Hayden jokes with Jocasta – You slept for 33 hours! It’s actually day 36 right now!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

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8:40am – 9:45am In the bathroom – Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Christine, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta are getting ready for the day. Nicole asks If Hayden heard the first song this morning? She says that’s her favorite song. And did you hear to the other one “It ain easy being green”. (Because she has to wear the frog suit.) Christine asks Jocasta if she feels better? Jocasta says better than yesterday. Hayden says what’s up Jocasta! How you feeling? Jocasta says okay. Hayden says you slept for 33 hours! It’s actually day 36 right now. Hayden asks Hoppy (Nicole) what she’s going to do today. Hayden starts snapping at her wanting her to “catch flies”. After he snaps at her a bunch of times she sticks out her tongue.

In the kitchen – Donny asks Hayden have you talked to Cody or Zach? Hadyen says not really. Donny asks have you talked to Nicole? Hayden says yeah. Donny says things aren’t looking good. Hayden says things aren’t that bad. Donny says for me. They decide to go into the hive room to talk. In the Hive Room – Hayden says the only thing was that there were the 8 and then I joined.. it has since formed back together under new operation. Donny asks how do you think the head is? Derrick says D. Hayden says its hard to tell if everyone is still in it or if its just a couple people. Donny says but he’s got everybody. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Hayden says that Derrick and Cody are like this. Donny says that’s my boy. Hayden says it might not be bad him being so close to him. Donny agrees. Hayden says I’ve been able get information. Hayden says we just need to lay low and can take them down when the time comes. Donny tells Hayden I trust you 100%. Hayden tells him he trusts him to. Just don’t talk game with any one. Donny says If any one asks me anything I will say hey man last time I opened my mouth, I got put up on the block.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 09-28-38-817

10:10am – 10:20am In the earth room – Caleb says I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t even want tot talk to Amber! I am in beast mode. If I win it I am going to look like a god damn G! A f**king stud! Devin comes in and jumps on Caleb. Caleb calls him a fat kid! Devin asks Caleb if he is still going to be a havenot?! Caleb says yeah. Devin asks who else is Frankie? Caleb says no because they won’t give him anything for his hands. Devin asks what about the mittens? Cody had mittens. The camera switch to the kitchen. Nicole tells Victoria this isn’t a good game for me because I don’t listen. I just hope I’m not sitting with Julie in this thing. Victoria says there’s no way.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 10-13-08-693

10:30am – 10:50am Big Brother tells the house guests to put on their activity bracelets. Devin says what if the person that burns the most or moves the most get a prize per week. Christine says yeah we were thinking that. Donny says I would think if it was a prize they would tell you. Devin says yeah right Donny this is Big Brother, they tell you nothing! Jocasta comes out of the diary room and they help her to bed. She starts to heave. Donny asks her what the doctors said it was. JOcasta says its a combination of dehydration and heat stroke. Jocasta says she is just nauseated with cramps everywhere. In the living room – Devin says that he wonders what they will do for the Power of Veto competition.. Will they let someone compete for her?! Amber says or house guest choice, I don’t know. Devin asks Frankie if he is going to volunteer to be a havenot. Frankie says that he asked medical if he can have a sleeping bag. He says that its his core that gets cold due to his circulatory problem. Frankie says I would rather not volunteer and it make me sick when I might have to do it in the future.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 11-17-14-710

11:15pm Derrick comes out of the diary room and says “Hey guys its time to pick players for the VETO competition!” The house guests start gathering in the living room. Devin asks Frankie if Jocasta is coming? Frankie says she’s probably not going to make it. Derrick says it’s okay I will explain all that, we’ve got it covered. Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

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I wrote this for the last updated, but this was posted just before..
So can I repost here… Please Simon and Dawg.

OK Just to clarify on how I feel.

Joey: I think it was an incredibly stupid move to evict Joey week 1. I think she could have been used as a vote and let here know that they are saving her. I think #1 should have been PowPow or better Jocasta (because NO one knew her… hell people who watched the feeds 24/7 did not know her.). Joey was a wasted week, but usually that is what week one is.

PowPow: Bad game, no benefit and it was better she went home over Zach.

Zach: Is a schmuck. My only reason for Zach staying is that PowPow offered less to everybody else, she couldn’t even afford them good coverage. He also served the purpose of breaking a pattern that Devin and Caleb run the house.

Caleb: I really do not see what other people see in him. I don’t think he is too cocky I don’t think he is that much of a bully. Believe me I know Cocky A******s I was attacked be them daily in Highschool, I was fag bashed by guys that were what people say he is…. and honestly I don’t see that in him. He is athletic, tall and good looking (blame genetics) and in the United States that equals A*****e. He is probably one of the most honest and loyal people in the hame. He does sulk a lot and wastes his time thinking about a girl that is just not into him. What I will say he is very foolish in is affections and a bit of a moron…. he’s a straight guy for gods sake LOL… but remember a smart player can really use his loyalty… you just have to be NOT the person that got Amber eveicted and if you get Amber out he would be loyal to those he feels fought to keep her. That is why the girls should take out Amber… golden if it was on a Brittany/ Zach week. Zach’s people win BoB and it is Amber/Donny
Brittany takes out Amber with a Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta, Christine, Hayden vote and a Caleb, Cody, Frankie, Derrick voting to keep Amber… It would be easy for Christine and Hayden to act like they supported Amber all week against Donnie and it could turn the Beast over to the other column especially since Donny could not vote he was on the block…. Brittany’s closest friend in the house is Derrick… ooh that could make a major flip in power.

Devin: First off moron. The best reason for getting rid of Devin is that he is NO good for anyones game especially his own. This is the guy you do not waffle on you cut him out when you can. Of course in every season there is a screw up. If it is Caleb and Devin on the block on Thursday and they vote out Caleb that will be this Seasons big screw up. Devin will then stick around into the jury stage and he will have F’ed all of them. This is the guy will be the one that is a total b***h to get out, if you pass the chance up.

Amber: I am a blank on Amber. I think she is afraid to let Caleb know she is not into him. I do not think she deserves the Evil Femme Fatale reputation she has… mostly because a real femme fatale… would play better. Her biggest problem is she is the Caleb linch pin and she does not like it. She also tends to screw herself because she is so interested in having everybody know she is not with Caleb she misses the opportunities of having a Caleb work for her. Just imagine a Caleb in the gentle little hands of Brittany Haynes (if she was single LOL) or the gentle guidance of a Jordan. He would play much better and she really would be deadly.

Frankie: Shady Queen… BEWARE. Except he is not as good at it as Andy Herring. They think he has a great social game… but it blows. He is actually the biggest physical threat in the game. I would love to see Frankie go right after Devin. I really would not want to see him post Jury.

Donny: He has the possibility of playing one of the Best Social Games in Big Brother History. I think that is why he scares the weasels in the game more than anybody knows.

Derrick: is playing a good game. Granted he won the Dumb luck HoH. I had said earlier you will know who production is rooting for judging by this HoH and you will really know after the PoV. This one was an opportunity to have a Nicole type to win HoH at a critical point and a Derrick type who could not win otherwise. Derick is also more sly. Unfortunately he is in Team America with Frankie so he is unable to act against Frankie… I do not think Frankie would have the same inclination.

Cody: Good kid, bad judgement… mostly Beefcake for the masses. He is there to look good and flirt and hopefully have a showmance that would make the girls swoon. He does have a chance to get into a final three but I would never take him to the Final two… just too pretty.

Nicole: I like Nicole, I want her to go far. I think she is smarter that people give her credit and if she makes it to the jury stage will go far but will probably end up in the jury.

Hayden: Mark my words if he makes it to the Jury stage he will be making major moves and will be one of the best players in big brother history. When he leaks out what is going on in his mind it is all solid. he is smarter than the other guys. Could be our winner.

Christine: I like her. I hope she goes far. If she gets to jury stage she will be in the jury and may make some big moves.

Jocasta: I usually feel that you should never trust the preacher when it comes to big brother. If the get you in their prayer circle… You are doomed. It her case I am becoming on the fence. I think she is good people, but I don’t see her lasting long.

Brittany: She is a bit of a wah wah, for me. I just do not see what the Houseguests see. She is nobody’s threat. Her game is bad. I feel for her situation but I really hope she makes it to jury, for the stipend they get when they get to jury. If I was here I would take the cash prizes or trips when they do the luxury punishment PoV. She is not winning. I think her biggest problem is the same as Amber, women are more competitive than men. She’s pretty and she has a sad story that can garner sympathy, GET THAT BITCH OUT. It is just not in the ways people ever notice. Girls Alliances never work because in a situation where there is limited safety or resources women will always take out what they consider to be their biggest threat for those resources. It is a harsh fact, but I have seen this happen on shows like this, in business and socially. Men are not the competitive gender it is actually women. One of the parts about being a gay man is we get to see the 80% of a woman straight guys don’t and some of the parts they never want to see. That is why we have strong friendships with women they can be all of themselves with us and it is mutual.

Victoria; Last and least. She will probably go to jury out of dumb luck more than strategy. There are enough bigger targets she may be nominated but she will not go home. A bit obnoxious and it will get worse as they go.

smd nicole

I agree with all but brittany… I HATE her she has no respect for the game and is just a complaining biatch


Sorry but I stopped reading your post when you said Caleb was tall. ??? He’s a tiny person!


Everyone can have their own opinion on people.
But since you say about Caleb “I was fag bashed by guys that were what people say he is daily in Highschool…. and honestly I don’t see that in him.”, and you ask what people see in him that you don’t, maybe here’s an explanation: Caleb stating on Instagram for 20 months (before someone deleted it after it got public attention):
Caleb Reynold “insain_physique” comments said:
“You believe in murder? YOU AGREE WITH FAGS? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed…”
He was also asked in a pre-BB interview if he thought being gay is a choice, to which he answered yes.


First off if I hated everybody who through out the word “Fag” as being homophobic… I would be hating a hell of a lot people. Granted his politics are screwed, It was a Pro- Life rant… a bit Tea Party… screwed up politics. It has nothing to do with homophobia. Now, does he believe being gay as something that can be changed… saying yes does not always equal homophobia, you know how many gay people say crap like that in their lives.
Look at his actions a Homophobic bully could never sleep in the same bed with Frankie.. That is fact. He would never ally with him. Sometimes you have to look at actions. As a gay person I am of the belief that we do not stop homophobia if we continue to attack the symptoms. We need to talk, listen acknowledge their points and then share our point of view, it about a dialog. If you react first… you stop the discussion right there.
To say that he has displayed behavior in that house that was anything like the people who bashed me… would be a lie… HE IS NOTHING LIKE THEM. He has actually been very loyal in his friendship with the gay man in the house.
Now if the gay man deserves that loyalty is a different question… that kid is shady.


Frenchie – if I could thumbs down your comment a thousand times I would. I am a straight, white, Christian, republican woman & I Love EricCA! So much for stereotypes – right?


EricCa – if I could thumbs Up your comment a thousand times I would! (Please read post to Frenchie). I think you are incredibly insightful & wise – wish we all could be!!


I pretty much agree with everything you are saying! Caleb seems to be a really nice guy and was swayed vy the others guys saying that Amber was into him. Amber does use her woos with Caleb and I have loss respect for her because of it. She is there to let a strong player take are of her like Jeff did for Jordan.


Great analysis of the HGs Eric. I’m a gay man also and agree that I do not see Caleb as a homophobe. Actually his intense loyalty makes him more endearing than I ever expected at the beginning. I disagree about Zach though…..I find the oddball kid attractive but do not think he could remotely win this. He’s become the underdog I always root for. I also agree Hayden is the one to watch….the other houseguests are underestimating him, to his advantage. Like you said his thinking is very clear. Really enjoying this cast so far.


Damn what do ya really think^


Just reread… god my spelling sucks on no sleep… not to mention grammar. I blame spell check and laptops aren’t made for guys with big hands…. LOL I need a nap.


So now everyone here wants Devin to stay? It was completely the other way just a week ago.. You guys are pathetic

Have been rooting for Devin since day one since no one else does it with all the hate.

Feel free to turn your coat again when the wind blows


I feel like the houseguests should vote out Caleb on general principle or as a learning tool for future houseguests:

BigBrother31 Houseguest #1: “Hey, remember Caleb from Big Brother 16? You know, the guy who was the second biggest threat in the house, the guy who used to be best friends with the biggest threat in the house, the guy who had a one way showmance with the most hated girl in the house…the guy who then proceeded to volunteer to go on the block when one of the smartest players was HOH, and the guy who volunteered to throw the battle of the block that season?”

BigBrother31 Houseguest #2: “Yeah, I think so, why?”

BigBrother31 Houseguest #1: “Well, you’re starting to act like him.”

Bigbrother31 Houseguest #2 proceeds to change all aspect of his gameplay.

[In other words, voting Caleb out could be Big Brother 16’s contribution to future houseguest education.]

Captain Crunch

i don’t know why everyone is afraid to go against the house, i just done get the “its too early to make a big move”. at the end of the day everyone is a target and is gonna go home sooner or later so why not now

The House

They don’t realize that Helen’s spirit hasn’t left….


Make Frankie a Have Not. I am sick of hearing him talk about his circulatory problems. You are supposed to be a superfan, being a have not comes with BB territory, it is part of the game. He has had no sympathy for other Have Nots and needs to be put in his place.


Why is Frankie even in the house if he has a medical condition that prevents him from being a Have Not??? That’s bullshit! If I were HOH he’d be a havenot! And who is the other one that has a condition that being a “have not” would affect? Who the hell is in charge of casting? I could do a better job while drunk.


Christine says she has to eat a gluten free diet. Otherwise she will start feeling really sick. Big Brother needs to go back to pbnj anyway. I hate that they put them on slop. This is Big Brother not Survivor.

Butters Mom

Christine admitted that she lied when asked if eating slop would be a problem for her with her gluten issues and she told them it would not be a problem… so put her on slop… she lied to get in the BB house and now she can live with her consequences… same goes for Frankie… he either lied and told them it wouldnt be a problem or they cast him anyway… either way… no special treatments.


Why are you guys bashing only frankie when christine has the same issue here?


The other one is Christine who has a gluten problem.

Not aDonnyFan

I have to agree. I don’t want Caleb out but isn’t it the basic BB 101 that you NEVER volunteer to be the pawn and NEVER EVER throw a comp that will take you off the block.

Lennon's Ghost

It’s the classic “Lawon Strategy” We all remember how well that worked. Hah!


Hoping that whoever wins Pov doesn’t use it on Caleb. Then things should get interesting.

Amanda's dog Woofie

I think Zach should Embrace the rumor, start calling himself Zach Zuckerman. Plop down on the HOH bed and refuse to get up, stop showering, and start leaving bloodstains on the bed and couches. Victoria would find him SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE!


That’s friggin hilarious!!


Jocasta’s presence is seen in the live feeds the past few days, she has lost her energy for the entire season which is why she is sick today. They need to hide her inside the diary room or the toilet so she can recharge and be well again. 🙁


I love Hayden! He’s so funny!! and such a cutie 🙂


I have a prediction…………somehow Production will find a way to keep “Devilyn” in the house!


What I don’t understand is WHY everyone is afraid to make big moves or get “blood on their hands”. This is Big Brother, eventually it will happen so why not cut to the chase and get the job done? Every single winner of BB has either lied, made big moves, or got blood on their hands. If you make a big move this early, it may put a target on your back, the other house guests can see you as a force to be reckoned with, or someone who isn’t afraid to take control. It is all in how you go about doing it. I swear Dan should bottle and patent some of his mist for some of these people.


He’s written books about his strategies there.


For the sake of entertainment, I hope and wish and have my fingers crossed that Devin is in the POV game! Cmon BB Gods! LOL

B B Gods

GRANTED, my child!!


Is it possible that they would give Ms. Frannie a pass on being a have not due to circulation problems? If they do, would that not open the door to others refusing to sleep in the room? Just curious.


Let Derrick win the POV and see what he does. I kind of hope Donny wins it and takes Jacosta down. Then let the house decide between Devin and Caleb. I have a feeling Caleb will go if that happens. Caleb ruined his game by volunteering for the block. I remember when Dustin did that in season 8, it was a classic blindside. If Caleb stays up on the block things could get interesting this week. Caleb doesn’t like to lose and if Amber isn’t there for him like he wants her to, he could get volatile, especially if Cody and Zack flirt with her. Hayden also would love to stir that pot. Caleb could be done and all for a girl that doesn’t even like him.


I bet Devin scared of getting backdoored. That’s okay Devin!!! Be a man and don’t play the POV. It’s good for you.


If Frankie can’t medically be a Have Not, why did they cast him? What a bogus waste of a spot.


If Devin and Caleb on the block my prediction is Cody, Zach, Christine, Donny, Nicole vote out Devin and Britt, Jocasta, Frankie, Hayden, Victoria vote out Caleb with Amber being the swing vote who votes out Caleb just so she is free to get on Cody….


People talk about wanting Devin out of the house. If Devin were to be evicted who would we hate? Who would we make fun of? Who would we want to get evicted? Take Devin out of this game and this season is sunk before it’s practically begun. He’s entertaining. He makes most of us hate him. He’s polarizing. I say keep him in for as long as possible (but not to win).


Really? is there a shortage? pick one:
Amber,… then there are the non-threats


So scared that Jocasta will decide to go home & they won’t evict anyone else – then stuck with Devin! Ugh! At least Donny won the POV!!


bet on it! Jocasta will leave for medical and no eviction will take place.
Donny won the POV?