Frankie says Devin just said I am A Liar, A Bully and I have No Morals.

POV Holder: Donny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb (current HOH)
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: Joey, Paola
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-03 00-18-02-902
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12:20pm In the bathroom – Caleb is talking to Jocasta and Frankie about how everyone should be accepted as equals and that love is blind. It makes no difference if you’re gay or straight. Caleb says that he loves that he can lay in bed with Frankie. Caleb talks about how judgemental the world is but that it shouldn’t be like that. Caleb says he’s happy he and Frankie are friends. Frankie says I am happy that I have you as a friend and it goes both ways I didn’t know that I could be as close a friend with you. It goes both ways. Frankie and Caleb hug. Frankie tells Jocasta that he’s read the bible and hasn’t seen one section that says what I am doing is wrong. Jocasta says yeah. Frankie kisses Jocasta on the cheek. Caleb heads to the kitchen. Frankie says my mom just thought that I was going to have a short sad life.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-03 00-23-27-152

12:30am In the fire room – Victoria and Amber are talking in bed. Victoria is telling Amber about Devin’s house meeting speech. Victoria says he (Devin) is retarded.. I’m sorry stupid. Victoria says he forced Caleb to nominate Donny. Victoria says what is wrong with him, he needs his meds! Amber says Victoria?! Victoria asks how do you force someone to do something? Forcing someone is like pushing them up against the wall. Caleb should have been there. It didn’t make Caleb look good. Amber says I hope Devin is okay. Victoria asks why!? I didn’t understand the point of Devin’s thing. Amber tells Victoria about her conversation with Caleb. Victoria says obviously Devin feeds off of drama. Amber asks I don’t know why?! Us girls just need the HOH room to our own. Victoria agrees. Amber says that Pow Pow came into the hive room when Caleb and I were talking and he told her that she isn’t going home. So I guess the majority decided. Victoria says I am just really confused with Devin. I liked him when we came in. Amber agrees. Victoria says I guess he showed his true colours. Pow Pow joins them. She says if I stay tomorrow and get put back up again, I will just keep fighting. She practices her speech.. I wanna give a shout out to all the Americans in America.. Victoria and Amber start laughing. The Americans? They tell her not to say that. Amber gets called to the diary room and then comes back because she didn’t want to do it without make up. They told her she could do it tomorrow. Pow Pow practices her speech and they tell her its good. She does her pow pow dance. Devin comes in and hugs Amber and says good night to them.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-03 00-38-09-052

12:45am In the kitchen Caleb and Frankie are goofing around. Caleb is pretending to be Frankie’s arms while Frankie talks about being on the bus and someone grabbing his butt.

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12:50am – 1am Up in the HOH room – Frankie talks to Zach about Devin. Zach says so he is going home next week. Frankie says yeah. Zach asks if Caleb is on board. Frankie says he doesn’t know. Frankie says he’s sure he will be. We can have our blood on it but not really. Caleb comes up and Zach asks if everything is good with Amber now. Caleb says yes and she said we could go on a date when we get out. They talk about Devin’s speech. They tell Caleb that Donny said he forced you to put up Donny. Caleb says Donny was put up because he was one of the first to fall off. Zach says so we’re not all on the same page. Caleb says I definitely did not base my decision on being forced by him. Caleb says well he wants to see his daughter.. then win HOH.. Zach says and if he doesn’t he will see her when he goes home. Zach says I believe everything Devin said was genuine. Caleb says it might have been genuine but it wasn’t all correct. Caleb says like his daughter understands when she’s two that he has integrity. Zach tells them about the conversation Devin had with Donny before the meeting. Zach says I was sleeping right there when it happened. It woke me up. He said that he forced you to put Donny up. Zach says Devin’s not doing much good for us right now. Frankie says he’s a lone wolf. Caleb says the only person you can trust in this game is yourself.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-03 00-49-46-783

In the storage room – Frankie and Zach are talking about the conversation they had with Caleb in the HOH room. Frankie tells him that he made a mistake by saying it’s not doing much good for “us”. Zach says oh yeah I f**ked up! Frankie says it’s okay, that’s why I said Devin is a lone wolf. Zach says then Caleb said the only person you can trust in this game is yourself… Zach says so he saved me too. Frankie says exactly. Zach tells Frankie about how he was in the hive room and said I hate Victoria. I am going to ruin her life. Frankie laughs but says I like her.

1:10am Up in the HOH room – Brittany talks to Caleb about the house speech Devin made to them. Caleb and Brittany think he should have been there. Caleb tells her that my nominations were my decision and not because Devin forced me. Brittany and Caleb finish their conversation and head down stairs.

In the kitchen – Caleb pretends to be Frankie’s hands again.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-03 01-11-19-901

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Allison Grodner

Do you guys like how I keep casting morally corrupt black people or religious fanatic black people year after year after year? It’s totally just random coincidence and not at all an agenda. I am a wonderful person and would never do that.

Allison Grodner

PS, New drinking game for this season. Take a shot every time Devin says “Look at me” on the After Dark shows. You’ll get a great buzz every night.


i agree the black people they cast on this show are either fanatically religious, batshit crazy, or utterly useless … to sum it they just all around suck at big brother..and AG knows this


Racist much


No, I didn’t notice that. Provide examples.


everyone is morally corrupt,,, were the white people last season not ALL morally corrupt? but they do cast certain type of black people I will agree…
the white people seem corrupt this season also


haha my comment was deleted … whats wrong with me saying black people are poorly casted in big brother


the absolute lowest point of BIG BROTHER’s 16 seasons arrived shortly after
SPENCER walked in the door of the BB*House. To think that we’ve forgotten
his antics so soon!!! i feel nearly all the other other contestants have something
socially redemptive about them, i know that he almost single-handedly got the
BB*series cancelled and almost spun the franchise into the red. Devin is just
like Nick, he’s thinking 15 weeks ahead but its not even week two yet. if poor
Joey had not been so open about her all girl “woman’s lib” alliance, had Donny
not been a Radio Shack patron, or even able to spell things, Devin would have
been totally exposed. He’s more like Nick than Howard, he’s too bold too soon!


i’m assuming Donny’s SPLITTERS imply that he owns or once owned some fancy headphones
but if i am wrong, this wiki*page hints that the dude has near to mensa level I.Q points despite
the way you want to revive MAYBERRY RFD just to give him an acting gig after BB-16 becuz
there are “lumpers” and “splitters” in academia.


Meseyz, interesting info. I thought the reference was to log splitting. Your thought is more fun and probably more accurate. 🙂


I hope Caleb and Devin don’t figure out that it’s a mensa thing lol. first thing I thought of with the word was that it was referring to log splitting but i don’t know if the thing that is put into a log is called a splitter or something else. if it is a sprinkler thing, then of course Donny would know that.

I thought Wednesday’s diary room bits about him (D and C) followed by Donny himself (crickets chirping in the silence) was priceless.


Or maybe Donny learned about “splitters” during his time as a Navy Seal or undercover with the CIA? lol. You know, splitters are also used in sprinkler systems – something a groundskeeper might work with.


Well, at least you casted the caucasian Caleb to even things out a bit with regards to morally corrupt AND religious fanatic… 😉 Good job Allison.


seriously… after the MIAMI LICE punishingly difficult spelling*bee
can we assum them guys on the Bomb*Squad are total moronz?


They make for good TV!

give me a break

News Flash…a white person is going to win this year…..shows like these are set up for white people to win…like survivor…there is no competition it’s all a mirage…..Humans by nature are tribal people… a person that looks different from the majority are always at a disadvantage…so New Flash…Amber, Devin, Jocasta, Pow Pow, and Victoria are not going to win…and I only mention Victoria because Derrick or Frankie told Caleb that they think the Princess like you (Victoria)….and Caleb said ” he’s not here to be the Prince of Persia or the Prince of Egypt or where ever she comes from”…so Victoria does not fit the all american whiteness of this country like Nicole does….she is seen as foreign….the only way they can survives is by winning the comps and sticking together…minus Devin of course..he’s an asshole..

Frankie's Hair Coloring

All of these shows are the same. Put one or two old people, black people and gay people. Surround them with young pretty white people. The young and pretty have the numbers from the start. It would be interesting to see how far these young people would go if they were in the minority.


A Korean won BB,(and a female on top of it!) So your point is invalid.

Frankie's Hair Coloring

I didn’t say it was impossible to win. The majority of winners have been the young, pretty and white. Lets see how they would do if there were only a couple of them on the show competing against a majority of older people or minorities.

give me a break

I said this game is “SET UP” for a white contestant to win” for example if two surfer dudes was stuck in the house with 14 bikers…the game is set up for a biker to win….My point is the minority always have a long road to victory that’s damn near impossible for him/her to win in these social games when him/her walks in the house at a disadvantage….


Oh boy one Korean wins, yeah that proves racism in this game doesn’t exist. Please all you need to see is last season of BB and you’ll know that the Producers do not care about having a fair game play.


danielle reyes…. the only good black player ever we need more danielles on this show but sadly we never will again… she is by far my favorite player of all time


I think that was the season they let people see what was said or going on in the house or something if I remember correctly so it worked against her. ??I don’t think there was a jury house then.


The problem is that there is usually one or, at the most, two black people cast in a show like this. And generally, if that person does something outrageous, it is blow up bigger than it should be. All the while, the other people in the house are doing similar things that might raise the eyebrows, but not called for immediate expulsion. It would be interesting to see what would happen if it was reversed and only two white people were cast in a house full of minorities. We all know that a show like that would never happen or get cancelled for lack of interest.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Caleb sez to Frankie: I’m kinda Bi-curious, I guess. Frankie sez to Caleb: Okay, but what’s up with all this rope and duct-tape?


Caleb is curious? I thought he was more experienced with guys than girls!


Way to go Devin.You my friend have just sealed your faith.
(When will people understand that calling a house meeting never works)


dan gheesling


dan gheesling would disagree


Dan is the only exception that I can think of, but in the end did it work out for him? At the time of his “funeral” he totally used his “mist” to play on fellow houseguests emotions and it took him far, but he still didn’t win. But if we look at the history of house meetings the individual who called that meeting gets evicted quickly. I agree, Devin sealed his fate. The houseguests were onto his antics and the meeting confirmed their suspicions. Devin’s issue he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.


WTF?? Why would you call a house meeting and confess to something that isn’t true, admit that you were behind getting Donny nominated when it was more a consensus of the guys. Wouldn’t that just piss a lot of people off? He outed himself to Donny for no good reason, he made Caleb who is possibly the only person that didn’t hate him yet look like an idiot. He basically told everyone he is a lying snake. Why didn’t he admit at the same time the things that he really did do, like stir up the Amber drama by inventing things she supposedly said and telling them to Caleb? There is nothing to like about him. At one point he said that to get this far in the game, you have to play the game this way. LOL. If he considers getting to the night before first eviction getting far in the game, then he will be satisfied with how deep he made it when he walks out the door next week. What a total moron. It’s one thing to be a moron, another entirely to be a moron and think you are a genius. I can’t stand his condescending attitude when he talks to people. He reminds me so much of a nasty version of Brendan that I can’t stand watching him. At least Brendan was goofy and I could laugh at him (not with him), but Devin isn’t even funny. Am I the only one that sees the resemblance with Brendan? It is creeping me out.


I agree, it took Brendan at least half of the season to get on my nerves and that was mostly cause of Rachel. Devin annoyed me very quickly and has made it on the top ten worst Big Brother players list. I don’t understand his strategy because it changes hourly. We wouldn’t of even had to endure Caleb obsessing about Amber for the past few days if Devin wouldn’t have antagonized the situation and told Caleb a bunch of crap. Devin may have muscles and physically look good, but in truth he is a very ugly person.


I’m surprised Devin didn’t try to take credit for starting an all girls alliance.


Devin is injected a few too many steroids or something … he hops around from foot to foot when he gets excited about what he is saying and has made some STUPID moves … how many times can we yell WTF to the TV and it’s only been a week.



and at least Joey should be able to say something about how can they complain about something like throwing the idea out there (girl’s alliance) but they don’t think Devin’s meeting didn’t just confirm a boys alliance of some kind?


Hilarious observation. I forgot Brendan was a jackass. And how over dramatic and asinine he was in there. And he was flat out obnoxious when they came in the 2nd time. Devin is so damn dumb on the next level though. Thank goodness he doesn’t have an intense love interest in there like Brenden had with Rachel. Lol


successful house meeting, devin! and by successful, i mean you have successfully united the entire house against you, and will probably be gone soon (even though it might be a smarter game move to keep you around because you’re so despised by the house).

Amanda's dog Woofy

Folks in Memphis _ Amber’s hometown & 1 of America’s most dangerous cities_ are worried about her safety around Caleb. Yet we have people here saying: He’s a poor, misunderstood cutie. WTF!!!


Oh no, he’s definitely has serious issues and delusional. He has all the warning signs of an unstable, stalkerish and controlling partner. Run, don’t walk when it comes to Caleb.


creepy? immature? delusional? yes. that said, i haven’t seen or heard anything that would lead me to believe he is violent, physically dangerous, or even threatening, just that he has the emotional development of a preschooler.

being underdeveloped emotionally doesn’t mean he’s a threat to amber, let’s not be as irrational about his weird behavior as he is delirious over her. i will be happy when he’s gone so the talk will finally end, the sooner the better.


I know Devin is a huge stooge and an awful Big Brother player. But I want to see him stick around for a while because I want to see what he’ll do next. The unintentional humor is off the charts with him.


It’s well known that Caleb has made racist statements in the past. Does anyone think’s it weird or suspicious that Caleb is best buddies with Devin and is wild over Amber.


I really don’t think Caleb knows anything about what they’re saying outside about what he wrote on Facebook (a couple years ago), same as when Aaryn last year had no idea until she got out. If you look at the feeds and his consistent behavior, he has been very genuine in his crazy obsession for Amber and has been goofing around with Frankie from the very beginning. It seems very natural and no way would he be that comfortable if he was faking. I don’t think people are all bad or all good, even though I used to think Republicans are all evil. I have a better understanding of the world now, LOL

Caleb pretending to be Frankie's hands

Why are you greasing me up to the elbow? Why are we sneaking up on Cody while he sleeps?


I think Amber made a stupid move! So she is “in” the all male alliance … which really just makes her #9 in their group … so when Joey brought up an all girls alliance, she should have jumped on it … at least faked interest … what better way to make it far then to be in more then one alliance, know what’s going on all around you and use it to your advantage. People make alliances all the time starting on day 1 … but poor Joey is getting punished for doing the same thing the guys did and the same thing Paola did, etc. It’s like WAIT WHAT? If anyone should be leaving it should be Devin … and not because he is black … but because he is an idot!!


They should at least throw Joey a sympathy vote; I don’t know why they’re unwilling to do that. In case she miraculously stays? Then what? She’s one of the worst players in BB history. Even if her and Pow Pow teamed up, they’d still be a non-factor. There’s literally no risk at all with throwing her a vote or two but they’re not even considering it.


Are people not remembering that it was powpow who made the original girls alliance that joey is being blamed for lol. Now we have to listen to Caleb talk about Amber in a “good way” instead of a “mean way” because their all buddy buddy again? Fack shoot me now.
I don’t care what colour anyone is. If you are an Ahole and act like an Ahole, we need to get rid of the Ahole. Devin, Caleb, Amber. Even though I like Zach, hes a little Ahole too. 🙂


Why was Caleb so offended that Joey try to start an alliance? Isn’t that how the game is played? Also threatening to put up players that vote for Joey is bs. I am so sick of “this is what the house wants” when it is fact what the alliance running the house wants. Too bad these women are too weak to actually form an alliance and take out the guys for once. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

new to BB 14

I am not so much a fan I’ve only seen a few seasons. Watching this season and the past few seasons I’ve seen its so obvious its a social game and you go after the most social players out there!! the next four to be nominated should be Frankie,Zach,Calib,and Devin!! Do that and the others might stand a chance of going to the final 4. For nominating these four would certainly creat an enormous amount of chaos and bring out the worst of them for the rest of the house to see for future nominations!!!!!!!