Devin says if another strays, Caleb has already said that person is cancer and we’ll cut it out!

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 7th
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: POW POW & ZACH
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

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1:20am In the backyard – Cody, Christine and Zach are talking. Cody and Brittany are joking about how Zach hasn’t showered in 2 days. Cody tells him to shower. Zach starts practicing him eviction speech he says keep me here to get rid of this tyrant (Devin) who’s been strong arming voters and manipulating the entire house. They tell him his speech is good. Zach says he is happy. He says it’s a win win. Zach says that he is over it and says that he realized he was playing a game for Devin and Caleb. Christine says it blows her mind that Devin put up an alliance member and he was the saying they would never do that until jury. They talk about how Devin now has a crush on Brittany.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 01-37-09-570

1:40am In the hive room – Frankie is talking to Zach about how he still needs time to think about how to proceed. Zach tells Frankie’s game as being a cameleon. Frankie says right now the lines are drawn and what I would like to do is vote for you and blame Hayden. Frankie says can you repair things with Caleb and Devin? Frankie says I feel like my game just got better. I hit the reset button. I was trying to hold on. Zach says the votes I have are Cody, Donny Derrick, You, Brittany. Frankie says I am going to say you don’t have Jocasta and Victoria’s vote. They realize they need Frankie’s vote. Frankie says I can’t believe I am going to be the swing vote. Imagine it came down to a tie!? Frankie says you can’t jump on the band wagon if to get me out if the target shifts to me. Zach says hopefully the 9 people vote to keep me and then there’s only 3 votes against me. Frankie says I thought I lost you! Frankie tells Zach to just please don’t be shaddy again! Zach says I don’t care about the money. I just want to make it to jury so that I can make sure you win. Get me to jury and I will vote for you to win. I want you to win more than anyone else. The hug and leave the room.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 01-48-16-116

1:50am In the hive room – Brittany tells Frankie I didn’t want to put anyone on blast. I stayed up for days because I want to stay so bad. I wasn’t trying to stir anything up by announcing anything. I wanted to stay up there even if he wanted to take me off because I wanted to make sure Pow went home because she did some shaddy sh*t. After it was used on me I went into the diary room to find out I could go back on the block and they said once its used, its used. What I said after was to make sure whoever went up next to Pow .. I wanted to make sure she went home. Brittany says I’m not the person that would stick a knife in anyone’s back. Brittany says I took it the wrong way when you said what ever you did worked. Frankie says when I said that it was because I admire you and you deserved to come down off the block. What Devin did to you, then he did the right thing and amended it. Whether its because he has a crush on you or not. Brittany laughs. I don’t even want to talk about that. Brittany says it’s not even like I’m this huge threat. I’m hit or miss with challenges.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 02-00-25-751

2am Christine, Nicole and Hayden are playing pool. Christine asks they if they should call their alliance “TRILOGY”. Nicole and Christine both love the name. Chritine runs it by Hayden and he doesn’t answer right away. She then asks him if he knows what it means. He says yes. They agree they love the name. Brittany comes out and has a huge cup of coffee. Christine tells her that she really shouldn’t be drinking coffee right now. They comment that people have died before from no sleep and lots of coffee. (Brittany hasn’t slept in days.) Nicole comments I am so glad they give us coffee. Brittany says me too, it gets me buzzed! Nicole, Christine and Brittany they start trying to do “The Ian” (Trying to kick themselves in the head.) Nicole does it and says I’m doing the Ian! I Love you Ian! Brittany tries to do it backwards. Christine does it the right way.

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2:20am Derrick, Frankie, Caleb and Victoria are hanging out by the hammock. Derrick thinks that they will get a period of time off slop before the HOH competition. He thinks they will be off slop 12 hours before the competition so that they get be ready to compete. He thinks this Thursday will be an endurance.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 02-24-27-360

2:30am In the kitchen – Amber and Brittany are melting chocolate as a prank to put in Victoria’s bed to look like “poo”. They fill Nicole in on their prank and she laughs. They think that Victoria is the only one that will be mad all the other girls would just brush it off. Amber says she thinks Victoria will laugh too.

In the storage room – Frankie asks Christine Frankie asks everyone is knuckling up for Zach to stay. Frankie says except for Caleb, Amber and Devin. I think the girls Jocasta and Victoria won’t vote for him either. Frankie wonders if we vote for him to stay and then blame someone for it. Christine says she was thinking the same thing and thinks maybe just one of us needs to do that. Frankie then talks to Victoria in the storage room and she is worried about voting to keep Zach and becoming a target if he doesn’t stay. Frankie says so we just need to get the votes. We need to go back to work.

In the havenot room – Zach talks to Derrick about how he can say in his speech that no one is is target but Devin. I am doing what you guys want and getting him out. If you keep Pow here she is just going to float by. Derrick tells Zach to say that in his speech but also tell people before Thursday. Derrick tells Zach that he will continue to think about it. Zach says he still wants to talk to him more later about it all. They leave the room.

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2:55am In the storage room – Frankie tells Derrick about how the plan to keep Zach in a way that it makes it look like I didn’t vote for him to stay. Derrick agrees that Zach is going after Devin. Frankie says there have to be three votes for him to leave. (Caleb, Amber, Frankie) Derrick says we can convince Donny, Victoria and the others to vote to keep Zach and then you, Me vote to evict him. So that Zach stays but we are then still good with Caleb, Devin. Devin walks in and Derrick jumps and yells there’s no milk. Devin says oh so that’s what you’re talking about!? They reassure with Devin that they have the votes to evict Zach. Derrick says I am voting to evict Zach. The only person I was worried about is the new person to the alliance (Hayden). Devin says if there is one person that strays then … Caleb has already said that person is cancer and we would need to cut it out! I don’t want to have to go after another alliance member. I don’t want to do that two weeks in a row! Derrick leaves. Frankie tells Devin I am still concerned with Hayden. Devin says I’m concerned with Cody.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 03-04-53-517

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3am – 3:40am In the havenot room – (During this conversation Pow Pow is in the fire room listening) Victoria is talking to Zach about how it hurt her how they were friends and hanging out and then you did this to me. You threw things at me and in an aggressive way! Think about how that looks! I am a woman and you are a man! Think about how bad that looks not only inside here but on the outside too! Victoria says I want to move forward with you if you want to. I want to know that you won’t go back to the way you were if I keep you in this house. I am scared to live in this house with you if you are going to be like that. If I vote to evict anyone in this house I want it to be from a game stand point and not for personal reasons. Zach says when we first came into this house you came off as pretentious and demanding. Zach tells her that if he stays in the house he is going after Devin and only Devin! Zach says I am really sorry about the things I said and that what I said hurt you. I have no excuse for my actions. I take full responsibility. Zach apologizes and says that he is extremely embarrassed for how he acted during the competition. Victoria says I accept your apology. They talk about being civil in the house towards one another. Victoria says thank you for talking to her and apologizing. I’ve been waiting for this conversation for days. Zach says I hope that you will vote to keep me. Zach says I can promise you that I will not make you a havenot. If you want to stay in the house at least one more week then vote for me to stay because I am going after Devin and they are coming after me. He is a liar, a bully, he lied to Pow saying he would take her off and then took Brittany off. They finish their talk and he turns off the light for her to go to sleep.

3:40am – 3:50amChristine and Nicole are laying on the backyard couches talking. Nicole says I’m worried about being seen as too much of a floater. Nicole says that Cody could be a better player if he didn’t suck up to people so much. It makes me sick how much he sucks up to Brittany. I would take him far if he wasn’t like that. Not that I’m such a strong player that I can carry people. Nicole tells Hayden that if he makes a shot she will give him a kiss. Christine questions her and Nicole says he won’t make it. Hayden then does something off camera and Christine says don’t disrespect my girlfriend like that! Christine runs after Hayden and he slips and falls.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 03-46-19-651

4am In the kitchen Devin tells Amber and Jocasta that it’s no secret but … I like Brittany! Like a lot! He explains that after the veto he got to talk to her and really go to know her. He tells them about how he gave her a pickle the other night because that’s all she could eat as a havenot. Amber and Jocasta head outside and tell Brittany that Devin wants to talk to her in the HOH room. Over on the backyard couch – Christine says the look in his eyes … he is going to stalk her outside of the house. He asked her if she wanted to stay up in the HOH room. Zach asks he asked the diary room that? Christine says no I told him the havenots couldn’t because they would all just stay up there.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-08 04-00-40-380

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25 thoughts on “Devin says if another strays, Caleb has already said that person is cancer and we’ll cut it out!

  1. It’s like a yo-yo. I have no idea what is going on since I haven’t been able to watch the live feeds. I’m don’t think the live feeds would help me figure out if they are going to keep Zach or not. It’s going to be an interesting few days. This BB has been a lot more fun to watch and read about than last season, well except for the weird fatal attractions.

    1. It is confusing with Christine, Frankie and Derrick telling both sides they are voting with them. And they’re so scared of Devin and Caleb. We need someone with some gonads to take a stand. Someone call Jack Bauer.

    2. i don’t think live feeds would help because so many people lie you don’t know which people they are telling the truth to. i think Derrick/frankie plan to vote Zach out, and rely on the rest of the house to keep him, will likely backfire, and he gets sent out because they tried to be extra clever.

      And now that Caleb has settled down with his stalking of Amber due to her compliance in accepting her new suitor, Devin has become the new stalker.

  2. After all the drama dies down and comes Thursday, will the girl finally decided to get rid of a strong guy to keep powpow???

  3. This season is so unpredictable. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jocasta randomly wins HOH and admits she some Undercover agent for the FBI. It would make sense since she’s the REAL chameleon here!!! Haha

  4. Zach’s move was reckless, and not informing his close friends (true friend Cody, fake friend Frankie and on-the-fence friend Derrick) beforehand of what he would do was wrong. They rightfully lost trust in him.
    Still, I’m glad this all happened.
    I think Cody is a possible big winner of this blowup, since he’s the only one who managed to let Devin/Caleb know that he’d vote for his friend to stay, and it went over quite smoothly.
    (Plus, Devin and Caleb didn’t trust him anyway)
    Frankie (and possibly Christine and Derrick) is setting himself up for “getting caught up in his lies” if he really plans on voting one way and saying to some he votes the other way. Devin will be like the Spanish Inquisition to know what happened, and they’ll have to say “I voted for X” in various constellations of people, and soon there will be such a conversation with both people who he told he voted for Zach and people he told he voted for PowPow.
    That’s not a good way of playing the game. I guess there are quite a few thousands of people regretting to vote him in the Team America nonsense now. Sorry, but Frankie turned from bubbly entertainer to Despicable spineless rat real fast.

    1. I wanted Frankie to be in Team America because he has some pull on the house, wanted him to help out Donny, although I was surprised and annoyed when he turned on Zach. Derick also completely change after being in team America, he was in a tight threesome with Zach and Cody but has now also become spineless who is afraid to go after Devin and Caleb. I really hope Zach stays and divide the house, that would make for an interesting season. If Zach leaves this week, bomb squad will continue to dominate the house.

    2. i think Cody benefits if Zach stays, because Zach staying still makes Zach a target before Cody. Especially with Cody being on Devleb’s radar now.

  5. While I’m all up for getting a strong player out this week, if the goal is to target Caleb or Devin next week, then they have a better chance of putting one of them on the block if they keep Zack in to compete.

  6. A question for Dawg. Are the nominees who win the battle of the block immune from being put up after the veto?

  7. derrick is playing a fantastic game so far… he is my pick to win

    but if this game blows up and everyone starts picking off all the strong competitors i can see nicole winning

  8. a vote is to keep zach, with more votes for zach than devin or caleb expect, would be a win-win.

    devin is so paranoid, he would lose it trying to figure out who voted for zach. caleb is so arrogant, it would shatter him emotionally (and bring him to tears) to think he and devin weren’t running of the house. it would be a big dose of reality for both since their antics created this mess, and the stage would be set for another exciting week!

  9. Amber and Brittany should start thier own alliance since they could control Devin and Caleb. They could be the puppet masters of the 2 biggest threats in the house.

    1. Lol – suggested alliance names for the duo of Brittany and Amber:
      “The Yoko Onos” or “The Black Widows”… or just “Brittany”, since Amber doesn’t have an opinion of her own (?)

  10. So far every HOH has been physical meaning we are due for a trivia type game this week. House guests won’t have to worry about Caleb being in power if that ends up being the case.

  11. I hope they show (on t.v.) what went on during the POV Ceremony. It be interesting to actually see what Zach said…


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