JONs worried his girlfriend will leave him for KISSING ALLISON. Arlie asks have you cranked one out lately?!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 10-24-28-330

1:30pm Out in the hot tub room – Jon worries that his girlfriend Janellee might leave him because he apparently gave Allison two pecks. Adel says that he saw them kiss a couple times when they were drunk. Jon is stressed out. Neda and the others tell him that they don’t think its bad and that she will still be there when he gets home. They talk about how Allison can’t even remembering it happening. They realize the house is opened up again and they head inside. Jon says I wanted to experience this with her and if this is what it takes for her to break up with me then so be it. Arlie tells him that he can think like a girl and thinks he is fine. Neda goes and talks to Allison in the storage room about it. Allison says that she honestly doesn’t remember it happening. Neda says that Jon is really worried that Janelle will break up with him. Neda says even if it did it wasn’t like you guys were in a romantic setting it just just a little peck I’m sure.
BBCAn2-2014-04-08 10-27-34-964

1:45pm Jon comes into the storage room and tells Arlie that he is really worried. Arlie says yeah I know. He tells him he is alright. Arlie asks Jon if he has cranked one out lately? Jon says yeah. Arlie says because that helps me when I’m stress. Everyone leaves the storage room but Arlie and Jon. They talk about how great their Sloppy Seconds name is.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 10-51-11-914

IN the kitchen Jon jokingly tries to kiss ADEL. (Don’t worry Janelle he didn’t plant one on him.)
BBCAN2-2014-04-08 10-58-46-853

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 10-58-47-732

1:30pm – 2pm Meanwhile out in the backyard – Sabrina cries to Sarah and makes everything all about her again..

2:15pm In the bedroom – Sabrina talks to Rachelle and Sarah about how she overheard Jon talking to Neda about how he thinks his girlfriend will leave him. Sabrina asks what could he have done that was so bad? Big Brother blocks the feeds and when the live feeds come back Sabrina continues to talk about it. Big Brother says stop that! Sarah says I don’t know why they’re allowed to talk about it but we can’t.

BBCAN2-2014-04-08 11-15-29-865

2:40pm In the storage room – Allison talks to herself. They have a power to replace someone in the veto. Sab’s lips will get us in trouble. Everything will be ruined and I will just stay with them. Kenny wins HOH and doesn’t put me up. Instant .. na double eviction probably.. one of them goes home.. I win again or one of us.. lets say one of us .. absolute fighting all the way. So why not just switch and leave my alliance to .. And then Kenny. I have a feeling Arlie is a superfan and is lying to everyone. She remembers the bobble heads and how there was a superfan left over. There was a superfan and something else a scientist.. or computer something. I don’t know. Arlie is lying to me.. he’s a superfan .. he’s manipulative. She says I’ve got to figure this out. Allison leaves the room and joins the others…

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It’s funny cause Kenny and Sarah have been talking about how Sabrina needs to go for like 2 weeks now and how Sarah can’t stand her anymore. Sabrina’s gonna get out of the house and realize little did she know the only one that ever had her back was Rachelle – the girl she had planned to vote out if she went up against Kenny.



deez nuts

I think Sabrina played a great game until Allison showed up and production turned on the first five. If she would have been less emotional towards Andrew and aligned with Arlie I bet things would be different. Rachelle needs to do something. Anybody think its time she give Kenny a welcome to the handjob alliance?

POV Slayer

Jon needs to worry about a lot more than losing Janelle. He has lost all of his dignity and will be unemployed for a long long time. I can’t wait for Kenny to send him back outside with Adel and the bride of Chucky!


Kenny’s mom? Is that you?


Jon touches and rubs his crotch and then rubs it in Neda and Sarah’s faces and somehow Andrew and Kenny are the chauvinists who hate and degrade women. This is beyond shocking at how all the BBC fan sheeple just baaa baaa baaaa all day for the sloppy scumbag alliance of losers.


Arguing with people on this site won’t make a difference. What I want to know is:
Is Kenny embarrassed of the Gay Community? I’m just wondering why he’s hiding it.
You don’t see other houseguests pretending to be Gay to get further in this game.
Not sure why he thinks it’s right to pretend to Rachelle that he’s interested in her.
Kenny is screwing both sides.


I dont think Kenny is embarrassed about being gay,
I honestly think he didnt tell the houseguests for strategy, do you think Sabrina and Rachelle would still be all over him, knowing he was gay?
I dont think its the greatest strategy to use, but it has helped his game a tad bit.
At this point i think its too late to tell everyone hes gay, the “Sloppy seconds” would use it as ammo and his current “alliance” will probably lose trust in him.
Anywhoo, just my two cents.


Andrew, you really aren’t doing yourself any favours. Just post under one name. All the aliases have the same writing style and grammatical errors and it’s painfully obvious they’re all the same person. Trying to force your will on others is not helping you make your point.

Johhny (the European one!)

Whoever truly believes that Andrew will spend hours each day going through a BB forum, read all the comments and post his own after the way this game ended for him, has the IQ of a potato chip.
His psychologist certainly ordered him to go cold turkey with everything BB as much as he’s allowed to stay away from it.
I’m getting tired of all the “Andrew, is this you?” posts on here. Morons.


I disagree. Kenny walked into the house lying very convincingly about who he is. He treats those who don’t kiss his ass like they are his mortal enemies. Look at the way he acted when Ika shredded the letters. It was exactly the move she should have made — she would have been evicted anyway and $5000 goes a long way towards helping a family with a couple of young kids. Kenny had treated her like the dirt beneath his feet then acted like she should have sacrificed the money all so that he could get some lame letter from home. His reaction was vile. His goodbye messages to departing HG are also a window into the real Kenny. Anyone who can kick someone when they’re down or when they don’t cater to his needs will turn on an ally in this game in a heartbeat.

As for Sabrina, well… I don’t think she could string a truthful sentence together if her life depended on it. For a while she fooled the HG by blaming Heather and New Girl, but now that they see through her she’ll just keep lying and digging herself in deeper.

Neda I suppose lies by omission, but she I haven’t seen her throw anyone she’s close to under the bus the way Kenny and Sobby do on a regular basis.

I hate 1st 5

LMFAO. Its Andrew for Sure. Hi Andrew you don’t need to think about Kenny. Think about yourself. The whole country Hates you. ahh what a loser you are!!! Don’t try bullying us here :/

ihate sarah

its very simple jon…if you dont want your girlfriend to break up with you then STOP doing stuff you shouldnt be doing…keep your hands to yourself..and just play the game because you are an awsome funny guy and can make it far in this game(as long as kenny doesnt win hoh lol)

Johhny (the European one!)

Technically, his crotch is part of himself, so he IS keeping his hands to himself. Like, all the time.


The four were being mean children, making personal comments about Jon, etc. Then they were warned. I’ll give Kenny and Sarah credit, they have acted mature since that happened, and seem to understand the game/personal boundaries. Sabrina on the other hand, still is making everything about her, and continues to be a vile, disgusting human. The fact she lies to herself and believes it is unbelievable.


Who in the house would you TRUST the most?

For me, its Heather. I don’t like/agree with everything she says but she’s at the top of the list for trustworthiness.


I trust Kenny and Sabrina the most. They are loyal and loyalty is the most valuable commodity in the BBC house. I trust Neda the least because she is a flip flopping jib on a sailboat, whose going anyway the wind blows. Even if it means being a hypocrite and sitting there while the girls bash the bride of Chucky and smiling and nodding and then incriminating them later for it! She is the most sickening player in BBC history.


Sab lies to everyone, even herself.


Sabrina is so gross, I would never want to meet her in person, She is obviously exactly like that in real life. Even after big brother warned her about all her personal attacks, She cannot even help herself!


My sister just told me she liked Kenny…. My response: k

Name Above Title

Thatagirl, Allison. Think it out. Make your own play, right or wrong.


Is Allison already doubting the sloppy alliance?


She’s not doubting the alliance, she is not really in it. They think she is, but she just moved over to stay in the game. Her alliance is either Sabrina or Kenny.


Can somebody please explain Allison’s veto power to me?

Did the houseguest know there was a clue or a hidden veto power to look for?
Where did she find it?
Has she been in the War Room since she found it? It doesn’t seem so.
Do we know WHAT that veto power is yet?
Will she pull herself off the block just before the ceremony and be replaced (by Sabrina, hopefully)?
Is there video of her finding the clue? (I saw her open the hidden door.)

And how did the houseguests NOT hear Scott, Nate and Allison in the War Room originally? It’s so close to where the houseguests spend a lot of time.


hi jack arisa annouced this secret power to canada only we unleased it with votes
allison found the first clue in the flower pot upstairs and she has been following the clues to the hidden door which you know she already opened. she has a secret veto but at the veto ceremony she did not use it so that only leads us to believe that the diary room told her she cant play it yet but time will tell how it will unfold. nevertheless alison is clearly not going anywhere regardless if the votes are for her to leave. that will be the time they annouce her veto .. i think sarahs leaving anyways


also the room is probably sound proof. not even sure that was the same room the other houseguests were at intially. i think this is a different room all together. looked more like a furnace room when u see the photos.


Thanks Linda! I’m assuming Allison found the clue on chance. (The flowers weren’t there before and then they were. So she examined them.) Is that right?

Did the clue say anything like, “Shhh… you’ve found a secret clue…” ???


the flower had 1 clue than she had to go to the pool for the second clue. it was on a hockey puck that was dropped in the bottom of the pool she had to sit there and not make it obvious. she finally managed to get it than she had to solve the riddle. that was the hardest part. once she got to the wall she wasnt sure what to do for a while than finally figured it out. it doesnt show us what it said but obviously reading it she knew it was a clue to something so why would u share it with anyone?


Yes! And for everyone insisting it was all rigged for her, NEDA looked at the flowers first and didn’t see the first clue.


Rachelle did hear a voice at one point and asked Allison about it.


Sunday April 6 – After the lockdown they all came in and there were flowerpots placed everywhere. Look up the spoilers from that day and you’ll see Allison finding the first clue, second clue and third, then opening the door. There are videos that Simon/Dawg posted and you can watch every single thing she did.


I doubt Janelle would break up with him over the Allison kiss. If anything is going to break them up it will be his relationship with Queen Neda.


Allison is actually playing…..about time


Another really badly written episode of Pinky and the Brain – Ro and Sobs.


Boom! Called it for Allison to flip!


Arlie buttering up the girls.


Arlie is hooped, potentially. He revealed to much last night in Allison’s presence. It was obvious from her demeanour that she is not fully embracing the sloppy seconds. She still wants to be with her first alliance (5+), or second (gremlins).
If Kenny wins HOH Adel is gone.


imagine the embarrassment of being sarahs husband or kids…she is crying her fake hugs with jon were all for nothing and jealous of jons friendship with neda

imagine the embarrassment of being sabrinas parents…i would fly to another country and change my name

imagine the embarrassment of knowing the fugazi fake gay kenny or dumb as a plank submissive puppet rachelle…just brutal

people are watching around the world the massive lack of class these 4 people have…the whole house is heated, but these 4 are insanely f-cked in the head

all neda said was “no” in response to rachelle asking if she was ok, and that escalated into kenny, rachelle, sarah, sabrina into talking about her vj, and seperately kenny wanting to break jons leg, and sab and rach wanting to cut arlies d1ck off…add the tampon…its just ridiculous…have they forgotten there are cameras?

its a f-cking game ffs, ok arlie and allison flipped as they would rather play with nicer, more genuine people, and have numbers…they are such poor losers they have to engage in personal attacks, rather than respect quality game moves

people like this really are undeserving of being on tv in my opinion, and get paid

another name

i swear i was joking about the photo of jon, allison and the burrito looking like the beginning of a showmance.
missed the kissing they’re talking about. and not really that interested in it.
think andrew would be yelling out the words sloppy seconds too?
and there goes the rest of my dignity.


I wonder why the gremlins and sarah aren’t allowed to talk about jon and whether his girlfriend is going to break up with him.


allison: i hate all this passive aggressive bullsh1t

arlie: i love it

allison: i wish i was more like deli, just not give a f-ck

deli: hot tub paaaarty


From the beginning of this game, I was expecting the Newfoundlanders to form an alliance. It’s even crossed my mind that there is some secret thing going on there, and the Jon and Kenny tension is just a diversion. But I guess production would play this up for it’s entertainment value. Unless they hatched some kind of plan before going into the house.


One thing I want to ask…do people who come out of Big Brother become famous? Because they are all talking like their lives are going to be so different, and Rachelle is going to get a modelling gig, etc….geez…i figured they would be forgot about in a few months…what do you all think?


Allison is a rotten b*tch so it’s not surprising she will go back over to the bitches in the game. I hope it causes her to leave immediately. Hooking up with Andrew, you gotta be skanky, right? Because no decent girl would do that- get her out of there!


If I were Janelle id break up with Jon . Not for a drunk peck with Allison but with his relationship with neda . They are way to close and touchy to be just friends . I honestly hope he makes a move on neda id ship that ????


Actually I for one… did not dislike Andrew. I wanted him to stay in the game a wee bit longer…. longer than neda that is forsure. Her I can’t stand. I am not seeing why Andrew was hated so much. yeah a wee bit on the gross side with the nose picking et. hell if I were in that house.. with him I’d carry handsanitizer with me at all times plus I’d be telling him go wash hands.. or hands out of nose… hands to side… hands on lap…lol