Cody – “I’m excited they think everything is good everything is cool.. Devin/Frankie gotta go.”

POV Holder: Devin Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 11
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Victoria Brittany, Zach and Derrick
POV Players Host Donny, Players Devin, Brittany, POWPOW, Derrick, Zach, Amber


Wheels spinning in the mud

BB16-2014-07-06 17-21-24-230
Maybe Donny Sees something POWPOW doesn’t

Corn hole game.. chit chat.

BB16-2014-07-06 18-01-07-148

6:00pm People milling around showering, making food very quiet
Jocasta cleaning the bathroom sink
Victoria doing hair
Christine putting on makeup

They got a BBQ and a whole whack of meat..

6:13pm Bathroom Jocasta and Victoria
Victoria says “they” gave him the “thing” today the necklace. Jocasta asks who. Victoria explains earlier today the Diary Room took Devin‘s “Necklace” and they just gave it back to him.
Jocasta – so probably it will be today
Victoria asks Jocasta if she’s heard anything.
Jocasta – I didn’t even know he had it.. it was sitting there like Donny had it
Victoria went to ask Devin if the Diary Room told him they have to conviene he said no.. Feeds cut

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BB16-2014-07-06 18-22-45-683

6:22pm Zach and Derrick HAve nots
Zach says whenever the POV was over he was going to put Devin on Blast in front of the whole house. Up until 2 hours ago that was his plan. Derrick asks him if he wants to leave the game. Zach says he does but only because he’s grumpy he can’t sleep or eat.
Derrick tells him if he did something rash and ended up going home next week he will be sitting on his couch watching the show and regretting it. Zach Agrees. Derrick – ’you can’t come back in here.. don’t make an irrational decision”
Derrick tells him to prepare the slop the way he did it makes it edible, “Tastes like regular oatmeal”. Derrick suggest tonight pad up with clothes, “You got 3 nights to sleep like this.. that’s nothing bro”
Derick says next week Donny and Caleb are going on slope they’ve volunteered.
Derrick – “Did you leave on a good note with Devin”
Zach “not really.. I’m not a pushover.. one minute he’s this way the other he’s that.. he’s mentally insane
Derrick – He’s a paranoid dude bro
Derrick says theres thousands of people watching 24/7 and they are pumping out what is really going on in the house. Derrick stresses all the crap in the house comes out.
Derrick doesn’t want zach to ruin their game, he’s here for the money, “”You have to have the same perspective.. .you have to have no regrets”
Derrick – “Right now he’s Devin the HOH wit POV he’s the most powerful guy in Big Brother”
Derrick tells him not to throw this chance away by doing someone rash Derrick wants him to come to him first next time before. Derrick – “If he Doesn’t put you up smile and say Hey thank you bro”
Zach tells them what he was going to say to Devin. 5 days ago you called a house meeting crying over your f*** daughter saying you wouldn’t compromise your dignity or you honestly for any amount of money crying over your daughter and now you’re going back on your word. If you think that makes you a good father you’re the worst father in the world. your daughter is going to be ashamed of you”
Cody – “Don’t do that”
Hayden rolls in tells Zach everyone wants him in the house.

BB16-2014-07-06 18-43-27-255 6:39pm Frankie and Caleb
Caleb saying that Zach told him he didn’t fully trust him.
Caleb about Zach – “If you really want to go home lets send him home”
Frankie agrees says if Zach is willing to talk to Devin and go quietly “I just don’t know what the motivations are I don’t understand”
They both Agree Devin is going to do something wrong. Frankie says he’s really nervous about Zach this morning when he was ranting saying he doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Hayden rolls in says he just told Zach everyone wants him in the house and he seems to be perking up a bit. Hayden points out that Zach is having a tough time as a have nots. Frankie wonders how long will they have to keep reassuring Zach…

BB16-2014-07-06 18-55-17-653
6:42pm Cody and Zach
Cody says Frankie is with Devin and Caleb and he’s screwing over Zach and Cody.  Cody isn’t bringing Frankie to the end, “Devin and Frankie gotta go.. Devin because he’s a monster and Frankie because his social game is too good” Cody wants to put them both up if he wins HOH (When they hit Jury) .
Zach points out Devin is all about their team yet he’s cutting deal with everyone behind their backs. Cody warns about Amber she’s sending information to Devin.
Cody – “Best case scenario POW goes down Vic goes up we’re sending him home”
Cody says he’s putting POWPOW for BOB if he wins HOH.
COdy says Devin wants to keep Jocasta now because he’s got some special deal with her.
Cody wants to keep Brittany, Nicole and Hayden. he’s worried if Christine wins HOH she’s going to put up one of the Bomb squad if Caleb wins HOH
Cody – “I’m excited because they think everything it good everything is cool”
Cody – Frankie showed his true colours because me and you got crazy tight.. you love him I loved him and now he’s like f*** them”

BB16-2014-07-06 19-22-48-451

7:16pm Working out Donny, Frankie and Cody
Cody and Frankie talking about gyms..
Donny asks if cody “GTL”
Cody says what Gym, Tan, Laundry.. he doesn’t tan.
Frankie says he tanned when he was in Mamma Mia because they wanted them to look like greek gods

BB16-2014-07-06 19-14-45-364

7:12pm Amber and Victoria backyard
Amber tells victoria not to be worried about the POV ceremony she’snot going up. Victoria – “You can’t say that”

7:20pm Victoria and Hayden 
Hayden tells her he thinks she’s safe this week. They both agree Devin is bi polar. Victoria’s complains about the Have nots room says it gets very cold at night.
Victoria points out that Brittany thinks she’s safe.


BB16-2014-07-06 19-27-52-801

BB16-2014-07-06 19-28-25-433

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Zack gotta go this week. And Hopefully Frankie goes next week.


Dang so much hate for anyone who hates frankie. XD i can tell most of these ppl most have loved last season when Andy won bc frankie is just an andy wannabe!


Christine is really playing a good game so far.

smd nicole

i hate frankie so much right now he NEEDS to go
devin is growing on me because he is so hilarious

i hate caleb and amber also


As a Nicole fan, that’s expected.

What else is new?


Frankie/Andy will not go home next week. He will be around for a while. Devin will be too. Neither Cody, Derrick, or Zach will put up Devin/Frankie next week. They are just mouth running IMO.


OK, that was a real sweet look on Caleb’s face when Amber teared up reading her letter.


i am so glad that someone finally caught on to frankies gameplay (cody) hopefully we will get this annoying, slimy creature out of the house

Brian W

Frankie will lose this game lusting over Cody.

Brian W

Simon, while you think this year is better and many BB fans think this year is better, the BB ratings tell us that is wrong. Lets spice it up. Lets get ideas from the fans on this board. What can BB do to get fans back?


I don’t think he knows what he is talking about. BB has been up since the beginning, last Thurs Pre Holiday BB got 5.12M winning the hour with 1.6 rating. BB is ranking at the night top show., that is being happening each and every time the show broadcast.


Big Brother returned for a 16th season with 6.7 million viewers


9:00PM CBS Big Brother 1.6 6 5.12
FOX Gang Related 0.8 3 2.61
ABC Rookie Blue 0.7 3 5.11
NBC Undateable 0.7 3 2.18
CW The Originals -R 0.2 1 0.41
9:30PM NBC Undateable 0.8 3 2.15
10:00 PM NBC Last Comic Standing 1.1 4 3.28
CBS Elementary -R 0.7 3 4.06
ABC NY Med 0.7 3 4.65

Big Brother Forever

Ratings are down to 5.1 million

Zankie's need to go!

Brian, the BB ratings might be down due to last years meltdown, I know this from people I talk to at work, and a few of them don’t watch BB anymore, I’m sure that is the same with many others. BB has lost the excitement they once had.


What does BB expect. They let an entire season go on with contestants being racists, homophobic jerks. People were actually voted out, sent home, and ACTUALLY bullied for their skin.

CBS would be smart to realize there are a lot of minorities that watch BB. That’s one way to marginalize your audience. And it doesn’t help that this year they use the same formula as all years before. 13/14 white contestants, 2/3 black contestants, 1 Asian (and that’s if BB is feeling generous).

If they want numbers, show some diversity and stop rewarding racists, homophobic, bigot behavior.

That Guy

Getting more racist contestants is a good start.


Wish people got sarcasm more.


Zach can’t play the game that he claimed he would. He is looking for a way out. Frankie is doing exactly what he needs to do when someone becomes a liability. He tried to talk him out of it, saw it wasn’t working and let him go. Looks like Derrick is finally trying to pull Zach back from the edge, but it would be fun to see him go down in flames. It’s been gold on the feeds, and can you ever really count on Zach again? Frankie, Christine and Derrick appear to be the only ones so far that have a clue. Frankie and Christine are way more entertaining than Derrick. Imagine Derrick in control of the house, what a snooze fest that would be!


Derrick and Christine are playing the best game in the house. Their only weakness is I’m pretty sure they are too frightened to make big moves earlier in the game.(ie not brave enough to put up strong players if they have HOH) I hope Zach doesn’t put Devin/Frankie on blast partly bc it’s too early to ‘out’ an alliance and bc it would be terrible for his game (I’m rooting for Zach.)

A Name

Can Zach and Cody leave…like now together in a double eviction


The ratings being down is all due to last Season and nothing to this one. It got so disgusting and revolting last year and the Season before that was sooooo bad… ratings are dropping off because people just see the decline. Last year was so bad it is a scar that will be on this show for at least three more Seasons or till it gets canceled.

Personally I would have just killed last Season without a Winner… They where all pretty much Toxic and offensive. declare NO WINNER… It would have helped the show this year, if CBS had shown a little bit of integrity.
This year is much better and the house guests are better than the last two seasons.


Just watching the show now and have to jump on the Hate-Devin train. God, he’s just awful…bombastic, arrogant and entitled. He’s mad at Brittany because she points out a truth after his ridiculous house meeting: that the reason for week 1 nominations didn’t have to do who fell off first. I want him gone so bad.


I really like Christine!


Derrick is playing the best game so far. He is close enough to the power to not be in immediate danger, but he isn’t so close that he will be hit with the debris when the bomb squad goes boom. They don’t show him enough, but he is always watching, asking probing questions without setting off alarm bells. He was the only one that compelled Brit to admit that Devin made a deal with her. People will tell him things because that’s what he’s been trained to do. He has figured out who each of the houseguests are, their strengths and weaknesses. As long as he doesn’t get hit with some twist, he should make it very deep in the game. Based on game play so far, Derrick is my early pick to win, but I also see Hayden as a possible dark horse.

Devin's PMS

holy crap.
I wonder when Devin’s and Caleb’s periods will sync.
BB16 twist – they are they lacing the water with estrogen


Big laugh, thanks for that!

Jimmy 64

I hope Hayden & Nicole win the HOH on Thursday
Just wonder who they would put up.

give me a break

So America has chosen Donny, Frankie, and Derrick for team America…’s a strong team…..I hope these guys don’t mess up Donny’s game now…


where did you see that? CBS shows only Donny as the only player for Team America and the other two will be announced on the 9th….


What is with the guys wearing fake Clark Kent glasses? They all know Frankie is an Andy want-to-be. They need to do something sooner than later. Thanks Simon and Dawg for another great year.


please tell me how I can self-evict, I can’t take it anymore…


Are Derrick and Frankie the 2nd and 3rd team America members? I think they are because I just saw them on tv thanking America. What did I miss? Don’t care for any of them but I think with this, they will want to protect Donny now. Yes….


CBS shows only Donny as the only player for Team America and the other two will be announced on the 9th….


Oh ok. Thanks. Because I just watched Frankie and Derrick on after dark , they were both alone in the storage room and they kept saying “thank you America”. I didn’t know why they were excited so I was just wondering if they are the last two members.


I think my assumptions was right. Because if you read the comments below yours, you”ll notice someone else saying the same thing. I think Frankie and Derrick are the last two members.


You are right. Donna J doesn’t know what she’s talking about. If you follow the livefeeds or just this blog you’ll know that you’ll be ahead of what airs on tv during the week. Just like we all know that Devin won POV, but tonight’s BB episode just showed Devin and Amber winning HOH–with Amber being dethroned–and them making their nominations. But tonight’s episode didn’t show Devin winning POV.

Just know if you follow this blog or watch TVGN and the BB After Dark you’ll know things before they air on the show.


I think they all wear glasses. Contacts are a pain the ass (from what I hear) and would probably be tough to wear everyday for hours on end. Actually Caleb looks hot in glasses. he should wear them all of the time.


devin is nuts

Butters Mom

All Frankie needed was that ego boost telling him he was team America… we will now get to enjoy non stop dancing and prancing and twirling shows and over the top performances free of charge. Not thrilled with the Team America choices… I was enjoying the way things were playing out on their own… Derrick had a good thing going … I think this will mess him up with is established alliances and he will mess the people who had his back up as well.


I’m neutral about Frankie. I like him but then I don’t. At times he seems to be very immature and petty. He started to hate Amber when he saw he wasn’t her only friend in the house and then he started to get jealous of Zach bonding with Cody. That’s just petty–especially when you’re doing the same thing with everyone in the house too.

But I have a feeling that either a. Ariana Grande fans came out in droves to vote for him or b. Production is behind him being a part of Team America because I am almost positive no one likes Frankie THAT much.


So far this season is the most boring one yet…..It seems to be losing the wow Devin is a big mouth back & fourth idiot….The rest of the cast need to kick his bully bulls…t out of the game come on make the show better double hoh is not making it better I loved bb past seasons better….CBS pull up your socks you are losing viewers…..


Well, I like him that much. I don’t get all the hate, NOR the comparison to Andy. I couldn’t stand Andy last year. I think Frankie is entertaining and he’s playing a good game so far. And the only reason Cody wants him out is that he knows he’s a threat when it comes to the numbers and winning in the end.

Personally, looking at the polls on this site, I don’t get all of the Nicole fans. What has she done that’s so interesting/endearing. So far, I think she is boring as all heck.


Well ill probably quit watching it if frankies in americas alliance dont care to watch a rerun of last season. I cant stand andy he’s disgusting


Sooo…i like devin in the beginning..then he got weird but now im rooting for him bc everyones against him.if he left then theyd have no one to talk crap about.calebs messed up bc amber codys messed up bc of brittany all four of them need to go id rather see game play than highschool drama


It’s seems unfair to refer to Frankie as Andy. He doesn’t tend toward acts of misogyny.