Gary: “I don’t like to clean until my face is done.. I’m not on Jillian and Emmett time“

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


11:35AM Bedroom TAlla, Jillian and Topaz Talla continues to apologize for last night.

Jillian says that Talla fell into Hot Tub and was telling everyone she was peeing.. Immediately everyone started jumping out of the tub. Talla: “I didn’t really start to Pee” Jillian knows brings up that Talla was saying “I’m peeing” a couple time throughout the night. Talla: “It was my sentence of the night.. honestly I had fun but I wish I would have stayed up and lasted longer”

Jillian tells Talla she didn’t help her because she cannot be around people that are puking. Jillian: “I have a phobia about puking like some people have a phobia about spiders.. I can count on my hand how many times I’ve puked” Topaz: “Really… I puke a lot.. I wish that was the case with me”

Jillian adds she’s only puked once from drinking and it was from red wine.. she thinks she is allergic to red wine.

Talla goes into the toilet.. Topaz:”You puking?” Talla: “I’m not feeling good.. I feel like I need to puke.. it’s all that talking about puking” Talla heads into the kitchen tells everyone she will be cleaning up the bathroom stall but she needs to get some food in her stomach first..


11:45AM Bathroom Topaz and Gary

Gary: “I don’t even want to be here anymore.. I hate it”
Topaz: “We can’t have another one of those days Gary…”
Topaz explains to Gary the reason Emmett was vacuuming was because all the “Pink stuff” was on the ground and it was being tracked around. They all wanted to clean as a family and get it done and the floors had to be cleaned quickly.

Gary: “I don’t like to clean until my face is done.. I’m not on Jillian and Emmett time“

Topaz: “really what it was there was feathers getting carried all around the house”
Topaz says he can clean out the have nots room so then he can say he cleaned something nobody will care.
Gary :”I don’t want to clean the have nots.. people are going to call me out”

Gary goes into the have nots and starts to clean up.


12:11PM Hot Tub Emmett and Andrew

Emmett saying that this morning everyone was cleaning up and Gary had volunteered to celan the floors but the entire time he was doing his makeup. Emmett adds that the carpets are covered in crap and we’re tracking it through the house. Emmett: “I told him man it’ll take 10 minutes.. he said he would do it later.. I was like OK I grabbed the vacuum and did it.. It’s Gary thinking he’s so special.. ”
Andrew agrees, points out that Gary is the same way with when the alarm goes off Gary doesn’t get up. Andrew points out that it’s very obvious that everyone is trying to get Talla on their side. mentions Alec in particular.

Emmett: “Next Topaz goes.. “ Emmett says that he hasn’t gone into a competition and haven’t given it 100%. Emmett adds that next week he wouldn’t be too worried if Peter or Alec winning it because he thinks they are safe and Topaz will be the target. Emmett adds that it’s the HOH after next that he must win.

Alec joins them and they chit chat about Big Brother 14 US. Alec says Dan didn’t win because he played such a dirty game.


12:31PM Andrew and Emmett Hot Tub

Andrew: “Alec and Peter there is no chance they will vote to keep Gary over Topaz.. Jillian and you won’t.. as long as there is no twist GAry is gone ”
Andrew explains that it’s all down to who is better at competitions and Gary is “Miles’ Ahead of Topaz. Andrew points out that the only person on the other side is Alec. Emmett thinks Peter might be alright. Andrew isn’t worried because Peter has been on slop the entire week. Andrew: “Look we have Jillian, you and Talla.. I know you are worried about Talla but we have no other choice”

Emmett thinks peter is a HUGE “DR guy” his strategy is to make his DR’s good so we wins Canada’s player and is linked by the fans.. Andrew doesn’t think Peter is funny, “He’s got a loud voice.. he wants to parlay this into whatever..”

1:00pm Bedroom Gary back to putting on Makeup.. in the backyard Alex is working out and in the kitchen Talla, Jillian and Topaz had a talk about food and nutrition.



Emmett and Jillian studying dates for future competitions.


1:17PM Topaz and Gary
Chatting about Alec/Peter and how douchie Alec has been about this showmance. Topaz mentions how Brendon fought full out for Rachel but Alec did nothing for her.
GAry: “I don’t want Peter to make it to final 12 and right now it’s looking like he is.. ”
Gary: “Alec is not getting my vote if he makes it to final 2.. ”
Topaz doesn’t think Alec really cares about her regardless of what he says to her. GAry: “We’ll find out soon enough if he cares.. ” Topaz: “If someone won’t fight for you in a game what makes you think he’ll fight for you in the real world.. In the real world where sh!t is real he won’t be there” Gary: “F*** him..”

Topaz: “I understand he was hurt because of the locket… but i’m hurt because he ruined my entire game”
Gary: “He’s got to forget about that locket.. hommie”
Topaz thinks that Alec might even be fighting to keep GAry because Alec thinks Gary is stronger and would be better to have on his side
Gary: “He’s a mother f*****.. it’s good for my game but still”
Topaz mentions how she went to Alec to ask for a vote and he told her he was going to do what Andrew wanted because he didn’t want to piss the HOH off.. ”
Gary: “He really said that… You were the HOH and he didn’t do what you wanted he didn’t care about pissing you off”
Topaz brings up that Alec isn’t even going to give her a pity vote unless Andrew gives it the OK. Gary: “if he doesn’t give you a pity vote he’s a true Mother F*****.. if you go out to a zero he played you.. he played you to a T”

Gary asks if she still actually wants to have a relationship outside the house? Topaz doesn’t reply flat out but it’s pretty clear she doesn’t. Gary keeps calling Alec a mother F**** and says he’s a selfish sicko..
Gary: “I’ve campaigned for you more and i’m on the f****** block.. ”

(Video Uploading)


1:50PM Gary tells Topaz he made the dress he’s wearing in college..

Most of the house is sleeping.. Talla roaming around talking to whoever isn’t sleeping about how wasted she was last night


2:10pm Emmett and Jillian Showmancing


2:42pm BAckyard Andrew and Emmett working out

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I’m going to miss Gary, he brings life to the house! Too bad Emmette or Jillian aren’t on the block, they’re boring so I wouldn’t miss them as much. Oh well, not like production can step in now, unless they decide nobody is getting evicted since they’ve had two double evictions already, I have a couple of days to hope 🙂


once gary and topaz are gone i can get back to my real life haha.

it”ll just be talla and alec trying to over compensate for how quiet it is.


Ha ha ha, me too, Livid- I will be back to life as usual


Tell you what – there’s the door – feel free to leave anytime.


What door? Aww Meg, honey, are you off your meds again? 🙂


I wouldn’t even care if Topaz left because she’s annoying and pretty useless in the game. If Gary left this house would be sooo boring besides Talla behaving like the moron she is.


Thursday is going to be awesome

“By a vote of 5 – 0 GARY you have been evicted from Big Brother”

He is going to go glitter crazy! Love it


I am sooooooo excited to see these 2 trifling witches go back to the street corner. BULLY AND THE BITCH.


sounds like a glitter-tastic musical. I’d watch


No glitter, I’m also back to the real world .The rest bug me to no end.


SIMON! DAWG! ANYONE! I posted a question on the previous thread about Chilltown and I’m assuming if it wasn’t accurate, one of you would have corrected it right? Mike Boogie and Will created Chhilltown? Did Will consider himself part of it? As far as I can tell, he was never affiliated with anyone. He was dedicated to Shannen, who may have been Chilltown but he said over and over “I can look you in the eye, shake your hand and say yeah no problem, then say (to himself) You’re a sucker. Of course I’ll say anything you want me to hear. Genius in action.


Still you’re awesome anyway. Thanks.


Oops – I meant to say Will said “I’ll say anything YOU want to hear.” DOH!


Dr Will and Mike were chilltowns best also. The best DR sessions ever IMO. I do not actually remember who created it but Boogie and Dr Will rolled it all season. BB2 has to be archieved on several sites. You won’t need to review many episodes to see for yourself who created it. Personally I don’t think creation or coming up with the name is very important. Chilltown became a blue print for bromances and also how to play the game effectively IMHO.


I appreciate your input. I wasn’t concerned about who named it per se, I was essentially (without having to go back into my own archives and view each episode up until the last member of Chilltown was evicted), trying to verify if he had actually ever considered himself a ‘member’ (for lack of a better word) because as far as I can see, Will was artistry. From the onset, he freely admitted in the DR (his personal ones) that he was there to win and he was willing to say anything to do that. He successfully completed his goal without having to draw blood (as far as I’m concerned). Everybody knows at the beginning, there’s only going to be one man left standing. He kept the atmosphere of the game, one in which EVERYBODY wanted to be around him. TRULY GIFTED MAN. RARE. In my humble opinion. Thank you STAN7777 – I see you honour the game and its integrity from your posts. Cheers from Ontario.


To be fair, they really perfected it in All Stars because Shannon was evicted 3rd & Boogie left 4th in Season 2. Will really earned his cred as the best ever for staying in the game after they left, outlasting: Kent, Krista (the girl Mike proposed to), Bunky (gay guy), Hardy (Nicole’s original alliance & physical threat), Monica (the cool lady from New York who lost her cousin in 9/11) then went on to beat Nicole (the chef) who took Will over Monica to F2. Another oddity of that season was EVERYONE voted & the F2 were able to void one vote which of course they chose their opponents best alliance. Will won 5 – 2.

Will literally was targeted weekly & told them all he was lying to their face but repeatedly convinced them to keep him b/c he had no alliances. He was nominated four out of nine weeks & in those days there was no POV competition to save you.

It was during the All Star season that Will & Boogie perfected “Chill Town” & truly started to use it fully on the house. Will escaped early eviction by telling everyone he hated them & wanted them to vote him out (which worked in keeping him there), telling people Chill Town would work with them while having no intention on doing it (Danielle, James, Howie, Kaysar, George & their side showmance alliance women of Janelle & Erika). Will should have won again and/or Janelle b/c she won so much that season & got Will out but then the infamous HOH Part 1 occurred when Boogie jumped off & Erika was suppose to give Janelle the HOH but Janey shocked by Boogie jumping off let her hand move so she was eliminated. The minute Boogie won the physical part 2 tailored for a guy Janey was sunk b/c of course Erika got Boogie to agree to take her if she took him so she threw Round 3 screwing Janey who for the 2nd time came in third.

As much as I enjoyed Chill Town it was more so b/c of Dr. Will who was the best mix of charm & intelligence to ever play the game. I just wish he had of aligned with Janey b/c she was the best mix of social & physical to ever play the game (at least of all the females to ever play). They would have been great & I also loved Janey & Will’s D.R.’s.


its been about year since i watched BB2 but here is my recollection: will and boogie did create chilltown because they were part of the “cool kids” crowd that made them such a target from some of the older players. I don’t think you could really see the dynamics play out so much in bb2 because both shannen and boogie were eliminated so early in game. he is the puppet master though, so i’m sure if he had to cut ties with boogie to win bb2, he may have done so; but that wouldn’t have happened until much later in the game. definitely by time bb allstars came around, it was clear that they were going to try to take each other to the end, if they had a chance (will always thought he’d be eliminated early because he is the puppetmaster and only previous winner in allstars).


On Wikipedia it says that Will Kirby won All Stars but in another spot (on the exact same site), it says that Mike Malin won. WHO THE HECK WON? and thank you by the way.


Appreciate it. Kisses.


What the hell is going on in the DR? Are they each being called in one by one or what?


Chilltown was originated by Will, Boogie and Shannon. Will was definitely a part of this and despite his ability to lie to everyone’s face with ease he always stayed true to Boogie, both inside the house and out (They are practically best friends and also invest in each others businesses). If you watch season 7 you will see that they were a true team and they took over that house together, it may not have looked that way in BB2 as Boogie was gone somewhere around week 5. Hope that helps.


*DEEP SIGH* AAAAAAH Very much appreciated.


Jillian is the SHIT man. Because of her I actually see the human in Peter. When she was cutting his hair is when it happened for me. I considered all of them evil at one point. Now he’s watching her in the kitchen like a little boy watches hm mom while she makes a cakes. Really sweet.


completely random comment – and there aren’t really any good shots of them in this post BUT – I am obsessed with Jillian’s little slipper/sock/shoes whatever she has on her feet all the time!!!


Meg’s off the crazy pills glitter haters never prosper.


Could someone please get them some anti-foam for the hot tub!!!?


Topaz wins the award for the most delusional Big Brother Houseguest ever!! Did she actually compare herself and Alec to Brendan and Rachel??? LOL!! First off as much as Brendan fought for Rachel, Rachel fought for him. Second Brendan knew that if he sacrificed himself for Rachel, that she was more than capable of winning HOH and POV to save herself and get to the end, so his sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain. Topaz wants Alec to save her so she can go sleep and coast to the finals while he gets the boot. On a side note Gary Glitter has officially given up so its time for him to go. I’m disappointed in Gary and Topaz because they had an opportunity to unite with the 3 stooges and keep AJ and themselves in the game, thus providing the viewers with a good run of entertainment, but instead they joined the popular table in the school cafeteria, then got booted thy weren’t cool to hang around anymore. Ah well. Please Andrew or Emmett win this thing! They might not be as entertaining, but they seem to be the most sincere and genuine.


Just to add to your thoughts the most important thing that happened this week is/was Topaz being unable to talk to Gary before nominations. Gary would have correctly brought up the stoogies as possible HG’s to work with. The second important thing was no POV as that left Gary unable to backdoor Emmit. Both are very important elements of the week. If Gary was able to guide her tTopaz would have put up 2 stoogies but have told them the target is getting backdoored. If Pov was played Gary would have used his power if needed to block Emmit and thenremove a stooge and nominate Emmit.
The twist effectively took away Topaz’s only strength and that is Gary. It saved Emmit from the jury house for now. It’s tough to say which event was more important but I may have the order wrong and no POV was the most important


Someone’s off there meds again.Glitter haters never prosper.


If Alec is a douchebag, then Topaz is a bitch. She’s mad because Alec is playing the game and limits as much as possible any emotional distraction to cloud his game. It’s funny, she wants him to do everything for her while all she does for him is sleep. If Alec chooses game over her, it’s a chance at a 100 Gs, a new car and 25k shopping spree. I’d take my chance with that than a shot at love in the house.

So far Emmett is playing the best game in my mind. For someone who is a comp beast, could easily be considered a social threat, he’s in a power showmance and yet he isn’t really much on anyone’s radar considering at what stage of the game were at.

As for Andrew, I have to give him credit. He really distanced himself from the floater flock and showed that when he says he’s gonna do something, he does it. If others don’t wanna do it, he does it himself. His HOHs so far have been the most successful ones out of any other HG who won it.

I hope that Andrew and Emmett make it to final 2 because at this point, they’re the most deserving. I can’t wait for Peter to get evicted, the guy has been getting on my nerves for a long period of time. His yelling and his constant attempt at sounding like Dan or throwing comps like Will.


Yo mama’s a b!tch! 😀


Watching Jill do Yoga is turning me on and I’m not a dude.


My sentiments exactly. Cheers.


Come on production! You’ve already done a hundred too many twists- one more won’t hurt!
I hate twists, but now I really want one to save Topaz and Gary 🙁


You seemed to like the twist that screwed Tom in favor of Suzette. I’ll enjoy this one.


What’s this locket business I keep hearing about?


After Alec burned Topaz by not voting for her he then told her Andrew had promised him he would go after Emmett & Jillian (which was a lie) & said Andrew must have changed his mind b/c of what Topaz did. He knew all along that Andrew would target Topaz/Gary. Then he went to her & asked her to pretend they were mad at each other until the POV comp played & pretend they weren’t in a showmance anymore in case either her or Gary came off the block to protect him (Alec) from being the replacement.

At some point during the days the feeds were down Topaz caught on that Alec was only taking care of himself & although she had/has questioned it she also really didn’t want to look like a fool who was getting played like Boogie played Erika. She was in the bathroom with Talla & Jillian & kissed the locket when the camera was on her & then the girls asked her about it. The truth is it is a gift from Topaz’s sister but (mad at Alec & not wanting to look like a fool & knowing one or both women couldn’t really be trusted) she told them it was from the guy she was seeing in Toronto. Jillian immediately told Emmett who told Alec & later Jillian also told Alec which gave him all the ammunition he needed to say “you hurt me”. Even after she came clean & told Alec why she did it & that it was really from her sister he has kept his distance (or at least he has when anyone else is around tho he seems to cuddle up to her when they are alone). Of note; he only really used this “I’m hurt” routine with Topaz AFTER the POV kept the noms the same b/c it had ensured his safety.

For those that say Alec is just playing a game I agree but I also feel Topaz HAS done a lot to help Alec; as outlined she worked with him, kept his secrets, went after Tom to defend him & even though she was on the block pretended they didn’t like each other anymore so he wouldn’t go on the block should there be a re-nom. Obviously it’s a game & anyone can do anything BUT she has asked Alec out right IF he can be trusted b/c she doesn’t want to look like a fool & Alec has gone out of his way beyond game to do things/say things that are hurtful. Telling the boys he would NEVER even associate with someone like her in the real world was completely unnecessary & last night when Andrew went for a swim, Alec recognizing he & Topaz were alone immediately cuddled up behind her while she was washing dishes. Later he went up to the HOH to tell Andrew, Jill & Emm he was having to push her off him. So although I see it’s a game I also get that you need to have at least one person you can trust in the house & ideally two. Topaz knew all along that Alec may be shifty but wanted to believe his constant assurances. The bottom line is she has gone to bat for him on more than one occasion but he has never gone to bat for her.

Regardless of what happens I like a BB house that has components of drama (Gary leaving this week will all but cancel that aspect), humor (Gary, Andrew & Peter all have their moments), charm (no one is like Will or even comes close this year), competitiveness (also no true Janey’s in the house as they become targets & regardless of what they say many HOH/POV’s have been thrown this yea. My favorite aspect is strategic play & to that end I believe Peter is the best strategic player but I honestly can’t see how he can win unless Alec & Peter win the next 2 HOH’s & keep Topaz & Talla moving forward b/c of the East Coast contingent. On the other hand I’d love to see Alec get his karmic payback but then we would have to be subjected to several weeks of watching Emm/Jill kiss while Andrew oggles them awaiting his dismissal. It just won’t be an exciting 4/5 weeks in this scenario.

So I explained the locket but also threw in some other stuff b/c it was on my mind; lol.


Thank you 🙂