Devin – “I would write on Baseballs saying show me your b88bs.. I was a d1ck man”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber

BB16-2014-07-05 12-26-13-554

12:25pm Devin and Jocasta HOH
Devin tells her Caleb was his best friend in the house but they were never in an alliance. Devin doesn’t know where they stand now after the fight last night.
Devin wants to know Jocasta’s position in the game.
Jocasta says as far as POV she wants to play and win it if she gets chosen. Jocasta says she feel more comfortable keeping it and not using the POV, “I don’t trust anybody”
Devin – “In the game right”
Jocasta “Yes in the game”

Devin says it’s no secret he wants Brittany gone. He mentions her scheming and saying things against im on his daughters birthday, “Ok heartless, heartless, heartless”
Devin says he’s able to separate the game from personal and Brittany doesn’t

Jocasta – “You want me to use it”
Devin tells her she can use it to save POW she can keep it whatever she wants
Devin “You earn that right to use it I would never take that away from you might only win it once” Devin just wants to know so he can make plans.
Devin “Chances are I’m going home week four.. after what Happened last night and theres other things going on in the house” Devin is certain he needs to win the POV or BOB to not go home next week.
Devin -”Brittany is my target and If Brittany wins POV and she’s still here i’m going to be like fudge”

Devin says it hurts what happened last night , “I called this dude my brother.. and no offense you flipped the script for a girl you’ve known for 3 weeks in here.. is it that important to you. when you leave here you can have the pick of the litter”
Devin thinks caleb should focus on the game it’s not smart for him. “It’s crazy man she told me she didn’t want a showmance.. trips me out man”
Jocasta say the only person she thinks is “Cool” is donny. Devin says Donny is great “Donny is just Donny”

DEvin says he’s a big teddy bear but because he’s big people are scared to approach him. It would take me seeing a girl getting beaten to get me to snap and flip .

Devin says he was talking to christine in the HOH and everything was cool for 10-15 minutes. Part of the conversation was where is Jocasta’s head is at. He’s just trying to talk to everyone in case the POV is played so he can make the right decision. Caleb later came up to him and said “Christine was afraid of you man she was scared too death”
Devin – ‘That hurts me I wouldn’t hurt anybody”
Devin says he went to talk to Christine about it and she said she never felt scared at all. “Were you nervous about what I was going to ask you”:
Christine explained to him she’s always nervous when she goes to talk to people because she has no idea what they will ask and say. Devin says Caleb tried to make it look like he doesn’t respect women. Devin respect women to  the utmost, “I was raised by a single mother I have a daughter (in case you didn’t know) .. My daughters mother is a single mom.. I’m not perfect I have my flaws and I make mistake but I always respect women”  Devin says he wasn’t always this way, “I was a professional athlete I was a dog .. I would go home with a different girl from baseball games all the time.. I would write on Baseballs and throw the balls up onto the stand saying show me your b88bs”  “I was a d1ck man I was an a$$hole period,… dude”

When he found out he was having a little girl he wanted to change his ways towards women, “That’s part of the reason I stopped baseball”

BB16-2014-07-05 12-37-57-032

12:40pm Nicole enjoying some Cody Cuddles shortly after this Cody goes and gives Christine a cuddle.

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BB16-2014-07-05 13-00-31-308

12:56pm Nicole and Christine Living room
Christine says Victoria is driving her nuts. Nicole calls her a She’s a flip flopper.. “I can’t tell her anyways.. she’s nuts “
Nicole all i know is Amber’s word is crap .. Crap. “She talks so much crap” Nicole says Caleb is wearing her sweater again.

1:24pm Fish on the feeds

BB16-2014-07-05 13-43-23-026

1:39pm HOH Devin and Frankie
Devin saying he’s not going to blow up the bomb squad. The thing that’s making him mad is Caleb going around saying He’s scaring Christine because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Devin says that Amber told Nicole and HAyden to not worry about the BOB because POWPOW is going to throw the competition.
Devin says he’s been sweating like crazy in the HOH room “I soaked the comforter” Devin wants all of Amber stuff out of the HOH.
Devin starts collecting all of ambers things.

BB16-2014-07-05 13-59-55-463

BB16-2014-07-05 13-42-52-024

1:41pm Kitchen POWPOW – “They are still building things in the back”

POV Players – Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach , Amber
Host = Donny

2:17pm Devin Derrick and Frankie HOH
DEvin goes over what happened between him and Caleb. Devin says right now he’s not in any alliance because things need to be mended with Caleb first.
Derrick – We have 4 alliance members in the POV”
Devin tells them if the POV is played Victoria is going up.

They think if it’s physical they have it. Devin thinks it’s going to be something fast.
Devin – “This is a team move as well as a personal move.. if she stays there is so much blood on my hands”

Frankie says victoria is probably thinking “I bet it’s money and I can’t win it”
Devin says he’s only seen Season 10 but they usually have one competition where theres prizes. Mentions the cars in BB10. Devin wonders if Memphis still has the Camaro. Derrick think she’s sold it (Derrick is right)

BB16-2014-07-05 14-33-37-864

2:33pm Fireroom Frankie and Amber
Frankie says Devin told him the alliance is over.

BB16-2014-07-05 14-35-01-142

2:35pm HOH Devin and Amber
Jocasta using the toilet, Amber collecting her things.
Devin tells Jocasta production told him the HOH door needs to be locked so lock the door when she leaves.
(He does offer to help her in the end)

BB16-2014-07-05 14-38-59-604

2:36pmn Beehive Victoria and Derrick
Victoria wants to know what happened last night.
Derrick gives her “What he knows” .. “It seems after talking to Frankie.. because you know Frankie knows everything in the house.. it seems like it had to do with Amber..” Derrick mentions Caleb telling Devein he’s got to be careful when he talks to the girls Caleb said Christine was scared to talk to Devin.. Devin took a lot of offense to it and called Christine in. Christine was staring through the glass she was trying to be nosey. and “it’s kinda her own fault” Of course Christine is not going to say anything to Devin when he calls her out. Derick says Paola is walking around the house pretending to be exercising but she’s just trying to listen in on everyone. Derrick is pumped to play in the POV, he’s still acting hung up on falling in the HOH.

BB16-2014-07-05 14-41-32-855


2:41pm Beehive Brittany and POWPOW
Brittany says she doesn’t know how she’s going to get out of this one.. She thinks all the POV players are tough competitors. POWPOW tells her the best scenario is if Victoria is up with Brittany that way they have the votes to get Victoria out.

Brittnay say if Devin wins POV he’s putting up someone that he’s certain people will not vote for. POWPOW is worried she’s going home.
Brittany – “POWPOW I think you are good.. you are totally good” Paola tells her she doesn’t know that for sure say things change all the time in the house.
POWPOW goes on to brittany about how she will vote to keep Brittnay if she’s taken off the block. Brittany says her strategy is to be herself and fight.

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
DC = Derrick and Cody

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I hope Victoria leaves this week.


No, I hope she win the veto this week and save Britanny. And next week eaither Victoria or Britanny wins HOH


Why would you want Victoria gone? That’s Crazy talk. Brittany and she are the only 2 potential HOHs sure to cause chaos on the Bomb Squad. Zack’ terror alone would be must see live feed.

Killer K

Hello Devin? Breaking news for ya….you’re STILL an asshole! LOL…so glad most of HG’s this year seem to be more in tune with the game and history of BB…NOT falling for Devin’s BS….I love it! Now the question us? WHO has got the balls to target and put him up? They all want him gone…but will any of them pull the trigger?

BTW, big shout out’s tonight on my show THE KILL for Simon and Dawg! 10pm est LIVE! BB16 talk at 10:45


Team Devin, going for the underdog. When did all these players become so soft


Did Devin ever actually play in a game of baseball (minor league)? All the things I read said he had been dismissed from the teams before they ever played any games.

Him saying he would never hurt anyone is big red flag, because everything he says he does the opposite, like gonna be totally honest, not play personally, etc etc.


He had drug issues I think, but everyone goes back on their word, nothing wrong with lying

smd nicole

lol jocasta asking about winning the PoV…….


I really don’t think Jacaca, has any idea what or where she is. BB aint no church lady!


Does anyone know how old Devins daughter is? Sometimes I get the impression that she is a baby/toddler. But other times he says things “my daughter is watching..I want my daughter to see I have integrity “. I just been wondering


I’m pretty sure he said in the past that she’s only 2 years old. Obviously any 2 year old should be able to judge/understand if someone has integrity or not… Devin’s an idiot lol


There is this thing called the internet where TV shows kind stay around forever. So yeah he does have to worry about his daughter seeing him. So let’s not call people idiots for stating facts.


With Devin now saying Amber can’t keep her stuff in the HOH room is like poking a stick in Caleb’s eye. Doesn’t Devin realize that Caleb won’t allow anyone to disrespect his “Queen”. If all hell breaks loose Devin may just put Caleb on the block. How great would that be?


I would love it! Is he really that stupid though? If he thinks anyone in the house still trusts or believes him at all, he might be that stupid. I don’t want Brittany or Pow Pow to go home yet. I wouldn’t care if Jocasta or Victoria does, but Vic is a sure bet for a big melt down at some point. I would actually like to see Amber go up if Brittany comes down. She probably wouldn’t go home, but it would be epic drama, Devin would be trying to save his damsel in distress and Devin won’t have any power at that point, but knowing him he would bully people to vote Amber out, which is going to lead to a showdown with Caleb. Devin has made himself a huge target, and instead of doing damage control he keeps making it bigger. I mean who banishes someone from the HOH room like that? Amber smoked the competition, while both Hayden and Cody beat him soundly, they just didn’t stay on their beams long enough to buzz in. I didn’t see Devin buzz in either. By then I think the rest of the guys were down, so he won by DQ, not because he earned the win. Things like that are going to get him shunned and evicted.


Actually the point of the comp was to keep your balance so if you fall off you lose. So if those two decided to run across and not be careful enough to keep their balance they are losers. Devin won fair and square. No one got DQ’d


Not saying it wasn’t fair, just that both Cody and Hayden proved that Caleb and Devin don’t have competition wins locked down. They both did well except at the end. Hayden didn’t have to go so fast on that last stretch, so he lost, fair and square. Physically, he beat everyone. He is a force to be reckoned with. Cody physically beat Devin too, again though, he messed up at the end and lost fair and square. All I am saying is that Devin didn’t win, the guys who beat him lost. Now he is HOH. He should have given more kudos to Amber for smoking the competition, he shouldn’t have kicked her out of the HOH room (I don’t think she wanted to be there with him anyways) and come to think of it, he should never have blabbed about his alliance to Amber and made her a member without consulting his alliance.

The Truth

Whether you like Devin or not he did win. Every sport or game has rules and if you do everything right except one thing then guess what you lost and the other person won. With that train of thought every person that loses any competition could make a myriad of excuses, if my shoelace had not been untied, or the sun was not in my eyes, if i just had 1 more minute or 10 more meters I would have won. Blah, blah. Get over it.


Devin is only 26 years old. I think might be around 2-4??


I like Derrick. one of the first cops to go into a show saying it will help him and it has. he watches everyone, picks up on just about everything. I love when we get his 1 on 1 convos with those he trusts because you really see how much he is playing the game, right now I really appreciate him, Frankie(a gay guy who goes into the house and allies with the guys and plays the girls, FINALLY) Zach and cody are like a super poor man’s boogie and…well xody is just cody but boogie-Zach imo.

Frankie doing a great job along with others to claim that devin and caleb are a team. they are having the rest of the house do their dirty work while keeping the big alliance safe and quiet. its good, because devin thinks he is some great guy to not expose the alliance if voted out, and that alone scares me

also, joey is NOT coming back, Julie revealed WAY too much for them to have a returning HG


I think Devin’s daughter is an infant. Maybe a year old.


Devin said 2 years old. (Unless you were talking about Devin’s emotional maturity level)


I can`t believe how immature Frankie is. He is the 3rd oldest person in the house, 33 years old. He looking the way he acts makes you think he is 20.

Britanny is only 29 and acts like she is 40. She is very mature for her age.

Amber is also not mature enough for being 26. She sounds like a 19 years old aspiring model.

Devin of course acts like he is 13, but he looks way older than 26.


Look what i found. Devin has been charged with bulglary in 2009


Devin did play in Minor League games. Below is the link to his stats on Basebal Reference.

Roisen Dubh

Devin is a douche, but c’mon man, the house is just plain doing him dirty playing the” I’m scared to be around him card”. Man up and just say we don’t like you, but don’t pull that shit. Britt’s gunning for him and he’s the jerk because he wants to shut it down? Devin knows she can run her mouth and he wants to end it. Caleb is just a moron with bad wiring. Amber’s playing him bigtime and Devin’s the only one trying to make him see it. I hope to God Devin puts him up, maybe he’ll smarten up and see that he got played, but it’s Caleb so I won’t be holding my breath. Nicole is a bigger B and sucking the life out of Christine’s game. Wake up Christine before it’s too late! 21 Jumpstreet has got the game on lock right now,” he’s the nothing face that plants the bomb and strolls on by” -Name that song. Joey was on to something with the Alex character, these guys are easily bullied and she showed the world.


The way I saw it, Devin started out throwing fuel on the Amber/Caleb fire and he stoked (not without the help of Derrick, Zack and Frankie. Even Hayden threw a few logs on that bonfire. Then out of the blue Devin tries dousing it with a bucket of cold water and playing saviour. Nope, not buying his good intentions. He is an arrogant, condescending ass who doesn’t know or care how others perceive him as long as he can bully and intimidate the others to do what he wants.

Roisen Dubh

Oh I’m not buying it either, but he knows dude is getting played and he’s the only one trying to make him see it. He didn’t fuel nothing, Caleb and his p-whipped attitude started all of this. I said before I hope he put up Caleb if POV is used, nah, put up Hayden or Derrick and tell them he ain’t targeting either one of them, that will really jam that house up. The girls would implode real quick because the writing is on the wall at that point. Like I said, Devin’s a douche but at least he’s playing the game


cording to TVFishbowl, Big Brother 2014 cast member Devin Shepherd has experienced multiple run-ins with law enforcement over the years. Once reported incident included an arrest on petty burglary charges, although the charge was later dismissed. Devin was reportedly sentenced to probation on the petty theft charge, but later petitioned the court successfully to expunge the charge and change his plea to not guilty. He was allegedly arrested again several months later on a different charge, possible the DUI he mentioned on the Big Brother Live Feeds. On the Big Brother Live Feeds, Devin has spoken about his time in rehab and how he is a clean and sober guy now. So we are hoping this will be the end of any future legal troubles for Devin, who really seems to want to set a positive example for and be a role model to his young daughter.


Dude why are you so interested in showing that Devin is a bad guy. It’s a TV show dude relax. If you hate someone you’ve never actually met then you might have a problem. You’ve never been in the situation he is in and you can’t honestly know how you would act in that situation. It’s horrible that the people in the house hate him so fast, but it’s even worse that someone watching TV is so bent out of shape over a guy.


grow up, Dallas


Wrong, it’s other people on here that need to grow up. That’s the point.


Who told you I hate him?

Im not a Devin fan, but I like him better than all the other guys.

And I was even rooting for him to stay a bit longer, but now I hope he leaves next week..

Because after reading this, I know what kind of person he is. I would never have myself involved with somebody that did what Devin did.

Im really surprised that CBS would choose him to be on show after having problems with the law.


Doesn’t Devin look like he’s a ‘roid monster? That might explain a lot of his behavior.

it's none of your business

Why is Nicole always talking Sh*t about Amber arggg!!


She is jelous of her and Amber put her up


she’s probably upset she nominated her….


I’ve noticed that too and I don’t know why because Amber seems to be really nice to Nicole. Maybe Nicole is jealous of Amber? I think Christine would be wise to drop Nicole.


I think Nicole would be wise to drop Cristiane.

Cristiane does not even know what she is doing, She is just ridding under Bomb Squad`s wings


Did you see the other day, Nicole basically told Christine she wishes Amber wouldn’t come and
talk to them so much.


Why is everyone all of a sudden hating on Victoria .. ? What did she do ? Is it because of Zach ???


A lot of people have said Victoria is really rude and bossy independent of Zach, but he definitely stirs people up on the subject.


I don’t like Devin, but I don’t know why everyone is acting like the fight between Devin and Caleb is Devin’s fault. Caleb only confronted Devin because of his Queen… Caleb thinks in that small mind of his that sticking up for Amber is going get him into her panties… Caleb doesn’t care how Devin talks down to the girls in the house. Caleb’s is just trying to win points with Amber. I feel for the player that puts up Amber on the block , because Caleb will harass and torment them all week.

Douchebag Andy

Spot on analysis, couldn’t agree more


Who is Frankie loyal to after Zach? It is DEFINITELY not Caleb (he told Zach if Caleb is up, he’s gone). I actually think it could be Cody. All the more irritating then that Cody can’t chill and trust people. I’m very interested to see the diaries.


I think Caleb is hot but I agree that he is obsessed with Amber. Cant blame him because she is drop dead gorge. But at the end of the day, I wonder if all the crap he says about himself is truthful such as that he modelled for SI, and that he practices Brazilian Jui Jitsu He’s a level three instructor. He also says after BB he wants to do survivor, the bachelor and record a record. Ive never seen anyone so overly self assured about themselves. Guess thats why he cant accept Amber ever turning him down. What do you guys think about the sports illustrated modelling and martial arts instructor? I google his name along with SI and nothing came up?


Let’s not he will introduce everyone to Johnny Football and that he’s dad has Johnny’s


Lol. Yeah. He said that last nite, that if any one wanted to meet Johnny football after the show, they should let him know. That his dad talks to Johnny all the time. Lol. Crazy guy. Not saying its impossible but the way he said it, I was dying with laughter. Lol. To me, Caleb is like one of those guys, that if they are dating a girl, and the girl breaks up with him, they’ll kill any other guy the girl dates and also the girl. He never smiles. Only when he is with Amber. Men, if only he knew the others hate him as much as they do Devin.


Victoria is so completely self-absorbed and self-centered. She doesnt have any personality because she is always fixated on other people’s opinion or reaction to her percieved self grandeur. Watch her, she sits around with a blank expression most of the time waiting for attention.


If she was ugly, do you think you would think the same way about her?


Have you seen her? She’s not that cute.


I would like to see Devin put up Amber just to see Caleb go bat Sh*t crazy on Devin LOL


Agree with Koi about Caleb. Caleb is narcissitic. These type of people think so highly of themselves that they fabricate n embellish stories because they have the need to impress ppl beyond to thinking they are so awesome. Be careful Caleb, you dont want to turn into a pathological liar.