“Take a shower, the best kind of shower.. with the detachable head.. as many times as possible”

POV: ? Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: ??? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers Brett going up, Rachel or JC are the pawns.. If BRett comes off the block things get interesting..

9:34am Sam’s made Bayleigh Breakfast

Sam now starts making breakfast for the rest of the house.. (All the Bacon need to be cooked)

10:20am more house guests waking up

10:24am Kaycee, Angela, Rachel
Rachel telling her Brett’s going up and she thinks sh’es the pawn her or JC.
Racehl whispers “Backdoor Scottie”
Angela- I know that that sucks being a pawn but thank god it’s not Tyler and Brett..
Rachel – we can’t have two people up though.. Brett will go home and least with JC we have a chance with me he’ll go home
Angela – did she say backdoor scottie or did you
Rachel – she said backdoor scottie..
Angela – so if you are the pawn however wins veto is going to pull themselves off and Scottie goes up
Rachel – I would rather JC up there than me
Angela -= yeah it would be I think she’s afraid to put two guys up
Kaycee – I was trying to steer your name outta the pawn thing .. I don’t think she’ll put you up..
Kaycee – how do you feel abotu Bayleigh moving forward and trusting her back
“I feel really good about bayleigh”

Angela tells Rachel if she goes up as a pawn all the girls have her back.

10:33am Kaycee and Angela
Kaycee – we should be good.. probably only one of us (Brett) going up there.. cross our fingers
Angela – I’m so scared
They are talking about Bayleigh
KAycee – I trust her and I think we can go really far .. She’s good with us
Angela – I think so to

Kaycee says Brett’s going to up and either JC or Rachel are the pawn.. She thinks it’s JC but Rachel’s name has been thrown out there.
Angela – just make sure JC doesn’t find out..
Angela really stresses how JC will flip out and run around the house if he thinks he’ll be nominated.

Kaycee about Scottie – he’s so sneaky
Angela- I’m so done with Scottie.. Useless conversations.. how he just runs his mouth about nothing..
Kaycee – yeah
Angela – It drives me like crazy
Kaycee – yeah
Angela – I’m like so done with Scottie.. I think we should backdoor Scottie this week..
Kaycee – yeah .. if we can get the veto to be used..
KAycee is going to tell her to worry about Brett next week “we’ll be in his ear”
Kaycee wants the noms to be Scottie and JC going into Thursday.

10:51am Brett and Angela

Somehow Angela thinks Scottie’s backdoor is an option. Tells him she wants to put up JC and one of them.
BRett – we have the numbers if it’s just one of us that’s fine..

10:53am Brett walks into the kitchen “Holy f* that’s a lot of Bacon” Thank you Sam ”

11:23am Haleigh, ROCKS and Scottie
Scottie – I’m the evil genius remember

11:28am Tyler, Rachel, BRett and KAycee
Everyone is sharing points they’ve made to Bayleigh..

Brett – I’ve accepted it I’m probably the person going on the bloc.
Brett – she gave me Scottie.. the easiest way people are telling me is Scottie.. I don’t know if she’s telling you that
Brett – I’ve never talked game to her.. I don’t know if that’s hurting me or not..

Brett fills her in on his pitch to Bayleigh.. We’re two islands maybe we can join up”

11:36am Tyler and Sam
Tyler says he doesn’t know what Bayleigh will do “I could go up”
Sam says she’ll talk to her.
Sam – of course I’ll protect you.. I haven’t the opportunity.. I did bring her breakfast this morning.
T – you’re fine
Sam – I know so in turn..

Sam mentions that “What Bayleigh will pick on is people being weird.. don’t act like you have a guilty conscious because you don’t .. be normal.. don’t kiss her a$$ but be nice to her
Sam – it’s her week to be a princess .. to everyone else be normal that is what she will notice

Tyler- I tried to be like really sad, and like compare it to like how she lost Swaggy and I lost Kaitlyn
Tyler laughs

11:42am Rachel and Kaycee 
Rachel – if I go up I go up .. bu I do trust her
Kaycee says Bay told her she likes Rachel she hopes she can trust Bayleigh like Bayleigh trusts her e
Kaycee wanrs her about bayleigh sometimes they think she’s joking and she’s really not and it’s rubbing Bayleigh the wrong way. Rachel says they’ve talked
KAycee – I’m here to remind you
Rachel – No Kaycee.. I was in the bathroom .. I made a statement about ho is going to hsot just being a nice person in general I just said.. Oh Rockstar should go because you know da da da da da and she was like ..
Rachel – she snapped at me and I had no clue why and she was like I’m sick of you doing stuff like that because it looks like you’re scared of me
Kaycee – You’re right your’e right you;’re totally right.. I sense that too.. Sometimes I have to be extra careful myself..
RAchel – When I was up there i gave her no reason..
They agree Bayleigh gets irritated really easy
Rachel – she’s somebody I need to walk around on egg shells around..

11:53am Bay and Sam

Bayleigh wants advice from the outgoing head of household… Sam goes on about stuff she should do.. non of it is game.. just R’N’R
Sam – turn the lights off enjoy the dark..
Sam – be aware that the cameras are tehre you have a family

Sam – Take a shower.. the best kind of shower.. with the detachable shower head.. as many times as possible because it puts you in a much better state of mind..
Bayleigh – yes mam I like that a lot
Sam – Since neither of us are interested in any kin of a shwomance or other thing.. and this is your one shinning opportunity..
Sam – yes people can take showers in privacy lock the door..
Sam – we’re all adults here lets be real what the f*

bayleigh says Tyler is in the same position she is in so he’s not going up. Brett’s already been on the block so he won’t mind to go up.

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The biggest drama for big brother might not be inside the House at all, since Ronan Farrow has targeted Julie’s husband.

I thought K was reasonably together in her interview.

What now julie

Wonder if Julie and her cult will address it on the talk. Yeah right. Hypocrites.



What now julie

Julie always addresses this topic on her show when it hits the media. She has also said she always believes the woman. Now that this has hit her own backyard you bet she won’t speak on it because she and her talk cult are hypocrites.


I know masturbation is a natural thing but who would want to use the same shower head that sam already got her fluids on? So gross.


You don’t rub the shower head right on your genitals!


I thought the same thing. I was like ew!!


I just enjoy the fact there is still some excitement to be had in this house and it’s not the detachable shower head.

Nicole only won because of Natalie and DayVonne

If I were a straight white male playing BB I would not want to be in final 2 with a woman, LGBT person or any minority. All you hear about is people wanting a black person to win or how the women will pick the woman over the guy in final 2. Long are the days where people won this game by their merits alone. Now we will most likely have token winners.


That’s your opinion, but careful with your words, please (“token winners” )!
You can’t assume every “woman, LGBT person or any minority” would think that way.

Someone once said, “To make assumptions is to limit your mind to one way of looking at things when, by nature, our perceptions should be infinite.” (I can’t remember who)

Life is more fun when lived with an open mind and loving heart. (those there are my words)

Nicole only won because of Natalie and DayVonne

When people are openly admitting they will vote for a minority/lgbt/woman to win over anyone else then they are by definition token.
Is token the next thing of the list of bad or offensive words list?

Nicole only won because of Natalie and DayVonne

Oh and I am not assuming EVERY woman/lgbt/minority would think that way. Only talking about the people openly saying these things.


Thanks for explaining a bit more. I apologize that I misunderstood. It sounded like a blanket statement to me…until you clarified.


I agree with you, NOWBONAD, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said, let’s judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. I don’t care if it’s a woman or a man, gay or straight, black, white, or Asian, etc. It’s irrelevant.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn’s Instagram is no longer active…wonder how much hate she was getting?


I noticed that too. I went on her page earlier this week to see how much hate she was getting on there. Quite a lot. I did notice whoever was managing her account disabled comments on her more recent pictures, but not on her older ones. On Wednesday her account was turned from public to private and last night her account was deleted.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

her Facebook is still active and there is some hate. I don’t understand strangers going on peoples accounts and attacking them. Her game play sucked, but to go after her personally is not right.


I do feel a little sorry for her though I’m glad she’s out of the house and I’m still p-oed she turned on her alliance and backdoored Swaggy like that without talking to him first. She’ll have to deal with a lot of backlash from those closest to her (e.g. Joe) about her actions in the house and I don’t envy her that. I wish her all the best.


Bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Why would you do that? Omg! I’m sooooooo dead! & so are you! Now I have to find a new #1! D$MN D$MN D$MN! (IN MY FLORIDA EVANS VOICE!)


Bayleigh just told Rachel about her power app. I’m pretty sure she’s going to put Rachel on the block next to Brett. Telling Rachel about that power was (in Bayleigh’s words) her “extending an olive branch.” Sheesh!

I sure wish she would have kept that power a secret like Tyler is doing!

That was dumb

Bayleigh will regret telling Rachel.


Did she explain what it does? If so, then she threw away her chance to win. She probably already did because now the house will know.


She sure did. 🙁


Why would she take away the element of surprise from this power? Of the three girls, Rachel isn’t even a favorite. WOW! I had high hopes for her.


I guess it tells me she is loyal to her girls OR she is just trying to get Rachel into a calm, anesthetized state before she takes her out.


Reminds me of Survivor. Why would you tell people you found the idol??


Exactly! I just don’t understand why she’s telling people. I feel Sam had to, as it was information that sharing with Tyler would benefit her game.

Rachel has sworn to not tell anyone. We’ll see.

I just don’t think Bayleigh needed to tell ANYONE about that power (even Swaggy if he were still there)! The more she tells, the weaker it becomes.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Rachel will tell if she is on the block or if she is still sitting there after POV.


She already told Angela


Wow! I agree, she will regret telling Rachel. Not a smart move on Bayleigh’s part.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Bad move on Bayleigh’s part…she just showed she doesn’t know anything about Level5. wonder how long Rachel will hold that in before telling someone?


That was the dumbest move EVER. I don’t know why she can’t keep her trap shut. I think the power is affecting her sensibilities. Big friggin mouth, smh!!


Tyler is not in the same position Bay! He is playing you! LOL. Do you think you would have ever voted out swaggy? Even with a unanimous house? No, I didn’t think so.


I’m pretty sure he’s claiming that rogue vote with her at least.


What a way to waste water in drought ridden southern California.


Aw, hell. Well, I guess we’ll have to start a “Save the Kleenex” campaign, too.

Matt's Towel

Umm… I believe if history serves — the men in the house use the dish towels in the kitchen, then wipe the counter — fold them up and put them back.


bayleigh knew she messed up when she did it. she was like bay why cant you kesp yoyr mouth shut. she said that to herself. rachel alreasy told angela. it will spread and bay will know rachel told. she is not even clise to rachel. that was a dumb move bay. i think you just loss the game. however. she did lie about when is the last time she can use it. she can use it up yo week 8 and she told rachel 9. rachel was freaking out when she heard bay power. she knows L6 is introuble