Elissa asks Aaryn “Is there anyway that Howard could have the Comb d’pa?”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:45pm Out in the backyard – McCrae, Amanda and Judd are talking. Judd reassures Amanda that she is staying and has nothing to worry about. Amanda questions Judd if he said anything to Ginamarie. Judd says he talked to her and told her they might come to her with a deal but for her to just play along with it. Amanda questions if Judd and Jessie would be together after the show. Judd says he doesn’t know they live pretty far apart. Amanda says she think Jessie is at the point where she would move. Judd says I don’t know we haven’t even kissed. Judd says that Jessie is someone he would date but would wait till after the show. I am focusing on the game right now. Amanda says yeah that was my mistake. Amanda heads over to the pool to suntan.

12:55pm Up in the HOH room – Elissa talks to Aaryn about what’s been going on. Aaryn tells Elissa that Spencer is trying to rally the votes to get Amanda out. Aaryn says that Spencer switched it he first came up and said that he wanted Amanda out and then when he came up again he said he wanted Candice out. Elissa says oh my god. Aaryn says that Howard is trying to use reverse psychology by telling people to vote him out when really he wants the opposite. Elissa asks Aaryn “Is there any way that Howard could have the Comb d’pa? Aaryn laughs and says Coup d’etat. Aaryn says no he doesn’t have it, if he did he wouldn’t be doing all this scrambling. The speculate on who the MVP has been the last couple weeks. Elissa thinks it might have been given to an evicted house guests like Nick, David or Jeremy. Aaryn tells Elissa that she needs to win HOH. Elissa says she wants it so bad to see her family. Aaryn says she wants to see her family so bad. Elissa says that she hopes Aaryn gets a Pandora’s Box. Aaryn does too and thinks there will be one every quarter. Elissa says that she hopes the Zingbot comes in and zings her. She says she will just laugh. Elissa heads downstairs.
1:10pm – 1:15pm Helen and Howard are playing chess and not talking. Meanwhile in the lounge – Andy and Amanda are talking. Amanda and Andy agree that they are on the same page and that they trust Judd for now.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

1:35pm – 1:50pm Out in the backyard – Amanda tells McCrae that they should just spend some time tonight not talking game and just being lovey. What do you think? McCrae nods. Amanda says that she can’t wait for them to be in Florida to be able to go to the beach. She tells him that she will help him get a job down there because she knows a lot of people there. Amanda and McCrae head inside. Aaryn and Judd continue to suntan by the pool. Judd says that he wants a beer and says it sucks being out by the pool without a beer. Aayrn agrees. Judd tells Aaryn that he thought for sure she was going to get Pandora’s Box today. Judd heads inside.

2pm Amanda and McCrae are in the lounge talking. Amanda says that there’s no point in talking game until the day before the eviction. Amanda tells McCrae that Aaryn wants Jessie out. We will just let her deal with that. Amanda explains to McCrae that Judd said he didn’t want them to not trust him. Amanda says she said no we’re fine. I trust Judd because we have to. Amanda says that she told Judd to tell Andy about the Kaitlin thing (Where Judd spread the lie that Kaitlin was coming after Helen, so that everyone would vote out Kaitlin over Aaryn.) so that we all know and trust each other. Amanda says I think everything is going to work out, the fact that Howard is scrambling and stuff. And the fact that Howard can throw Candice under the bus like that which will show America what kind of a guy he really is. Amanda says that it’s good that this Kaitlin thing came out because now Helen knows that Judd is deceitful. Amanda says the fact that Jessie is so weak is a bad thing since she is connected to a smart player, but the fact that Aaryn wants her out is a good thing.


2:20pm – 2:25pm In the bathroom – Judd asks Elissa if she is still voting out Howard? Elissa jokingly says no I am voting you out! I’ve been trying to get you out since day one! Elissa asks Judd if he would try and get Amanda out. Judd says not right now but maybe later. Elissa asks Judd if we still have a final two deal. Judd says yeah. Elissa asks if we should have a name. Judd says no, names are a curse. Judd tells Elissa that they should make an alliance called the black widows for all the girls who lost their men. Elissa laughs. Judd and Elissa laugh about how Gina still wearing the hat. Judd says it’s not even Nick’s hat it was given to McCrae. That’s why Nick didn’t take it with him, he didn’t want it.


2:30pm Amanda and McCrae are making out in the lounge room. Judd walks in and asks them if they’re having $ex? Amanda starts talking about how loud Candice was slamming doors this morning. Amanda comments that tow of the songs this morning were about money. Judd says she is a gold digger isn’t she. Judd says it was stupid of me to tell Howard last night that I needed to think about it. I should have just told him yeah. Judd says I never really considered it. Amanda says oh I know. Judd wonders why Andy tries to over sell Helen. McCrae says he does that with everyone. Amanda says that Andy thinks if she is here then he is safe because he knows she won’t put him out. McCrae says he isn’t worried about the votes at all. Judd says unless it’s a double eviction. Judd says Gina doesn’t understand a double eviction at all she thinks both people on the block go home.


2:45pm In the havenot room – Candice is talking to Howard. Candice says that Jessie was talking bad about him. Howard says that’s fine. He asks her why Candice was talking game, you said you weren’t going to. Candice says I didn’t start the conversation. Candice says if they really wanted Spencer out they wouldn’t have given him the chance to play for the POV. They didn’t give me that chance. I am not crazy I know what they are doing. Howard says I am just looking for you to be positive about it. To say that you hope it works. Candice says I do hope it works. Howard says that he is doing everything he can to keep us safe. He says she keeps being negative about it. Candice says that the people who want you to go home actually want me to go that’s why they didn’t give me a chance to play in the veto. Candice says I know you are saying you want to self-evict but you’re not the target. Howard says I am being faithful now I want to go home rather than be here and play these games with people.

CBS Interactive Inc.

3pm – 3:15pm In the lounge – Aaryn, McCrae, Judd and Amanda are talking. Aaryn says that she is being portrayed as a racist bitch but says that she thinks this week she is being portrayed as nice and misunderstood. Aaryn starts talking about Candice saying that even though she is a bit*h she still feels bad for her when she sees how Howard is treating her and how she is going to see it when she gets home. Aaryn says that she had to see for herself how Howard was being deceitful. She says that now she sees it. Judd and Aaryn leave the lounge and Judd puts his arm around her. Judd heads to the havenot room to nap and asks Helen to wake him up if he isn’t up by 6pm. Meanwhile in the lounge McCrae and Amanda start making out.


3:30pm – 4:05pm In the kitchen Elissa is doing the dishes and Aaryn is baking. Ginamarie comes through the kitchen and Elissa jokingly tells her that Judd said Gina got a penalty nomination for sleeping outside when BB told her not to. Aaryn is asking Elissa about he life outside the house and what types of things her and her husband do. Meanwhile in the lounge – Amanda & McCrae are talking about past events of the house. They continue to speculate on who got the MVP. Amanda says that she thinks Judd made a deal with Aaryn. There is no way that he made up that think with Kaitlin going after Helen without telling Aaryn about it. Amanda wonders if Judd wanted to get me out because he knows I would be a vote for you. Amanda says the reason why we should let Andy know is because Judd is so smart he will figure out a way to get Andy to flip. McCrae asks flip for this eviction? Amanda says yeah. Amanda says that people like Judd. She says that he is super smart and shaddy you don’t know what he is thinking. Amanda says she wants to stay here so bad. Amanda and McCrae continue to go over scenarios. Amanda heads to the havenot room to nap.



Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Candice and John Kerry separated at birth. Two fug faced muppets.


You’re disgusting.


Disliking irritating idiots, does not make a person disgusting. I’m not the only person who finds Candice annoying. Virtually the whole BB house dislikes Candice. I know in your fascistic mind, I’m not allowed to openly dislike someone. But wait a minute, nearly this whole forum is made up of people openly criticizing and disliking certain housemates. So let me try and understand your rules. It’s OK to dislike someone as long as it’s someone YOU don’t like, It’s not OK to openly dislike someone as long as it’s someone you like.


No you’re not alone in this world, that pity party that Candace was hosting last night was rather pathetic.


dude please save yourself the embarrassment and come at me w/ something harder than that O’Reily logic . you think she’s annoying and dislike her and yet you attack her physical appearance. makes sense. you’ve made SEVERAL posts on this forum saying the same exact thing so yes, you’re a disgusting troll

Judd's granny

Right on. Goto it Anthonyg


Maybe you think I’ve got some sort of unsavoury agenda because of my criticism of Candice. As it happens I’ve been openly critical of most of these housemates. Also, as I said previously, I think they should have got rid of Elissa this week because she is almost certainly going to win the next HoH. The housemates must be mad giving bat crazy Elissa the chance to gain power in the game.


I’m getting irritated by the incessant whispering and the sound of these housemates munching on food.


That is probably the most accurate statement I have seen in awhile. MAN I cannot stand the constant chewingggg..I can stand some more Jessie though. Greatest , hottest floater of all time.

Just Saying

Would be funny if Candace wasn’t one of the prettier girls in the house. Consider using that comment on beat-face-without-makeup GinaMarie or ‘a MAN d’uh’.


Aaryan, VaGina and Man-da are jealous itches. Candice a lot prettier than them. Firstly, she has her own long hair. She has breastsess not a man chest like Aaryan. She is edumacated and spokes english unlike VaGina, lol, also she acts like a woman and speaks like a lady unlike Deep voice Man-daa!


I laughed out loud when I read what Elissa asked Aaryn about the Comd D’pa! Funny sh*t.


ever watch green acres reruns? elissa was probably voted “most likely to be lisa douglas” in school.

i love eva gabor in that role, though, too funny!


Maybe Elissa was wondering if someone received the “Kumbayah”?


that would be Helen we can all be safe together kumby ya


Elissa will laugh at the Zingbot because she doesn’t have much between the ears. Has anyone noticed she has not once REALLY talked game, but just mirrors whatever other people say and adds an occasional hmmmmmm,,,,,,ummmmmmm…..She just really doesn’t seem very intelligent and is just playing by dumb luck


Maybe that’s her game plan. I’m sure Rachel schooled her well beforehand.


Geez Howard using reverse psychology won’t work.


Howard using reverse psychology? Too funny. Anyone who utters ‘irregardless’ loses IQ points.
Howard’s strategy of not talking much was likely based on the suggestion “Better to keep your mouth shut and leave others wondering if you’re stupid than to start talking and prove it.”


Actually that is a common mistake used by alot of people. I once had to tell a Senior Vice President that it is “regardless” and not “irregardless”. For some reason, many people of different backgrounds have the same notion to use “irregardless”. It has nothing to do with IQ.


It’s a common mistake made by people who are ignorant of the english language. GM has take lots of criticism for her lack of vocabulary and making up words. Howard is no different. He just pretends at being learned better than GM.

Hillbilly Vocab

yeah because “learned better” sounds like someone who has a high I.Q. lol@ you!


LOL@ you!
Although, in hindsight, I see I could have written that sentence to be less likely to be misread.
Perhaps I should have written ”

“He is better at pretending to be a learned contestant.”

instead of:
“He just pretends at being learned better than GM.”

So, what’s your excuse? 😛


let’s not cede any more of the language to the benighted. not only is irregardless incorrect, but it’s an idiosyncrasy of the subliterate trying to hard to Sound Smart. like the phrase “between you and I.”


It’s also like people who say worser. There’s no such word.


tomorrow, elissa will call it the “coupe de ville”. the day after, the “soup de jour”. has anthony been evicted yet?




and will aMANduh be known as the whore du jour?


Amanda is disgusting! She did her boyfriend a favor by
Cheating with disguistmcg. Can’t wait for them to be kicked up, sadly that won’t happened because
This house likes to kiss “rears”


Candice has to go…she is boring and a bad player…Howard 2nd choice…..They will have time to take care of Amanda later…its not the time right now…Even if I am not a fan of her…Its stupid to vote out one of your own alliance when there is still strong players on the other side…Only stupid Howie did it season 6


That was the dumbest comment ever! Save the strong people on your alliance because they are strong? Idiot, you get rid of your threats! What the hell are you talking about? Those will be the same ones to take you out because you waited and played their game!!!


And yet, Amanda is TERRIBLE and awful for wanting the exact same thing..getting out strong players…


You big dummy!

What is this?!

Your homeboy Jeremy is gone. Tried your strategy. Didn’t work. The Moving Co’s Fan club is on another site. Go ahead and post your hate over there.


So I guess in your idiotic logic…2 weeks ago They should have keep Jeremy and vote out Helen Elissa or Amanda ? People who cant post an opinion without insulting other people should not be published and really I don’t care for them


Comb da pa, a new power in the Big brother where Dawg is released into the house to raise havoc. You go man. Comb da pa the house.


It’s comb da paw – as in a dawg’s paw used as a comb!


better: it’s a homophone for “come to pa [-pa].”

cue the obligitory homo jokes.


A bear and ahomophobic disillusioned former Nascar fan walk into a bar.

julies rice bowl

I keep seeing people say “i’m praying for this, or I’m praying for that to happen on BB.” Really? Are we officially living in Post Tebow America. Aren’t there still some starving people, or child abuse victims,or any real world situations that you could pray for? I’m Atheist, but if god existed, I don’t think he would be concerned with Howie going home or McCrae getting a handjob.


I have no fucking clue what the fuck you’re talking about! No one was talking about religion, please don’t start an unnecessary flame war. BTW announcing yourself as an atheist has nothing to do with BB. So fuck off!

Judd's granny

Your a bad person, Julie Rice Bo wl. The Good lord’s gonna get you.


I’m not watching Big Brother anymore, after Rachel’s win last year I finally had to concede that show to Satan…I’m watching Newsroom now.

julies rice bowl

thank you God. I’m a believer now.


Pull the trigger Julie please end your life


This season will be boring until jury because of the rig twist MVP who gave all the power to the big alliance of Helen Amanda Elissa Andy and company…..With absolutely no possibility of Power shift


You think so, once Howard or Amanda gone this week, Aaryn next week, and Amanda or Spencer week after. Top 9 every men or women themselves.

derick alaska

I would love to see Arayn, Amanda, and Helen’s face if Candice won HOH. Put up Amanda, Mccrae, and Arayn, and if Mccrae wins, put up Andy so its a sure fact arayn or Amanda goes home, I’ll be happy with either (*cough* Amanda out).


What if it endurance? Candace might not win it HoH but will see.


LOL Derick I am cheering right on with you. Go Candice! That would be too funny – best TV ever!


Poor Jessie for the life of her cannot get a hook up !! At least she is persisstent haha But what she hasn’t realized is that is the only reason she is still there the only ones allowed to have a shomance are Queen B**** Amanda and Mc if they do not split them up soon it is all over but the crying and there’s been enough of that already.


shes not looking to be a raging slut having sex on camera like aMANda

just wants a trusted game partner and some friendly fun flirting…nothing wrong with that…smart move to align with a clever game player like judd

This Season Blows

I’m just shocked she remembered Howard’s name, expecting her to pronounce “Coup d’Etat” correctly is probably asking too much.

Amanda's sheep

Everyone calm down the goal is to make it to jury,that 13,000$ sounds real good. Best friends forever and 13,000$ wooo best moment of my life, thanks to Amanda we can make it to jury.


Meanwhile Amanda is walking away with $500, 000


only because of the grodner friendship and her past cbs links, and that she used to work in post production in LA and is the bb production favourite


So does anybody else think it is possible that CBS has kept Aryn in to help her save face ? Not that things have changed a whole lot but you know if she had gone out a few weeks ago her life would have been miserable the anger people had towards her, losing her job etc. I mean who else could turn over a bed and say the things she has said and get away with it, I think production had to have said something to her like “you have got to stop you have no idea how bad things are going for you in the real world” why else would she have toned it down, when fellow house guests said something to her she laughed at them and took no I mean NOO responsibility for her actions !!

Aaryns late night thoughts

I doubt it Aaryn said yesterday that she usually only goes into angry mode once a year. She said that she is now back to her normal self and has used up her once a year angry outburst. She said that last year when her boyfriend cheated on her she went into that mode also. So to sum it up she should not have another angry outburst until 2014, hopefully no cameras catches that.

She Said What

Headline and story on MSN – CBS president ‘absolutely appalled’ by ‘Big Brother’ racism…..

Big Sister

Then why doesn’t he grow a pair?? Being “appalled” and doing nothing about it other than putting up a weak disclaimer is the same as condoning it.


that had better include amandas comments in that article that cbs president is unhappy with


Just as we remember certain cast members for their antics on previous Big Brother seasons, Aaryn will forever and always be thought of as “the blonde racist” from BB15. That will be her tag and no publicist around will be able to spin it.


i wonder if amanda will be known as the brunette racist from bb15 or will cbs just keep covering up that ever happened


GM: Nick going home could be a a blessing in the skies
Amanda: Do you mean a blessing in disguise?
GM: For all intensive purposes
Elissa: Can I axe you a question? I’m making sandwiches. Do you want any mannaise on yours?
GM: I pacifically told you not to add any
Amanda: I can’t take this anymore


GM: Elissa is choking on her sandwich. Does anyone here know the Heineken remover?
GM: Thank you BB for coming to the rescue. I just took for granite that someone would know.


I think Saturday Night Live should grab GinaMarie for their next season….she’s the new Emily Latella (sp?) – if anyone remembers that far back!


I don’t know if its me or what, but GM reminds me of a character on SNL years ago played by Cheri Oteri who was a Spartan cheerleader named Ariana. If Ariana had GM’s hair, they could be sisters.


Hilarious!!!!! LOL!

the edukator

gm: elissa your done choking, midas whale have another bite

ILLWILL That A$$hole

GM is fucking retarded. I see now how she gets by in the modeling agency, “on her knees,mouth open wide”.

julies rice bowl

sounds like you speak from experience.


You mean sammich?


I hope when Howard is evicted Candace pick up her bags and leave with him. During Julie’s interview when she ask Candace why did you self evict, she reply “Ask our Attorney”


then jc would say “go for it – our lawyers are bigger than your lawyer!”


And Howard would retort “Irregardless, we’re suing!”

julies rice bowl

And julie would say: Be sure tg watch THE TALK tomorrow. Our guests will be Candice and Howard!


I agree I hope they both quit. No one should ever have to rake the crap they take. CBS only cares about ratings.




Idk why it feels so weird and awkward seeing Elissa and Aaryn talking with one another without anyone else in the room – I kinda LIKE it actually – even though i don’t like Aaryn i think she and Elissa should team up, they would go far in the game!!!!




lol @ now Howard is using reverse psychology. Dude can’t win for sh*t. I swear Howard could croak right there in the middle of the kitchen floor (God forbid) and these mindless rock heads would say “Wow Howard. Really drumming up the sympathy points there!” and walk away bashing him.

I like the guy and all but he hasn’t won crap, so him being kicked out is fine with me. He has been targeted to the umpth degree and you don’t go monster on competitions and save yourself? Say what you will about Frank last season, but dude won everything!

But I don’t blame Howard for not wanting to stay. It’s already bad enough the entire house except Spencer & Candace hates his guts and is salivating to evict him, but then he has to deal with Candace henpecking him to death about…well…everything. I would want out too!

Skeptical at Best

The paranoia in this house is unbearable to read sometimes. I swear these people would blame Howard for Pearl Harbor, being Patient 0 for HIV, and for 9/11 if they could. Howard stays losing!

Amandas Vagina

I’m not going home I own these bunch of fools!


no grodner owns them and will hand you the dollars because you are a family friend and former cbs colleague


For shits and giggles.

BB should present Aaryn with Pandora’s box.

The Good: She would receive a cash reward (say $13K or >) if she open’s Pandora’s box.

The Bad: She would then have to select two new nominee’s for eviction.

The Dilemna: Who would she select as the two new replacement nominees: Helen, Gina Marie or Elissa?

The Result: A whole lot of drama if she opens Pandora’s box.


Even better,
The Good: Meeting famous celebrity
The Bad: Meeting Elissa sister
The dilemma: nominee two houseguest
The drama: getting screw by pandora box


candice wouldn’t survive that vote – she hasn’t been makin’ friends in the house lately.

Elissa's Yoga Pants

Or even better, if the nominees got to select their own replacement. BOOM!


P.S. If she opens Pandora’s box; she would immediately need to select the replacement nominees without any input from the other houseguests. She would select the two replacement nominees in the confines of the locked HOH room and then head downstairs to conduct the new nomination ceremony.


I like this idea! That would be a good twist! Too bad production doesn’t seem to have many good ideas so far.


I heard they are bringing back a house guest from last season and america gets to vote !!! LETS GO JOE !!!!!


Despite the fact that every single conversation (involving a member of the mighty superfriends) in the house get treated like the big brother morning edition newspaper, I am surprised that this conversation has yet to happen in the HoH room.
Jessie: Hey everybody Amanda promised me protection. As long as I am loyal to her, I am her number 3 after McCrae.
McCrae: Yeeeeaaaah I’m number 2.
Andy: Really!!! she promised me the same thing.
Helen: No, Andy she promised me that.
Aaryn: Wait! she promised me that. That’s why I did what I did this week.
Ginamarie: No! Girl she promised me that.
Judd: Say What!!!!
Judd goes apeshit. McCrae tries to calm him down by saying “Well, I thought it was obvious that Amanda and I are final 2. I thought you knew”
Judd: But dude ya’ll were in my HoH bed more than I was. I thought that would at least make me number 3.
McCrae; Oh well 3…4…5…6…7 It doesn’t matter its all the same
Elissa says nothing (Well, she is doing yoga in the corner by the sofa tuning everybody out)
Amanda speechless (Same look on her face when she found out America put her ass on the block)
Right before its about to get ugly. There’s a knock on the door. Its Spencer. Conversation ends. Random (b.s.) chit chat and trash talk about Candice


Aaryn why? You had a chance to shred the racitst label, put two superfriends up and rally the other side of the house. Instead you put the only two African American’s on the block. Instead of being a puppet you could have saved howard and this boring season creating a counter alliance, being the hero we’ve all been waiting for. What a wasted chance


Honestly, I know it is kinda late in the week, but I would love for there to be a Pandora’s box where a former player who has made big moves in the past (like Dan) is released in the house to let the houseguests know what a great opportunity it would be for them to take Amanda out this week. I just wish these people would stop being spineless and start making big moves individually in the house, instead of always going with the majority; it’s starting to seem like most of them are playing for jury, instead of playing to win. Someone needs to explain to these houseguests that the opportunity to get Amanda out this week is practically being handed to them this week since no one really got blood on their hands by putting her up (because nobody knows who is MVP). By watching the feeds, I feel like most of the houseguests see the opportunity-at-hand but are to afraid to voice what they are thinking because they’re afraid of making big moves. Honestly, I really like Amanda, she’s entertaining, but she is a really tough player, and the other houseguests need to realize that if they don’t do something, McCrae & Amanda are gonna gonna coast to the final two.


Why does Amanda’s CBS credits always look golden???


I really like how Elissa and Aaryn are starting to be friendly with one another. It’s like finding out that Danielle Danato and Rachel Reilly are really good friends outside of the big brother house (which, in fact, they are). Seeing those two talk really puts things into perspective: Big Brother is just a game and it is utterly unfair to judge these people from what we see going on inside the house. You cannot see a person’s true colors merely by studying her mistakes.


Moonves comments on BB racist statements – doesn’t agree but says they are a reflection on how some people think…. oh boy…..


Candice is the most whiny self absorbed person in the house. How does she honestly think she is the biggest threat? No one wants to backdoor you. She said she would shut up and not talk to anyone but all she has done is host multiple pity parties.


“I’m just keeping it real”

“I’m just being Candice”

“My Howie” Howie this, Howie that…..

I wish they could evict her with Howie. If only she would self-evict after Howie. I wonder if she will out cry GM when he goes?


Dawg stop deleting my comments you f**k


Nobody is deleting your comments but seeing as you’re calling dawg a f*** he just might start

VA Vet

Don’t delete, BAN him/her/it !!!

Aaryn's Publicist

Forgive him, Simon. We all make mistakes, like my friend Aaryn.


I have watched since Season 1. OMG I am disgusted with this cast and this show. CBS You have lost all of my respect. Ian watched this show as a child, I would not let my 17 old son watch this show. I plan to boycott all of CBS’s sponsors!


Will BB PLEASE enact the coup d’état soon so that they stop speculating about it every other minute. It is starting to get annoying.

julies rice bowl

I assume you mean croup de bong.




Bb: Aryn you have got to stop your racial comments !!
Ar: I haven’t made any
Bb Uhh we have it on tape
Ar It was out of context
Bb You lost your job
Ar I’m beautiful I will find another one
Bb We are being picketed and people are threatening to sue us !!
Ar That’s your problem
Bb we will insure you make it to jury and pay you 13K
Ar Can I put up both Howie and Candace for eviction ??
Bb I guess
Ar OK… Challenge Accepted where do I sign !!


It’s week one since the incident…now we are in week 5 and Candice still isn’t making any friends. She’s being combative to people who ARE her friends (I use the terms “friends” in the relative, sense. Was she hoping that her being the victim would carry her through?


So you’re advocating that she become a mindless drone for Amanda or Helen like the rest of the house?

Look I agree she needs to be mentally tougher, tends to whine, and can’t see the big picture (They wanted Howard out 2 weeks ago, They wanted Howard out last week, and They still want him out this week…this has nothing to do with you), but the one aspect I admire about her game is to not be afraid, to think very logically when presented a lie and calling bulls**t on it. Helen is so full of s**t…and that Candice called her on it should be a warning that she’ as equally transparent to everybody else and is far from power…and will move on Amanda too late, after all the anti-Amanda votes are gone.


sure. she “keeps it real” with everyone but herself.


The day that Aaryn is evicted is gonna be priceless!! There will be security at the doors to the house and there will probably be no audience for the first time in Big Brother history because the onslaught of boos and objects being thrown is gonna be catastrophic!! Amanda and Gina Marie will have similar experiences if they are ever evicted. Only 2 things for me to look forward to on BB now are Helen getting evicted and everyone’s face when the producers hit the reset button and everyone comes back!! Hahahaha! If you never realized that’s the reason why this season is extra long and there have been no double evictions yet. I got the inside scoop from a reliable source that told me that is what will happen when Pandora’s box is open!!


Genuine question: I’m not sure if I missed something, but can someone explain why HGs think Howard is throwing Candice under the bus? The only thing i really noticed is he did sort of bait her to go talk to Aaryn, but I took it as a genuine attempt to save both of them. Foolish, yes, but not exactly an evil plot or anything.

Did I miss something else? Facts will do. 🙂


This cast is so lame!


Horrible season….Last season would have been an epic fail if it were not for Dan being such a bad ass


I hate everyone on the cast. I root for the underdogs so i guess that is Howard, Candice, and Spencer but they annoy me too. I just hope Amanda doesn’t win. If she makes it to the final she better not win because she never wins challenges. She just has sex with an HOH winner and basically locked up the final 4.


Candice – no one is trying to backdoor you, stop flattering yourself, they just wanted to make sure you were on the block because you obviously wouldn’t vote your Howie out.




Candice needs MVP, POV, HOH, DPOV and Coup de’ tat to shake up the house

Judd's granny

She needs to have sex with Amanda(CBS).


Simon, that about sums it up!!!


…And Comb d’pa.


“Aaryn says that she is being portrayed as a racist bitch but says that she thinks this week she is being portrayed as nice and misunderstood.”

Hmmm, still in denial! Oh boy, she is in for a rude awakening, when she is finally evicted.


And she said this after putting up the only two black people in the house!


and we put up the Jew!


Actually convinced McCrae is just using Amanda…. Sneaky little boy

the showoff

This may be the least intelligent cast ever. I’m not a genius, but the herd mentality and the outright insanity of some of the houseguests (Elissa) is astonishing. Anyone else miss Dr Will and Matt from the Brigade?


Their are only two players here that are never going to turn on each other and that’s Amanda and McCrae.
I want them and Andy to be the final 3!


Elissa is really starting to like Judd. They have a similar sense of humour. They like to sit and chuckle – madly – together for hours.


The hardest part about this season is trying to figure out who is really loyal too who. Amanda and McCrae are the only ones who will never backstab the other I feel like. I think it would be hard for Andy to backstab Amanda or McCrae as well though.


remeber jesse told candice she vote with the house i was like you mean what amanda wants now howard in candice up there in everybody voting out howard but if amanda say no we get out candice jesse will say ok this cast sucks bad why didnt we just skip this season no body got a brain only amanda got power every week she on the block in people sill doing what she want i know candice might not win this game but i hope to god she wins hoh in pov in send one of the superfreinds home in cant waite untill amanda an mcrea turn on them to hey all i wonder when they take a bath do they ask amanda can they wipe their ass in amanda say not at you did not wipe mind first


Candice/Howard need to come up with a offer to sell. Amanda /mcCrae. Cant they see how together thy are. Try to sell them the fact that they couples or being separated. Amanda knows this. get in her head more, and say thats why MVP put her on the block just in case so at least one of the couples will be broken. Tell them what makes them think they wont be next. Offer a finial 4 couple deal. Anything!!! Go down fighting! Stop talking to everyone and only talk to McCrae only. What comes around comes around, Again!


McCrae is not that into Amanda she presses and presses him it’s actually annoying! I think they won’t date afterwords. I think he is kinda using her to get to the end. I do however, believe Amanda is into him since she always talks about him moving to be near her. I think it’s completely crazy for them to keep throwing out the I love u. They have what known each other about 4 weeks way too early for that!


nope she is using psychological blackmail as she knows he is weak and whipped

she uses this tactic just like when she asked judd if she could borrow some clothing as a way that helps the prospect of judd not voting her out

judd is going to be patient and wait for the right time to get rid of amanda