Big Brother 14 Ashley “My calf’s no those are my knees, they don’t tan as well as the rest of my skin.”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

7am Mike is up and out in the backyard sitting on the couches trying to wake up. After a while he goes out into the yard to stretch and then starts running back and forth. Shane gets up and heads out into the backyard. He tells Mike that is back is so stiff as he makes his way over to the couch. Shane tells Mike that his back is messed up working out yesterday. Shane ask if somewhere down the road the coaches will be able to trade. Mike says that he hopes so… they want us to affect the game but not be the game.


Mike tells Shane that from listening he thinks Willie is going to keep the votes the same. Shane says yeah and that he will vote Kara out to keep Frank in the game. Mike says that he still is able to influence his team. Mike asks if Shane would use the Veto to save Frank? Shane says that he’s open to it if I can be guaranteed safe. Mike says that he doesn’t even want to ask him to use it (the veto). Mike asks if Shane would have a problem voting out Kara. Shane says that he enjoys looking at her but that he wouldn’t have a problem voting her out. Mike tells Shane that it’s smart to keep someone in the game that is a bigger target than you. Shane agrees. Mike says that it’s unfortunate that I have to go up against Dan. Frank Joins them. They talk about how Ian is so nervous and that if there was a big brother history challenge he would go out first or second.
8:20am Ashley joins them in the backyard. Frank whispers to Shane that he is worried about Dan because he is throwing people under the bus left right and center. Mike is really trying to sell keeping Frank in the game. The conversation changes to talking about the Power of Veto competition. Frank tells Mike that last night Dan was in the HOH room talking to Willie and Britney the whole time. Mike says yeah it doesn’t even really matter, we know why to get rid of Kara and we know why to get rid of Frank. Mike leaves to go finish working out.
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8:30am Frank, Ashley and Shane discuss if they have/have-not will be on Tuesday. Frank thinks there might be a luxury competition sometime this week. Joe joins them. The conversation turns to talking about back pain, how decaffeinated coffee is made by bleaching the coffee beans. The conversation then turns to talking about pools.

Ashley says “My calf’s ..umm no those are my knees.. they don’t tan as well as the rest of my skin.”

8:45am – 9am Ashley tells Joe that she is excited for him to win HOH because he requested special spices and will probably get an apron and chef hat. Joe says that he brought a special blue chef outfit that he will wear every eviction. They talk about how they think the coaches will get to trade a players at some point. Frank says that he thinks of the coaches more as advisor’s than coaches. He says that they need us, we don’t need them. Frank tells them that he is really trying to separate himself from Mike. Joe brings up that Mike is telling people to try and get me up on the block. Frank talks about how people are afraid of Mike doing what he did in All Stars where he was nice to your face and then made fun of you in the diary room.
9:20am Joe confronts Mike for wanting him up on the block. Mike says straight up I don’t want my team up on the block. Mike says that he doesn’t have a motive to get Joe out I have a motive to keep Frank. As a coach I don’t need to be secretive about what I want. Mike explains that he is looking out for Frank and that it is better to keep a target in the house. Mike says that he was grasping at straws; there aren’t a lot of enemies in the house right now. Joe says that he understands the reasoning and that he just wants to be straight up and if he hears his name he wants to know why. The conversation changes to talking about Mike’s restaurants.
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Love Janelle. I hope the players don’t get to caught up in playing for the coaches and play their own games.


Addition Highlights of big brother 14
As right now the prediction for Houseguests HOH & POV Wins:
Willie 5 HOH Wins 2 POV Wins
Ashley 2 HOH Wins 1 POV Wins
Shane 2 HOH Wins 2 POV Wins
Joe 1 HOH Win 0 POV Win
Ian 1 HOH Win 0 POV Win
Will find out 2 if this prediction is true. Stay tuned on with the updates of Week 2 stats and Mentor standings. Also, we will looking forward some surpises either coaches trade or what.

Alexander the Great

Are you high? A lot of HOHs are mental more then physical, there is no way he will get 5 HOHs. He didn’t even really get this one, Shane did more and deserved it more.


Kara’s done ;[


Wow i used to be a rachel hater (she grows on you) but at least she a real person..britney is the nasty bitch that been spreading her filth throughout the house..her personality is disgusting and catty… And dan seems like a good guy (i was jumping to conclusions)


Oh yeah! Dan, Wake your team up now and get rid of Frank!


Simon, Here is the Big Brother 14 Highlights I post and it it disappear. Good Morning and Merry X-mas in July Welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights! Here are the Team Standings:
1.Team Britney (2-1)
2.Team Mike Boogie (1-2)
3.Team Janelle & Team Dan (0-3)
As right Now Team Janelle & Team Dan are winless and Team Britney and Team Mike Boogie are 1 and 2! Can Team Janelle or Team Dan win once or one of both teams became winless! Will find out and also The First Inductee of Big Brother during the next HOH Competiton Results! And also right after the bb14 finale! we will have Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012! Who will be inducted first?
What you think Simon? If it okay the next hoh competition results can I post the first inductee until Final 4? Post me up!





Can you block annoying people? 😉