Donny talking about Derrick – I think that’s the ring leader, the brain of the operation.

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

1:10pm Cody and Devin continue to play pool. Hayden is hanging out with them. Victoria comes out in her pool outfit. Cody and Hayden start yelling, whistling and hollering at her telling her she looks good. Over by the pool – Nicole and Christine are in the pool. Amber and Brittany are suntanning.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 13-08-49-761

1:15pm In the bathroom – Devin campaigns to Donny. He tells him that in the veto competition if I had won I would have used it on Jocasta. And that would have forced Derrick to put up Victoria. Devin gives Donny the same campaign speech about how Caleb and Amber will protect each other / use the veto on each other. Devin says I won’t come to you any more about it but before going into that veto Caleb told me he’s got to protect Amber. My opinion going down.. is that Caleb will only win so many competitions. I can beat him in mental competitions and in some physical. I just want you to know that my loyalty lies with you. Devin tells Donny that he asked Pow to throw that one competition. Donny asks did she throw that swinging one? Devin says no. I didn’t ask her to throw that one. She just didn’t know how to swing. Devin says you know this game better than anyone, paranoia runs rampant. Devin says someone is going to catch on and use Caleb’s emotions against him. Just think about if you’re here who you want to be here with. Devin says the only move I have is to use Caleb’s love and infatuation with Amber against him. All I need is 6 votes. Donny says its a valid point but its stuff that I already know. You didn’t have to tell me. Devin says I am just trying to fight in the most respectful way. Donny says we have to make decisions for our game but most importantly for our family. ..because at some point we are going to have to leave. They end their conversation and Donny tells him he made good points.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 13-17-12-474

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1:30pm On the backyard couch – Donny and Jocasta talk about Devin’s campaigning. Jocasta says I am not saying someone should go on the block because they haven’t been but.. Donny says I am saying that! I think that’s a good reason. I want you to feel what I felt. Merry Christmas. Donny says if certain people win .. me, you and Brittany are going on the block. We are categorized together even if we aren’t together. Jocasta says that Victoria is sketchy. Donny says that’s why I didn’t even mention her. Donny says I don’t mind losing the game. I am a good loser. If I do there will be someone there to make me feel good. What about you? Jocasta says I am not a sore loser. I am not and to be on here is amazing. Donny tells Jocasta .. I think they already have the pecking order. Jocasta says so they already have it all figured out even though they don’t know whos going to be HOH. Donny says my girlfriend talked me into this .. I am going to have to have a long talk to her. Donny says they need to realize they need us ..because they’re not going to get each other out. Jocasta asks what do you think of Hayden? Donny says I think he is one of the better ones. He never gets paranoid he always stays the same. Jocasta asks what do you think about Amber? Donny says I don’t know. Jocasta says I know Frankie was in a room and Amber said I am good with Donny so I could get him to see my point of view. Donny says that’s good though. Donny asks I can trust you right?! Jacasta says yeah! Donny says I think that’s the ring leader.. the brain of the operation. ..and I like him too!
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 13-50-23-367
In the kitchen – Devin asks Brittany if what he is saying in his campaigning makes sense. Brittany says it does but people are afraid to vote. I am not afraid to vote how I want. Devin asks do you think you could talk to some of the girls that are afraid without blowing up your game? Brittany says I could. Devin says I am here by myself I don’t have someone I am trying to protect. Brittany says I just feel like I am going to be up there next week. Devin says and that’s why you don’t want to be up there next to Amber. (Because if Caleb is still here he would be fighting to save Amber.) Brittany asks so you want to be here now. Devin says yes, it was hard before because of all the immaturity. Devin and Brittany talk about how they feel old compared to these people. Brittany heads outside and joins Donny and Jocasta. They talk about Deivn’s campaigning. He has some very good points but no one is going to vote that way.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 13-42-17-473

1:50pm – 2:15pm Derrick comes out of the diary room with the camera. Derrick goes over to the pool and says don’t ask me why but we need some photos with the beach towels. Cody asks why? Derrick says I said don’t ask why. Cody asks so you want to see my beach towel. Is that a s*xual term? Hayden grabs the camera and starts taking photos of the other house guests. Hayden tells Amber you’re a model, you’re a tiger! Hayden asks Nicole and Christine to do something.. Nicole asks I don’t know what do we do?! Hayden says I don’t know do something funny take your clothes off.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 14-05-18-213

In the kitchen Devin is talking to Derrick about campaigning. Derrick tells him he has to do what he has to do to stay in the house. Just don’t do anything that you regret. Devin says that he’s worried about people not liking him and booing him on the outside. Derrick says you’re going to have people that like you and others that don’t. We all will.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 14-07-34-240
2:25pm – 2:35pm Out by the pool – Jocasta and Amber are talking about Devin’s campaigning. Amber says that Devin said he wasn’t going to campaign but that he clearly is. Amber says that she isn’t going to vote for Devin to stay and doesn’t think others will either because it will make them a target. Amber says I am just tired of all his lies.

2:40pm The house guests continue to talk HOH photos. Out in the backyard – Hayden comments to Donny that Devin is campaigning but its too little too late. Donny agrees.

Hayden and Nicole start taking photos together. He kisses her on the cheek as they take a selfie. Over by the pool Brittany talks about the guys talk about slicing girls. Brittany asks do you want to slice me. Cody says yeah I love all the dirty talk. She says I can’t wait for you to romance me hard. Cody says yeah I like the sound of that! Brittany says I can’t believe we have not liquor!! I am going through withdrawals! Brittany asks I actually think they are waiting until the crazy people leave before they give us any. Cody says yeah I agree with that! Cody says actually now that I think about it .. Brittany has only been nice after she’s had a glass of wine.

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2:50pm – 3:05pm In the hive room – Devin campaigns to Frankie. You know damn well that I am not going to go out without campaigning. I’m not going to talk bad about anyone. Devin gives Frankie the same Amber / Caleb speech as to why he should stay over Caleb. I came here for my daughter and I am going to fight to be here. It’s hard to put up with the other house guests immaturity. Frankie says those are very valid points and its not stuff that I haven’t already thought about. I wish I could keep both of you. They hug and leave the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-15 14-53-04-172

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Alliances (Some of these only a few of the members actually think the alliance is real the bombsquad is done but some people still think it’s real)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and hayden (still being built)
Unnamed Final 2 Deal – Cody & Derrick

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smd nicole

donny is smart….. but derrick is smarter and i don’t think it would be wise for donny to go after derrick early


I want Derrick and Donny gone ASAP


Vc alem de brasileiro deve ser mineiro e um perfeito idiota e babaca

I Don't Like Derrick

How do you figure Derrick is smarter? Because dumbass Caleb fell for his manipulations? It’s not that Derrick is so smart. It’s just that other people are just so stupid. DAMN!! When the success depends on the stupidity of other people and not the manipulation or gameplay itself, then the credit doesn’t go to the person’s gameplay. It goes to the stupidity of other people. Big Difference. Donny shouldn’t go after Derrick?? What should he do? Wait his turn to be picked off by him? WHAT??

You're a Hater

Derrick is the smartest one in the house right now and is playing the game the proper way. He doesn’t make up lies, he says what needs to be said and covers up his trail. He behaves in a way that allows things to go his way without being a standout personality. All his diary room sessions and observations are all intelligent and perceptive. I don’t see how you can hate the guy, he has to be controlling when he is the HoH.

I Don't Like Derrick

He hasn’t lied? Seriously. So, I guess the BS was just a one week deal.
“He says what needs to be said so things will go his way.” Yes. True. But why has it worked out for him? Is it because he is really smart, or is it because of other peoples’ stupidity for falling for it. Seriously, Caleb. Yes, Derrick manipulated him into volunteering. But, it would not have worked out, if not for the super stupidity of Caleb.
Zack not being evicted was because of Caleb’s stupidity, and Amber following. Not because Derrick was so good. If a person has his mind set on who he is voting to evict, because it is better for his game, and he lets someone else convince him to vote the opposite because it’s better for his game, then that is just sheer stupidity. Sorry.
And the other non members, not rallying and sticking together. Plain Stupidity. That’s why Derrick is successful, as of now, because of other peoples’ stupidity. I mean, who in the world would volunteer, after, “I won’t put you up unless you say so.” He didn’t say so, Derrick did, and stupidity did not allow Caleb to see that. Even though the BS is broken, former members are still, in a sense working together to pick off original non members.
And I don’t hate the guy. I just think his hypocrisy is too ridiculous. Devin is fucking with his money? Seriously. Is that not ridiculous. Acting as if what Devin did with putting up Zack was so bad. He was planning on back dooring him before that happened.
I’m not calling him a bully, but Devin has not been as bad, despite what followers claim. Think about the way Derrick has come across. PLEASE!! I’m just saying, his success has more to do with Superb Stupidity then gameplay.


great post. I agree 100%. I also think Derrick is over-rated especially since he was chosen as team america. Derrick became more arrogant and quite like Devin when it came down to decisions based in the alliance since winning HOH. Derrick did the same thing Devin did by going out making other deals/alliances away from the BS alliance. I got no problem with Derrick going out making other deals/alliances, but when Devin did it was a major problem with everyone. I have a feeling this season is gonna be predictable and the final 3 we will see team america Derrick, Frankie and Donny at the end. this team america crap was stupid from the beginning.

smd nicole

derrick really is the smartest in the house and donny should pick off the people around him that do what he says because without them derrick is powerless then it would be easy for donny and the outsiders to take him out…. first person donny should go after is caleb. if he goes after derrick right now he will be the next person gone

I Don't Like Derrick

I hope you mean he should go after Caleb now, when he is on the block, and not after this week. Caleb is Derrick’s next target after Devin. If Donny goes after Caleb, he is doing what Derrick wants. And he also will not be going after Derrick’s team first.


I hope you mean he should go after Caleb now, when he is on the block, and not after this week. Caleb is Derrick’s next target after Devin. If Donny goes after Caleb, he is doing what Derrick wants. And he also will not be going after Derrick’s team first.


Is he? Or does Derrick just have a better social game due to the ages in the house and being able to relate to the men in the house so he’s able to bounce more things off of them and come to a quicker conclusion? He also has strong back up. I don’t think Derrick is necessarily smarter but I don’t know. There are different forms of intelligence.


Did Devin actually use the word “immaturity” in reference to the OTHER players?! Anyway.
I am enjoying watching Donny ease into a leadership role. That is what makes a “nice” player a good player. Forgive me, but I am loving the Hayden/Nicole thing, and I still think Caleb is sexy.


Well if he was talking about Victoria he has a point.

Big Jim

I think it makes more sense to get to get rid of Caleb than Devin for most of ?the houseguests what do you think Simon/Dawg?

smd nicole

derrick wants devin gone because he is insane and derrick can’t manipulate him like he can with caleb….. derrick is completely running the show right now and nobody except i guess donny even knows it


Although Devin is insane, he cannot be manipulated…and thats scary for people like Derrick

I Don't Like Derrick

He is not insane. He was being wishy washy. People translate that into insane, and follow the lead of the BB players, even though he has never done anything. Insane is handing over 500k because you’re being a vagina.


Um…I don’t object to much, but using the word vagina the way you did? No, thank you.

I Don't Like Derrick

What am I supposed to say? Pussy? LOL.


You didn’t ask me but I agree. Devin has no alliance. The alliance between the others is strong. Save Devin and let him target Derrick and Zach


He doesn’t have an alliance but he’s plenty strong enough to win HOH at any time and you don’t want a wild card like that up in the HOH room no matter who you are.

I Don't Like Derrick

Thank You. Even though, I don’t think Zack is too bad. I like Hayden, but I would build alliances with the outsiders, and target Hayden first, then Derrick. With Hayden gone, they could recruit Nicole.


Brittany doesn’t have a dog in the fight. I mean looking at the list of alliance’s that Simon and Dawg post up. She’s an outsider and if Jocasta, Donny and Brittany get rid of Devin they are done for. Of course Victoria is an outsider as well, but shes too stupid to realize she’s on the chopping block. But instead of looking at it from a game perspective she’s making it personal.

Honestly the five of them could get together and do some damage. But unfortunately its too little to late. For their game they would need Devin. And then Frankie would jump ship. Its gonna be interesting how it turns out but the outsiders are gonna get pick one by one when Devin is evicted.


The turning point was when Zack was on the block. The girls should have voted him out, but how could they since he’s sooo good looking (he actually looks like a meth head) and sooo funny (in reality, the punk acts like a grade-A degenerate). One by one they will go and wonder what happened.

I agree. Devin is one guy they could recruit who would help them immensely. But they’re having too much fun in the house.


Honestly when i first saw Donny, I though he was just gonna be like the chicken George of BB16. Everybody loves him personality but he is absolutely irrelevant in the game, he just represents an extra number. I could not have been any more wrong. After maybe Nicole and Derrick, I gotta say that Donny is the smartest player in the game right now. He reads people so well and has a very good social game. At this point i could see Donny winning it all if he plays his cards right…

smd nicole

awwww i miss chicken george so much 🙁 he respected big brother more than anyone and was so damn honored and grateful to be on BB All-Stars remember his badass veto win?


Haha 60 days on slop for chicken George. Him and Kaysar standing there …..Bald & Blue. Man was James pissed lols. I always liked James.

grizzle t

Im a huge donny fan! if donny could work with derrick and nicole they could go to the final three. As of right now i see derrick being the reason donny leaves. If donny can win some big comps at a good time and put up derrick and cody that derrick would be leaving the house. i hate that cristine is floating right along and gonna end up taking nicole down. At the end of it all i see hayden nicole and derrick playing for it all.


I think Donny’s and Derrick’s games have become a similar calibre, and I didn’t think Donny would end up a leader at first either. Derrick, I did. They’re both good with psychology and speak (for the most part) respectfully to everybody. They’re both equally smart. Now, if they would just work together…they’d be neck and neck for the money all the way, but neither wants to be sitting next to the other at the end.


Devin is pissing me off. Yeah the Caleb Amber thing is cool when talking to the alliance but when he speaks to the other people he leaving out the biggest reason for them to try an keep him….their is a huge alliance in the house and none of you are in it!!!


I would love to Caleb/Zach vs Cody/Frankie and see how the boys all start to turn on each other. That would out that alliance real quick.


Too bad Devin, you are in a BB house with stupid cowards. Has everyone forgotten that Derrick was alright with Devin putting Zach up? Devin gets blamed for all of the gossip in the house. Derrick does a pretty good job with the gossip, but no one can get close to Frankie. Nicole and Christine are not far behind.
Derrick has already figured out that once Devin, Donny, and Caleb are gone, he has smooth sailing, Donny sees a little bit of the picture, but he just does not realize that his TA partners are snakes lying in the grass. If Donny or Jocasta do not win the next HOH, he is gone. Anyone else will be strong armed into putting Donny up. Derrick wants only stupid cowards in the house, and he is getting his way. Someone made the statement, BB should have either people that are BB fans or people who don’t know the game, a mixture of the 2 does not work.


i going for donny all the way i dont care if drrick or frank goes home cause i didnt vote for them but i did vote for donny all we need america is one thats donny nicole she was my second vote but i was wrong about her she do what they want her to do


I vote to evict Caleb! !!


Am I the only one shocked that Jocasta is actually talking game


I think it would be cool if the next bob would have a new twist! The losing hoh should automatically become the third nominee, that way there’s no more throwing it!


Or just go on slop and into the ice room.


Amber looks like shes getting a little 2 close with Cody in that hugging picture what a slut its like when ever Caleb is not around she turns like a dog in heat for Cody i hope Cody does not fall for her shes needs to go next week her game play sucks its like shes using these guys to take her to the end.


I agree. At first I thought she was going to be this awesome female competitor, but all she’s doing is clinging to whatever guy will protect her. She knows how Caleb feels about her and she knows she will never date him after the show, but she’s just using it to her advantage. She won’t tell him to just stop it already because she wants his protection. She needs to either grow a pair or get out.

Hermione Cumberbatch

It’s called …Flirt-Floating.


That may be true about Amber but in all fairness if it was the other way round, her liking Caleb and him not liking her he would also take advantage of the situation. After all in his bio he did say his strategy was to get the sexy ladies to like him then he would fully use that to his advantage.

So it’s being done to him, I have no issues there. And it’s always good to keep around a person who is willing to fall on a sword to protect you.

Hermione Cumberbatch

I agree. I don’t have a problem with it. I think Flirt-Floating is a great strategy. I mean Amber, Cody, Hayden..heck even Frankie..they are all Flirt-Floaters. None of them have won anything….they are getting by simply by being fun, charming and attractive. Use what you have to stay alive as long as possible…but you cannot float forever.

Michael LB

“What a sl*t.” Seriously? I think you’re as delusional as Caleb.


I honestly feel really bad for Devin and really hope that people don’t boo him on thursday. I think he comes off a little strong sometimes, but his intentions were always good. I’m sad for him, when he comes home to see all the mean stuff people have wrote about him. That would be tough for anyone.


Derrick vs Donny. This is what you truly call battle of the giants (in the terms of strategic masterminds).

Digging how they have discreetly/subtly drag the others name through the mud as a way of taking heat of themselves and putting heat on the other person.

Both being on Team America and both discreetly/subtly sabotaging each other is sure sign of a strategic mastermind in the making (in the making, due to there gave play hints to they have not read certain books).


They need to grow some balls and vote Caleb out


Zack is hella funny!!


cody 100 percent wants to bang brit, I kind of hope It happens. if it doesn’t in the house, it will after the wrap party, he wants some, and she wants some and yeah.

new to BB 14

Has there ever been a bigbrother season with half the cast over 40 yrs of age and the other half under 25 yrs of age?
This would be an awesome show if they could pull it off

Ok Donny is smarter then he looks/acts he is very perceptive but hes an outsider and the stronger players know this about him don’t look for him to make it to the jury backstabbing Derrick and his frakin pignose. Imagine the pignose if Derrick and Christine mated their offspring would be pigman from the Seinfeld episode LOL


I had a bad day at work today. So I just thought about Victoria telling Derrick she thinks she’s America’s Favorite. Suddenly I couldn’t stop laughing. Only the others at work understood why that was so funny.


Why are people so mad at Victoria. She hasnt done anything to anyone. She may not be a good game player but at least shes honest and is nice to most the people in the house. Why do people keep making nasty jokes about her in the comments I dont understand?


She is telling people that Devin may hurt her, saying that Donny is a pervert…and said she wanted to stab Devin.


Sorry you had a bad day – I did too, but what made me laugh was this one thought from an earlier post:
“Devin – daughter.” Brought a smile to my face!


If Donny, Brittney, Jacosta and Hayden keep Devin. Hayden might be able to convince Nicole but you still would need Cody. We know that Victoria, Christine, Amber and Zach would keep Caleb. Frankie would be the swing vote. I don’t think they could sway Cody to keep Devin there. He already stated that Devin is 80% better than him. I realize we all feel Devin played to hard to soon but on a game perspective, Devin would always be your shield until it’s time to boot him out.


Wasn’t there a post somewhere that said Nicole & Christen were gonna throw Devin votes & then blame “The Outsiders”? That would be awesome if they did & Don, Joc, Brit, & Hay all threw Dev votes & he stayed? Yeah…wishful thinking…”it’s too early” & they gotta “vote with the house”.


Wasn’t there a post somewhere that said Nicole & Christen were gonna throw Devin votes & then blame “The Outsiders”? That would be awesome if they did & Don, Joc, Brit, & Hay all threw Dev votes & he stayed? Yeah…wishful thinking…”it’s too early” & they gotta “vote with the house”.


I FREAKIN LOVE DONNY & JOCASTA but the problem is , I think that it will be another Candice & Jessie situation were they knew the game & who was running it but the other houseguests were to blind & stupid to believe them until the last minute,

IF DONNY, JOCASTA OR BRITT does not win this next HOH, it will be trouble all around….
9 out of 10 the nexy HOH comp will be Endurance which Donny might have a good chance at BUT if its the endurance comp were they hold on to the Bars against a wall a girl will most likely win..JOCASTA DID GREAT IN THE FIRST ENDURANCE COMP…SO DID AMBER..hopefully Britt can keep her head in the game…

These dudes are running things but aren’t that smart, except maybe Derrick, who I would pay to see get BACKDOORED..

And everyone calls Donny & Jocasta a FLOATER..well what us ZACH,CHRISTINE,HAYDEN,CODY N EVEN FRANKIE?? exactly..

I just pray that a underdog wins this next HOH..obviously this twist will end on double eviction night which should be next Thursday or the Thursday after next IMO..


Derrick think his shit don’t stink but i will be glad when it starts lol!!!!


Amber really has nothing to offer other than her basic one liner: I’m just tired of all his (Devin) lies.

Big Brother is a game of lies!! I can’t handle the stupidity.


I’m getting sick and tired of Christine trashing Brit. Christine has done nothing in this game except hide behind the guys. She hasn’t even been a have not. But she keeps ragging on about Brit who was a HN for 2 weeks in a row and has to fight for her life in the game just about every minute. Christine has got to go.


Lol, I didn’t know she was also trashing Britney. I wish Britney could overhear her. I just know I don’t like the girl or the high horse she likes to sits on.


agree, Cody wants brit, Zach has hinted at this before as well. if they were smart they would have like will and boogie, brought in brit via cody. Zach then works on Victoria. but she may just be too darn…well frankly I bet she is a virgin because she acts like one. Zach can’t penetrate that defense


Derrick is acting like he is an original OG or in tv terms a jerk…….


Victoria said on her BB16 Bio that she would be more “intelligent’ than she appeared. She said that people would think she was naïve etc…but she’s not.
I had actually started to believe that. I mean it would be hard to play this dumb. But, since she says she “can’t run and breathe’ at the same time.


That may be code for I’m an manipulator and disingenuous. I don’t know if I think she’s naive but more spoiled and full of herself and she came in there to a rude awakening.


I’m so tired of all these immature, daughterless peasants. Were they professional athletes, bro? Did they swing erratically back and forth between hating people and lusting after them? Integrity. Do they have daughters? Immaturity. I’m done, bro.


It’s still early in the game. I’m sure production will find a way to help the underdogs, Look what happened to Big Brother Canada 2. The ones in power were taken down !


In last night’s BBAD It amused me to see a bunch of guys – Derrick, Frankie, Zack & Nicole sitting together ripping Devin, the one token black man in the house, apart. Wow!!! What is it about a strong black man that brings out the fear in other races?


Donny and Jacosta are the most boring people to watch. Their conversation (when there is any) if friggin lame to listen to and has no interesting factor about it.