Caleb Back in the Saddle, “You’ve been my best guy friend in the house”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb (current HOH)
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: Joey, Paola
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)

BB16-2014-07-02 21-20-51-402

9:20pm Chess Hayden, Cody and Caleb
Caleb is talking about Amber.. Saying the same thing he’s been saying for the last bit. about Amber really liking him and not saying he’s selfish.. Read here if you don’t know.

BB16-2014-07-02 22-11-00-106

9:29pm Amber, Christine and NIcole
Talking about how awkward it’s going to be with Joey going. Amber mentions Joey thinks she’s saying thats whats making it so hard. Christine – “It’s going to be awkward and unanimous.. I don’t know what Brittany is doing though”
Nicole and Amber think she’s voting out Joey. Amber mentions Zach was thinking about keeping Joey too. Christine says Brittany would put a HUGE target on her if she voted against the house.
Amber leaves
Nicole gets up “She Lingers way too much she’s gotta go” (Amber)
Amber and Devin come back up. CHristine escapes.
Devin to Amber “What’s up with you why you begin grumpy not talking to anybody”
Amber – “I was just myself now that is why I am so confused”
Amber says she’s talking to everyone. Devin says she doesn’t talk to Caleb. Amber says she’s just being herself.
Devin says she told other people about how she felt and didn’t tell him directly and now Caleb feels bad. Devin brings up on the green chair what she said to POW ‘When I Said Stop Stop”

Devin “He had his hopes up.. and it’s totally fine you feel the way you feel.. I’m just trying to relay how he feels.. I feel bad for him because you guys haven’t had a chance to talk privately”
Amber – “I made it clear to the whole house and him.. and it was POW that made it a big deal”
Devin explains when she say things like Clab is selfish to POWPOW it makes Caleb look bad and it’s upset him. Sure he flexes and looks in the mirror but he competes that’s what he does.
Nicole tries to get out says she doesn’t want to be in the middle of the love triangle. Devin says there is no middle it’s all good.
Nicole leaves
Devin says he doesn’t want to hear Amber going around talking about Caleb because it’s almost like bad mouthing him. Amber – “Ok fine.. I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that when that’s not the case”
Devin says it sounds like it to him.

BB16-2014-07-02 21-49-48-866

9:38pm Beehive Room Christine and Cody
Cody filling Christine in on Devin saying to Caleb that Amber was going around saying he only cares about himself. It really hurt Caleb. Christine calls Devin a liar and a manipulator says she was just in the HOH with Devin, Amber and Nicole and he was being aggressive, poor Nicole is still up there. Cody thinks Caleb should talk to Amber because he doesn’t trust Devin. They both want Devin to leave next week.
Nicole comes in.. “I tried to get out and Devin was like SIT DOWN.. no no he was more like stay stay I was like I don’t want to be in the middle”
Christine – He’s such a bully he’s mean
Nicole says he’s trying to make it look like POW told Caleb.
Cody – I f***g hate him with a passion
Nicole about Devin “If I’m HOH you’re (Devin) going to be a Have Not” (See image above)

BB16-2014-07-02 22-02-33-1519:46pm HOH Devin and Caleb 

Devin telling him about his conversation with Amber how she was trying to say POW was going around saying all this stuff.
Devin told Amber she can’t say things like that to POW because it makes Caleb look bad. Devin explains he called her out for badmouthing Caleb, “I just wanted to say something on your behalf”
Devin – “There’s plenty of fish in the sea all you gotta do is put the rod in “

(I think Devin is trying to make it look like POW told Caleb what Amber said not Devin)

BB16-2014-07-02 22-15-22-349

10:18pm Beehive Frankie, Derrick, Caleb and Cody
Talking about Amber. Caleb says he’s waiting for an apology
Caleb – “In my heart I don’t think she meant it”
Derrick – “I don’t think so”
Caleb – “She still said it and she can apologise..”
Caleb tells them he has a forgiving heart and if she apologizes she will forgive her “When will she have the balls to do it”
Derek doesn’t know if she will now, she’s a bit pissed after talking to Devin. Caleb says Devin went up to the HOH and stuck up for him said Caleb is his friend and those things Amber said are not true.
Caleb – “In my mind I’m thinking WOW I have to protect this girls that’s running her mouth about me”
Caleb – “I think she doesn’t know she did anything wrong”
Derrick says she knows now after talking to Devin.
Derrick says it was his perception that she was into Caleb but he never was hanging around them. Caleb says it was everyone’s perception but then people start talking and making jokes it rubbed her the wrong way.
CAleb – “I’m going to be on the Bachelor next“
Caleb – “Wouldn’t it be something else if I was on the Bachelor and she ended up being one of the girls on there.. just cut the show theres the one right there”

BB16-2014-07-02 22-39-52-056

10:40pm Fire Room Victoria, Amber, Nicole and Frankie
Going over her conversation with Devin. Amber explains what happened when she was talking to POW She wasn’t talking about Caleb. Devin was listening in “If he would have not came into the conversation and not overheard everything he would have known what we were talking about”
Frankie says Amber really needs to talk to Caleb because right now all his information is coming from Devin.
Nicole thinks Devin is eventually going to start yelling and they will all be sacred.
Victoria brings up what Devin said to her after she won the BOB “I wanted to slap him he said thank you for winning you made this so much easier for me now”
Frankie – “Who is this person”
Victoria- “ he talks nonsense all day “
they all think Devin is a horrible person Victoria – I want him to get mad.. what are you scared of if he touches anyone he leaves”

BB16-2014-07-02 22-56-31-384

10:58pm Amber and Caleb Beehive
Amber says Devin is making things up, “No names were mentioned.. it wasn’t even about you” Caleb – “I felt like it wasn’t about me” She says her comments were towards all guys not to anyone specifically and she said she didn’t like guys that were all about themselves.
Caleb – everything was going was great
Amber – Ya ya
Caleb – It was so great for it all to fall apart
Amber – Ya.. next time come to me..
Caleb – “I didn’t want to make you upset and you go to Devin
Amber says Devin was putting words in her mouth and twisting things around.
Caleb says Devin is going to call a house meeting Amber knows she won’t be attending.
Amber says in her eyes she never said anything bad about Caleb
Caleb say in his eye he never did anything self centred. Caleb brings up the cookie dough ice cream
Amber – “You’ve been my best guy friend in the house”
I don’t want to do or say anything that will hurt the bomb squad. Amber agrees.

BB16-2014-07-02 22-57-16-933

BB16-2014-07-02 23-20-57-805

11:18pm Devin’s house meeting
(Basically says he got Donny put on the block last week and he wants everyone to know he’s playing the game with honesty. The problem is he’s been stirring up sh!t that has nothing to do with Donny and people are pissed )
Devin is very emotional during this talk just a collection of things he said.
“I want to get things off my chest sorry if I get emotional “
“Coming to this house I wanted to revolutionize the way I played big brother I wanted to play the most honest game”
“A lot of you guys have heard me say the most important thing is my daughter when I walked through the door I knew you can’t win this game that way”
“The greats never got this far in the game by not being dishonest and deceitful “
“When it came to the first nominations I got Caleb to put Donny up”
“I know this is just a game but still this is just a game.”
“I want to come clean”
“I want you to know from here on out I’m going to be the most honest person”
“I want my little daughter to know I never compromised my integrity for anybody that is why he’s coming clean with Donny”
Everyone thanks Devin, He goes up to the HOH room where he cries.

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I think Devin has sealed his fate but I’m still worried about Caleb’s obsession with Amber. He really thinks finding the cookie dough and making her a bowl of ice cream was a major statement of his love for her. Now that he and Amber have talked I think he’s going to go over the edge.

Allison Grodner

I tried getting into a saddle once. RIP horsey.

amandas cooch smells like onions

Devin is weird….not to mention he’s also an asshole


Who tells the house it is their idea to put someone on the block, and then add to that, this is the guy who he promised a F2 Double Ds with? And people complain Joey made colossal mistakes? at least she doesn’t know the game lol. plus, wasn’t it very very clear the HOH noms were only about who came off first, unless Donny didn’t come up in the first 4 (in HOH comps) then maybe he influenced, but there can only be specific people who were the first 4, so it isn’t any kind of good idea to tell others that you are in an alliance with the HOHs lol.


Anyone else think Devin will be leaving the bb house in a white bronco in a slow speed police chase?


That OJ vibe is strong with me too! Scary dude!


Lol for sure


Is Caleb more hated than those stupid Sorrentinos commercials on tvgn?


This literally made me bust out in laughter at work. Haha. Good one.


I’m starting to wonder who Caleb likes more….Amber or Caleb.

Jimmy 64

Caleb loves Caleb

Franks Carrot Suit

“I love me some ME” -Terrell Owens

I cant understand his ego either….. the dude is FIVE FOOT TALL!!!
hes a miniature wanna-be body-builder, socially under-developed, and acts like hes never been around hot girls before…..

hes a joke!
a short, not-so-funny, joke! “the bachelor” LOL…. instead of roses- he wears their dress around his neck for a day….

100 to 1: hes a panty-sniffer outside the house….


I’m sorry but Amber aint hot


Who is? Big nose Nicole? Nahh ill pass, Amber and Brittany are by far the best looking women in the house…but I really can’t stand Brittany’s tracks.


I think the houseguests need a new game to play. How about, Pin The Muzzle On Caleb?


I predict Caleb will desperately try to talk Amber into a game of “Just the Tip”.


What the hell Devin? It’s like you’ve become an unstable emotional flip flopper. *facepalm*
I find that If he isn’t in control of the other houseguests thoughts about him, it drives him insane. Too much arrogance and paranoia will equal this end result- calling a house meeting and confessing everything. This much attention on yourself the first few days is no bueno dude!

Also..I wonder if Caleb realized that he just got personally friend-zoned! Lol
What will he think of Devin now that Amber threw him under the bus (rightfully so)?

And poor Donny!! He just got backstabbed and he’s STILL in the house. Awkward.. >__>


Let aside Devin’s and Caleb’s obvious personal emotional… challenges, I’m still curious about one thing, I hope you guys can clear this up for me:
Did Amber actually say that CALEB was only interested in himself, like Devin said, or did she just make a random observation unrelated to him, that “she doesn’t like guys who are only interested in themselves”? I might not like the 3 of them so far, but I’d really like to have as much objective info on them as possible to make up my mind (even if it’s just on just how much I dislike them!)… Thanks in advance! 🙂


Not sure what you have against Amber, she hasn’t done anything to anyone to make her unlikeable…sounds more personal to me. And to answer your question no, Devin essentially lied which is why he came clean when he heard Amber was crying.

This whole love frenzy really was always out of Amber’s control. She never said to Caleb or any other HGs that she was interested in him. She only said in the DR that she liked Devin and that Devin was her type. I’m assuming she told that to someone else in the house cuz it got back to Devin and Devin told Caleb…now why would anyone tell someone that they know has a major, borderline obsessive crush on someone that the girl they like is interested in them instead?

Pot stirrer.

Then Devin originally told Caleb it was he and Amber that had been talking and that Amber said she didn’t like Caleb because he was arrogant. Devin however backtracked and changed his story to include Pow Pow, saying that Amber and Pow Pow were talking and that he overheard Amber say x,y, and z about Caleb.

When in reality Amber and Pow Pow were talking about their types…Caleb’s name was never mentioned. Devin just happened to walk by and decided to ease drop into their conversation, and decided to stretch the truth of what was said to Caleb. Also aside of that, Devin was one of the many HGs that told Caleb that Amber had a thing for him. Basically Devin became the middle man way too much and whether he intentionally meant to or not (me thinks he did), he misconstrued a lot of what was true, ruining Amber’s game.

Caleb’s just delusionally in love. (I think the Producers are behind that)


Ok now things are getting interesting!

Suzy SunShyne

I am so sick of hearing about that cookie dough ice cream!!! This guy must be such a jerk in his everyday life that getting someone cookie dough ice cream is a big deal!! Also her wearing his hat means she has deep feelings for him, boy oh boy! He needs Gina Marie in the house. Does he remind anyone else of Jessie, especially with all the muscle man posing…..yuck!!! He is so full of himself, it’s revolting.


Okay I was wrong. Amber made peace with Caleb and said she might go on a date with him when they get out. They hug and she tells him she loves him. So now Amber has to own her part of any Caleb Crazy.


OH NO!!!!! Don’t encourage him Amber! She will now be stalked by him until the day she dies, which will also be the day he kills her.


Did she really say she loves him???

I know they made up but I did not hear that bit. But man oh man you are right she will have to hold to her part of this Caleb obsession by agreeing to let him take her on a date, however what can you honestly say the girl could do? I mean you saw all the mess that was created when she shot him down subtly. I just don’t think this could of ended well for her at all. I still kind of feel though like the Producers have a bit of a hand in Caleb’s interest in Amber. After watching last season and knowing BB history of trying to hide very ugly sides of HGs to America, I wouldn’t be surprised if Producers told Caleb about his IG scandal and to play nice. I mean the amount of times Caleb goes out of his way to talk about how “nice” he is and how “accepting” he is of others…that talk he had with Frankie about saying “love is love,” yet in real life the guy uses homophobic slurs–real LGBT supporters know not to go there–he’s a tea party member so come on, a tea party member down for gay marriage?? Yeah right and then he clings to two black people in the house…

I really like to think he’s being genuine but he’s doing a bit too much to prove he’s nice. Nice people don’t have to talk about how “nice” they are.


I agree with the first part of your post, but I disagree with the part of the producers involvement. I have seen Caleb’s kind of crazy obsession before. That’s all him.


Dude has already broken the record for most tears shed by a dude in the first weeks. I think something’s about to pop in that big ole noggin.


You left out about 1700 utterances of the word “Daughter”. Also, in-between speech and Zach and Devin’s talk, Zankie conferred and decided to knock out Devin next, so Zach’s talk with Devin may have been only half-sincere.


…”have not come this far in the game…” Ummmmmmmm, Devin, dude it’s week number one, your game is weak/incomprehensible! This man is a hot mess and when he blows it’s going to be legendary! They better back door him because the week he’s on the block is going to be a rollercoaster of anger and apologies and rage!

I can see why Caleb and Devin have bonded…the immature emotional state of each other must be soothing! “Well, at least I’m not as weak as him!”


A roller coaster of anger apologies and tears? Dont forget the river of tears. Then it would be like Splash Mountain meets Mr Toad’s Wild Ride.


Am I the only one who thinks that amber and caleb would be the cutest thing ever , caleb so sweet.But like devin needs to go on somewhere Foreal.

Rachel cries in bushes

Caleb’s mom? Is that you?


Hopefully Amber is pulling an Allison and is only manipulating Caleb to take her far into the game, and then when it comes down to it she will drop him instantly. There’s plenty of hoes out there Caleb, you’re a dime a dozen.


Calling Dr.Phil Calling Dr. Phil We need a psych exam for Devin stat!


Good grief…just when stepford Caleb was about to break down in a fit of stutters about cookie dough and selflessness…Amber goes and refuels his crazy tank with a huge dose of false hope. If we thought he was obsessed before…he is going to be laying in bed soon, writing his wedding vows on a cereal box with her lipstick…while his head lays on the secret stash of her underwear that he has hidden in his pillowcase…


Big Brother: Crazy Edition

Butters Mom

I really wish she wouldnt have talked to him other than to tell him to get over it because this is only going to get worse… He was so close to self destructing… and he can’t win HOH this week so… why give him false hope??


I hate to sound like Caleb, but is Amber not the hottest girl to ever play BB? That girl is insanely beautiful.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

If you give a girl some ice cream, she’ll take it as a sign if you giving her ice cream. Nothing more.

Caleb's soon to be Roid Rage!

Caleb….. “I’m going to be on the Bachelor next“? Please dude don’t let your inflated ego cut the oxygen off to that peanut brain of yours!


BB16 Cast wanted to be better than BB15.. Now I know in which way!


Every year is the same thing there isn’t a black person alive that could win big brother. If Martin Luther king was in there he would be put out saying keep hope alive as the house guess slams the door on his black ass,


There are plenty of intelligent, SANE black guys out there. Maybe BB should just try casting one of those instead of unstable nut jobs.

Big Sister

My thoughts exactly. Would it hurt to have a more diverse cast? How about 4 each of Caucasians, African Americans, Asians and the generic “Other.” And a better mix of ages. Why do they all have to be beefcake/bikini models? Thanks Simon and Dawg for your hard work.


Wow what a relief to hear other people say my same sentiments. It’s like this on Survivor too, look I’m all for the most qualified player winning but if you have a house full of 16 people and only pick 2 to 3 minorities they don’t stand a chance of making it to the end because at the end of the day, in this “NONCOLORBLIND WORLD” racial groups will often stick together. Every season alliances are made and its the white hgs that decide for whatever reason let’s get rid of the black or the asian person. The white hgs are literally set up to have a greater chance of winning simply because at the end of the day they’ll stick together and do I blame them, no because that’s smart strategy, just like all the young people or good looking people will usually stick together and ice out the old person.

But diversity, be it race, age, sexual orientation, etc is the key for really having a more challenging game play. You can’t fill a house with a bunch of 20 year olds and then 1 person over 40 and then think that person has a chance because usually they don’t. The 20 year olds get all buddy buddy and start scheming to get the old guy out, and it works the same with race too.

I was hoping things would change this season from last but I honestly think the Producers have something to do with Caleb liking Amber. I mean does no one find it odd that this guy goes from saying homophobic racists slurs to talking NONSTOP about how “tolerant” he is of others. How can you be tolerant of gays when you call them fa**** but then he tells Frankie “Love is love,” but he says offensive homophobic slurs? Caleb just tries to hard to seem nice and talks endlessly about how nice he is that it’s like a declaration, or a monologue, and I have a strong feeling it has to do with Producers telling him to play nice cuz of the IG scandal—which mysteriously has disappeared.


caleb and devin are really emotionally unstable and so self-centered. i wish they would just leave the big brother house. even if amber was into caleb (she’s literally told everyone she is not), caleb should not be over reacting and obsessing over her wearing his hat, or them sharing ice cream. i think caleb is one of those stalkers boyfriend types and everyone is still pushing amber to make up with him!!? :/ and devin, holy shit, he needs to get out of the house asap. i was hoping he was going to announce he was self-evicting at the house meeting. someone who has been arrested and has been to rehab should NOT be in the big brother house.


My heart is already breaking for Donny knowing these mean boys will bully him around and find humor in lying to him while they try to knock out the ‘ex military’ man. Donny doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.


What the heck is wrong with this season? Is this the summer of confessions? First Joey confesses to trying to make and all girl alliance, then Devin calls a house meeting to confess is deepest big brother sins about one of the most liked people in the house (Donny)? Have these people any common sense?

A Name

Devin’s not nearly as bad as these people are making it. He’s trying to play an honest game which is a terrible idea but for these people to go around and call him a bully or a monster just cuz they don’t get along is ludicrous! They keep putting that “he’s a scary big black man” label on him and it makes me sick.


Yeah I don’t agree with the “Scary black man” label but Devin has been quite the snake, he turned on Amber and lied on her to Caleb because he saw their possible linking as a threat. Not to mention this “black man” had the nerve to say he doesn’t like Amber because she’s white! Well its time this big black men gets a dose of his own racists mentality, and be reminded that he himself is black.


Because she’s NOT white*

sorry typo


Devin gives The Rock a bad name.
You look nor act nothing like him.
His behavior is more like OJ.
Both him and Caleb are creepy.
Bunny Boiler and mr twist it

not a devin fan

I am not a big fan of Devin, but was the only one who told Caleb that he talk about Amber too much and it is a downer every time they have a conversation.


I personally can’t stand Devin and not really a fan of Caleb but they are “Entertaining” and no where near as bad as the BB15 cast.


Big Brother just showed the awkward convo where Caleb reveals his feelings


The eviction night speech by Joey was awesome. Too bad she is evicted