Big Brother 14 Spoilers The PLAN is to get Frank to throw HOH to Prove he is with them..

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

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11:20am Danielle and Jojo get in their bikini’s and head out by the pool to sun tan. Kara then joins then.


Willie, Shane, Britney, Janelle and Wil are up in the HOH room talking. Willie tells them that he wants them to all stick together. Willie and Janelle tell Shane and Wil that if it comes down to it …it might be good to throw a competition to Joe or Jojo because then it keeps the target off us. They talk about how they are in a tough situation ..that it would have been better week one to get out Jodi and Ian. They talk about how they will get all together to hash it out. Willie and Janelle talk about how Frank has a mind of his own, that he thinks for himself without Mike. They talk about how Wil will be perfect for endurance competitions. The conversation turns to talking about the Power of Veto competition. They start talking about Danielle and how they have no idea how she got on the show. Willie says that she comes in and interrupts their conversations in the HOH and makes things super awkward. Britney asks how does she not notice how awkward it gets.


11:45am Janelle goes down stairs to the backyard and tells Jojo, and Joe to come up to the HOH room to have a quick talk. Willie tells then that they just want to see what everyone is thinking. Joe says that he is against Frank because he can beat any one of us in the jury. Joe says we can all beat Kara down the road. Jojo says that she is scared of both of them. Wil says that he looks at it two ways an individual way and a team way. …Kara would be good individually and Frank would be good for the team. Joe brings up that this morning Frank didn’t want to have anything to do with Boogie. They all think that Frank realized that Boogie hasn’t been here for him. They talk about how if they get rid of Kara …Dan is down to one person then.


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12pm – 12:20pm Britney starts talking about how great of a speaker Dan is that when he talks you see rainbows. Joe brings up the fact that Boogie knows people don’t like him …so I bet he told Frank to distance himself from him. Joe says that the only way he will vote to keep Frank is if we know we can get him on our side. Willie says that what we need to do is get Frank to throw the next HOH competition to prove that his is working with us. And he has motivation to do it because it lowers the target on his back. Joe says that is perfect as long as we get him out before week 5. Willie says if he wins it ..then we know he lied to us. Britney says everyone just needs to think about all this and we will come back and talk about it. They decide not to tell Frank to throw the HOH until at least Tuesday because they figure he will go to Booige and they don’t want to give him that chance. Shane says okay so at the power of veto ceremony I will not use it. They all disperse and leave the HOH room. Janelle brings up the fact that once Kara is gone, once Danielle is gone Dan walks out with her. Britney grabs the golden apple and tells them that who ever wants to talk has to be holding the apple because they were all talking at once. They decide as a selling point to Frank that they will tell him that when he throws the HOH they will go after Danielle. They break up and head back downstairs.

12:30pm – 12:50pm Ashley, Janelle and Wil are in the kitchen chatting. The others are out in and by the pool sun tanning and talking about random stuff. Britney and Wil start doing crazy workouts in the backyard. Willie asks them what they were doing and they rope him into doing one of the exercises. Mike and Dan are talking about Mikes restaurants and other businesses in the pool.

1:15pm – 1:30pm Jojo, Willie, and Janelle are in the kitchen talking about Boogie. They talk about how cocky Boogie is and how he acted after the competition. Janelle comments on how he rubbed it in her face that he beat her .. and she is like wow great job you beat a mother. Jojo and Janelle start talking about endurance competitions. Jojo then shows Janelle on a chair how strong her legs are and how she would hold onto something like the banana competition. Kara, Dan and Jenn join them in the kitchen and start making lunch.


1:45pm Janelle, Willie and Britney are up in the HOH room talking. Willie discusses how he plans to let the others know who he is and who his brother is (Russell Hantz). Janelle agrees. Willie gets up and heads down stairs. Britney and Janelle start talking about Joe and Frank being smart and having good game sense. Britney then asks they are alone .. if Ian is hiding in a suit case. She says we always need to do a perimeter check. Britney says that we just need to keep pushing the idea that someone is coming back. Janelle says yeah, Shane totally believed that. They talk about wanting to keep Frank this week and get rid of him next week. Janelle says that we need to surprise Dan on Thursday by not letting him know we’re evicting Kara. Britney says that we got so lucky that Dan picked such a bad team.


1:50pm – 2:20pm Out in the backyard, Willie comments how it sucks that he can’t smoke over by the pool. Britney tells him that he has to go over to exile island to smoke. Joe and Britney talk about food and growing your own vegetables. Joe starts talking about how he misses his family. Britney tells him that winning HOH is good because you get the letter from home. Joe says you hear that Ian it’s you and me we’re going to win HOH next week. Britney tells them that it would be a waste to give it to Ian because he feels lucky just to be a in the have-not room. The conversation changes to talking about game shows. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Wil tells a story to Dan, Boogie and Kara about random stuff. Over by the couches Jojo tells Willie that she is looking out for him and Shane she swears on her grandmother’s life.

2:45pm Boogie and Wil are talking about their home towns. In the kitchen, Willie, Shane, Ashley, Danielle, Jojo, Kara, and Dan are talking about celebrities. Out by the pool, Janelle Ian Jenn and Britney are talking about ID’s and other random stuff. Joe comments on how the real drama will start when someone puts up someone from their own team.

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You’d think that the newbies would realize Janelle and Britney only want Dan gone because it’s one less person competing for the 100,000 and that Danielle is actually one of the weakest players, if not the weakest, in the entire group. It benefits Willie and Shane and co. If they get rid of Frank and Kara and Ian, and leave Danielle alone, play the game like it’s actual BB and ignore everything the coaches say.



Beyonce fan

Brit and janelle are playing this game


I love how Britney talks and acts like she is the master game player when in actuality, in her season she was played for a fool worse than anyone in the history of the show. 3 guys who had an alliance from Day 1 dragged her along as nothing but a vote and someone that they knew they could beat come final 4. Then they won HOH, nominated her, won POV, told her she had been suckered and had no chance, then laughed in her face in the HOH room til she ran off crying. Not exactly a stellar resume. Yeah, your advice is what is going to win for me. Riiiiiight.


Couldn’t agree with you more! She got played now she thinks she is the game player! I can’t wait till it happens again!


Dawg/Simon…what do you think about what Willie JUST told Britknee and Janelle? Stupid or smart move on his part? Personally, I think it was dumb. The size of the target on him just increased ten-fold.


Britney needs to stfu!!!! I swear I hope Dan or boogies team win just so Janelle and Britney have to kiss ass!! They talk so much crap it’s ridiculous


You rang?



Aqua Bernie

Frank has them all fooled!


I think it sucks. I am OK with the way the show has gone, but here is my issue right now

mike, one of the best of all time imo, but to put him in the game with janelle was a massive mistake. not to mention adding brit who is basically going to follow jenelle the entire time(I know im spelling her name wrong) so basically, mike has no chance to really play the game, because janelle and brit will just say “hes lying” to EVERY person in the house, and when 2 people say it, they will believe that over a guy who won the game by lying.

this is the equiv of bringing russ hantz back with a bunch of ppl who never saw or heard of survivor, but also tossing into the mix a random player like coach who would tell everyone not to trust russ, and russ is then useless. well here, janelle has basically already led her team to the finals vs brit.

I was hoping to see him play these people, instead he wont get the chance. maybe its just being nitpicky, but I think its set up for him to fail




I think it is lousy that mike will never get to play the game or others, because janelle will just tell people not to listen to him, and so they won’t. to me, it was a massive casting error to include brit AND janelle together, basically = no one listens to mike, mike is then pointless in the game, and we see brit and janelle run the game. I dont find that fun. bummer, was looking forward to mike playing the house again


Your so right Kyle! Let’s then bring on the girl played for a fool…let her be a mentor to 3 new players!! I don’t think I’d want any one of the four to mentor me especially Brittany although she should be able to play a much smarter game by having been so humiliated previously. The only thing to look forward to with Brit is to see if she can come back and play a wicked game this time around.


BTW…Sidawg doing great job with the commentary!!


OMG they can’t evict Kara ;[ evict Frank!


Still early but after 1 episode and 2 BBAD I am having a hard time finding someone to root for. Last year I liked Cassi and Dom right of the bat and am a huge JJ fan so I had people to root for right away. I thought JoJo would be my gal but from first impressions shes trailor park trash and I am left with no one I care about right now. Its not as much fun watching when u don’t really like any of the players. It’s still early though, I hope someone steps up and becomes my favorite soon….maybe there will be a dark horse like good ole “Iron Lung” Shelly Moore last year, I didnt think much of her at first but she quickly became one of my favorites. Loved her sneaky and coniving mind.

Big Brother's Big Brother

If you liked Dom and Cassi then I’m sure we can find you a wall or plant to cheer for this year. Good luck!


too funny LOL


no offense rj but if that lying backstabbing shelley was your favourite then i can see why you are having it hard to find a new one. on this season. so far everyone has been somewhat nice and sorta honest. willie is playing too many sides only cause he doesnt have much game but shelley deliberately lied backstabbed and caused a whole lotta bs and she did redeem herself by voting for rachel in the end but other than that she was horrible to watch and she lied about her sexuallity.


For God’s sake, they have been in the house for 7 days and already Joe is talking about who’s going to get jury votes?!?! That’s the guy that is going to play too hard and get burned.

Simon and Dawg you guys already had the best BB site on the web and now you have have the best BB mobile app to go along with it. Congrats!!! Thanks for everything you guys do!!!

Raymond j

It is so early n the week.. Things could so easily change by thurs night


Britney just thinks she has all of the answers. Yeah, right. By the way, since when is she a “BB Legend”?


She is a legend for being the biggest sucker in history!


LMFAO I take it your not a britney fan. and she is a legend (in her own mind) 🙂


What’s Willie’s reasoning for his noms? Usually first HOH wants to get out best competitors or most annoying person. I don’t think based on first performances that the competitor thing fits. I would not leave Dan with one person. I think he’ll have a bigger advantage with just one person to work with. He was good in his season. I think it might be more advantageous to start dissembling the other teams. You might get Dan out, but they’re still on an even keel with the others. And they never said that if the whole team goes so does the coach. So the team goes and the twist is the coach gets to play?


Willie wanted to get Ian out or Kara, but Boogie apparently gave Ian immunity. So it had to be someone else from Dan or Boogie’s team. That’s how Frank went up, because Danielle and Jenn aren’t even remotely threats at this point. I don’t want to see Frank go because he is a player that deserves to be there. Kara is dead weight it will leave Dan with one player. Dan is dangerous to the other coaches because he gets in people’s heads. If anyone could get the newbs to turn on their coaches and form new alliances, it would be Dan. That’s why Janelle and Brit are so scared of him. If Dan loses all of his players he is out of the game. None of the newbs like Boogie, so the smart move is to go after Dan for now and worry about Boogie in 2 weeks. Of course it all goes sideways if Ian or Frank win HOH.


Easy for Britney and Janelle’s teams to stick together now, they’ve had all the power this week. I’d love to see someone like Ian win HOH next week and watch them all scramble (though Boogie would pretty much run his HOH).

As for this week, I hope Frank stays. He was one of my preseason favs, and I think he has a lot of gameplay and will be interesting to watch this season.

Other than serving as eye candy, I don’t see Kara serving much purpose.

On that note, let’s try to get some nice Kara bikini shots in case she’s not around next week 🙂

Great job as always Simon/Dawg!


Thanks! I have a bunch of bikini shots in the gallery.. I’ll search through them tonight


Gameplay schwamplay!! A good year for bikini’s! Booiiinnnggg!!!


I have to say that i am impressed how Britney is playing so far. I think she learned from her mistakes in her season and is here to show us that she can play. I know it is early, but so far i am routing for her. I am curious as to what her original housemates feel she is playing.


Smart move but bad move. Beside, if my opinion is get rid of stronger threat like Frank! That way, Kara would stay and let Joe or Ian win it. I want to see Joe win it and see his chef outfit!

Beyonce fan

For the people who mad mike can’t run the house get the fuck over it he not shit without will.


I hope they have a head shaving comp just for Frank and Wil. Either grow it long or cut it short, in between sucks.