Hayden says If I win the VETO I might not use it, to get Caleb out! Maybe I’ll flirt with Amber too..

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 00-54-20-282

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12:50am Nicole and Victoria are laying out in the hammock. I am so glad I didn’t put you up because we’re going to need each other. Nicole says maybe Donny was right about the 8? I am trying to stay out of it, I feel like that’s bad but they’re going to say what they’re going to say. Hayden comes out and Nicole says he needs to go spy. Nicole asks him what that was about then calling each other. Hayden doesn’t know what shes talking about. Devin comes out and Nicole says nevermind. Nicole asks I don’t know why Hayden but I am so attracted to you. Hayden says that’s the best thing I’ve heard in here! Nicole says the frog suit comes off Thursday I’ll start then. Nicole tells Victoria I don’t know who to trust … I’m in a frog suit. Brittany comes out and brings Nicole a sandwich. Victoria heads inside. Nicole asks Brittany what’s Frankie up to? Brittany says they went and woke him up. I don’t know any more. Nicole says its so sketchy. Brittany says I don’t think they’re really going to back door Devin. Devin comments that he is glad its almost over. Brittany says shut up its not over. Devin says unless you know something I don’t know. Brittany says I don’t know anything, I just have a feeling. Devin says that part of him wants to go home. The only way is if I get the POV. Brittandy asks can you go home for me? Deivn says I’m so tired, I’ll go home for you and check on the three. I’ll send a banner over and let you know they’re OKAY!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 01-02-02-302

1am Nicole heads inside to the kitchen. In the kitchen – Hayden, Cody, Brittany, Frankie, Derrick and Victoria are hanging out eating and chatting. Hayden says Hey Nicole you know how Frog show their mates they like them? They hop and swim. I would hop and swim for you all day long. Hayden says hey Nicole you know how frogs catch their food right?! With their tongue .. I wish I as a fly that could get caught by your tongue. Derrick comments on how there haven’t been any showmances this year but there have been plenty of Bromances. Hayden comes over to Frankie and says yeah they’re going to show me humping you. Derrick comments on how fitting Nicole’s costume was for the Battle of the Block competition.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 01-11-58-734

In the bathroom – Frankie and Derrick are whispering. Frankie says for the team america mission Donny will tell Nicole, I (Frankie) will tell Zach. And you (Derrick) will tell Victoria. Frankie says I will tell Zach theres a rumor about him being related to Amanda Zuckerman and let him spread his own rumor. Frankie says Zach might even tell the whole house …and then we’re done! Derrick looks at the cameras and tells the live feeders Frankie is a genius! Derrick says he is going to go ask about it in the diary room. Derrick goes and tells Donny about the plan. Donny tells Derrick that won’t work because 3 separate people have to spread the rumor.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 01-23-58-835

In the living room – Derrick tells Caleb that he shouldn’t come up to sleep in the HOH room because people are already talking and thinking that we’re conspiring. Derrick tells Amber that he was just telling Caleb not to come up because people are talking about you, me and him after what happened today. Amber says they’re going to say what they’re going to say. Derrick says yeah, I just don’t want to feed the fire. Amber agrees.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 01-29-36-542
1:35am Derrick heads out to Cody in the hammock. Cody comments on how Devin is trying to be the nice guy. Derrick says yeah he’s been good. He came up to me and said good more, checkmate! And shook my hand. Derrick says I’ll be nice but I won’t talk game with him. Its not like he f**ked with my family or nothing. Cody says but he literally f**k with everyone’s game. The house guests have been hearing a police helicopter over head for a while now and Derrick comments on how he just heard gun shots. Amber joins them. Amber asks Derrick what Victoria is thinking. Derrick says she’s good she doesn’t talk much game. Amber says that Donny asked her before the competition if Caleb was going to throw it. Derrick says he doesn’t think Caleb threw it .. he had no control over it. It was all Jocasta. Amber says she talked to Caleb 45 minutes before and told him not to throw it. I think he wanted to go up more to be able to play in the POV. Derrick says I think he did it more for you. Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down due to the Police drama going on around the studio.

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1:45am In the hive room – Amber is talking to Brittany. Brittany says people are going around saying things about me. I just don’t know where the lies are coming from. I was told that you were giving my name a lot for who should go up. Amber says I don’t know where that was coming from because that never happened. When you watch it you will see I’ve been doing a lot to help you. Brittany says all these lies are killing me. Brittany says I don’t know, some times I wonder if I should be playing a dirtier game. Amber says to be honest I let Devin control my game and I was done with it. I don’t even talk game with him any more. Amber says I don’t want to ruin friendships in this house.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 02-05-33-220

1:50am – 2:40am Up in the HOH room – Derrick is talking to Cody. Derrick says he is worried about Brittany because I think if something was presented to her she would drop us at the drop of a hat. Cody talks about how Brittany didn’t trust him either. He says we didn’t stick out necks out on the line just to try and send you home the next week. Derrick talks about the events leading up to the nominations. He says that Brittany wasn’t even a consideration for either of us. Then Nicole asked me this morning if I was sure about Brittany. She told me I heard Brittany can’t be trusted, I’ve heard she’s working with other people. Derrick says I questioned he and she got all teary eyed. I am definitely buying it but whenever I ask her a question she gets all worked up. This is big brother, you have to question everything. I don’t even know if Brittany is your real name at this point! Cody says I don’t believe that Brittany has never talked game with Donny. I know she was in the room. Guilty by association. Derrick comments on how Caleb is lost ever since he fell for Amber. He isn’t going to make it because he is mentally sabotaging himself. Derrick says I don’t think he Caleb threw the competition today. Cody says he told us he was going to throw it. Derrick says I don’t know if he just got out there forgot to throw it. Cody says I think he looked at it and didn’t know how to throw it. Derrick talks to Cody about Nicole and how Nicole is a beast. Derrick says how he called her out on how she’s playing a Dan Gheesling game.

Derrick says the only person I trust in entirety the max being 95% is you. Cody asks you don’t trust me 100%? Derrick say well you want to beat me in this game don’t you?! Cody says I trust you 100%. Derrick says I am with you to the end. Derrick then changes his answer and says I trust you 100%. Derrick says Zach I love Zach but I don’t trust his game play because he talks too much. I think he is loyal. Derrick says I like Christine but she tells people things to get them to trust them. Derrick says I trust Victoria about 70%. The conversation turns to talking about how Caleb doesn’t realize Amber doesn’t like him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. Cody brings up how Hayden wants to use information to break that up. They talk about how much they trust Hayden. Derrick says he will pick Cody for house guest choice since Caleb is picking Hayden. Derrick tells Cody if we are ever on the block together, I won’t campaign against you.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 01-57-13-542

2:25am Out on the backyard couch – Hayden and Nicole are talking. Nicole comments on how its good that everyone trusts him. Nicole says I can’t win any more HOH’s. Hayden says I don’t want to win any HOH until its a regular HOH. Hayden tells Nicole not to worry. Hayden says both Caleb and Derrick said if they get House Guest choice they will pick me to play in the veto. Which is really good because if I win it, I will back door him. Hayden says after this week we could form a big group to pick off the bomb squad. Nicole asks with who? Hayden comments all of the outsiders. He says Donny. Nicole says I feel like I ruined that. I don’t know if I should approach him again or not. I tried to pull a Dan move. Hayden laughs. Hayden tells her not to talk to Donny again yet. Nicole says I don’t even want to win the veto. Hayden says I want to win it to use it .. I mean not use it. Nicole says I feel like it would put huge targets on my back and your back. Hayden says yeah but it would be awesome. AND plus it might not because you have all the outsiders.. everyone would agree with it because everyone wants Caleb out. AND then all I have to do is convince the bomb squad this is what the house wants so if we want to convince everyone that the bomb squad doesn’t exist… so everyone would be with it. Nicole says she what? I wasn’t listening. Nicole says I do want to make big moves otherwise it’s boring! Hayden says wouldn’t it be funny if Caleb chooses me to be house guest choice and then I don’t use the veto if I win it. Hayden jokes I am going to start flirting with Amber. Nicole says that’s not funny. Hayden says deuces. Nicole says deuces.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 02-21-56-560

2:45am In the kitchen Devin is talking to himself while looking at himself in the mirror. He is asking himself if he wants to eat cereal. You’re a gluttonous pig! You don’t need it! Do I want it!? Do I need it!? Amber comments on how she’s never seen this before. HE then decided to eat a bowl.

2:50am – 3:10am Hayden joins Derrick and Cody in the HOH room. Derrick and Cody talk about how they were just comparing stories to see if anyone is lying to them. Hayden says that it doesn’t matter who Amber is with at the moment she will float to which ever side is the best opportunity for her. Hayden says think about if Caleb got out .. it would cut off Amber and Devin. Derrick says I would like to get Caleb out because he is extremely close to the boys. Derrick says but Caleb won’t vote you out. IF Devin wins POV I will have to think about something else. Hayden says think of it this way one all of the house wants him out and two it diminishes the rumor of the bomb squad. Derrick says but keeping Devin here is bad for us. Hayden says you could make a deal with Devin if we keep you .. you don’t come after us and you go after the others. Cody says getting out Caleb this week is one vote for us that I know he wouldn’t vote against us. Hayden says no one is going to trust Devin again. Cody says my problem with keeping Devin is that he knows who in the bomb squad to target. Derrick says if Devin plays in the veto and wins it .. I would have to put up Victoria or Brittany. Derrick says that if Caleb wanted to strike at us who would he have .. no one ..he doesn’t even have Amber on his side. Frankie joins them.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 02-42-15-393

3:15am Up in the HOH room – Cody, Hayden, Frankie and Devin are talking. Devin comments on how he’s eating because he knows he’s going to be a havenot tomorrow. Hayden comments on how he doesn’t know if he can even get a boner any more. Is it true if you don’t use it, you lose it? Devin says yeah! They comment on how all of the girls are on their period. Devin says ALL of them! Derrick comes back and tells Amber to come up if she wants we’re not talking any game tonight. Amber says love it. Devin says if I could bang any celebrity it would have been Natalie Portman but she just had a baby so Emma Watson.

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Ok, just a week ago, these forums were filled with hate for Devin with name calling and begging for him to leave. Literally, not even a week has gone by, and now everyone thinks that he is an underdog?! And why is all that hate being pushed towards Derrick? Just because he said something to Donny that you didn’t appreciate? Derrick is playing a superb game so far. Albeit, he may run his mouth too much but that is simply because hes trying to stay ahead of the curb. Last year, everybody was mad that the season had too many followers. This season is filled with many independent thinkers and some of you are still unsatisfied!


people have the right to change their minds and opnions, if we all thought the same thing life would be boring…

no clear favorite yet

Right on. Devin self sabotaged by playing a really horrible game and having a holier then thou attitude. That’s why he’s in the position he’s in now. Derrick is running his mouth but so far, playing flawless. Though if I were him, I’d try to cast off Caleb sooner rather then later. Donny getting a bit of stick surprises me, but this is Big Brother. People are going to be paranoid at any small thing inside the house while the game goes on (just not to the same extent as Devin, I mean…the guy was arguing with himself in the kitchen mirrors for crying out loud). Donny wasn’t going to remain everyone’s favorite in house for long regardless. He’s there for 500K just like everyone else is., apart from Caleb who just wants to get into amber’s panties now


How is his game flawless when he’s already damaged his relationship with Brittany, he was in an alliance that the majority of the house is suspicious of, and he’s in an alliance (Team America) with two people that he doesn’t trust?

Look, Derrick has skills when it comes to talking to certain people in the house and convincing them to do things. But I think people are massively overrating his game to this point. He’s starting to lie to people just to lie to people. He’s starting to hit a point of diminishing returns where his talking is no longer furthering his game, but creating potential pitfalls that could crush it.


Derick may have played his cards way too early, things may still go his way but he really reminds me of Sabrina. She has control over the first three-four weeks in the house but then the house doesn’t listen to her anymore because they knew she’ll just be spewing lies. If he continues to play the same I can see the same trajectory except that he’ll be voted out because he can be a competition threat whilst Sabrina isn’t.


Yeah, I could see that point. I think a big difference though is that Sabrina was doing a lot of work to protect her alliance, whereas Derrick seems to be a lot more worried about himself. Sabrina was trying to distract people from nominating Andrew and Kenny and Derrick is just trying to actively persuade people into not targeting him. Which is weird considering that a lot of the people he’s doing this to (Brittany, Nicole, Jacosta) weren’t even thinking about him let alone targeting him, and now they all think he’s “sketchy.”

I think Derrick is suffering from something we see from time to time with players and that’s trying to be safe with everyone in the house. You don’t have to be safe and have a game relationship with every single person in the house so long as you have a solid alliance.

Devin's Dealer

like like like like like & one more like. well said




I didn’t hate on Devin last week. He said what he was gonna do, even if they didn’t agree with it..and did it. Derrick is doing the same thing. But, because he is acting ‘oily” and subtly threatening people dislike that even more. Devin put Brittany on slop for the second straight week…But, she was expecting it. He announced his target.
Derrick threatened to put Brittany on slop for the third straight week. Because he thinks she was trying to ‘flip” the house. But, he didn’t announce it…he just told her he was thinking about it. So….let’s see, Devin who is upfront. Or Derrick who is intimidating quietly.
Same people, different approaches.


Famous last words, Dawg! Assuming no new info. is added to this post, the final three words are so appropriate: “Frankie joins them.” Seriously, that guy is dabbling in everything. Looking forward to his time on the block, to see what kind of BB player he REALLY is! 🙂


At this point,i’m not sure who is more annoying,Amber or Brittany.But i gotta say,Nicole is growing on me.

Baby Firefly

I want Devin to play and win POV and watch the hamsters scramble.


Can’t help but think that production will rig POV in Devin’s favour.

I Don't Like Ferrick

I want him to win, and take Caleb off.

Mister E

if Devin gets picked for POV and it is catered to him, we will know something is rigged. The odds of that are really slim.


I really don’t understand why Derrick and Cody don’t want to get rid of Caleb right now. He is so volatile and has made it clear that he’ll protect Amber over everybody. I mean last week he went from loving Devin, to arguing with Devin, to making up with Devin, to then voting against Devin’s wishes. That uncertainty is not good for their respective games.

If you get rid of Caleb this week, everyone would still want Devin out next week and even if Devin won HOH, you’d still have someone else as an opposing HOH. Then all 4 people nominated on the block could arrange to throw the BoB so that Devin loses his HOH and then backdoor him using the PoV. Hayden is definitely right on this one.


Caleb is a number for them while Devin is not, if Caleb wins next HOH he’ll go after Britanny, Nicole, Donny, Jocasta and Victoria while if Devin wins he may go after Cody, Zach and Derick. Basically they are scared (mostly Derick) of the house flipping against them if Devin stays, worst case scenario for him is he’ll suffer the same faith as Helen who had a number of chances to flip the house against Amanda but hesitated because of fear.


But what if Amber keeps flirting with Cody and Caleb turns on Cody? What if Caleb teams up with Jacosta because Amber and Jacosta are close in the house? That’s the kind of uncertainty that Caleb brings.

At least with Devin you know where things stand and there’s already a pretty big stigma surrounding him. And even if he did win HOH and stayed HOH, his target would be Zach.


Zach may be Devin’s number one but Derick or Cody could be his number two target. Devin’s annoying but he is not a stupid player who just allows things to fall into pieces. When BS was falling out he was on the money in trying to rope in Jocasta, Donny and Brittany. If he wins the next HOH he could flip the house against zach’s side and Derick may even get the short end of the stick. If Caleb wins, he can be easily manipulated by Derick, as proven in this HOH and Zach’s vote last week.


And that’s the point. Helen had Amanda on the block and didn’t take her out…too soon…next week. When they are on the block take them out or suffer the consequences.


Amen Jax!

Rats are loose

Didn’t think I would despise anyone more than Frankie, But lo and behold Derricks true colors emerge as an arrogant cop come to life. He is a real a-hole and I hope all his lies catch up to him soon!!!!!!


Better take your meds since Derrick is going to win this thing!!!


Back in your cage Budgie…….not a chance he wins!!!

Julie's Glitter

Hayden FTW.

smd nicole

This is just too easy for derrick he is gunna win this game! He is a guy i feel will be a great liar/manipulator when his back is against the wall


I think if he wasn’t trying to control everyone and everything he would be golden. I think he is on people’s radars and now he gave Frankie and key to who he really is and I think it’s gonna hurt him.


Why would Derrick even joke he was a cop? Seriously?! If you look at how he carries himself, talks and even looks, it just clicks and makes sense. I think Frankie is gonna run wild with this. I think Derrick should have had a better cover-up story, parks and rec. ha! Granted, Donny is a grounds keeper and they all think he is lying.

What I don’t like about Derrick is now is the fact he never shuts up. He took over Devin’s shoes. I like how Brittany told him to stop making snarky comments when she was trying to talk. He starts badgering people into giving the responses he is looking for and wont let up. he’s getting to cocky (can i type that?). Derrick thinks he has everything in control, just like Devin, but he doesn’t. No one really has full control in the house, especially since no one trusts each other after the past week, not even people who have alliances.

Brittnay's future ex

Frankie is playing the same game as Andy did last year. Everybody hated Andy, but for some reason people think Frankie is a genius. It’s only because his sister is some half a** singer.


Hayden, NOOO!! Don’t bring up getting Caleb out before the POV players are picked. Now they might not pick you if they get house guest choice.


He didn’t push it. Just brought it up. Derrick and Cody had been talking about it earlier so now they know that if they do decide to blindside Caleb that Hayden would be on board.


I really don’t want Devin to go, I don’t care what the haters think about him, he’s the reason Big Brother is interesting. All those other p’s are self absorbed losers who bring nothing interesting to the game, i.e. Frankie, Nicole, Christine and Victoria plus Frackin Zack. Win P.O.V. Devin and get rid of that thing called Nicole.

Mister E

After the Bomb Squad was outed, you can see how the entire house has lost trust in most everyone. It is easy to understand because everyone in the Bomb Squad also had side alliances with other members of the house. The paranoia is running wild. Derrick has played a good game, but between the Bomb Squad being outed and him trying so hard to undo the damage. I believe he still has a uphill battle in front of him to save his long term game. We will see if he can pull that off (also the Team America challenges could hurt his game, depending on what they have him do.) Frankie, I think has lost everyone in the house. They will be nice to him and try to use him as a number but will be very hard for him to get the trust back. The only alliance that seems to really be intact and has good trust in one another is Nicole and Hayden (they have Christine also, but Nicole doesn’t fully trust her anymore because she was in the Bomb Squad). This may end up being more a singles game this year, and that is fine by me.


Why would Derrick plant a seed with Pink Snitch about Derrick being a cop? Is it because he’s feeling so cocky confident about his performance as a story teller and truth and lie spinner or is it an actual ploy to determine if he can trust Frankie (as in, if Frankie starts talking to others about the possibility of Derrick being a cop)? Do you think Frankie will figure out Derrick’s true job?


Sounds like Derrick & Frankie don’t want to have Donny in TA. I’ve had that feeling for a while now. I really hate that HG’s consider 41 to be OLD! I know alot of peeps in their 40’s that would crush them both physically and mentally! Okay, so Donny doesn’t have the strength physically but he is the wisest person there. I feel for him as not only did Devin ruin his game, but now \Nicole did also. Nicole just made an alliance with Donny last week, says he is the kindest and has great wisdom and asks specifically for his input on noms and alliances and what does she do next? She questions if she should put him on the block?!?! WTH??? No wonder Donny blew up (or whatever he did exactly) at the nom ceremony. He really should have kept quiet and let her come to him to explain but I guess it was all too much for him since she had just told him different. Donny is 100% right when he said Derrick coerced her for the 8 – he just doesnt know the lies and manipulation Derrick did to get her to that point. Couple that with Amber talking to Nicole and turning on Donny and making him a target. \why on earth would Nicole trust Amber – her enemy and target??????? Regardless if Donny let that slip, Nicole should have stuck with the plan and questioned Donny’s loyalty to their secret alliance.

Derrick was playing cool but he (like Devin) caught the HOHTITUS bug and now can’t shut up. He’s running his mouth non-stop and he’s going to get caught. I can’t wait for that to happen and I think he opened up the can of worms more when he joked that he was an under-cover. I bet Frankie runs with that when it’s needed. I know if someone told me that in the house, i would def think back and realize it was true and let other know to watch and observe. Anyone ever dealing with cops or watch tv shows know how they speak and tactics they use. I have a retired Uncle and also a cousin, (both cops) who I say this to them all the time: “once a cop – always a cop” as their language and mannerisms scream it.

I’m still hoping that Nicole will mend fences with Donny. The heat needs to be taken off of him. He’s really been scorned by some bad deals. It still baffles me that his closest friends have all backstabbed him and he’s hardly opened his mouth to talk game. I think it’s also possible that Frankie intends on using the mission to discredit Donny and here’s why. As soon as they were given the mission, Frankie and Derrick talk about it WITHOUT Donny present. Frankie is the one who brings up the Amanda Zukerman idea and attaches Donny to Pao as the original source. He then runs to Zack and starts rumours about Donny spreading rumours and he’s not who he says he is. He’s targeting Donny even though Donny is part of TA. WHY? Because Frankie isn’t into “old” Donny. He’s jealous of the girls loving Donny which takes the attention away from Frankie. He wants to be loved the most. He can’t manipulate Donny by his chats and wont by grinding and being all huggy with him. Both he and Derrick know that the TA continues if they “lose” a member. I believe Frankie wants Donny and Zack to get into an argument. Frankie can be pinned on Donny. I’m no so sure Frankie is allowed to spread that type of rumour about Donny after given instructions and while this mission is going on. It was suppose to be: “In Order To Take The Heat Off The TA Members. Frankie is doing the opposite with Donny. I hope they take it away from Frankie if that is the case. I think he’s getting away with too much. Let’s see if he gets away with that tactic fromo. I’m hoping that Donny opts out of the TA after the first mission if it keeps hurting his game. He could say that he HAD to spread it to accomplish a mission. He could also hint that things are not as they seem to Hayden who was aware of Joey being the original TA. Crossing my fingers and toes that Hayden clues in that there may be more and tells Nicole.


TOO LONG!!!!!!!


Okay, got it, you like Donny. Your wise theory, let’s see if that fits: Donny asked Nicole about Christine, she said she was her best friend. Then Donny mentions how Christine is all over the house – nope, Nicole doesn’t take a bite. Then he says “I know she’s you buddy but she she your buddy?” Didn’t Donny suggest she nominate Christine? (I thought I read it.)

Yes, I totally believe in testing the water. But after the first response with Nicole telling Donny, Christine is her best friend here, that’s where he should have left it.

Big Jim

Nicole is playing like Dan??? Is this a joke??


LOL!! Not even in the same galaxy as Dan the Man!!


Has anyone in the house really caught on to Frandy and his rat status?


Everyone knows. Everyone comments on how he can’t be trusted because he’s everywhere. Rat Andy stayed in the background. He would carry things around with him and leave something in every room so when he wanted to get in the convo he would just say “Sorry. I just came to get my…” and they would invite him to stay because he wasn’t trying to push into the convo. But Frankie will never be able to master the stealth. He has to be the center of attention and that means everyone knows where he is at all times and can track his movements.

Not aDonnyFan

I don’t get the Donny love. His Mayberry antics are annoying. IF he gets an HOH will he get a letter from his cousin’s Goober and Gomer? Homemade cookies from Aunt Bea?!! He needs to go.


against country folk.


I’m guessing you don’t like baseball, hotdogs or apple pie either? LOL!


Derrick is a douchebag. I pray everyone finds out how Derrick is talking behind their backs. I pray he doesn’t win BB16 . And I’m so ready for floater Christine to leave.


There is no way that Devin is Not going to play in the POV & probably even win it. Even the ones that are calling themselves super fans should know that or they haven’t watched the game as much as they claim.


Derrick was in a good place until he won HOH. When the bomb squad blew up, they all still tried to deny and blame it on Zack being crazy. When Zack and Devin blew it up, they all should have admitted it openly, laughed the bomb squad off as a joke, something that was only real to Devin, he told people they were in an alliance and they couldn’t say no, but they had to humor him because he was HOH. By denying, Derrick and Christine hurt their games. It looks like Nicole isn’t trusting Christine the same as before, Christine’s big mistake was not telling Nicole before she heard it from someone else. She has had some time to consider what Donny told her and I think she is putting the pieces together. Brittany also knows that Derrick is lying. He is lying to people that know the truth and this is hurting him. His strength was that people confided in him, but if the trust is gone they won’t anymore. Brittany, Jacosta, Nicole, Hayden and Donny know for a fact he is lying about the alliance and his involvement in the BS. I’m glad whatever happens this week will be on him and not on Nicole. It would have been funny to see Derrick in the frog suit though.


OK Just to clarify on how I feel.

Joey: I think it was an incredibly stupid move to evict Joey week 1. I think she could have been used as a vote and let here know that they are saving her. I think #1 should have been PowPow or better Jocasta (because NO one knew her… hell people who watched the feeds 24/7 did not know her.). Joey was a wasted week, but usually that is what week one is.

PowPow: Bad game, no benefit and it was better she went home over Zach.

Zach: Is a schmuck. My only reason for Zach staying is that PowPow offered less to everybody else, she couldn’t even afford them good coverage. He also served the purpose of breaking a pattern that Devin and Caleb run the house.

Caleb: I really do not see what other people see in him. I don’t think he is too cocky I don’t think he is that much of a bully. Believe me I know Cocky A******s I was attacked be them daily in Highschool, I was fag bashed by guys that were what people say he is…. and honestly I don’t see that in him. He is athletic, tall and good looking (blame genetics) and in the United States that equals A*****e. He is probably one of the most honest and loyal people in the hame. He does sulk a lot and wastes his time thinking about a girl that is just not into him. What I will say he is very foolish in is affections and a bit of a moron…. he’s a straight guy for gods sake LOL… but remember a smart player can really use his loyalty… you just have to be NOT the person that got Amber eveicted and if you get Amber out he would be loyal to those he feels fought to keep her. That is why the girls should take out Amber… golden if it was on a Brittany/ Zach week. Zach’s people win BoB and it is Amber/Donny
Brittany takes out Amber with a Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta, Christine, Hayden vote and a Caleb, Cody, Frankie, Derrick voting to keep Amber… It would be easy for Christine and Hayden to act like they supported Amber all week against Donnie and it could turn the Beast over to the other column especially since Donny could not vote he was on the block…. Brittany’s closest friend in the house is Derrick… ooh that could make a major flip in power.

Devin: First off moron. The best reason for getting rid of Devin is that he is NO good for anyones game especially his own. This is the guy you do not waffle on you cut him out when you can. Of course in every season there is a screw up. If it is Caleb and Devin on the block on Thursday and they vote out Caleb that will be this Seasons big screw up. Devin will then stick around into the jury stage and he will have F’ed all of them. This is the guy will be the one that is a total b***h to get out, if you pass the chance up.

Amber: I am a blank on Amber. I think she is afraid to let Caleb know she is not into him. I do not think she deserves the Evil Femme Fatale reputation she has… mostly because a real femme fatale… would play better. Her biggest problem is she is the Caleb linch pin and she does not like it. She also tends to screw herself because she is so interested in having everybody know she is not with Caleb she misses the opportunities of having a Caleb work for her. Just imagine a Caleb in the gentle little hands of Brittany Haynes (if she was single LOL) or the gentle guidance of a Jordan. He would play much better and she really would be deadly.

Frankie: Shady Queen… BEWARE. Except he is not as good at it as Andy Herring. They think he has a great social game… but it blows. He is actually the biggest physical threat in the game. I would love to see Frankie go right after Devin. I really would not want to see him post Jury.

Donny: He has the possibility of playing one of the Best Social Games in Big Brother History. I think that is why he scares the weasels in the game more than anybody knows.

Derrick: is playing a good game. Granted he won the Dumb luck HoH. I had said earlier you will know who production is rooting for judging by this HoH and you will really know after the PoV. This one was an opportunity to have a Nicole type to win HoH at a critical point and a Derrick type who could not win otherwise. Derick is also more sly. Unfortunately he is in Team America with Frankie so he is unable to act against Frankie… I do not think Frankie would have the same inclination.

Cody: Good kid, bad judgement… mostly Beefcake for the masses. He is there to look good and flirt and hopefully have a showmance that would make the girls swoon. He does have a chance to get into a final three but I would never take him to the Final two… just too pretty.

Nicole: I like Nicole, I want her to go far. I think she is smarter that people give her credit and if she makes it to the jury stage will go far but will probably end up in the jury.

Hayden: Mark my words if he makes it to the Jury stage he will be making major moves and will be one of the best players in big brother history. When he leaks out what is going on in his mind it is all solid. he is smarter than the other guys. Could be our winner.

Christine: I like her. I hope she goes far. If she gets to jury stage she will be in the jury and may make some big moves.

Jocasta: I usually feel that you should never trust the preacher when it comes to big brother. If the get you in their prayer circle… You are doomed. It her case I am becoming on the fence. I think she is good people, but I don’t see her lasting long.

Brittany: She is a bit of a wah wah, for me. I just do not see what the Houseguests see. She is nobody’s threat. Her game is bad. I feel for her situation but I really hope she makes it to jury, for the stipend they get when they get to jury. If I was here I would take the cash prizes or trips when they do the luxury punishment PoV. She is not winning. I think her biggest problem is the same as Amber, women are more competitive than men. She’s pretty and she has a sad story that can garner sympathy, GET THAT BITCH OUT. It is just not in the ways people ever notice. Girls Alliances never work because in a situation where there is limited safety or resources women will always take out what they consider to be their biggest threat for those resources. It is a harsh fact, but I have seen this happen on shows like this, in business and socially. Men are not the competitive gender it is actually women. One of the parts about being a gay man is we get to see the 80% of a woman straight guys don’t and some of the parts they never want to see. That is why we have strong friendships with women they can be all of themselves with us and it is mutual.

Victoria; Last and least. She will probably go to jury out of dumb luck more than strategy. There are enough bigger targets she may be nominated but she will not go home. A bit obnoxious and it will get worse as they go.

Fell Asleep



No reason to be rude – if you fell asleep – then go take a nap – like Brit needs to do!


Nobody is being rude…EricCA response was waaayyytoo long. Nobody wants to read a novel. Comments should be kept short and succinct.


I hate this “team America” thing. its so unfair IMO. so Zach has to deal with some stupid rumor. why? because it was voted in as a job for a team of people that was rigged from the get-go with Frankie and his “following”

just think it sucks for Zach, boogie doesn’t win BB with this many road blocks thrown in front of him, Zach is screwed. he WAS in an amazing spot after being on the block, now that they chose AMANDA, no one will talk to him


Choosing Zack as the target of the rumor is stupid, there were way better options, but I have a feeling Derrick and Frankie are trying to set Donny up. If they went with Monet being Amber’s cousin or Victoria as Amanda’s sister in law it would have been more believable and harmless. The other two clearly want Donny off TA and out of the game before jury.


Jacosta looks pretty sick. POV should happen today, she doesn’t look well enough to play.

Julie's Glitter

Just for the record: The type of charity Frankie talked about sounds like the kind of charity sometimes known as “charity safaris”. While people have good intentions to help people, it can be a not-so-productive way to provide aid. Rather than paying local residents – who desperately need work – to build a school, people (with no construction experience) pay several thousand dollars to cover their travel and lodging to spend a couple weeks in a third world country. While there, they spend some time helping to construct a building, and other time visiting the area “sight-seeing”. Ironically, many areas they don’t necessarily need a new building. There are vacant buildings that could be used to teach the dozen-or-so kids in a village. These kids aren’t missing school because there’s no building. They aren’t going to school because it’s unsafe to travel back and forth, they have to work during the day, there is no teacher in the area – and because the government doesn’t pay for teacher – the students are required to pay tuition to attend school and these families are too poor. So sadly, some of these buildings erected by a charity safari sit abandoned and in decay – if there are no funds to maintain the building- fix broken windows, etc., or are overtaken for non-education use. When a group drops into a poor country for 2 weeks then fly back home, they feel great about themselves “We built a school!” – but it does make me wonder who benefited the most from the charity.