Dani “It sucks but Ian has to be the sacrificial lamb to keep us going farther in this game.”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David, Kevin, Ian and Tyler
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony – Da’Vonne used the veto on Kevin. Ian nominated in his place.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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HOH room. Cody, Enzo, Dani, Nicole.
They’re talking about how Enzo’s hair is “f**ked up” in the back. Enzo – then Thursday clean it up. Cody – no, there is no way to clean it up. You literally went bald. Dani – its literally like a big circle. Enzo – yeah that’s the style. Dani – that’s what’s cool during COVID. Ezno – I did that in the back of my head. Cody – OH MY GOD YOU DID THAT!? WHAT THE F**K! I thought like your hair didn’t grow there. Enzo – no I did it last night with the f**king shaver. Enzo – why did you do that?!!! Enzo – because I thought I was cleaning up the back of my neck. It happens YO! Cody – no it doesn’t! You’re not allowed to touch your f**King hair unless I’m in the bathroom.

Cody – so what are we going to do on Thursday? I already know how mine is going to go down… Yo I decided to keep Tyler over Ian. Its as simple as that! Dani – you’re going to say that? Okay be honest, would you be upset if we pretended to be shocked? Cody – no! Dani – because I don’t want to throw you under the bus but also I want to save face for us with her. Cody – here is the thing, I think you guys pretending to be shocked .. like she is going to see right through it. If its a five to three vote she is going to see right through it. Dani – that just means that you and Enzo flipped though. Nicole – and David. Dani – no because it would be David, Kevin and Her. Oh so it would be David, you, Enzo .. Memphis we’re not expecting and Christmas she is not expecting. So it would literally be falling on you, Enzo and David. Cody – so my thing is, I am going to tell her straight up beforehand. I am not voting out Tyler. Dani – you’re going to say it right before? Cody – I am not going to bullsh*t her. Dani – but remember if its not a blindside Ian is going to know. Cody – oh f**k yeah. Dani – and I know as much as we don’t want to blindside him .. it is also .. he could for whatever reason he could say something about us too. Nicole – I don’t know why we can’t just tell everyone one? Why can’t we because you think he will expose us? Dani – you don’t think he will? Nicole – MMmmmmMMMmm. We could just say everyone but me a Cody.. Oh because he (Ian) thinks he has Kevin’s vote. He will be confused. It won’t work. Cody – I am going to try to see really where Kevin’s head is at. Dani – Kevin is never going to tell you. He told me if he is HOH said he would put up Memphis and David. There is no way in hell he would put up David! Stop it! Stop it! There is no way! Like he is on another planet! He has no idea what is happening in this house. Cody – and he (Kevin) is willing to end friendships if someone doesn’t use the veto on him. Dani – I told you he said the same thing to me though. Nicole – its terrible strategy .. I would say guess what I don’t need you, I only need 5 votes. Dani – but is literally going to use that every single week. He has used it twice this week already. Nicole – and it worked. Dani – he said at the jury round table if you sent him home he said don’t even ask me a question. They put my life in jeopardy. I am not voting for them. Nicole – that is fine! That is bitter! Dani – but that is like another level of bitter! Like I am not even playing the game. And not to be whatever its All Stars ..put on your big boy pants and vote!

Backyard. Tyler and David.
Tyler – I am not going to be early jury.. If I am .. I am going home. Big Brother switches the feeds.

7:30pm HOH room. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – It sucks but Ian has to be the sacrificial lamb to keep us going farther in this game. Also Nicole he is not going to hold it against you. You guys are going to be friends with him outside of here. I promise you. Nicole – I don’t know. Dani – you want to know why.. because he is not freakin Kevin. He is Ian. He loves Big Brother and he is a good sport. His thing about not going to jury is pretty lamb but he is not going to hold it against you. Look what he did to Boogie and they’re still friends. I promise you he is not going to hold it against you. Nicole – but if I had a choice I would not be doing this you know what I mean. But otherwise I would be going home next week. Dani – YUP! Nicole – my hands are really tied. I have to fix things with Day .. but I shouldn’t have to fix anything.. she screwed me today. Dani – uh ya me too. This is going to bring us closer to Tyler. He is shocked, amazed and appreciative. Nicole – the comity has saved me week after week after week.. the least I can do is vote out my friend. If Ian was in the reverse situation I know he would vote me out. Dani – he would.

HOH room. Ian and Dani.
Dani – I am so sorry! I didn’t know what to do! I’ve nominated half the house. I didn’t know what to do. Ian – I know. Dani – I feel horrible. Ian – the thing that scares me and you could end up sending home someone that is not going after you at all. Dani – I know. You have the votes! Ian – I know but I am already hearing resistance. Dani – who!? Ian – I have heard former winner. He is really close to Nicole so lets get him out. Dani – who said that? Ian – Kevin. The only thing I would say is I do not want to be the first to jury .. if I am the first person to jury.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

8:30pm Backyard Corn Hole. Cody, Memphis, Tyler and Nicole.

9pm Hammock. Kevin and Day.
Kevin – I still don’t get why he (Tyler) is not shook. Day – I think he has the votes. Kevin – Ian said that he has the votes already. Ian said to me if you don’t vote for me it will be a red flag to the rest of the house. Day laughs. These people threaten. Their approach is to threaten. Mob mentality .. He said he had one vote .. Nicole. Ian joins them.

9:17pm Backyard couches. Kevin and Enzo.
Kevin – between me and you .. he low key threatened me. Enzo – Ian? Kevin – yeah. Enzo – holy sh*t!? Keven – how did he campaign to you ..because the first thing he said to me was if you don’t vote for me it will be a red flag to the others. Enzo – OH Sh*t! Kevin – and the others? Enzo – yeah who are these others yeah? Who are the others?! He was like the people that would be voting for me to stay. And I was like who is voting for you to stay? So basically I am cornering him because who are you threatening me with. Ezno – this sh*t got reversed. This guy hasn’t worn jeans all season. This motherf**ker ain’t got jeans on like its Friday and he’s at work. So do we get the camp out already!? But I don’t think both of them are coming after me. I told him right now you have my vote but .. Big Brother switches the feeds.

9:33pm Lounge room. Ian and Memphis.
Ian – obviously I am not happy about it .. it kind of makes me feel like I am out of the loop or something. What I think it comes down to is Tyler is one of the top players in here.. before I left my mom who watches it says that he is real good. Memphis – yeah. Ian – so I think when you get a look at someone like that and its a clean shot I think it would be crazy to send me out when I haven’t done sh*t. Memphis – Yeah I definitely think that but to be honest .. I feel the same way about you. Ian – WHAT?! Fair enough! Memphis – but that is what Dani putting you up makes this so much more interesting. I am going to talk to Tyler tomorrow and then circle back to you. Do you think you can get the votes? Ian – I think I can.

9:36pm Bathroom. Nicole and Dani.
Nicole – if its 8 – 0 .. I will be mad. I will give him a pity vote. We need to know where the votes lie at the end of the week. Dani – Nicole you cannot give him a pity vote because if they flip then I am standing there like a freaking idiot. Nicole – I know. But I am saying they probably will not flip. Dani – but they will not tell us either way. Why would they tell us?! Nicole – I know but I have to think about my game too. Dani – I know that but you also can’t be playing for 1 jury vote and screw me over. Nicole – it is not for a jury vote its for my moral compass. Dani – but you would screw me over. You would stand there and make me vote to evict him in front of everyone. Nicole – its something to consider if they’re flipping.. Dani – but why would you ever believe anything they say. You don’t think they would just lie to you? Nicole – two weeks ago you wouldn’t even entertain the idea of lying to Day and getting Kevin out of the house. Dani – it was never about Ian ever ever ever. We need to remember that she is playing all sides of the game. She is playing everyone .. every single person in this house.

10:45pm Backyard couches. Enzo and David.
Enzo – I feel bad for Ian but you won this sh*t yo! You got money! I am good, just send him to the f**king jury house. Its the place that you’ve never seen before and now you’re going to see it. F**k it! And lets move on to Thursday and lets win this motherf**king HOH! YO! Lets win this sh*t! Lets make some moves! David – if Tyler goes and he comes back and really wants to play .. he wins.. Enzo – you and me are good. He is not coming after us. Dani! Let him go after Dani! David – Dani put me up.. let him take her out. Enzo – I don’t give a f**k yo! You and me are chilling! alright?! Who do you want us to vote out. David – I need a bigger target than me. Enzo – that’s what I’m saying .. Yo Tyler win HOH and just let us know who we voting out .. that’s it! Yo I’ll walk in the HOH with you… YO TEAM FREEZE MOTHERF**KER! Who you putting up?! That’s it! I don’t care yo! David – as much as I would like someone else.. its mine yo! Enzo – yeah, if I’m there I’ll give it to you. I will f**king answer it wrong so you can take it. David – people be taking sniper shots at me .. I’ve got a bullet proof vest.. I’m back! What’s up!? Kevin joins them.

Bedroom. Nicole and Ian.
Nicole – I am going to do my best so that you stay in this game. Ian – okay. Nicole – I was just letting you make your rounds today and letting you see what people say. I mean its only Tuesday tomorrow and Tyler will start campaigning tomorrow or Wednesday. I don’t know if people tell me the truth knowing we’re close. Ian – if I go home on someone elses mistake .. If I have to stay in jury .. I am going to not vote for people that were most responsible because and if I go if its a mistake .. its a bad mistake and whoever fault that was they’re going to be held accountable for it. Nicole – yeah. You leaving is so bad for me. Ian – its bad for a lot of people. I am going to campaign for you to stay.

11:24pm – 11:45pm HOH room. Nicole and Dani.
Nicole whispers – this is the worst thing for my game. Dani joins her. Nicole – Ian talked to me for the first time about this. Basically I just feel bad. I feel real bad. He thinks that Tyler is going to to be sitting in final two and we’re all going to be shaking our heads. Dani – why does he think that.. Nicole – he has a very good feeling that he’s going to be leaving. I think this is such a mistake. It is so bad. Dani – the comity does not want it.. they want Tyler. Nicole – only two people want him. Dani – you’re right. But if we go against the comity it puts us in the worst spot in the house. Nicole – it will make us bigger targets. Dani – if you feel that way, have a conversation with Memphis. Nicole – I feel so responsible. Dani – you do, I put him up.

1:30am Havenot room. Ian, Day and David are now sleeping.

1:40am HOH room. Dani using a cushion to write out the days / events of the season..

7:52 am sleeping yo

9:40 am WAking up YO

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Another Cu

Production must have gotten in Dani’s ear. Why the F would she switch that fast?


I think that she’s seen that Day can’t be trusted and she certainly doesn’t want to go against her alliance members by voting out Tyler. In a way I kind of hate that Ian is going to be the victim…I think that he’s one of the smartest people in the house. I like Tyler too but he really screwed his game trying to rat out Dani. If it was me, I’d vote Tyler out…

I really hope that Kevin is the next casualty. He keeps messing everything up!


I want Tyler to stay and go after Dani, Nicole and Cody. Ian wouldn’t do it.

The Beef

Clearly you are right! Dani wouldn’t have just switched targets from Tyler to Ian for no apparent reason, and I don’t buy her changing her mind because her alliance members don’t like it. If she was going to do that, she would never have put him up in the first place. She’s too smart for that. She set her sights on Tyler, and production didn’t like the way things were going, so a quick change was implemented, and Ian is now the sacrificial lamb.

Sucks for Ian. Actually it sucks for the game, and I would say the integrity of the game, but it’s pretty clear now that there is no game integrity left with Big Brother. It’s pretty much a joke with all of the pre-game alliances and production interference, and that’s a damn shame.


It’s “Big Brother”, they are the ones in control of this game. They control the narrative. I’m surprised how many people forget that.


If they controlled it so much Janie would have stayed or battled back.


I agree with you, she has completely changed her tune from her long talk with Day after Day won the Veto. It’s not making sense. Tyler is pouting and won’t stay in jury so they will cater to him, let the baby go home!


Ian said he wouldn’t either.


Maybe but what has Ian done this season to stay in the game ? Nothing .


Exactly, when she was talking to Day she said she needs Tyler out of the house. He was the one that was throwing her under the bus. She told Day she understood if Day uses it, now she’s freaking out and needs Tyler to stay. Such a snake and a liar!


they all lie part of the game


Flag name – vile

Roisin Dubh

DUde, this is typical Dani. The only time she was laser focused was on Rachel and Rachel ended up winning that war.


There are a lot of reasons this season is a major let down. The pregame alliance is at the top of the list. It altered the trajectory of the game from Day One. If the HGs had to form alliances organically inside of the house, I think we would be watching a very different game.

P.S. – Just sent you guys a tip. You deserve it for listening to Nicole cry and whine on these feeds all day. I couldn’t watch. I had to read your summary instead.

Golden Gate Granny

I ditto SanDiegoGal’s P.S. ’cause that was me today too! Thanks for shredding your ears for us. Tip sent from me too.


The first HoH comp being handed to Cody solidified the horrible setting for this season. Cody was able to see the unstable platforms still wiggling while everyone else had to wait until they stopped.


Yup & the first hoh comp was blatantly rigged on favour of a male winner with more men advancing to the final comp. I’m still so angry the women had to work twice as hard as the men in that ball challenge. Janelle almost got to then end twice.

Imagine if she had won the first hoh? Her and Kaysar could have formed bonds with other HouseGuest’s to take on the pregame alliance. And even if the other side won the following week, they would still have the safety suite to fall back on.

The season went to sh** as soon as Cody won that first HOH


I wouldn’t say it was intentionally rigged but just very poorly thought out and there was little consideration about making sure each phase was of similar difficulty. The fact Julie figured out AFTER Cody went that players seeing the stepping stones wiggling following a run had an advantage but didn’t address his run time being much lower because she messed up is problematic.

C. D.

Both Ian and Tyler are behaving like spoiled privilege brats!! They got the opportunity to play again but anytime it’s not going their way, they threaten to take their ball and go home. Seriously?? Why did you come back? Tyler is literally saying Im not going to jury. So basically, if I don’t win this game,I’m going home?!?! What a jerk. He doesn’t even hear how that sounds. CLUELESS! And Ian.. c’mon? Seriously.. This guy has changed a lot or maybe we just wanted to ignore a lot of signs from him because of his disability. It IS possible for people with disabilities to be jerks too. We shouldn’t ignore bad, entitled behavior because he is on the spectrum. I have 3 people in my family on the spectrum. There are some things they just cant help and some things are just bad behavior. Im not sure what game Ian is playing this year but this ain’t it. Stop asking people for your vote like your running for high school president. Make deals….PLAY!!! And if you happen to get voted out anyway….. you have every right to be upset. However you made a commitment to the entire process knowing that odds for going to jury were much higher than actually winning the game.Unless Tyler and Ian were promised that they would be they last 2 standing by production, I don’t get this behavior, but it’s ugly.


For real! Tyler I’m not really surprised by but Ian I am. This whole not staying in jury thing is getting ridiculous, to the point where I find myself thinking Thursday after the votes are cast, Julie just goes ahead and let’s Ian and Tyler know they’re being relieved of the BB duties and can lock hands and walk out together. I mean, Tyler has been asking for it for awhile and I don’t exactly know what Ian’s deal is but mentioning it every 20minutes…enough already. Get it together or self evict.

King Silva

I would LOVE if they both got evicted for being little divas about potentially having to stay in jury (especially for a long time).

All of their money should be withheld and they should be black listed.

F**k players like that… Setting a strict precedent like that would make people wise up.

Of course they love Tyler so that would never happen.

I really liked him his first season but he has been a total let down this second time. I can’t stand quitters and whiny little b*tches..


That’s right, let’s just destroy their lives because they are acting like spoiled brats. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Just send them on their way and be done with it.



I think your last point is what at the essence of both Ty & Ian’s angst.

Ian pre-gamed with Nicole who said he’d be protected with the group & production offered them all specific positions obviously based on feeds.

Ty wasn’t in the pre-game (or very little) from what I’ve garnered. And, the minute he tried to actually play the game with truths he got nailed by Day/Bay sharing his info just as they did with Kaysar, Janie & Ian. If you put yourself in Ty’s shoes – Ian spilled the entire house structure to the trio & then Day/Bay told Nic and Ian confessed. But he didn’t get targeted like Ty did (for telling the truth) b/c Nicole essentially protected him & also said she’d be fine with him leaving — when it was his time.

The other thing with Tyler is he offered up his game so Bay/Day could both stay – it’s fact b/c Grodner had to come in & threaten not to pay him the $40k he was set to make leaving just prior to jury. The fact both Enzo/Cody also said Dani needed to go & heard Dani rant about wanting Bay/Day out is also interesting. Remember that even on the main show I think it was Bay that asked Enzo in front of Dani whether she did say she wanted her out & Enzo said YES SHE DID – Dani got mad but never held it against Enzo (could it be b/c he’s better positioned with Cody?).

The thing is Dani went off script bc based on their big alliance Day should’ve been the renom – not Tyler so if she stuck to the alliance goals then it would’ve been Tyler & Kevin on the block b/c Day would’ve saved herself. Soooooooo that’s why Dani has to backtrack from her own agenda to take out Tyler b/c she already screwed up the alliance once by doing her own thing.

I’m not saying it’s isn’t BS that they are both threatening. But this season seems to be the season of threats anyway. If i have to hear one more person threaten to leave or to refuse to vote for anyone that votes them out — UGH.

another name

The rest of the alliance bought that Dani didn’t nom Da because of the public optics of all three POC on the block in one week (the same week as being told about outrage regarding treatment of Ian) as too much public vilification to be handed to one person in one week.

I think Tyler was contacted by Derrick. His description of meeting Derrick on a rooftop bar was pretty specific.

Do you think it’s possible that production weighed the pros and cons of Ian staying? I think they said to themselves Ian has been complaining a lot about lock downs, his health has been spotty, and the public scrutiny in regard to Ian being mocked needs to be addressed because it’s affecting some of the season stars? I get the feeling they did a hard 180 from Ian is off limits to Ian should be removed because the mocking isn’t going to stop. Best to tear off that bandaid now. Sounds awful to pull the victim out of the situation as reward to the aggressors, but it would fit with past examples.


Hey Another Name,

I think it’s a combination of factors. I don’t think they believe Ian will continue to be mocked. The hamsters have been warned which is evident by their sudden quantity and quality of interactions. Nic constant effusive claims of closeness have been spoken more in four days than she has the entire season.

To your point, I think Ian’s health has been an issue and he’s been trying to leave for quite a few weeks.

As per the Derrick thing – Did he clarify that was specifically tied to All-Stars? B/c I recall him complaining to someone about the pre-gaming that he wasn’t part of (Enzo? Ian?). And remember it was Angela who said yes for him & she had to convince him & I know he thought Kaycee was going to be there. (Didn’t she have an issue with COVID-19?).

But I still think the main one is this past week’s events. I always felt the Bay/Day intel sharing & belief in Dani was orchestrated rather than genuine. For Day to use the POV yesterday means she sees the lay of the land. Plus Dani/Cody targeted her in the comp & Enzo confirmed she said it so it’s TPTB protecting their love triangle.

At that point Ty probably felt – great – I’m not in the “chosen group” but on top of that TPTB are sabotaging my game & now they’re painting me a certain way in the narrative – screw it — just let me leave so Bay/Day can stay and play. There is no way the hamsters don’t know Grodner had to come in and threaten to take his money if he left & logically that came with some sort of promise but then Dani went off book to do what she wanted.

You’ve noted how CBS owns their asses with the contracts BUT he’d have one hell of a story if the plot line was massaged with him looking bad & being forced to stay when he was trying to help Day/Bay. Even if they sued him – it wouldn’t be a good look if he walked w/o the money anyway & then told the real story.

Why Ian became the target over Xmas, Memphis or Enzo I’m assuming is also multi-tiered – this trio will all protect Cody (more than Ian would) and presumably will also work with Ty.

My question to you — is do you think Dani gets punished for going rouge?

another name

The thing about Tyler: I think he did get contacted by Derrick, but went rogue from the Dan/Derrick line by pregaming himself with Christmas and with David through Ovi (as well as Josh and Kaycee) in order to create his own back up. We know that Christmas is a friend of Angela.

As far as Ian: the latest isn’t the first warning, and I don’t see Memphis and Christmas stopping, they egg each other on too much with the hateful parts of their personalities, and Memphis thinks he has cart blanche from one of the exec producers.

Having seen the contract (long story), and knowing there is a gag order involved, he’d have to wait five years, I think it was, to tell the story or basically lose any money he’d make if he talked. There’s a reason why I say owns their asses even after finale.

I’m still trying to decide if Dani went rogue or if Dani is being pulled into the same divergent storylines running concurrently mess that Christmas was used to create last week.

Golden Gate Granny

It must be REALLY bad in the jury house coming from such a long SIP & quarantine. We’re all a lil mad this year. Crazy times. They are human. We’ll see what is really true soon enough.

And… they ARE campaigning to stay for $500k, so all stones should be tried and turned.


Neither one has ever been in the jury house.

Golden Gate Granny

I’m well aware of that. I’ve also heard many corroborating horror stories from past HG’s.

Michele Smith

It’s a PAID vacation at the jury house.
Seriously, if grown ass men & women can’t handle staying at a beautiful mansion for a week on their own……
Then they are spoiled children who deserve absolutely NOTHING!

Golden Gate Granny

Humanity check: Mansions and money don’t equal love and comfort or ANY true soul needs. Especially with handlers up your ass 24/7 making sure you’re staying completely isolated.

This is NOT a typical year or BB season. I haven’t lost MY humanity and I won’t apologize for that. I care more about a handful of these people WAY more than the Corporate Soul Sucking Machine that is Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan that will offer the moon and stars and sleep just fine after crushing souls and breaking promises.

Others I’m fine with getting chewed up by the machine… they’ll never be anything but entitled “me me me” narcissists.


Golden Gate Granny, did you ever get my email about your OBB account? check spam if you didn’t .. just making sure. 🙂

Golden Gate Granny

I did. And you’re so sweet, YO! (lol) Thanks much. xoxox


Awesome just making sure.. yo 🙂

Golden Gate Granny

I’m in Glitchland. Sowwy. Check your email please?


I agree with you. It must be rough slumming it in a beautiful mansion for a month or two. On a side note, I live in Michigan and we have what the weather people are calling a smoke haze from the fires going on in the west. I’m so sorry for what you folks are going through out there. I walked outside this morning and I could slightly smell it. The smell only lasted a few minutes but it was there. You hang in there as this too shall pass. Have a nice day, Sherry.

Golden Gate Granny

Thanks so much, Sherry. This is becoming a yearly thing here and it’s getting worse each summer. I miss open windows. I miss my mouth not feeling like the bottom of a fireplace, no matter how much it’s rinsed. I want my eyes to stop behaving like a runny nose. I miss the sun and FRESH air equally. Everything is covered in ashes, AGAIN, inside and out. I’m grateful I haven’t lost my home (yet) and my heart is broken for all our friends & family who have.

My tolerance for climate deniers is gone. We need rain that we’re not going to get any time soon. When we finally do? It will be back to back to back “atmospheric rivers” that will be new disasters with catastrophic flooding and major mudslides. This has been the pattern (worse each year) for the past several years here.

This planet is PISSED and we humans need it… it doesn’t need us. I feel like it’s trying to shake us off like the parasites we’ve become.

We’re being told that our air quality here right now is like this… spending just one hour outside is the equivalent of smoking 400 cigarettes in the same amount of time. Sorry for the venting. Tough times, yo. Thanks for caring. Truly.


I cannot Imagine, just seeing it on the news is so heartbreaking.
People do not deserve this planet.
Nothing to do with bb, just a little rant.


Move to Michigan, we don’t have those problems yet. It’s actually a very pretty state, especially the UP.


Ian’s never had a chance and I believe he has known its since the beginning. He never found footing in this game unable to crack the power alliance and the other side of the house couldn’t get power to save their lives.

I too am disappointed with his game play this year but as a former winner (apparently NicF being one isn’t a threat tho) he had no shot.

Also you are wrong about people on the spectrum. My brother is autistic and a fully functioning college student but they do lack the social awareness many of us without being on the spectrum have. Ian may be a dick, but it is likely people with autism are more straightforward and say what they feel rather than try and account for others feelings — hence the autism.

I dont think Ian is mean for what it is worth. Nobody wanted to play this game with him this year. He had no shot in my opinion


I agree with most of what you say – but don’t feel he had no one to play the game with. Janelle & Kaysar were both eager to play with him (and Tyler for that matter) but neither they or Bay/Day were willing to stick their necks out early.

Consider if Ian, Tyler, Bay, Day specifically had listened for one second or thought this through they could’ve stopped much of what happened. In fact, they could of held the majority alliance with Janie, Kaysar, Ty, Ian, Day, Bay, and likely Christmas joining due to Tyler. The side shoots of that alliance would’ve been Kevin, Nicole A, Keesha and David and guess where Enzo would’ve wanted to be since that means only 4 main pre-arranged hamsters would’ve formed the other side: Cody, Memphis, Dani and Nicole putting them in the down position.

Sure Cody & Memphis won the first two weeks of HOH but then Tyler, Enzo & Christmas won which means they could’ve targeted & took out Nicole, Dani, and one of Memphis or Cody. .

Ian put all his eggs in Nicole’s basket so to speak. Even his alliances are limited to just the 4-some of Nic/Cody & Dani— that’s it plus his F2 with Nic & insurance policy with Ty.

In fairness, I do think Production & pre-gaming screwed the season but I also fully believe if Janie/Kaysar were kept in the house to jury this would’ve been a far different season. Both Ian and Tyler elected not to rock the boat and they’re paying the price for it now. (Unfortunately).

C. D.


Michele Smith

I could not have said it better.

C. D.

Then we both have personal experience with people on the spectrum. Yes, they do lack social awareness but IMO this is NOT that. Threatening to go home instead of going to jury is not a lack of social awareness and he admitted knowing that this was poor sportsmanship. Tyler is doing it as well.. what’s his excuse? Im not excusing Ian’s or Tyler’s behavior. It’s entitlement. They have both been trying to self evict for awhile.They should have just stayed home.

Ian didn’t have a chance in his first season either. Remember his lack of social awareness with the girls while they were showering? They didn’t know he was autistic and they thought he was some pervert that they were ready to evict. What did Ian do? He played the game. Ian is smart! He knows this game better than anyone else. He knows there is a big alliance. So pitch the people who aren’t in it. Make a deal with Day/David/Kevin/Dani to keep you. These are the most moveable pieces in the house. The 3 of them are hanging on and are open to whatever will get them further. Play with them!

You said “Ian’s never had a chance and I believe he has known its since the beginning. He never found footing in this game unable to crack the power alliance and the other side of the house couldn’t get power to save their lives.”.

Your statement right there. Now Put Day/Bay/David.. it’s the same thing. Every year the same thing happens. The young white cool kids, don’t want to play with the “others” and the “nerds”. So the others and the nerds spin what little time they have in the house trying to get accepted into that group because they have some left over childhood trauma about not being included, ( Nicole A. Said she could not believe that someone like Janelle could actually liked her) Instead they should say “F@#K them” F@#K the cool kids. Let’s get together and play against them. Ian has known all along that he is not apart of that group but he has done nothing to try to change that.

It’s not that nobody wanted to play with him this year. It’s that the people HE wanted to play with didn’t want to play with him. And honestly, I haven’t seen or heard of him making ANY EFFORT to try to change that.

I like Ian.. Well I liked the old Ian. Im not so sure about this new person I’m seeing. I DO hope they send Tyler home but honestly getting Ian out isn’t the worse play either (for Dani) because the old Ian just might show up. And he and Nicole are taking each other because they are the only 2 winners. However, right now, Tyler is the bigger threat in this game and to her and I don’t like him at all.

I hope Ian wakes up and get’s his head in the game. There are absolutely plays that he can make and sitting around threatening production and the players you need to vote for you to stay aren’t it. (I think Nicole is wearing off on him)

Not Your Usual Bear

When we focus on ‘behaviors’, we lose compassion and begin viewing people as children. It is so easy to throw on a label of ‘entitled’. I would say that Ian and Tyler are among the least entitled players in the house.

I have children with disabilities. I have close friends whose children have autism. There’s nothing I find more skin crawling than assumptions about behavior.

Behavioral methods are very important in behavior management, but only if properly done. Once the labels come out, it’s a sign that expertise and non-biased analysis is lacking.

I hope your brother is doing well. But I also find it troubling that you are purporting yourself as a behavior management authority based on your kinship. It is downright damaging.

I hope people hug their loved ones and try to understand them, rather than looking at them as ‘behaviors’ that need correcting due to their own personal anxieties.

Golden Gate Granny

I wish I could hug you!

Michele Smith

Do most people on the spectrum have trouble Feeling and/or expressing empathy?


Agree 100%! I get annoyed watching HG’s make threats that reflect poor sportsmanship. But I am glad this happened. You never truly know a persons character until their backs are against the wall.

Janet austin

Kudos to CD and replies from all for fresh insights well stated.

What is big brother without deals and sub plots? Boring. Personality conflicts without goals.

Who in among the remaing HG showed creativity in initiating real play in their previous season?


Easily one of the worst seasons I’ve ever watched. A fat alliance made of all the least favorites (Cody, Memphis, Dani, Nicole, Xmas) running everything and taking out Janelle Kaysar and now Ian.

Quick notes
— Kevin shut the f.ck up bro. Nobody threatened you and you have literally no allegiances in .. what week are we in ? You have been a pawn THREE times in all stars. You are pussy and that has nothing to do with your sexual orientation – you just suck. Never forget you ratted out J+K qt every turn to the big alliance who kept using you as a pawn

— now the “cool kids” will vilify Ian in order to make themselves feel better about voting someone out instead of coming after their alliance aka the house

— day and David still have no idea wtf they are doing if they think voting Ian out is their right move.

— a truly horrible season thru and thru. I don’t even make it a focus to read these updates like I did to start the season because I honestly don’t care.

Nonetheless thank you to Simon and Dawg for their incredible work. Everyone hit the tip jar if you can at this time and let’s support our favorite Canadians!

Michele Smith

Yes thank you so much! I don’t know what I would do without your live feed updates. Because God knows what they air can be Very diff from what is actually going on in there! I love your personal observations (which are quite funny) and reading all the comments! Thanks everyone for the feed info & personal opinions as well. It’s been a wonderful escape from everything else going on the in the world right now.

another name

Feeds go to Stars every time Tyler or Ian talk about walking out of Jury.
Let’s be clear. Anyone ever seen the contract for Big Brother?
The producers and Network own their asses until the finale and beyond. They aren’t going anywhere. Not only would they lose their pay but they’d face a breach of contract suit as well.
This is just them whining. And it’s on my last nerve.

The biggest annoyance i have about Nicf and Dani’s games? It isn’t actually a bad move if they keep their story straight (they rarely do), but they have the habit of putting their words into other people’s mouths during retells. It just irks me. not strategically, just gut irk.
Something else that annoyed me. Earlier today Dani was asked directly if she had a power when there were a few people discussing the powers. Dani said no, she doesn’t.
I’m trying to remember the arbitrary rules of season 20 and 21.
1) if you don’t have a power, you can’t lie and say you do.
2) if you have a power you can’t lie about what the power does.
3) if you have a power, you cannot lie and say you do not explicitly, you have to misdirect.
Wasn’t that the criteria?

Christmas wants to chainsaw the hammock. Christmas wanted to threaten Da’vonne not to use the veto. Christmas wants Memphis to win HOH to terrorize ‘them.’ Christmas is a malignant shrew that just can’t help wanting to season 19.

Dani and Nicf are realizing that this Season the jury is going to be bitter. Oh come on. like those two wouldn’t be bitter? Really? Welcome to new school. When did Tyler and Ian start talking frequently about wanting to leave? Right after the production house meeting saying information gleaned from wall yellers had to be discounted? Oh. Okay. So the ones that don’t like the fix being in want to go, and will be bitter in jury? The ones that weren’t in on the big pregame alliance are going to be bitter about those in the pregaming? Again, we’re surprised about this why??
Meanwhile Dani and Nicf are crumbling because Nicf is salty that Ian is on the block instead of Enzo. Let’s remember that these two are real world bff’s. But Nicf’s sponsorhips and image are on the line now. That is Nicf’s real motivation here. She’s losing cash.
body language assessment: Dani is striking defensive pose. Nicf has feet pointed to the door, body shifted away from Dani, and not looking her in the eye. mmmhmmm.
When Da enters the bathroom to talk to Dani, the body positions are Dani crossed arms one leg up (defensive mixed with judgement) Da reclined, but body aimed toward Dani, head on hand (non committal with skeptical tones). I’m muted at the moment doing some work, so i’m just going by their poses and expressions. They’re probably discussing food or something stupid and i’m assessing their relationship by the way they are sitting.

Golden Gate Granny

OMG. These dummies are gonna hinky vote out the wrong person. Just watch. These people are a piece of work. So much that Enzo isn’t even driving me nuts yet. At all. Yo 2020 has been such a weird year yo.

Ian's Puppet

In a house full of D Bags that you can’t stand and good ol’ Ian is the one going. WTF!!!! The way things are going Enzo will be next. These people and their big ego’s, it’s a wonder their heads can fit through the door. All Stars no. All sucks yes!!!!!!

Guy From Canada

See the thing is, this really feels like production is trying to keep Tyler from lea…… and OBB switches the feeds.

How frustrating can it be to get good game talk and constantly be cut off.


Yes Day — all Day long! She HAD to use the POV & all this nonsense is just whining by a large cool kids club that finally got – got. The Committee and side alliances have run the house until this week and now have to lose a number. Listening to the large group “how dare she” rants is simultaneously humorous and unbearable due to the hypocrisy of this entitled pre-arranged group.

Moving forward there are plenty of cracks in the foundation as whiny Nic doesn’t want to give up one of her many F2 shields, Dani tries to disperse as many lies she’s told onto others in an effort to diffuse the major target she put on herself while micromanaging the sh*t out of the house & Ian is reeling with threats of leaving jury or being a bitter juror. Suffice to say the house is a stir; whether organically or due to the 8 hour feed drop yesterday — but at least we have drama.

WARNING – this is a long post so skip it if you hate long posts.
Note: TPTB = The Powers That Be (or Production – Grodner)

Here’s where IMHO the house/hamsters reside after Day shook things up…

Alliance(s): Day/Kevin.
Main Ally(ies): Kevin is #1 (based on telling him about power first) F2 Day.
Targeting: Memphis & the big group – ladies probably top his list (Dani/Nic) but he’s woke to the big alliance & could shock us all with his noms.
Main Target of: Memphis – easy pawn for anyone not named Kevin, Day or Tyler
Strength/Weakness: As C.D. pointed out & I re-iterated from his previous season house alignment is his strength. Lack of experience and knowing when to leverage relationships are his weakness.
Position: Easy target of larger group & they’ll use his power denial as a reason to nominate. However, the longer he stays in the house the more likely the others are to goat him to F4.

Alliance(s): David/Day
Main Ally(ies): Day F2, David F2
Targeting: If he’s smart Cody/Nicole & Dani now that she nominated him.
Main Target of: His target grew with Day saving him – easy nom for large alliance
Strength/Weakness: Vacillates between brilliance and bizarre conspiracy theories. Decent competitor, but untrustworthy in most players minds.
Position: Although Day/David both ticked off the big group he’s noted as the best competitor of the three and therefore very vulnerable if one of the trio doesn’t win HOH.

Alliance(s): Kevin/David, Girl’s alliance, Slick 5 (only the first is real)
Main Ally(ies): F2 Kevin, F2 David, F2 Dani, F2 Nic (we know only 2 of these are real)
Targeting: Prior to this week I think she would’ve targeted Cody & Xmas primarily but now I think any of the big group are in jeopardy if she wins.
Main Target of: Cody, Nicole, Memphis, Christmas (and whether she realize it also Enzo)
Strength/Weakness: Socially she’s well liked and up until this week not being able to win comps was viewed as a plus. Her propensity to throw allies under the bus and help enemies is a big issue that could stop her getting deep in the game.
Position: She had no choice but to use the POV – but the big group are grumpy about it – with knowledge of the Girl’s alliance it increases her target with Cody/Memphis/Enzo, although that’s comical b/c both Nic/Xmas want her gone now.With more question comps upcoming that will increase her target.

Alliance(s): 4-Prime (Nic/Cody/Dani), Insurance deal with Tyler (no nom/evict)
Main Ally(ies): Nicole, Tyler (who he’s on the block with)
Targeting: We don’t know for sure whether he would’ve gone after Memphis/Xmas & likely won’t find out. He was the MOST likely to have taken a swing at Cody via backdoor to separate him from Nicole.
Main Target of: Cody & secondary priority for Memphis, Enzo, Xmas.
Strength/Weakness: Was in a catch 22- couldn’t afford to talk too much & raise his profile/target but needed to build relationships earlier. Unlikely he could’ve avoided Dani putting him up but a lack of relationship with her didn’t help. Was among first to read the house accurately but wasn’t willing to push hard enough to keep Kaysar or Janelle, though he should have. Instead he played Nic F’s game/desires. He threw comps, lying in wait until jury – doubtful anyone would’ve beat him on dates or Q&A comps.
Position: As a previous winner he’s a bigger target & b/c Tyler is more recent popular player TPTB will prefer Ty stays for ratings.

Alliance(s): Committee, Girls alliance (fake)
Main Ally(ies): F2 Tyler – close with Memphis & THINKS she’s close to Enzo
Targeting: Kevin, Day, David
Main Target of: Dani, Day, Cody, (secondary to Nic/Enzo)
Strength/Weakness: Was good with everyone then won HOH by default & put up 2 people who weren’t targeting her & got in a fight (that showed her true colors). An audio issue/wall yeller gave away her F2 with Ty & attachment to Dani. Her mouth and lack of awareness are weaknesses. She’s is in great shape and should fare well in physical comps.
Position: In the big group she’s the lowest on the totem pole & her HOH raised her profile with the others as well. NOTE: depending on whether Dani/Nic power struggle continues Xmas could be the benefactor with each spilling secrets & wanting to pull her to them. Memphis is treating her like Keesha from his season (his Victoria).

Alliance(s): Committee, Commission
Main Ally(ies): Cody F2 (very close to Christmas – reminds me of his season with Dan & Keesha)
Targeting: David & anyone not in the Commity although Enzo is gaining ground with him to keep with Dani’s micromanaging this week.
Main Target of: David, (secondary target of Dani/Enzo/Nic)
Strength/Weakness: Lying low is his forte & while he hasn’t garnered many friends with his sharp mouth it’s impossible not to give him credit for not even caring about all the double/triple/quadruple dipping occurring around him.

Position: Fact: he’s taking pain killers for his back – FACT: he stayed on the wall longer than 3 others & could’ve battled to stay up longer. Go back to laser safety zone comp where he lied on the ground to burn time & he still wasn’t that far off the other times. In fact, he’s smarter & more dialed in than anyone knows. Memphis was the only one in the Commity sans Tyler late night meeting to use logic basically saying it’s one thing to lie to her (Day) but another to punk her openly.

Side Note: Sure we know TPTB all want Cody/Nic/Dani F3 but IF Memphis got to the end how do you not give him strong consideration as champ? He’d be getting there with ONLY ONE F2 & he created the Committee? Or course bitter jurors would punish him (or anyone who heard half the things he says about the others) but the longer the game goes & he remains off the main target list the more I think his OG style of game play has to be praised.

I’m not saying we have to like his personality – but I do recognize his game play and perhaps I’m just thirsting for someone who has more OG than new school style to his game. His early morning coffees may seem innocent but he’s keenly aware of when everyone rises which tells him who was up the latest talking & who they run to the minute they rise. Likewise, he sits back either on the outside couch or inside at the counter watching to see who is scurrying, and has Cody, Xmas, Ty & occasionally others dropping tidbits in his ear but rarely shares.

Alliance(s): Committee, Four Prime, Core Four, Girl’s Alliance,
Main Ally(ies): F2 Cody, F2 Ian, F2 Dani, F3 Cody/Dani, F2/3 Day?
Targeting: Day, Xmas (b/c of this week will look to take out someone close to Day or Dani)
Main Target of: Kevin, David (Tyler? Day?), Enzo
Strength/Weakness: Clearly her strength has more to do with benefit of circumstance (pre-gaming) that put her in a very shielded position with three of the biggest house threats shielding her (Cody/Dani/Ian). Other than playing the damsel in distress and having great whining ability, in truth, her greatest strength is manipulation. Her weakness is her tells – when she’s caught in an outright lie she turns red and OVER SELLS on why it’s not a lie. Her other big weakness is she’s vengeful. One minor thing Dani told Cody had her seeing red this week and that led to getting caught in a lie b/c she overplayed trying to hurt Dani in payback mode.

Position: TPTB are committed to getting her & Cody to F2 — though we can hope that changes. Not likely the negative press would shift Grodner based on last season, but the oversell this week on her trying to fix her image got bamboozled when she threw a temper tantrum over Ian going on the block and being targeted. The big thing which could all be TPTB narrative is Dani & Nic are clearly engaged in a power struggle with each taking shots at each other. Couple that with Nic being furious at Day for using the POV and she’s not doing a great job of lying low. Still Cody and Dani would be likely be priority boots ahead of her BUT Dani proved this week if nothing else she’s willing to at least PLAY BB.

Alliance(s): Committee,, Four Prime, Core Four, Girl’s Alliance, Slick 6
Main Ally(ies): F2 Cody, F2 Nic, F2 Day
Targeting: Kevin (only now after this week), Tyler, Memphis, Xmas (Nic?) eventually Enzo
Main Target of: Tyler, David, Kevin. Need to take stock after the next 2 days to see if she adequately deflected the target onto Day, Nic, Memphis, Xmas OR if her main allies see her as a loose cannon that needs to be dealt with sooner than later.

Strength/Weakness: Micro managing is both her strength & weakness. You have to hand it to Dani- she bold faced lied to Day about the truth’s Ty told & had her ready to cut his throat. She is GREAT at catching people in lies (reading tells) and b/c she talks to EVERYONE she’s able to glean minor details & piece things together. It’s almost like the spider who lays in wait to catch the fly the way she pounces on her prey. Look at how she played Nic setting her up regarding her lie and then expertly left the HOH to let Nic stew over it & KNOWING it would result in verification via Nic’s frantic attempts to deflect upon her return.

Position: As much as her HOH was messy few hamsters with as many alliances as Dani has could’ve navigated this week having to nominate 4 different people & not have their games completely implode. It’ll be hard to decipher how much damage occurred (and there was big time damage) until after a new HOH is named but for the moment she’s ably increased the target on Day, got Cody annoyed with Nic’s whining, & planted seeds all over the house. It’s obvious Memphis is NOT AMUSED & it will be interesting to hear any convo’s between him/Cody regarding Dani’s reign & how so much unnecessary havoc was caused. Cody also isn’t happy with all her lies BUT he enjoys talking game with her & she smartly keeps him in the loop constantly reinforcing that he’s her #1 & flirting with him.

Alliance(s): The Commission, The Committee, Triple Thr3at
Main Ally(ies): F2 Christmas, F3 Cody/Enzo, F3 Cody/Memphis
Targeting: Dani, Nicole
Main Target of: Dani (?), Day (?)
Strength/Weakness: Self sabotage is a weakness. In fairness he accurately saw Dani was a problem & in wanting to improve his ladder position made a move that backfired when Bay/Day sold him out. He remains a comp threat. He reads the lay of the land expertly & perhaps is the best at getting more than he gives in convos.

Position: Tyler is in a weird position after Dani’s failed attempt to oust him via her own agenda. They discussed working together but it felt much more like placating. We know Cody wants to cut him in a couple weeks but with Ian leaving that could change. Plus Cody may get fed up with Dani/Nic power struggle & decide it’s less drama to go with his guys (doubtful – but possible). Let’s keep an eye on the chats after this week.

Tyler is in a position where he could be targeted at DE or he could take a big leap upward with all the drama in the house & him being so calm. Ty got painted with a LOT of other people’s lies this week but b/c those people played so messy it’s put that into question. For example – Day asked if he suggested she go up (which is what Dani said) & he emphatically said no & he’d say it in front of the entire house. That’s the advantage of him taking blame for Day/Bay noms b/c now whatever he says people will believe. Plus Enzo/Cody know he could’ve sold them out for also knowing the truth about Dani’s comments & also agreeing she had to go but he protected them.

Although wining HOH might help him gain some knowledge, by the same token he might be better off losing & trying to win DE to take out one of Dani or Nicole to shift the top of the ladder. .

Alliance(s): Slick 6, Core Four, Triple Thr3at
Main Ally(ies): pretty much everyone in the house
Targeting: pretty much everyone except Cody in the house YO
Main Target of: NO ONE (Dani & Nic will soon change that dynamic)
Strength/Weakness: He’s a master at not appearing close to anyone except Cody. B/c the big groups meet w/o him he’s viewed more as a side alliance. So much so that Xmas/Memphis are discussing making a deal to go deep with him. READ: Mem/Xmas want Dani/Nic gone before Ty/Enzo.

It’s incredible that NO ONE compares notes about what Enzo says – – if they did they’d learn how many of them Enzo actually wants out of the house. Part of the reason why is Enzo is an expert at naming specific targets to each individual – that just happen to be that person’s main target(s) (which means he LISTENS well). It ends up making each hamster think he’d go after THEIR target or help them.

Position: Other than TPTB pets Enzo is safest in the house (and arguably even safer). We know Enzo is ride or die with Cody but the big question is whether he learned from his 1st season. At the moment he can continue to ride the middle & hope one of trio wins to influence putting up the girls (Dani/Nic). The thing is can he beat Cody, Memphis or Tyler & more importantly can he beat anyone in questions? Who would select him as a F2 partner is another big question? He’s so well liked most wouldn’t take him F2. He’ll need to decide soon which path is best for him & not just for Cody.

Alliance(s): Commission, Committee, Four Prime, Slick 6, Core Four, Triple Thr3at
Main Ally(ies): Main F2 Nicole, Other F2s with Enzo, Memphis, Dani & I think Tyler
Targeting: Kevin, Day, David, Xmas (Ian)
Main Target of: Kevin (many want to target him but would only do it DE via backdoor)
Strength/Weakness: TPTB pet, pre-arranged alliances certainly factor — still as he did in his season he’s great at getting lots of information from lots of places. Good competitor. His weakness is his pouting & at times he zones out missing important details.
Position: Safest b/c of TPTB & alliances (but again, I think Enzo is safer for now).

Miss Impression

Good assessment,once Ian is gone I’m just rooting against the unholy3some hoping the house tears itself apart.


Cripes…that’s not a comment…it’s a damn book! Way too much to read…


I warned up top to skip it if you don’t like long reads – apologies.

Michele Smith

No apologies necessary. It was a great read with a really good assessment! I think many of us appreciated it very much.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Thanks – I only want to add value or engage conversation so appreciate that.

Golden Gate Granny

I found it to be an awesome bonus to the awesome transcriptions.

The Beef

An excellent read and full of very good information on where the game is right now. I just wish production would stay out of it and let the players play, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Here’s to the Cody and Nicole final 2! I hate it, but it seems that’s the way they are going to make things go.


Thanks for this! The confusion of the season with frustrations of pregame, covid and feeds shutting down along with production shenanigans has made it harder for me to follow along with major game play or lack there of.
I feel that some of the biggest mistakes made besides pregamimg we those trying to repeat their “magic” form their season figuring they could just go in and do what they do ie. Ian, lay low and hang in with Nicole then swing 2 alliances. He sat back too long as a big winner and should have shored things up…. although I see why we was gun shy as Kaysar was accused of playing “too hard too fast”
Day was always good at being in the mix but never using the mix to her advantage almost like shooting herself in the foot with her own dirt verus using it in a way to assist…UNTIL she used veto! Yay! Better than being a sitting duck.
Other than that, I can totally agree with and appreciate the strength/weakness assessments. It helps! Thanks a bunch!!!


I usually don’t like long posts, but the way you presented your analysis was easy to read and digest. Thanks for your insights.


Glad you enjoyed it. Based on feedback (although I did add the warning re: long post) if I do this again I’ll put it up via a few separate posts.

I enjoy the strategy portion of BB so like to add insight & engage in conversation with everyone.

Golden Gate Granny

My 2 cents: Excellent insight, most are in direct alignment with my views and a few morsels that gave me good cause for pause and reflection. Thanks for spending your time writing and sharing your views.

I like this being all in one post. I feel like splitting it up would be messy, but your call. Just my opinion.

For those that don’t like to read, why are they on a blog… reading? Just sayin’.

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

LOL – Thanks Golden Gate Granny.

Yeah, it made more sense to have it all in one but the negative feedback on the length got almost as many thumbs up as the post itself.

I’ll mull it over but you’re right – if I warn it’s a long post hopefully that addresses it.


Great rundown thanks for sharing


This was an awesome review!

another name

I think Cody’s biggest weakness is his complete and total disability to see anything from a perspective other than his own. His belief that he knows better than anybody else causes his zone outs.


Look at the cry baby Tyler haha .. gets a 40k cheque and is being sore loser about going to Jury…What an entitled prick


tsk tsk nasty!!!


Haha best movie of all time

J. Haper

Tyler is an entitled A$$face.


again nasty tsk tsk

but i agree
from a great player to an AHole

Golden Gate Granny

So I did a random roulette rewind, after a feed break day, and landed at 5:15PT on Kevin revealing to Ian that Tyler has the votes (obvious his first confirm). His trying sooo hard not to react reaction was actually painful to watch. I think he may have even had a panic attack but maintained. And… how did I not notice how doey his eyes can get? *snrk*

So, then I listened a lil longer and remembered after hearing multiple “If I find out I’ve been played” statements – they ARE playing a friggen game (and being PAID well). Get to work lil All Star. You think that ultimate prize money is just gonna magically appear in your bank account on the backs of everyone else? You gotta expect the unexpected… remember? You’re a winner Ian, surely you can pivot better than this. Sheesh.

Wait til he finds out the real quality of his “friend.” Oh, now he’s discussing THAT with Kevin. Ouch. Yeah. Ian knows.

I’m glad I feed breaked today and just read the blog. Extra glad I hit the tip jar too. I can’t listen to anymore of them today and it was only like 15 minutes. Simon & Dawg are badasses.


Meow Meow pulling out all the stops YO!

Telling Kevin & David that Cody, Nicole & Dani came into the house with a pre-arranged alliance & then the wall yellers say Cody & Nic are running the house — of course they are.

Color me stunned – Enzo is actually setting things up to take out Dani/Nicole I think (kind of love this) Now whether he’s simply setting things up for David/Kevin/Day to go after the girl’s — maybe. BUT the fact he would include his BFF Cody in that mix is very interesting. Wonder how Cody will feel about learning Enzo was saying this to that group.

Not sure Enzo would go after any of the trio — but then again I doubt he’ll try to win right now — why should he – he’s the safest in the house.

another name

Enzo is telling them this because Enzo truly thinks the chance of any of them winning an HOH is somewhere between Memphis wins AFP and Tyler shaves his head. However, if one does, he wants Nicf out. With a house that will still be male dominant, he knows Cody is safe due to bro code.
But if he thinks chances of them winning HOH are slim, why do it? Enzo is floating (classic terminology) right now. He’s noticing the walls between the sides weakening in some ways, and he needs them to be aimed at each other so that he can slide through.


For the love of God, will nobody save the poor entitled blondes??

another name

You have reached the voicemail of Allison Grodner, currently the mailbox is full with 300 messages from Nicole Franzel. Please try to place your call another time.


A girl was visiting her blonde friend, who had acquired two new dogs, and asked her what their names were. The blonde responded by saying that one was named Rolex and one was named Timex. Her friend said, ‘Whoever heard of someone naming dogs like that?’ ‘HELLLOOOOOOO. . .. ,’ answered the blonde. ‘They’re watch dogs.’

another name

Dani and Nicf hate that America probably hates the Committee (and if they knew about them they’d probably dislike Core, and Prime, and Freeze, and Blitzen Bombshells, and factor, and most of the named alliances because they are as fake as Slick was to con a minimum of one member by a minimum of 3 others). They further hate that America is probably backing Da’vonne and Kevin. They take solace that America hates Memphis and Christmas more.
Nicf says Core 4 is much more likeable. Dani tells her Core4 isn’t on the show, has d/r ever asked about it? Nicf sadly… no.

Dani and Nicf are further being self absorbed. Mostly in regard to Da’vonne using veto.
They’re mad because they begged her not to do it, but didn’t actually offer her anything not to do it. What inducement other than emotion did they offer? They say she doesn’t care about them and she’s playing them… wait. the plan was to cut out her ally and lie to her about it… oh. okay. projection. Got it. Their thought was emotional Da, just tell her what to do with a tear in the eye, and she’ll do it, then we can backstab her and she’ll only be mad for a minute.

Nicf saying she needs a justification to break her promise to Da’vonne and target her.
The promise: i don’t come after you, you don’t come after me. Not I don’t come after you, You don’t come after me or ian or cody or dani or christmas or memphis or enzo or tyler. But now she thinks she is justified. That’s the Nicf way. That’s one of the many reasons I dislike her.

The night ends on feeds with Dani doing studying with her beans and writing with her finger on one of the couch cushions…. with no Cody meeting now that the veto is decided (if that doesn’t tell you something about why Cody was spending so much time with Dani, it should). He’ll be back to talking mad trash about her by Wednesday night. Get ready for a quiz hoh. Most likely before or after.

Save the All Star Season

America is not backing DaVonne and Kevin.

Master Plan

Like it or not , viewers love an underdog .

Save the All Star Season

If you look at the rankings, Day is mid pack. Kevin is always near the bottom. I like Kevin, but his woe is me does nothing for his likability! I like Day, this past week was good for her. But Kevin or Day are not going to be Americas sweetheart!

My 2 cents

The rankings are done by the live feeders, who have an entirely different BB experience than just-the-show watchers. I wonder who the favorites are for the show watchers. Probably Ian and Enzo. Possibly Day because she is an underdog and her DRs are usually entertaining. Maybe Cody?

another name

But that is what Nicf and Dani believe, which makes it even funnier.


Hate this group left, except for Day, Ian and Kevin. who will all go.

another name

Memphis and Xmas checking the rule book to see if ‘that pool of people’ are all allowed to be safe in the same week.

bb rulebook.jpg

Unbelievable! Ian is using intimidation tactics for votes. What a social game. His game sucks. His entire game is playing people. The only vote he gets from me is a thumbs down.


Someone please explain why whiny weeping done nothing Nicole is still a contender in this game? What has she done to advance even her alliance?
If I was playing the game, I would consider getting strong alliance members out early instead of taking a chance they will take me to the final 2. I rather rely on myself for final 2, then rely on someone else to take me.
As to playing, exactly what has Ian accomplished to be kept or advance in this game? Kevin! Well him and Nicole should have a pity party to see who whines and cries the most. Dani, admittedly I had high hopes at the beginning, but her sleazy game play turned me off quickly. Christmas, I seriously can’t stand now or her 1st time on BB. Something about her behavior and body language I can’t stand. I don’t know if David even knows how to play.
Worse mistake for everyone voted out was not paying attention to what was going on and who was with who and talking the most and not listening to Janelle or Kaysar. It may well have been a different game.
Bur then again, Derricks interference, diary room rehearsals just make BB a Soap Opera for those that have little to do during the Covid19 period.
Unless there is a complete overhaul, this very well maybe the final sad season.


U hate the girls, and u r jealous they are still in the house.


Their actions speak for themselves and what they’re showing the world what evil lies under beauty.
Like I said, at 1st I was rootin for Dani. and Janelle.
Odd isn’t it, I’m a woman writing this so why would I be jealous???.
Now why are you rooting for these girls?????


I’m rooting for these girls because they are playing the game, and i love how they play,


Want to thank Dawg and Simon for the great coverage, made a contribution this morning.


Thanks bether!


Dani realized she got no backup to get rude of Tyler. Cody was on her ears 24/7. And Nicole/Day showed they are no Kalia/Korshe and can not be trusted with big moves.

Enzo would be the only option but Dani would be creating 2 enemies in Enzo and Cody, because they would not understand her move.

There is sti time. Ian and Nicole needs to go to work and make it happen.


Does anyone know for sure if Dani was told that Enzo knows about the Committee? Cody was talking about “it’s going to be them 3” (Day, David, Kevin) in front of Dani and Enzo…
I was having a flashback to the Dani/Nicole/Tyler slipup… But then again, since everybody seems to be telling everybody everything, always, I guess she does know?

Game fan

They agree to target the 3 ,
But enzo doesn’t know about the commitee. They didn’t admit of them having an alliance without enzo.
They include him voting with them and having the same targets.
And he probably can’t imagine tyler and cody having alliance with Danni and nicole and not him. He will freak


Enzo does know about the Committee. Cody told him, then told him that he wants to ask Tyler to “both tell Enzo about the Committee together”.
What I was wondering was if Enzo knowing about the Committee is something Dani isn’t supposed to know. That whole conversation (in the HOH room between Dani, Cody and Enzo) made it very much obvious to Enzo that Dani didn’t even consider targeting Memphis or Xmas.

Game fan

For some reason i didn’t knew that at all!! I’m shocked by cody.
Anyway for danni i guess it’s not a big deal saying to target 2 of the people she put up and the one who made her nom a 4th person.
That doesn’t mean she is working with Memphis and Christmas.
He knows she is , but he probably wouldn’t suspect that from this convo.


Cody has told enzo about the committee. It was even on the show. It was when dani had the slip up to tyler in front of Nicole f


To the wall yellers. Tell Enzo about the committee!!!! Do it NOW.

another name

It doesn’t matter if Dani is aware that Enzo knows about the committee or not because Enzo is in Cody and Dani’s suballiances Core4, and Freeze.
Cody and Dani are supposed to be in a final 4 with Nicf and Enzo, but Enzo doesn’t want Nicf there.


WARNING: – this is a long post – rant so if you prefer shorter comments please feel free to skip it.

I’m curious if anyone else liked Nicole in her first season. I ask b/c she’s among the BB players I dislike most now. Did I just not see these self-centered, narcissistic traits in her in that first season (16) she played? Back then it seemed she tried to play more of an OG game (or so I thought) got screwed over by her BFF Christine & targeted by the Hit Men. She had a shield that year too (Hayden) but at least her choices appeared more organic.

I didn’t think it was possible for her to fall even further down my list of most disliked hamsters after her BS production addled win but she has.

Nic F channels high school clique as BB strategy:

In All-Stars Nic F’s play is akin to some privileged high school girl at the top of the popular clique. She makes many of the calls about who is allowed in the inner group & who the mean girls (and guys) will bad mouth, make fun of, prank and ostracize. (Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh). She’ll pay the price for some of her actions in the real world once BB is over. In fact, I’m not buying her sudden closeness to Ian or Day. The increased time spent with both conveniently coincided with news of her cancelled sponsorship endorsements.

The DayVonne false niceties ended Monday simply b/c Day wasn’t willing to throw away her own game in order to propel Nicole further. Her statements made since the POV are infuriating and point to how extremely selfish, narcissistic, hypocritical and entitled Nic is.

Nic F has spent the first seven weeks in the house never in jeopardy of being nominated, throwing comps, and making fun of those unfortunate enough to not be part of the pre-game crew. She has F2’s with the pre-ordained winner, the strongest overall female (remaining), and the only other previous winner. She got jettisoned into the strongest alliance and basically sat on her self appointed throne directing the big alliance at her desired targets. The irony is every member of the Committee alliance has won an HOH except Nicole!

And the infuriating part of this equation is her position in the game has very little to do with ‘actual game play’. Rather it’s more to do with the layers of protection she has and the fear that permeates from having to go against that large group.


All Janelle did was speak candidly of her shadiness prior to entering the house and while Janelle was open to working with Nic she didn’t want to be in a tight alliance with her b/c she’s untrustworthy and incapable of rolling up her sleeves to be an equally contributing ally.

Fundamentally Nicole is at the opposite end of the spectrum to Janelle. Jedi Janie would never try to bury Kaysar or an ally. She would never purposely lose comps preferring to win an HOH in order to protect her allies. She wouldn’t lie to her allies face or be vengeful if they made a mistake. And most importantly, Janelle constantly KEEPS IT REAL. For those qualities Janelle became the most important oust for Nicole and was cited as evil and someone everyone needed to ostracize. That in itself speaks volumes about both ladies character.

Nic O’titlement:

With Ian landing on the block Nicole is furious with Day for using the POV. How dare someone who has had to constantly fight, been pulled into numerous fake alliances, been on the block and lost her closest ally b/c Nicole said so, have the nerve to play Big Brother and not jeopardize losing her next closest ally so that Nicole could keep her third layer of protection!

I mean it’s not as if this ladies alliance recently made was forged for any purpose other than to use Day as a vote, as a pawn, to gather intel and to influence her friends to keep Nic & Dani safe.

It’s not like Nicole didn’t throw the HOH and could’ve easily hung on to win and have protected her allies — but then she’d have to prove how disloyal she truly is and lose those valued jury votes she needs. Better for her shields to lose face so she can slither in at the end and feign fake friendship to steal votes from bitter jurors.

No – she refuses to look at that reality – and recognize if she had won HOH Ian wouldn’t be in this position. She values getting votes & letting her shields get blood on their hands instead — so who really is responsible for Ian being on the block?

Can you imagine the reverse scenario? What if David or Kevin were HOH would Nicole be willing to stay on the block trusting her ally Day saying – don’t worry you’re the pawn XX Player is the target. I don’t want to use the POV and risk upsetting the house. NO — that would be met with outrage of how THAT TOO was unfair to HER.

NicVenge & NicLogic:

The Committee determined Tyler is the better player to keep – – after all he’s in the alliance won’t come after the members (well – Dani might not have that safety) but Nic is still trying to force her personal agenda to keep Ian. Suddenly Nicole “hates Tyler” which started shortly after she tried to shade Dani with him & he innocently repeated what Nic said who then got caught in the lie denying it with Dani.

Now she’s pushing that Tyler is a bigger threat who “could win” the game. Guess what he’s up against someone who DID win the game playing against the first All-Star winner and some of the best BB players ever!

She’s whining about how she can’t beat Tyler b/c he’s too tall and muscular – forgetting of course as Cody pointed out that she just did beat him in a physical comp! She’s lamenting why it’s not fair she has to lose her ally and it’s ruining her game. The only thing we can concede is she’s in this position partially b/c her BFF also focused on personal agenda putting Tyler on the block to begin with instead of Day

Choking on Nicypocrisy:

Last night she alternated whining, complaining and raging over Ian being on the block & vows to campaign for him today and is determined to shift the vote.

She spent time with each of her F2’s cajoling and lying to Ian, lamenting Day’s disloyalty and nerve to Dani while threatening to go against her alliance. And shading each of Dani, Day and Tyler to Cody in an unsuccessful attempt to swing him to her agenda.

This despite what Committee members plus Enzo ALL prefer (yes those same players who kept winning and letting her rest on her laurels).

The irony is the same trio who she’s furious with because one had the nerve to use his power and remove himself from the block and the other the audacity to take her key ally off the block are the same trio she’ll need to keep Ian. Ignoring of course her rationale to them is it’s NOT FAIR he has to be a pawn – – but keeping Kevin on the block should just have been accepted and swallowed and if they lied & sent him to jury – Oh well it’s not about you it’s about me.

In another era I naively believed I’d have a great social/strategic mix to play BB but logic prevailed as I’d never be able to function or enjoy playing in this new age version. Especially not when people like Nicole Franzel whose key strength is being lucky to be selected by Derrick Levasseur and Allison Grodner to be Cody’s goat.

Okay – rant over (for now).


I’m on the spectrum, you’re on the spectrum, the whole freakin’ world is on the spectrum.

Ian and Raven should get together.


Raven would literally explode and possibly die.

Game fan

Ian has a girlfriend.

That's What She Said

Coital relations wasn’t the objective.


Does anyone remember the TV show UnReal? It showed production controlling a “reality” TV show. BB is no different from probably all reality shows, they’re all controlled by production. People that make comments about production interference are in a fantasy world if they think reality shows are not scripted. Spend a couple minutes, search the web to see which reality shows are scripted, it’ll open your eyes to reality.

Make It Stop

This feels like the longest season EVER. I’m a BB fan, but I can’t even watch the episodes, so I just check here for updates… hoping for something interesting. These people are the WORST. Makes me really hope they never have another so-called “All Star” season.



BB16 still has this one beat but bb22 is giving it a run for it’s money..

Game fan

16 ?
19 and 21 are the worst!

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

Nicole F’s first season – coincidence? LOL

My 2 cents

Nicole F was on that season, too. Coincedence? I think not.


so was Cody..

the holy trinity of BB sh1t BB16, BB19, BB22


I can’t wait for zingbot!


They can’t have Zingbot this season, they’ll cut to stars every other word…even in the televised show.