Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Christine says POW POW’s going to WAR! DID YOU HEAR THAT?!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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9:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In kitchen Victoria is telling Nicole that something happened late last night. Victoria says that she isn’t sure what it was about but that Frankie said he would tell her. Nicole asks who was it about? Victoria says about him (Devin) up there. Nicole comments on how she grew up staying out of things. Nicole goes to the bathroom to shower. Christine comments on how Big Brother told them the veto meeting (Picking for Veto players) was happening soon. Donny’s in the living room. Amber joins him and comments how she was awake until 7am. Caleb comes out and is all confused about what time it is. Amber tells him 9am. Caleb asks the next day? Amber says in the morning. Caleb says so we’ve only been sleeping for an hour? Caleb goes back to bed. Big Brother blocks the live feed. When the live feeds return they’re talking about how big brother told them to get up. Their day is starting! The guys in the earth room are still sleeping.

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9:50am – 10:15am In the bathroom – Brittany, Nicole, Amber, Victoria, Christine and Pow Pow are getting ready for the day. Pow Pow is mad because she doesn’t like getting told to get up. Pow Pow asks for a hair thing and Victoria says that its over by her tiara. Brittany complains that her hair is all tangled. Amber suggests she have a hot shower because we might be havenots later so get a hot shower while you can. Pow Pow asks Amber if she can put her hair in the Tomb Raider pony tail. Christine says Pow Pow’s going to WAR DID YOU HEAR THAT!

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10:15am – 10:45am In the hallway by the bedroom – Christine tells Nicole about the blow up last night and how they wanting to keep Brittany. Nicole asks if Hayden know they want Pow out. Christine says no. Nicole says its better to get Pow out because people are making so many deals with her. Nicole says that Devin, Caleb and Amber promised Pao safety for the next couple of weeks. Christine says it doesn’t matter who wins HOH at this point because everyone wants him (Devin) to go next. Nicole says that he is going to blow up! Nicole tells Christine about how Amber said she (Nicole) was the only girl she could put up. Nicole says that she thinks Amber is cocky. In the living room – Donny talks to Amber on the couch about how a lot happens at night. I miss a lot. It’s a good thing! In the kitchen Brittany talks to Nicole about being woken up last night. She complains that she hasn’t had a bed to herself pretty much the whole time she’s been here.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 10-11-22-096

11am – 11:20am In the bathroom – Brittany says I was being selfish last night because he (Devin) already announced that I was going to be a havenot again. She says that he already told everyone that if he gets to decide he will make her a havenot. She says so I had 2 glasses of wine and a beer last night. Nicole asks if Devin said anyone else. Brittany says no. Nicole comments that Hayden’s donated his hair three times already. She says and he got a 4.02 GPA in high school … I’m so attracted to that! Brittany says soo… Nicole says no its not like that he just gained an extra point in my eyes. She talks about how Hayden said his type is exotic .. but that the girl he dated in high school was blonde.

11:20am – 12pm In the living room – Nicole tells Brittany if you get house guest choice .. make sure you think about who you’re picking. Its hard to get it right now with all the names but if you do get it you don’t want to be standing up there like AHhhh.. Just make sure you think about it. Christine comes out of the diary room and Brittany says “Christine your honkers look good in that top!” Christine says laughs and says thank you. Nicole says someone times I feel like I take being here for granted. She says I get bored some times but then think heck no I’m in the big brother house.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 11-20-15-121
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 12-02-32-862
12pm – 12:20pm In the kitchen Devin tells Donny that he will put him down to host the Power of Veto competition if he doesn’t get drawn to play. Donny says I appreciate that. Devin says no problem. I owe you a lot! Devin heads back up to the HOH room. Jocasta heads up to the HOH room and asks if he is okay. Devin says yeah I’m cool. I look at it this way I have a strong sense of loyalty and not in a game sense. When Amber dogged Caleb.. Jocasta says oh yeah he told me. Devin talks about the blow up with Caleb last night. Devin brings up how Caleb questioned him about not making decisions for personal reasons. Devin says that I want Brittany out because she is coming after me and I asked Amber if she would vote out Brittany and she said she didn’t have anything against her. Devin tells Jocasta when I came out there I told him that we were done. I stuck up for him when Joey accused us of being in an alliance. Caleb and I aren’t in an alliance, what good would a 2 person alliance do?! You know what I mean. (Devin is trying to cover for the bomb squad alliance but what he doesn’t know is that Frankie told Jocasta after the blow up that Caleb and Devin are in a 2 person alliance.) Jocasta tells Devin about the blow up between Zach and Victoria.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 12-06-22-899

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
DC = Derrick and Cody

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I honestly am getting back and forth emotions between people. I hated zach, now i love him. I hated caleb and now i love him. I loved christine and now i dislike her. UGHHHHHHHHHH


I hated Zach in the beginning and still do


I hated Zach in the beginning, but he is growing on me. Whether he is a douche or not, he is one of the smarter players so far. I also thought I would hate the ghost of Jameka, but she hasn’t done anything yet to make me hate her, but if she keeps talking Caleb and especially Devin off the cliff and diffusing the potential drama I might soon. I don’t think she will win the game, but she is playing smart, getting to know every HG on a one on one level. She is surprisingly non judgmental for a minister. The other person that is playing a great game so far is Derrick. Also didn’t think I’d like him, I guess I was expecting him to be overbearing, but so far he is playing smart, letting the big personalities take each other down.


This year, I am having problems liking the people. These people are just sort of Blah.

smd nicole

just love nicole even more seeing that she is actually playing the game! if she can help get pow out that would be amazing


Britanny will win the veto
Britanny will win the veto
britanny will win the veto


if she wins it would be awesome if devin puts up caleb because of what happened last night


Exactly. I want Brittany to win POV, Hopefully Caleb gets put up and evicted. Bec who argues with their alliance who just happen to be HOH, bec of a girl that don’t like u. I loved Caleb the 1st week but he is Stupid AF.


and who the hell is dumb enough to yell at the only person that openly has their back? caleb just destroyed his alliance with the ONLY person who would have been loyal to him


Yeah. I get the feeling Derrick (seems like he’s stirring Caleb up to get him to self destruct), Cody, Frankie, and Zack only want Caleb for a while before cutting him lose. You may be right that Devin was his best alliance member.


Finally some intrigue yay!!!!!

Quick analysis from the Devin/Caleb much ado about nothing fight:
-Devin acts like a self entitled brat, who is a bully that needed to be set straight
-Caleb has a weird obsession with Amber, but I appreciate him telling Devin to cool it with the way he speaks to girls
-Devin is hopefully gone next week but the 2 HoH / BoB makes it very difficult to get out who you want ( I hate the stupid twist !!!!!!)
-If I’m Caleb I would realize that after Devin he is the #1 target so he needs to change his gameplay :
-Take Amber to the side and tell her they can make a move on the remains of the Bomb Squad before they do
-They add Pow/Brittany depending on who stays, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria
-Then closer to Thursday tell Nicole/Hayden about the Bomb Squad before the likes of Christine/Cody/Derrick/Devin/Frankie do

I’m not rooting for Caleb (I’m team #fearDaBeard #Donny) but if Caleb did that it would be incredible for us fans and pretty much turn the house upside down


team zankie

Would love to see pow go this week. She is a good person and i enjoy watching her on the feeds, but she is A pawn in devin`s master plan and a potential danger to all my favorite players as long as the twist is in effect. Either her or victoria going this week will be great for zankie`s game. Saving brit will also allow a lot of people to take cover while she and devin battle it out.


From the first episode I disliked Devin and Pao Pao. And I still feel the same way. My dislike for Devin is growing stronger and Pao Pao is just annoying! I hope Pao goes this week and Devin next week. I was so hoping for Sevin to get backdoored.


I disliked Devin so much cuz he kept making alliances with everyone as soon as he got in the house. Not a very smart move and the alliances he makes are too big. He just rubs me the wrong way. Very cocky and condescending.


He is very condescending. I don’t think he realizes it.


At the same time, he seems like a good guy some of the time, which is why I really liked him in the beginning. I like him right now when he’s talking to Jocasta. I don’t think he’s a monster or anything, just maybe doesn’t have a good grip on his emotions when things get heated. I’m torn on him. I blame Caleb more for the fight last night, by the way, because it was Caleb who came straight at him and I could see how Devin didn’t even know what was happening…


Not a Caleb or Devin fan but it was Amber who pulled that trigger. She knew what she was doing but now can sit back an play poor Amber. The girl knows she’s got Caleb wrapped around her little finger and knows how to play him. Get out Devin then Caleb. That will end Amber’s game.


Amber had no intention of playing with Caleb but he blew a gasket and was ready to ship her off home if she didn’t like him back.

This is the grave Caleb dug for himself and he’s got no one else to blame if Amber plays him like a fiddle.


Nicole, Brittany, Haden. My favorite houseguests. I would pick Donny to win but he hadn’t made enough solid alliance in the house and he will be picked off before long if he doesn’t change that. Poor guy :/


I can’t wait until Nicole is out! She’s annoying with her dumb*** glasses.


I love Nicole! I wish she would get with Cody instead of Hayden!!!


Im really starting to not like Nicole. She is so negative about Amber. Amber seems sweet and nice. Its starting to look as though Nicole is jealous. She’s not the only pretty girl. In my opinion, Amber is prettier, nicer, and more athletic. She haven’t come across as cocky.


maybe just maaaaaaaaybe she is mad at amber because amber was pushed around into nominating her? amber has no spine and is just going to ride peoples coattails as far as she can

The Canadian gal

It is before the nominations. She dislikes Amber since the beginning. Remember a scene in the hammock where she said jealousy that Amber was thin as a toothpick. Jealousy for what I think and I can’t wait for her to get voted out. Something about her creeps me…


First of all, Nicole said “all these girls are as thin as a toothpick”, and BB zoomed in on Amber. It wasn’t out of jealousy, she was saying that she isn’t as skinny as the others. Go rewatch that scene, it was meant as a funny little conversation between her and Christine.

Nicole has literally done nothing wrong this season so far, and I really don’t understand why people hate or dislike her so much.

smd nicole

it just baffles me why people hate on her she is awesome


She really isn’t. She’s been playing both Cody and Hayden, she rides onto the moves that Christine makes and then decides to hate Amber when Amber hasn’t done anything to warrant that type of hate. You want to see someone that hasn’t said one ill word about anyone then that’s Amber and Jacosta. Nicole and Christine just sit there and gossip about all the other girls, Nicole talks about how she hates all the other girls except Christine but then goes and smiles in each and everyone of their faces.

That’s just cattiness. Not to mention the girl hasn’t even showed up in any of the competitions. Amber may go along with what her alliance does but she’s showed up to her Comps, she’s won HOH, and she has an alliance to actually go along with.

Nicole’s just lying around gossiping, hating on people, and sitting on the outskirts of the Zach, Cody, Christine alliance.


Yes, there is something silently creepy about Nicole. Perhaps it’s those goofy glasses. She has stated that she wants Amber out sooner rather than later because ‘that girl just lingers too much’ – which is what she said when she was with Christine and Amber in the HOH room the other day. Nicole has disliked Amber since early days and I’ve not heard her say anything negative about anyone else except perhaps Psycho Slugger.


I think it’s about the nominations. Agree on everything about Amber… she’s great. I think she’s the nicest girl in the house and and and she looks fantastic.


Amber likes having that “I’m just so sweet and nice” thing going but the girl knows what she’s doing. She’s played Caleb and set up that whole thing between Devin and Caleb last night. Everyone just loves poor sweet Amber. They better watch their backs around that girl.


Devin is such a manipulative douche! He played WAY to hard too fast. I liked him at first but now I can’t stand the dude. He is always using his daughter as an excuse, just play the game like a man and stop using your daughter to your advantage! I am so happy the others are starting to realize who he really is.

grizzle t

I have to say hayden and derrick are playing great so far. hayden could win comps and derrick is a likable guy. i love donnie but he must win an hoh to go along with that veto so he can get some respect. i would love to see amber and caleb on the block next to each other. my final four prediction is cristine derrick cody and donny if he wins a few more comps.


I think Caleb would self-evict to save his “Queen”. That girl has him right where she wants him.


Boy you sound bitter. Amber never threw herself at Caleb, he did that, that’s his doing not Amber’s. The hate is so unnecessary.


I don’t like that Devin is just going to hide out in the HoH. That isn’t good for his game. There have been plenty of past hated house-guests who still worked the way through the game and didn’t hide out. I.e. Evel Dick.


If that’s his strategy, then so be it. He knows that he can dig himself in a bigger hole if he leaves that room at the wrong time.
After all, he did win the room when he won the HOH competition.


Devin know’s it’s too risky to leave the room, he could dig himself up in a bigger hole.
After all, he won the room, I think he’s won the freedom to stay in it as long as he wants.


I dont see how devin is that bad. He cant help it if he is huge and he intimidates people. Only person he even talks about is Brittany. Amber is using the shit out of caleb. She doesn’t like him but she sure is his “queen” and she used him to put them against each other.


She was stupid for that. She heard what everyone else was saying about Devin and realized her sticking to Devin put a huge target on her back. Too bad she figured out her association with him was bad news bears far too late.

Because now that she’s distancing herself from Devin, Zach, Cody, and Christine all want to plot against getting her and Caleb out.

At least if Devin stays that would of been one person that would of kept their alliance safe.

team zankie

Amber is that typical player we see every season…smart enough to ride coat tails, not brave enough to forge her own path in the game. I hope she devin and caleb are the next ones out the door.


Yes and no. If Amber, Caleb, and Devin go out, people will start looking at Frankie, Zach, Cody, and Hayden. So here is hoping that IF those three go out, everyone chases Hayden, eliminating all the weaker players until they finally catch him (without endangering Frankie, Zach, Cody, or Christine… I think I’m over Derrick).


Really tired of the hypocritical, praying all the time, “Christian”, bible thumpers.


Based on your comment, would it be safe to assume that you are an atheist? If so, I respect that and would never dream of making snide remarks. Can you not respect those who do believe and not resort to childish name calling ie Bible Thumpers?


amber = erika but hopefully she won’t go as far as erika did both times she played


frankie and zach are super wack. they think they’re sitting pretty, i don’t like that. Cody is a wuss. Derrick is prob the only decent one i can tolerate from that alliance. Sweet Jesus, where do they get these people. I really hope these people get smarter as the game progresses. They are playing too hard too quickly, outing alliances n such. Like STFU.


Frankie’s schtick is already getting picked up by other people (mainly Derrick/Cody). After Devin is gone I expect people to turn their eyes towards him.


i sure do hope so.

Mister E

Anyone that watched last years Big Brother ought to see what Frankie is doing and realize he is dangerous. Frankie is playing the same game Andy did (has nothing to do with the fact both are gay). Andy hid behind the bully of the house which was Amanda, just like Frankie is hiding behind Devin and Caleb. Andy was in good with everybody, just like Frankie is doing. And I believe we will start seeing him rat out everybody just like Andy did. It worked well for Andy, but hopefully it won’t work this year.


exactly! i cannot stomach another andy winning. I hope these people start to realize this sooner than later.


Spot on.

The Canadian gal

Can someone tell the the purpose of Jocasta in that game?

smd nicole

they need another religious black woman… she’s just like jameka from season 8


Not getting the Jacosta hate, she’s been playing the same game as all the members outside of the Bombsquad.

Has Brittany played any game—nope. Brittany just showed up in the BB house when she realized she was next to go, but before that she was content with looking pretty. No strategy talk or alliances were made.

Victoria same story. Content with making it the Victoria show.

Pow Pow same story. Content with being a sitting duck.

Nicole same story. Content with letting Christine take her all the way to the end (while Christine puts in all the work with BS and Cody, and Zach alliance.

Hayden same story. Only showed up to the game when he was nominated.

The only difference with Jacosta is she hasn’t ended up in drama like Victoria, Brittany, and Pow Pow. But she’s really doing nothing different than the other floaters have been doing.

The Canadian gal

Devin has to go, I can’t stand him no more!


I’m praying Caleb is backdoored this week. Devin next week with Zack following Devin. I think Caleb, Devin and Zack are three of most narcissistic players in BB history. In a perfect world Amber would tell Caleb what a weirdo he is just as he walks out the door to chat with Julie.


Actually it would be funny if she told him how she really feels in the goodbye message. Security would have to hold him down during his exit interview and provide several boxes of man-sized Kleenex.

grizzle t

Who does everyone think is playing the best social game and who is playing the worst game just overall?


Worst game automatically goes to Devin.
Best social game, I’d say Frankie, but people are already onto him. So probably Derrick. Cody has a solid social game too. Hayden most likely has the best. Christine/Nicole also have a good one, they aren’t causing waves…