“Final three, us three, the wise Guys… It’s already approved”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Da’Vonne and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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9:05 am Kevin
Kevin – unfortunately now I have to start lying like crazy ..
Kevin – the only chance I have avoiding the block with Memphis is I talked to him before the HOH and I ask him would you nominate me and he said no I told him I wouldn’t either. He would just be willing to go back on that which is not really safety in this house.. People just say whatever so .. I need to remind him of that conversation. IF he’s teeter on should I put up David or Kevin they’re both disposable.. Then maybe he’s like it’s not worth putting me up.
Kevin – oh my god.. last week was crazy. It would have ended perfectly if I wasn’t tricked because I was tricked at the end it made it a little not ideal but still ok.
Kevin – If Ian had stayed I would have had the beginning of an alliance.. now that’s he’s gone their’s no alliance. IN fact it strengthen David’s game (Of course he thinks David flipped. LOL )
Kevin – I’m sucking at this game. Damn I thin I’m a pawn this season. I think i’m like the crappiest player out of all these people. Feel like I can’t catch a brea… let me reprhase.. shut up Kevin.. last week I got pulled off the block!
Kevin – I had amazing friendship moment with Da’Vonne and that’s worth a lot I was not the target for one week!
(There’s more but you get the idea… )


10:14 am Kevin and Da’vonne
Kevin saying it’s either him, David, Nicole or Dani.. those four
David comes in “you want to talk about yesterday..”
Da’Vonne leaves..
David – no .. okay
David says he’s getting out played
Kevin – by who?
David – maybe Nicole..
David – they’re planting seeds to get us arguing.. it works every time.. Feeds flip to Shitmas and Memphis in the HOH talking about the HOH competition..

10:18 am Memphis and sh1tmas
Memphis – David the things that come out of his mouth.. this morning.. ahh it’s your second HOH that should have been mine
Memphis – Dude you vomit out of the mouth… the things you think you say maybe you shouldn’t say.. it’s so bizarre. it’s so weird to me
sh1tmas – he has no idea what he’s doing and he’s taking his direction with Da’Vonne.. so …

We’re flipped back to the bathroom. David talking about how they are getting outplayed and Da’Vonne falls for it every time.
Kevin asks who the other side is saying is the three votes.
David – at this point I know there’s something to be fighting for to try and win this game.. I honestly don’t mind going to the stage feeling like stayed true to my colour and I tried my best to to give.. opportunity to what is considered the impossible in a game where odds are really against you that I tried for my own sanity by not being targeted by people who look like me calling me uncle tom
Feeds flip to Shit and Memphis in the HOH.

10:25 am HOH Shitmas and Memphis.. They talk about her power.
Memphis – for this week I’m not going to tell you what I’m going to to.. everyone has a little bit of loose lips and I don’t like.. Dani has loose lips..
Christmas- dani has told so many people recently it’s pissing me off
Memphis – how do we make a run to this final 2 that is what we have to talk about.. Obviously the committee was built to get us to this point next week then it will dissolve. Once we get to 7 it will implode. I think me and you can get to final 2.
Memphis – I feel like we are on a even playing field to get to the win
Shits – thank you sir..
Memphis says he doesn’t want to go up against Da’vonne “A single mom”
Memphis – you’re a single mom but you’re more of a …. I’ve thought about this alot..
Christmas – the veto is HUGE now and there’s only three major targets that are house targets. In my game opinion Kevin is just… Kevin and DA’Vonne are the closest I believe they need to be separated.. One of them need to go home and David will be lost in the sauce..
Christmas goes on about how this is allstars and she wants to make it to the end with someone that wins comps makes hard moves and makes business happen
Christmas wants this to be an authentic win.
Memphis – Tyler scares me in the finals every comps he’s in there.
Memphis wants them to use Enzo to “get through the committee”
Memphis – Tyler scares me in the finals. Every comp he’s right there and sometimes I don’t know if he doesn’t want to win. Could he have won the wall? Once we get down to 6 or 7 he’s got to go he’s such a good competitor I don’t want to be sitting there to the final 4 going against Tyler.. I don’t.. (LOL but its’ allstars the best competitors)
Sh1tmas – what’s your ideal final 4 lossley.. you and me.
Memphis – me, you, Enzo and really anyone we can bring.. I mean Nicole probably (Grod will make the final 4 HOH a test of HJ stamina)
Memphis – I don’t want to go against Tyler in the final 4. If we are final four one of us takes HOH the other veto and we take out Tyler. Then it’s us and Enzo.
Memphis says he doesn’t want to drag Nicole along to final 4 adds he doesn’t trust her.
Christmas – I don’t trust Dani… I see Nicole’s angle..
Feeds cut..

10:30 am Kevin and Da’Vonne (I call this group NouveauFoutte)
Kevin – there’s two scenarios either he’s genuinely being mad and hurt or he’s a damn liar..
Da’Vonne – mad about what
Kevin – he was explaining to me that he’s been trying to keep us together since week two since the whole fiasco of a boys alliance calling out Cody and Tyler.
Kevin – he sounds like from his perspective you betrayed him because you immediately ran to them and believed their lies and instead of his and you didn’t believe him
Kevin – he’s like this week he goes instead of believing me you’re going to believe Nicole and he’s like I’ve been trying this whole time and she won’t give me any credit. He’s like I don’t care anymore I give up i’m going home
Da’Vonne – F***ing liar.. I can’t stand his a$$
Kevin – or he completely is lying
Da’Vonne – he’s a liar thoroughly
Kevin – I can sense he’s lying every time I try and get to something he like dodges it.. he’s like you don’t understands I have to deal with the narrative that i’m a uncle tom..
Da’Vonne – because you are
Kevin – people said I don’t want to work with minorities ..
Da’Vonne – you got two of them here
Kevin – hes like no
Da’Vonne – you just through both of us to the wolfs
Kevin – he’s trying to build up a narrative right now that he’s so hurt..
Feeds cut..

10:43 am Life without makeup..


10:47 am Memphis and Cody
Memphis – You don’t need to worry. I’m not using anyone in the committee that’s not the plan ..
Memphis starts talking about the 2 of them making it to final 2 “The commission” says now the time they talk to Enzo.
Memphis will tell Cody about his plan after the veto is played.

Enzo comes in
Memphis – This is the deal right now I’m just going to f**ing rip the band aid off.. Final three us three.. the wise Guys…
They laugh
Enzo – Alright, I’m with it YO..
Cody – I love it
Memphis – the wise guys we implement it today and we take it to final 3.
Memphis tells Cody to leave.
Memphis – that worked out perfect.. so that’s it man.. the wise guys is me and you just so we’re f***ing clear.. this is my other.. the other wise guy is Christmas..
Enzo – I love Christmas..
Memphis – this is going to get weird. So me and you final 2 the wise guys. then you will have me, you, Cody final 3 the wise guys.. then you will have me, you and Christmas the wise guys.. we’re the only two here .. we’re the only two here so when we get to final 4 it’s all wise guys.. They’re not going to know so everyone is going to think and we’re going to be the only two in both
Memphis says Enzo was the first piece of the puzzle the other two are just Knights.

Sh!tmas joins them..
Memphis – final 3 the f***ing wise guys
Shits – I’m not a guy
Memphis – doesn’t matter
Shits – is that a movie name?
Memphis – it’s just a term. Like you’re street smart.. you hustle
Shits – get it approved
Memphis – It’s already approved (by GROD).. final 3 phase 2 of this game starts now.
They suspect there will be two doubles coming up.
Memphis kicks Christmas out..

Memphis – the only way to do this and guarantee it is get two soldiers to fight for us..
Memphis – this week I got a plan I’m going to initiate it you are obviously good.. I got a plan it’s not tricky there’s some parts that have to play out .. on Thursday this is the person we’re getting out and I want to make sure everyone gets them out.
Memphis – I’ve been waiting for this half of the game to play..

11:38 am am Nicole and Dani end up in the HOH to talk to Memphis he tells them the Committee will be safe this week they are not part of his plan.
11:40 am Kevin meets with Memphis.. Memphis says he’s got 6 people he’s mulling over to put up
Feeds cut.

11:42 am Nicole and Dani
Nicole asks if it’s going to be Enzo.
Dani says no. Says she suggested David.
Nicole – he said Thursday he’ll tell us who to vote for
Dani says they don’t have to listen to Memphis.
They agree they want Kevin gone.
They complain this it the same as his first HOH he’s not telling them anything.
Nicole says she’s worried about Memphis sending Da’Vonne or David home.
Dani says the committee controls all the votes all the way through. Even if the other side wins HOH they control the votes “It’s crazy.. crazy” (Crazy fun to watch)

11:47 am Enzo and Cody
They think David is Memphis’ target but they want it to be Kevin or Da’vonne they don’t want to see David go.

11:56 am Memphis and Tyler
Tyler – I’ve f**ing pissed I wanted this one.. (Check out Memphis’ smile above)
Memphis – I know
Tyler – it’s alright
Memphis says they are just rocking and rolling. The committee is safe.
Tyler says they’ve won 6 our of the 7 competitions and the other win was Enzo.
Memphis – I have a plan theres moving parts involved but none of them involve the committee.
Memphis says he’s keeping it all to himself points out some people have had a loose tongue these past few weeks. He doesn’t want his HOH to be a sh1t show.

noon Memphis and David
Memphis – you want a seat at the table you got it. but here’s the deal this is a straight up business deal so listen carefully.
Memphis – goes like this if we shake hands and you promise me you will not play the veto and you keep my nominations the same I’ll keep your a$$ off the block this week.
Memphis – the biggest point of this deal is you can’t talk about it. You can’t tell anyone we made this deal it stays between me and you.. Just so we’re clear no one else knows about this. So if I hear something I know it’s coming straight from you and you will be public enemy number one. Our rapport has gotten better the plan you gave me last week is a good plan and it we continue down that road it’ll help me and you get farther.
David — ok deal

they shake.

David asks a question.. Feeds cut..

1:10 pm Kinda slow… 20 minutes ago Tyler and Kevin had a little chat and at one point Kevin was convinced Christmas voted against Tyler. (I just can’t with Kevin right now)

1:11 pm Comic room Kevin and Da’Vonne.
Kevin tells Da’vonne that Tyler, Enzo, Cody and David are all working together.
Kevin – David did us dirty 100% now that I’ve talked to Tyler.. (FAce palm.)
Da’vonne says she’s just glad that Kevin and Nicole aren’t lying because of they are lying and trying to pin us against each other “you two are going to look bad”
Kevin says he’s not “unless she is” (Nicole)
Kevin – there’s a 5% chance .
Da’Vonne says Nicole looked at Ian and started bawling
Kevin – Crying doesn’t mean anything
Da’Vonne – she wouldn’t vote against Ian (Nicole)
Kevin – 95% it was david 5% it was her.. small small chance. (Ohh the brain worms are back cool)
Kevin says there’s a high chance of him and David being on the block over 95%

2:02 pm Nicole and Tyler
Nicole says the plan for the 5-3 votes caused a da’Vonne and DAvid fight about something personal. “Dani told me about it and it’s made me feel like a piece of sh1t”
Nicole – I didn’t know it would come from that.
Nicole says getting Ian out was a game move and a good game move “I’m going to have to own up to it.. I was so scared.. and I hate that I shouldn’t have to be scared”
Tyler – Day is throwing David under the bus
Nicole – she was doing that even before.
Tyler says it means more to David because he’s battling some demons from last year.
Nicole – we have to make sure David stays in the house this week
Tyler says he talked to Da’Vonne and Kevin and they both think Nicole voted to evict him.

2:15 pm Da’Vonne and Dani
Da’Vonne – I’m trying to convince Tyler that David didn’t vote for him to stay. Apparently he was talking to Kevin and he told Kevin there’s no way David didn’t vote for me
Da’Vonne – David 100% voted for me to stay
Dani – Tyler said that
Da’Vonne – that’s what Kevin said
Da’Vonne says Kevin swore on god that he didn’t flip the vote. “and Nicole said it wasn’t her .. she had no reason to”
Da’Vonne “I feel like she would have voted for Ian even if she was the only vote it had to be him.” (ohh cool more worms)
Feeds cut.. when we’re back. Nicole is with them.
Da’Vonne going on about David being the vote against Tyler.
Nicole – at least he didn’t win HOH
Da’Vonne – yeah glass half full
They play along with Da’Vonne talking about if Nicole has the votes to stay if she is nominated. This is based on Nicole thinking she could go up because she had such a short talk with Memphis.
Tyler pops in to get some clothes.
Christmas pops in looking for Tyler, her and Nicole leave.
Da’Vonne – he walks out she walks in
Dani – oh my god she’s looking for him. They’re always together it’s insane
Da’Vonne – has she been shadowing you since you came down from HOH ?
Dani – she’s the new Pop in it was Ian popping in now it’s her.. she’s the new pop in it’s crazy.
Da’Vonne – she’s a mess
Dani agrees calls her a mess, “She’s won the most competitions in the house to”.

Dani – if next week is a double who wold you go after
Da’Vonne – Christmas
Dani – that’s what I thought
Da’Vonne – her powers out right
Dani – I think so I don’t know ..
Da’Vonne – who will Cody do?
Dani – I don’t know I’ll ask him.. I can tell you who he won’t do
Da’Vonne – I know that’s scary
Dani – I don’t think he will come after us three


2:45 pm Nominations today I wonder who will go up?

3:45 pm Nothing

4:04 pm Feeds got down for Nominations.

4:57 pm Feeds back

Da’Vonne and Kevin nominated

David hugs DA’Vonne

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“Who flipped?” — Fess. Obviously I don’t know what it’s really like being in the house, but i feel like even Fess could figure this one. They don’t even seem to consider nicole.


David could be in the jury house and Kevin & Day would still believe that he cast the opposing vote instead of Nicole. I never thought that FOUTTE could be out-FOUTTE’d, but we are witnessing exactly that this season.


These people act likes teenagers not BB legends stupid alliances stupid names .

My 2 cents

I agree! Really lame alliance names this year. Derrick really didn’t put much thought into them.
Simon came up with best name of the year, Nouveau Fouette!


Memphis tells Cody to leave, kicks Xmas out, lol
I can see a head butting of Memphis and Cody. Both act like the godfather.

Golden Gate Granny

That’s what I’m looking forward to.


We know Derrick coached Cody.. I wonder now if Dan coached Memphis before he came back….

All Stars???

We already knew that too.


I wonder if Enzo will tell Cody about Memphis`s plan? Or has Enzo already told him?…If he does not say anything, then Enzo really came to play and he will do anything to win. But I think Memphis would take Xmas to Final 3 and Final 2….and Enzo probably will do the same thing…. Xmas hit the jackpot, the 3 guys will take her to the final. I can see only Dani and Day coming for Xmas at this point.

Game fan

Cody will come for her.


Enzo never told Cody about casting those hinky votes, even when Cody asked him outright… so maybe Enzo IS coming to play.


I would take Day out first because Kevin and David are dumb enough to fall for anything they are told.

Bb Fan

Is Davonne the target to go this week?


My thoughts exactly.


Simon…I laugh like crazy every time you refer to Christmas as just ‘Shits’. I know I shouldn’t, but it just cracks me up. Just had to tell ya! Keep up the good work!


Not a big fan or anything, but Christmas has done great so far this season – and I wasn’t a fan of her originally either.

Night Nurse

Its hard to look past how shitty of a person she is. Also, she is moat definitely the pot calling the kettle black. I can’t get down with foul game play.


I can’t stand her either. Have have been able to,


Hans up, who likes her?

Hands down-down here

Backseat Driver

To quote Memphis…..”Grodner approved…”
Of course we all suspected production interference, but looks like now we know!

Golden Gate Granny

Alliance names have always had to have Grod approval. It’s a copyright thing.


Right… Memphis was so proud of himself that he’d made up the name “The Commission”, but that name is copyrighted from the show “The Umbrella Academy” so they couldn’t use it.

The Beef

Pretty sure they are using the name “The Commission” for the two person alliance between Memphis and Cody, in fact it’s referenced in the article above.

Golden Gate Granny

Dani to Nozz: “We don’t have to listen to Memphis.”

I really want her to eat those words. In my dream world, Memphis puts those loose lips on the block right next to her BFF.

From what I’ve gathered so far, David lost his shit all on his own last night resulting in what is still slowly coming to light… Da’Vonne at her wits end with this manchild.

Roger Wilco

It is a short trip to the end of Da’Vonne’s wits.

The Beef

Because once again DaVonne believes Nicole’s lies over David’s truth that he voted out Tyler. Frankly, I don’t blame him for getting frustrated with her, when he’s trying to show that he’s “down for the cause”, not an “Uncle Tom” as he said, and she seems to always believe the girls that are constantly lying to her face! Why would she think those two (Dani and Nicole) have her best interest at heart, when they begged her NOT to use the veto, when she knows that they were just going to go with their big alliance and vote Kevin out? That should be even MORE apparent after what just happened with Ian! If they won’t vote Tyler out over Ian, do you really think they would have voted him out over Kevin? Obviously, if that’s the case, they were LYING to you, when they were begging you not to use the veto and telling you they would do so!

Wake up DaVonne! Think a little bit about the things that are going on around you, and maybe you can figure things out, and quit blaming the wrong person.


so dear Memphis you cannot win if you go against

you could win if you take
or David

you would never win America’s favorite (not after (bullying and the n word)

let’s see if he is not gonna waste his HOH again

Cant wait til Sssscole, dani and shiitmas are shown the eviction door lol

FYI Sssssscole look at those lines across your forehead. botox?

Game fan

Memphis is not beating cody
No way
I don’t know if anyone can


If Memphis knew about Dani’s power, he probably would put up Dani for feeling too comfortable& not using her HOH power.
He should put up Xmas for just telling him she had a power.
Or put up Nicole and say I’m putting you up because you seem like you miss Ian.


Honestly, hearing Nicole’s voice and her endless whining and whinging is torture. So yeah, Memphis…please PLEASE put up so she can hang out with Ian.

Now, when did Memphis use the N-word? He really is just up there with Dani & Christmas as unlikeable and intolerable people.


He didnt, people just wishing he did after he paused for a sec


Latina, there was no n word. Even Memphis haters said the same.


Dani says no. Says he suggested David.
Nicole – he said Thursday he’ll tell us who to vote for

and THESE are all-stars! Unbelievable

Game fan

Danni replay in : we don’t have to listen

joseph rabon

Who in the hell is shitmas


The crappiest Christmas ever….. It’s actually a nickname she earned from season 19

Barney Rubble

Kevin’s peanut butter supplier and an avid supporter of Rockstar’s daughter’s next door neighbor’s friend.


If Enzo and Cody weren’t as close as they are, Memphis’ plan would be so good. He would effectively have final twos with every person in the Wise Guys since he has his final two with Cody, just made the final two with Enzo, and he knows that once Tyler goes, Christmas will only have him. The only problem is that Cody and Enzo will definitely cut Memphis out when it comes down to it and it’s going to be difficult to cut Tyler with Cody, Enzo, and Christmas wanting to keep him in the game.


Simon/Dawg I just left you a tip. I mean the fact that you have to endure these Idiots to add posts that we all enjoy is well worth it. I hope it helps pay the Kraken bill! I’ve been a Follower 12 years now. I use diff screen names but every year you guys rock!

Gerry Ander

Calling Christmas that has me leaving this website. I would visit daily but since a douchebag is being a douchebag cya…..


LMAO. Gerry, will be missed.

Golden Gate Granny

Dontcha love it when they make it that easy? It’s like the trash taking itself out.


Bye Felicia


Gerry Ander, I am asking this as a serious question. Are you upset at Simon for the name he substituted for Christmas (1) because you like Christmas? OR (2) because, on a religious note, you don’t think the day of Jesus’ birth should have such a substitution?


I’d bang Christmas and those fine ass legs of hers…..js


Ok, I don’t even play for that team and I’d say she has a banging bod (though I’m not sure about all that ink) …but she seems to be that kind of hot girl that could flip to psycho crazy stalky clinging in a hot min.

All Stars???

Well if you do, be careful of flying dildos when you p*ss her off.

another name

This is a Memphis hoh:

I have a plan, you don’t need to know my plan
My plan is great.
Just wait until thursday when i tell you how to vote, and do what i say.
Now get off my damn lawn.

another name

Essentially, This.

bb memphis.jpg
another name

Don’t worry. I added the “new alliance” to my charting.
Here is the graphic

bb wise guys graphic.jpg
Golden Gate Granny


Michele Smith

That is hilarious!


God Bless Photoshop.

another name

Lol. If only my laptop didn’t crash or freeze if I try to do more than quick easy changes. I’d be photoshopping the alternate dimension anti Grod version of what this season should have looked like.

My 2 cents

Cody-pendent!!!! LOL! You have a gift, another name.

another name

UK mutt with a dash of Icelandic ancestry. Odd deadpan sarcasm and conspiracy theories seems to be the result.

My 2 cents

I really hope you are in a career that makes use of your talents! If you’ve written any books, I wanna know!

another name

Multiple Careers with concurrent night jobs in Hospitality.
Haven’t seriously written in about 15 years, but still creating Art (just haven’t shown for a while).
Every career I’ve had was deemed non-essential when Covid began. meh.

All Stars???

And it’s actually working for him. LOL



Daisy mae

Like the lawn bit funny!


I call this All Stars Floater Edition. For example, Last week Memphis Nicole and Cody threw the HOH. Dani wanted to but wasn’t fast enough. This week I knew Memphis would go for the HOH, because his name came up as a possinle nom last week. Meanwhile. Dani could have played but didn’t use her power. Nicole should have tried to save Ian and let Dani make the choice, but didn’t Worst all strars season ever.


Wait wait wait, Tyler is more dangerous than Cody??? Do any of these people watch Big brother? Cody is 100% going to make it to final 2 again


I’m so disappointed in DAYVONNE! I’m done giving her passes! She does not believe David and at all! David has a wayyyy better idea of what’s going on over Kev n Day! Then two are lost at sea….. I salute you David for having their back even when they don’t even trust me! Sad thing is neither side wants to work with you…. At least you have your word and integrity at the end of the Day! DAYVONNE will feel so foolish when she gets out of the house! To the point she mind as well go back to dealing poker! Reality TV IS NOT FOR YOU

My 2 cents

David has lied to her multiple times. She believes Nic won’t betray her, again, because she voted for her to win. Nic’s mom even told her not to betray her. So David is the “Boy who cried wolf” and Nic is Pinnochio, but the slots prevent her nose from growing. Ian was supposedly her untouchable. Why would anyone whine and beg so much for someone to stay and then vote them out? Human logic would say “wolf crying boy” lied again. I don’t think we should fault Da for thinking that. I wish she didn’t, and hope Nic does confess. But I’m not holding my breath.

Bb 22

Davonne never even deserved a second chance to play big brother!

It took Davonne three seasons to LITERALLY get her ironic LITTLE VETO
to win her first competition.

I mean for god sake even Victoria and Jenn City won a veto in their first season.

Her (Day) physical comp skills are horrendous, and she voted with the house majority for 4 straight weeks to start this season.

Her social game sinks her everytime I mean Bay and Day continued to make each other a target by Telling Christmas they are untouchables and in week 5 after Christmas nominated Bayleigh and Davonne
davonne basically threw bayleigh under the bus when she told Christmas about how Bayleigh wanted
Tyler’s head on a platter? And still thinks a final 2 is personal information when everybody knows a final 2 in big brother is strictly game! After three seasons davonne still can’t even separate game from personal.

She continues to prove why she got 16th place in her original season.

So many houseguest have deserved a second chance over Davonne!


Da won’t feel foolish when she gets out, she said earlier that she never watches her seasons. So that is the answer as to why she never learns from her past mistakes.

another name

Didn’t we decide after Julie started promoting the Committee when it was a non-entity waaay back during week 2/3 that was the planned production model?

another name

Until veto is a bumper cars smash up derby… and Xmas wins the veto.


If the guys are smart they would definitely send out Davonne before Kevin. She’s hostile and has too much of a hold on the girls’ ears – who are still dumb enough to believe a vagina somehow equates to loyalty.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Warning – long post — skip it if you don’t like long reads.

Memphis Strategy: Create pre-game F2 -then implement mid-game attack with F4

The warnings were there regarding Memphis sitting back watching, getting to know everyone absorbing how they all play, conduct themselves, who talks, who is trustworthy, who is most closely aligned etc, etc.

The thing is ‘The Wise Guys’ plan has Dan written all over it. It’s a similar situation to his season when he and Dan took Keesha and Jerry with them to F4.

Xmas was a no-brainer female pick for Memphis b/c:
-Most loyal female to him/talks most game with him
-Most athletic female for any physical/endurance comp
-Has NO ISSUE taking out Dani or Nicole
-Unpopular in house
-Memphis WOULD beat her in F2
-Her HOH she protected Commity (even to her detriment) unlike Dani
-Doesn’t push her own protection/agenda like Nicole (who Memphis is onto BIG TIME – out of Dani/Nicole he wants Nic gone first)
-She won’t take Cody to F2 & he can explain to her why Enzo is too popular to take

As for putting Enzo in both ‘Wise Guy’ alliances another understandable pick:
-Memphis genuinely likes him (prob the most)
-During his counter stakeout, he saw Cody/Enzo bond. That’s important (*see below)
-Enzo/Xmas/Memphis are a trio voting block (4 w/Cody)
-Taking Enzo to F2 isn’t wise (popularity) but knows Cody/Xmas also know that with anticipated bitter jury
-Big key — Enzo doesn’t know or study dates. Pivotal comps at end are date related & he already knows he can beat Enzo/Xmas in physical comps.
-He likes Tyler a lot BUT… he can’t bring both Cody (his pre-arranged F2) & Tyler deep especially since Ty likes/is liked by same people (Cody/Xmas/Enzo).

*The best part of the plan is placating Cody. Based on Memphis observations he suspects Cody wants to bring Nic/Dani deep. Example: anyone else doing what Dani did last week (going rouge) would’ve made them a target & ditto for the tolerance of Nic working the house all week to flip the votes to keep Ian. To wit: when Nic is whining & Memphis says ‘well if it’s that hard we can send you to jury next‘. They laugh — Memphis leaves — Nic stays on with Cody seeking affirmation that Mem was kidding.

Bringing Enzo allows Cody to have an ally/friend & he can tell Cody how Nic/Dani hate both him/Xmas so they are perfect allies to bring deep & still keep their F2.

Not that it will stop Memphis from getting ousted long before the Wise Guys can make it to F8 let alone F4.

The counter:
Dani/Nic already recognize Memphis/Xmas need to be split and Cody has discussed it with the ladies & Enzo. Cody had originally put his sights on Xmas but given Memphis HOH win he may shift the target (depending on how comfortable he is still bringing Nic/Dani/Enzo deep) & have his pleebs focus on Memphis instead. That’s why the Wise Guy plan might be coming at the right time to offer Cody (and Enzo & Xmas pause).

New School vs. Old School: While Cody made his strategy BEFORE the game Memphis only made his F2 & waited to assess the house before finalizing the best overall players to take from a strategic standpoint.

The potential barriers: Enzo is most popular & has adeptly maneuvered with everyone thinking he has their back. He’s seemingly done a great job with Memphis too. The question is whether Enzo tells Cody about the 2nd Wise Guy alliance (or Memphis does). If the latter, this could be a test by both to have a reason to oust Enzo but seems unlikely.

Christmas has used her wiles to make F2 alliances with Tyler, Memphis & tried with Enzo & has numerous multi player alliances. The thing is I’m not sure I’m buying that Xmas is as close to Memphis as she is Tyler. She began hanging out more with Memphis to shift target off her/Ty so to avoid going on block together. Dani hasn’t let up on Ty/Xmas & Day is going along (but is she? – sure seems like both Day/Kev had brain f*arts today — but that feels very much like Grodner script changes – they can’t be THAT dumb can they?)

Of the 2, Xmas is more likely to tell Ty than Enzo – Cody about the Wise Guys. Ty already knows he’s a big target but KNOWING this information would show him how comfy Enzo/Memphis are which is critical intel he could use with Dani/Nic/Day or Cody if necessary. That is one of the flaws with the plan — if it’s leaked they won’t know if it’s Xmas/Enzo who told – although it’s easier to say Xmas if THAT Wise Guy alliance gets leaked but Enzo could purposely do that to take out Xmas.

I mean it’s all semantics b/c this is yet another Grodner driven season with only DE ever allowing for shifts. Still — it’s fun to dive into strategies.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Cody unfortunately) he has FIVE F2’s with 10 people remaining.

I had a super long post similar to the one where I outlined strengths/weaknesses & allies but this one broke down the new dynamics post Dani HOH/reaching jury. Unfortunately, the power went out & when it came back I’d lost the entire post I’d been working on for a couple hours UGH.

I’ll revisit it when I have time but I did have a specific person who could usurp TPTB golden boy under a very specific sequence of events.


I think Memphis has the wrong people for his strategy. I really don’t see Enzo or Cody doing whatever he wants. I think xmas will definitely be a loyal soldier.


Dayvonne is by far the worst player i’ve ever seen. Her quickness to go against her own allies is seriously messed up . She talks BLM but yet calls another Black man an uncle Tom. I honestly think she’s jealous of David for the mere fact he has better rapport with the other housemates. All good , she can take her shit emotional gameplay to the jury house next week.


Memphis sounds like a total asshole. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to work for him. WhaT a nightmare.

another name

Memphis nominated:


I hope Day gets voted off 7-0.

David's Acting Coach

Hooray! David will likely see another week due to his brilliant acting.

Dropping a Duece in Frisco

Day and Kevin the two biggest victims in the house. This will be a long week.

another name

Wait… we’ve seen five plus days of Nicf crying when she isn’t a nom or in any danger whatsoever because she thinks it will make her look sympathetic to the viewers… and she doesn’t crack the profesional victim top spot??? Are you kidding?


Why do they all seem to want David to stay so bad all of a sudden? Or is it just that they want either Davonne or Kevin to go to split them up?


Yea idk what’s up with that.


Simon!!! My Dawg!! (see what I did there ;-))

Had to stop reading and post immediately…

This line is savage!!  “Nicole probably (Grod will make the final 4 HOH a test of HJ stamina)” – Simon [The Great]


Sorry for double post everyone, but I just couldn’t help it. Also, I don’t need any responses and please, lets just leave the political climate or political thoughts out of this…but Day agreeing that David is an “Uncle Tom” is horrible on so many levels.

She’s a horrible player that thinks she is a poker player instead of a dealer. She doesn’t realize she is the cooler instead of a rounder. Her throwing her own race under the bus like that is a bad look and while I’ve always thought she was worthless and horrible, this line has brought her to a new low for me. By the way, I’m white so really my opinion on this topic is naïve but I thought I’d share it nonetheless.