Ya don’t scare anybody slice !!


i have been an Mcramanda backer from the beginning. I still am but something has got to change its just to boring for me. I’m thinking maybe turning on helen and elissa will turn this season around. Mcramanda andy aaryn judd and gm v helen elissa spence cand and jessie. By the time this happens the other side will be down to 3 missing either helen and elissa. Oh Candice is annoying.


Mcramanda backers… a very rare breed and one I’m personally bewildered by. I didn’t mind McCrae/Amanda in the first week or so but my how that has changed.


Why wouldn’t there be McCrae fans? I do not see why someone like Jessie should win this game. She is like paint on the wall. Nobody notices that she is even in the game. So, now she trys to play and sucks as it completely. Everything is personal with her. She has no game or no strategy. It would ab travesty if someone like Jessie won this game by sliding through. Even Andy has more game by playing the role of BB jester in a way to keep himself good with everyone. That is a strategy in itself. Know and deflect. Andy just has to win something. I am against players that do not win any comps though.


i would enjoy seeing jess win – as the only house guest with the courage to stand up to amanda, and to attempt to shake up this very predictable season

for these reasons i will be voting for jess as americas favourite player to get the 25k, and also because she is the only legitimately nice person there

paybacksareab**ch Mcmanda

Oh if only that would happen!


jessie is just jealous of amanda’s linebacker body, massive cellulite and rolls of fat on her stomach!

seriously, calling someone a slut when you whore yourself for someone as ugly as mccrae just because he is hoh (when you have a boyfriend), walking around topless and in a disgusting thong.


Candice babygirl suck it up, but it would be nice of Candice/Spencer/Jessie get together and know that Amanda is a bitch on wheels and a bully. Howard told everybody from the jump that Amanda was running the house. Helen is a liar plain and straight, she’ll lie to get anybody on the block. I hope America MVP places Amanda on the block for the 2nd week in the row.

GinaMarie I hope for the life of your dumb brain you backdoor Judd, but Jessie or Candice will be on the block, but I hope their a POV for Candice but these dummies have to get Amanda out. Jessie is the biggest floater, but I’m glad she stood up to Amanda. Nobody in that house will get rid of Amanda or Helen cause their too scared and this shit kills me.

Never have I seen a bunch of scared pussy all vote what the house wants on eviction night. Nobody goes into the DR and votes the opposite….


Your comments make no sense to me. You want Amanda out but you want to back door Judd???? This is Amanda/MacCrae/Andy’s plan.


After reading through all the past comments about how people think the HG are stupid for “trying just to make it to jury,” let me say this… I think it’s actually smart not to make waves too early and then they are guaranteed $13K. Those who tried to play the game too hard too early got sent packing (Nick, Jeremy).

People who post here make it sound like the HG are just content to make it to jury and then what? It’s not like they are going to make it to the jury stage and then just be content and quit…that’s when the real game play will start. I know some will say that you have to play from the beginning or risk having the numbers and alliances against you, but Jessie was actually sitting pretty until she decided to start talking. I wish she would have just stayed quiet and flipped the house on the down low last week. If Judd would have been on board, crazy Amanda would have been put in her place already.

tl;dr If Jessie gets a Playboy offer after she is evicted, then this season was all worth it.


ok, we made it through the boredom last week, but another week? i don’t think so – watching this slowly play out until the double next week will be painful.

hey, bb, how ’bout a zingbot, a treasure hunt, waking the hg up every hour for two days, or a pandora’s box that results in another hg getting a diamond pov? please, please do something to shake this house up! another week of amanda fighting, scattered paranoia, and candice house meetings can’t happen.

Go Jessie

SOMEBODY needs to step it up and get Amanda the hell outta there. If america puts her up again the HGs have to get it together and vote her out!!!!!! Cmon guys, dont be punks on national television!!!

Holy Shiz

I am astonished at how viciously mean these HGs are. They are following Amanda into a really brutal, malicious place and none of them should be proud. I’m not sure what is worse, the hateful smear campaign Amanda leads against everyone who dares cross her, or the disgusting way Helen sits from her high horse and rubber stamps all these witch hunts. I hope that these people at least have the sense to be ashamed when they are ousted from this snake pit of a house.

I’d like to know what the HG’s would’ve said if coming into the game someone told them, “You are going to follow one person off a cliff and they will punk you into giving up your entire game.” They probably would’ve been like, “Fuck that shit!” But here they are, rolling over one by one. All Amanda has to do is say someone’s name and the townfolk all grab their pitchforks.

CBS really should get this shit under control, because it’s getting intolerable to watch. They had no problem ruining Aaryn’s life on the outside, so why does Amanda get a golden edit from all the hate she spews.

Janelle pov queen

Omgggg Jessie went in I love it how Amanda go call somebody a slut when she the one that came in the house with a boyfriend back home lollll yes Jessie

Amanda's a bully

I really hope Amanda gets the 3rd nom & everybody in the house grows a pair & votes her a$$ out. Why is everyone so scared of her??? It seems like they are content just to play for 2nd or 3rd place.

Good for you Jessie for standing up to that BULLY! She is most def the female version of Jeremy but just happens to have big b00bies so she can get away with it.

We need Amanda, McCrae, & Helen to get knocked down a peg & feel some heat, otherwise just write them a check now & get this over with.

Mike from CA

I read this site from time to time to stay up-to-date (thanks Simon/Dawg!), and I’ve noticed a ton of people hating on Amanda. Would anyone loop me in as to why? From my point of review, she’s playing the best game. Everyone knows she is a showmance, in a strong alliance, and basically running the house, and yet she STILL manages to keep the target on other players.

Of course, this also has to do with the other side being too scared to do anything, but that makes me root for her even more (at least she is playing the game). Anyway, since there are more avid fans out there, I do want to hear what I am missing on those days I can’t catch up on the feeds. Is she doing something that is making her unlikable (hence why she was nominated by America)? Or is it just because she’s in the strongest position and people like underdogs?


both Mike! She is a huge hypocrit and says some vile things and is really hard to like, she just happens to get a fantastic edit…but people also don’t like when people are in control of the house UNLESS they are a dan or a will…but amanda is neither of them! The way she treats people she SHOULDN’T be still there, it is amazing that she is at this point because her social game is deploarable…people just don’t want to see that kind of person win…if she gets to the end she deserves it but no one wants to see her at the end because everyone is basically playing amanda’s game which yes good on her – but when you think of dan and will they made huge power moves and literally could shimmy there way out of things, we haven’t seen that from her.


Amanda is not only mean-spirited she’s downright nasty. But she’s production’s pet so her edits are great – but that’s what BB is about – pulling the wool over America’s eyes. When Amanda made fun of autism and autistic people that should have been shown to the viewing public – not just those that watch the live feeds!

VA Vet

I worry about my buddy McPu$$y.

In order for him to support A-man-di#k in the lifestyle s/he is accustomed, he will have to deliver 50,000 pizzas a year.

It ain’t worth it Mc! Get out while you can.

The Royal Baby, Prince George

Simon and Dawg, Love,love,love everything you do. I always vote for Dawg. Why can’t we for Simon? I’ll throw a few votes your way.;-)


Thanks royal baby and congratz on being born.. I’ve never been on a poll in the all the years of doing this. maybe this weekend I’ll be on my first one

VA Vet

Whatever you do, don’t make me choose between you and Dawg. (DAWG had been my favorite for some time now).


I don’t believe that Howard said that to Amanda. I also don’t understand why Aryn was afraid to be in the HOH room with him. Their and camera and people watching at all times…duh…it’s Big Brother What did he ever do to her? Aryn was the one throwing mattress. She was the one saying an the mean and hurtful things. Howard always tried to defuse any hostile situations between her and Candice. I am so disappointed with the ladies casted this summer.


She wasn’t; that was just another lie made up by Amanda or Helen.


Amanduh is going to win, these people are stupid, they dont see having a couple in the house is destructive…


GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Candice, and now even Jessie since she’s on the outs with the Superfriends need to see the light and team up to do some damage. Put aside their differences and personal vendettas to strike while the iron is hot, for their own good and ours as viewers (each week has gotten progressively more predictable and thus less entertaining). Since nobody seems to have caught onto the fact that Andy’s a part of that “House” alliance as well, they would no doubt include him in their plan and he would immediately relay it back as his usual rat self to the alliance, but they would be powerless to do anything about this time. They wouldn’t have the numbers… for once. I just hope as HoH that GM realizes they have a shot – a real shot – to even up this game and to not feel like they have to step on eggshells quite as much. Going against “what the House wants” puts a bigger target on your head, sure, but by taking away one of their darts you give them less chance of actually hitting that bullseye.


Wow. Amanda has a lot of nerve calling Jessie a slut when she’s the one who went in there with a boyfriend and hooked up with mc the first week. I hope she gets put on the block and leaves.


Any conspiracy theories that Amanda had this game in the bag are falling by the wayside. She got a terrible edit on last nite’s show, she looked like a hag when she did the meanspirited Howard good-bye. Now she’s fighting over the pizza delivery guy? Her family must be so embarrassed, but then maybe they’re used to it. Elissa-just no words for her. This is such a charmless, vindictive bunch. I do hope that Aaryn does’nt go home on a double eviction, I hope Chen shows her a montage of all her verbal garbage, informs her of her job loss, and does it on a one to one basis. I want no other HG diluting Chen’s contempt.


Bravo to Jessie for calling Amanda out on all her bullsh*t. Unfortunately, Amanda will now go around and spread false rumors and lies about her to get her out of the house. Like a true bully.


man… LOTS of negative responses from people about me putting HAROLD instead of Howard up for the evicted houseguests . ugh

VA Vet

Some people are just so miserable that they can’t appreciate even the slightest bit of humor. It’s your site Simon—do what you damn well please. If they don’t like it, let them dump their crap somewhere elseI i for one won’t miss them.


can someone let me know where the cat vote is going this week do we need to sign another treaty?

I Love JJ


This Season Blows

I’ve been fine with Amanda staying because of her gameplay, but I’m getting really sick of her bossy attitude and personal attacks. She’s quickly becoming just as bad as Helen, minus the “trying to make side deals with literally everyone” part.


I guess I am going to stop watching. I am so tired of Amanda and her lies.


GET EM JESSIE! GO OUT SWINGING! (You should take note Howard)

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Amanda got a lot of nerve calling someone a slut, did she not fuck the 1st man who won HOH within the 1st 48 hours of him winning? Which could’ve been ANY of the guys, she wished it was Howard.

Running around with band-aids on her nipples parading around for other men, while the man she cares about watches one night, and dressing like a stripper the next.

If McCrae wins, he’s going to have to legally change his name to McCuckold Zuckerman, because, Amanda will be fucking all the men with real jobs who can afford her 200k+ a year lifestyle,.while he delivers a pizza to them when they’re done.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

* If McCrae doesn’t win**


Please, CBS do something. Amanda is the most awful person ever. She lies and attacks all of the time. Jessie is a slut? Please, who is doing vile things with Pizzaboy and humping everyone else. Amanda is enough to turn me off of BB forever.

The Veto

Jessie is a target anyway, so she really has nothing to lose by arguing with Amanda. Amanda needed to be put in her place, and everyone else in that house is too chicken sh!t to do, so right on, Jessie! Hopefully (probably unlikely but still hopefully) she planted some seeds and things will turn around.


So, this week on the smear campaign Jessie will find mud thrown, rubbed, and shoveled all over her name. It is the same mud that Howie couldn’t shake and only comes from the bottom of the darkest part of lake McCranda and is carried INTO the Big Brother house in buckets by Helen. Who then passes it around in little cups to Judd and Andy. Helen knows how deadly suffocating that McCranda mud is and will eventually win this game because she some how seems to clean the mud off her hands each week by rubbing them on the backs of “their” outsiders(Howie/Kaitlyn/Jeremy/Nick) and watching them get devoured by the one headed beast. The only way out of the grips is to sell your soul ( Aaryn) and once you escape, hush your mouth (Spencer; who just escaped the wrath and is now being advised on how to lay low) and then become happy like the example that went before you (Elissa; who sold her soul to stay and then shut up to take orders and is surly going to make it to jury which she will only collect crumbs 13k ).

He who dares to drain the deep dark lake “McCranda” will surly perish because Helen isn’t done using them. And they don’t know it. Sure, Helen cares about Candice and Elissa and would love to have them in the final four. But no one will threaten her source of power. We know she’s willing and ready to drop Candi and not even Elissa is safe. Whom she started to throw over board into the belly of the lake because she had to convince Elissa over and over again to not put up Amanda, to not go after Aaryn or McCrae even after he back stabbed her. Helen used Elissa’s MVP’s to gain an alliance with the Lake. Why the F*** do you think Helen is the only one able to carry in those buckets of mud? Why whenever Amanda goes off and even McCrae is angry with her Helen tries to justify it?(Helen was just justifying Amanda’s going of Jessie) Because she needs them ya’ll. And will win this game because as she has cleaned her hands of the dirt, she pointed out to Andy that Jessie had mud in her hair. And she told Candi that Aaryn had dirt in her laundry. Even the lake doesn’t know that the mud is coming from its depths. Helen’s lie to them is the Moving Company brought it in with their 18 wheel trucks and now the Beast of the lake Amanda is getting them all out. But every one see’s McCranda’s muddy shoe prints that of course Helen first pointed out. Half way in and someone crown HELEN the champion for a Season well played.

Amanda has a penis

Come on Jessie! Knock out King Hippo.


Poll results so far , I wonder if the TV viewers are feeling the same way>?

Amanda 3,057 61%
Aaryn 612 12%
Helen 591 12%
Elissa 188 4%
Spencer 155 3%
Candice 115 2%
Jessie 90 2%
McCrae 69 1%
Andy 64 1%
JUDD 52 1%
Dawg 44 1%

Varys Blackfyre

If only the rest of the outsiders would get a clue. Break up the Amanda/McCrae show or at least expose Andy.