Head Of Household Competition Results! “It should be an easy week!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
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10:08pm The live feeds return .. It was some type of golfing competition with prizes. CODY has the HOH key around his neck. Cody is the Head of Household! They talk about how HOH competition and who Christmas didn’t even lock in with a score. Memphis – that explains why she was stomping through the floor. Enzo – so there might be prizes for the POV now too? Cody – yeah they said there would. Cody – I love that he said I’ll see you again. Tyler – my first shot I went for the money and I messed up bad. It helped though. They talk about how they don’t know who won the 5k prize. Tyler, Cody and Enzo say they went for the money but none of them admit to winning it.

Storage room. David is cleaning the fridge.

10:25pm Bedroom. Christmas and Nicole start a game of backgammon. Chrsitmas – I am not upset that I didn’t win HOH. I am upset that I didn’t get a score.

10:30pm Bedroom. Memphis and Dani. Dani – what is up with Nicole.. she is the only one that hasn’t won anything.. lets kick her out. I am one to talk but at least I got something. It should be an easy week! The POV.. Dani – everyone has to gun for it. Dani – this is crazy! If only Enzo didn’t throw off our streak. Memphis – I bet America hates us! Dani – HATES! Like HATES! There is never a season where they don’t root for the underdog. It could literally be a piece of trash and they would be like go trash! Memphis – oh they for sure hate us. Dani – all of our families are happy though. Dani – this is so awesome! Memphis – I know .. I think we all need like a chill week. Dani – I know ..like put all the stress on him (Cody).

10:45pm Kitchen. David, Enzo and Tyler.
David – If I someway, somehow win America’s Favorite I am donating the money. Tyler – To who? David – to causes – black lives matter. Tyler – that is f**king awesome dude! Please vote for this man. Enzo – I hope you get it. I am donating it to my kids if I win it.

11:20pm Bedroom. Cody, Tyler and Christmas.
Christmas – Why are you picking Enzo? (Havenot) Cody – because I wasn’t going to tag David back and I figured you would pick Enzo. Nicole said she would be it too. Why? You don’t think I should pick Enzo? Christmas – no I am fine with that. I just feel bad for Kevin because he is on the block every friggin week. Cody – f**king do it. Pick him. Christmas – you want me to be savage?! You’re going to pick him first and then I am going to be the a$$hole that puts him on the block. Christmas – because he’s going to know that I know that he is going on the block. He f**king knew it today! Tyler – all you have to do is say that you’re being fair .. because he was a havenot week one and that was it. Tyler – of they do who did the worst in the comp. That was us two. (Tyler and Christmas) Cody – ok I’ll pick you. Tyler – No, I am saying if (BB) picks us. Christmas – I just feel bad for the boy (Kevin). He is like a bruised f**king banana in this house. Cody – he should have gone home two weeks ago. Christmas – alright I am doing it for the team. Tyler – it decreases his chances of winning the veto if he’s a havenot.

12:50am Tyler and Dani.
Tyler – I would always just vote for whoever deserved it the most. If I can’t make things happen then I can’t make things happen. I think we’re doing crazy. Its crazy. Dani – its crazy! Tyler – all it takes is two more! Dani – but all it takes is a veto .. remember that. Tyler – four more wins.

1:28am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:55am The live feeds return and Cody has his HOH room. The house guests are sitting around chatting and looking at his HOH basket. Gramps is already over it and has headed downstairs to go to bed.

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Houka Inumuta

On October 1, MARK MY WORDS Memphis and Tyler will both be evicted after Cody’s target leaves.

Mrs. Brisby

(; *

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Are we in a sub-plot BB game here to see who can make the worst predictions? Ok. I predict Bayleigh will come back in the house, win BB22 with unanimous votes, have Tyler’s baby and divorce Shaggy D.

another name

I think this is where things stand now.
The number of alliances has decreased significantly. The number of fake on one side un named pairs has risen again.
expectation: a thrown veto this week where people go for prizes, shocking a renom.

bb22 WEEK8.jpg
another name

Wait. someone clarify if I heard correctly:
HOH was an individual time style comp???? where time and score in individual runs determined winner.
Tell me i misheard that.
Y’all know how i feel about individual time comps where feeders don’t get to see it in action.

Bb fan

Does David and kevin both get put up this week with David being the target?


No Nicole and Kevin maybe Backdoor Dani they are not happy with them two right now I don’t think they should waste a week


David and Kevin with Kevin the Target is my guess. Cody seems to see value in David as a pawn who be focused on Dani and Nicole if he won HOH by some miracle and leave him alone, whereas Kevin would Target Cody or his closer ties in the $hitty committee.

another name

David won’t be the target. Kevin will be the target.


Another boring week… thank Allah for the triple eviction


i think they target kevin. but yeah, put them up next to each other.


david is not getting America’s favorite player

another name

I doubt david would win david’s favorite player.

Julie Chen

America’s least favorite player, maybe.


Anddddd here come another boring, super predictable week with the $hitty committee calling the shots. Kevin and David on the block, POV won by Cody or Tyler and not used, Kevin finally put out of his misery. Unless airhead has the guts to take a shot at Dani and Nicole, which I severely doubt.

The Foosa

Another option is for you to start watching the NFL or baseball as you aren’t so happy with BB. The atmosphere at the professional, outdoor sports venues is simply electric, just ask the cardboard cutout fans…..

Ministry of Truth Secretary

Dani: “It should be an easy week.”
Memphis: “We all need like a chill week.”
Triple Eviction: (rubbing hands with glee while smirking) “Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Dream on, houseguests; dream on.”


I hope CBS is listening, and they make some changes next year for Big Brother. We are all one, and we need CBS to stop stacking the deck with so many Caucasian contestants, mix it up so that it does not appear that every HOH nominates a person of color. It cracks me up to hear we have to break that duo up, ‘Bayleigh & DaVonne”. They are too close, but you have an alliance with nothing but Caucasian contestants. Who is going to break you up ? Everything DaVonne stated tonight was the truth, this is 2020, it’s time for big brother to stop having 16 to 18 houseguests, and out of that number, there are only 3 – 4 people of color. Guess who the first 3 – 4 people evicted are ? The people of color, shame on big brother and CBS for not practicing diversity. When will there ever be a summer where we see true diversity on CBS when it comes to selecting the houseguests. Look around at what is happening in the world today, people of all races are coming together and trying to make this world a place where we all can have the same rights, same privileges, CBS Big Brother, time to make some positive changes, make 2021 Big Brother reflect a well diversified cast. Just my 2 cents, All lives matter !!! It’s time for us all to come together.

Ministry of Truth Secretary

I think perhaps CBS is trying to make BB a microcosm of what America is like in their choice of ethnicities. Blacks make up 13% of the nation, so having two black people out of 18 would be 13%. While people on this site want more black representation, my question is, “Why aren’t other ethnicities represented?”

Asians make up 5% of our population, and yet no Asians are represented. Hispanics make up 17% (4% more than blacks), so where are the Hispanics on BB? One doesn’t hear any spokespeople from those groups complaining about not having enough Asians or Hispanics on BB. I wonder why no one speaks up for those ethnicities. Haven’t they also been unfairly treated by the majority?

Bay, Day, and David are not strong BB players. Two were eliminated because of bad play, not because everyone else in the house is “racist.” Can’t someone simply be eliminated because she (he) is a weak player, regardless of ethnicity?

Day was give WAY more time to speak her mind tonight than any white person was ever given. A white person taking that much time would have Julie in conniptions saying, “This is live TV. We have to move on.” BB gave Day her platform and no one said CBS was being “racist” because they never gave a white person that much time to say, “Goodbye.”

Racism can take many forms; there is not one form that is universal.

The Foosa

And I thought I was well reasoned, albeit a bit more direct and the snowflakes here all melt when they read my posts…Honestly, a very good post MOTS and you ask many good questions that the mob will deflect and attack you. So, let me be the first to call you a racist (taking their thunder away from them).

On the positive side, we don’t have to hear so much about “race” and just enjoy what is going to be a good ending once the committee have to start eating one another.

One final note, speaking of diversity, Love Island (US), which the wife forces me to watch so she can babble to me and not the TV, the minorities just by pure numbers made up 40% of the people during the first 2 weeks and they were of one ethnic background and the others weren’t represented at all….

Welcome Back

Sure, the wife makes you watch. Bet you have zero interest in the drop dead gorgeous women. : )

Kats Alien Bitch

One African American male has made jury since ’09 I believe. David will be the first in nearly a decade.

African Americans are never part of the dominant alliance.

To argue race has nothing to do with that is silly.

Shirron Sue Stone



Oh well. I mean ffs. What should they do…put in a quota? That’s not how things work in the real world. Oh wait…it is. They should put in a quota guaranteeing that certain groups automatically get a free pass to jury. That should work well.

Shirron Sue Stone

Yea, and yours is shinning like a neon light


That’s her point! Put Asians, Mexicans and blacks…. instead of 80 percent white… 17 Mexicans , 13 blacks 5 Asians that’s 40 percent diverse cast along with the 60 percent white! But we never get that… It’s not really a complaint cause I for one like the show. But i see them leave first every year! Doesn’t make the houseguest racist either! No one is saying that! It’s just natural to gravitate towards and work with folks that look like you and have similar interest n life experiences


Much like MOTS’s post…very well said.

Moving on...

Too bad the Jaycee’s of the world, gay, immigrant, Trump backing dancing dwarves aren’t properly represented more on this show.


The first 3 people evicted I believe were white…Keesha, Nicole A., and Janelle (??). People are being evicted based off of alliances (pregame – which should be what you’re complaining about) and game play (or lack of it), not race. It’s been stated many times on here that the POC were offered an alliance with those voted out, but instead of taking the offer, they joined in on voting those people out. The only person voting based on skin color was Davonne, but that’s ok right? I think there should be an all black BB so people like you can stop crying about race.

Welcome Back

It’s on BB casting. Should book 7 men, 7 women and 2 binary. Of those 16, at least 2 must be LGBTQ…, Then make it 3 Latino, 3 White, 3 Black, 3 Asian, 1 Native American, 1 Bi-racial, 1 Native Alaskan and 1 Native Hawaiian.

Better yet, let Love Island take over casting. All though no LGBTQ, show has a nice mix and race seems irrelevant to the group. Would love to see black contestants in BB like Caleb, Justina and Johnny that I can get behind like I am for them on Love Island.


I wouldn’t mind that. I also would LOVE if the guy who narrates LOVE Island could throw his shade on the show. Zingbot is the closest we get to spilling necessary tea on the contestants heads.

Did they post the Zingbot Zings anywhere? They were great this year!

I’m teaching remotely and well, my brain is fried. Thanks!


The game started as a social experiment. So why not flip the script and do a black majority of houseguests?

Shirron Sue Stone

I agree 1000%

Michele Smith

Also, I realize it’s mostly very young folks who can leave a job for 3 months to play a game, but I love having folks in their 30’s & 40’s as well.


What the hell? There were 7 poc last season Analyse, David, Jack, Isabella, Jessica, Kemi , Ovi a diverse group that all played like shit.

The Beef

Great post! Unfortunately, what you say happened, didn’t happen.

First person evicted? Keesha – a white woman.
Second person evicted? Nic A. – a white woman.
THIRD person evicted? Janelle – ANOTHER white woman.
Fourth person evicted? Kaysar – an Iraqi man
Fifth person evicted? Bayleigh – a black woman

So it took until the fifth week until the first black person was evicted this season, and yes she was in a duo with Da’Vonne and not a member of the power alliance, which a valid reason for sending one of them home. I hear you when you say it’s tougher for a black person to win, but the facts are that black people do only make up 13% of the population, so their representation in the house is lower. That doesn’t mean they should NEVER be targeted though, or should not be targeted simply because they are black. You might as well have a game with only black players, which if you do, how much would it mean if that’s the only way you can win? And if you bring in a 50/50 mix and it ends up being a black vs. white thing, well let’s just say that would be awful for BB and for the fans too, because that would do NOTHING to help heal anything between black and white. That would only make things worse.

I don’t have all the answers. The pre-game alliance didn’t help much, as it locked out anybody who wasn’t a part of it, including all of the black players, but I think that was more of a familiarity thing. Sooner or later there will be somebody who breaks through and wins who is black. Kaycee won and she is Latino and gay. Others will follow.


Yawn, bring on the triple eviction. I can’t wait until they have to eat their own.


I was wondering why Chilltown wasnt on this all-stars. Today I learned that Mike Boogie threatened Dr. Will’s children because Will didnt wanna do the Amazing race. Will had to make a police and F.B.I report and get a restraining order against him! The shit is crazy what Mike did but you guys can just google it if you wanna know more information.

Miss Impression

Damn!What did the Doc do to his face?

another name

he’s wearing every ounce of nicf’s olay that she’s not allowed to endorse anymore. All at once.


Ha Ha thats funny.


He looked kind of scary!


I’m watching BB7 now. He’s pushing Botox. Lol!


I’m dead. LMAO.

Miss Impression

So with a triple eviction who is most likely hit the door on Thursday?Kevin,David,?Dani?

Game fan

all of them, prob. or nic, danni , kevin.
if nic or danni can get the next hoh so – kevin david tyler


That might be too predictable. I feel like a wrench is being thrown into the Committee’s plans so this week may be good. I’m thinking…Kevin, Tyler, and David/Nic. Please mark my words like one of Houka’s crazy predictions, lol. :p


Kevin will probably go on the regular HOH. Dani and Nicole in the triple would be AWESOME! I am so tired of Dani’s narcissistic smirk and Nicole’s whining, they are both disgusting.

Ma Ma Yo!

Why do they block the feeds when the new HOH gets their room this year? Soooo annoying all the blocking going on this year!

Ministry of Truth Secretary

Makes me happy that I didn’t pay CBS any money to look at blocked feeds and pictures of puppies.


im just here to laugh at all the people crying because Cody is HOH.


Time to get out Dani and Nicole.

Game fan

tyler would of done it prob enzo.. but no way for cody!

Tom is a Canuck

Why? They’re trying hard to play the game. Unlike Memphis with his fake back issues and who goes to bed early every night.

One Opinion

I do not believe Cody will go for Nicole. They are to close. Friends outside of the house.

The Beef

Cody’s not putting Nicole up. Would cost him a jury vote. No way!

another name

Last Thursday around this time I got a distinct feeling about the week. A conversation that didn’t fit house vibe about Davonne between Nicf and Dani directly after D/R calls convinced me Davonne was leaving instead of Kevin (my call pre HOH last week).
This week I haven’t gotten a distinct feeling yet about what will happen, but I can tell you what won’t happen:
Nicf and Dani will not be nom options.
Cody can say he’s not counting votes all he wants, that’s crap. That’s about as likely as Cody standing to pee for the rest of the season. If Cody backstabs Dani or Nicf he loses a crucial jury vote. He can fail to save them, he can’t directly act against them. That’s beyond poor jury management. He’s going to be calling everyone poor sports soon. Complete honesty: wanna see the biggest poor sport in the game, stick Cody on the block and watch what happens. Whole new level of poor sport would appear. Take away his pregame cheating and his production protection, even the playing field, and let’s talk about poor sportsmanship. F**khead. A cheater discussing sportsmanship. F*** him.

It looks like they’ve lowered Xmas’ anti depressant dosage for the week. Gee, must be alcohol coming in the next 3 days. Her behavior is inconsistent tonight. Ms. Alliance Alliance Alliance is now not wanting to be in the alliance, and wishing she’d taken out Dani instead of Bayleigh. Gee. Pushing everyone else on alliance loyalty for weeks, telling Tyler she wouldn’t go after Dani even though Dani was after him (first indicator that final 2 was cracking in half, latest indicator they haven’t talked game in a week). The show edit about the final 2 with Tyler being a priority doesn’t match that she has gone to Memphis with information, but hasn’t revealed her final 3 deal Wiseguys to Tyler. She revealed the woman alliance. She’s kept wiseguys a secret. shifting priority evidence away from that final 2 the show edit d/r says is real.

Okay. So I’m up in the air right now. Kevin and surprisingly Xmess are my lead contenders for evictee this week by a combination of odd behavior and house behavior. Would there be votes to get rid of Xmess? Enzo is swing. He used to be grooming Xmess as his Britney. He soured on that. Let’s remember, Enzo didn’t have to actually maintain the original Britney, Lane did that.

As I type this Xmess is being discussed as a renom in 2 rooms. Nicf is against it (she’s losing another of her shields why does she always have to lose her people will become this weeks crying game if this plot happens). Enzo is Enzo about it he’s going for prizes in veto if he’s picked. Meanwhile same time Dani really wants Cody to backdoor Xmess. Cody is being Cody about it. His jabs at Dani are always actually his real thoughts, and I have been shocked for weeks that she hasn’t picked up on that.

Enzo is now pumping Kevin’s tires. And Kevin is pouring his magic mushroom tea all over Enzo. Let’s be clear: Kevin has the memory retention of a brain injured squirrell. He knows the boys are working together (Cody, Tyler, renom Enzo were his targets this morning). He knows now that Dani has something with Memphis. He’s telling Enzo everything. d’oh, but not really d’oh because the chaos gremlin parasite has just chosen it’s new host. Look what happened to every single previous host: Eviction within 2 weeks. Sorry Enzo.

The Core4 alliance will have to be introduced to the episodies this week, otherwise nomination plots make no sense. Oh good. Explaining a day 4 alliance on week 8. Party. Eyeroll.


“XMess” Hahahaha. I MAY start using that instead of Shitmas.


Memphis – I bet America hates us! Dani – HATES! Like HATES! 

You got that right!!

al spath

Day is the worse player, acting coach, and liar ever. She knew nothing, so stupid, played for the wrong reason, and I don’t imagine she inspired anyone, ever, on BB. The ladies she spoke about at her eviction were good players, a huge difference between her and them. Stop putting yourself in their category, plz. It’s not even close.


just in case anyone is mad that Cody is HOH. I am laughing at you.