“if there’s a tie.. gods going to pick, I’m putting two dots in a cup”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Rockstar Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers HAHAHAHAH Kaitlyn as of right now is getting evicted. it’s flipped once since I’ve started watching the feeds..

1:10pm Angela and Kaycee
Angela tells her Kailtyn came up to her asking her if they are voting for her. Anegla is pissed because KAiltyn is questioning their loyalty.
They are deciding to Keep ROCKS now..
Kaycee mentions that Sam wants Kaitlyn out over RS
A – if we go against JC it’s going to rub him the wrong way.. he’s very convincing with Fes and Haleigh and those are two people not on our side.
Kaycee asks who do RS, Haleigh or Fes put up
A – probably Brett..
Kaycee – depends on what JC can do.. probably Brett and Tyler

They think JC’s sway over the other side is enough to protect them. Angela mentions how JC really fought hard the first 2 weeks to get her name out of their mouths and she needs to pay him back for that.
Angela – at the end of the day we have to look out for the girls over the guys
If Kailtyn goes and Rockstar stays. RS won’t put up a girl. That leaves their 3 strong girls against, Bayleigh, Rockstar and Haleigh. They think they can Destroy those girls in competitions. They talk about how Kailtyn’s social game is better than theirs they can’t compete against her on that attribute. Angela says she’s not prepared to jump into every bed with the guys.

Rachel joins them.

Angela – If Rockstar gets power she isn’t putting any o the girls up
R – I know that
A – on a selfish level we are good and we know we are good..
Rachel says if RS wins HOH she’s putting them up.
A – no she’s not

Angela – lets say Rockstar stays.. JC is able to control that entire side without any hiccups.. (ZOMG)
R – who cares about that.. it’s way more important to have them feuding with each other
A – fes just promised kaitlyn he is going to take her off the block if he won and he didn’t she’s already forgiven him and snuggling with him 24 hours later
R – she wants his vote
A – exactly.. how do we know 24 hours later she needs something from someone and she flips on us.. it means nothing to her she’s not loyal
Kaycee – I think we are more for sure with Rockstar than Kaitlyn
Rachel- oh my god.. I’m sorry…
Angela – Rachel shut the f* up don’t say that so loud

Angela – I’m looking at this for us girls..
Rachel doesn’t think so.. .
Angela says Kaitlyn coming to her not trusting her was a slap in the face to her.. “it was a wake up call”
Rachel – she’s talking too much.. like stay the fuck low
Angela- RS is the only one that comes to me.. I got you if you keep me this all girls thing we are going to do it..
They say Kailtyn hasn’t offered them anything
Kaycee says that BAyeligh is keeping Rockstar now.
They wonder if bayleigh is lying to them. Angela says bayleigh is saying yes to both sides and will wait till the last minute.
Kaycee doesn’t want them to be on the wrong end of this vote.
Angela – JC has major pull.. Kaycee has major pull with bayleigh..

Rachel – for you two, me and Tyler’s game the best f*ing decision is to keep Kailtyn
Kaycee – right…
R – Brett and JC are major targets of Kailtyn’s
A – Brett’s a major target and he’s the one that’s trying to keep Rockstar.
Angela says Tyler and Brett are on the same level right now being targets. Tyler freaks out when he hears his name as a target “Brett sees through that” explains that Brett knows people throw names out all the time.
Angela – Kailtyn is working with the guys she’s sleeping in all their beds.. she’s not working with us. RS is working with the girls..
Rachel – her (Kaitlyn) targets are Sam, Bay and Scottie we are very low on the target list .. .
Kaycee goes on about how with Kaitlyn gone they will be the strongest in the all girls alliance
Angela – we will run this all girls alliance that rockstar thinks she created.
Rachel isn’t convinced “it’s more beneficial to keep her it’s just that she’ won’t stop running her mouth”

1:31pm Haleigh and Kaitlyn

1:44pm bayleigh and KAyceee

Kaycee – it’s hard to trust Kaitlyn
Bay – she’s lied to both sides..
BAyleigh says RS is all about the all girls and all she wants to do is get to Jury.
Kaycee mentions if they can get out the biggest competitor in the girls alliance it’ll benefit them.
Bay brings up Haleigh snuggling up to Brett this morning she can’t hand;t this sh1t
Bay says she’s waiting until the last minute to see where people vote.
Kaycee – it’s like RS is saying all the right things..
Bay says if RS stays she’ll have no choice but go with the all girls alliance. Kaitlyn has a lot of options, Tyler, Fes, all of them.

Bayleigh says KAitlyn is “Funner to be around” but has lied to both sides.
Bay – Rockstar won’t win HOH and if she does she’ll put up boys

2:04pm Sam and Tyler
T – I wanted to vote K out this whole time. RS doesn’t know I’m close with Angela she thinks me and Angela are enemies. She told Angela that she’s gunning for me and Brett.
T – I have to vote RS out
Sam – RS isn’t a threat at all
T – anybody can be a threat
S – so you’re voting for K to stay .. WHY
T – K is against Fes now because he didn’t use the veto on her
S am – what does that matter
Sam – K gunning for me
T – no JC and Fes and whoever votes against her
T – I cannot keep RS in here
Sam – you need to tell me the truth
T – that I like Kailtyn like that
Sam – if you and K have something else
T – no
sam – do you and k have a plan
T – we’re not as close as everyone thinks.. that whole side of the house does
Sam – that whole side of the house is broken up if we keep Kaitlyn it’ll keep goin g
T – no it’s not
Sam – they are all against each other right now this is when we need to pick them off and the first one to go is her
T – she’s not on that side after this week though

Sam – you said to me last week she is exactly the type of person we don’t want here and she’s dangerous .
T – Escatly
Sam – why keep her tyler
T – she can go next week.. I cannot have RS winning HOH next week and Backdooring me
Sam – RS can’t backdoor you. RS can’t win a competition and RS can’t get no votes. You know damn well if RS wins HOH you would stay
T – I don’t want it to be me against Brett
Sam – you would stay
T – yeah, but I don’t want brett to go either he hasn’t done anything to me
Sam – right.. so RS isn’t winning HOH
Tyler tells her RS will put Sam up as a pawn and backdoor him.

T – RS voted against you right after you won HOH you got close.
Sam – no I talked to her before .. i have nothing for her and against her..
Sam – with Kailtyn she voted to keep be before knowiong me who gives a sh1t I kept her in return safety if she was up on the block.. taht didn’t happen
Sam – my power app is gone now so in my mind we’re even Steven
Sam s- I put her on the block and now she’s going to put me on the block
T – She’s not going to think like that
Sam – Bullsh1t
Tyler – She’s going to be against the people that voted against her.. Haleigh, Fes, JC ..
Sam says she’ll pull Rockstar up and tell her if she wants to be safe she has to put up two specific people next week.
Tyler – tell her that if it becomes a tie

Sam warns him that the entire house thinks Tyler is with the Kaitlyn and has some secret deal.
Tyler says that is what he’s been trying the one side thinks that
Sam – theirs no more side
T – there’s a big side and a smaller side
T – Kaitlyn is a shield for me.. she’s a HUGE target to have.

RAchel comes in.. “Can I be here.. I just need to get away”
Tyler leaves…

Sam looks at her – “What do you want”
Rachel – there’s nothing I want to tell you
Sam – tell me ..
R – no there’s nothing
Sam – tell me.. well come up with something what do you want to happen
R – I don’t care either way whatever everybody else wants to do
R – everybody is split ..
Sam – if there’s a tie I’m putting two dots in a cup shaking it up and pick one and do it for real.. everybody needs to make up their minds.. if there’s a tie.. gods going to pick, it’s the only way to be fair.
R – that will not happen I will not let that happen to you
Sam – the whole thing is getting way outta control..
R – my preference is Kaitlyn but I don’t care.. I’m personally a little bit closer to Kaitlyn than Rockstar
Sam – Kaitlyn does like me who do you like more Kaitlyn or me
R – you
Sam says Kaitlyn doesn’t like her, I put her up because she has a thing with HAleigh, I put her up because she was running the house… she made comments about me i forgive her.. I was told she’s gunning for me.. Is that true do I want her to talk to me NO.. I don’t want anybody to talk to me.. I’m just looking forward to Sunday that’s the light at the end of the tunnel.. Sad but that’s hw it goes.. can we please just get to f*ing Sunday already..

2:18pm Girls are all synced up and getting their period. (Angela doesn’t even look at Haleigh when they are talking.. )

2:35pm Vote meeting…

Jc wants Kaitlyn out.. .Big Surprise. .

2:40pm Have nots.. Bayleigh, Rachel, Angela, Brett
Racehl tells them she’s going to state one last time why she wants’ Kaitlyn to stay. Racehl says if Kaitlyn stays in the house and she thinks Scottie, Fes and haleigh voted against her not only are they going to want to get her out she will want to get them out.
Brett – how is she going to know
A – they are going to lie to her face and she’ll believe whatever she wants to believe no matter what..
Bay – she’s never going to be mad at fessy..
Brett – she still thinks a power was used..
A – she’ll convince herself that we voted her out and they voted to keep her.
Bay – she told me in her dream nobody flipped and a power was used
they laugh
Rachel – ok I’m over it vote her out then..
baye – if we do though it has to be unanimous vote..

They go back and forth..
Rachel – I don’t want to waste a week.. we got rockstar out I want to make the week matter.. I’ll do whatever ya’ll want to do
bay says Kaitlyn will pick Tyler and Fes over her.

Bay – Brett how are you
Brett – I want them both to go..
R – I’m not scared of Rs I’m not going to f* my game up trying to campaign for K anymore.. IF I keep on beating a dead horse right now it’ll bite me in the a$$
Bayleigh says Kaitlyn’s main targets when they came in was Angela..
Rachel says Angela’s name was in Rockstar the first two weeks

3:05pm Tyler and Sam
Sam – what do you want..
Tyler – I freaked out.. she’s gotta go but ROckstar did have my name in her mouth
T – you guys have better control over Rockstar than I do
Sam – yeah, you gotta trust me
T – I trust you I do and I trust yo ucan get her to not f* with me. the chances for her to win HOH are slim
Sam – I really don’t think she has it in her
T – on slop and 100% she can’t do it.. me and you on slop we’re still finale 2 in the endurance comp

T – Kaycee feels the same
Sam – anti Kaitlyn..

Door bell Rings.. Sam tells Tyler to hide under the bed.. he goes into teh bathroom.

3:09pm Rockstar puts on the most conservative thing she has in her wardrobe runs up to sew with Sam.

RS is going to make dinner tonight for everyone. RS starts talking about how this is a big deal for her.
RS says she’s not doing a good job talking to people but it’s because she’s here to play a game..

3:20pm Rachel and KAycee
Rachel still pushing to Keep Kaitlyn..
Rachel – Scottie has said he’s coming after me and Brett.. I need Kaitlyn here as a shield.. I need ROCKSTAR to be gone so she doesn’t have a influence over Scottie anymore..
Kaycee – it’s going to be a unanimous vote to keep her..

they go back and fort with all the talking points I’ve outlined in the last 2 posts..
kaycee lists everything off..
Rachel – ok.. I got it..
Kaycee – I’m looking out for you
Rachel says it keeps going back and forth and it’s very frustrating..
Kaycee – calm down..

(it’s madness Rachel I feel the same way as you )

3:25pm Sam and Tyler

Sam tells him she told Rockstar that she’s putting two dots in a cup but both dots will be the same colour both of them Kaitlyn .
They laugh..
Sam – it’s just a TV show..

Tyler- I love you
Sam – I love you too but I don’t love you like that
Sam says her group includes guys.. “Im all about female empowerment but the genuine kind.. .”
Sam – I’m no different.. I’m different in many many ways

Sam – an empowered women doesn’t see her self any different than you
Sam – you deserve the same respect and care, trust than I do
Sam – we’re very very different men and women, that is why we complement each other..
Sam – yeah it would be cool to have a lady win and Ya it would be cool to have an all lady house that’s never happened.. you know what else would be cool if a black girl becuase that’s never happened either . you know what else would be cool if a Gay dude or gay girl won. … we have a whole house full of Odd balls.
Sam – it’s a year of firsts no matter what we do
they agree their alliance is a mix of guys and girls, “why should it be any different’
T – you girls think you are a bunch of man eaters
Sam – I don’t I love men I love women

Sam isn’t opposed to the girls alliance and she’s not into it personally because she’s made her commitments early on.

Sam says Kaycee, JC, Scottie and Tyler are the ones she wants to work with “I can never choose a girl over you because she’s a girl.. that’s dumb”
T – I would never do that to a guy.. that’s fair

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Im a bit confused…..the houseguests know that this week HOH is a waste right ? it doesn’t matter who goes one might comes back tomorrow night


Tyler- I love you
Sam – I love you too but I don’t love you like that

Sam – I don’t I love men I love women

So, the question is, Is Samantha gay? If she is, she’s been doing a good job of keeping her sexuality under cover. Claims to be a welder, traditionally a mans job. Hmm. Personally I don’t care if she is, I’d love to have her as a friend.


I caught that too… Doesn’t really matter, just another demention to her personality. I like no-nonsense Sam.


Rosie The Riveter


The latest turn of events has me excited. Kaycee told Sam she thinks the vote will be unanimous (to evict Kaitlyn), but I’m still unsure about Tyler and Faysal. Did I miss a conversation with Tyler? Is he aware of the flip? If not, I wonder if anyone will tell Tyler about the new plan. Personally, with JC unwilling to budge, it is probably best to save themselves from a JC tantrum. I’m impressed with Angela and Kaycee for leading the charge.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this season!

***does backflips***

Ms. Taz

Clearly, this season, so far, has had a lot of excitement!
Katlin need to go ! She’s driving me crazy with the back and forth of the guys!

I think that Kaycee and Bayleigh have a final 2.


I thought it was Bayleigh and Fes. He’s the only one she told about her power app


Me too! Loving the chaos and the back and forth, the flip flops. So refreshing after last year.


i feel most of the house would benefit from a jc tantrum. rs is still the smart play imo, but that doesn’t mean that’s what the house does.


This has been such an exciting week (exhausting, yes, but exciting)! Gosh I love how the votes this season have played out so far!

JC is Pervy

We don’t hear much about slop this season. Wondering if it isn’t so bad.


Sam and Angela have created some pretty impressive dishes with the slop, from pasta to cookies,


If it ends up unanimous, or anywhere near unanimous, to evict Kaitlyn she will probably lose it.

Bay sure is set on Swaggy on the sidelines, ready to battle his way back in. That’s going to suck for her when she realizes he won’t be back.

Carolina girl

Totally agree, she will have a live meltdown! I have absolutely no clue what her reaction would be if she hears 10-0. She would probably immediately say someone used a power and took Tyler and Fessy’s vote to save face lol


Who do you want to win HOH and who do you want nominated?

My Take

Actually I’d like to see Rachel win HOH and nominate Rockstar and Faysal with the goal of backdooring Scottie.


I’d like to see level 6 take a hit and loose another member. Or JS/Sam evicted. Either would be interesting.



What an image. They are standing side by side after picking players. Four little women. A male dwarf. And a 6’4″ all-American that got to try out for the National Football League. LOL


so im watching feeds and sam tells kaycee she thinks scottie has a crush on her. she told tyler this before. what in the world would make sam think that scottie likes her. scottie has a crush on haleigh. sam is nuts and this is why i keep saying she is jealous of not getting attention in the house like the other girls. then she tells kaycee how much she likes scottie. however, level 5 wants scottie out and angela and kaycee are pro girl alliance. im sure kaycee will tell angela the convo. i keep saying it. sam is phony and a weirdo. i never liked her


I agree with Sam being jealous of the girls. She is the opposite of female empowerment. I hope she goes next week. I can’t stand listening to her play mother anymore.


I’m just now watching the show and seeing Kaitlyn go to Sam in the HOH room. Listened to their little talk and have to say that Sam makes me so angry. I def wouldn’t have handled it like Kaitlyn. Sam would have been crying when I left. I’m no BULLY, I would certainly have put her in her place though. Sam has no right to pass judgment on anyone in that house. She made the nominations based on her own views, but she should not have made it personal! Good thing I’m not up!!!


Agree with you. I would have lit a fire on her A$$ if she would have said thise things about me. She is awful and needs to leave. Worse HG in my opinion.


Simon or Dawg, I’ve seen some stuff circling around social media about Kaitlyn being in bed with Brett and possibly giving him a hand @#*, didn’t type it out cause I’m trying to keep it classy lol. Have either of you seen anything on that?


I could totally see her doing that. She is super shady.


If it was, it was terrible and brief. There wasn’t much to it, she just attached to him like a remora.


Can we please switch the noms and just vote Sam out. She is the worse HG!!