“If Kevin comes down maybe we 100 percent send her [Christmas] home” – Cody

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
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Kevin and David going up. Kevin is Cody’s target. If Kevin comes down the plan is Christmas to go up and out. If David comes comes down Christmas goes up and Kevin goes out.

10:28 am Cody and Enzo
Enzo talks about his conversation with Kevin last night.
Enzo – do you think Dani and Nicole will take a shot and Memphis and Christmas
Cody – Dani will 100% against Christmas
Enzo – Christmas wants to go after Dani
Enzo – Da’Vonne told him f***ig everything all the alliance’s she was in f***ing everything
Cody – he’s gotta go.. he’s gotta go 100% (Kevin)

Enzo says he doesn’t care about the jury votes at this stage of the game he’ll worry about the Jury votes when he get to the end.
Enzo – You gotta give it to somebody.. what if the two people both f***ed you over.. you gotta give it to somebody
Enzo – he said Dani threw you under the bus to Da’Vonne
Cody – he knows you and me are tight
Enzo – I always play it off.

Cody says he wants the noms to stay the same and Kevin to go home.
Cody – Say David goes home.. or after this week DAvid goes home. Christmas’ first targets are going to be Dani and Me and say Dani comes down you’ll go up as the replacement
Enzo – I don’t trust her
Cody says she won’t put up Nicole, Memphis.. “Just process of elimination .. whose left”
Enzo – She’s not putting up Nicole.
Cody – If Nicole wins she’ll put up Christmas and Tyler
Enzo – I want to win POV and backdoor Christmas to be honest
Enzo – You told me about the committee and I respect you for that Christmas knows about the wise guys but not m,e and you and the wise guys me and Memphis and the wise guys
Cody – how does she knows about that
Enzo – because when you f***ing left he brought her in and f***ing did a wise guys with us three without youse two knowing you are in the wise guys
Cody – no way .. oh my good..
Enzo – don’t say wiseguys in front of Christmas because she’ll know
Cody – he wants us in the final 4
Enzo – he was like don’t tell Cody .. I was like what are you talking about
Cody – it shows where his head is he’s playing a game..
Enzo – he does like me and you a lot..
Cody – he ‘ll probably target Tyler and Nicole
Enzo – If we get rid of Christmas then we get Memphis even more.. you know what I’m saying
Cody – If Kevin comes down maybe we 100 percent send her home
Enzo – yeah, exactly
Cody – that votes going to be a 3 /3 vote
Enzo – Tyler will vote her out
Cody – no shot.. RTyler is with Christmas
Enzo – more incentive .. I can’t even brush my teeth she like (game talking)..YO stop YO.. she’s keeps throwing Dani under the bus like crazy..

Cody – Nicole has flipped on Dani
Cody – Christmas is 1 billion percent going up
Enzo – I almost want to backdoor her
Cody – if the veto gets used she’s going up.
Enzo – we got Tyler going after Nicole and Dani
Cody – now Memphis wants to go after Nicole and Tyler
Enzo – if you’re on the block and I win veto i’m saving you I don’t give a f*** yo.. don’y give a f****
Enzo – We’re final 8 this is it Bro..
Cody – we need to clip Christmas ASAP..
Enzo – ASAP bro

Cody – Chris
Cody _ I want Kevin gone he’s one that will target me with you
Enzo – or Tyler
Cody – yeah Tyler
Enzo says Kevin is really getting mad at Dani.
Cody – yo real talk like straight up.. my people to go is Kevin first, Christmas next Dani after that.. that’s for me

tmas she’s won 3 comps and Probably the power. Two of the comps were handed to her.
Cody points out the HOH Christmas won was a fluke.
Enzo goes on about Christmas is talking to everybody.. throws everyone under the bus to the HOH
Cody – You, Nicole and Dani vote her out and I’ll break the tie.
Enzo – Nicole wants to keep Christmas
Cody says Nicole wants Christmas to go after Dani
Cody – If she goes up as the replacements and stay it will show I am loyal to her .. If Kevin comes down and she goes up I want her to go home I don’t want Dave to go home..
Enzo warns about Kevin and David coming after them .

Cody says Nicole can be trusted if you tell her something she won’t run off and repeat it.
Enzo – I really trust Nicole
Feeds cut. When we’re back
Enzo – then Tyler comes in but I don’t trust him.. I don’t trust his vote
Cody – after this week 3 votes is solid
Enzo says he likes Memphis “He’s a man of his word and he’s not coming after us YO”
Cody- personally I love Dani but in this game I don’t trust her worth Sh1t

Cody – Dude I will throw everyone under the bus except for you
Enzo – me to.. i have not and I will not say anything.. that’s my blood an Italian kid from jersey I know after this I’m going to hang out with this dude.. I’m with this dude after this
Enzo – I met his fam…
Feeds flip to downstairs
Enzo – I told you YO if we’re in the final three I’m taking you then them worry what happens.. let the jury decide who played a better game.. who gives a F*** I dont care..

Enzo talks about Ian’s Formula to determine his vote “33% loyalty… 33% strategy.. who the f*** knows bro” (see image above)

11:08 am Christmas and Cody
Small talk about the HOH letter and his Girlfriends picture
Christmas says their alliance crushed it.
Christmas – has anyone done better than this
Cody – I don’t know 7 of 8 HOH have been inside our alliance.
Christmas – that is nasty I want to keep that going
Cody – Kevin was apparently telling Enzo he’s going to start dragging sh1t in here.. he’s going to mention Dani’s name and a bunch of stuff Da’Vonne says..
Feeds flip to downstairs.. We don’t get to listen to this conversation .. (Death of feeds continues)

11:22 am We’re back to the conversation
Christmas – I love Thursday to Monday and after that f***ing time stops
Christmas says Kevin has been the house “punching bag” she didn’t want to make him have not but she did.
Cody – he should have been gone. DA’Vonne shouldn’t have used the veto
Christmas – win more vetos
Christmas – we have really talented competitors in this house. Da’Vonne shouldn’t have used that it bought him two more weeks of misery (Kevin)
Cody – two more weeks of sitting on the block constantly

Christmas on her way out “before I go as a not HOH just a small request if my name comes up not at all but in any way that you need clarification on ..
Cody – I will come back to you 100 million percent
Christmas – please
COdy – I don’t hold sh1t like that
Christmas – thanks I appreciate it
Christmas leaves.
Cody – that was a interesting thing to say on your way out..

11:47 am Memphis and Christmas
Memphis – everything good
Christmas – yeah
Memphis – good..
Memphis – there’s still two other people in this house that Gotta go. If we can get everyone out at 7 and me, you and Enzo have that..
They talk about Dani sinking her game, “You see it, I see it, Enzo sees Tyler sees it and if Cody sees it too .. that’s 5 f**Ing people. We want her to keep yapping No one is listening to the shit she’s saying.. even if she does win an HOH we sill have numbers’
Christmas – three of them are us
Mempis – well no of course.. I don’t think she looks at it as us
Christmas – now that Da’Vonne is out of the picture she’s going to stick to the plan
Memphis says dani is getting sloppy..

Nicole comes in.Chit chat.. after she leaves..
They talk about how many people in the house and how many weeks are left.
Christmas – this is going to be a bad week I’m sorry .. Kevin isn’t going to take going up lightly.. Kevin isn’t going to take going up lightly.. (On Monday you won’t take being up lightly)
They start talking about their kids and the pandemic.

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BBAS2 baby

Oh hell yes please send Shitmas out


I can’t wait to see the fireworks if she goes up. I’ve been waiting to see her go off on Dani. I can see Christmas setting the whole house on fire, it’ll be a few days of terror. It will be awesome!


Christmas is actually playing a great game right now, you’d actually want her sent out? I’d much rather see Dani, Nicole or Tyler go.


lol So if Cody throws xmas us as a veto replacement….what will grandpa think of that? One of his wiseguys puts up a member of his wiseguys#2?

Joe Hiden

I think I would get rid of Kevin and Dani before Xmas.

what now

Who are the pregame alliance of four (organized by Derek) Cody, Nicole, Dani and ????

another name

From what I’ve surmised:
The centre is Cody.
The main ring around Cody included Dani, Nicf and Enzo (his protest about pregame cheating is laughable, he was in on the plot, there’s been a few slips).
Memphis was shoehorned in a few weeks before the show began. Look at week one’s conversation between Cody and Memphis. They formed a final 2 within 25 words to each other? mmmhmmm.

There were further reach outs by members of the pregame alliance:
some were called so that Derrick could tell Cody who would be on the season, so that a boot order could be finalized, others were called so that gaslight positioning could be set up. Janelle and Tyler both received gaslight calls. Dan reached out to Janelle while Derrick reached out to most of the cast.

Tyler did his own pregame set ups with David and Christmas (she’s friends with Angela).
Janelle and Bayleigh had pregame contact as well (I don’t know which initiated contact).
Janelle knew Kaysar was appearing. Thank production for that, given they had to convince her to appear.
Kevin got called by Jason (18/BBOTT) telling him to get close to Da’vonne.
Ian had contact with Nicf.

The boot order set up was A) anyone that had no pregame contact with Derrick / Cody (Keesha, NicA, Kaysar, Kevin) Get rid of the element of surprise B) Janelle Janellousy has been a real thing since the term was coined by fans during the 2 and a half Men fan vote tirade by the nerdherd women. C) Da’vonne (I still say the Paulie sting exists in Cody’s head).
According to the boot order, Cody should be taking out Tyler now. But he won’t.

The Beef

Why Tylere now? According to your own boot order Kevin is still in the game, so why not Kevin before Tyler? Not to mention Tyler has been working closely with Cody to protect him and Enzo, and Tyler is a prime suspect to win this week in the TE HOH (depending on what type of comp it is) and possibly take out either Dani or Nicole (or both), which Cody doesn’t want to do on his own.

Makes a lot more sense for Cody to stick with the original boot order and take out Kevin, and if veto is used, take the opportunity to backdoor Christmas, who is much more likely to target Dani and HIM than Tyler would.

another name

Reason to target Tyler as a RENOM instead of Christmas:
It keeps his relationship with Memphis attached.
It keeps Dani happy.
It doesn’t make Nicf think she’s losing one of her ten thousand bestest friends on earth in the game.
It gets out a threat to Cody himself.

Cody is aware of Tyler and Christmas’ relationship. Memphis considers Tyler a threat.
At this point Derrick would have warned Cody to take out the biggest threat to his own personal safety, and take out the player that exhibits charismatic lying ability.
THAT is why i said he should be targeting Tyler next.
If one of the noms comes down, Tyler is the safer play than Christmas when it comes to maintaining every other relationship Cody has. Even Enzo.


Your takes on big Brother are like watching the entire presidency for Donald Trump- it’s as if you are being tied to a chair while watching a toddler play with the loaded pistol.

And Rittenhouse had nothing to do with Trump?

Rittenhouse was at Trumps rallies and was inspired by Trumps divise rhetoric. Trump still didn’t condemn his actions!

Newsflash that kid was not JUDGE DREDD!

What do the coronavirus and Vietnam have in common ? That Donald Trump RAN AWAY FROM BOTH OF THEM!

At least I can live with myself knowing that I dont support a total moron being in most powerful office in world. And what’s fake news is that Trump wasn’t called just a moron
Rex Tillerson called him a F#cking moron.


And Biden is the picture of clarity

The Beef

Thanks for your brilliant commentary. It was totally on subject. Wait, no it wasn’t, but it’s good to know there are still plenty of hate filled people out there in the world just waiting to spew their bile.


Oh man…Angie is sumthin else.


How many lies did Trump tell again oh yeah that’s right.

Thank you Angie.

The beef is the one who started all this propaganda talk About how great Don the Con has done in the Oval Office.

Beefs own words “only a moron”
Which is you son to believe that Donald isn’t responsible for any of the tension or problems currently going on in our society!


I didn’t think Enzo was a part of the pre-gaming since he wasn’t part of the Committee?

another name

Ah, but Memphis came up with the Committee membership, and was the late shoehorn into the pregaming.
Cody did mention Enzo twice, but Memphis wanted another female in the alliance. He mentioned Bayleigh, until Dani pushed Nicf as the one to put in that seat.



Bb fan

Christmas leaving this week would be an early holiday gift for us all.

another name

Still thinking the reason for last night’s vote had only 20% to do with Jury management, and the other 80% was an attempt at fanbase management.

Critique of Odditites in last week’s episodes:

  1. Memphis talking about Dan/Nicf having side deals like a deal outside the Committee is a mortal sin when we know from feeds he had side deals going long before the show revealed them. It just feels off.
  2. Christmas wondering about what is going on between Da/Dan/Nicf when she herself is a member of the alliance that explains what is going on.
  3. The missing 22 hours of feeds never happened.
  4. An individual timed veto. Aways cringey to me. Especially an individual time veto where the cams were down for hours and the total time it took to compete was less than thirty minutes.

So who is left in the game that didn’t get a phonecall from Derrick? Kevin, David, possibly Christmas (though the latter two most definitely pregame cheated with Tyler).
Enzo’s protest about pregaming is a hollow sham. He’s slipped up a few times. He had contact beyond lying to Eveldick and saying he wouldn’t be on the show. He’s aware that is why the wall yelling is occurring. Just like Cody trying to say he had no contact for six years with Nicf to Da’vonne (who personally knows otherwise).

The post feed block amnesia this season is getting on my nerves. Realistically, everything that is forgotten can be used in game, because of Kaysar’s speech and personal knowledge. It annoys me that some topics are still off limits.


Yes, I’m hoping for everyone to turn on Dani!


I hope Dani gets blindsided.


and why is that?


Because she is the biggest snake in the house and I would love to see her scheming blow up on her.



Out of Sequester


I love how you edit Cody!!!

Can’t be easy figuring out what he is saying trying to filter out all of times he says F#$%.

At least it is quite a bit fewer words to type.

another name

when it comes to this season most of us have replaced ‘like’ with ‘shit’.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Remember the dialogue between Paul & Paulie? It seemed like they dropped the F bomb between every f’ing single f’ing word. (F’ing Yo)

Golden Gate Granny

Everyone is throwing Dani under the bus harddd today.


I wonder what would happen if Christmas had her scooter this year…would everyone try to stay on her good side or risk getting mowed down?


Lmao…I totally forgot about her wheelin around on her scooter. :p


I mean…she`s the only big player left in the house.

Joe Hiden

About time.


Whatever creams your Twinkie granny.


Yes please. let`s backdoor Shitmass….


Hope Dani wins and before you all bash me ,you like who you like and I like who I like



Barney Rubble

Well if you go to the ranking grid Dani does have a good shot of winning least favorite player.


Agree. I think she is the only one actually playing the game. Everyone else is coasting or riding coattails.


Agree. I LOVED her until this season. I don’t care for her anymore because of how she’s been. But…you can’t say she hasn’t been grindin. That chick knows how to put in the work.


And on Monday you won’t take been put up ligntly… lol


Will we ever find out what happened during the 22 Hour feed block? I can’t believe there’s been no mention of it…it’s as though the players were instructed to never speak of it (like Voldemort). I found it hilarious that at the end of last night’s episode, Julie encouraged everyone to sign up for the Live Feeds to see all the behind the scenes action. How insulting to current subscribers!

My 2 cents

Would the hgs even know that the feeds were blocked that long? I figure they were putting the final Botox injections into Dr. Will during that time…

Ma Ma Yo!

Was that Dr Will or Liberace?


Just testing, my comments haven’t been posting recently.

My 2 cents

Christmas acts like these namby pamby competitions are the Olympics. If she is there to compete and prove she’s a comp beast (as she’s said numerous times), then she’s set the bar pretty low for herself. It must be galling to her to not win, but totally unbearable to finish dead last. Hence the waterworks, but presenting it as missing family and hating the fakeness (while faking not being a sore loser). If she does get renomed, it will be a stage 10 alert and feeds will be down due to her ripping cameras off walls.