“f*****g Dani I should have gotten rid of her a$$ earlier I can’t believe I got rid of Bayleigh over Dani”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
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2:08 am Cody, Enzo and Dani (David Kevin are going up)
Talking about Da’vonne telling Kevin everything about the slick 6. “Everything”
Cody says Kevin knows he’s going up David is the one Cody will have to talk to. “David is the one that feels ohh we’re close”
Dani – I’m just telling you Christmas was like pissed when you
Enzo – I seen that.. she was upset.
Dani – I promise you really really upset..
Enzo – maybe she was upset because she didn’t win it
Dani – C’mon Enzo.. no she was really mad. it was really strange so bizarre.
Cody – was she pissed off before we went out there..
Dani – not at all, it was beyond noticeable and obvious.. very strange
Dani to Cody “I’m so happy for you as soon as we walked out I had a really good feeling you would do well I don’t know why”

Nicole joins them.. They ask her about Christmas post HOH.
Nicole – she was last because she lost
Cody – not mad because I won
Nicole – I don’t think so

Enzo and Nicole don’t think Christmas was mad at Cody winning. Dani thinks she was.

They talk about the have nots.
Enzo – I wanted to be a have not this week bro I’m f***ing eating like crazy man.. i’m just tired of it.

They start speculating about next week’s HOH is it double or endurance?
Dani goes on that the slip n slide is not fair at all for girls its designed for guys with long legs

2:17 am Christmas cries
Christmas – there’s no where to escape you can’t vent here. telling people how you feel about being frustrated or just opening up in general, They’ll twist it and stab you in the back.
Christmas – I’m tired I miss my family … loyal’s birthdays in two weeks and i’m missing it to be here with these people that … (nobody wanted you on this season)
Christmas – they’re just so hot and cold and so hypocritical and I know I’m playing Big Brother you just get so tired of their crap.. their fake fake crap.. they sit there pretending to be all sweet and kind. and they genuinely care.. Da’Vonne’s right Nicole did stab her in the front and shit time she turned around and stand her in the back twice.
Christmas – hardcore gamers have to be heartless.. what a show this week.. I don’t even want to get into the dirty details. I don’t trust anyone here at all. I miss my family. I miss my son. I pray for them every night.
Christmas – I pray Loyal dreams of me playing.. he knows he is loved and he feels my hugs and kisses. I just want a real hug.

Feeds flip.. to the HOH crew trying to decide what big move they are going to do put Kevin/David up or David/Kevin. When we’re back Christmas is still crying.

Christmas – I don’t want to be in there stupid alliance anymore either I’m pissed I didn’t win HOH not because I just wanted to win or because I wanted something from my family. I just wanted to make a move. I’m tired of their.. I’m sooo tired.. exhausted of their like you can’t even be double faced it’s quadruple faced. it’s so f**ing obvious. My Skin crawls from there level of ability to deceive and manipulate.. and just f****ing they seethe
Christmas – I’m missing my mom and Dad, Sister.. really missing my sister.

Christmas cries…. “These people make you feel worthless so disposable I don’t want Kevin to go home.. I don’t want David on the block”
Christmas – honestly in would rather go on the block and fight for veto than have them go through that again I believe in the alliance..
feeds flip to HOH where the debate rages on.. When we’re back
Christmas still crying.
Christmas – I’m not going to care I’ll do whatever has to be done I signed up for this. I want to go home to my family and put this behind me. While I’m here I’m goign to be here and fight my a$$ off to win and win and win.
Christmas – if they are going to come after me it’ll probably be the the most epic eviction of all time cause I will blow up everybody’s sh1t (zomg)
Christmas – I’m sure the girls are upstairs trying to convince Cody to backdoor me it’s the only way they will be able to take me out.. then they will need the votes.. they might actually have them.
Christmas – f***ing Dani I should have gotten rid of her a$$ earlier I can’t believe I got rid of Bayleigh over Dani. I’m telling you right now Memphis better f***Ing come through and we better get to final 2 together. If Dani makes it further than me

Feeds flip to the HOH debate.. when we’re back Shitz is still crying.
Christmas saying she hopes they can get Nicole out next week.

3:00 am Christmas heads to sleep

3:00 am HOH crew
Dani – so what are you going to say tomorrow
Cody – Kevin will propose something, David I’ll be like umm .
Dani – David will be really really bitter.
Nicole – what do you mean propose something?
Cody thinks Kevin will tell him to keep him in the game because he’s the target of everybody
Dani – he wants to be the person to keep around to get out the people you don’t want to ..
Enzo says he’ll threaten jury vote s
Dani – he’s always threatening that, it’s crazy
Cody – I’m going to say Kevin you literally have 9 lives good luck in the veto.. what else would I say to him?
Cody – I have nothing to say in my Nom speech.. the most information you get is from people that Yell stuff over the walls.
Feeds flip to Shitmas sleeping

Dani brings up every Thursday during the live show they are all quiet and nervous except for Christmas she’s so loud
Enzo – I love competition day I love competition day
Dani – it was so uncomfortable the things she was saying she was like EVERYONE LOOKS GREAT GOO JOB GUYS it so good to be here this is a great day.. when there’s two people one of them is about to go home
Dani – what are you doing
Cody- enough
They laugh
Dani – she didn’t tell Da’Vonen I like you outfit I like your shirt.. nothing.. she goes I have a skirt like that .. one upper.. It’s black and it’s longer .. she went on and on and on about her self.. I was like what’s happening stop
Enzo – yeah Da’Vonne was about to go home
Cody – Christmas is a one upper..
Cody says Caleb was the same.
They talk about how big of a heart Caleb has.
Dani to Nicole – He’s invited to your wedding ?
Nicole – yeah
COdy says he loves Caleb’s wife adds “Never spoke to her though” (ZOMG)

Enzo and Coins head downstairs. Leaving the love birds alone on the HOH
Cody – what’s you pitch
Dani – I have no pitch
Cody – what have you done for me.. NOTHING..
Dani – you are so mean.. be quiet before I punch you in the face
Cody – I’ll nominate you .. this is what you did to me..
Dani – when
Cody – when you went on your power trip..
Dani – what are you going to do if someone wins the veto throw Christmas up?
Cody – I’ll let Nicole have the conversation with her
Dani – Core four has the votes we can do whatever we want

Dani – would you want her out?
Cody – I dunno she might go after people I can’t
Dani – who?
Cody – you
they giggle .. “you’re so mean.. ohh this is why we fight.. mmhmmmmm”
Cody says it depends on how Christmas takes it “If she takes it bad”
Dani – and her power is gone

They go on about Christmas being mad Cody won HOH. Cody doesn’t sounds convinced.
Cody brings up Christmas stomping around mad she didn’t win HOH not because he won because she lost.
Dani – she’s a 38 year old women that’s so weird to me
Cody – she’s just a sore loser.
Dani – this morning Christmas got Da’Vonne to share mid morning chocolates with her and also tried to flip the vote.
Cody – to who?
Dani – I told you this.. Nicoel woke me up was like I have to talk to you.. about the vote she goes Da’Vonne has the votes to stay. I went WHO’s voting for her?
Dani – she said David and Christmas
Dani – I said go check your facts.. i’m not dealing with this I know that is not true.

Dani says Nicole was one of Da’Vonne votes, “Jury management”
Cody – I thought you were one of them
Dani – I know so did Kevin.. I was like I’m not one of them.
Dani says Nicole also wanted to give Ian a pity vote. Cody doesn’t understand what is with these pity votes
Cody says he doesn’t recall someone every saying in the jury they are voting for someone to win over a pity vote.
Dani – have you talked to Tyler?
Cody – no ..
Dani – I don’t really believe the things he says..
Cody – there’s no way he shakes being on the block by you..

Dani says Memphis wants Tyler gone, “him and Christmas are tight”
Cody – if he’s willing to do Tyler you and I are willing to do Christmas
Dani – if you were on the block next to Nicole you would have the vote
they’re agreeing Christmas will put up the two of them.
Dani asks if Enzo is trying in the comps or if he’s in a slump
Cody thinks he’s trying points out that enzo isn’t playing in any of the vetos so there’s less comps he’s in.

4:07 am Dani leaves to go to bed..
(Fun fact Dom deleted his twitter account)

3:32 am Nicole and Enzo
Enzo – I’m happy he won
Nicole – me to
Enzo – I don’t want to nominate anyone this week.. f*** that
Enzo – better to make the move on the double.
Enzo whispering says he’s going to win the money “For real”
Nicole – Dani is so stuck on getting Christmas out it’s not a good move right now.. it’s not..
Enzo – I know..
Nicole says Christmas is after Dani.
Enzo – he could backdoor her
Nicole – it’s his decision that’s fine I just.. I don’t know..
Enzo (whispering) – if we keep Kevin and David.. Let Memphis go after.. as long as we know we’re f**Ing save..
Enzo – I don’t think it’ll be a double next week..
Enzo – I want to win HOH and protect Cody..
Enzo says he’s pretty sure the rest of the house would have gone after Kevin/David.

Nicole about Dani wanting to backdoor Christmas- he might pretend to agree but he won’t do it. If he makes a bigger move it’ll be bigger than that. that’s what I am hoping.
Nicole – If Christmas is really after him I get it.
Nicole says Christmas isn’t after Cody she’s after Dani. Dani is trying to get Cody to do her dirty work and take out Christmas.

Enzo complains that he has to now go talk with Kevin says he’ll tell him “you’re going on the block I don’t know”
Enzo adds that he likes talking to Kevin he’s got a nice voice and get’s really into it.
Enzo – I like talking to people about their life keeps me away from all this nonsense.. sometimes these HOH are just dumb
Nicole says that HOh was weird.

They head to bed

3:45 am Enzo and Kevin
(Fun fact earlier in the evening Enzo and Kevin talked where Enzo mentioned how hard it is for them to break the pregame alliance especially the “Four”)
Enzo munching on his pickle “I was in the HOH Nicole and Dani are in there”
Kevin – I don’t trust neither of those two girls they voted against me. they both told me that they didn’t I was like Da’Vonne told me that you told them they were going to vote
Enzo – that’s so f***Ing weird
Kevin – why would they lie abotu that to me..
Enzo – I told you yesterday I was voting for you.. I was straight up to her (Da’Vonne)
Enzo – that sh1t you hear over the wall.. YO.. these people are playing Yo
Kevin -Ian will be pissed.. pissed..
Kevin – According to Da’Vonne Dani was throwing Cody under the bus
Enzo yeah?
Kevin – you know how Da;vonen as on this..
Feeds flip to Cody and Dani
when we’re back..
Enzo – If I were you I would tell Cody that. tell him everything you know f** that. Shoot the sh1t with him tell him
Kevin – I feel that he’s close to her
Enzo – he looks like he’s really close to her.. shes still in the room yo.
Kevin – she’s also close to Christmas and Memphis
Enzo – Dani is close to everybody
They start talking about Dani’s HOH Kevin points out that Dani skipped over Christmas and Memphis and went for Ian. Ian was Nicole’s
Kevin – she betrayed Nicoel’s ally over Memphis and Christmas
Enzo – that means a lot
Feeds flip to HOH.. when we’re back.
Kevin says Dani and Nicole are just lying to him to lie.
Enzo – you have to be honest at some point.. enough. YO.. man the f* up YO.. say what you did that bothers me YO

Kevin – I’m going to shoot you straight Enzo. He’s probably putting my a$$ up
Enzo says he’s probably putting up Kevin and David, “Straight the f** up”
Enzo – I don’t want you and Dave to go up I feel like you guys are allies to me if I lose one and one of you guys go I’m f*** a little bit..
Kevin brings up that Dani using the power on Memphis proves they are working together. Kevin asks Da’Vonne what if Dani sues the power on Memphis and she said no Dani will never use it because they are enemies.
Kevin – oh my god Dani was lying to Da’Vonne the whole time that her and Memphis were enemies she used the power on him. They’re working together

4:35 am Cody up in the HOH room listening to music

5:04 am Everyone sleeping
7:46 am Sleeping YO

9:50 am People waking up

Christmas briefly whispers to Memphis about the girls staying up late in the HOH.
Christmas says the way Dani and Nicole where the ones talking game this morning when they music was cut.
Christmas – like dudes be f***ing chill.. ugh I couldn’t sleep last night
Memphis – it’s better that she’s doing this trust me..
Feeds flip to Cody sleeping when we’re back.. ehty’re in teh bathroom getting ready

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