GM gets the Cone and Candice has to wear the Clownie-tard for a week, “Imagine how bad her a$$ will smell”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


3:40pm Havenots Amanda, Aaryn, MC, Spencer

Amanda saying that Candice doesn’t believe that Howard said he wanted to “F*** her” Amanda say why would she make that up it doesn’t behoove her

Amanda is crying because someone is MVP and doesn’t have the balls to be open about it. She feels she should just keep her bags packed because she’ll be going up on the block every week. Aaryn says the MVP is Candice and she’s going home this week so Amanda won’t have to worry about it after Thursday. Aaryn tells her she’s not going anywhere no need to stress so much.

Aaryn mentions how Elissa was pointing out that the Big BRother Stars are aligned because Candice is in clowny outfit and is expected to go home. “The person in the costume always goes home”

Amanda: “I can’t win sh!t in this f***ing game it’s annoying.. I thought I would win some..”
Aaryn says it was a crap shoot today and Vetos are really hard

Aaryn brings up how GM ran up to Jessie and was like “Ohh i’m so glad you took yourself off the block”. Aaryn adds that it doesn’t matter Jessie will put GM on the block if she wins HOH. Amanda points out that is why you have to watch yourself when you make nomination speeches like GM did because there’s always one nominee that wins the POV and you don’t want to piss too many people off.

Amanda: ‘I want to go get some brass knuckles and punch them in the f**** mouth”

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:45pm Cockpit JUDD and McCrae
JUDD asking why Amanda is so freaked out. MC explain they can’t figure out why she is being nominated every week.
JUDD is worried Amanda thinks it’s him as MVP. MC: “honestly 100% she doesn’t”
JUDD: “She’s not going home this week” JUDD brings up how Candice told him that Amanda was targeting him because she thought he was MVP. MC: ‘Amanda thought that last week.. it’s wasn’t even a thought.. she goes through a new person every f***ing day”

MC: “She is not coming after you we need you we cannot flip”
JUDD is worried because Amanda is acting so sketched out.


3:50pm Helen and Jessie

Jessie wants to know what her feelings are for next week.
Helen: “There’s the group of us that have always been playing OK.. the 7 OK“
Helen: ‘OK This is new Jessie and Helen OK.. I’m confiding in you and you are confiding in me we’re starting over and working together to help each others games OK ”
Jessie: “Totally”
Helen: “Ok.. you know.. OK” (Alright i made that one up)
Helen says there was always a plan in place to get their people as far as they could. The 7 of them the friends. She adds they are getting to the point where people close to the 7 but not part of will have to get cut. She hints that Aaryn and Spencer are two such people. She asks if JUDD would consider getting rid of Aaryn, “Ok OK”
Jessie doesn’t know she always assumed the plan was to get rid of Aaryn, Spencer and GM.

Helen again points out there people that are still close and they need to go up eventually starting next week.

Helen says even if Jessie did not win the Veto they were always going to vote out Candice from day one.
Jessie brings up how she asked McCrae if she was going to be nominated next week and he told her probably.
Helen: “Not if Elissa and I win HOH”

Helen asks her if JUDD is MVP. Jessie swears he is not she thinks someone else in the house wants her out or it’s concocted by Amanda.
Helen: ‘This week we need 4 votes right.. if we take Candice out there are no targets on us.. if we take her out we have McCrae, Aaryn,. JUDD, and GM”
Helen says they need GM and Aaryn on board to take Amanda out and they are not going to sway from targeting Candice

Helen thinks that maybe America is MVP.
JEssie: “Lets just say I’m David and she is Goliath”

Helen says if she wins HOH next week she’ll be putting up Aaryn. Helen asks if Spencer would vote out Amanda. Jessie thinks so. Helen realizes that Spencer is probably going up. Helen counts the votes they have Elissa, Her, and Jessie all they need is one more vote. She wonders if they can get Andy.
Jessie would like to keep Candice this week, last week she suggested voting out Amanda and got reamed out for hit.
Jessie says she has talked to Elissa before about getting Amanda out and she is receptive to it. JEssie thinks Helen could approach her and get good results. Helen mentions how Aaryn is so close to Amanda right now. Jessie thinks that is weird because Aaryn vents about Amanda many times to her.

Aaryn joins them. Says that Elissa is saying she doesn’t want to vote out Candice and if she keeps saying that GM will put her on the block “This is really dangerous… you got to talk to her”
Aaryn leaves
Jessie says she may be able to talk to JUDD but is a bit worried he’ll go squeal to McCrae. Helen doesn’t think they can get Amanda out this week next week will be their chance. Helen thinks Amanda is going to go nuts this week being on the block. Jessie thinks the next HOH will cater too Helen and Elissa.

4:00pm bedroom Aaryn and Amanda
Aaryn: “I would vote GM over you”


4:19pm Cockpit Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda is certain Elissa will not vote against her they need to get Spencer up because if they don’t Amanda is worried about going home. She thinks Spencer, Helen, Jessie and JUDD will form an alliance and take her out.
Aaryn doesn’t think so she’s more worried if Spencer goes up he’ll go home.
Amanda tells her she’s certain Spencer will stay, ‘Who would vote out Spencer”. Aaryn isn’t convinced thinks Candice will flip the house.

Amanda says Helen, McCrae, Andy and JUDD will vote out Candice that is enough right there.

MC joins them.

Amanda: ‘I’m saying Spencer needs to go up over Elissa.. Elissa will not vote me out“
MC: “I was thinking Elissa to because she’s playing stupid.. but let her throw that vote out it’ll make her a bigger target” (Elissa is saying she won’t vote out Candice

Aary: “I’m worried Helen and Elissa will recruit JEssie because she will do anything for attention.. they only need one more person if they get Jessie”

MC: “Jessie will do what JUDD wants and JUDD doesn’t want Spencer out at all”
Amanda: “JUDD and Jessie are closer than we all think”
Amanda: ‘If Elissa goes up it will hurt me.. i’m just telling you that”
Aaryn: “I swear Amanda I will be loyal to you forever but please think about me to.. we both can get tunnel vision sometimes”
Amanda: “I don’t think Elissa on the block will benefit you either”
Aaryn agrees.


4:30pm Helen, MC and Amanda Cockpit

Amanda says that Jessie came to her this morning and offered a truce. Amanda wants to know what her and Jessie were talking about in the cockpit. Amand is just worried because when she came in JEssie told her it was a private conversation. Helen says Jessie heard HJelen was going to vote her out so she had to explain to Jessie the target was always Candice. Amanda says Elissa going around saying she’s keeping Candice is dangerous. Helen explains she cannot pull Elissa away from Candice because Candice has been on her a$$ all day.


4:43pm JEssie and Aaryn Jessie telling her that they should change things up next week. Points out there are people in this game that have never been on the block . Mentions Andy and McCrae. Aaryn reminds her that JUDD has never been up.


4:47pm GM gets her “Cone of Shame” she has to wear it for 48 hours and can never take it off.
GM menntions that Candice has to wear the Clownie-tard for a week, ‘Imagine how bad her a$$ will smell”


4:55pm HOH Jessie, GM and Aaryn.
Aaryn saying if they put up Elissa the will have more blood on their hands. She advises they put up Spencer. Aaryn adds Amanda told her if ELissa goes up Elissa goes home. GM: ‘Good then Elissa goes home”
Aaryn: “over Candice”
GM: “Ya”
Aaryn: “But we’ve burnt so many bridges with Candice”
GM: “Candice can’t win sh!t”
JUDD comes up and GM asks the ladies to leave so she can chat with JUDD in private

JUDD says everyone was telling him to go for prizes and he doesn’t want GM to think he didn’t try for the Veto. GM tells him he is not going up and in return she wants him to keep her off the block if he won HOH. THey shake on the deal.
GM says that she will probably put up Spencer but now she’s hearing Elissa is campaigning for Candice to stay. JUDD says he’ll vote out Candice.
GM: ‘You promise me before.. you f***ed me with the NICK Vote .. did you or did you not lie to my face”
JUDD: “Yes “
GM: “You going to lie to me again”
They shake on it, She’s believes him and will move forward with trust.

GM doesn’t know if she should put Elissa or Spencer up. JUDD says he’s behind her 100% regardless of what she does
JUDD points out that Spencer hates Candies he will vote her out.

Aaryn comes back and starts working on getting Spencer nominated. JUDD adds that putting Spencer up will ruffle less feathers.

5:13pm MC joins them She asks him if he will vote out Candice. MC says definitely. She tells them Spencer is most likely going up.
Aaryn says that Jessie came up here and laid on JUDD. JUDD groans he’s been trying to distance himself from her hopes that everyone doesn’t think they are together again. MC says Jessie is probably going to vote out Candice even if she doesn’t she’s f**** and will be going home the following week.

They agree that next HOH will probably be the Knock out


5:20pm Bedroom Jessie and Helen they both think America is the MVP and keeps putting Amanda up because they do not like the style of game she is playing. Jessie says the POV was perfect TV, JUDD got the money, Spencer got the trip for him and Marilyn and she got he veto everything they needed. Jessie adds that Candice and Amanda were yelling at each other perfect for TV.
Andy joins them (Drink)
They start talking about the fight during the POV. they all agree that Amanda is VERY mean and says some of the nastiest things.
Andy: ‘She can get very negative”
Helen: “McCrae said SHUT UP Amanda. ”
Jessie: ‘She can get really mean.. even more ugly than Jeremy”
Aaryn comes in “She’s going to put Spencer up it took a lot of convincing”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Chilltown Fan

Haha GM cracks me up, I would still smash her lady parts if she let me. Anyways, Amanda needs to go.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Don’t worry she’ll let anyone up in there, not that she’s unemployed.

Chilltown Fan

I still think she is the hottest woman of the season.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

I don’t disagree with you, GM might be racist, but she’s hot, I was just saying, you have a GREAT chance to bone her, but you’ll have to wait behind Nick, he gets 1st dibs. LMFAO

Chilltown Fan

LMAO! She’ll f**k James Rhine from season 6/7. That guy has been balls deep in a lot of BB girls/reality stars, so has Boogie.


Lol, Boogie’s even had some people balls deep in him.

Jim Whiteman

Wow! Your thumbs up to thumbs-down ratio is worse than mine when I asked all of the self-righteous phonies in here for a thumbs-up.


Come on you idiots. You are starting to think a little now get that rat AMANDA out of that house. Aaryn sit down and talk with Candice clear the air and get AMANDA out of the house. Yes you all can mend bridges. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say What

You want Aaryn to clear the air with Candice. That’s so funny! How many insincere apologizes have Aaryn made already? Oh the last one was great, I think it was right after the eviction vote, then she proceeded up to the HOH room and commenced calling Candice the usual names. An she gave such a great performance with that apology. LOL! Did you see the glee in Aaryn’s face when Amanda attacked Candice during the POV comp. Aaryn so wish she could say those hurtful things to Candice. Wait, she has said those kind of hurtful comments. I think at this point, Candice is ready to go home then work would Aaryn. Yes Aaryn and Amanda are so sweet, I can’t understand how Candice doesn’t get along with them. LOL!


Yea but make sure you triple up on the condoms


5:20pm Bedroom Jessie and Helen they both think America is the MVP and keeps putting Amanda up because they do not like the style of game she is playing.
They start talking about the fight during the POV. they all agree that Amanda is VERY mean and says some of the nastiest things.
Andy: ‘She can get very negative”
Helen: “McCrae said SHUT UP Amanda. ”
Jessie: ‘She can get really mean.. even more ugly than Jeremy”

seems evident jess and helen and possibly elissa would vote her out this week…but could they get judd or aaryn as the 4th vote? judd more likely as they need to convince judd that amanda is targeting judd as the possible mvp(which he is not), and that it would crucially split the couple before jury, meaning they couldnt influence jury and have a guarenteed vote for each other if either reached final 2…this is the time to vote out amanda…now, just before jury starts


Double eviction question. How will the third nominee be determined for the SECOND eviction? Obviously there will be no time to vote. Unless I missed something, I have not heard how they will do it. If you know, please let me know. Thanks!

BB15 letdown

I bet they don’t do a double until the MVP thing is over. Which has to be soon cause they are getting low on voting majority, its only down to 4 this week right?


This week IS a double eviction!!!

BB15 letdown

It is? Did they announce that? I have not been paying attention to the feeds/spoilers cause I can’t stand GM.


It was during the last 30 seconds of Thursday’s show…….I JUST thought of a possibility……A Pandora’s box. (A few of them were talking about hearing construction noises.) If GM opens the box, one of the prizes would be the MVP for “next week.” What she would not realize is that “next week” will turn out to be this week, AFTER the first eviction. HMMM….. let me know what you think.

Linda S.

If they have an MVP for second elimination, maybe the person with the second highest votes will be the MVP nom….it would be great if Pandora’s Box contained a MVP card that the HOH had to give to a houseguest to use….with all th bedlam that a double eviction brings it wouldn’t give much time for thought….

With starting with 16 people, they should have realized by now that a double elimination would have to be on the horizon and they already should be planning for it!!!


Oh…..I like that!!! She gets an envolope that she MUST give to someone else. Not knowing what it is.(Prize or punishment) It would be fun to speculate on who she would give it to………….However, I am just TOTALLY guessing about a Pandora’s box. Just because it would be MUCH more “creative” than simply having the HOH put up all three. That would be uncreative.


There is no reason to use Pandora’s box twist this week. That will be used only to save Amanda if needed down the road.


Julie satd it thursday


Did they announce that this is a double eviction week?


I’ve been wondering how they will do the MVP for the double-eviction. Obviously MVP can’t be America, since it won’t give us all enough time to vote.
So, there are really just a few scenarios that could be played:

1.) No third nomination.
I don’t think this is likely, since the MVP twist has defined this season, they won’t be in a hurry to retire that.
2.) MVP is ‘won’ by someone in the house.
I don’t think they will have time for this if it’s a double eviction week. There is already way too much to try and squeeze in during a one hour episode.
3.) America is MVP and the nomination list from last week will be used.
This is possible, and would certainly upset the viewers that see production trying to find a way to save Amanda, as this would mean that Amanda would not be nominated.
4.) HOH puts up all three nominations.
The more I think about it, this is a likely possibility.


I think America will be allowed to vote on Wednesday for the Thursday eviction.


Yep. It absolutely could be that simple. Just wishful thinking on my part, cuz’ a little twist would be interesting right bout’ now. :-)


seems likely to me


three go on the block till the end of the season .. do you not recall what Julie said at the very beginning … down to the last 5 players , 3 will be on the block and winner of the pov sends a person home… down to 4 … let the games begin …


cross your fingers that they decide to twist things up and allow america to be the HOH for the double eviction. then we can nominate helen and amanda.

I vote to evict Horse teeth aka Amanda

MC explain “they can’t figure out why she is being nominated every week.”

Oh, oh, oh, I know. It’s because Amanda is a raging bitch and America hates her.


Okay, quick question, who is all part of the Knockouts alliance? I forgot about them.


Amanda, MacCrae, Helen, Andy, Judd. I can’t remember is Elissa is as well or not.
Hard to keep track.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Amanda: ‘I want to go get some brass knuckles and punch them in the f**** mouth”

Staying “classy”, as usual.


And all CBS will ever show us of Amanda is her trying to be funny in the DR… someone the whole family can enjoy. It’s ridiculous that her mean streak is kept hidden and dormant on the episodes.


who does amanda want to punch in the mouth with brass knuckles?

she said them…who is them?

candice and jess or candice and howard?

amanda must be incredibly dumb to be continually making herself look this bad, her latest outbursts calling candice a monkey(will this be shown in the cbs wednesday edit?), making up stories about howard wanting to f-ck her, going off on candice about howard in a sexual way during the veto(will this be shown in the cbs wednesday edit?) and the amanda and mccrae fight about amandas behaviour – will it be on the cbs wednesday edit? if it is they may show the veto fight to show why mccrae was going off on amanda

and will any of the amanda and jess epic fight from the other night be in the cbs edit on sunday? if so i hope they edit it to show jess defended herself after being attacked by amanda, and that jess called amanda out and stated the truth

if none of this is shown in the cbs edits…its official she will get golden edits for the rest of the season as productions favourite

but the fact the amanda youtube video was on the huffington post site and various other sites maybe cbs will finally show amandas true self


candice and who else?

she said she wants to punch them, as in more than one…or did she say her(just candice)?

BB15 letdown

Simon & Dawg there should be another drinking game involving Helen. Every time she says OK! Ok? :) She is like a broken record with her catch phrases.


AHHAAH yeah that’s a good one .. Has anyone started the drinking game where you drink every time Andy joins a conversation?

Not sure who I am today

Funny Dawg, but that’s why I don’t know who I am today.




I did, but then the doctor told me I had developed cirrhosis.


Yes… I had to have my stomach pumped four times this week.


Amanda is getting so paranoid. I love watching her blow up. What’s the ETA of the Superfriends’ self destruction? Two weeks?


I lile my liver too much!!! I can see me now trying to explain to my doctor, because Andy kept coming in on other people’s conversation, I’m now an alcoholic. He would say, well you need to stop hanging out with Andy immediately or you will need a liver transplant.

Not sure who I am today

NO, I’ll be in a blackout in less than an hour.

Roisin Dubh

My God, this season should be called High School Days Re-visited. The game play is good,but it gets ruined because it’s being played on a personal, vindictive level. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one or two people, but it’s the entire house. I think it’s funny that GM calls Candice a rat when Andy’s sitting there as quiet as a mouse.Well GM, that unitard might smell bad, but at least she’s got a job to go back to. GM, Aaryn and Amanda are in for a world of hurt when this game ends and you go back to your regular lives.


The real show will began when they go back to their regular lives! That’s the finale I really can’t wait for! What goes around comes around! I can’t wait to see their face and read all the comments and how they answer the interviews.. their screwed outside that house! They wanna hurt people in the house and bully (and yes bullying is the correct word) your going to reap the benefits from it. Sidenote: I still can’t get how dumb the out crowd is to let someone control their game smh

Candice Is Ugly

Trust me they will have great lives after a couple of months and the PC police forget about them.


You are underestimating the maturity level of hs students. Think more along the lines of grade school.


The cast is the biggest set of lemmings in the history of this show.

What is more pathetic than this show? It’s me because I’m still watching it! :(

I just want to see Amanda finally realize that maybe, just maybe, that it’s America that’s putting her on the block.

America is clearly the best BB player this season


You said it all! :)

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

America for America’s Favorite


It seems like Amanda still doesn’t want to even entertain the notion that America could be the MVP. She’s too paranoid that one of the housemates are out to get her (and how I wish that were true).


helen, last week you said that next week would be the week to go after demanda. now you are saying it again?


Anytime somebody says “it’s too early” or “we can do that next week” in BB, the translation is “I’m never doing that…but if somebody else does it and it can’t come back on me, then I’ll go along.”

You have to understand that in a traditional BB game with no MVP and no “house” Helen is a floater. Watch her trying to be friends with everybody, watch how she goes bananas after every HOH win, pretends to be so into every HOH room, and like every floater who wins HOH, she went overboard on a power trip. Helen’s mentality is of a floater but because the MVP is a floater shelter, where a simple majority is the “power”, Helen masquerades as a player.

The proof will be this week when she votes out a person with unquestioned loyalty to her and Elissa…the only person loyal to her and Elissa…in order to appease Amanda and McCrea.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Very True


Candice is NOT loyal to Helen and Elissa. She said she will put Helen on the block if she gets HOH because Helen did not save Howie. I know Amanda is being a brat but she is paranoid about being picked by MVP and not knowing who is doing it. Candice does not play a good game. That “house meeting” she called made her look foolish.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Oh No, Simon got another drinking game going,Andy will always butt in on a conversation, pace yourself, don’t get alcohol poising. LOL


Putting spencer up is a chicken shit move. These house guests are mean, cowards and have no sense of daring or gameplay. Seriously, if you’re gonna play it this safe why should anyone watch.

SIDENOTE: I’ve honestly never witnessed a person like Amanda. She’s so hateful and dislikeable … She should be a villain in game of thrones.


Putting up Spencer is the right move! Because it is one less vote against Candice. And it will allow Helen, Elissa, Jessie and hopefully Aaryn (god I can’t believe I’m rooting for her, this time only) to possibly evict Amanda. They are close to realizing they have chance to flip the house, But they have to tread lightly and can not let any of the “guys” know; especially Andy.


If presented a chance to be the vote that sends Amanda home and makes him part of a new, dominant alliance, you think Spencer will turn that down to evict Candice?

Do you watch the show?


And so few of them have any clue how to play. If there is a stronger vote against Candice than Spencer, then I don’t know who. If GM wants Candice out (Another HOH getting out threats to other people. Aaryn evicted aMANda’s and now GM is evicting Aaryn’s), then Jessie never should have been nominated and now that she’s off, Elissa is told that she has to go up, just to ensure she doesn’t stay loyal to her friend and vote to keep her. It’s such an easy pitch…but nobody here knows how to sell anything.

Then again, GM thinks she’s not a scrub and actually has a good shot at winning…so reality is not her strong suit.


Why do you write JUDD instead of Judd?

Chilltown Fan

I noticed this as well lol…Still Simon/Dawg do a great job with the site. They’re on top of everything BB.


Pronounced Jay-You-Double-Dee.

BBfan from Florida

Yeah Helen and Jessie finally figured it out! I hope they can get the other vote and not wait a week. Helen better tread lightly though.


If Jessie and Helen remain convinced that America is MVP, they will be sitting pretty well. I still think Spencer and Amanda goes.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

A couple of the sheep are starting to get that Amanda is just as bad a Jeremy., maybe worst.

Varys Blackfyre

I’m not going to even get my hopes up that the house will do something shocking. I’m not tuning in Sunday at all. I don’t think I’m going to watch again until Thursday for the double eviction. I’m over all the ignorant stuff being said I just want something unpredictable to happen in the game.


I’ve learnt not to get my hopes up either. They’ll stick with the status quo even though Amanda’s the much bigger threat and all those eliminated so far have been (or at least perceived in the house as being) the biggest threats. We need for the vote to flip and Amanda to go, and I’m reminded of a Howie quote from BB6: “Shock me! Shock the hell outta me and do it!”




As I said before, this BBQ dinner with Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and Jessie can hopefully the turning point in the season. All it takes is 4 votes to evict Amanda. All the need is for Gina Marie to put up Spencer. They can leave her in the dark as to their plans to evict Amanda or tell her it will be an all women alliances against the men. The wheels at least seem to be gathering more traction this week; where there is some serious strategy being discussed,

Hey if they come to the rational conclusion that America nominated Amanda; then America is telling then to evict Amanda.

Then let the games begin.


I wouldn’t be surprised if all 4 of them were called to DR before the BBQ and told: this is how you are gonna vote. CBS is up against it. The filth amanda spewed tonight was on camera. they can bleep it , but they can not edit it away.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Where does Spencer lie just curious?

BTW, Helen can try and maybe succeed to get Amanda out but going with Jessie and Helen is weak and if they cannot get Amanda out nor win the Double Eviction HOH they are in serious trouble!

I dislike Amanda and pray she goes soon but I dislike Helen just as much and hope she goes first.

Plus Jessie and Helen may be so happy confiding in each other but if they need Andy/Aryan the info gets relayed right back to McPizza and Demanda so Helen, Jessie, and Elissa will get FU**** in their Asses.

Dislike my comment or not but as long as Demanda does not leave after Thursday —- McCRAY IS STILL POSITIONED TO WIN!!!!!!!!!


TB says

What goes around comes around. Aaryn, GM, and Amanda, your time will come…for all the bullying, nastiness and just down right meanness.
Good luck when your’re out of the BB house.

Awww yeah .. It just got real

Wow so much good TV !! These hgs live in weird delusional land .. Lol .. This is stupid boring tv .. Cat fights can be entertaining when it’s new material and not bad words of sl*ts and other low class insults … Big brother !!! Shake it up !!! Give them punishments where they can’t talk to certain house guests .. Lol .. That would be hilarious at this point .. Every person can’t talk to at least one other person .. BB telephone .. Hahaha .. Omg .. GM you are hoh and you wasted it .. Can’t even protect your own alliance .. Grasshoppers are squished more than Judd outting them and pretending like it was a lie .. Derp derp


After having endured torture over the past few weeks, I can only hope it will be entertaining when the Superfriends have to cut each other. Sadly, not sure that’ll be the case either.


They always talk about switching up the game but never have the guts to do it

Gator girl

Amanda is a vile human being! Maybe the house is starting to figure it out.


She has nice big t*ts.


Judd: Are you going to get new breasts too when you go home?

GM: No, I don’t need them they are natural. Maybe another breast lift.

Judd: People who get implants, it’s so depressing, you know… People – I don’t know. The route of that, you know, maybe they want more love or attention, or what it is, but they always go for the most obvious place, you know? Here… Well if you really want more attention, why not get them in your eyes? And then move your eyes down to where your nipples used to be, put you breasts up on your head, EVERYBODY will pay attention!

GM: What? Are you saying I should get breasts on my face?

Chilltown Fan

Get’cha some of GM, Judd lol. I believe GM has already said she had her breast lifted before. Her goodies are nice as they are.

give me a break

G.M. said : ” Candice you some hoh towels, b*tch better cleaning like ” The Help” …………


Noooooooooooooooooo!!! I love big brother and it took me a while to say this, but this season is quite depressing!


Well, it seems like Candice isn’t the only person to bring up the “race card” EVERY time. And I bet, GM is one of these supposedly colorblind people who always say: “I’m not racist, I do have black, Asian, Latino friends.”

This Season Blows

Rachelissa is so stupid, going around blabbing about refusing to vote out Candice. This after the scene she made about wanting Aaryn out instead of Kaitlin when she threw her allies under the bus. She managed to climb under the radar for a while but is putting the target right back on her with each new hissyfit. She’s soooo clueless game-wise and annoying, don’t know how anyone can stand her.


It’s all but is done that Candice is gone, has been for 2 weeks now, BUT I would love for Elissa to go home, I have said it before, she is odd, she has absolutely no scents of humor, and just plain nuts. Never liked her, never will. It would be all right if she put a target on her back and Jessie can join her if the vote to keep Candice. They would be the next two out. If Helen lets it out that Jessie wanted Amanda out for the second week she (Jesse) would be toast. My gut feeling is she (Helen) will sometime soon.

give me a break

Elissa and Candice had the right idea to get Aaryn out….Helen was the stupid one……

give me a break

the producers are scumbags…they are allowing this racist verbal bully assault on Candice go on like it’s nothing….and than edit the show like none of this is going on. If it wasn’t for us posting these comments on youtube and getting the word out…..CBS would of cover this up……..CBS should be ashamed!!!


The reason Aaryn and company were called out was due to the blogosphere – CBS should be ashamed but $ are/is what it’s all about. We, those of us that thought certain statements said early on were awful – posted them and made our voice heard. That/this is still happening. Amanda has been called out and her mean-spirtiness has been aired on important media outlets. But, this is BB, those in the house are responsible – all we can do is watch the insanity – call production out when we think they should be – and for those that understand the novel – all we can do is watch, plead, beg and ultimately realize we have as much control as the house guests.


Yeah they were called out and yet Amanda gets away with what is essentially criminal acts!! Not condoning what the others did and Aaaryn’s actions were motiated by Spencer’s lying mouth, but their actions were nothing compared to AMANDA”S ACTIONS. I mean wow Chen whining about a darn rice comment but wow Amanda talking about murder, gang rape, anti gay and racist comments, slandering a man’s reputation and wow she SAYS NOT ONE WORD!! Definitely Groner, CBS, CHEN and BB condoning Amanda’s actions. Hope lots and lots and lots of lawsuits coming their way by landslide!


FYI- Even if Howard had NOT actually said it, what he did say is no where even close to slander.

FYI- A CBS producer called Amandas parents about the “comment controversy” to let them know
that it was being taken care of (The action taken- NOT SHOWING THE COMMENT ON CBS).

FYI- CBS faked the live show Thursday night, they filmed it at noon. Filled the seats with CBS employees
and told them to cheer encouragement for Howard. (Google it, people who were supposed to go are
reporting on it, one of the Miss Cleo who goes to A LOT of tapings).

I would direct you to a very enlightening podcast but I am not sure on Simon & Dawgs policies on
promoting other BB related media (I think they are cool with LaLa though, so maybe they will?).

I wonder how many of you would believe things that explain a lot more of how things are being shown
in that house though? I do not have high expectations =/


if amanda stays this week and we all vote for again next week she will literally become mentally unhinged. someone be prepared to put that shit on youtube!


YES! Mr94 – she’s ready to CRACK. I hope Jessie keeps flirting with McCrae and staring at him, and stokes Amanda’s jealousy to the point that she keeps crying and arguing with McCrae about not supporting her enough….all the while she can’t figure out who would have had the nerve to put her on the block for the THIRD time – must be Judd, no – must be Jessie, no – must be Candice, no – must be Spencer…(waaaa, why don’t they like me? I want to chop them up, waaaa, F*** this, I’ll win everything myself! waaaa! The selfish b1tches! waaaa! McCrae do you still love me? do you?, do you?, huh? waaaaaaaaa)

give me a break

Aaryn, GM, and Amanda deserve the backlash when they leave the show……and the rest of the cast should be seen as cowards….grown people allowing one person to be gang up on and than blame Candice for being upset…i would not wear the clown outfit…i would slap all three racists and get evicted..


I’m sorry, but maybe I’m only the one who sees the irony in this. Amanda is accused of saying “monkey.” Amanda is talking real fast….It reminds me of Michelle Obama’s “whitey” paper. Both are bunk. Clearly Michelle was saying “Why’d he”…. but people with preconceived ideas about people hear things that aren’t true. Now CLEARLY there is ENOUGH evidence without this video that Amanda has said dumb and prejudiced things. However, piling on the hate too much will backfire.


Dawg! Who is your “favorite” player this time around??!


I’m not sure I have a fave this season .. But I like Judd for some of the random things he says that crack me up.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

I’m sitting here watching the broadcast premiere of Wrestlemania 29 and I just saw GM in the Rock’s promo…


Well now, there’s a shocker !! you watch WWE !! Who didn’t see that a mile away ??

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

And? Pro wrestling/UFC/Boxing ect brings the same type of audience that Big Brother, Survivor, as well as every other reality show.

I enjoy watching all types of TV shows as I’m sure you do too.

ROLMFAO @ your lame failure at an insult. *FacePalm*


BAAAA go the sheep, lets vote out anyone but Amanda …. BAAAAA .. Ideally , next week HOH should put up Helen and Andy, then America put up Amanda..

That should stir things up but until then Baaaaaaa!


What started off as a seed of racism from Aryan early in the game has spread like a cancer and at this point it’s Stage 4. I have believed the racism would get weeded out as the game progressed but after today’s behavior. I’m afraid to say I think it’s just going to get worse. GM and Amanda are getting worse. I’m to the point of calling CBS and boycotting sponsors. I have been fairly tolerant until today but that’s because I believed the whole thing would self correct. I’m saddened and sickened. We also need a Facebook campaign of some kind for CBS to stop this cruel spectacle.


I did call CBS and complain about Amanda especially about the slanderous remarks she said about Howard and actually talked to someone who takes complain calls so hope it worked. The slander is what gets to me the worst as that is criminal, bout then again Amanda as about as criminal as it can get. Geez, wonder if she is honest on her job. I would doubt it. Feel sorry for anyone that bought a house from Amanda the Racist bigot!!!! I would be talking to an attorney quick because besides being a racist she definitely is not trustworthy or for that matter I would not trust anyone that she works for because doesn’t she work for family?


Also wrote CBS, the Sponsors, TMZ and OMG Insider but wow they are not exposing Amanda for the scum she is either. Wonder why???????


lol Simon love that crazy face pic of Amanda


I just want to know how the Houseguest can justify keeping Amanda with everything she has said to others in the house and has gotten very personal with her words, yet they all just had to get Jeremy out of the house because he was such a big bully. She has been very x-rated, mean, and racist to other houseguest.


Helen! You fool! Not only is this the best possible week to blindside Amanda, but you cannot, CANNOT, try to do it with Andy. He will out your scheming ass quicker than Kaitlin left the house after Julie announced those results. Judd is the key to Amanda’s eviction. Play on Amanda’s paranoia, tell him she thinks he is MVP and was bad mouthing him throughout the last week. YOU NEED ONE VOTE. JUDD IS THE ONE.

You’re insufferable, Helen, but if you pull this off, you will have given us all a really good change of pace in this godforsaken house.

BBfan from Florida

Helen works for political campaigns and knows how the various data feeder markets work. For example she knows that what is showing on TV may not be what is being talked about via interviews, youtube, facebook, online forums, etc. She has a lot of specific experience with this and knows all those data gathering points have abilities to make major impacts to any type of “public” voting. I don’t think she will let go of her belief that America is the MVP.


Not only does Amanda have ADHD she must be bipolar. This chick is beyond crazy. I miss watching the greats like Boogie, Frank, Janelle, Evil Dick, Danielle, Etc. those were the days. This cast is horrible.

Butters Mom

Like everyone else I was really upset by all the racism and I was also upset that Aaryn was the only one who was being pointed out by Julie Chen, but now I just think EVERYONE needs to accept that this group of people are pure idiots… not a smart one in the bunch …. and not believe that they represent the states or race they come from… they are all vile! As human beings we ALL should be ashamed of them as a collective group. I say lock them all up in the house and not let them out. Forget the voting process… come Sunday… the audience and Julie shouldnt show up and just stop sending in food to the storage room… stop DR sessions… and dont tell them what is going on… just lock the doors that go outside for at least a week and let them fester until the panic begins… NOW THAT WOULD BE ENTERTAINING!!

give me a break


derick alaska

Candice’s a** wont have as much sh** as your mouth does GinaMarie!!!

This Season Blows

Would anyone really object if CBS said “enough is enough” and pulled the plug on this season? It’s boring, it’s hate-filled, and not a single person in that house deserves any prize money.


I don’t understand why everyone hates Amanda so much, unless it’s jealousy. Candice, and Jessie are both crazy c*nts that need to GTFO. All Jessie’s good for is flappin’ her gums, and Candice likes to snatch people’s shit like she owns the place. The klepto (Candice), and the psycho (Jessie).

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Hypocrite, you call us haters for voicing honest opinions about the way Amanda acts then you posts hate comments about the way Candice and Jessie acts, are you jealous of them? You’re no better kiddo.


the only class in this act is jess and her soul is intact


LindaB I totally agree with your comments. It makes me sick to see that racism is so much alive in the US especially with a half black half white President at the helm. I am so glad I’m a Canadian! I hope that our future Big Brother Canada shows do not display such behaviour. For sure, it would not progress to this stage (stage 4 lol!), the Canadian producers would shut it down immediately!


Hey “Name.” Well I guess it’s a wake-up call — a really sobering one. I do think Amanda has some serious mental health issues — bipolar or Tourrette’s Syndrome. I don’t think Aryan is crazy, but I do think she’s clueless and sheltered. GIna Marie actually saying Candice should be treated like a mail in “The Help” is indefensible. I think there are quite a few HG who feel uncomfortable about the racism but the delusion of winning is keeping them from confronting it. As far as I can tell Elissa and Jessie have tried. Of course Candice has tried. I think this season will have major repercussions. CBS will likely change its policies and there will probably be lawsuits flying on both sides. A big fat mess ..and I’ve invested all this time in watching. I feel like I should do something, but I don’t know what to do other than come to a place like this.

Rio Seven

Okay…everyone wants Amanda and Aaryn out of the house, however, how boring will the house be if either of those woman are voted out. Would you rather watch Judd and Spencer the last 3 weeks of the show?