“I will choke a b1tch out.. I mean snatch her up by the hair of the head and turn her inside out..”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Rockstar Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers Kailtyn is still going but I bet they flip one more time just to make sure Dawg doesn’t get any sleep tonight. 😉

4:17pm Stretching
Bayeligh says nobody wants ROckstar out.
H – if it’s 6-4 people flipped and she stays all hell will break loose
B – that’s not going to happen

4:20pm FEs and Bayleigh
Bayleigh says if something goes wrong and they are nominated they’ll use the “thing” on them (not 100% what they were getting at here the feeds jumped in)
Fes – Haleigh is onboard
Bay – absolutely
Bay – if worse comes to worse throw her and Tyler up against each other.. (sam/Tyler?) walk away from it..
Fes says if they use her power during an Angela or Brett HOH they’ll think it was Rockstar that used it.
Bay whispers in his ear says if Brett wins it she’ll put up Angela and Rachel
Fes – they’ll think Rockstar did it
Bay – 100%
Bay – if Rockstar doesn’t stay we don’t have anyone to blame it on.. (LOL)

Fes – what if Angela or Kaycee win it.. You’re not going up I will..
Bayleigh says if Kaitlyn goes and Swaggy comes back they’ll be good as f**
bay – I only have you in this game if I go to that side I’m on the bottom..
Fes says if Kaycee and Brett win the HOH he’s going up
Fes tells her he was worried because she as spending so much time with teh other side.

4:33pm Sam and Kaycee Talking about getting kaitlyn out..

Sam – just because we’re in here doesn’t mean we’re the last people on earth.. you don’t have to choose one of these mother f*ers
Sam – I know personally I’m not attracted to any of them (i think you are)
kaycee – me neither
they laugh
Sam – not because i’m coming off a heartbreak..
Kaycee says she doesn’t care about gender in the house if she has good vibes with the person she”ll work with them. kaycee says there’s a couple guys and a couple girls she has good vibes with in the house.
Sam – that’a cheap way to play a cheap cope out f** that.. I did not come in her with that in my mind at all (being a flirt with all the boys)
Sam – I cam in here real as f* i’m leaving real as f* .. I didn’t want to make those girls look bad I cried and cried I felt terrible
Sam – I forget it’s a public thing… very plainly I thin it’s a cheapo cope out
Sam – it’s not necessary and I think that is why girls always lose ..
Kaycee says seeing the girls chase the guys irritates the f* out of her.

Sam – don’t be hanging all over everybody and you gotta tie your shirt up or you gotta f*ing do this.. it’s not fair
Kaycee – if fes didn’t use it on her she was like the night before if he doesn’t use it on me then i'[ll go after him and all this stuff.. we’re done we’re done
KAycee – she doesn’t use it on her and the next day they’re good

Sam laughs..
kaycee – we can’t trust her
Sam – I can’t count on a,ll my fingers and toes she saying “Fessy I love you no matter what.. I’m going to love you forever.. ”
Sam – then she’s F** you Fes.. Crazy bi1tches..

Sam – Fes is heartbroken.. in case you haven’t noticed.. Fes is very naive.. that’s putting it mildly.. he’s not even sure what he’s doing
They agree he’s extremely immature
They mention the way he talks to girls is very disrespectful.
Sam thinks it’s highly unlikely that Fes has his own place.
Sam – I love Fess he’s beautiful.. he’s a beautiful person with good intentions and he’s getting pushed pulled through a wringer and it’s not fair
Sam says she saw Fes almost explode watching haleigh and Brett have swing time for 10 minutes.

Sam goes on how much she likes Fes on the inside.. says what Haleigh is doing is f**ed up.
Sam – I am personally against that double standard … they can call the shots and we can’t .. .

They talk about women empowerment.. Sam says the same things she said with Tyler Kaycee says she agrees with her and respects her.
Sam says she’s seen her little brother who she’s seen “tore up” by girls

Sam – I do not like it, I will choke a b1tch out.. I mean snatch her up by the hair of the head and turn her inside out..
Sam – I swear to god my brother is my whole life..
Sam says the person in the house that reminds her of her brother is Scottie.

Sam – so Kailtyn’s out
Jaycee yeah
Sam – ok cool .. next week what
Kaycee depending on how it goes.. Rockstar and Fes…
Kaycee – I feel like some people may be onto Scottie.. he’s hard to read
Sam – he’s all over the place
Kaycee – Haleigh really can’t do much
Sam – I’m not officially committed to anybody except you and Tyler.. underneath that is Scottie and Angela.. underneath that is.. muddy … it’s all in the same level..

Sam – the real hardcore commitments.. are you and Tyler the second semi hardcore commitments is to Scottie and Angela.. (Angela?)
KAycee warns that even she has trouble connecting with Scottie.
Sam – I love scottie.. yeah…
Sam knows Brett would probably want him out and “the crazy girls that are saying Get rid of all the guys”
Sam – Scottie has weird mini teams with everybody
Kaycee – he’s dedicated to the other side
Sam – I love Scottie as a competitor he’s very versatile
KAycee – he’s hard to read
Sam – no he’s hard to trust he’s hard to pin down..
Sam – I don’t want Scottie to think there’s anything in his mind.. a crush thing.. I will shut down that ..

Kaycee tells her she doesn’t like the “rumour” going around that her and Rachel are a pair
Sam says when people say they heard a rumour means they are making it up.

Sam – you want to know the honest truth.. for real..
Sam – the Same way JC kinda talks to everybody on that side but he’s on our side.. in a lot of ways he’s protecting people…
Sam – I don’t know why but it’s occurred to me I think that you are very smart and I think you are like this secret sleeper agent.. we’re in NASCAR you are right here riding the line.. I can’t wait for you to drive past me.. I love you Kaycee..

Sam – there’s that old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer..
kaycee – you think Rachel is an enemy.. spit it out
Sam – that’s what I’m saying.. Rachel is kinda a wild card.. she’s on our team but who knows..
Sam says she thought Rachel was Kaycees “friend”
Kaycee – no
Sam – oh..
The clear up Sam didn’t mean kaycee was romantically interested in Rachel.
Kaycee – there’s something about her she’s been through a lot.. something she’s not telling us.. It’s just weird.. she’s one of those nobody cares or loves her.. I want to be that one
Sam – I’m been there with her I agree.. I know Rachel is 100% self-made.. she worked her a$$ off to be where she is.. she didn’t bat her eye lashes I’m fully aware Rachel is much much deeper and I like Rachel..
KAycee – do you think people think I care about her as a friend because of game. .
Sam – I don’t know Kaycee, that’s what I thought..
Sam – Rachel said I had a final 2 with Tyler..
Kaycee – Rachel said that
sam – who told me that….
Sam – it’s just talk..
Sam – that’s why I don’t talk game with anybody.. (LOL except for everybody you talked to today)

Sam tells Kaycee the other players in the house getting by flirting and making relationships are cheating in a sense because there’s only 1 lesbian and only 1 gay person and they can’t employ that strategy in the game. Sam thinks it’s cheating.
Sam says it’s selfish..
Sam – I’ve been the only girl at work in a sea of dudes.. everyone deserves a fair shot..
Sam – I am very old fashion (you’re shitting me)
Kaycee – I’m the same way..

Kaycee – I love you
Sam – I love you too..

they hug it out…. “I love you so much”

A creation



5:50pm Baby talk “best friend I’ve every had”
Fes says he doesn’t even feel like playing the game. .
Kaitlyn says she thought she was friends with JC but apparently he doesn’t want her here.
Fes – you and Tyler ok
K – yeah
Fes- you and Brett
K – I think yeah..

K – this is weird.. it’s wrong and weird.. and straight up bizarre I can’t help this..

Fes – this is such a crazy year and we’re in the middle of all this kaitlyn like f*** this is such a crazy scenario .. like you have a boyfriend
Kaitlyn – STOP
fes – what I’m just saying
Feeds flip..

when we’re back..

kailtyn – you never want to talk about it.. I might be going home tomorrow
Fes – I told you because it’s weird .. is it not..
Kaitlyn – ok..
fes – alright
kaitlyn – ok

5:58pm Angela, Tyler and Brett
Brett – I’m just taking a leap of trust with you guys if we do it but my guts.. the only way it works if we keep Kailtyn is if it’s a split vote..
Tyler – I agree..
“I literally don’t care either way there’s pluses either way..
Brett and Angela saying their guts are telling them Kailtyn
Tyler – I trust your gut
Still sounds like Kailtyn is going..

6:06pm Family dinner made by ROCKSATR>.


chit chatting about past house guests they may get to see hosting competitions.

Rockstar – I really wanted to see Frankie Grande.. (so when people ask why we don’t like rockstar.. here it is)

7:12pm Kaitlyn and JC
K – I already know where your heads at it’s ok..

Kaitlyn – I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’re voting for me to stay
Kaitlyn tells her there’s people telling him they are voting to evict her because they want him to vote that way but they are really keeping her. They want to pin the vote on you
Kaitlyn – people are scared who my target would be if I stay.. I heard that.. don’t be on the wrong side of it..
JC leaves.. Kaitlyn moves over to Haleigh whose in another bed close..

Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that JC is saying the house is split.
Kaitlyn tells her to be careful because people are going to keep her so she targets them if she comes back.
Kailtyn says there’s been private a$$ conversations “What am I missing’
Haleigh – all day.. I’m done talking about it.. i’m done the whole situation

7:22pm RS and Haleigh
Haleigh doesn’t want tomorrow to happen..
RS – did you talk to Angela
haleigh says Agnela told Kailtyn everything she said to her, “I’m not speaking to her ever again”
RS – wow.. that’s un-good
RS – I just need one more than our 5 .. I hope JC is still good..
RS – just really sucks..

7:28pm JC and Tyler
JC says they need to work to get the votes to be unanimous. Says the only person they aren’t 100% with the vote is Rachel. JC tells him he’s down with going to the end with Tyler. JC stresses how perfect the house setup is. Fes wants Rachel out Rachel want fes and Scottie out. Each side wants the other out they just have to play their cards right..
7:30pm KAycee, BAy, Rachel, Rockstar and Haleigh.. chit chatting

7:40pm Angela and Rs are messing with the pin wall
Kailtyn – can you write something nice about me.. like my Instagram handle I’m not good with that thing..

Kaitlyn in a baby voice to Tyler – you were there for me when no one else was and I’ll never forget that.. and number 2, I like playing games with you and number 3 .. ummm… .I like when we pinky promise
Kailtyn spells out her Instagram handle to JC.. It’s just her name
JC thought it would be something with more energy like “Kailtyn underscore Herman the witch from energy world.”

Kailtyn asks Tyler who can she trust
Tyler – Angela, Rachel, KAycee
Kailtyn – those are all the people i can trust
Tyler – I think so

Kaitlyn brings up what she says in the Diary room.
Kailtyn – Tyler’s so confusing I think we love each other I think we’re best friends..
Feeds cut..

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Finally a good season

Have to say again this season is one of the best seasons we have had in years. I still can’t pick who I am rooting for. Thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping it good.


Everything is up in the air and I’m living for it!! The uncertainty and craziness is *chef kissing fingers* emoji

I can’t wait for tomorrow night and the crazy week ahead…


Geez. This season is crazy. Really enjoying it this year. Almost no mention of Kraken.


Lmao Thanks again Simon and Dawg. This season is really fun. A highlight of my day is jumping on to see the post and forum.


You’re welcome! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the updates. I’m the same way when Simon is posting.. I can’t wait to read his posts.


Sam was better as a robot.


Jealousy is one of the ugliest qualities and in Sam in manifests itself as an 18th century prude who really buys Eve as Adam’s evil temptress, who he was simply helpless to resist…but only thinks that because she wants Adam


I started out liking Sam but her potty mouth and attitude is getting old. She criticizes Katelyn and Hayleigh for their behavior around the men but then cuddles up to Fessy.


Fessy is the one who jumped on her, it’s not like she is running and sitting on his lap etc.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Fessie is a cement head that tries to control women by flopping on top of them but becomes completely befuddled when they don’t bend to his will. Haliegh just used the crap out of him and all she has to do is lay down on him and play with his hair and he does and says all kinds of stupid stuff. He used the veto on her and she gave him the Heisman. He really is a dope.

But, um

Yes, but she snuggled up to him after….and sure didn’t tell him to get off of her!

Haleigh's Melanoma

She was on camera. She immediately offered him to the stupider women of America.


I’m hoping that Kaitlyn either survives the eviction (Good-bye Rock Bottom) or wins her way back into the house. Swaggy was right, she is a loose cannon. However, she has her sights set on Fessy, and in my opinion, he deserves it. He lied to her face and behaved like a child when he had to face the consequences of his own actions. I don’t know if Kaitlyn’s manic thought processing can devise a way to get rid of him, but I will enjoy watching her try.


No, he doesn’t deserve it. She lied to him FIRST, with the Swaggy thing.
She said straight to his face that she would put up angela and she put up his best friend.
Right then and there he shouldn’t have kept trusting her, and he made the RIGHT choice by keeping her a** on the block so she can go right home.


Really hoping that Kaitlyn goes this week and does NOT come back. And Fes wins HOH because if not he is in serious trouble. It looks like if anybody on the L5 side wins next week he’s going up so he has to win HOH to secure himself another week. If Kaycee, Brett or Tyler win HOH, Bayleigh NEEDS to use her power or that side will just get picked off one by one.

Old fashioned

Just out of curiosity how many people had Sam high up on their “rooting for” list but now have her on your sh!@ list? Cause I’m officially over her.


I completely agree.


That fiasco of almost nominating “my best friend” was the stupidest move in BB re nom history. She ended up with a poor HOH because she didn’t want one on ones where the HOH usually gets safety promises, made herself into some kind of advisor to each person, and generally being obnoxious. For a woman who thinks she has common sense she is actually very flakey and I think lacks thinking skills. I almost wanted her for the win before this but now I think she’s made enemies. She made so many unforced errors and each one chipped away at her standing.


She was my number one but this week has changed that. She is actually pretty mean spirited and judgmental. HOH has not been kind to her. Hints of it when we saw how she got Tyler to jump off the wall and it has continued since then. Extremely disappointed to see what kind of person she really is. Doubt that production will show us the true side on CBS unless she does something to tick them off.
Poor Res got a terrible edit last night. They are setting this up as a woman scorned going after him. So no matter how the votes go, I think she will be in the house next week. Not happy about that.


100% agree except she was never on my high up. I didnt like her from the beginning. I wish she would go back to being a robot or evicted. She is turning greener everyday with Jealousy


Haven’t checked in since Winston left (Boo-urns!). What’s left is one of the most unattractive casts in recent history…

But, um

Winston, is that you??


So. My view on what will happen. Kaitlyn gets voted out. I feel the app is basically replacing the battle back where one comes back. So. She will be back. Much Like the terninator. BB will make sure she does. And she will blow up everything in her path. Hopefully Tyler gets out of her way. A million thumbs up to this cast this season. Whether I’m rooting for them or wanting them out. I enjoy each of them for the parts they are playing.

Just sayin'

So all Sam’s shit talking basically comes down to the fact that she wants fes and is mad all the other girls got there first?


Yeah…that’s what I’m seeing too. Jealous catty woman Sam. She couldn’t get enough of him when he was laying on top of her…right after berating Haleigh and Kaitlyn for doing the same thing. And she calls herself a lady! Hahaha


No the difference is she isn’t using her body, her baby voice, telling everyone they are her number one, jumping on their laps, asking them to be their savior, playing with their hair, writing love notes on their arms like Kaitlyn and Haleigh. Not to mention the “brother and sister” SC and Bayleigh who just met jumping into bed for all the world to see. Sam is 100% right.


This! 1000 % this! Does anybody know if Sam knows about Bayleigh and Swaggy?


He laid on top of her, what was she supposed to do knee him in the balls? She’s not the one going from guy to guy laying on them and up their ass when they win HOH like K & H which is pathetic. Sam seems like a genuine loveable person who isn’t using people to get ahead in the game.


She is very jealous of all the girls. She doesnt have an ounce of female empowerment.


agreed, female empowerment is not tearing other females down, it’s uplifting them even when you have differences and may not agree

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Rockstar – I really wanted to see Frankie Grande.. (so when people ask why we don’t like rockstar.. here it is) LOL please no Frankie, it was hard enough to watch tonight with Rachael’s voice!


bwahaha I was going to comment the same


I expected her to come in the door saying, “I’m back, Bitches!”.

Carolina girl

I’m interested in seeing if any new relationships form once cray is gone. (not that I’m a showmance fan at all) She is so beyond jealous of all the other girls that she would immediately plop down between any of them and call them her best friend blah blah blah. Maybe if the guys didn’t have to fend her off constantly they’d actually spend more time with other girls w/o worrying about nutzo lurking around..


Ugh, Fester sucks ??

Guney Burd

I still root for Sam. She’s charming in the DR, and honestly, she might have a point about weaponizing ones sexual charisma as a strategy being a low-tactic.

Sure, how she’s vocally expressed this point has been less-charming, dont get me wrong, but as we all pretty much have come to consensus on, this has been one hell of a season, and houseguests have been actually playing, so that when skin and affection/romantic suggestion has being used, it stands out more than usual.


I Never realized till tonights episode that Sam REALLY likes Fes…. it all makes sense on why she put up Haleigh & Kaitlyn…. That’s not women empowerment that’s just women fighting over a man

True Dat

Yes she really likes Fessy…and Tyler…and Scottie. She is drawn to sensitive men that aren’t afraid to share their feelings and it makes her feel the need to protect them in some way because they seem like gentle, beautiful creatures to her. This does not mean she wants to jump their bones. I don’t happen to think those guys are nearly as sensitive and beautiful as she thinks they are but she seems to have a harder time seeing through a guy’s B.S. even though she can spot it pretty easily in the girls.

Haleigh's Melanoma

She thinks Fessie and other guys in the house are victims of chicks who get favors and protection by shaking their asses (Kaitlyn and Hayliegh). They think they are in the clear because one has an erstwhile boyfriend and the other just teases but never actually seriously puts out.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

This is one of the best BB seasons in awhile. Most people came to play. That includes those who perhaps haven’t won a comp yet, but they are strategizing and keeping their cards close to themselves. I love the one real alliance and all the sub-alliances happening. While I like Fez, he looked weak tonight on the live show. If you can’t be straight, be evasive; don’t straight up tell people what they want to hear. He’s letting both Haileigh and Kaitlyn lead him around like a puppy. Finally saw real tears from Kaitlyn instead of fake crying – runny mascara and everything! Hated all the name calling and juvenile behavior of Season Paul. Season 20 is everything opposite of that and I LOVE it! Two Power Apps left to play, should be fun this week.


Its nice to see L6 finally debating the vote and not just doing what Tyler thinks is best. Happy Kaycee is stepping it up I think she is worried about how close Kaitlyn and Tyler really are. What I don’t understand is why Rachel is so adamant about saving Kaitlyn though.

Sakura Haruno

This is better than BB19


Season 19 is the Star Wars Christmas Special of Big Brother.


What is Faysal and Kaitlyn referring to? Also, in past houseguests have mentioned this secret about Kaitlyn that would “ruin her life” so they can’t talk about it.. Did something happen with Kaitlyn/Faysal, Kaitlyn/Tyler or Kaitlyn/Brett ?


She keeps saying she loves them/has feeling for them/wants to wear their skin.


She wrote on Tyler’s arm “I want to kiss you” and “I would drop everything for you” and supposedly said she has feelings for Fessy.

They don’t know that her (ex) boyfriend already knows all that.

Lay Low Scottie

I can’t stand Sam. She wouldn’t know women’s empowerment if it crawled up her snatch. She’s terrible and her “I’m not like other girls” act is boring and hurtful. She needs to go.


The best comment of the season!!! I 100% agree with you. I am not a fan of Sam. I have to fast forward when she is on. I’m ready for her to leave.


Im sick of hearing about “womans empowerment”. I mean, how are we women in America not empowered??! smh. annoyed by THAT shit lol.


Once again Sam shows her true colors…jealousy. please evict her next week!!!