Big Brother Spoilers – Hayden – “How am I Supposed to hit on a frog”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

BB16-2014-07-11 21-04-32-505

8:54pm HOH Frankie, Derrick and Zach
Derrick has his sushi, offers the guys some.
Zach saying that Victoria comes from the richest part of where they live. They live close by but where she live is very high class. Zach goes on about how he cannot stand her. Derrick says his life depends on one of them winning the HOh Next week  “you guys are all monster if you guys don’t win it wasn’t meant to be” Zach says there’s three bigger targets than them “Caleb Amber and ?? ” Derrick thinks he’s moved up on the list because he won the HOH. Zach loves Nicole “she’s so funny.. she a fuucking frog”

Zach looking at what Frankie is wearing says everything he owns is brands, the lowest brand he has is lululemon
zach tells them being on the block is not fun. figures since he was on the block and and Survived it’ll mean something. Zach wonders why victoria is even in the game. Frankie says for diversity

BB16-2014-07-11 21-07-58-712

9:07pm Derrick saying the most special thing was the card with his daughters hands and foot prints

BB16-2014-07-11 21-31-38-137

9:21pm HOH Derrick, Zach, Caleb
Devin comes in says he misses his daughter a lot so whatever happens he’s fine with it. “I miss my daughter a lot bro.. alot bro.. you gotta do what you gotta do”
Derrick tells Devin if he doesn’t get picked for POV he’ll have him be the host “I won’t let you go out like that”
Devin says to be honest it means a lot to Derrick how Devin is acting, “Kids going out with class”
Devin tells them the house meeting and using the veto on Brittany was to clear his conscience
Devin says if he plays in the Veto he’s going to fight hard, “I’m not going to bend over and lay down I don’t have that in my heart” . Caleb says Beast mode cowboy is coming to play.
Devein – “Thats cool bro”
Devin says julie is going to ask him what was his biggest regret and he’ll say “I kinda formed the Biggest and Greatest alliance in BB History and I also tore it down”
Devin says he still want to hang out with them all after this says to caleb he still wants to go hunting with im and drink some moonshine and get lost in the woods. They all start laughing

BB16-2014-07-11 21-34-45-837

9:30pm Brittany and Victoria working out

BB16-2014-07-11 21-41-25-630

9:38 BEEHIVE Zach and Cody
Talking about making a final 4 deal with Nicole and Christine Zach thinks it’s a good idea.
Cody thinks that will be tough because the girls will want to include Hayden
Cody saying Caleb is out Derrick told him to make sure not to leave him alone with Caleb. Derrick is worried Caleb is going to attach to him now that Devin is going. Cody has noticed Caleb is knowing he’s on the outs with Devin leaving. Zach tells him that Donny is sketchy. Cody agrees.
Zach whispers that he hates Amber, “Amber and Donny hate each other they are bashing heads”
Zach – “As far as my game goes .. As far as Zach attack goes.. I’m straight up Chillin”
Zach thinks the next three weeks they will be on cruise control.
In their opinion Victoria isn’t even playing the game she’s just floating through. Cody impersonates her “Why are people being so personal I can play a dirty game too”
Zach -”Can you imagine if me, you, Derrick are in the final 3 especially with the idiots we’re playing with”
Zach -”the biggest threats we have are Donny and Frankie they are the only two i’m worried” Zach adds Donny is going next week and the first chance they have to take out Frankie they should take it. Cody say the first chance they have to take out Caleb they have to take. Zach agrees but thinks Caleb goes first.
Talking about how sad it is about caleb and Amber. She doesn’t like him at all. Cody says Caleb didn’t throw the competition they only lost because Jocasta sucked so hard.

BB16-2014-07-11 22-30-28-626

10:17pm Cody and Brittany BEEHIVE
He feels they are not on the same page anymore. She’s been a little doubtful to be honest he’s been distant.
Brittany and Cody agree Frankie is playing the entire house. Always butting into conversation. Cody “that bothers me.. he’s going to get picked off by somebody he’s playing the whole house and it’s obvious”
Cody – “I will literally have your back as long as we’re in this house”
Brittany feels the same way about him and Derrick she’s their biggest fan.
Cody says Zach is his best friend.. (feeds cut)
Brittany thinks if Caleb wins HOH he will backdoor her. Brittany wonders if Nicole and Derrick were going to put her up she thinks they were but decided not to.. Cody “Nicole would never put you up… Derrick would never put you up”
Brittany says Devin is always pulling her aside, “it’s always the same thing he knows he’s getting backdoored.. it’s always stupid”
Cody tell her that Caleb is so blinded by Amber Brittany has nothing to worry about.
Brittany asks him if the nominations stay who would he vote for Jocasta or Caleb
Cody would like to see Caleb gone
Brittany – “Me too. all i know the longer Caleb stays here the sooner I go.. Caleb bullies a lot of people and persuades them to vote a certain way”
Cody mentions how backdooring is the best way to get rid of someone but when you look back and Big brother you see it doesn’t always work
Cody is tired of Amber because she’s doing this flirting thing with him. she thinks he’s going to like ‘OHH YA’ all interested in her all of a sudden. Cody thinks she’s just trying to distance herself from Caleb.
Brittany cannot handle Caleb telling a story about himself. .
Cody agrees says all he does is talk about himself, “On game play level I don’t trust him … he totally has little man syndrome”.
Cody brings up Cody playing the entire house. Brittany says she’s distant herself a lot from Frankie.
Cody says he’ told Zach that they couldn’t should watch what they say in front of Frankie and he ran off and told Frankie.
Cody – “Frankie runs around with everybody.. I like frankie but I can’t fully trust Frankie.. he talks to everybody”
Brittnay – “He Fishes for information”
Cody – He does
They talk about how hard being a have nots is. Cody doesn’t think Derrick will put Brittnay on Slop for a 3rd week no way. Brittany thought Frankie, Devin, Caleb and Amber volunteered. Cody mentions that Frankie needs to get his medical condition looked at=. they might have to pick another pick someone else.

BB16-2014-07-11 23-02-22-446

BB16-2014-07-11 23-02-42-446

11:02pm Bathroom Devin Hayden nicole and Christine
Devin talking about “Freeing it” because he doesn’t have any clean underwear. Nicole loving life.
Devin and Christine leave .
Hayden – “How am I Supposed to hit on a frog”
Nicole – “You can’t there snow way you’ll have to ignore me for a week”
Hayden – “Girl are you a frog because you make be ribbit”

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Im enjoying the crush between Hayden and Nicole…its cute


Why is Zach always bringing up Victoria name?
There are bigger fish to fry!


Not sure what all this hatred is from. Maybe because she lives in a high class area and could be jealous of that.


No her personality makes it easy for people not to like her. I bet in Miami she has alot of people who treat her just like Zach. Im not condoning it but the proofs in the pudding. Zach’s first assessment of her was dead on regardless how mean it was, its still true.


Just remember what type of players have made it to the end the last couple of seasons.. exactly Victoria’s type, so i would say she’s someone they would want to get rid of for sure.. strong players going after strong players this early is dumb, because others will do the same to them


I guess he cannot stand how she acts. Rude & entitled. Plus she acts like the victim and badmouths Devin every chance she gets and he doesn’t even give her the time of day. Well, that’s my take on it.

Victoria=Zach’s kryptonite


I thought they made up did I miss something?
For someone who says he can’t stand her he sure talks about her a lot


Rude and entitled is the norm in this great country.


Nicole is cute!


Cute as in gerbils are ‘cute’? I don’t think she’s attractive at all and her mean girl personality makes her look worse. She has bad skin, a weak chin and a horribly shaped nose. Her best feature is her hair but it’s always a mess.


Lol. After reading that comment, Nicole will want to get a chin implant and have her nose done.


What medical condition does Frankie have? I see Christine has been quiet since Derrick has been HOH. LOL Normally she would be all in Nicole’s ear. If Zach thinks Nicole would work without Hayden he has really lost his mind. Just because he was saved doesn’t mean everyone is ok with him with the exception of Cody.


I heard some of the other HG’s last week saying that Frankie has poor circulation, and that his hands turn blue in the cold. But I only heard Frankie talking about his skin condition before. Either way, production shouldn’t give him a pass on being a have-not…that would be an unfair advantage. If he really can’t sleep in the cold room, they can give a sleeping bag, but still require that he has to be on slop and cold showers.


Really starting to hate how Brittany keeps bad mouthing Devin who did put her up but had the heart to take her down completely crippling his game, and she still has the audacity to bad mouth him. Her, Victoria, and Christine are playing the I’m scared/He’s mean card and its getting annoying. Thats why this group of girls look so weak because they kinda are. Its so funny how one week I love a HG then next week I literally cant stand that same HG’s. Devin is showing mad class tho, if its strategy he picked the best week to tone it down. Rooting for the underdog for this week, but im sure by next week that will change.


Devin taking Brittny down didn’t “completely” cripple his game. Devin being Devin “completely crippled” his game. Power hungry and egotistical attitude everyone saw. I don’t blame Brittney for not trusting him.

Roisen Dubh

Wow, you just described Derrick and Zach to a T. Devin crippled his game by being too honest. Don’t know why Hayden and Nicole hate him, he told them they were safe and convinced Pow to throw the comp. The only one who should be mad is Pow. Zach challenged him, got his wish and got put on the block and wonders why? I had high hopes for Derrick but he turned out to be a big hairy 1970’s pussy. He talks big but has to backdoor Devin? Weasel. Sound game play but still a weasel move. This guy was busting high school stoners. It’s gonna be great when Zach hands him his ass.


I don’t get this “fear” of Devin from the girls. I get that he’s big and intimidating, but what do they think he’ll do? Hit them? I dunno. I’m a girl, but I’ve never been hit by a guy before. I just don’t see why they keep talking about how afraid they are of him and that he’s so scary. I’m not a tough girl, Devin could probably make me cry, but I don’t see myself being “afraid” of him. *shrugs*


I couldn’t agree more. In fact, Zach is the only who cursed a female, and threatened bodily harm. BUT, they are afraid of Devin. If they had a game strategy it would be to try and SAVE Devin, and use his loyalty to try and keep them safe. Make a short term alliance 3 weeks. HE tries and wins comps, and keeps them off the block and vice versa.


Nicole will be whining hard about her smelly, hot toad suit all week.


Wouldn’t you? You know that has to smell bad after constant wear for a week! P-U!!!!!

new to BB 14

OMG next HOH winners have to be Donny and Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else and this season will be blah

They are the only two that could shake things up with nominees

Hopefully Jocasta is removed this week and its a battle between Devin and Calib on who gets interviewed by Julie


I think Victoria is someone Zach would have liked but she has shown no interest in him so he has to constantly put her down because of it. He keeps saying “shes a snob” and he said shes more snobby than any of the girls back home and he knows snobs” (something like that). I don’t know I am just assuming because it doesn’t make sense why he still hates her. I thought they hugged it out. *shrugs*
It looks like Nicole is acting a little different with Christine then the other way around, she seems different. Could be because of the blow up of the BS, since then Nicole hasn’t really been herself with Christine.
Things change so quickly in there.


I don’t get the Nicole/Hayden vs. Nicole/Cody Romance

Alex J

shes kinda playing with both of them it seems like


Heres my take on everyone:

Donny- THE MAN, how do you not love this guy!
Nicole- Clueless and at times annoying but shes not too bad to look at
Brittany- Thick-headed even when Devin spoon fed her but she still prefers Derricks koolaid
Derrick- Snake, lying sack of $hit and his game’s gonna blow up soon
Christine- Another snake but at least she’s keeping a low profile
Zach- Crazy but somewhat entertaining
Hayden- NEEDS TO PUT ON A SHIRT, I HATE HAVING TO SEE HIS PEPPERONI NIPPLES and him and nicole are very annoying together *shudder*
Jacosta- Part of BB Furniture
Amber- Wants someone to carry her to the end
Caleb- Psychotic stalker with little man syndrome, I can guarantee you that this idiot will not win another comp
Victoria- Desperate for attention and vile for creating lies about Devin scaring her physically
Cody- He’s tolerable to some extent
Frankie- I called it day 1 that this guy will be a weasel and lo and behold
Devin- My man Devin lol, bipolar but definitely not the villain they are making him out to be in the house or through the CBS edit. He’s at least got some class and I am rooting for him being the underdog


I’ll be really upset if Devin goes, I’m a huge Devin fan he’s entertaining! He forces everyone to scramble, it’s entertaining.


Devin when he’s not trying to play the game, seems like a really genuinely good guy. I never got the feeling that his game or him in general was malicious in anyway. I hope Devin stays this week and at least creates one more week of entertainment, Devin is a big part of why BB16 has been amazing so far! Like him or hate him, he’s good TV and he forces everyone to scramble and play. Devin is definitely my favourite this season, I love him for what he brings to the show.

Big Jim

I am also on ?the Devin bandwagon. Not a bad guy just doesn’t know ?the game and came in too fast and too strong. Go Devin


You can’t love this season, and hate Devin it’s so illogical it’s not funny how moronic it is. The entertainment from this season can be attributed to Devin, sorry but it’s true. So you butthurt morons with your generic “DEVIN GO HOME” comments are in actuality idiotic morons. Once Devin goes, the season won’t be the same it will get boring then you guys will regret wanting him gone. Instead of ignorantly hating him, how about thanking him for giving us one of the craziest weeks in Big Brother history that kept players and fans awake for days to see this drama which is something unheard of. My boys Simon and Dawg barely slept, ask Britney and some of the other players too. Devin’s the entertainment and he set the pace for the season. If you want drama, you want Devin to stay. Thank Devin for the entertainment he has given us and thank Devin for one of the greatest weeks in Big Brother history in week 2 last week.

Team Devin & Derrick

AGrod, rig this season for my boy Devin! #TeamDevin #DevinLovesHisDaughter #Integral


there goes any hope of a counter-alliance against the BS. the girls in the house just can’t agree on anything.
Brittney: I adore Derrick! Victoria: I don’t trust Derrick now. Nicole: Donny was right about the 8 going strong.. Victoria: I don’t trust Donny.

Or maybe it’s just Victoria..


I am surprised that HG’s don’t consider keeping Devin till the end. He would be perfect to take to the final two. That would almost guarantee a win due to the fact that everyone “hates” Devin!


Whats funny is I know exactly where Zach is from. He says Victoria is stuck-up, spoiled, rich etc. but he is from Palm Beach, the home of the extravagantly wealthy. Palm Beach is full of “charity benefits” and society groups and beautiful mansions on the beach. The smallest house on the whole island in the worst area would be on a beautiful street, 2,000 sq. ft and on the market for 1.5 million. Zach, if you live in Palm Beach you have no right to call Victoria spoiled and entitled. You probably went to University of Florida paid by your mommy and daddy, didn’t show up to half your classes, and graduated with a degree in an area you’ll never use. *Sigh*