Big Brother Canada: Topaz says Alec ain’t never getting this pu$$y!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 223pm

2:50pm – 4pm Andrew, Emmett and Alec are working out in the backyard. Jillian is doing her yoga by the pool. Peter is in the hammock. They wonder if they will get a task this week. Alec brings up how Gary’s “task” wasn’t a real task. Meanwhile inside Gary and Talla are talking at the kitchen table. Gary wants to find a guy that will take care of him for 5 years if he breaks his leg. Gary starts talking about his past relationships. Gary then starts grilling Talla about her past relationships. They finish up their conversation and head outside for a smoke. Gary then heads to the bathroom to do Topaz’s makeup.

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 309pm

4pm – 4:15pm Topaz is talking to Gary about how Andrew told her that he is going to confirm what is happening on Thursday morning. She says that Alec doesn’t know that Andrew is going to tell her. Topaz says that Alec told her he is waiting to find out who Andrew wants out because he doesn’t want to upset the HOH. Gary asks her if she even wants to hear Alec say he tired. Topaz says no, there’s nothing to try. Topaz says Alec said we can be in a friendmance this week and if you stay we can work on it. So if I leave it won’t look bad to the public that he was all kissing up on me and not trying to keep me. Gary says that he is sick. Topaz says that she is up and down with how she feels about him. Topaz says if we couldn’t make it work in the big brother house .. it wouldn’t work outside the house. Gary says don’t ever let it slip outside the house. Topaz says he ain’t never getting this pu$$y! Topaz says that in relationships you work on struggles together but he didn’t try. Gary agrees. Topaz says that if he tried or threatened I would stay but he’s not trying. Gary says he doesn’t want to shake up his game. Topaz says I still think its 50 / 50 between me and you. Andrew thinks you are a physical threat but he also wants to avenge me. Gary says he lost his game because of this move. Topaz agree’s and then tells big brother after her makeup is done she wants to come have a little chit chat!

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 4pm

Topaz tells Gary that she knows if she stays its not because Alec saved her its because Andrew wanted to get out a big competitor. Gary says yup a big dog.

4:20pm – 4:35pm The camera’s switch to the kitchen. Big Brother calls Alec to the diary room and then soon after they call Andrew. Andrew asks didn’t Alec just go in there? Andrew goes in and Big Brother calls Emmett into the diary room. Gary then gets called into the diary room. Jillian is then called to the diary room. Peter gets called. Topaz goes out into the backyard calling for Gary. Big Brother sounds the alarm to wake up Talla. Topaz asks where the fu*k is everyone. No ones in this house Talla. Talla asks what do you mean? Topaz goes up to the HOH room to look for Andrew. Topaz says don’t tell me Andrew got PANDORA’S BOX! Then Topaz gets called to the diary room. All OF THE HOUSE GUESTS ARE NOW IN THE DIARY ROOM. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen.

Video is uploading:

5pm The live feeds come back. The house guests comment on how that was fun. Big Brother tells them not to talk about production. I have no idea what happened or why they all got called into the diary room. Jillian commented that Emmett said in there that she attacks him. Alec comments that we now know that 24 people are watching. (It sounds like they were each asked questions from viewers.) Alec says you really did surprise me, I thought you were going to be nice. Andrew says well I am a di*k. And you’re a co*k. Talla says oh my god Andrew when you said doctorate.. Andrew laughs and looks at Alec. Talla says you made fun of Alec so much its hilarious. Talla says I had the opportunity to say hi to someone but I didn’t.

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 530pm
5:25pm – 5:50pm Talla and Jillian want to both do laundry. Talla climbs into the washing machine to save it. Jillian tells Talla that she can throw her dress in with her darks. Talla climbs out and goes over to Emmett in the hammock. She asks him to go show her where her dress is. She tries tipping him out of the hammock but he won’t move. She steals his hat and runs inside the house. Topaz tells her where her dress is folded up. Talla tells Emmett that he isn’t getting his hat back. Emmett tells her if she doesn’t give his hat back in 1 hour he is going to throw her in the pool. He then changes his mind and says she has 10 minutes. Talla joins Andrew on the couch in the living room. Andrew imitates how Talla acted when she was drunk last night. Talla tells Andrew that she feels like someone is lying to her. Talla says Alec. Andrew says wells that’s a definite possibility. Emmett tells Talla she has two minutes to give the hat back. Time runs out and Emmett goes to get Talla. Talla give the hat back but Emmett says she waited too long. He picks her up and takes her out to the pool. She tells him she will do anything ..she will be his slave for a day. He tells Canada to say nothing if they want him to throw her into the pool. Emmett then jumps into the pool with her.

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 540pm

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 541pm
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well Alec can be glad that he wont be the latest in a long string of guys. If I recall correctly Tom mentioned something about Topaz always being in the bars…..or who said that?

Either way Topaz is no catch


Tom and Liza were just talking ah!t about Topaz that is why Tom said topaz looks like one of those girls he can pick up from a bar, capish?! Secondly Topaz is wag above cry baby-Alec, so don’t get sh!t twisted.


….so it was necessary for ‘Topaz’ to say that why? OH, everyones’s watching and she does not want to be perceived as the woman she actually has been behaving like. AFTERDARK especially LIVEFEED near the beginning episodes where she talked about some stuff (unaware or just didn’t care) and she talked about being able to do certain things after 5 am because the cameras went down. I don’t like that I just shared that but truth be told…..


clearly she’s not doing well at separting the personal from the game- no matter what she says. she’s hurt and wants to talk about it with her ‘girlfriend’. love or showmance love or faux love (whatever) makes you do fucked up shit.

the most of us have been there.

(maybe not on camera but shit happens)


Mother-f***ker please…..

Antony G

The glue that was connecting Talla to Andrew was AJ. Now that AJ has gone, Talla will align with Topaz and the other side of the house especially if they win HoH. I think they should be getting rid of Topaz. Reduces the chance that Talla will move over to the other side and gets rid of Alec’s main partner in crime or is that Peter?


How the hell would Tom know about topaz ,besides what slut bag Liza made up.


You watchin’ the same show? That Female Demon Troll had NO problem showing millions of people her pussy on LIVEFEED so she may look pretty but she is like a cancer – an ugly tumour that’ll sap your very soul. Ho fo sho.


uh by her actions in the house…
She is a dirt pig.
I think she was on Bangbus


So they all got called into the diary room at the same time. Thats odd……… Guess were watching The Real World now. I noticed that Julily gets really upset anytime anyone talks bad about Topaz….. Is that your friend or sister??? Take it easy sweety. Topaz is really cute. She’s just not that smart. Lol


…don’t forget clean.


Julilly just needs her meds…..Just ask Meg!!! hehehe


LOL, Mr. 1978, you’ve call yourself an intellectual in a past post (if I’m not mistaken), yet you fail to see that “talking bad” about someone (like you say) and assasinating their character are two diffrent things. It amazes me how some people are emboldened by the annonimity that the internet offers and as a result show their kahuna’s via libel. In a nutshell, I do not have to be related to Topaz to say something when a wrong is committed.

Tom talked about not using protection during sex and ejaculating on the girl’s boobs; he also talked about banging a married woman in his truck but nobody called him half the things Topaz has been called. Lia talked about dating a married man (for 10 years) and dating FIVE guys at the same time (she mentioned how the sex was different with each one, mind you) did anyone call her the things that Topaz has been called?LOL
So, my friend, all I have to say is I will call out a wrong when I see it. Wrong is still wrong even if everyone calls it right, capish? :)


Well said. Thumb up.


Julilly – if you want to try and use big words, learn to spell – “annonimity” wrong, it’s anonymity – big mouth!


learn to spell? seriously?? cause you make no spelling errors at all right? get a life.


Poor Alec! Can’t keep a woman even if she is locked up in a house with him.


Boohoo ,I laughed so hard my side hurts your funny!


Preach livid hahHahahahaha


Sowwhat/Your comment is ludicrous .What you said about breaking stero types for black girls is rediculous.So Jillian represent all young white women,Talla represents all Iranians .Emmett all young white males.If people are stupid enough to believe one person makes the whole culture that way ,your not going to change there beliefs anyway.Topaz represents Topaz not all blacks women. I think people see that.Personally I find her funny sometimes.She hasn’t been any worse than any other person there.


She is Topaz’s bodyguard.


Lol, I already used that line on sowhat, trick, please Come up with something original!


i agree with the above poster who said JULILLY gets upset when we voice our opinion when talking about topaz spot on …….. … why is it when someone express their opinion and it goes against the majority they’re miserable and a hater ? i think she forget we all have a opinion just like when she jumps on a blog site to voice hers


LOL, stating your opinion and committing libel are two different things (I already said it all to finesse1978, look at my post above)


Demon Troll is from a neighbourhood commonly referred to as Scarberough I am familiar with it (from about 30 years ago), Used to be quite a quiet little place to start a family. It’s now considered the “Pork and Bean” of Toronto.High volume of crime and low income, government assisted living, new immigrants. She is not a ‘dental hygienist” – another thing she exposed in the first few weeks) This bitch is a straight up cunt. Do your homework put the headphones on and listen to every single word this hoodrat said.


You can take the person out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the person. She had the opportunity to be a great example of a young black women, instead, she just confirmed the negative opinions a lot of people have.


the both of you clearly have nothing better to do right? Topaz is NOT an example of black women! She is one black female and just because she acts a certain way, doesn’t mean all other black females act the same…any idiot would know that!

Demon Troll really? lol you’re ridiculous and way toooo judgemental! Learn how to spell Scarborough properly before you criticize it! You’re obviously a stuck up rich person who probably lives in some rich suburban neighbour cause you fail to realize that Toronto on a whole has a high volume of crime, low income, and govn’t assisted living and new immigrants – which there is NOTHING wrong with. People live how they live, and do what they have to do to get by, regardless if they seek help from the govn’t and new immigrants are people who come to this country to try to better their future and their family.

You’re also pretty pathetic cause Topaz is a part time dental hygienist – search her on the web and I’m sure you’ll find a picture…and I actually do wear headphones and listen in on the live feeds, never once heard her say she wasn’t!

And lets make it CLEAR – I am not related to Topaz what so ever, just find it rather disgusting how you people can sit here and criticize a person’s character, like any of you know them. How about you sit back and it enjoy big brother for what it is – a damn reality game show! This blog makes me realize we obviously have people in this world who are pathetic and so unsatisfied with their lives that they have to put others down!!!


Government assisted living? Where do you think the gov’t gets its money to give to so many people who feel entitled? There are a lot of people who take Canadas’ generosity for granted and laugh at us for being so kind to them and by the way,the word is “neighborhood”, not neighbor and do I read ENVY in your words?


lol oh my dearest apologies that I didn’t edit my post to your likings sowhat (and I say that sarcastically), I’m sure you knew exactly what I meant but if correcting me made you feel better I’m all for it! – don’t forget this is a blog not english class

I know exactly where the gov’t gets the $ from, people like you and myself…and yes you’re right not everyone receiving the help is appreciative and definitely take it for granted. But regardless of where the $ comes from those who do appreciate it, I would believe try to make the best of the help and do what they can so their families are able to survive. Just curious, envy of what my dear? Hey all I’m saying is lets not be so judgemental on the HG, its a reality show for our enjoyment……stop being so negative !!! Let’s stop attacking each other and making these comments so personal!


Love: Peter, Gary, Talla, Alec and Andrew
Hate: Emmett, Topaz and Jillian (especially Jillian)


Love: Peter, Talla and Andrew
Dislike: Emmett
Neutral: Gary, Alec, Topaz and Jillian


Love: ?
Dislike: Not really dislike but don’t give a shyte for Peter
Neutral: The rest


Love: Peter and only peter
Like: Talla and Gary (other than when he was HOH)
dislike: Jillian – she just bothers me
who cares: everyone else


Love: Andrew, Talla, Topaz, Gary
Dislike: Emmett, Jillian, Peter
Neutral: Alec


LOL! That pool vid is hilarious! You have to love Talla!!


A BBCA janitor recently placed a bug in the DR. Therefore, we have the audio from Topaz’ “I need to have a chit chat with Production today” convo. :)

Topaz: “First off, I don’t want me *or* Gary going home on Thursday, Production. So make up another twist to save us – now!!!!! What are you waiting for?”
DR: “Everyone’s killing us for interfering way too much in the game as it is!”
Topaz: “I don’t care. Without me, Talla would’ve been running around the BB house naked last night!”
DR: “We know. That’s why we gave Talla all that booze! Live feed ratings have been awful lately. Everyone’s stopped watching, saying we always black them out. So we needed another sexy show from Talla. Besides, whenever she gets really drunk, Talla starts grabbing your big boobies, too! You know, Topaz, two sexy hotties making out on BB is ‘ratings gold!'”
Topaz: “STFU! I will not have you exploit me just for my big boobies, my booty, and my pretty face, BB! I’m still here because of my brains, you dork! My gameplay and my strategy have been kickin’ a*s!”
DR: “Our bad. We must have missed that. Every time we’d cut to your camera, you were either sleeping again, or you were cuddle-mancing with Alec. We loved you and Alec together, but you two broke up. That’s a shame. All that leaves us with now is you sleeping.”
Topaz: “STFU! So what! I love to sleep. I already told all the HGs I’m a lazy-a*s f*uck. Get over it! In case you haven’t noticed, BB, I’m pretty. And I’m used to always getting exactly what I want. And right now, I want me *and* Gary both off the block. And don’t you worry about Alec. He’ll be back. He can’t resist my smokin’ hot body for very long. You’ll see. So you just shut up about that and worry about saving me and Gary!!!!!”
DR: “We can’t. Chevy says the Suzette POWERSHIFT created no “spike” at all in their Canada car sales, so it was a total waste for them. Chevy will only pay us for 3 total POWERSHIFTS. We already only have one left, and we still have 8 HGs here. Sorry, Topaz. We gotta save that last one for later.”
Topaz: “Sh*t! What about a Pandora’s Box, then? How ’bout a DIamond Power Of Veto?” C’mon, you idiots! You saved Suzette to maintain “diversity!” Well, Gary and I are *all* the diversity you have left in the house! It’s a no-brainer, you morons!!!! Canada obviously loves both of us!”
DR: “What makes you say that?”
Topaz: “Everybody loves me. They always have. I’m gorgeous and sexy. Or haven’t you noticed? And *every* girl loves a kind-hearted gay guy – that’s obvious!”
DR: “Topaz, we monitor OBB comments daily. #1, the fans are very burned out on twists right now. And #2, more than 3/4 of the OBB posts are perfectly fine with either Gary or you leaving on Thursday.”
Topaz: “What???? That’s just whacked. That can’t be right! Gary and I are magic in the BB house!!!!! Those OBB commenters are losers…..Hey, Production, stop trying to change the subject here. What about a Pandora’s Box, then?”
DR: “To get a Pandora’s Box, you have to be the HOH. Right now, Andrew is HOH, not you two.”
Topaz: “STFU! I *was* HOH 5 days ago! But my “week” only lasted 5 minutes! And then you broadcast me talking to myself to the entire house, who all got so pissed that they kept my target, Andrew, in the game, and screwed me over. BB, you owe me big time for that!”
DR: Topaz, the tape of that HOH comp clearly showed that you cheated for the last 3 questions. You went up a stair – then listened to the crowd gasp or cheer – then went down a stair, and did the same thing. Only then did you decide what to do. We couldn’t DQ *another” HOH winner, so, to discourage all this HOH comp cheating lately, we did an “Instinct Evict.” You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, girlfriend – sorry. Slice also thought it was a great way to end their free preview. And without Slice, Topaz, I have no job right now. So deal with it.”
Topaz: “I will *not* deal with it. Besides, who gives a flying f*ck about *you* anyhow? This is all about me and Gary, you j*rk-off! How ’bout the Diamond Power Of Veto then?”
DR: “In your application, Topaz, you said you’d never be caught wearing fake jewelry, since your real name is Emerald, and your nickname is Topaz. You wrote that you thought it would make you look ‘cheap’. Since the diamond inside the Diamond Power Of Veto is a fake diamond, you are not a candidate for the DPOV. Gary’s application included a list of “approved accessories,” that he would only agree to wear on BB. He said making him wear anything else on TV would ‘damage his brand!’ We agreed to his request. The DPOV is not on Gary’s list. Sorry, Topaz.”
Topaz: “But you need me and Gary in the house, because everyone else here goes to bed early.”
DR: “We put a curfew in last week, remember? Because Gary never woke up in the morning, and you were napping all day, every day.”
Topaz: “You have an answer for everything, don’t you, BB? Well, I’m not leaving this room until you agree to save me and Gary!!!”
DR: “OMG, Topaz, excuse me. You must be getting tired by now. You’ve been up for 15 minutes straight. Please, go lay down for a few. I promise, I’ll try to put in a good word for you and Gary with my bosses. But, Topaz, *please* don’t *you* ask to do DR again – we call you into the DR, remember?
Topaz (leaving the DR): “Gary, we gotta talk – now!”
DR: “Topaz – you are not allowed to talk about Production!”
Topaz: “STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


its probably true too



poor topaz/Gary big brother Canada wasted the twists to get Aj out and save suzette.


Haha! Great stuff! :) Trying to rip the virtual OBB trophy you suggested from my dead body, huh? I see what you’re trying to do!!! ;)


We really do need a trophy..


No chance, Johnny. I could write 10 million more posts, and I wouldn’t even get close to your recent masterpiece!! (and you’re right – your 10 thumbs down were all troills!) And I am dead serious. I did do some of these last summer in BB, though, (like the “BB Translator” – Simon can confirm), so I at least might have seniority on the concept. But you do it *much* better. Glad you liked my latest, though!


Hella’ writing. No need to be as crude anymore hopefully others read this. You can say what you have to with ‘talent’. Thank yo’.


Um, I’m a Topaz fan too, maybe you all should stop picking on Jullily. She has a right to her opinion, just as you have a right to yours. Stop ganging up on her.


LOL, girl, those losers think that their pow wow is supposed to mean sh!t. Truth is, I don’t know them from a can of paint so their comments leave me in stiches, if anything :)
PS: your assumption was right- i’m female


Why are you so angry? World not treating you right????


Aww, why are you so angry? a black woman stole your man?
Now, go back to feasting on carrion and trolling on OBB, darling! :)


Why is it that most of the famous black men, athletes, actors, singers, all marry white women?


Yep, a coloured girl did still your man! Bwahahahaha!!!


Lol, steal


Um, I’m a Topaz fan too, maybe you all should stop picking on Jullily. She has a right to her opinion, just as you have a right to yours. Stop ganging up on her or him (sorry, my last post assumed Jullily’s gender, which is not okay, sorry).



it’s a motherfuckers job to hate, let these bitches do their thing.

Clearly Topaz has them working overtime.



Bwahaha! I couldn’t make that sh!t up if I tried, Livid!
You are Hilarious! :)


I think from the start that Emmet has been controlling the game. He’s the puppet master. He aligned wih Peter and Alex even though he has never planned to go to the end with either. His first choice was Tom. Second was Jullian. He took time between Tom leaving before a final decision about Jillian. He uses his brain but trust his emotion or gut. Emmet decides who will go. Then he’d tell Alex and Peter what he thinks they need to hear to make them make it happen. He had a problem with Gary because Gary, at first wanted to keep Tom as Gary had promised. Emmet was the driving force behind getting Tom out. Emmet managed to get Gary to change his mind and nominate Tom. Then Emmet made it look like it was all Gary and how Gary can’t be trusted going back on his word to Tom… Now, Alex wants Topaz gone because she is a liability.. Alex would rather keep Gary, who he has a secret alliance with. Plus Alex is using Andrew to do the Shields dirty work.. I don;t know if Alex or Peter know that Andrew has switched alliances and now is working with Jill and Emmet. … Emmet who is getting ready to battle with the Shield wants the stronger player Gary gone…. This eviction is critical . The real powershift in the house…It will be three against three. Talla is the wild card. Not even God knows what side Talla will take. Leaving Talla in the game this far will be someones one hundred thousand dollar mistake.. PS fans…. Don’t be so hard on Topaz and Gary,, Topaz is a sweet, pretty, fairly smart young woman. She was right about Alex… Gary is a very decent human being.. His good bye messages to HG are respectful and kind….He is a classic guy/gal…


Great analysis, Mooning. It’s been a while since I’ve read an objective analysis on this site but I still love OBB (trolls and all)! :)


Great points.. I’ve always thought Emmett was playing a solid game better than Peter. By looking at the poll People will probably disagree with this as it seems like Peter is considered the strongest game player. Talla is the total wildcard I’m doubtful she’ll side with Alec/Peter but I can see that she may be slipping away from the stooges.. not sure too crazy to call.

Topaz and Gary are cool.. same with the other surviving players all in their own way.


Thank you Simon. A compliment coming from you makes my BB addiction worth the sleepless nights and binge eating. Peter talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk when it comes to competitions. Claims he’s not trying. Only looks to me like he is. Thats why I’m putting my money on the good looking, hard working, romantic, polite farm boy…


Gary is a two faced backstabbing LIAR who behaved his entire HOH as a dictator! You really need to watch the show! He’s getting exactly what he deserves based on his actions. That’s the beauty of BB and it’s simplicity. The house knows your a liar you cannot cut deals. Can’t cut deals(especially 1 week deals)enventually your time runs out.
The HG decision making leaves alot to be desired. As I think these groups of 2 do not understand it 4 together that works best. At 4 the game is a free for all. Emmit, Jillian and Alec can win out from 4 down to pick who they sit beside in the final. Andrews in tough as a F3 because the 1st 2 comps are endurance and physical. Best positioned to be dragged to the end is Peter as I believe everyone whose strong believes he’s beatable at F2.
Someone has already pointed out how important HOH is. I definately agree house dynamics dictate that observation. Also personally I’ve seen over the season of BB that HOH at 6 and 4 are crucial. HOH at 5 is a mixed blessing as you cannot play HOH at 4 but must rely solely on winning POV. 6 can be potentially very, very import. It a prime spot for Pandoras Box. Pandoras Box is a prime spot for diamond POV. That gets the HOH at 6 right to 4 and the HOH eligible position. 7 HOH sometimes gets Pandoras Box as I’m sure it’s been 2 straight HOH plenty of previous BB seasons.
It was suggested by another poster Lalla is a wildcard. I sure agree but she’ll likely simply go with who ever is HOH. See this is likely Jillian/Emmit versus Alec and Lala a possible endurance HOH winner. Jillian better not drop as Lala will likely listen to Topaz over Andrew and E/J will be on the block. Q&A is still a crap shot no one has shown true strength. I think we are due for endurance and physical the next 2 HOH comps as the 1st 2 parts of the 3 part final are these type of comps later on. As long as Lala is not HOH she’ll do as asked by HOH to stay off the block. If the big 4 are going to get Topaz out before going after each other then the HOH will need a pawn. Sure looks like Lala and not Andrew.
If Alex were to put Andrew up it might be a redlight he’s the target. E/J and A/P should definately target each other from a strategy stand point at 7. We are getting to a point at 6 where everyone plays POV. Crucial step in the process. At 5 you can win your way off the block and have 1 of 2 votes to evict. This allows a possible backdoor week against HOH. 4 is simply win and your in for 2 of the 4 remaining HG’s. Those 4 have to go after each other with 7 left in the house. Leverage ends and the end game begins. If I’m Alec I sit Peter down and tell him coasting is over pal. You win something(HOH) or I’m done. To few bodies to be carrying a boat anchor. He won’t ditch peter though.


UH OH!!!! Seems that my comment got a few people aggravated. Julilly… Believe it or not. You have some valid points. I agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion and I know your defending a houseguest you really like. Here’s a scenario. You like a guy and he says he likes you. You hook up with the dude on broadcast television knowing that cameras are filming everything and the minute he turns his back, you are talking shit about him. Once your done talking shit. You run back to dry hump, kiss and tell him you really like him. Isn’t that the definition of a BITCH?? Alec has been called a douchebag. Why? A Crybaby. Why? For the exact reasons some people call Topaz a Bitch. When I read your posts though you get all fired up. Most of us just brush the dirt off our shoulders. I’ll be your mentor. Does Jillian talk shit about Emmett then run to be his play thing?? Did Jordan do that to Jeff? Think about it before you respond or I might be inclined to think you just like to argue for drama sake…….


Your attempt at dialogue is interesting. Anyway, Look at all of my comments, they have nothing to do withTopaz being called a b!tch (or not)…hell Topz calls herself a b!tch, lol. The fact of the matter is, Topaz is attacked over and over again (on a personal level) by ppl on this site. Like damn…… I am amazed at the barrage of personal attacks that have been flung her way on this site, lol

Here is my question to you, why is it the woman’s job to be nice and docile to the guy, in every showmance? :)
Yes, Jillian does not tras talk Emmett, but neither does Emmett! Jordan did not trash talk Jeff but Jeff was talking down to her, half the time and laughing AT her, not with her (no wonder those two are not even engaged)

Btw, Topaz only talks about Alec with Gary whereas Alec has thrown her under the bus (to all of the other house guests, DR included), reversed that bus and driven over her over and over again… and about me arguing for drama sake, don’t get sh!t twisted, son, last I checked YOU were the one that talked about me, not the other way around, LOL!

Shakira Stan

what’s wrong with all of you tonight, you guys are giving so much life!!!

@livid LOL, I am deceased. You spilled the truth tea!