Big Brother Spoilers – The Bomb Squad isn’t making Jury “It’s going to be nuclear.”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-06 14-12-53-935

2:12pm Pool Frankie and Caleb
Frankie asking why everyone is going crazy with alliances and not trusting.
Caleb say the only thing he can think of is Zach telling Devin. Frankie – You are afraid that Devin will do something against Zach” Calen – “I don’t know I don’t think he will now.. theres a few people in our alliance he wouldn’t put up because he doesn’t trust them”
Caleb says he trusts Devin ‘As much as I can i only have known him for 17 days” Frankie says Zach is going crazy right now. Caleb thinks as far as he knows everyone is sticking to the plan.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-06 14-14-09-446

1:30pm – 2:15pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds with the we’ll be right back screen and then switches to the pre-season Jeff Schroeder interviews. When the live feeds return – In the kitchen Derrick is talking to Devin about going up to talk to him soon. The camera switch to the backyard – Cody is talking to Christine. Christine says he smacked him a little. Christine says he might be in actual trouble now. He needs to calm down. Cody says its a game. Christine says its a game. People are taking it too personal. Cody saying Frankie is fake he’s playing both sides. Christine – “He’s fully with them I think” . Cody mentions how he was getting close to Zach and it’s causing Frankie to be jealous. Christine says Caleb is the one she trusts the least. Cody isn’t planning on turning his back on Zach.

BB16-2014-07-06 14-23-45-986
2:23pm HOH Derrick and Devin
Devin tells him he doesn’t know what is going to happen with the veto he doesn’t know… Devin says he will never put Derrick or cody up. Devin gets called into the Diary Room.

BB16-2014-07-06 14-23-40-488

BAM Brittany
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2:24pm BEEHIVE Frankie and Derrick
Frankie says they are both smart players, “Theres people in our group that our in our alliance and not playing smart”
Frankie says he’s sitting in the middle of the alliance with Derrick right beside him. They have the ability to sway things that is best for them in the future.
Frankie says Cody and Amber showed their f***ing cards during Devin’s meeting. Derrick is worried that Devin is going to pull something in the POV ceremony otherwise he would tell them what he’s doing. Derrick -”He’s putting up an alliance member”
Frankie – “Zach is a f***g mess”
Derrick – “If he BAckd**r zach he will blow up the alliance”
Frankie says the only people in their alliance that is able to not be hindered by their emotions is Frankie, Derrick and Christine. Derrick agrees says Christine is smart. They agree getting Devin out next week may not be the best thing to do. Derrick says Devin doesn’t suspect them of anything it’s Zach and Amber that have all the heat. Derrick points out the odds are the bomb squad is going to collapse before jury “It’s going to be nuclear.. no pun intended”
Frankie and Derrick agree they trust Caleb with their life but in the game they don’t know what he will do. Frankie says Caleb tells Devin everything so watch what he says. Derrick would love to have been a fly on the wall when Caleb and Devin talked because they smashed a lot of beefs.
Derrick – Devin’s not dumb he’s irrational but not dumb for him to put up an alliance member.. it’s hard.. ”
Caleb walks in..
Derrick mentions his talk with Devin in the HOH where Devin said he didn’t trust Zach. Caleb asks him if everyone in the house wants Devin gone. Derrick – “I don’t think it’s necessary right now.. outside of this house I trust Devin.. the kids.. He’s a teddy bear he’s got a heart of gold.. he’s got passion we can all relate to him he’s not a bad guy”
Derrick doesn’t think it’s best for them to blow up their alliance week 2.
Caleb and Frankie agree to keep the bomb squad intact. Derrick and Frankie tell him Zach threw all his cards out there yesterday and now Devin doesn’t trust him. Caleb says he told Devin to take POW down put Victoria up and let them pound heads.
Derrick – “they cannot beat us if we stick together… the odds are 100%”
Frankie goes to get Cody. Derrick tells him Hayden is strong sooner or later they will need to take him out. Derrick thinks Frankie or Hayden will win America’s player because they are funny.

BB16-2014-07-06 14-48-44-584

2:46pm Caleb, Cody, Frankie, Derrick BEEHIVE
Caleb tells him they have a guaranteed 100% jury oif they vote the way they are supposed to vote and stay true to their alliance.
Caleb – Right now Devin doesn’t trust zach will Devin put up Zach I don’t know
Caleb says he has Cody’s back until Jury, “I can guarantee you to Jury right now”
Cody says he’s never going to turn on the alliance.
Caleb says once they get top Jury they can all do whatever they want cuss Devin out kick him in the b@lls doi whatever they want.
Cody says it’s been tough these couple days with all the Drama between Devin and Caleb.
Caleb – “It’s like this..  your mom gives you a whopping but at the end of the day you still love her”
Caleb adds if Zach goes up Zach is not going home, If Victoria goes up she might go home and that is what he told Devin.
Caleb explains yesterday when he talked to Devin he said there’s people in the alliance that are wanting to put him up so they needed to have a meeting and realign their priorities.
Derrick says if Devin backs Zach into a corner he might start swinging (swinging m = Call out the bomb squad )
Caleb tells them Zach is a real benefit to their alliance he’s smart, Sleeps all day and he’s a number. Cody – “I don’t think he’s going to put up Zach”
The other three agree, Derrick says the meeting is coming very soon they need to grab Zach and Devin and have them work it out. Caleb mentions that Devin is easy to talk to one on one but in a group he’s a disaster.

BB16-2014-07-06 15-04-43-633

3:04pm Caleb and Frankie
Caleb says right now is not the time to loosen your bolts it’s a time to tighten them up.. “you know what I mean” Amber comes in sits next to Frankie. He tells her he knows Amber and Devin are having differences. Amber says Devin is hurting her game play.
Amber says Devin is telling her she cannot trust them. Amber says Brittany knows about the alliance, “Devin told her a lot of stuff” Frankie and Caleb think she “Thinks” she knows but she really doesn’t
Amber still wants to know why Devin is telling her to not trust them.
Franki e”Caleb mentions to Devin there was people in their alliance that wanted him to go home. We decided to have a big meeting.. in that big meeting zach told Devin he was one of the people.. He said it to him in front of all of us”

BB16-2014-07-06 15-06-57-020

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get this pov ceremony done, and let’s watch the fur fly!


Amber’s plan is to bad mouth devin and lie. She brings up Devin doing something wrong everytime around Caleb. She wants them to butt heads.


Devins smartest move is to keep nominations the same. he promised both nominees he would take them off. He can always say that the most honest thing to do was to keep them up and not use the veto. then the Alliance can come together again and vote out PowPow.
It is stupid to put up Zach now… it would blow up in all 8 peoples faces. The thing you have to remember after the POV ceremony you still have to wait till Thursday to evict… that is a lot of time to have bad choice blow up in your face and create enemies.
What could come out of the nominating is something wonderful…. Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole, Brittany/PowPow, Victoria and Donny could wake up and put two and two together. Players we like in that alliance could split away from the BS and form a new alliance with better people…. Frankie’s game will blow up and the the big dogs may wake up to the fact they need to work with people and not bully them or it will just turn into one giant cluster F***k for your viewing enjoyment. enjoy.


He needs to get Zack out ( or Derrick or Cody)

Alliance? the Bomb Squad is over, they will all put Devin up next week.

The only for Devin is to keep the Deal with Britanny and Victoria, that way if they win HOH they won`t put him up


Zach is still self destructing in his conversation with Devin. At Lear Caleb tried to give the Kumbaya thing a shot.


Oops. Meant to say. “At least” not “Lear”


I dislike how there is no video clips of the live feeds on here anymore. It was the main reason to come to this website. Why not just use twitter then?


dont come here then along with whoever thumbs up your post you wont be missed


I believe on previous posts – they’ve explained that CBS is going after sites that are posting clips. It’s too expensive to pay to post clips.
Funny – I never cared about the clips – even before I decided to get the live feeds. I enjoyed the updates as they were.
I’d rather them keep this site up without clips. Buy the feeds – it’s not a bad deal. I figure it cost as much as when I used to pay for Showtime to watch After Dark.
Keep up the good work Simon & Dawg! Appreciate all you do!

Not a PHD Student

If you can do better then start you own site. Be happy that people like Simon and Dawg are willing to do what they do for us on their time off. I’ll just thank them for posting instead of complaining what they are not doing.


Just to add on to what Simon wrote. I think this siote covers BB as well as anyone. thus I come here. The guys would do anything they could to enhance the already great coverage they give us. They’re also very good at this type of site. They know what works. If they can get it we’d have it already.

Delilah Jones

Simon and Dawg devote their entire summer to the live feeds, and sharing spoilers with us. They are dedicated, and sleep deprived for your reading pleasure. To insult their website is rude, and disrespectful.

smd nicole

frankie is done for! he f’d up big time! nobody will trust him in the future


Can someone tell me why the feeds have that disclaimer


Really? Down Thumbs on my question. I was asking because there is no disclaimer on the show so far.


i am not 100% sure why people thumbs down the question and I didn’t get the feeds this year – but I am thinking that the disclaimer is built into the opening or closing of the show somewhere (i.e. in the credits, fine print, etc.)

devins daughter

see people this is why you say no to drugs…. because you will end up a shady, roided out, crack head like my daddy…. stop taking adderal daddy you come off like that crack head sketch from the chappelle show…uncle oj was wrong dont kill mommy like auntie nicole


Derrick needs to rethink his position. He’s really the only thing keeping his alliance intact. That leaves him competing against some of the most physical threats in the game. If I were him, I’d let him nominate Zach. Zach wouldn’t go home, but it would destroy the alliance. Let them go after each other for a while. Meanwhile, he should be cementing his bond with non BS’ers.

Derrick is smart enough to know that he doesn’t want that alliance to be the final 8. (Frankie has figured it out and is already working towards dismantling it.). Too many comp threats would be left.


It must be hell in that house. High School drama with Adults. Backstabbing, lying, manipulating, and all the cliques. UHG i don’t know who to root for. Haha


Was it not last year we were complaining that the HoH was doing what everyone wants? It was to predictable ? I think Devin is stirring the pot and waiting to send what happens. He’s telling them what they want yo hear and in the end he will do what he wants. Actually I see his HoH as a waste, because they the BS will vote who they want out. Sometimes the person who makes you mad is the one you keep around. Zach is so mad and focused on Devin, and that’s ok, but even though he’s mad he is not listening and watching closely what the others are saying to him for their advantage. If was, he would know he needs to take in down a notch. Because now devin attention is on him. Unless he knows he will not be voted out so he is trying to be stuff guy


Lol. The whole bomb squad is sooo messed up. A very serious chemical reaction is going on there and just about to explode. Can’t wait to see what comes next. The more they fight among themselves, the more time it gives Donny to stay in the house. Lol. Hopefully, he might even shave off his beards too..


this just tells us that his stealth black ops ninja moves are really working, since no one is talking about getting his paramilitary butt on the block lately.


I’m wondering if BB will have a reward comp where all HGs win some type of treat if Donny shaves his beard.


Zach is the next NIck Uhas of the season in a bad way because the were both so cocky and thinking that they run the ahow


Who got slapped and who did the slapping?


Marjorie sucks so bad


Lol. The bomb squad is sooo messed up. A very serious and huge chemical reaction is going on in there and it’s about to explode. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Lol. Let them keep fighting themselves. At least it gives Donny some time to be in the house. Hopefully he might even shave off his beards.


It’s one of the worst alliances ever. Too big, adding people who are only in it because basically you’d be dumb to say no I don’t want to be in your alliance, Devin. ????? And the best pals pairs formed by day 2 don’t even make it to week 2?

i would like to see Frankie at least being loyal to Zach, rather than suggesting he be put on the block, makes no sense, and against who? Devin already agreed to take PowPow down, is he not going to do that and take Britny down instead to show B they can work together, or show the house that he thinks that PP is a safe block buddy since no one would vote her out? And if she is, then he’s left with the wrath of Zach who can play for HOH?

which goes back to the fact the whole HOH thing pretty much ensures you can’t plan anything, and now there are two things instead of just one (the POV) that affects who goes home or who is wanted to go home, but doesn’t. i gather if you were up and come down, you are not eligible to be a replacement nominee if someone uses the POV, which continues to eliminate options for controlled game moves. Other than if you have an 8 person alliance filled with people who win things.

well, it goes back to BB canada F3. If Neda wanted to win, she needed to actually win and not just rely on being pulled to F2. In BB16 case, if Britney didn’t want to be a nominee she needed to actually win the HOH comp first, and she didn’t. everyone has a shot, especially the ones in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. you can’t afford to be careless or sloppy.


Is funny how Donny went to be a FBI Secret agent to be a Invisible Men..

smd nicole

i remember when big brother casted adults not just big kids


Frankie currently throwing zach under the bus. They need to get this guy out ASAP, even before Devin. Cant let him slide by.


I agree. I want Frankie out before Devin and Donnny


Donny is really flying under the radar right now and is getting involved with no drama at all. That is really good for him, the only thing he needs to worry about right know is to keep being funny and putting a smile on people’s faces. I’m sure Donny knows Big Brother and what he’s doing so he’ll start talking gameplay to people when it’s truly necessary. Even if he doesn’t make it to final 2, I’m sure he’s gonna make jury and win America’s favorite. #TEAMDONNY


I love me some Donny.


I hate that. Because Donny should have gone home last week. Now He is just a floater and will float all the way to the end. But nobody will vote for him at the end

smd nicole

i really hope brittany does not go home even tho i can’t respect her because she don’t know jack about BB she is hot AF


Devin is now telling Frankie that he suddenly got a crush on Brit last night. I’m trying to wrap my brain around that.


I was just thinkng about that.

I think would be funny with Devin and Britanny becomes a couple. Would piss so many people off


Some men like a woman who will call them on out on their bs….all the other girls running aroung scared and she kinda stood up to him. He may find that to be sexy.


I am in love with this season. So much drama!

Jimmy 64

You should never have more than 4 people in an alliance.
The bomb squad won’t last the week.

Butters Mom

Simon, who slapped who? There was mention of a light slap.


If Devin uses the veto on Britanny and put Zack up.. we will become one of my favorities this season.

I wish Devin and Britanny would team up. I think they would become a really powerfull couple.


What…??? You can’t trust Devin. No one can. He makes the feeds interesting, but a person would have to be CRAZY to team up with him.


Still waiting for POV ceremony…I really want to see some actual fights and Zach finally revealing BS members… Come on already:))


Devin is bi-polar. Jerk one minute, crying the next WTF!!!!!


It’s funny that I posted the following comment earlier under the Headline: “Caleb says Devin wanted BRIT out & now he’s making deals with her. He’s going home next week!” Here is what I said:
July 6, 2014 at 10:19 am
Why do I get the feeling that Brittany and Devin have some kind of weird attraction going on between them? I think he had his eye on her from the time he saw her and maybe she’s trying to fight the temptation of getting involved with a black man, so she was gunning for him. He then became Caleb-like towards her – if you ignore me and bad mouth me I’m getting rid of you. Brittany, there’s a saying “when you go black you can’t go back”? Lol! Don’t knock it till you try it!! After all, love is akin to hate…….as the saying goes!

A Nony Mouse

I luuuuuve Devlin. I love the fact that he’s nuts, I love the fact that he so arrogant he probably loves the smell of his own farts; I love the fact that he has absolutely no clue about playing the game. Face it, if he wasn’t there what the hell would we be talking about? Zankie? That showmance is in the toaster. Everyone else (except maybe Caflop) is pretty vanillla and more interested in Barney the dinosaur lovey dovey times. I say keep him a couple of weeks more until he burns out and goes careening off his axis.


Why do ppl like nicole so much?